The Poker Game
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  • Post Date - 2/6/2021

Author's Note: This was written for someone on fetlife hence the perspective but ended up being significantly longer than I thought it would be so posting it on here as well. Already have plans on how I will continue this with at least another 3-4 parts so hope all enjoy.

Part 1

Just after midday your phone buzzes, the unexpected message tells you that something will be delivered shortly, that you are to wear it and be ready for 5pm. The next hour seems to pass slower than a full day as your brain runs in circles trying to deduce what the package could contain. You try and distract yourself with tv and your phone but it's hopeless. Your mind has made you a prisoner to the unknown cardboard boxes. Finally there is a knock at the door and you rush to collect the collection of boxes. Opening the largest first, you see inside the folds of black material, with just the subtlest hint of shine to it. You pull out what you now realise is a dress. Holding it in front of yourself and examining it in the mirror you see that it'll leave your shoulders bare and give a fair view of your cleavage, it's short but not slutty short, ending half way down your thigh. The beautiful tight material will make you look sexy but classy, the other 2 boxes contain high black heels and a set of delicate but intricate panties, black and sliver straps wound together to circle between your legs and around you. The final small box you open slowly savouring the last moment of wild guessing as to its content. The lid lifts to reveal 2 red silicone balls the size of ping pong balls, a seconds confusion is removed as you recognise the marketing leaflet inside the box as one from a high end sex shop. Your confusion is quickly replaced with a hot blush as you know they will be inside you for the evening.

You spend the next few hours getting ready, ensuring that your hair and makeup match the quality of the clothes sent to you. By the time 5 o'clock comes around you have dolled yourself up to perfection, classy but subtly sexy being the continuous theme through your choices, lastly you slide the small red balls inside yourself, finding that they meet little their way in. Walking around to get used to them and the heels you feel their slight but unignorable presence inside you. Walking in circles your hand begins to slide towards your crotch as the feeling of the balls and the potential of the evening draws your mind uncontrollably in one direction. But before your hand can pass your waist you here a car horn from outside and rush to leave.

You walk out to see me standing by the car waiting for you, I look you up and down with an approving smile, gesturing my a circle you give me a slow spin leading to a slightly larger smile and a nod. My eyes flick down to in between your legs 'And?' You screw your face up a little bit as the blush returns before giving a small reluctant nod. 'Good girl' and with that I open the car door and gesture to your seat. The drive passes quickly and quietly with the vibrations from the engine and small bumps in the road amplified through the guests within you. We pull up in front of a large expensive hotel, as I open your door a valet comes to take the car and we walk towards the entrance. Your movement now more than before emphasising the presence of the balls. You pause for a moment, looking around wondering if anyone knows what's happening. I place my hand around your waist and lead you inside whispering in your ear 'you look beautiful flower'.

The bottom floor of the hotel is a large and high end casino, as we walk across the floor eyes dart to you. Men and women looking you up and down slowly, enjoying every inch of you. I make sure we walk slowly so they all get a good view, feeling yourself being paraded in front of strangers only adds to the heat growing within you. When we make it to the bar you sit slightly relieved to be out of the eyeline of many but more so, happy you can sit and cease the movement within yourself. I call the bartender over to order my drink, then it is your turn. But as you go to say your order you feel a rapid intense sensation within yourself. There and then gone before you can even recognise it, but it pushes the breath from you immediately. Looking at me questioningly, I return the look with a smile and flick my eyes down to my hand, in it you see my phone and my finger hovering over a small butting displayed on a dark screen. Once again the deep heat returns to your face, this time matched by the heat in between your legs. You attempt again to place your order but again just as you open your mouth the vibration returns, this time lasting for twice as long. You freeze as it's sends small shockwaves through you. One last time you attempt to order and are met with a 5 second burst of deep vibration causing you to shiver. When they stop I lean over and order for you.

Over the next hour we sit and drink, walk through the casino, watch some of the betting tables, strike up conversation with those around us. Every time you open your mouth to talk the short intense vibrations rack you and it takes all your focus to not to stumble in your heels. After a while I turn to you and ask 'understand flower?' You nod your head and I smile. Then the vibrations return again, but this time low deep vibrations that softly cascade around you, growing and subsiding gradually as they return and leave. We continue our wondering through the casino, though you have become almost completely unaware of your surroundings, happily reduced to a silent eye candy eagerly waiting for the next wave to carry your brain away. Returning slightly to the world having lost count of the vibrations and all sense of time you notice we are at the front desk and tune your hearing back in to here me ask for the suite key. The concierge hands it over and we make our way to the lift at the back of the hallway.

The moment the lift door close the vibrations return, higher and stronger this time, you look at me longingly. 'Go on' I allow, your brain searches for the words you have abandoned through the journey along the casino. Unable to string anything more complicated together you just press yourself against me and whimper 'please'. I let a small chuckle out at your obvious lack of brain power, a flash of stubbornness and displeasure at my response crosses your face, but before you can embrace it the vibrations jump up another notch and the beginnings of resistance melt out of you.

Then suddenly they stop, and you open your eyes to see my hand out stretched in front of you. 'Underwear' I say calmly not breaking eye contact. For a moment you don't move then glancing at the lift control seeing the numbers change again and again knowing our destination is only getting closer you quickly begin to remove your underwear. Bending at the waist sliding them down your legs, as they reach your ankles and you're bent right over you feel my hand slide between your legs, my fingers lightly grazing over your pussy. You breath in sharply at the contact, your hips pushing backwards in search of more. But my other hand is on the small of your back, firmly pushing down preventing any movement, you moan deeply as the tips of my fingers ever so slightly touch your clit and lips. But before you can make another sound or movement you feel my hand give a short hard slap to your pussy. The sharp feeling of pain cuts through the mist of arousal filling your brain till you senses come into focus just in time to hear the ding of the lift doors. With a quick panic you slip the underwear under your heels and stand up passing them too me. 'Well done flower' I say as a push them into my pocket.

It's only a short walk till I stop at a door and slide the key card in. As the small light flashes green I glance back at you, enjoying the look of nervous anticipation on your face. As we walk into the large suite your look around quickly for any hint of what is in your future. It's a large softly lit room with floor to ceiling glass windows on one side. To the left there are black leather sofas around a glass table and further left than that a small modern kitchen. To the far right a corridor disappears around a corner, to bedrooms and bathrooms you presume. But what grabs your attention very quickly is the large square table in the middle of the room with 3 men sat around it, they look up and look you over like predators surveying prey then ignore you and begin talking to me.

With an arm around your waist I lead you towards to table, positioning you a metre or so clear from the table I take the forth seat. 'Gents I told you I would handle the prizes and I hope you're not disappointed' It only takes a second for you to realise I am talking about you and your face and neck flush red hot with embarrassment. 'Flower, this is Sir Matt, Sir Tom and Sir Dave' I say gesturing at each in turn.

'So here are the rules. 3 games of poker, 1 hour each' I remove your underwear from my pocket and place them on the table. 'These are her' I say pointing at you. 'Whoever has them at the end of the hour gets her for an hour before the next game, you have to bet the underwear if you bet more than 100. During your hour she's yours for whatever you want, one caveat though, if you make her cum you buy all the drinks for the next month, but every time you edge her you win 3 occasions when you can call her up to pop by your home or work and make use of her. Make sense?' Everyone nods and I look at you waiting for an answer, slowly you nod as well. 'Good, oh and we'll tally the winning pots at the end and whoever has won the most gets a grand prize' looking at you again I say 'first bedroom on the left flower, go and get ready then come back and we'll start'

You return shortly in your new outfit, the elegant subtle sexiness of your previous outfit is complete gone. You're wearing red shiny pvc thigh highs held by a garter belt, high red platform heels and a red collar with a large ring on the front. The rest of you exposed for everyone to see and enjoy. There's no other way to describe it, a short while ago you had been a desirable refined women, now you look like a cheap slut. As you enter all eyes are on you, surveying every inch of your body. My voice breaks the silence after a moment. 'So to decide who starts with you in their possession we've all made guesses over how long you can hold your breath, closest wins. And for some motivation know that the longer you hold the more powerful it will get.' Without anymore explanation I nod for you to begin, you take a few small breaths followed by one large and press your lips tightly together. The moment you seal your lips you feel the vibrating balls inside your cunt spark into life, as promised every 30 seconds they jump up a level increasing the waves of heat and pleasure bouncing and growing inside you. All 4 sets of eyes are fixed on you apart from the occasional glance at the phone on the table. You see Sir Tom's face turn from hopeful to disappointment, then next Sir Mark's does the same. As the power jumps again you feel your throat start to tremble and the pressure within you chest grow, till finally you gulp in fresh air. Moaning in frustration as the vibrations stop and a wave of dizziness washes over your head. With just short of 2 minutes Sir Dave takes the underwear and placed them next to his pile of chips.

The game begins.

After fetching drinks for all from the small kitchen you kneel by the table watching for a while as your underwear is traded back and forth, each time it finds a new owner a set of eyes glance towards you. After 15 or so minutes I call you closer and when you're within arms reach a blindfold is placed over your eyes and I guide you onto all fours under the table. You find my cock out waiting for you. Knowing why your there you take it into your mouth and begin to suck, as you reach one hand up to assist a light slap to the back of your head corrects you. You stay on all fours bobbing your head under the table while the game continues. After some time to feel me retreat from you. Before you can think of what to do next a kick to your leg from the left signals another cock to be sucked. For the next while this is how you spend your time, crawling around in the dark, sucking on all fours till a kick signals another cock that requires your attention. Crawling back a forth between the 4 of us, occasionally a hand grabbing your head and holding you down till your face is mashed into the base of a cock. You realise everyone must have been paying close attention to how long you can hold your breath because you are frequently held down for over a minute or longer. Unrelenting pressure on the back of your skull oblivious to your throats contractions trying to rid it self of the invader. After a short break to refresh everyone's drinks you're back under the table blindfold replaced. You didn't even have time to look at the game, you have no idea who owns you at the moment. Without your sight you quickly lose all sense of direction and have no idea whose cock it is your worshipping, who's hand presses you down prioritising their pleasure over your breath.

Suddenly you hear our voices raise and conversation breaks out, you can't follow it over the sounds of your own sucking. But shortly after you sense the legs and chairs around you move and feel the light vibration of footsteps. Stretching your legs out tentatively you realise 3 bodies have left and only the cock you're sucking remains. You have been won.

Apart from the departure of 3/4 of the players nothing much changes. The winner remains sat and you continue to blindly suck. You wonder as the time passes if this is all they want from you, before you can wonder anymore you feel a hand on the back of your head. Before you can take a breath for the impending invasion though the winner starts to push their chair back and stand up, the hand on the back of your head guiding you with him. Crawling forwards stretching your neck to keep the cock in your mouth you follower the one who has one you backwards for a while. Eventually the hand leaves the back of your head but the intent is clear. As the cock moves you crawl to follow, then it stops, your blindfold preventing you from noticing this you continue forward for a moment jamming the cock to the back of your throat. The surprise causes you to reflexively snap backwards. The cock leaves your mouth. Almost instantly you feel a sharp crack on your shoulders, the again on your arse, then a third on the side of your left breast. You open your mouth and surge back forwards turning your head side to side trying to return the cock to its home, you feel it glance off your cheek as a another crack stings your upper arm. Finally the cock returns to your mouth, your desperate search for its return leads to another deep intrusion but this time you control your reflexes keeping it in your mouth. You had only lost it for a few seconds but in that short time 4 slaps of pain had shot across your body.

As your winner begins to move again you flick through your memory recognising the pain as a stroke from a crop. You realise that the prize toy must also come with accessories, your cunt quivers at the prospect of the vast collection of implements that could be used against you. You realise that you have no idea what is going to happen, you are currently crawling around blindfolded dressed like a cheap whore chasing a strangers cock like a bitch chases a stick.

The rise in heat within yourself is then matched by vibrations from within your cunt once more. You groan loudly into the cock in your mouth, your hope that the winners enjoyment of your mouth would have made them forget the additional prize was for nought. As the vibrations grow stronger you think back on what was said, for every edge you will have to pay 5 visits to the one who edged you. Your mind runs away from you with fantasies of being texted and arriving in car packs and offices, being fucked in back seats and sucking cock under desks. The humiliation grows with the vibrations, getting stronger and stronger, your winner changes directions walking forwards unexpectedly causing the cock to fill your throat as the vibrations reach an intolerable high. You scream 'PLEASE' but it just comes out as a muffled gargle. But the moment you do the cock is gone and the vibrations stop. You collapse as your high crashes just short and you feel the energy between your legs start to dissipate. Without thought your hand goes to reach between your legs but before it gets close the strikes across your knuckles. It is very clear he has no intention of letting you finish.

You hear a metallic clinking as a hand brushes up against your neck for a second or two. Then you feel a pressure pulling you from your collar. One more blush of embarrassment to add to the many you've already had as you realise you're being led on all fours by a lead clipped to your collar. The lead is held tight keeping you directly next to your winner's leg in a heel that any dog trainer would be proud of, he walks fast and you have to crawl as fast as you can to keep up trusting in your blindness that you aren't about to crash into something. You turn corners and brush lightly against a door way before stopping abruptly. You feel a finger on your chin pushing your mouth open wide, then another on your tongue drawing it out till it is extended as far as it will go. Then you hear some rummaging around in a box followed by a strange sound you can't place. For a few minutes your winner sets something up feeling no need to explain to you or even register your existence as you feel the first lines of drool start to drop off your tongue. In an odd moment you find yourself grateful to be on all fours so your drool isn't dripping onto your chest and tits.

The only way you can gauge the span of time is by the volume of drool that slowly works it's way down your tongue and onto the floor. Once again you find yourself grateful, this time for the blindfold. The idea of what you must look like dressed like a waitress at a cheap back ally topless bar, on all fours with your mouth open drooling uncontrollably, is enough to bring yet another blush of embarrassment. But by now you're well aware that every time the flush of shame rises so does the heat of humiliation in your cunt.

With no warning your lead is pulled and you are guided forwards slowly, your mouth is open so wide you don't realise the large hard fake cock working its way in till it starts to touch the base of your extended tongue. You have been positioned with the end of the fake cock about half way into your mouth. Then a hand is on your cunt, sliding fingers work their way up and down your wet lips grazing against your clit. You can't help but loose a moan of longing around the fake cock. As you do your tongue slides back into your mouth. Immediately a harsh and sharp spank to your arse reminds you and you stick it back out. The fingers begin to work faster on your cunt, spending longer intervals circling and stroking your clit. The fingers slide inside you causing a gasp and again your tongue to retreat in with your breath, before you even realise you had done it another spark to the other side of your arse ensures you resume your proper presentation.

The fingers work their way in and out, curling inside you, moving the balls around more than you thought possible. The fingers begin to deliberately push the balls around, pushing them against the walls of your insides, deep inside you then almost all the way out so you feel the beginning of the stretch before they retreat back inside you. His other hand returns to your clit, one finger holding your hood up while the other circles and strokes. Once again you feel the familiar wave rising slowly within you, knowing it's almost impossible you'll be allowed to cum you fight it, desperately trying to control and calm the growing arousal. But the fingers play you like an instrument and rob you of any control of your body, it builds and builds, you start to whimper around the fake cock knowing what is about to happen. Holding on as long as you can trying to delay the inevitable, finally you let a long pathetic 'pleeeeeeeeease' work it's way out around the fake cock. A short chuckle from your winner is followed immediately by the withdrawal of the hands. You slump defeated, remembering to keep your tongue out though. The most intense wave of humiliation burns through you as you realise that through all this the only vocal communication your winner has shown to his prize is to laugh at her desperation.

Before you've even had time to get your breath back or compose yourself you feel hands on your hips and then a hard cock, one your mouth and throat have become very familiar with, slides into your cunt. You're so wet the only resistance is the balls moving inside of you. They press into your insides as the cock fills you. Finally when you feel like anymore inside you would be impossible you feel his thighs touch the back of yours. He holds himself deep within you for a full minute before you feel the vibrations start again and then he starts to fuck his prize. You let out a low howl of frustration at the low power buzzing and slow thrusts. The hands on your hips disengage for a second smack your arse hard. You hadn't even realised your tongue was in, how your winner knew when it was in or out while behind you was a mystery to you. With your tongue out again the hands return to your hips. The speed of the fucking begins to increase, but you realise that the hands on your hips aren't to help him fuck you. He's using them to push you back and forward, while his cock is buried within you the fake cock's head just touches your lips, but when the head of the real cock is nearly out of you the fake cock is buried right down your throat with your tongue pressed against some fake balls at the base. The speed increases as he bounces you back and forth from cock to cock, faster and faster till you're struggling to breath before the dildo returns to the depths of your throat. Twice you gag and pull your tongue in, but your ever vigilant winner beats your arse without mercy till it's back out ready to meet the fake balls again. The vibrations begin to increase, the cock is throwing the balls around inside you but that doesn't decrease their efficiency at bringing you closer and closer. The combination of the face fucking and approaching disappointment means tears I dripping from under your blindfold. Not that this deters your winner, he continues to savagely bounce you forward and back like an automatic fleshlight as your own tears act as lube for your face fucking. Between thrusts in your throat you manage to quickly shout '' gagging and gulping between every garbled world, barely recognisable with your mouth open and tongue out. Then faster than your horny ruined brain can comprehend your leash pulls tight. You're flipped onto your back and the real clock forces it's way down your throat, the back of your head is on the floor. Your winner is almost lying completely flat on top of you. There is no air you face is buried in his body. Unable to move or breath you feel your body buck and twitch till finally the cock pumps a heavy load of cum into you.

There wasn't even the ability to think about spit or swallow, the cock was so deep in you it's cum was simply pumped right into your stomach. Your winner withdraws and sits down next to you. As you pant and cough you hear his fast and heavy breath right next to you. Not long after that your lead is pulled once again, a slow exhausted crawl is all you can manage. Mewing pitifully as the fake cock is placed in your mouth again, your dutifully push your tongue out. A hand pats you on the head in recognition. Simultaneously you swell with pride and then a moment after shame, the recognition at your trained behaviour made you feel so good, but the fact you could be made to feel so good from doing that was a new level of humiliation. You feel your collar and lead go tight pulling you further onto the cock, stopping with it filling your mouth but just before the start of your throat. Then you hear footsteps slowly getting quieter. You realise your winner is done with you, and has stored you away. Like a toy returned to a box after its finished in being played with.

Over the next few minutes your breath finally returns and you begin to stretch out your limbs, during this you notice that the vibrators inside you are still on but incredibly low. Initially this has no effect but as you come down from your edge the low constant vibration is like a twitch in your mind constantly reminding you of your situation and what you have just voluntarily done. Then you feel the blindfold being pulled off of your face. The sudden light causes you to immediately close your eyes again, you slowly open them and flinch at the sight of a face immediately in front of you. Another few blinks and you realise you are looking at your reflection. A dildo with a suction cup is stuck to the mirror and your lead is wrapped around its base keeping it fixed in your mouth. In a moment of clarity you realise that your winner was able to watch your throat being fucked while he fucked your cunt. That must be how he knew when my tongue went in you realise as well, then notice that your tongue is still out. In the time you have been recovering from your edge and getting your breath back at no point had it occurred to you to bring it back into your mouth. You try to look to see who has restored your vision but the cock stops your head from moving so you can only roll your eyes up to see as high as you can. Even with that you can only make out a set of legs. With nothing but a lead and a dildo you have been completely trapped. 'How many edges flower?' You recognise my voice and answer 'three' but with the intruder in your mouth and your tongue still out it sounds more like 'hhweee'.

I release your lead from the dildo and get you on your feet, using your lead I direct you to the bathroom attached to the room, '20 minutes flower' I say with a smile gesturing at the small clock on the wall. Looking around the room you see a glass of water, a small plate of food a make up bag and a box. You quickly eat and drink and then turn to redo your makeup. There are long lines of mascara down your face from your tears, your lipstick has been smeared turning your previously beautiful mouth into a well used fuck hole. After fixing your make up you turn to the box. What you see causes a lot of mixed emotions, this outfit will cover you up a lot more than the last but in some ways is even further from the elegant woman you were when you entered the room. You dress yourself in the french maid outfit, its tight across your chest and puff out with lace around your waist. Even with that it still barely covers your arse, Black gloves and stockings cover you with more fabric than in your entire last outfit. Lastly a thin black leather chocker with a ring on, and after tidying your hair you add the small maid cap. The meaning is clear, as the cheap slut you were for sex. But in this you exist to serve.

You make your way back into the room and all four of us are sat back down at the table. I beckon you over and you notice the pile of leather and metal in front of me with apprehension. Firstly I take two sets of padded cuffs, the first go around your wrists in front of your body, the next set go around your arm just above your elbow, a longer chain between the cuffs secures the cuffs behind your back. You test the restraints, you can still move your hands but only at the wrists, they won't come way from your body at all. Next I spread your legs and attach to small clamps to your pussy, holding it closed, you wince as each grabs hold then further as you feel them tightened. When I'm done I give you clit a small flick causing you to flinch, with the flinch you hear a slight jingle, with utter shame you realise there are small bells attached to each of the clamps. Lastly a large ball gag fills your mouth, but the front changes into a panel completely covering the front of your face so that your mouth may as well not be there, If you looked completely down you can just about make out a small silver bump in the middle of the panel. Before you can begin to consider its purpose I turn you towards the kitchen and give your arse a slap, knowing my intent you go to fetch drinks.

The game begins again behind you as you walk away, meaning you didn't see who returned the underwear to which your fate is bound, you wonder if you'll ever know who made you chase cock around blind and watched you choke on a dildo while they fucked you. As you collect the drinks you realise that with your hands the way they are its significantly more difficult than before to open the bottles and pour drinks. It takes you a while to make all four but once you have you take one in between both your hands and walk back to the table. But before you can place it on the table I stop you. 'Maids should announce themselves, that way they can get to their work knowing they aren't disturbing their superiors, when you approach us you need to curtsy and make sure to shake your arse on the way down and back up'. Focusing on not spilling the drink you cross your legs and bend your knees, then the moment you shake your arse you hear your bells jingle. After a moment I nod and you place my drink on the table.

You repeat this three more times, announcing your arrival by shaking your clamped pussy to the sound of bells. Once all the drinks have been delivered Sir Dave gestures for you to come to his side, you notice your underwear sitting in the pile of chips in front of him. He reaches down into a suitcase next to the table and withdraws a small silver plate with a tube attached to one end. Then he pushes the tube towards your mouth and you feel a click resonate through the ball gag. When he removes his hand the silver plate stays fixed to your gag, he then picks his drink up and places it on the tray and returns to the game. Time passes slowly for you, focusing intently on the drink in front of your face knowing the slightest twitch could cause it to fall. As your underwear change hands so do you, serving as a drinks stand for everyone at least twice. A shiver through your neck causes Sir Matt's drink to wobble perilously, your eyes go wide as it finally gives up and tips over. Sir Matt's hand grabs it before it falls, then all four sets of eyes are on you.

Without a word being said Sir Matt grabs you by the ring on your choker and pulls you up, he then pulls the ring down guiding you to bend down over his lap. Moving the frills of your skirt out of the way he precedes to spank your arse quickly and harshly, it only takes thirty seconds for ten strokes to fall on each of your arse cheeks. A knock at the door interrupts him, 'come in' someone says you can't see because your still bent over the lap of Sir Matt having your failure corrected. 'Room Service' you hear, and in your mind instantly hope that you stay bent over the lap, you'd take another hundred spanks the be seen. But that's not what happens. 'Thank you, the maid will deal with it' You here Sir Matt say from above you. He lifts you back into a standing position and you see two young women standing by a food trolley staring at you with wide eyes. Knowing its best to get it done with quickly you start towards the trolley to collect the food. As you get within a metre of the hotel employees you hear Sir Tom say 'don't forget your manners maid'. With your face so red it looks painted you look at the first women and curtsy and shake, she hears the bells and looks around trying to see where the sound come from. When you turn and repeat it with the second thats enough for them to trace the sound to its origin. Quickly you take the trolley and push it towards the table. The small steps you have to take to keep hold of the trolley cause your legs to brush the bells constantly, you jingle your way from the door to the table. Then curtsying with each plate you serve the food.

As you turn to take the trolley back Sir Dave places two twenty pound notes onto your tray. You jingle your way back to the door then once again curtsy and jingle to each women before walking forwards allowing them to take their tips from the tray. The first women is nearly as red as you and looks at the ceiling, but the second looks you directly in the eye with a smirk on her face and it cuts right through you, sending a shiver right through you, to the extent that once again your bells jingle. Once the hotel staff have left you return to the table, someone tells you to fetch napkins. You hold a pile of them in your hands going form person to person as they call you, curtsying and ringing every time then waiting for the nod to tell you to approach. Dirty napkins are scrunched up and placed on your tray and you have to walk to the kitchen, kneel in front of the bin and turn your head to the side to pour them in the bin.

After the food has been eaten Sir Matt and me attached a lead to your choker and go out on to the balcony. Having you kneel between us I remove the tray from your gag and attach an ashtray. Taking our time with our smokes knocking the ash off into your tray and talking about the game so far as if you weren't even there. after a moment I place my drink of the top of your head and you freeze knowing how easy it was to drop a drink from your tray let alone your head. Thats how we spend the next few minutes, with you knelt frozen solid with a glass balanced on your head and an ashtray attached to your face. As you kneel there your mind wonders briefly to the hotel staff, you know for certain they will be telling everyone they work with about you. Then you realise one of them had been working on the bar earlier, if she had recognised you, witnessed your descent from VIP to humiliated help, the thought intoxicates.

Finished with the smokes the game continues. Returning to use as a drink stand you change hands nearly a dozen times in the last fifteen minutes, sometimes you'd barely managed to get down to your knees next to your new owner before you were traded off to someone else. Finally a phone beeped and the game ended, Sir Matt had won the most money but it was Sir Tom who had your underwear. He is holding them in his hands and looking you directly in the eyes, the unflinching eye contact made you nervous, but you can'd turn your head because you're still holding his drink. 'Have fun' you hear the rest of us say to Sir Tom as we leave the room. He finally breaks eye contact to look at his phone. He types for a while then turns to you and removes his drink and the tray. His phone beeps a reply, he looks down at it and smiles. Leaving the table and walking down the corridor to one of the attached bedrooms he leaves you next to the table.

A few minutes later you jump as the silence is shattered by a knock on the door. 'Thats who I've been waiting for, get that maid' you hear called from the other room. You walk towards the door shaking with nerves so much that you're ringing like a church bell. You open the door a women is standing on the other side, she looks you up and down and laughs straight in your face. From behind you there is a hard thwaapp against your arse of a flogger. 'MAID, MANNERS!' Sir Tom's harsh voice sounds in your ear. Yet again you lower your self curtsying and giving your cunt bells a good ring for her. She laughs again then walks straight past you and begin to kiss Sir Tom, they walk away from you back to the bedroom leaving you humiliated and horny by the door. You stand still for a few moments, your broken horny mind unsure how to deal with what is happening. 'Close the door and get in here idiot' you here the women call from the other room. You Obey.

As you walk into the room Sir Tom immediately covers your eyes with a blindfold and pushes you down to your knees. You hear the women moving around in the room but are unsure as to what she's doing, while she is moving around Sir Tom removes your gag, you stretch your jaw out in silence. They talk to each other ignoring you for a few more minutes till finally you feel Sir Tom's hands removing the blindfold. As you look up standing right in front of you is the new women. Your newly freed mouth opens as you realise she is wearing your dress and heels from the beginning of the night. It fits her perfectly and she looks even more elegant than you ever did in it. 'Doesn't it look better on me bitch?' she questions harshly. You nod quickly not trusting your voice. 'You didn't look after these though, clean them' she says gesturing to the heels that few hours ago had been making your legs look long and beautiful. You look around for a second unsure with what you're supposed to clean the heels with before Sir Tom grabs your hair and pushes your face down to her heels. You hesitate for a second before opening your mouth and sliding your tongue across the heels.

'Don't lick my feet you depraved cunt, clean the shoes!' the women yells, from then on you're much more careful making sure your tongue only touches the thin straps of the shoes and not her feet. after a while she moves shoving the second shoe in your face and you repeat the process. While you debase yourself cleaning your shoes that a stranger has taken from you with your mouth the couple begin to make out above you. They kiss and play with each other, completely ignoring the pitiful shoe cleaning maid at their feet. Eventually obviously deciding the heels were now clean they return their focus to you. 'Strip' the women commands, nearly as intimidated as you are horny you begin to remove the maid outfit, when you go to remove the chocker she stops you. 'No I like that, makes you look like the bitch you are, leave the bells as well they are fun'. They then take one of your wrists each and pull you back to the door of the room. Unnoticed to you small rings hang in each corner of the door. They attach cuffs to your wrists then your ankles locking them too the rings till you're spread out in front of them.

Unable to hide any part of yourself you wait as they look you up and down, their hands begin to touch different parts of you. As the examination continues your arousal grows, you close your eyes and tilt your head back, embracing the touches of these strangers. You hear the jingle of your bells, looking back down your see the long decorated nails of the women playing with your bells. 'Have the been mean to this dirty little cunt?' You nod in reply, then she leans in and whispers in your ear. 'But you deserve it don't you? you deserve to be treated like shit, only a real pervert would get turned on by this, you must be an utterly depraved piece of shit, you deserve this don't you?' your breath sharpens and shortens as she continues whispering too you. As she does her nails are lightly scratching against your clit. You start to nod at everything she's saying. You whine in pain as her nails grip your clit. 'SPEAK, YOU DESERVE THIS DON'T YOU'. You whine your answer through the pain 'yes, yes, yes', 'Why?' you reply quickly 'for being a dirty bitch', 'thats a good bitch' she whispers as she releases your clit from her nails and begins to circle her fingers around it.

Sir Tom approaches you with a pen, you follow him with your eyes till she slaps the side of your face. 'Look at me', you do. From her other hand she produces a wand vibrator, your eyes widen and you push your cunt out in desperation. 'Please,Pplease, Pleeeeeease,Pleeeasssse' you whine and moan. The wand begins to buzz slowly as she runs it up and down your thighs, touching the bottom of your bells making them ring quickly, the slightest vibration travels up the clamp to your cunt. 'You want more?' 'Yes please'. As the wand gets closer and closer to your clit she begins to talk to you again.

'Doesn't this dress look better on me?'

'Yes it does, so much better'

'I should have it shouldn't I?'

'Yes please take my dress, take it away from me I don't deserve it'

As you surrender your dress to her the wand finally touches your clit and its vibrations cascade through you, while this is happening you notice Sir Tom has been writing all over you. You see your reflection in the mirror on the other side of the room. Your body is covered in graffiti, across your tits, legs, stomach is written words like, slut, cunt, maid, bitch, pathetic, desperate, inferior.

You read the words across your body again and again as the wands power grows, Sir Tom and the woman kiss right in front of you. She turns to you 'Tell me I'm better than you, make me believe it'.

The wand turns up again, 'You're so much better than me, you look so beautiful in my dress, you should have it, you would look better than me in all my clothes, you should take all my clothes, I don't deserve any clotheeeeeeeeeeeeeee' Your last word stretches out as you reach the edge but before the last second you need to crash over it the wand moves and she grabs your tits digging her nails in.

'Did I say stop?'

'No, I'm sorry, so sorry'

'You were focusing on yourself weren't you?'

'Yes' you admit timidly

'No one should focus on you should they, you don't deserve their focus do you'

'No, I don't deserve it' you whisper in pain as her nails continue to dig in.

She releases your tits, and Sir Tom approaches, using a belt he wraps around your waist holding the wand over your clit. They both back off.

'Dirty little perverts like you should be ignored shouldn't they?' she questions not even bothering to look at you.

'Yes I should, I should be ignored, I don't deserve your attention' your last words are lost in breath as the wand kicks in again, this time on a building pulse, starting low it pulses on and off for a second each but with each pulse it gets stronger. It grows and grows till the pulses make you shake and your cunt bells jingle. Then it returns to the lowest setting again and begins to build you up all over again.

Sir Tom and the women do exactly what you deserve and ignore you, they lie down on the bed in front of you and she begins to undress him. As he lies back she straddles across him and finally looks back at you. 'Ring for me cunt' in response you shake your bells as hard as you can for her, ringing your cunt loudly as she rides him in front of you. Every time the wand gets you close the power slips back to low and the whole process starts again. As they fuck faster and faster you ring your bells faster and faster. The wand pushing you further and further, as you ring your bells the balls inside you move around adding to your desperation. You hear Sir Tom talk to the women 'You're so much better than that bitch, watching you destroy her is so hot, she's so lucky to have your attention' He strains on the last word pushing up hard and high as he and the woman claw at each other crashing through their orgasms with each other. You look on with longing and desperation at their pleasure as they finish together.

After a moment they get up from the bed and walk to you, Sir Tom places a chair in front of you and stands on it so his cock is level with your face. As he does you feel the women's nails click on the wand and this time when it reaches the highest point it stays there. 'You want to clean me off his cock' She whispers in your ear. 'Please, yes yes yes please let me' you say darting your ravenous eyes from hers to the cock and back again. After a few seconds consideration from her she finally nods and you push your mouth forward hungrily, sucking every bit of her from him. You can taste the mix of him and her on his cock and it feels divine, you feel a splash on the side of your face and open your eyes to look over just to see again as the women spits on your face, then you feel more from higher up and realise Sir Tom is doing the same. They cover you in spit as you clean every centimetre of the cock with your mouth, throat and tongue. After the first winner you thought it would be days or weeks till you wanted another cock in your mouth again but right now all you want is that cock and that taste, her taste.

You bells start to ring as you begin to tremble from the vibrations and humiliation wracking through your body. The cock withdraws from your mouth much to your disappointment. Then the whispering starts again.

'Do you want to cum bitch?'

'Yes oh my god yes so much please let me cum please'

'But do you deserve it?'

'I... I don't know... please I'm so horny, I'll do whatever you want please'

'I want you to tell me if you think a bitch like you deserves to cum, you already licked me off his cock, should you get two rewards?'

'I didn't think that was a re'

She cuts you off 'Aren't you grateful for cleaning me off his cock'

'Yes of course I am, thank you, thank you so much'

'So you've been rewarded already haven't you, you haven't earned another reward yet have you?'

The slow calm whispering contrasts everything you are feeling the tension and crazy energy inside you, but the whispers seem to flow directly into the centre of your mind, lodging in there, growing like vines with the same intensity as your desperation.

'NOOOOO I DON'T DESERVE IT' you let out in a sob

Immediately the wand is off and gone and you fall limp in your bondage. For one last time she whispers in your ear. 'I heard the bar staff talking about some freak maid slut who was dressed up a few hours before, I'm going to go show them my new dress and tell them who gave it to me' and with that she walked off without looking back and you heard the door to the suite slam closed behind her. Sir Tom looks at you with a smirk, 'So, thats the wife'. Then begins to un cuff you from the door and leads you back to the main room and lies you down on the poker table. Your limbs feel so heavy you just let him place you like a doll, you feel the cuffs being reconnected to points at the corners of the table and once again you find yourself spread out tightly. Then he pushes his fingers down your throat till his knuckles are scraping the roof of your mouth, just as his fingers reach the deepest they can he rips the clamps off your cunt and you howl. You howl like an animal, bucking wildly gargling and screaming around the fingers in your throat, the pain doesn't disappear though it just morphs into a different creeping but deep pain as the blood runs back to your cunt. The stabbing heat that itches across the clamp marks feels intolerable, you keep bucking and struggling but the cuffs keep your body down and the hand down your throat keeps your head on the table. Finally after what feels like an age the pain begins to subside slowly and you go limp on the table. The fingers are withdrawn and he leaves you there to recover.

Its not long before you hear the door open and the rest of the group return. To your embarrassment although at this point not surprise they sit down and talk over you. Completely ignoring the bound, naked, graffitied women spread out on the table between them. After the short conversation finishes to you moan wriggle in frustration as once again the balls within you start to vibrate at a higher speed. You feel a hand pat your head shhhing you as a blindfold is once again placed over your eyes. Then the game continues around you. You feel chips being placed on your body as the game begins. As each person around you reaches in to place their bets they take a second to play with your body as their hand withdraws. Your tits and nipples are tweaked and squeezed, fingers are run along your cunt and clit. Now and again you feel the light fabric of your underwear being placed somewhere on you and you know you have just been bet and perhaps changed hands. After one set of anonymous hands lingers on your cunt for a few seconds you let out a long moan of frustration and arch your back pulling against your bonds. You feel small piles of chips fall and run off of your body. A hard slap comes down right on your cunt to punish your movement. After that you feel movement near the corners of the tables then your bonds tighten from all sides stretching you out more than you thought possible. You think briefly that this is what being on the rack must have felt like. Before you can even think about vocalising your disapproval a hand opens your mouth and something cold and hard fills your mouth.

As the chips return to your body and the game continues you explore the bottom of the oral intruder with your tongue. Eventually you recognise it as the base of a glass bottle and you realise that your little out burst has once again lowered your position from table ornament to drinks holder. As the round continue those who find themselves out earlier on eventually turn their attention to you. You feel the vibrations rise and fall, the pattern changing along with the intensity. Another hand pushes two fingers inside you and plays with the vibrating balls inside you. Then a new round starts and you are reset to your low vibrations being ignored till the players decide you're worth their attention again . After an apparent large loss one player takes out their frustration by leaning in and twisting your nipple harshly. Your absolute bondage gives you no movement and little visible reaction apart from a quiet whine from behind the beer bottle stuffing your mouth. Whenever the bottle is removed for its drinker to partake you feel them take a handful of your hair to wipe your drool from the bottom of the bottle before taking a sip and returning it back to your mouth.

In your blind. bound, frustrated and exhausted state you have no clue of the passage of time, the only thing that marks its passing is when a new player begins to toy with your body as they wait for the round they have left to conclude. After what from your perspective could have been half an hour or 5 hours for the final time you hear chairs being pulled back from the table form three directions. Once again you have been won. One by one you feel the bounds on your wrists and ankles loose. The stretching sensation that had been on the edge of tearing you apart is finally gone from your body. But before you can enjoy the brief moment of relaxation you feel an incredible pain as you're dragged off the table by your hair on to the floor. As you crumple onto the ground the pressure and pain in your head returns as you feel yourself being pulled vertically. You scramble quickly to get to your feet and stand. Just as you do a large powerful hand around your throat tightly, it lifts you till you're on your tip toes and your hands are wrapped around the arm holding you up trying to lessen the pressure. Your breath comes in small shallow slivers as the one hand holds you with ease, you know that he could just lift a little more and you'd be suspended by his hand. He's allowing you the small relief of standing on the tips of your toes, your ability to breath, something you had never even thought of as a privilege now completely resides in the hands of your most recent winner.

Your winner holds you there for a moment before reaching out and tearing off the blindfold. You see in front of you Sir Matt, the one who hand spanked you so harshly for dropping the drink earlier in the evening. He lifts you another cm and you feel your toes leave the floor, for a fraction of a second nothing more, then he drops you. But before you can fall onto the floor he grabs you, spinning you around and pulling you in close. One arm wrapped around your neck with your chin resting on his elbow the other around your waist trapping your hand at your sides. He leans towards your ear. 'You know I didn't actually win you this round, Richard won you, but he said since he brought you here and would have plenty of time to play with you he wanted all three of us to have a go on the prize. So we made a deal, while I'm having my turn on you he's going to fuck my little slut a couple of rooms over, traded you in he did'

You stand frozen for a moment realising your objectification as you have been traded and swapped. Then the hands loosen and a tight fabric is pulled over your face, as you hear a zip close to your ears the fabric gets even tighter. The hood over your face has clamped your jaw shut, the only holes are two small metal rings near your nostrils the rest of you has been erased. Two quick slaps to the either side of your face send your head ringing, and you hear in your ear 'there's my faceless little pain doll'. Next an arm binder is pulled up your arms forcing your elbows to touch painfully and for you to stick your tits out into the world. Then you feel a pressure on your wrists pulling them up, you lift your hands behind you to alleviate it but it continues. Your arms are being lifted higher and higher behind you, as your shoulders start to complain in pain you have no choice but to lean forwards to lessen the tension. But still they are pulled up and up, you spread your legs as you wobble and nearly fall, the lifting of your arms continues. Finally as you are bent almost completely over and your arms are raised so high your hands must be pointing to the ceiling the lifting stops. You feel hands around your ankles and your stance is pushed even wider, as you try and readjust you feel the hard metal of a spreader bar keeping your legs open. You realise that if it weren't for the hood sealing your face away you'd be looking back through your own legs.

The words 'pain doll' echo around your head again and again as you fear what is coming. You head twitches as you think you hear something to your right, a fraction of a second later though a snap on pain blazes into being on your thigh. You whole body jumps at the unexpected attack pulling against the bound and your already tense shoulders. Another strike hits on the same spot on the other thigh. The strikes come again and again, the precise snap of a crop works its way up and down your thighs and calves. Meticulously ensuring every patch of skin gets the slap from the hard leather at the end of the crop. Once the strikes reach the bottom of your legs you're breathing heavily, trembling from the assault. You try to release your breath and breath slower at least now knowing there was no more of your leg to hit, but to your terror you feel another strike followed by another as the crop begins to burn its way back up over your already beaten legs. Then sensitive flesh responding even more poorly to the second pass of pain. Once again the crop concludes its pass reaching the top of your thighs, hitting the spot between your legs and arse cheeks with brutal accuracy.

You want to beg to be edged again instead of another pass of the crop but the tight hood sealing your mouth shut reduces any attempts at words to meaningless sounds. Once piece of fabric around your face and now there are animals that can communicate better than you. Trying to get your meaning across you shake your arse at your tormenter, offering your holes to him in desperation. But he either has no interest in fucking you or misinterprets the signal because the next thing you feel is the upswing of the crop between your legs finishing with a hard wet smack right on your cunt. Your muffled screams are split and over whelmed by the loud crack of four more strikes from the crop on to your cunt. You brace for a sixth but to your relief it doesn't come. What does though is an increase in the vibrations of the balls within you. The barrage of pain had completely over powered them and you had completely forgotten they were still buzzing away inside you.

Their return on a higher setting sent out waves through your body, slightly pulling your brain away from the pain and into the waves of arousal. As you let the waves of pain and pleasure mix within you they build off of each other, combining and clashing dragging your mind deep within itself till thoughts start to fall away and you are just a bystander in your own body, feeling without thinking.

You feel the recognisable fingers of a flogger dragging slowly down your back, falling over your arse. Then they start to flick over your back, just grazing the surface of your skin. Dozens of quick touches dance over your skin covering your lower back and arse. The speed remains constant but the force with which the contact starts to increase, you feel less of the individual strands and more of a large quick thud in each spot. The energy behind each strike grows and grows, you feel the heat rushing to the surface of your skin as it's painted red by the strands of the flogger, and still the force increases and increases till each stroke is coming down heavily and faster than you can understand. By the time you've perceived a strike another has already fallen, a constant wave of sensation is flowing into you growing and growing in an unstoppable pressure.

Just as you feel the wave might start to overwhelm you the vibrations once again grow in their intensity. You realise that your cunt is being used against you, your pleasure exploited to make you a more efficient and durable pain doll. As you come to this realisation the flogger works it's down your freshly cropped legs, the return of pain to the tender area causes you to the rise onto your toes in protest. Not missing an opportunity the merciless fingers of the flogger quickly dance across the heels and souls of your feet bringing new pain to one of the few parts of your body that had remained undefiled from the evenings activities.

You quickly return to the flats of your feet, the return to your position removes the small amount of reprieve you had granted your shoulders and their consistent ache of tension returns. The flogger continues on its uninterrupted assault on your body. Two more times you begin to tense up and freeze as the pain reaches a barrier in you that your sure you cannot push through, then the vibrations increase and the barrier falls away furthering your suffering.

Then it stops. The lack of another strike causes you to flinch more than the constant barrage of strikes had. You feel your whole body humming with the intensity of its beating. An odd sound draws your mind slightly back to the world. It takes you a few hike to recognise it as a ring tone, you hear your torturer answer and talk to whoever is on the other end. After a short while you hear a laugh and am agreement. After that you feel the phone being placed on the side of your head. Slightly muffled through the hood you hear the recognisable sounds of a women right on the edge, a loud persistent vibration is also audible. Then you hear my voice, 'okay now you can cum' then a different voice, the voice of your tormentors aforementioned slut you presume 'OH MY GODD YES YES YES THANK YOU THANK YOOOOU AHHHHH' her voice grows to a volume where there aren't really identifiable ones words. You whimper in shame and jealousy as you hear her orgasming.

The phone is removed from your face and once again you hear one of your owners laughing at your pathetic plight. Then your cunt is set a blaze by the vibrators reaching a setting of intensity that without your bondage would have reduced you to a ball on the floor. But before you can bury your mind in it a different feeling shoots across your arse. It feels like a tongue of flame has whipped its way across your rear. This time before another line of pain you here the whistle of the cane before it strikes you. Lines of fire appear on your arse and thighs as the cane cracks into your body again and again. The consistent burn of your previous beatings and the high ravaging of the vibrators rises for a moment soothing your brain and body before the next snap of white hot pain land on your thighs or arse.

Again and again the cane strikes, near the beginning you feel the hard welts start to form along your arse and legs. Your arse and legs that had been made to look so beautiful in those heels and that dress, now they are bruised and battered and your dress taken by someone who seems to loath your very existence, no not taken given, given by you, you remind yourself. As it continues no longer can you feel hot lines but just a mass of pain emanating from your legs and rear. It's doesn't even feel like you have limbs anymore just a large ball of shock after shock. The vibrations grabbing you and pulling your mind one way and the other while the snaps of pain light up your brain for micro seconds at a time.

You squeal through your sealed lips as the caning stops but two large hands grab your arse cheeks and squeeze hard. Gone is the flashing sharp pain of the cane replaced by a deep constant scream from your arse as the fingers dig in pulling your arse into his large palms. Yet again however, what you thought was the most pain could could feel has been surpassed as a hard cock forces it's way into your battered cunt. The vibrations have kept you wet and ready to fuck but the lubrication does nothing to ease the pain, it spikes again when this his hips smack into your ruined arse.

He takes his time with slow thrusts deep inside you, enjoying you squirming in agony in your bondage, the walls of your cunt squeezing his cock desperate to expel the painful attacker. But despite all this your body betrays you again, as he speeds up, the pain from his unrelenting grip on your arse starts to be overshadowed by the waves of pleasure caused by the combination of vibration and penetration. The pain still spikes every time he slams his body into your abused rump but your pleasure once again starts to rise.

Seeing it as the only way out of your anguish you embrace the waves of pleasure. Pulling them into yourself as deeply as you can, using what little movement your bondage allows to push back along the cock inside you. You're cooperation seems to enthuse your winner even more and the speed and force of your fucking increases, as it does so does your pain. Desperately seeking to focus on the pleasure rather than the pain you replay everything that's happened through your head. All the humiliation and degradation and abuse, all the ways you've been made to feel low and inferior, and your disgust at how much all of it has turned you on. Focusing on a he idea that your winners still have a right to you, a right to call you out to satisfy their whims, embracing the feeling of being a shared toy you start to whine into your hood loudly as you get closer and closer to an edge you through the pain would make impossible.

'Don't you ducking dare cum' you hear loudly in a low menacing tone. You whimper louder, you can't focus on the pain again only the pleasure and that pleasure is dragging you towards an orgasm. 'I swear if you cum I will cane your cunt so hard you won't even be able to think about pleasure for months!! Here's what going to happen pain doll, I'm going to fuck this hole till I cum and get myself another 5 of these little sessions, if you fail me I promise you that you won't recognise your body tomorrow!'

Knowing full well he can deliver on his threat you hold back with everything you can, it feels like gravity itself is pulling you towards cumming but you fight it with every part of yourself. 'That's it, pain doll's don't cum they suffer, that's what you're for isn't it?' You bounce your head up and down nodding as much as you can, you're verification of your own status is enough for your winner and with one deep hard thrust he buries himself inside you and moans deeply as your tortured cunt milks the cum out of his cock.

Seconds after he pulls out the vibrations stop and your whole body goes loose, you dangle from your shoulders, their screaming pain just another voice in the choir of your wrecked body. You hardly register yourself being lowered from your position and the restraints removed. You lie in a pile on the floor naked but for the hood on your head, like a puppet with cut strings, you doubt any threat of pain or humiliation could get you to move yourself at that point.

You didn't even notice yourself start to fall in much need sleep, its the only thing you body can think to do in response to its assailment. It does very little to rejuvenate you though when you wake. You have no idea on how much time has passed but it can't have been too long since the pain and frustration are still very fresh in your mind. You are woken by multiple sets of hands lifting you from the floor, still to exhausted and spent to expend anymore energy you let them move you around as they desire. You feel cloths wiping you down and some sort of ointment that stings for a small moment before soothing being wiped into your arse, legs and cunt. A glass is placed at your lips, only then realising the hood has been removed, unable to engage with it you simply open your throat and let the cool sweet liquid fall down your throat. Next you feel a strange cold liquid being rubbed all over your body. They start at your feet and cover every inch of you right up to your neck, even working the substance in-between your fingers and toes.

Two sets of hands hold you in a standing position as you feel a material being pulled onto your feet and then up your legs. Once the material reaches your knees the pulling pauses and you feel hands smoothing the material out over your lower legs, then the action repeats pulling it up your body the pausing and smoothing it out. For the first time you open your eyes, astounded by the weight of your eye lids and the effort it takes to allow yourself too see. At first you're looking at the floor a little way away from you and you recognise a large open wheelie suitcase, then you shift your gaze down to your body. What you see is a black latex catsuit being worked onto your body, the substance over your skin allows it to slip onto you with less resistance than would have occurred otherwise. Once the suit has been smoothed over you its hard to even feel it, it fits every line of your body flawlessly, the only break in its surface a small black line for a zip in between your legs. They work your arms and then hands and fingers into the sleeves till they too are covered by the liquid looking material. A hand holds something in front of your face, it takes you couple of seconds to focus in on what it is, eventually you recognise your underwear. The symbol of your ownership that has been passed back a forth so many times this evening and with it your body, mind and freedom.

The underwear are pressed between your lips and into your mouth with no resistance from yourself. You feel a strip of tape being place over your lips once again sealing your mouth and voice away till it is decided by others you need it back. Then the last part of the suit is pulled up over your head, you feel your hair being pulled through a small hole in the top then the slight rumble of the zip closing all the way up the back. Now you feel the material as the increase in tension pulls on your sore skin before it settles again in its form fitting state. Like the hood you wore earlier the only hole in the suit is two small ones for your nostrils, darkness and muffled sound takes over your world again. You're only feeling is relief that there is no point fighting to keep your eyes open anymore, not that you could with the tight latex pressing on your face keeping them closed.

The hands move you again sitting you on your arse, creating the smallest of whimpers from your throat, but you doubt that even if an ear had been right in front of your mouth without it being stuffed by your underwear would anyone have been able to hear you. You feel your legs being bent and drawn into your chest then your arms being wrapped around your legs so you are sat holding yourself in a ball. You feel tight lines across your shins and back as belts are tightened around you keeping you in your position. Then a different pressure arrives, staring at the base of your shins working its way around and up your body again and again. There is a small release in pressure as a belt is removed but then it is replaced by the creeping force, it works its way up your legs till its then working around your shoulders. You are moved once again laid on your side and the pressure covers the base of your feet and arse. Its then you realise that you're being wrapped in some sort of tape, sealed away in your little bondage ball for whatever awaits you next.

Several more times your position is changed and the wrapping continues till the pressure is equal from all sides. Lastly you feel a hand on the back on your head pushing it forwards till your forehead is resting on your knees. A hand fumbles on your face and you here a faint click a notice a difference in your breathing, as if the air had moved further away and was slightly harder to get. The your head begins to be wrapped as well. Just before the the last part of the suit unwrapped is the side of your head where your ear is. You hear my voice, speaking clearly yet kindly to penetrate the latex 'I hope you've had fun flower, so the grand prize was you ... for a week, so I'll see you in a week, told you I'd come up with a good birthday surprise for you'. Then the last layers of tape cover your ear and you are condemned to your silent, black stillness. You feel hands lift you and place you somewhere else, then the world seems to tip and shake slightly.

I walk out of the hotel reception pulling the wheeled suitcase behind me, pausing I hand the vibrator controller to the winner, smiling as they turn them on their lowest setting. I'm sure its my imagination but I'm sure I can hear a pitiful moan come from the suitcase, that only makes me smile more. Passing the handle of the suitcase to the winner I say 'Enjoy, see you in a week'.

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