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Author's Note: A sexy whore-wife is anally used

The submissive, blonde, masochistic and 25-y/o Drusilla's thresh-hold for pain was high and she relished labeling herself an anal beast since she always wanted men to slug their large dicks into her 'manure-pussy.'

Nevertheless, Liam, her white, dominant, handsome and 27-y/o husband often surrendered her to extremely degrading talk, gang-sex and cum-juice splattering her pretty face.

And he bought a studio-quality camera prior to a certain event, because he was surfing the 'Net, one August, Sunday afternoon, when he found a group,, to which the white Chandler, Eli, Manuel and Samet belonged.

He then wrote the guys to ask regarding their interests, with them replying that they were into safely dick-punching married females in the ass. They also mentioned living in Liam's city.

As a result, he invited them to the couple's house at 9 on a Friday night.

At 8:45 on the present occasion, he commanded Drusilla to undress, though he put the camera in the living room before the 20 to 30-y/o friends arrived.

'Drusilla, this is Eli, Manuel, Chandler and Samet,' he introduced them.

'Hello, sirs,' she smiled.

'The same to you,' Samet responded, then: - 'In case you don't know, my ancestry's Turkish.'

'I wasn't aware of that,' Manuel remarked.

'Me, neither,' Chandler said.

'Not that it matters being your wife's a skank, isn't she, Liam?' Eli inquired.

'Would she be any good if she wasn't?' Liam answered.

'Of course, not, especially considering I'm sure she's absolutely disgraceful!' Eli sneered.

'Alright! Insult her!' the husband grinned.

'I will,' Eli said, after which he, Liam, Samet. Chandler and Manuel stripped.

'Now, we're going to show you what a filthy woman you are!' Manuel told Drusilla as he raised her left leg and slapped her crotch.

'Aaah!' she'd scarcely gasped when Liam squeezed her small tits, closed his fingers around her neck and ordered, 'Choke, you little cunt!'

Manuel then lubricated his 11-inched penis by thrusting it into her wet vag before he withdrew it and aimed it into her smell-pipe.

'Feel the lightning and thunder!' he bellowed.

'Lightning will melt the sugar!' Eli chuckled.

But it wasn't long until Manuel dismounted her, followed by Samet goring his 11-inched weapon into pooper.

'All hail the matador!' Chandler declared before Samet growled, 'Slut, I'm twisting you (a term meaning hard fucking in Turkish lingo).

'Yes, yes, assault this filthy woman!' she cried-out.

'That's what he's doing, bitch!' Eli said before Samet uncoupled from her.

Next, Chandler made her scream when his thick, 12-inched prod split her anus.

'The noise is hurting my ears!' Manuel crowed.

For 5 minutes, however, Chandler ruthlessly attacked her entrails, then shoved her off his prick.

Once he had, Liam drilled his 10-inched tool into her fart-chamber.

'Eeeh!' she shrieked.

'Do you think I care about hurting you, whore?' he yelled.

'Uuuh, uuuh, uuuh, no, sir!' she panted.

In another 5 minutes, Liam slid his rod from her dung-chute before Eli smashed his 9-inched pecker into her bowels.

'Oooh, myyy gaaawwwd!' she wailed through an explosive orgasm.

After Eli had unplugged her shit-box, however, the 5 studs unloaded jizz on her face.

'How do you like that, bimbo?' Chandler scornfully asked.

'I love it and I hope you'll assault me again until I faint, sir,' she moaned.

'Well, I have an idea,' Liam said as he connected the camera to his TV with a cable.

She and the guys then sat down in chairs to watch the scene, and...

' I must say you're an awesome filth-bag!' Manuel concluded the night.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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