Marjorie And The Tickle
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  • Post Date - 2/4/2021

Author's Note: Loosely based on historical events from men

Marjorie's history and lifestyle gave her the appearance that she was very well-rounded. She was very intelligent, having gone to a college prepatory high school run by the University Of Chicago. She received her Bachelor's Degree at Yale, and her Master's Degree at Colombia. She went on to medical school at Georgetown and earned her Medical Degree.

She was also at peak physical fitness. She had Cross Fit and Pilates instruction six days per week at her upscale fitness center. She could run the full court and back of a basketball court with a 32 kilogram kettle bell, deadlift 195 ponds, and row indefinitely.

She practiced spirituality regularly. She had been a member of the Baha'i Faith since her teenager years. She attended readings and worship regularly. She also prayed at home daily.

By all appearances, she seemed like a young, strong, intelligent young woman ready to face her world. However, she had a major weakness she desperately tried to keep secret. She was incredibly, overwhelmingly ticklish. She wasn't ticklish like most women. She didn't laugh and giggle and make comments about how she felt tickled. No, Marjorie was one of those very few women for whom tickling was nonstop agony. She made no sounds. At first touch, her muscles became paralyzed and she would collapse. She would suffer wave after wave of pure anguish. She felt her muscles over her entire body spasm. She lost track of all time, but after some period she would be gasping for air. She couldn't think straight, even as far as wishing the tickling would end. When the tickler did stop, she would be exhausted. She was ticklish everywhere, particularly her ribs, waist, hips and thighs. Most of the time, that was where the tickler struck. However, on lesser occasions, he somehow had access to the soles and toes of her bare feet. If this happened, the pain of the tickle was magnified ten fold. She never wanted to think of those occasions.

During her years in college, Marjorie was unexpectedly tickled dozens and dozens of times. They were always men, and almost all were people she did not know. The tickle was almost always within the context of some normal act, so that she would wonder if it was him or her. It happened so often that she thought it was normal for ticklish women. Of course there were her four boy friends. All four turned out to be voracious ticklers. It never dawned on her that as an extremely ticklish woman, she might attract men with a tickling fetish. One boyfriend even convinced her to try bondage. She thought he would simply tie her wrists together in front, but when he removed all her clothing, tied in wrists in back and her ankles, she realized she may have been mistaken. She ended up in a a strict hogtie, complete with a cherry red ball gag. The ropes were so tight, her body was bowed. When he seemed to be finished, the only clothing left were her tennis shoes. She knew he was going to tickle her and she was trying to prepare as best she could. She only hoped he wouldn't remove her shoes. Of course he was only playing with her. From months of tickling her, he knew how she reacted when he used a stiff brush on the undersides and in between her toes. After years of unexpected tickling, she felt insecure and had poor self esteem. and lacked confidence.

After Medical School, Marjorie was happy to leave the northeast and start fresh. She moved across country and got a job as a Pediatrician. She worked hard and gained the confidence of her superiors. She had not been tickled in two years and her confidence was growing. She liked to wear nice dresses at work. In addition, she had become fond of wearing high heels. She ended up with dozens of heels, many that revealed the arches and heels of her feet. They were of many styles. From pumps to multiple straps, to revealing mot of her feet, to transparent shoes. None were open toed, since she was greatly bothered by any dirt that got into the shoe. Most of the shoes revealed some amount of toe cleavage, but she never gave it any thought. Everything was going well, but there was a daily interaction with a male pediatrician that worried her a little. Everyday, he commented on her fashion. Most of the time it was about how nice her dress was. Less often, he would comment on her shoes. He made these comments when more of her bare feet were revealed.

Beginning her third yearManagement decided to name her Department Chief, and she grew into the position. Her confidence and self esteem lept. She was doing very well, and then became awar that the male pediatrician who commented on her fashion was showing up to work a few hours late and left a few hours early. This went on for a month, so she spoke with him. He said he understood but his behavior didn't change. After three more weeks, Marjorie decided she had to reprimand him' she drafted one, and set up a time to meet after the clinic closed. A Reprimand is not a benign punishment. The receiver forfeits all bonuses, has to work all holidays and loses educational reimbursement.

When the time arrived for their meeting, Marjorie wondered if she made a mistake since at exactly 5PM, everyone left. She thought she was only scaring herself. When he arrived, she explained the Reprimand, planned to give it to him and then she would leave. He approached her to grab the form, but instead of taking it from her hand, he put his hands on her ribs and began to vigorously tickle. Her response was automatic. She froze, dropped the paper and slowly collapsed to the ground. He straddled her and tickled her with a feeling of anger, revenge and desire he never experience before. When she was gasping for air, he moved down to her feet. He removed her heels and used his fingers on her soles and tongue on her toes. After he was satisfied, he picked up the form, ripped it up in front of Marjorie and let the pieces flutter down on her body. He told her that if she told anyone about what happened, the next tickling would be far worse. To remind her of this, he promised to tickle her every day. He took her shoes and left. Marjorie eventually recovered and went home barefoot.

Subsequently, she felt vulnerable and intimidated. Her self confidence was sinking. He kept his promise and every day when she didn't expect it, he would sneak up and tickle her for 15-30 seconds. This went on, and a few months later, her Medical Assistant began to sneak up and tickle her. She was starting to get tickled again by Trainers, customs in bars, tailors, shoe salesmen, the piano tuner, visitors at a cocktail party, a car salesman and multiple others. Life was reverting back to her college years. Her performance at work was dropping. She didn't have the confidence to point out errors, and questioned herself with every decision. She eventuality resigned as Chief.

Wondering why so many men were tickling her again, she wracked her brain. She decided to do an internet search to find out why so many men liked to tickle. When she typed her name in, she was shocked. Her name popped up 18 times on four websites. Two general fetish sites, one tickling, and one foot fetish. She was listed as a woman looking for a tickler. Her city, block, gym, employer and general hours where she would be at them was provided. To her horror, photographs of her, including her bare feet, feet in high heels, her being tickled, and her in bondage were present. She tried to get her name off the sites but she never got a response.

Eventually Marjorie had to move to a new clinic and change her location. She never had a boyfriend again since she believed she would just attract another tickle fetishist.

The End
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