• Author - Amy Browne
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  • Post Date - 1/25/2021

Author's Note: A fantasy story of a long serving male sissy maid being lent out to another Mistress and her daughters.

When my mistress informed me that she would be going away on a business trip for several months I was secretly quite pleased at first, until she informed me that I would be staying with a friend of hers; Mrs Chappell. The dread set in, I knew any friend of hers would not bode well for me. My thoughts turned to my recent dealings with another friend of hers, Miss Allison and I inwardly shuddered.

I was not told when she would be going, but about three weeks later, on the appointed day, I was duly told to pack my uniforms and makeup into three carrier bags and load them into the boot of the car, then to my surprise I was shackled like an American convict with a lockable steel waist strap connected with chains to my ankles, wrists and neck. My wrists and ankles were further hampered by short chains connected to the wrist and ankle cuffs. The key was tied to a leather thong around my neck but I could not reach it. A penis gag was secured into my mouth and I was told to get into the boot of the car and finally I was blindfolded and my ankles were locked together. I had no notion of time but we finally arrived at our destination and I was roughly manhandled out of the boot.

I heard my carrier bags flung onto the ground, the boot close, the driver's door slam shut and then the car drove away, leaving me standing, unable to move or call out, sightless and alone on a gravel path. I don't believe I had ever felt so frightened vulnerable and alone in my life. Standing there in my grey morning uniform, trussed like a chicken and desperately needing the loo! Nothing happened for what seemed like ages, until I heard footsteps on the gravel and felt someone loosen my ankles. Without a word being spoken to me I felt myself being tugged along, the chain between my ankles although loose was still restricting me to about 12 inch steps and it was all I could do to keep from falling over. I was hauled for quite a way and then the gravel gave way to a paved area, which was at least a little easier for me to walk on. Finally, a strong arm grabbed the belt around my middle and I was helped down some stone steps and I heard a door opening.

I stumbled through the door and along a short corridor through another door where the blindfold was removed and once I had become accustomed to the brightness, I saw for the first time that I was standing in a very large kitchen. I was unfettered, the gag removed and I was asked if I needed to use the toilet, I curtseyed and said that I did I was taken back into the corridor by the tall, fat blonde girl l who had obviously brought me in and freed me from my restraints. She showed me into a little toilet (the door was to remain open). I came out and was escorted back to the kitchen in the centre of the room was a big table, with a huge bowl of flowers in the middle, to the right of the bowl there were two child's school exercise books and a biro, to the left there were implements I knew only too well; a long white synthetic cane, a thinner black one, a heavy 3" wide rubber strap with holes in the shape of flowers, a narrower one with teddy bear cut outs, a large oval wooden hairbrush and a short heavy black rubber spanker.

In front of me on the other side of the table stood three women. The first of these was probably in her mid-forties, of average height, with a figure, not unlike that of my mistress, she had plum coloured hair cut very short and curled tightly to her head and a very severe expression. She was wearing a figure hugging sleeveless low cut flowery patterned dress which finished just above the knee and red strappy stilettos. The next was the girl who had brought me in, she was about 21, and wore a green t shirt with a short brown sunray pleated skirt. The other was a little younger with a ginger bob and was wearing a blue t shirt and black skin-tight leggings both were both tall and quite fat. All three were armed with cattle prods! I had felt those things before a long while ago and I did not want to feel them again! I knew that this was not going to be a picnic for me - not that I expected it to be, but with three tyrants I realised that I would find no peace in this house.

The older woman informed me that she would be addressed as "Madam", the two girls were her daughters and they would be addressed as "Miss Leanne" and "Miss Octavia" respectfully. I was further informed that Miss Leanne would be in absolute charge of my appearance and Miss Octavia in sole control of my duties. I was told to go and get my things and report back as there was work to be done. I curtseyed and went out, I had to go all the way around the large Queen Anne house to the front where my three bags, their contents spilling out onto the drive, still laid. I picked them up and hurried back and left them in the little hallway next to the toilet door as I had been instructed.

I curtseyed again as I entered and Mrs Chappell said "Let me introduce you to the discipline system we run in this house it's called the No Reward System of Correction or NRSC for short which means that there are no set times or days for punishments but they will be given at the earliest convenience. Formal punishments, when necessary, will be administered on Saturday afternoons at three p.m. precisely. After correction all chores have to be completed to the required standard as normal, no taps on the bottom and then going to bed to lick your wounds; with that she picked up the long heavy cane and she told me that this was to be known as the "staff" and that I would be summoned to a "staff meeting" as and when necessary. The next one was called the 'Honey Bee' because of its sweet sting which I would find out if ever I had a date with 'Honey'. The first of the straps was known as 'Daisy' and Mrs Chappell couldn't wait to do some flower arranging with 'Daisy' and me, the last of the straps was to be known as 'Teddy' and he was a particularly good kisser. The hairbrush was called 'Patti' and in the sole charge of Miss Leanne and 'Rosie' was the final black rubber spanker and belonged to Miss Octavia. All of these would be used for day to day correction for more formal punishments, I was told that more severe implements would be used to ensure that I learned my lesson. The rules of the house were written in the green covered exercise book and I would have one month to copy them all out into the new red book and learn them off by heart.

I was to be given a demonstration of how Miss Leanne and Miss Octavia dealt with the day to day correction. At the mention of this, the younger fat girl stood, picked up the spanker, pulled out chair and sat down. She patted her large thighs at the same time she smiled, looked at me and said "Come on child, bare your backside, get over my knees and come and say hello to Rosie". I was quite taken aback when she called me 'child' as I was at the very least twice as old as she was.

"Yes Miss Octavia" I curtseyed, pulled down my tights and panties and lifted up my skirt and slip and gently laid across her soft and generous lap.

"Hands flat on the floor, support your own weight, don't lift your feet up, no wriggling. When I say change you get up, go round and lay over my other knee, quick as you can or else we will start again understand?"

"Yes Miss Octavia"

"Today we will start with sixes - that is six slaps and six changes, 36 pats on your little bottie, then you stand, thank me and adjust your dress wait for me to dismiss you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss Octavia" She lost no time in bringing the thick rubber down onto my exposed bottom which really stung, after five more she I heard her say "change" and I got up and laid across the other knee and received six more blistering swats and then it was all change again. By the time she had finished the 36, my bottom was on fire, she pushed me off and I stood, curtseyed and thanked her. I pulled up my panties and tights and curtseyed again.

Miss Octavia told me that I was here to work and I had wasted enough time and there was washing up and ironing to be done, meals to prepare and beds to be changed, but firstly miss Leanne would be escorting me to my room where I would be made ready for my tasks. We left the kitchen and I followed her along a cream and green painted corridor passing heavy doors marked - 'Lady's Maid',' Parlour Maid', 'Tweeny', 'Kitchen Maid' on one side, until finally she unlocked the solid door of the room labelled 'Maid of all Work'. The room was very small and drab, with the same green and cream paintwork and no windows, nor was there any heating. The light switch was on the outside of the room and once closed the door could only be opened from the outside. The furniture consisted of an old iron bed frame with a thin mattress and pillow rolled up together on top and secured with a bungee cord, a single sheet and blanket folded into the pillow case laid beside the mattress roll. There was a small mirror fixed to the wall above a narrow shelf on which stood an alarm clock and a cardboard box full of cosmetics, there was a clothes rail fixed across one corner of the room with half a dozen wire hangers. Leanne pointed toward the rail 'Dresses and slips up there, one item per hanger, shoes under the bed, Aprons on the back of the door, all other clothes on the shelf; stockings and tights to the left, knickers, suspenders and foundation garments in the middle, bras to the right. No sitting on the bed. No dirty or un-ironed clothes in here, ever! Everything packed up as you see it now each and every morning Got it?'

'Yes Miss' The slap she gave my face nearly had me over.

'You always call me Miss LEANNE, forget again and I'll put you across my knee UNDERSTAND?'

'Yes Miss Leanne, sorry Miss Leanne' I curtseyed.

'Strip and shower - the shower is across the hall and you'd better be quick about it'

I quickly stripped off and gathered up my clothes and went into the shower room and showered under the cold water and dried myself on the rough towel. I was about to dress and go back into the room but I was met by miss Leanne, in the corridor and she inspected me all over, looking behind my ears and poking and prodding and telling me to ensure that I kept myself hairless everywhere apart from my head. She then instructed me to get some deodorant, perfume and talcum powder from the box in my room. I quickly ran to get them. I was surprised to see that they were much better quality than I was used to, as I was about to return to the shower room when she called to me from the next room and told me to powder and perfume all over my torso and deodorise under my arms and then to report to her. I quickly did as I was told and returned the cosmetics to the box in my room. When I found Miss Leanne, she had fetched my carrier bags and taken them through to a utility room next to the shower room. It was quite a large room, very like the others in this part of the house, cream walls and green woodwork and without any windows. The room was furnished with a washing machine and a tumble drier below the worktops which went all around the room. There were two large white butler sinks with drainers an old mangle, ironing board with iron, and an overflowing wash basket. In the cupboards there was a quantity of shoe brushes and polishes, a vacuum cleaner various brushes, polishes, cleaners and dusters. In the centre of the room was a large square table with a sewing machine and a linen line stretched across the room, a bag with pegs in hanging from it. Miss Leanne unceremonially tipped all three of my carrier bags out onto the table, she picked out some black tights, bra, and knickers, she then told me that I should be wearing black in the afternoons and although it was only midmorning I should change as we had wasted enough time today already and it wouldn't do any harm if I was a little early. I curtseyed.

'Yes Miss Leanne'

'Normally I want you showered and changed into your black and then report to me at two o'clock each day understand?'

'Yes Miss Leanne' I curtseyed again. She told me precisely how she wanted me to press my slip and dress and that I'd better be quick about it. I quickly ironed the clothes to her specification and returned to her in my room. She instructed me to sit and then proceeded to instruct how she wanted me to dress myself: bra - left arm first then panties - left leg first, then I had to put on my makeup; foundation, concealer, bronzer blush, eyebrows next, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, powder, lipstick. She showed me exactly how I was expected to brush my hair and apply hair lacquer and perfume my body. I did not normally have to use so much makeup or be so precise with it, but I knew that with these three martinets I was going to have to do things exactly as they required. With three people watching my every move, this was going to be nerve-wracking to say the least.

I was instructed further on exactly how she wanted me to dress myself; tights left leg first, shoes with heels, left one first, slip left arm first, and then a black dress with a white apron, (tied into a neat bow at the back) and finally my cap. I was to wear the grey dress in the mornings with a striped apron, tan tights, white underwear and flat black shoes and a grey cap. Any deviation without express permission would result in punishment.

She ordered me to iron all the clothes I had brought with me and paint my finger and toe nails with the nail polish provided before commencing my duties tomorrow morning. She also told me that I would be given all the cosmetics which the three of them no longer used, but I had to use them up fully before stating another and was to ask her permission before starting a different one. This explained why all the products I had been using were of such high quality.

I was escorted back through to the kitchen where Miss Octavia was sitting at the large table, reading a fashion magazine, that evil little rubber spanker 'Rosie' sitting on the table beside her elbow. She looked up, 'Aha at bloody last, right girl, time for you to get to work, now that you've finished preening yourself. She put down the magazine and folded her arms.

'Yes Miss Octavia' I curtseyed.

'Right. I want a load put in the washing machine, I want all the beds changing, I want the lounge dusted and vacuumed, the dishes finished and this floor scrubbed, another load put in and then dinner prepared which you will serve in the dining room; then I want the ironing done, I will help you sort out the laundry today for each of us, but after that you are on your own. No dirty washing or ironing to be left overnight, normally you will collect our dirty linen and make sure that it is washed and ironed before we are up in the morning. I will check your work and if is not of the very highest standard I will punish you do you understand me, girl?' She picked up 'Rosie' and brandished it at me.

'Yes Miss Octavia' I curtseyed.

'Well, what are you waiting for girl? Get on with it, child' she brought down 'Rosie with a deafening slap on the table, which caused me to jump involuntarily.

'Yes Miss Octavia' I curtseyed and hurried into the laundry room, sorted out the colours into piles on the table and quickly shot them into the washer, I found the powder and softener, set the cycle and went back to the kitchen. With my heart in my mouth I summoned up the courage to ask where the bedrooms were, she pointed to a door, which opened into a small corridor leading to the back stairs and told me that I was only to use the main stairs to clean them. I quickly went and took up the clean linen for the beds from the linen cupboard in the corridor. I found the rooms and made the three beds bringing the soiled sheets down to the laundry room. I dusted the lounge, miss Octavia came with me and showed me precisely what to do and in the precise order she wanted it done. I was beginning to learn that I would be under total control all the while even when they weren't there. I vacuumed the lounge and the hallway returned the vacuum to the laundry room and started the washing up, again Miss Octavia instructed me exactly how I was to complete this task on pain of a sore backside, likewise I was shown how the floor must be scrubbed. I took the washing out and hung it out on the line, again under supervision and put in another load. I was told precisely what needed to be cooked for dinner and how it should be done. I laid the dining table under her strict supervision and served the meal. All the time my heart was in my mouth, I did not want another of those spankings if I could avoid it! All went well and I served coffee in the lounge and returned to the kitchen to complete the washing up. By now I had done five loads of washing and it was all dry the last two loads had been put into the tumble dryer, it was a little after eight o'clock when I set up the ironing board and began the mammoth task of ironing all the sheets and clothes. Luckily for me they did not ring until about ten thirty and not only had I finished it all I had managed to do mine as well, then miss Octavia rang and told me to clear away the coffee things and come up in half an hour for her underwear. She came with me and told me which clothes belonged to who and to put all of them back in their respective places in the morning. At the right time I knocked on her door and went in on her command. I curtsied picked up the clothes from the ensuite bathroom floor and she told me to go and get them from the others. I repeated this in the next suite with Miss Leanne, who informed me that I must report to her for a uniform check in the morning when I was to bring her tea at seven sharp. I went into madam's room - she was already in bed and her room was much more tidy than her daughters' and her things were in a laundry bag in the bathroom. I took them all down and hand washed them and pegged them up in the laundry room. It was 11:40 when I went to my room and made the bed and set the alarm for 5:45. I needed to do my nails but I started to read the House Rules, there were 60 pages of them and I thought I'd better make a start, so I carefully and neatly copied the first two pages lying on my stomach in bed which wasn't too bad, better than trying to concentrate sitting on the hard chairs in the kitchen, my backside was still quite sore.

My alarm went off at 5:45 and I got up straight away, just in case Miss O came to check on me. I painted my nails, so they could be drying, rolled up and folded my bedding, did my ablutions, showered, combed my hair and put my makeup on. I went into the kitchen and made myself some tea and porridge. I got out the bucket, scrubbing brush and drying cloths and filled it with hot water and soap - although I had no intention of scrubbing the floor as I had done it the evening before I damped the cloths and pushed them over the floor with my foot just in case one of them came down to check. Ironed all the underwear from yesterday, tidied and dusted the living room and got the trays ready for the early morning toast and tea.

I took up the three trays and put them on the little tables outside each room, I had to make three trips and then I went back again for all the laundry. I knocked on Miss Leanne's door and took in her tray. I poured the tea, opened the curtains and put her lingerie away. 'Come here' she beckoned me to her side. 'Strip off your dress and slip, hands on your head and turn around slowly - I want to see you have dressed yourself properly'.

'Yes Miss Leanne' I curtseyed and did as I was told.

'Tights and shoes off, I want to see your nails, hold your hands out'. Again I curtseyed and complied. 'Hmmm. More care needed, fetch the hairbrush'. She shifted her large body clad only in a short nightdress until she was sitting on the bed, I went to the dressing table and picked up the large, heavy, oval brush and presented it to her. 'Knickers down, get over my knee, we'll have sevens'.

'Yes Miss Leanne' I submitted to her orders handed her the dreadful instrument and pulled down my pants and draped myself over her sizeable naked thighs, which would have been quite nice under different circumstances. She wasted no time at all and the first swat took me by complete surprise, both in its speed and its power, golly that brush hurt! After seven changes of seven and forty-nine blistering swats, I was in extreme discomfort when she roughly pushed me off and told me to dress. I was sniffing and desperately wanted to rub my sore and blistered bottom, but I daren't so I redressed myself, with some difficulty, curtseyed and thanked her.

'Sort those nails out by two this afternoon unless you'd like another dose of patti', she said munching on her toast.

'Yes Miss Leanne'. I curtseyed rather painfully and left to deliver the tea, toast and lingerie to the other two, which fortunately for me went without a hitch. I returned to the kitchen and laid the table in the dining room for breakfast and went back up to them to lay out the clothes, Madam first, then Miss Leanne and Miss Octavia last, which again went without issue, which was good because my bottom was on fire and as sore as hell. I worked all morning cleaning and doing all the jobs on my list. When they all went out I took advantage of the time to make sure that my nails were perfect, my hands were easy, but my toes were much more difficult, my bottom was too sore for me to sit comfortably so I did them by putting my foot on the edge of the sink, but this stretched the skin and still hurt like anything, but I managed it and put my tights back on without smudging the varnish or getting caught, for which I was really grateful.

They all came back at various times and as instructed, I served a light lunch at 1:30 p.m. Miss Octavia said I was to find her at eight tonight and she would go through my book. I carefully changed into my afternoon uniform and reported to Miss Leanne, who was still in the dining room with the other two. 'Dress, petticoat, shoes and tights off, hands on your head and do a slow twirl. Come on, quickly girl, I haven't all day for this.'

I curtseyed and did as I was told she seemed ok with everything and ordered me to get dressed, which I did. The Mistress commented on my bottom which was still very red and sore, Miss Leanne just said that I had been slovenly in my dress this morning and she thinks that she may have cured the problem with a few pats to my bottom, but only time would tell. Madam nodded sagely and I thought a few pats, 49 bloody hard swats to be precise every one of which I could still feel!

The rest of the day went quite well. Although my heart was in my mouth when Miss Octavia lectured me that all work was to be checked by her and that I could expect punishment if I didn't observe this rule. She went through the book and checked all the work with me trailing behind her being as obsequious as I possibly could and carrying the hateful strap 'Teddy', I managed to escape any further punishment though, as she seemed satisfied with my general work and behaviour.

The next day I got up and this time I did scrub the kitchen floor, I took the tea and toast up with yesterday's laundry and I had my morning inspection with Miss Laura, which I passed this time, and I felt quite elated when I went into miss Octavia's room, but I was putting away Miss Octavia's lingerie as she came out of her shower. "What the fuck do you think you're doing"? She bellowed.

'Sorry Miss Octavia?' I stopped what I was doing and quickly curtsied. 'I was just putting away your clean underwear, Miss Octavia'.

'How do we make sure your work is up to standard?'

'All finished work must be checked by you, Miss Octavia'

'And have I checked it?'

My face fell, 'No Miss Octavia', I felt myself blushing.

'Take it back downstairs - all of it. I want to see three neat piles on the laundry room table and I will examine them before breakfast, so let's hope your ironing is up to my standards for your bottom's sake, but right now you need to find 'Rosie' for me and I will give you eights to help you remember.

'Yes Miss Octavia', I curtsied and went over to the bedside table for the spanker. She sat on her dressing stool and I duly presented the heavy rubber spanker and dropped my tights and knickers and lowered myself over her enormous naked white thighs, again I felt a stirring in my loins but my steel restrainer soon put a stop to any licentiousness on my part and I prepared myself for another bottom warming. I hadn't fully recovered from yesterday's ministrations so I knew this would hurt and I wasn't wrong. Sixty-four bum blistering swats later with tears streaming down my cheeks, I bobbed a curtsey and sobbed out my thanks to her for 'helping me to be a better maid', then I pulled up my clothes and went into Miss Leanne's room to get the underwear back, luckily for me she had gone down and I hadn't taken the mistress's in. I took the tea in for the mistress and ran down the back stairs and refolded the three sets of clothes on the laundry room table before Miss Octavia came in, I just managed to get back in the kitchen as she walked in.

'Get Teddy and follow me'

'Yes Miss Octavia' I curtseyed, took the strap from the back of the door and followed her back into the laundry room. Luckily for me she was happy with the laundry, I once again I escaped further chastisement.

My third day started better than the first two, I had the routine now and realised that the mornings were the most dangerous for my bottom. I had asked Miss Octavia if I could bring the overnight laundry for her to check into her room in the morning with her tea and toast which she agreed to. I had taken Miss Leanne's tea and stripped for my morning check - which I passed I re dressed myself and took in Miss Octavia's and then took the mistress hers. I picked up the laundry and took in in for miss Octavia to inspect, she was satisfied and I put hers away and went to miss Leanne's room, I knocked and entered just as she stepped out of the shower and was tying a towel around her long blonde hair, she was stark-naked and I couldn't help staring at her enormous breasts bouncing as she wriggled with the towel and her wet hair. "What are you gawping at child?" I stood like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

"Sorry Miss Leanne I just came in to put away your underwear from yesterday"

"You were ogling me"

"No miss Leanne really I wasn't." In two strides her large body suddenly crossed the room and she slapped my face so hard and unexpectedly that I lost my balance and was sent sprawling onto the floor. She stood over me with her hands on her hips, she made no attempt to cover her nakedness.

"Get up." She barked "and pick those things up" I had dropped the clothes I was carrying I scrabbled them up and began to put them away "Wash them again, idiot and I want them back by lunch time, now get out." She carried on drying her hair as she returned to her ensuite. I watched her huge backside waddle away before I dared to go to the door and escape. I just knew that my own bottom was going to have to pay for her anger, although I was a little surprised that she hadn't given me a mega spanking there and then, these girls certainly didn't think twice about putting me over their knees and laying into my bottom with a will.

I was trembling as I served breakfast to the three of them as I couldn't help overhearing their conversation and the events of the morning being the sole topic, with such snippets as 'lessons needing to be learnt' and 'disgraceful behaviour' and as I began to clear away the dishes, the mistress told me that she wanted a word with me in her study directly and I was to go and wait for her in front of her desk hands clasped on my head. I curtseyed and went into the study and stood in front of her large mahogany desk as I had been told, after about ten minutes she marched in, with a face like thunder, I curtsied and she proceeded to lecture me at some length at the top of her voice, on my 'disgraceful' behaviour this morning which she said was completely unacceptable and that ogling her, her daughters, or anyone else, demands both harsh and painful punishment and she had therefore decided that I would receive three formal 36 stroke canings over the next month with the first on Saturday at three O'clock, the second two weeks after that and the final one a fortnight later, after which she would review my behaviour and if I was found to be wanting the punishment would be repeated. Miss Leanne would deliver the first, Miss Octavia the second and the Mistress herself would give me the third. I was told to get out and get on with my work. I was crying and shaking when I hurried back to the kitchen to catch up with my work. I passed miss Leanne and curtsied she smiled as I passed and whispered "Looking forward to Saturday girl? I curtsied again and said in a cracked voice

"Not really Miss Leanne" She just laughed and slapped me playfully on the bottom but I still yelped and she just said

"Nervous girlie -never mind it will all be over by Saturday. Whoa! Oh no it won't it will just be the beginning." She tittered and went off, leaving me on tenter hooks. I had suffered these horrible punishments before and they hurt for a long time, I was really worried and I had three days to agonise before the sentence would begin.

The rest of the week was nothing but a blur and I also earned a couple of hefty "eights" spankings, one from each of the girls, and they took great delight in teasing me each time they saw me, so I was really wound up and was dreading getting the cane. By the time Saturday afternoon came around I had been to the toilet about seven times and I couldn't stop shaking. At a little before two O'clock I changed and at went to find Miss Leanne to check me over. As I stood in my underwear she said "Don't be late for our little meeting - what time was it again?"

"Th three O'clock Miss Leanne"

"Looking forward to it? - I know I am, don't be late now will you?"

"No Miss Leanne"

"Get dressed and get on. See you at three"

"Yes miss Leanne" "Yes miss Leanne" I curtseyed and went to get on with my chores

I found my tormentress at five to three, she was in the drawing room and I approached with some trepidation and curtseyed, she looked up from her magazine. "Well, what can I do for you girly? As if I didn't know" she smirked. "Well?"

"Please Miss Leanne it is almost three o'clock and I am reporting for my punishment"

"What punishment would that be, Child?"

"The caning that Madam ordered, Miss Leanne."

"Oh, so you want me to cane you then?"

"Yes miss Leanne" My voice was barely above a whisper.

"So ask me to do it then."

"Yes Miss Leanne" I curtseyed "Please Miss Leanne will you cane me, please"

"Why do you need to be caned girl?"

"Please Miss Leanne I burst in and saw you naked Miss Leanne"

"You ogled me didn't you, child?"

"Yes Miss Leanne, sorry Miss Leanne"

"You will be my girl, you will be."

"Yes Miss Leanne." I curtseyed I was red faced and biting my lip.

"It will be my pleasure to cane you sissy, let's go down stairs into the playroom shall we?" She stood up, she was wearing green high heeled shoes, rather than her usual trainers, a short pleated green skirt and a baggy mustard yellow sweat shirt. She led me through Madam's study to a door in the corner, which in turn lead us down some stone steps into the cold stone lined basement. The room itself was large and spacious, with three cells of various sizes to the left and the ubiquitous bench in the centre. The whipping bench was different from the one at my aunt's, this was low and long and unpadded. It consisted of two sloping boards which joined in the middle about eighteen inches from the floor. I was instructed to take off my shoes tights and pants and fold them neatly and place them under the bench. Then lift up my dress and slip to bare my bottom and lie in the middle, my wrists were secured with two straps at the front and wide leather straps were fastened around my waist, and both knees, my feet and lower legs were not restrained but a bar fastened about four inches above my calves prevented me from raising them more than a few inches. The shape of the bench stretched and elevated my bottom and made it impossible for me to move at all. This pattern of bench allowed punishment to be delivered to my bottom and thighs from both sides with equal force as I was about to find out. She went to the long sink at the far end of the room and selected a long, dark dragon cane, swishing the evil rod through the air to get the drips off, it made a hideous whistling sound, a familiar sound, but one which always filled me with dire dread, I saw her taut fat calves stop in front of my face. She bopped down and I found myself staring at the lilac triangle of her panties. I quickly shut my eyes I did want her to see me looking up her skirt, although there was no way I could look any other way. Her lips came close to my ear and she whispered that she was going to enjoy the next few minutes enormously. She stood up and asked me if I liked her shoes I answered that they were very nice - she was wearing 5" sage green stilettos, "they give me extra height and that means I can cane you much harder. Shall we begin?" she said. I shuddered inwardly, but did not answer and without any further warning, she gave a little grunt and I heard the dreadful whistle and felt the rod strike the centre of my buttocks, before I had time to clench my nates against some of the force. Oh my god how it hurt! I let out a strangled scream of pain just as the second stroke was delivered with equal force from the other side of the bench. The awful punishment continued in this vane, first from one side and then the other as she walked around in a circle and I saw the stiletto heeled shoes pass by my face after every other stroke, until the full thirty-six had been delivered, by which time I was a snivelling wretch, howling for mercy and shaking involuntarily with sweat, snot and saliva dripping from my face onto the stone floor.

I was released, and told to get up, which I did, although the pain in my bottom and thighs was incredible. "GET DRESSED! COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!" She clapped her hands and shouted. "You have work to be getting on with. You can't stand there feeling sorry for yourself all day, You've had some what you deserve and you need to get that make up fixed and start dinner. NOW GIRL!".

Crying I bopped down to retrieve my clothes and fresh waves of pain coursed through my body, gingerly I eased my knickers over my tenderised thighs and buttocks, followed by the black tights and finally the shoes with their 2" heels which further stretched my bottom.

"I'm waiting" She stood flexing the cane.

"Miss Leanne?"

"You need to thank me for helping you to clear your guilty conscience, don't you now?"

"Yes Miss Leanne". I attempted to curtsey and again I nearly fainted with the pain" Thank you Miss Leanne for my punishment Miss Leanne"

"Do you that it has done you some good Girl?

"Oh Yes Miss Leanne". I once more tried to curtsey and was again overwhelmed with pain.

"Get this place cleaned up, fix your makeup and then get on with your duties." She threw the cane onto the bench.

"Yes Miss Leanne". I curtseyed very badly again but she had not really noticed thank my lucky stars.

"And God help you if Octavia or mummy finds any fault" she laughed and left me on my own to clear up the mess I had made and put away the cane.

With great difficulty I managed to get back to the kitchen and prepare and serve the dinner. Miss Octavia did not bother to check my work and no mention was made of my obviously distressed state for which small mercies I was thankful. I cleared away and washed up - no one came near.

Two reasonably uneventful weeks later I found myself once again bare bottomed and firmly secured on the horse, this time it was Miss Octavia who was flexing the wicked rod between her fingers, not a single word had been said to me since we entered the "playroom". She was wearing black trainers with leggings and a halter top which barely constrained her bountiful bouncy bosom - she was not wearing a bra, (my heart was in my mouth in case she caught me looking as she bent to secure my wrists - there was nowhere else to look, but I tightly closed my eyes as soon as I realised what I was doing). Although she is shorter than her sister, she is quite strong and I knew I was still in for a really painful hiding - I just didn't realise how painful it would be! I heard the dreadful whistle of the cane and involuntarily clenched my nates, but it turned out to be a practice swing, then I felt the rattan see-saw across my bottom and it began; twelve, well-spaced strokes across my buttocks with the tip of the cane burying itself into my right flank, leaving me in considerable pain and crying. She must have moved around behind me because she simply gave me twelve more hefty strokes from the other side, by now I was screaming and begging for mercy and I thought for one moment that it had been granted as the black leggings came into my eye line as she stood in front of me. I was just about to thank her for her mercy when she brought the cane down hard on my left buttock, crossing each of the former welts and the tip cutting into the very tender crease where the thigh meets the swell of the bottom; the pain was excruciating and she worked the remaining eleven strokes across from left to right, giving two hard cuts to the fleshy sides of my bottom crease. Throughout which I screamed until I was almost hoarse. As suddenly as it had begun it was over, I had been in the room for less than ten minutes I was a trembling wreck, sobbing involuntarily and unable to think or speak coherently, my bottom bucking and thrashing completely involuntarily. She bopped down in front of me, her bosom inches from my face and grabbed my hair and savagely pulled until my tear stained face met hers.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"N n noo no Miss" I blubbed.

"I didn't think you would somehow" she grinned maliciously "I call it the waffle iron"

"S s sorry Miss Octavia?"

"The pattern I have so kindly etched on your arse with my cane - you'll soon see how accurate I've been when you get to admire my handiwork in a mirror and if you don't like it I can always do it again, in fact it will be a pleasure."

"Thank you Miss Octavia" I sobbed I didn't know what else to say. She giggled and undid the straps.

"Better get on with your work, you've wasted enough time this afternoon. I'll check later and if I think it's necessary you will go over my knee to play pat-a-cake with Rosie". With that she walked out, leaving me to get up and put my panties, tights and shoes back on, clean my dribble and snot and put away the cane.

It took me about ten minutes to get used to the inestimable pain which was worsened by the friction and pressure of my knickers and tights on the raised welts. Walking was sooo painful and I thought I'd better practice a curtsey or two (I thought that I would pass out with the pain, as the skin tightened) in case there was anyone in the mistress's study, the steps to which were virtually impossible for me to climb, but somehow I managed. Fortunately, there was nobody in the study or the hall and I was able to get back to the relative safety of my room to fix my makeup without seeing anyone. Feeling very sore and sorry for myself, I returned to the kitchen and started the preparations for dinner. Peeling vegetables and cooking was not too bad - serving it was going to be the real test, walking, serving and curtseying were going to be hard and these bitches would have no compunction in ordering me over their knees to receive further harsh punishment for the least infraction of their rules, genuine or perceived.

With the greatest difficulty I managed to get through dinner without a mishap, or at least no one noticed or picked me up, for which I was eternally grateful. It was nine thirty, I was finishing the drying up thinking that in half an hour I would be in bed, when Miss Octavia came in with two dresses. "I want these pressed now." She dumped the dresses on the Kitchen table. "Bring them up to my room, I'm going out at ten, so if you know what's good for you, you'll be quick about it. She turned and left

"Yes Miss Octavia" I bobbed a painful curtsey, picked up the clothes and went to the laundry room to start. Twenty minutes later I was knocking on her door.

"Enter." I went in just as she was putting on a pair of stiletto heeled boots. "Oh, it's you, about time too, hang them in the wardrobe I am going to wear this one now anyway".

"Yes Miss Octavia." I curtseyed painfully and did as I was asked. Why had she done that? Just because she could. I almost broke down and cried afresh but I managed to hold back the tears. I just wanted to get out so I just said "Will that be all miss Octavia?"

"Take those with you" she pointed to a pile of her discarded underwear. "I want those washed and ironed and back here tomorrow morning."

"Yes Miss Octavia" Fortunately I didn't need to curtesy as she grabbed her handbag and went out of the door. I picked up the pile of her lingerie and went down to the laundry room. I sprayed them with Febreeze and carefully ran an iron over her garments - job done! I finished the drying and carefully hung up my own clothes - there would be little checking going on tomorrow - Sunday, they all laid in bed until about eleven so I didn't have to worry too much. I was so relieved to get to bed, but I was really sickened when I caught sight of my poor lacerated bottom in the mirror.

The next morning, I got up, showered, the cold shower was very welcome as I was still very sore and stiff and moving around still hurt me so much. I dressed in my afternoon uniform which I am required to wear all day on Sundays and made up my face - I had no need to hurry and I took the tea up at eight, they always like it later on Sundays. I took miss Leanne's in and stripped off my dress and slip as usual for my inspection as she ordered. I had put on a thong and stockings with a suspender belt to try and alleviate some of the chafing. I stood beside her bed with my hands on my head as required. "Turn around, let me see you arse"

"Yes Miss Leanne." I bobbed and did as I was told

"Have you seen my sister yet this morning?"

"No Miss Leanne." I bobbed another painful curtesy.

"Right well, stay as you are and we'll go in together, I'm sure that she would like to see her handiwork." She jumped out of bed and marched out in her short nightdress I followed, knocked, opened the door and brought the tray in meanwhile Miss Leanne hopped into bed with her sister, which allowed me an eyeful of her ample bottom and pussy, I quickly looked away and busied myself by serving Miss Octavia with her tea. "Go and fetch my tea, Girl and be quick about it I hate cold tea".

"Yes Miss Leanne." I gave a stiff curtesy and brought her tea through. The two girls were obviously taking great delight in my discomfort, laughing and giggling. I was ordered to twirl, and then bring her dressing stool to the front of the bed and bend over it so they could discuss 'Tavi's' accuracy with the cane, while they sipped their tea and commented on how good the job was and how necessary such discipline was to reinforce strict training, maintain rigorous standards and to ensure absolute obedience, pointing out where the weals crossed that it was probably more painful. There was no doubt in my mind - my whole bottom hurt like hell!

Two weeks later I found myself standing in the study in front of the mistress' desk after breakfast, my fingers interlocked and my hands on my head (as I was required to stand, like a naughty schoolgirl in the headmistress' office). She sat in her large leather chair with her legs crossed, flexing a most evil looking rod between her fingers, it was long and ribbed in its entire length. She was wearing a crisp white blouse and black tailored trousers. She informed me that I would be expected to wear hold ups and a thong, so that there would be no need for me to waste time undressing and dressing. Very nervously I told her that I didn't have any hold up stockings.

"Well ask Leanne to issue you with some then, you stupid girl"

"Yes Madam" I curtseyed

"And don't be late for your own sake" she warned, "now get out and get on with your work"

"Yes Madam, thank you Madam" I curtseyed again and left closing the door quietly.

I went straightaway to ask Miss Leanne for some hold up stockings, she took me up to the mistress' room and gave me some used ones from her mother's underwear drawer, which I have to say filled me with apprehension - what if she recognised them would she approve or not, if she didn't then I knew that I would be feeling the brunt of that anger later that afternoon.

At five minutes to three I returned to the study, the door to the stairway was open so I went down the stone steps with great trepidation and entered the punishment room. Madam was already there, "Ah there you are! Come in and get comfortable" she pointed to the caning bench. I did as I was told and she secured my arms and lifted my skirt and slip before pulling the strap around my waist tight which held my clothes tightly and away from my exposed nates. She proceeded to secure my thighs and once again I found myself helpless and at the non-existent mercy of a powerful and determined woman.

She crouched down in front of me and passing her cane in front of me she said "This is a whangee, have you felt one of these?"

"No Madam"

"Well, all these little knobbles mean that this cane really hurts"

I thought 'they all really hurt'

"But there we are. That is the nature of punishment, to make you a better person and reinforce the learning of various lessons. I think that it is beginning to work don't you?

Yes Madam" I answered

"Good. We shall begin. Right, I intend to give you a nice pretty Union Jack on your bottom. Nine strokes from here at the top, nine from left to right, nine diagonally one way and nine diagonally the other. By that time you will be very distressed, I will release you and then you will complete some bending and stretching exercises. These will hurt you even more but you will be able to carry on with your chores afterwards. Do you understand?"

"Yes Madam"

She stood up and tested the length, tapping the inside of my nates. I heard the first stroke whistle down and then the inevitable crack as the vicious, knobbly rod struck my bottom, the pain was so intense that I screamed involuntarily and tested my bonds but try as I might there would be no escape. I begged screamed and sobbed through that most excruciating of punishments with my bottom seemingly on fire especially where they crossed. I felt my bonds loosen and I was helped to stand. I thought my legs would give way the pain was so overpowering. I was ordered to march, with keeping my knees up, to the far end of the room, each step was absolutely awful, but I had to do it ten times there and back and then touch my toes ten times each time was utter agony and the first three attempts saw me shrieking in pain but the threat of a return to the whipping bench made me carry on until I had completed required number as well. She then ordered me to run to the top of the stairs and back ten times. 'Run' was a bit of a misnomer but I did it as quick as I could and she seemed to be ok with it thankfully. The next exercise was ten deep curtsies which I know were far from perfect but again I was more than grateful that she accepted them. I was finally dismissed and told to have a shower and change as she said I was very sweaty and to get on with my work and I found that I could at least walk without the searing bolts of pain in my bottom.

The cold shower was heaven and I could have stayed there for the rest of the day but I dried myself off, powdered, perfumed, dressed and made up my face. I kept the hold-ups on because they were more comfortable than anything else in my wardrobe, I had several thongs donated by the 'girls' who gave me their cast off underwear and I chose one of miss Leanne's, which was quite big on me but so welcome on my sore and swollen bottom. I completed my tasks for the day, preparing, cooking and serving dinner, doing the dishes and washing the day's underwear and my uniform. I took another, very welcome, cold shower before I went to bed. I had a fitful night's sleep, waking each time I moved even though I laid on top of the covers on my stomach with my nightdress rolled up under my arms.

The next morning, I was so sore and stiff and my bottom was so swollen I had difficulty in moving. After yet another cold shower I put on stockings and French knickers and although I could feel the suspenders rubbing on the weals, the pain was less than it would have been wearing briefs and tights. When I took the tea up, Leanne told me to get Octavia, I went into her room and asked if she would kindly join Miss Leanne, I helped her out of bed and into her dressing gown and followed her into her sister's room; I served them both with tea and toast and they both sat up in Leanne's bed and between mouthfuls Leanne ordered me to stand at the end of the bed, and take of my apron, dress and slip and show them their mother's handiwork, which I did, lowering my knickers and bending forwards. They both made various comments to each other, pointing and giggling and then I heard miss Octavia say "Lee do you think that Frenchies and stockings are fitting underwear for our little skivvy?" I was filled with dread and broke into a cold sweat I really did not want to go over her knee.

"Oh, yes, well done Tavvi, I was about to mention that. Right child, I want you go and change into in support briefs and tights, NOW - well what are you waiting for? Go and get changed. Chop Chop, unless of course you'd like us to warm your backside some more for you?"

"No miss Leanne. Yes miss Leanne", bobbing a curtsey I rushed out in my underwear and ran as fast as I could down the back stairs to my room. I quickly removed my shoes, knickers, suspenders and stockings, found a pair of black support briefs and black tights (I had to wear black all day on Sundays) and with some difficulty and a good deal of renewed pain putting them on I ran back, knocked and waited.

"Enter" I went in and curtseyed, I hoped that I had not been too long. Octavia motioned me to twirl which I did.

"That's better. I want you in those tights and pants every day for at least the next month, understand?"

"Yes miss Leanne", I curtseyed.

"This is because I want you to be reminded not to go around ogling your betters and not to forget that mummy still knows how to deliver a really good hiding doesn't she?"

"Yes miss Leanne, she really does", I curtseyed.

"Good. Dress and get on with your work."

"Yes miss Leanne", I put my slip, dress and apron back on, curtseyed and left, taking madam's tea back with me to the kitchen to make her some fresh, I could feel my sore bottom, the pain bringing tears to my eyes with every movement. I took the freshly made tea to the mistress, knocked and entered, she was sitting up and reading a magazine. She looked at me over the top of her little half glasses.

"Tea is rather late this morning, Girl?"

"Yes madam, sorry madam, I got caught up with miss Leanne and miss Octavia, madam" I curtseyed.

"Yes I thought you might be. Is it very sore?"

"Yes madam" I curtseyed, I served her with her tea and toast, curtseying again.

"Good. She said between eating a piece of the toast "That's how I meant it to be"

"Yes madam, thankyou madam" I took the empty cup, refilled it, handed it back and curtseyed.

"You may go". She dismissed me with a wave of her hand still holding a half eaten piece of toast

"Yes madam, thankyou madam". I curtseyed and left.

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