Fantasy Of Ticklish Torment
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  • Post Date - 2/5/2021

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People began to leave the bar as the night dragged on. The bar had been abuzz all night, drawing in a crowd from all across the small coastal town to celebrate the new year.

Elliot sat in the corner sipping his drink. Guilted into submission by his family, he left his university dorm 50 miles away to come home for Christmas through to the new year. Everyone he knew had either moved -and stayed- away or were off celebrating with their family. His relatives, however, were at some sophisticated party that very much wasn't his scene, leaving him alone, an outsider in his own hometown.

He hunched over in his booth, content in the party atmosphere around him. As his eyes flicked through the crowd, one person caught his eye. Fiery red hair, a welcoming smile, beautiful blue eyes, and a nice figure. After a short look-over, he realised that he knew her. Her name was Jess.

A popular, confident, and polite girl, Jess had been a long-time crush for Elliot throughout his later years in secondary school. He was always too shy to talk to her however, and eventually his infatuation with her passed. In the seven months since graduation, she seemed to have somehow become even more attractive. She was dressed in a plain red t-shirt and tight-fitting blue jeans which accentuated her nice, curvy legs. Elliot's wistful gaze was broken when she looked over in his direction.

Elliot curled up in his booth in a panic, desperately hoping she hadn't noticed him staring at her. The embarrassment of his teenage crush thinking he was a major weirdo was too much to handle. Peeking out from behind the curved bar seating, Elliot snuck a look in Jess's direction. Anxious relief washed over him as he saw her casually chatting to some friends, most of whom he couldn't make out through the crowd. Comforted in the fact that she didn't seem to have noticed his awkward blunder, he decided it was about time to get home. Downing the last of his drink, he slipped sheepishly out the door.

Elliot trudged back towards his parents house, shivering slightly in the cold midnight air. Music boomed in houses as families celebrated. The closer Elliot got to his parents house on the edge of town, the quieter the streets became as the celebrations came to an end and the people collapsed into alcohol induced slumber. Around halfway home, he heard some footsteps echo throughout the otherwise empty streets.

Elliot glanced behind him, spotting a person trailing him about 30 feet back. They were clad in black clothes, their face shrouded by a hood. Initially thinking nothing of it, he continued on his way. Elliot soon noticed, however, that the dark figure seemed to be going the exact same route as him. He disregarded the thought that it might be a criminal; crime was a rarity in this small town. Instead his mind ran wild with possibilities. What if it was Jess, he pondered? Maybe she was sneaking up on him to punish him for creeping her out? Elliot shook the idea out of his head, unsure whether it would be a terrifying encounter or his own fantasy. Besides, not only was she wearing a completely different outfit, but Jess was roughly 5'7, whereas the hooded person appeared to be only 5'3. Elliot decided to ignore them and just get home to his bed. As he neared his parents house, he checked one last time, and was reassured by the empty street behind him.

The clock read 1:34am as Elliot got ready to go to sleep in his old bedroom. His parents were surprisingly still out. Placing a glass of water on the dresser to the side of his large four poster bed, he was just about to slip into bed when he heard a creak reverberate from downstairs, the otherwise quietness indicating that this wasn't his parents returning home.

Slightly spooked, Elliot stalked cautiously out into the hallway, searching for potential intruders. He moved towards the stairs, failing to notice that the door to his parent's bedroom across the landing was ajar. Edging his way downstairs, Elliot peered around the unlit furniture. After a brief survey of the bottom floor, he conceded that it must have just been his hormonal 18-year-old brain playing tricks on him.

Slumping back to his bed, Elliot took a sip of water before getting under the covers. As he drank the water, he realised it had a peculiar taste. Lying in bed, his mind raced with thoughts about Jess. Although he would never admit it, thinking about his old classmate made him really horny. He had never even kissed a girl, much less lose his virginity, so thinking about the attractive girls he knew in a sexual way was the most pleasurable thing he could get (except what he found online, of course).

Suddenly, a wave of dizziness overcame him, and he found himself drifting off to sleep much quicker than he anticipated. A strange shuffling noise came from under his bed, but Elliot was far too tired to get up and look. His heavy eyelids clamped shut, and he fell asleep thinking of unrequited lust.

Elliot's eyes fluttered open slowly, taking in the pale 4am light streaming through the window. An odd taste lingered in his mouth, and his skin pricked against the chilly room. Elliot noticed that strangely, he was lying on top of the bed sheets, and even more surprisingly, he was naked. He decided to reach down to lift the duvet over himself for warmth, yet when he tried to move his arm, he realised that he couldn't. Shaking his head to wear off the post-sleep drowsiness, he once again reached for the duvet's edge, only to be met with the clattering sound of metal against wood, his arm still stretched to the corner of his bed. Confused, he glanced over towards his hand. The sight before him immediately sent his brain into panic mode.

A thick metal handcuff encased his left wrist. He jerked his arm once more, causing the other cuff to rattle against the wooden bedpost to which it was securely attached. Looking at the opposite shoulder, he frighteningly discovered that his right wrist was also cuffed to the bed. Craning his head, he confirmed that both his ankles were likewise chained to the bedposts. Elliot bounced around in his bondage, tugging forcefully against his manacles in a futile attempt to free himself. He bit down on his tongue, hoping to wake himself up from this eerie dream. No such relief came, and theories flooded Elliot's mind. Someone must have broken in.

He recalled the hooded figure from his walk home. Perhaps they really had followed him home and picked his house to rob. This seemed to line up with the unusual noise he had heard before going to sleep. The reason why they would pick him, however, escaped his mind. His parents house was a decent size, but hardly a prime target. Besides, why follow some random teen home from a bar for 20 minutes, when the more affluent houses uptown were much closer to the bar. He resigned himself to waiting for his parents to return home, where they would find the house ransacked and their son in a peculiar position.

Elliot gave one last tug to his chains before sinking back into the mattress, embarrassed and humiliated to be stripped naked and bound in his sleep by some stranger. His predicament also seemed unusual for a break-in, but he was mostly relieved that the worst of the situation was over. That was until the sound of footsteps rang out. Not the shuffling, clumsy footsteps of two forty-somethings that have just been drinking like they were twenty years younger, but careful, poised strides. Elliot struggled against the cuffs once more, terrified at the notion that the intruder was still in the house. The footsteps came nearer and nearer...

"Don't worry, my new pet. I'm right here".

A voice he hadn't heard in seven months but recognised instantly. His stomach churned as the speaker finally reached his room, leaning sexily against the doorway.

"Why struggle? You're in for so much fun!!".......

...Elliot thrashed in his restraints, trying once again to break free before the intruder reached his room.

"Don't worry, my new pet. I'm right here", exclaimed a familiar voice. He recognised it immediately, a voice he hadn't heard since graduation.

The intruder stepped into the doorway. Elliot was frozen in bewilderment. Why would she want to do this to me?

Leaning against the doorframe, Stephanie's next words sent a chill down his spine.

"Why struggle? You're in for so much fun!!"

Her voice dripped with sweet sarcasm, hinting at the unspeakable torture ahead.

Not only was Stephanie an ex-classmate of Elliot's, just like Jess, but the two were remarkably similar. Both were kind and helpful, like-able and popular, and neither paid Elliot the slightest bit of attention throughout high school. Although they differed greatly in appearance, Stephanie was no less beautiful. Where Jess was a good height and had a slim figure, Stephanie was shorter and thicker, giving her not only a bigger ass and breasts, but a unique vibe of cuteness mixed with confidence. Where Jess let loose a smooth main of glorious red hair, Stephanie preferred two long, dark brown braids draped across her shoulders.

Stephanie approached the bed carefully, a satisfied grin and gleeful eyes displaying her pleasure over the situation.

"Im sure you're very confused, but now isn't the time for talk baby" she stated in a mockingly condescending manner, as if he was too dumb to follow her instructions. She was proved right as Elliot opened his mouth to demand to be let go. Before he could get a word out, she placed a single finger over his lips.

"Shhhh baby, don't overreact. You don't want to be punished, do you?" she taunted, putting emphasis on

"punished". This caused Elliot to stir on the bed, rattling his handcuffs. Stephanie giggled in delight at the amount of panic she could cause in her new pet just by suggesting punishment.

"That's a good boy. I'll explain everything soon. First though, I have to demonstrate how things are going to go." She stated bluntly.

Climbing onto the end of the bed, Stephanie scooted up his spread, naked legs. She curled up between his thighs, staring into his eyes. Elliot looked off to his right, terrified of the unpredictable girl sat near his private parts. He studied the glass of water on his dresser. He drank half of the water last night, but looking at it now, he noticed small granules floating in the remaining liquid.

"Sorry about that baby. I just needed you out for a while, to prepare the fantasy!", Stephanie explained. The mention of a fantasy made his ears prick up.

"What fantasy? What are you going to do to---"

"Ah ah ah! Did I say you could talk?", she scolded. Her commanding voice, mixed with the unusual surprise bondage, willed Elliot into submission easily.

"That's better. Forget about the fantasy for just a moment. I'm about to show you your immediate future" she declared.

Reaching out with her small, plump hand, she grabbed a hold of Elliot's cock. The sudden pressure on his member caused him to jolt his handcuffs again. Stephanie ran her fingers up and down Elliot's cock, pumping it slowly and steadily.

"Come on, come out to play. Don't you want perform for your mistress", she cooed teasingly.

Soon enough, due to the combination of the teasing language, the admittedly exciting bondage and some female domination kink Elliot was yet to fully understand, his cock grew harder and harder.

"Oh yes, get nice and big. Feel the cum rising, feel your sensitive little head get ready to give forth" she taunted.

Elliot opened his mouth (whether to beg for her to stop or to keep going, he was unsure), but Stephanie shot him a cheeky glance almost daring him to talk and incur one of her "punishments", which stopped him in his tracks. As a thrilling orgasm began to build at the base of his penis (Elliot's first by a woman), he let out a series of moans.

He was being overcome with ecstasy as Stephanie's hand sped up, stroking faster and faster across his now rock-hard cock. His penis started to twitch, and the usual pressure he felt whilst masturbating surged up his member, except this time it was truly electrifying. He instinctively yanked his wrists against the cuffs, preparing for a mind-shattering climax. However, mere seconds before his cum explosion, the talented fingers withdrew from his stiff organ.

His rush of pleasure was maliciously snatched away, replaced by a burning ache for release. Elliot was tormented by the tantalizing closeness of his denied orgasm, his still-squirming cock wiggling uselessly in the air.

"Nohoho... Please. Just finish me off Stephanie. I'm begging you." Elliot pleaded. He writhed around in his bonds, desperate for any kind of break from this torture.

"Now you know your place in this. This isn't about you. You are only here to be our toy, our slave, to do with as we please", she laid out ruthlessly.

"No, please, I don't want this... just let me go, I don't want to be in any fantasy" he cried, tears forming due to his aching manhood.

"That's odd, it sure seems like you do. At least this little guy is honest with me!", she exclaimed, flicking his shaft. Each flick caused his dick to spasm, enough to renew the pain of denial but lacking enough to contact to grant satisfying relief.

"Besides, I don't care about you. You're just here for her fantasy."

Elliot wondered, and feared, what this mystery fantasy might entail. He also pondered who the other female involved in his anguish was. As it turned out, he would get these answers very soon.

Stephanie called out, summoning the unknown female up to his room. Step by step, she came closer as Stephanie smirked mischievously at Elliot, revelling in his torture and discomfort. His stomach sank as the second torturess came into view.

Stephanie glided sensually off the bed, backing up into the doorway to stand next to Jess. The two kinky vixens looked over their prize; the skinny 18-year-old chained spread-eagled for their enjoyment. Stephanie appeared cruelly content, whilst Jess wore a mask of uncertainty and doubt, a contrast to her usual confidence. Elliot opened his mouth to talk again, but Stephanie motioned silence with her fingers.

The non-consensual sex toy analysed the pairs' outfits. Jess still wore the same red shirt and jeans from the bar, and Stephanie was clothed similarly, wearing a strained blue top and denim thigh high shorts which showed off her voluminous boobs and firm butt. He also noted a pile of dark clothing discarded on the floor, likely the outfit Stephanie had been wearing when she trailed him home. After a short period of silence, Stephanie nudged Jess forward by the small of her back.

"Go on, don't be shy, this is your fantasy after all. Besides, who's he to judge you? He got handcuffed to his own bed by a couple of girls. Don't feel bad for this weak loser" she encouraged wickedly.

As much as the truth ashamed him, Elliot was more turned on than ever by the sexy derision of a dominant woman. His shaft bounced, seeking any physical caress to send it over the edge.

Jess shuffled nervously towards him. His eyes sought hers, attempting to garner enough sympathy to be uncuffed, but she avoided his gaze. Jess walked around the side of the bed. Climbing up, she mounted her captive, placing her comely legs on either side of his own. His dick brushed against the crotch of Jess's jeans, eliciting a sharp yelp of discomfort from Elliot. He worriedly glanced over at Stephanie, but she seemed not to mind the small outburst. Her breasts jiggled as her chest heaved up and down, a mix of giddiness and trepidation causing her to take deep, full breaths. Stephanie moved to the corner of the room to get a proper view of the ensuing action.

"It's time you learned the reason we enslaved you. You see our friend Jess here has a peculiar fetish, one which she can't just fulfil with any partner. I suggested she let me help her find some pathetic, submissive boy to torture", Stephanie revealed.

The word "torture" made Elliot shiver. Jess, on the other hand, seemed to be ignoring the speech entirely, as if waiting for her cue to begin whatever agonizing acts were in store.

"When Jess spotted you perving on her in the bar earlier, you seemed like the perfect target; Insecure, timid, a helpless slut for us. You're about to learn what real suffering is. You see, Jess's biggest fetish, the thing that really turns her on, is tickling."

Elliot wrenched his hands away from the bedposts, hoping for some miracle. Unfortunately, his bonds held. The naked boy squirmed, trying to escape. He couldn't let them tickle him. He was so deathly ticklish, even the thought of it made him uncomfortable. Jess leaned forwards, using her weight to pin him down by the waist. The tickle fanatic reached out, an apprehensive grin on her face. Wiggling her long, pretty fingers, her hands edged closer to Elliot's armpits. He attempted to hunch his shoulders to no avail, leaving his hairless hollows exposed for a ticklish attack.

"Tickle Tickle Tickle" she chanted, spidering her long fingernails in his armpits.

The reaction was immediate. Elliot erupted into a laughing inferno, thrashing against the handcuffs.


Jess maintained the assault, speeding up as her fingers scraped every inch of his vulnerable pits.


Jess dragged her nails across his skin, stopping to circle his nipples, which had become sensitive due to all the erotic stimulation.

"Geeheeeheet ooohoohoofff meeheeehee" he squeaked, the nipple tickling less intense than the armpits. Through his teary eyes he observed that Jess seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself, much surer of her own plan now. He, on the other hand, was in hell.

Moving on from his nipples, Jess lightly clawed at his neck, causing his head to recoil.

"Neeyyyoooo---aaahhhaaahhhaaa----noohooohooohoo" he shrieked, his head flailing around between the two five-fingered tickle machines. Her arms started to switch between the positions randomly, jumping from his armpits to his neck, to his nipples and back again.

"HAAAHAAAHAA---I CAAHAAAHAANT----MEEHEEHEEERCY!" he cried. His laughter grew rough and ragged, his lungs feeling as fiery as his dominatrixes red hair.

Stephanie placed a hand on Jess's shoulder, pulling her out of her magical tickle realm. She climbed off the bed, disappointed to be interrupted so soon. A handful of tittering giggles streamed from Elliot's mouth as his body processed the short tickling session he had endured.

"Don't worry, you'll get to explore all of our slaves tickle spots soon. Especially since his parents won't be home until tomorrow night at least! That's right! I had some family friends invite your parents for a weekend in a remote cabin. They won't be coming to save you." Stephanie gloated.

Elliot's heart sank as his only lifeline disappeared, trapping him in this eternal torture session for the immediate future.

"Now though, it's time to show you what happens when you disobey us. I told you not to talk, yet you begged for mercy anyway. You're going to really, really regret it" she threatened smugly.

Stephanie reached under the bed, retrieving a mysterious object. Jess watched on, unsure of just what her sadistic ally had in mind. Stephanie circled the captive, holding something behind her back. She signalled over to Jess, who strode over to Elliot and held her palm against his forehead, pinning his head down to prevent him peeking. Elliot was startled when Stephanie clamped her hand around his dick, squeezing it so tight that it quickly grew painful. She lifted his now flaccid penis into the air, allowing his scrotum to hang freely below.

A whooshing sound filled the air. Suddenly, a seething pain detonated at his crotch as Stephanie swung a small, chunky wooden bat into his balls. Elliot tried to curl up into a ball (or at least as much as he could given the handcuffs), but Jess pressed down on his chest, securing him to the bed. Another whoosh brought about a second burst of pain. Elliot let out brutal, shallow groans as the unimaginable agony flushed through him. He scrunched his eyes shut, unwilling to watch the horrific torture he was enduring. Stephanie had been right about that, this was torture. Swing after swing, Elliot's resolve weakened.

After the eighth swing, he felt as if he may throw up. His head began to spin, the pain blinding him. He glanced at the clock next to his drugged water and couldn't believe the time. It was only 5:06am. This entire ordeal had only taken an hour, but had felt like 10 to the poor, miserable soul chained up in his own house. The clattering of the bat falling to the floor drew him from his trance.

"We are going to discuss what punishments you deserve next, my helpless, sexy slave", Stephanie stated triumphantly.

"Try to get some rest, if you can", she giggled, patting his bruised balls as she left, causing him to writhe in pain. Jess stopped to say something but decided against it and followed her partner out the door.

Elliot's cock and balls ached terribly, his lungs felt beaten and exhausted, and his spirit was nearly shattered. Utterly spent, his eyes clasped shut, hoping that when he woke up, this will have all been a dream. His hope was not to be, however, and his torment under his classmates' fantasy was far from over...

...Exhausted by the draining tickle torture, unrelieved arousal and burning agony in his genitals, Elliot's mind escaped into sleep, seeking momentary freedom from his distressing situation. However, even his dreams offered no respite. His resting brain conjured up images of a pair of long, pointy claws which trailed along his skin, reliving the earlier torment even while asleep. His body rolled around gently, jingling the handcuffs as his unconscious mind attempted to fight off the tickle demons.

Elliot was abruptly roused from his nap by a harsh slap to the cheek. He blinked his watery eyes, awakening to Stephanie grinning mischievously down at her at slave with glee.

"Oh, sorry, did that hurt?" she asked mockingly, before striking him again even harder.

His left cheek stung passionately, matching the phantom soreness radiating from his balls. Giggling, Stephanie climbed onto the bed. She planted her ass firmly between his thighs, leaning back and stretching her short, curvy legs into the air. She ran her hands down from the bottom of her shorts, along the sleek satin skin of her lower thighs and calves, all the way to her ankles. Unexpectedly, her supple feet glided towards his face, her toes pressed against his lips.

"Why should you have all the fun?", She taunted sarcastically. "Time for my reward. Lick them!", she demanded forcefully.

Elliot analysed the appendages in front of him. Stephanie's feet looked creamy and slender, the soles smooth and graceful. She wiggled her dainty toes showing off her sparkly blue nail polish, which he noticed matched her t-shirt.

Afraid to bring about her wrath, Elliot stuck out his tongue, running it sloppily along the ball of her right foot. Stephanie moaned in pleasure, clenching her toes as he caressed the top of her sole. His tongue flowed into the centre of her arches, sweeping around with vigour. He lapped away at the velvety skin tirelessly, bringing about more gasps of euphoria from the dominant young woman. Surprisingly, Elliot began to feel a tingle in his manhood. Turned on by the domination and foot worship, his cock gradually started to sprout an erection. His mind was in turmoil, ashamed that he could get aroused by his captor, yet finding a significant thrill in the service of these enchanting feet.

Stephanie angled her foot forwards, presenting her toes for some desired attention. After a brief moment of rest, Elliot tasted Stephanie's pinky toe, embracing it in his mouth. One by one, he nurtured the five toes with great care. Next, he swirled his tongue in between each toe, causing Stephanie to shudder in delight. He planted a series of kisses on the pads of her toes, his member fully erect by this point. Stephanie withdrew her right foot, signalling Elliot to pleasure its twin. He repeated the process, exciting her left foot as he grazed against the sensual skin and lovely toes. Stephanie became so aroused that she instinctively began rubbing her vagina through her shorts. Determined to maintain a domineering hold over the submissive boy, however, she stopped herself, jumping to her feet suddenly.

"Right you... erm slave... good j-", she stumbled, her commanding tone broken for once. She caught herself once she noticed the Elliot's bulging erection.

"Enjoyed your task, slave?" she chuckled, confident again. "Well, that's the last fun you're going to have for a little while", she added. Elliot's heart sunk as he anticipated her next move.

Stephanie called out to Jess before stumbling off into the bathroom, desperate to relieve her building orgasm. Elliot relished every moment he was alone, dreading the footsteps approaching his room. Jess strode casually through the doorway, outwardly beaming with excitement.

"Jess, wait! Please, let me go, I can't take more tickling", he begged, frightened of the sweet, charming 18-year-old girl in front of him. She ignored his hapless pleas, inching over towards the bed. Elliot sucked in one big, heavy lungful in preparation. However, Jess reached a hand behind his head, lifting his neck into a comfortable craned position. Jess leaned in; her head turned slightly to meet his lips for a lustful kiss. Still very turned on, Elliot naturally reciprocated, and the pair embraced, tongues meeting as the two made out.

Elliot jerked roughly when he felt a single nail skitter along his side. This was followed by another nail, scraping lazily across his stomach. Elliot broke the kiss in a fit of giggles, as Jess mounted his waist once again, a seductive smirk adorning her ravishingly cute face.

Jess dug her thumbs into Elliot's ribs, causing him to convulse in displeasure.

"Aaaa-haaa-haaa, Noooo-hooo-hoo-hooo" he squealed. She pressed her way down each bone, sometimes diverting to plunge her wicked fingers into his sides. Endless chuckling flowed out of him; his poor, tortured ribs sending out shockwaves of ticklish energy. Each pinch and press on his ribs brought forth a cacophony of wailing laughter.

"Pleee-heee-heease.... Lee-hee-heeet Meee-hee-heee... Gooooo-hooo-hoooo" he cried hopelessly, struggling against his bonds. Jess used one hand to brush lightly over his chest and nipples, forcing out more peals of riotous laughter. Her other hand hovered over his cute little belly button. She flicked her fingernails teasingly around his belly button, shooting his eyes wide open in panicked surprise.

"Coochie Coochie Coo!!" she sang simply, slipping a manicured talon into his tender navel. "Itchee Kitchee Kitchee!!"

Her babyish taunts filled Elliot with embarrassment, and he squirmed weakly in his bondage. His lungs tossed out any air he sucked in, his breaths quick and shallow. Jess stepped it up a notch, returning to his devilish hollows with renewed energy. This set his nerves on fire, reaching new heights of harrowing stimulation.

"AAA-HAAA-HAA-HAAA, STAA-HAAA-AAP... ITTT.... I'M BEEE-HEEE-HEEGINGG YOOO-HOOO-OOUU", he spluttered, his voice growing hoarse from the constant chuckling. He used the last of his energy to wrench his manacles with extreme force, tugging so hard that the cuffs attached to bed chipped splinters off the bedposts.

"Admit it! You love being my tickle toy", she spouted arrogantly, much more comfortable torturing her pet now than she had been a few hours ago. Her pointy nails skittered systematically over every inch of his cute little armpits, driving the unfortunate soul into a state of hellish elation.


Jess withdrew from his vulnerable armpits, scrambling down to perch by his feet. She had her back to him, however Elliot regretfully knew what she was doing. He felt a pair of slim hands fondling his ankles, uncuffing them from their respective corner-posts. Due to Jess's firm grasp and the tiring ministrations he had endured, Elliot was in no state to resist. The distinctive *click* echoed as he felt a cuff snap securely around each ankle, trapping his feet and lower legs closely together.

Wrapping an arm tightly around his shins, she pulled his feet against her body rigidly, eliminating a chance of his feet struggling away from her titillating fingers. Jess gingerly tapped her nails at various points on his soles, causing him to convulse and shiver.

"You still haven't admitted it yet", she exclaimed in fake anger. In actuality, she was thrilled at the entire spectacle before her.

"I Caaa-haa-haaa-aant... Doo-ooo-oooo... Thhaah-haaa-aatt", he squawked breathlessly. His feet began to tingle unpleasantly from the light flicking motions, his head spinning at the same time.

"Tut tut tut. Haven't we already taught you not to disobey us?", she quizzed. She let loose on Elliot's sensitive arches, scratching wildly all over the youthful skin.

"NAAA-HOOO-HOOOO.... MEEE-HEEEE-EERRRCY", he begged. The torment was unyielding, his laughter rising an octave with each delectable stroke. His arms flailed uselessly; the rattling clanking of his metal binds drowned out by his own mad cackling.

"Just say the magic words; then MAYBE you might deserve a break" she retorted.

"III LOOO-HOO-OOVVE IT..." he answered shamefully.

"What do you love?", she insisted, her wriggling fingers gradually increasing in intensity.

"BEEE-EEEE-EEINGG YOO-OOO-OURRE.... TIII-HIIICKK-KLEEE TOOO-HOO-HOOO-OOYY", Elliot uttered, his crimson cheeks flushed with humiliation.

Suddenly, Jess's torturous fingers were replaced by a slimy, snaking tool; forming wet rivers across his twitching soles. Jess's tongue danced hastily, creating a chain of gasping giggles. Her footwork was aiming to make him suffer, as opposed to his erotic treatment of Stephanie earlier. His toes crinkled nervously, hoping to avoid the contact of the fiendish tongue. Jess noticed this and began nibbling scrumptiously at his smarting toes. He jangled his ankle restraints, finding no escape.

Just as his oxygen-starved brain felt as if it might shut down, Jess withdrew. She laid out across his bound, naked legs; her head snuggled near his crotch. Her hand clasped around his prick, digging softly into the skin with her fingertips. Elliot let out a faint moan as Jess massaged his delicate tip, quickly becoming aroused.

His penis expanded as her skilled digits worked their magic. Smiling naughtily, Jess engulfed the stiff cock between her plump, luscious lips. She swirled his manhood around, eliciting grunts of near-orgasmic pleasure from the captive. Pre-cum trickled from his throbbing slit onto Jess's divine tongue, the pressure rising in Elliot's genitals once again. The all-familiar tremble of pure ecstasy took control of his pulsating dick.

Jess popped the swelling member out of her mouth, moving swiftly off towards the door. Elliot was about to call out in anguish, denied yet another orgasm, when Stephanie pounced earnestly onto the bed. She grabbed his wiggling cock, fondling it masterfully. Endorphins rushed to his head as he felt a tidal wave of fluid stream up his shaft. Bolts of gooey, milky cum fired from Elliot's bobbing cock. The cherished feeling of relief ascended his mind to a relaxing trance.

However, Stephanie's squeezing hands didn't let up. Elliot' dick blazed with agonizing sensitivity as the sadistic girl pumped away. The ache of the post-orgasm hand job melted the poor boy's sensors, his brain overloading with the intense sexual signals.

"NOOO... I'M BEEE-HEEGGINNG YOOUU..." he yelped powerlessly, wincing in pain with every syllable.

"Plead more! I want you to break for me!" Stephanie exclaimed evilly.

"PLEE-EEASSEE... IT HURRTS SOOO BAA-AAD", he bawled. The ungodly stinging spread throughout his body, his entire being focused in on the cruel torment of his genitals.

"Give yourself to me. I want to hear you submit to my control forever" she demanded boldly.

Elliot's whimpered in agony, debating whether he could really admit defeat; to give himself up these brutal girls. Soon enough, the pain became too much to resist.

"ANNYTHIII-IINGG..... I SUUBBMIT", he screamed ashamedly, "STOOO-OOOPP MISTT-REEESSS", he added, desperate to soothe her ruthless temperament.

"I can't hear you!" she asserted roguishly, disregarding the pleas of her yielding slave.

She secured his flaccid cock with one hand, using the other to rub his head ferociously. She palmed the tip of his penis for a long time, humming along happily to the screams of her handcuffed torture pet. This continued until finally, sorely, his dick regained some semblance of an erection.

Stephanie scraped her nails all over his inflamed head, the tantalising and teasing strokes building a weak, burning orgasm. The dominatrix dipped her lengthy fingernail into his yearning slit, digging around just inside his dick head. This unusual, maddening sensation caused Elliot to thrash his legs around, which were currently pinned under Stephanie's irresistible ass cheeks.

Leaning down, Stephanie trailed her tongue around the rim of his cock head. Elliot let out a second climax, a meagre amount of watery cum dribbling off onto his bare stomach. Giggling, Stephanie let go of his tormented penis, scooping up his ejaculate with her index finger.

"Clean off your mess!", she ordered, placing her cum soaked digit against his quivering mouth. His spirit near broken, he gobbled his own cum greedily, licking it all up and making sure to swallow. He wept hopeless tears, resigned to his future as a worthless, pathetic pet for two sadistic, dominating devils.

"Don't worry, you still have plenty of time to serve us. Your parents won't be home for 24 hours at the earliest." She announced tauntingly.

With a final parting tickle on his defenceless feet, Stephanie left Elliot to truly absorb his new, cruel reality. Little did he know, what the pair had planned for him next would make him truly insane....

Elliot phased in and out of consciousness, driven nearly mad by the cruel treatment of his two enchanting, evil captors. An unending 26 hours had passed since the unfortunate soul had awoken cuffed to his own bed. Throughout this time, Elliot had been subjected to a variety of harrowing hardships. He had endured agonising post orgasm torture, severe beatings to his vulnerable genitals, and being forced to dutifully worship the feet of his mistresses (admittedly he had somewhat enjoyed that last one). The worst nightmare he had suffered through, however, was the tickling.

By both teasing strokes and fierce scratches, the two devilish ladies had brought Elliot to the brink of insanity. Each ticklish performance would last around 20 minutes, with the spirited Jess being dragged away prematurely by Stephanie each time. This usually resulted in a brief, fatigued rest for the human toy, before the wicked ginger and her villainous fingers returned shortly after to begin the torture once again. Elliot had managed to grasp a fleeting morsel of sleep around the same time his captors had, but all to soon they were back, more energised and excruciating than ever.

Elliot attempted to stretch his cramped muscles. The wooden bedposts his wrist-cuffs were attached to were now severely battered and worn, his metal manacles scraping against them constantly. His legs were still chained together, his ankles tied down to the bottom of the bed, which made his restrained body form a Y shape. Every breath was raspy and unpleasant, his throat bruised from all his tittering shrieks.

The horrific warning sound echoed towards him; the graceful footsteps of his new owners as they approached their prize. Elliot was too anxious and fearful to even look at them as they entered his torture chamber. Stephanie marched menacingly up to his head, glaring maliciously down at him. Elliot looked up nervously, noticing something clasped firmly in Stephanie's hands. It was bulbous and red, with some leathery black strap around it.

"We can't trust you not to talk, naughty boy, so we decided to shut you up", she explained.

Stephanie reached out towards Elliot's mouth with the apparatus. He submitted to it immediately, his will to resist shattered into a million pieces by this point. The red, rubber ball was forced into his mouth vigorously, spreading his lips widely apart. Stephanie bound the rubber strap around his head, the gag becoming very strained, digging painfully into his face.

"You're really not going to like your next session. But don't worry, it's going to be your last", she chortled smugly.

Elliot was overcome with confusion and apprehension. Did she mean it? He had pushed thoughts of freedom from his head entirely, not willing to accept false hope. But maybe his torment was finally coming to an end.

Stephanie and Jess switched places, with the red-headed tickle fanatic climbing up above him, resting between his head and the wall. Stephanie mounted his waist, a familiar but all too awful position. Jess peered down at him, her eyes meeting his as he stared at her disorienting upside-down face. An innocent smile was plastered over her pretty face, her fiery hair spread haphazardly over his naked chest and shoulders. The diabolical duo winked at each other before commencing.

Jess edged her fingers towards her captive's armpits; his known weak spot, wiggling them ferociously as she did so. Eventually, the tips of her frightening fingernails made contact, scribbling wildly all over the touchy pits. Simultaneously, Stephanie burrowed her mighty thumbs into Elliot's slim hips.

"OOO-OO-OOOO.....EAAA-EAASSEE... AAAHH-AAHHPP", he howled into his gag, his cries indecipherable. Their monstrous hands worked hastily, using the most efficient methods to bring out the loudest and most passionate screams of laughter possible. His throat heaved as it fought to draw breath through his hefty rubber muzzle.

"Coochie Coochie Coo little baby", Stephanie jeered teasingly. "Scream for me"

Jess swiped her long talons lightly along Elliot's exposed neck, provoking a softer, less intense reaction. Stephanie maintained her excessive pace, drilling her dastardly digits into his fleshy sides. His back jerked up and down against the mattress, his body wriggling uselessly to no avail.


Saliva dribbled down his chin from his constrained mouth, and his wrists ached from thrashing against metal. The torture continued for what seemed to be hours, Jess's fingers skirting across Elliot's sensitive nipples and ribs, whilst Stephanie scratched precisely in his exposed navel.

Stephanie, glancing up at the clock, withdrew her harsh hands and signalled Jess, who did the same. Glimpsing over himself, Elliot assumed that the two had reached their limit as usual. However, Jess clambered down to Elliot's restrained feet, Stephanie sitting put. Jess retrieved a small tray, placing it down on the bed. The pair studied the contents thoroughly before each picking an item. Still gasping heavily for breath, Elliot craned up to discover why the duo had stopped, but not left yet. What he saw terrified him more than anything else had so far.

Stephanie, still straddling his torso, wielded a compact and fluffy feather duster. Behind her, Jess kneeled down next to his twitching feet, a hairbrush clamped securely in her hands. Elliot's eyes expanded in fear, alarmed at the ticklish potential of these new nasty implements.

The hairbrush descended onto his soles, raking the fine bristles swiftly over his quaking skin. Meanwhile, Stephanie gripped his penis in a vice grip, fondling it harshly. The brush sped all over his arches, leaving small red trails as it tormented the poor feet. The horrible, teasing signals he had been subjected to before were nothing compared to the effect of that merciless brush.

"AAAA-AAOOOAA-OOOAA..... EEEERR-RREE.... EEEAAAEE", he screeched, his nerves pulsing with ungodly suffering. The liquid remaining in his system either trickled out his clogged mouth or formed waterfalls from his fluttering eyes. After a short while of this excruciating display, Stephanie finally coaxed an erection out of the wailing boy.

Seizing his dick in one hand, Stephanie began flittering the soft feather duster all over Elliot's engorged penis head. The intensity of that gruelling mistreatment could not be described in words alone. Elliot flailed any part of his body that could move, more desperate than ever to escape the loathsome procedures of his two owners. The tantalising tickles of the grazing brush, combined with the gliding plush duster on his tender glans, created a maelstrom of overwhelming misery within Elliot's unfortunate body.

Jess's brush was soon replaced by a fine-toothed comb. The comb scoured his toe pads viciously, his feet wrenching wildly to escape. The feather duster continued to leave thrilling kisses on his delicate organ. Elliot could no longer form words, his voice a mere outcry of exhausted anguish.

Stephanie let go of his shaft, spidering her nails sinfully over his scrotum whilst still dusting his now flip-flopping cock. The comb continued to explore the nooks of his smarting toes. Elliot tried to sink his teeth into his rubber ball gag, attempting to relieve any of the frustrating pressure of his torment.

The tickling continued ruthlessly for an eternity, the girls occasionally switching out their tools to keep the situation fresh and unexpected. Elliot's sanity warped slowly out of his head as the session carried on for hours, far longer than it ever had before. His consciousness was once again fluctuating, as his mind entered a lucid, helpless state under the dire care of his two mistresses.

He snapped back into reality when he felt a rising force in his bladder. At some point in his shifting blur of memory, Jess had rewarded him with a small gulp of water. He was unable to convey his building urge to pee through his heaving sobs and chunky gag. His dick was now flaccid, Stephanie having scuttled down to pinch and prod his meaty thighs. Jess remained at his distressed, hypersensitive feet. Each teasing stroke made his desire to urinate stronger, the liquid inching closer to release as he desperately sought to reel it in.

Elliot tried critically not to void his bowels in front of the girls. Not only would he likely anger the pair, incurring one of Stephanie's terrifying punishments, but it would be the last straw, the final puzzle piece in his complete humiliation.

Jess nibbled Elliot's touchy, clenching toes, whilst Stephanie clawed savagely at his quivering thighs. His resolve was chipped away gradually, his bladder gaining the upper hand. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment as he finally felt the warm pee leak out of his dick onto his upper thighs and ass crack.

"OH MY GOD! Jess look! He's fucking pissed himself", Stephanie exclaimed triumphantly. "I always knew you were nothing but a pathetic slave boy". Jess merely clapped happily at their cruel accomplishment.

Elliot's heart cracked in two, his will to live destroyed in a tickle-powered fireball. All his confidence, self-esteem and respect floated away, leaving the husk of a man there; handcuffed to his own bed, mercilessly teased for hours on end, used sexually as nothing but a toy, and wriggling fruitlessly in his own urine. His brain was so depleted, tired, and worn down that he barely even reacted to Stephanie's next line.

"You know what Elliot? This had started as some simple, fetish fun; but we actually think we really like you. We like you so much, in fact, that I've decided to take you home!", she revealed mischievously.

"I can't wait to have more erotic times with my new tickle toy", Jess chirped excitedly.

"You're going to have so much fun as my new pet! I have a perfect space in my basement for you, and Jess can come over and play with you any time she wants", Stephanie explained, in a mocking tone as if he was a dumb child.

Elliot was simply drowning them out, accepting of his new role as an enslaved, sexual tool to be used. He gulped down the water they gave him next, too frightened to refuse them. The drugs quickly took effect, his brain spinning into a drowsy, well-needed sleep. Next time he woke up, he would find himself restrained once more, this time in his new home.

The pair uncuffed him, dragging his limp body downstairs. After checking that his street was clear, the duo wrapped his wrists and ankles in sturdy rope before dumping him carelessly into the trunk of their car. The two looked at each other, both unsure on how to process the last two days. The entire plan had been Jess's idea, spurred on by the sadistic, dominant Stephanie. Without saying another word, they simply drove away, the sleeping slave tied up in the back.

Elliot's parents arrived home soon after, worn out from their parties and quick peaceful cottage getaway. Surprisingly, their son was nowhere to be found, although the small amount of clothes he had brought with him for his Christmas stay were still in his room. Assuming he had gone for a drink or to meet some old friends, they dismissed the concern and waited for him to return home. As it turns out, they would be waiting a very long time...

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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