Couples Trip In The Countryside
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  • Post Date - 2/3/2021

Author's Note: Hi, this is my first story, I like bondage and I liked a lot of stories on this site and wanted to try and write my story, hope you all like it

Chapter 1 - Unexpected

I have been dating Jessica for almost 4 years now, we are a great couple and we connect on so many levels, though the moment we re most connected is when we're having sex, we found out shortly after we started dating that we both love bondage, it's rare that we have sex without involving ropes or handcuffs.

As a dominant in the bedroom, I was pleased to know that she's submissive, she loves to be completely helpless while I use her however I like, though was a surprise to me since she likes to dominate me in every other way, well that's cool

A couple of days ago she told me she has been working too much and needed to get a relaxing trip with me for the holidays, I immediately said yes of course, due to her work I rarely saw her during the week, this way we could have 2 whole weeks alone together.

Last year her father won the lottery, he was so happy he decided to give her daughter a big house in the countryside, it was huge villa with a big garden and the house had 3 floors, 6 big rooms and a newly decorated basement.

We've been there alone for christmas last year, but I haven't seen the house since, she told me she was redecorating and repainting it, she wanted it to look amazing before we went again, so I was excited to see what she did with it.

Fast forward 3 weeks, we pack our bags and the bondage gear, we take the car and leave to go to the villa, we're so happy to take some time just for us, we already know we'll just stay naked 24/7 and spend our time only by having sex and laying on the bed watching netflix, I'm already warmed up from the idea.

We left the city in the morning and got to the villa in the evening, so we're both really tired, I don't quite understand what she did with the house since everything's the same: the garden, the entrance, the living room...

I was just going to ask her about it when she interrupted my thought "Hey Bryce, listen let's go to straight to bed for tonight please, I'm so tired", I was tired too so I complied and she led me to our bedroom, as I walked I didn't look at anything in the house, I just went in the bedroom as sleepy as I was.

After all we would have 2 whole weeks to do anything we want, It didn't need to start tonight, also I was already thinking about tying her up first thing tomorrow to surprise her with some romantic morning sex.

The bedroom looked really empty, it was huge but it only had a king size bed and a closet, the bed was beautiful and had decorated bars on every edge.

We took our clothes off and went to bed, she rolled on top of me and fell asleep on my chest, "this is going to be amazing!", I thought.

I woke up in a daze, I felt well rested still laying on the bed but unfortunately Jessica already had got up, probably to make breakfast, "tying her up can wait, I guess", I thought to myself. I tried to get up from the bed to catch up to her when I realized something was keeping me in place. That's when I realized: I was tied to the bed!

I was tied spread eagle on the bed, both my wrists connected with rope to the upper bars, and the same thing was done to my ankles, I was so stretched out I couldn't even move my hips.

Then I tried to move my fingers to try and untie myself but I felt pressure against my hands, then I noticed I had tape wrapped around my closed fists, I couldn't move a finger, but even if I could I was tied so tight I could never reach the knot on the bar.

I looked down and I saw a chastity cage on my penis, also I felt something in my ass! I was so confused and I thought "did Jessica do all this?".

She must have heard me try to get free because not more than a minute later she came in the bedroom, she was all naked for my pleasure except of a pair of black high heels, her boobs were bouncing nicely as she walked in the room: "oh you're finally awake! I tried to wake you up with a blowjob before but I guess that sleeping pill I gave you before did some good work" she said laughing, now that I saw her I was not worried anymore and I smiled, but I was also really confused "wait, did you do this? since when are you into tying me up?".

She smiled and explained "you see I was getting really tired of doing the same things in the bedroom and decided to spice it up, I like being tied up and used by you but it was getting kind of old, I watched a lot of bondage porn and the female domination category started to turn me on so much that I decided I would tie you up and use you like you do with me, so 10 months ago I decided to make a bondage dungeon out of this house, last night I quickly led you to the bedroom so that I could surprise you this morning, you are now going to be my full time slave for 2 weeks in this huge house".

I was getting annoyed thinking about this, being the slave, under control of a woman? I wasn't used to this, I've always been the dominant in the bedroom, although something about this was turning me on, a sneaky erection grew on my penis while I answered her "you waited 10 months to do this? wow you really must want to make me your slave, you know what? Just to try it and just for you I'm going to accept, it could be fun, just don't be a bitch alright?", "Great! I was worried you wouldn't like it!" she said while getting excited.

Then she continued "Also, I didn't tell you this but when I got the house from my dad he also gave me a lot more money as a gift, and I decided to use that money to buy some amazing gadgets for slaves I found on the dark web".

"Holy shit" I thought.

"while you were asleep I put a small dildo in your ass that absorbs all the poop you make and destroys it, also, you see this cage? It's multifunctional, the main function is to keep you from getting erections and it hurts you every time you do, but there's more, through magnetic signals it destroys all the pee in your bladder, with these two objects in and on you you will never need to pee or poop, isn't it amazing? Also the dildo in your ass is one of the many toys I bought that can be controlled by me on my phone, I can make it vibrate"

While she was saying that she took her phone and touched something that made my ass vibrate for a couple of seconds, it felt weird and teased me as it tickled the inside of my rectum.

"And both the dildo and the chastity cage have an electricity shock option to use when you are not behaving like a good boy"

As I listened to this I was getting worried but it was also really turning me on, it was so weird. So I started talking and told her "But will I be able to-" before I could finish my sentence she put a gag in my mouth and quickly buckled the strap tightly behind my head. I let out an annoyed grunt as she silenced me.

The gag had a rubber dildo that reached almost into my throat and it was attached to a ball which was positioned between my lips. Then she closed my eyes with her fingers and taped my eyes shut.

I was now tied on the bed unable to even move my fingers, unable to talk and couldn't even see, she could do anything she wanted to me and I couldn't do anything to stop her... I admit it was kinda hot.

She said "no time to talk, time to play!" I felt her tie a rope to my waist and then tied the ends to the sides of the bed, now my waist was completely immobilized, I tried to move my hips to the left and to the right but I couldn't even move it by 5cm in any direction.

I felt her move on top of me, she took my caged penis and released it "this cage represents the power I have over you, I'm going to keep you teased and turned on all the time but I'll promise you, you're not going to cum often".

She took my dick and stretched down the skin to expose the glans, then I felt her tongue licking the tip, she was slowly dragging her tongue on the head, the pleasure was too much and I couldn't take it. No matter how many noises I made through my gag or how much I tried to squirm, she constantly licked me at the same speed.

After 30 seconds I was constantly groaning and trying to scream into my gag "STOP STOP I CAN'T TAKE IT" but she just kept going as if I was saying nothing, my squirming was futile, as much as I tried to move away from her tongue I was tied down too tight she could barely feel any movement under her, it was so funny for her she started laughing her ass off while she kept licking my glans aggressively. As I tried to fight the ropes mi dick was barely moving away from her tongue she constantly had control over its position.

I was completely helpless, I kept groaning for 2 hours as she kept doing this, every time she felt my penis tremble and she knew I was about to cum she immediately stopped and started again, I was edged more than 20 times. She was driving me crazy and as she tortured me she laughed every time she heard me grunt or scream.

At one point she decided it was time to let me cum, she kept going even if she felt me trembling and I let out a huge moan as I came, but I quickly realized she wasn't stopping even if I was cumming! In that moment she started performing an aggressive blowjob that lasted minutes after the orgasm, this was pure torture, after I came so hard I was so sensitive I probably couldn't even take the pleasure given me by the oxigen touching my glans.

I kept screaming and trying to move away but obviously It was no use, it just made her laugh out loud even more. I was on the verge of collapsing when after a couple of minutes she finally stopped. I was exhausted from the never ending torture and couldn't move a muscle.

I was so tired and light headed I didn't even realize what was happening while she caged my penis again and walked away, before she got out of the room she activated the vibration on the dildo in my ass and said "take some time to relax baby, this was just the beginning, I can't wait to give you the real tortures with my other toys in the next two weeks! Consider this an introduction".

She smiled and left me there the whole afternoon with a powerful vibrating dildo tickling my insides. I could not move, I was in complete ecstasy from the orgasm that was probably the most intense feeling I have ever had. I spent those hours in a semi-coma and as I regained complete consciousness I started thinking about how the mixture between torture and extreme pleasure was something I would never thought would be so good, I thought to my self "What's she going to do to me next?"

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