Taken to XS - A Group XS Story
  • Author - Hidden Darkness
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, bondage, electricity, extreme, humiliation, medical, mind-control, predicament, slavery, torture, watersports
  • Post Date - 2/7/2021

Author's Note: This is my conclusion to Dr. Saavik's unfinished story "Group XS" (written with his consent).

Catherine's friends and family have been taken by Group XS, and now she finds herself falling deeper and deeper into their web as they seek to exact their revenge.


One of my favorite stories of all time is the unfinished 'Group XS' by Saavik. The following story seeks to bring that work to its satisfying conclusion. Here's a summary to help catch you up:

Prosecutor Catherine Grace thought that she had brought down the sadistic Group XS when she spearheaded the investigation of the organization and successfully prosecuted two of its senior members, Dr. Saavik and Dr. Zorhof. But now, several years later she has discovered that Group XS is alive and well. Unfortunately for Catherine the leader of the organization, the evil Mistress XS, has gotten her hands on Catherine's lover, Lynn, as well as several of Catherine's friends and family and now she is out for revenge. Through her connections in the justice department she has freed her associates from prison and is now executing her mission to destroy Catherine.

When we last left off Catherine was waiting in her apartment, which had recently been 'upgraded' to a proper dungeon, for a visit from Mistress Severity. For the past twenty four hours Catherine has spent her time in tight bondage. Her tits and pussy are wrapped in a steel cable which is drawn tight whenever Catherine lowers her body to the floor. A tight leather hood and collar are fitted around her head and neck. They were wet when they were put on and as they dry they draw excruciatingly tight. To find relief, Catherine must moisten the items in the bucket of piss sitting before her which, of course, forces her to pull hard on the steel cable.

Chapter 1

Tuesday, 26th October 7:15pm

28... 29... 30... Catherine pulled her head out the acrid piss filled bucket laying before her, gasping for breath, a feat which was made all the more difficult considering that she drew air in through the four pairs of soiled panties pressed against her nose underneath the skin tight leather of her hood. The air whistled through the two tiny nose holes in the stiff leather. She groaned in agony as she steeled herself for another dunk. True to Mistress XS's advice, Catherine needed to dunk her head for about 5 to 10 minutes every hour. Unfortunately, Catherine could only stand to hold her head beneath the surface for thirty seconds at a time which meant she had to dunk herself again and again and again. The entire time she knelt down required her to pull with all her strength against the braided wire connected to her wrists at one end, then up over a ceiling beam before coming back down between her legs and connecting to her tits. As she pulled, it wrenched her shoulders up and back, while at the same time drawing the steel noose around each tit tight and grinding the unyielding cable through the folds of her pussy. Her abused breasts swelled like balloons, straining against the tight leather bodysuit that she wore.

Catherine wasn't sure how long she had been like this. All the clocks had been removed from her apartment. She whiled away the hours staring at the only distraction from her constant agony, the television positioned in front of her. She had watched as Kelly and Elissa marched and rode along on a hellish pony and cart torture. Then she had been given a tour of the ever-popular Group XS slave school, before finally spending the last few hours watching Tania get whipped and beaten by every imaginable implement in the XS dungeon.

Catherine's legs trembled as she stared glumly into her piss bucket. She wasn't sure how much longer she could take this. Several times during the night she had considered just letting the collar dry out completely so that it would slowly tighten and strangle the life out of her. But the prospect of a slow and painful death and the thought of abandoning her friends, whom she still thought she might be able to save, kept her going. The level of the piss in the bucket was now markedly lower than when she had started, which meant that she needed to lower herself even further, until her head touched the very bottom, otherwise the collar would not absorb any liquid and loosen its strangle hold on her.

She took as deep a breath as her crushingly tight corset would allow and leaned forward. But she didn't move! She wriggled in surprise, the braided wire holding her upright must have snagged on something! She shook her handcuffed wrists hoping to knock free whatever was snagged, but still she was stuck. She begrudgingly climbed back to her feet, her toes screamed in agony as her ballet boots guided her entire weight onto her pointed toes. The collar was pulling tighter, she had to hurry. She turned around to see what it was that had prevented her from lowering herself all the way to the floor and screamed in surprise when she saw a tall, muscular woman staring back at her.

"You must be Catherine," the woman said, holding the cable attached to Catherine's harness in her meaty hands. Catherine danced on her toes as the woman lifted the cable, dangling Catherine like a hooked fish. "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Mistress Severity. I hope you don't mind, I let myself in." She chuckled. "This looks like quite a fun game that you're playing here. Why don't you keep going while I unpack my things and get settled."

She released her grip on the braided wire and stalked off into Catherine's bedroom. Catherine whimpered as she lowered herself to the floor and prepared to dunk herself once again. She wasn't sure whether to be relieved that someone had come to release her from this torture, or terrified at what might come next. She groaned as she pulled against her harness and dunked her head into the bucket of piss.

Tuesday, 26th October 7:20pm

Mistress XS walked down the hall of the Group XS dungeon and checked her watch. "Mistress Severity must have arrived at Catherine's place by now", she thought to herself, "I wonder what kind of fun they are up to." She paused as she stopped in front of her destination, a simple brown wooden door with two words stenciled across it, Slave School. As she reached for the knob she heard a terrified voice within cry out, "Please, no more! No! No! Don't! Aiyeeee! Take it out! Take it out!"

It was a song she had heard many times before. Mistress XS smiled, opened the door, and stepped through. Inside was Group XS's version of a classroom, complete with a dozen school desks occupied by horrified and attentive students paying close attention to the lesson being presented at the head of the class. There, Mistress Olga, the headmistress of the XS Slave School was standing before a red-faced and trembling student bound with her back to a St. Andrew's cross. She twisted and turned with tears streaking down her face as Olga reached for her breast and grabbed ahold of a three inch long needle and pulled it free from the tit it was buried within. The girl shrieked as Olga slowly drew the thin sliver of metal from her tit.

"You want me to take it out? I take it out," Olga said with contempt. "Where should I put it instead?" She positioned the tip of the needle over the slave's erect nipple. "Maybe here?"

"No, no! Not there! Anywhere el-," the girl pleaded before she interrupted herself with an ear splitting shriek as Olga slid the needle into her nipple, pressing it in perpendicular to the girl's chest until all but the very tip of the metal splinter sparkled in the light.

Olga now noticed her visitor and turned to greet Mistress XS. "These kids," she said with a shrug. "They never seem to know what they want."

Mistress XS nodded her head in agreement. "I apologize for interrupting your lesson," she said, "but I need to borrow two of your students for a special assignment that I have."

"Of course," Mistress Olga replied. "Who do you need?"

Mistress XS looked out into the rows of desks at a dozen terrified faces. Any special assignment involving Mistress XS was sure to end in merciless torture and humiliation. Each girl silently prayed that she was not the one their mistress was looking for.

"I need our resident twins, Serena and Alex," Mistress XS announced. Several of the relieved students turned to look at the back of the class where Alex sat, suddenly looking nauseous. The girl slowly stood up from her desk and walked towards Mistress XS with her head held low like a condemned prisoner heading to the gallows.

"Here is Alex," Mistress Olga said. "And her sister is up here helping me to demonstrate the finer points of needle play. Isn't that right, Serena?"

The girl could only moan as Olga brushed her hand across the dozen or so needles embedded within her left breast. Her right breast had so far been spared.

Olga released the straps at Serena's wrists and ankles which held her to the cross. The girl stumbled forward, but was caught by her twin sister who helped to hold her up.

"Do you want me to remove the needles before they go?" Olga asked.

"Don't bother," Mistress XS replied, admiring her slave's pincushion of a breast. "I will give the girls a personal lesson in needle play before we get to our assignment."

"Lucky girls," Olga remarked to her terrified slaves. "Mistress XS is one of the best when it comes to finding creative places to stick needles. But don't think that just because you are off having fun with her that you can get out of your homework assignment. You are to come up with three ways in which we can make the needles more painful. I expect your answers on my desk by the start of the next class." She turned to her remaining students seated at their desks. "Now, it looks like I will require a new volunteer to help continue with my demonstration. Anyone?"

The remaining students shifted uncomfortably in their desks, hoping to avoid the attention of their instructor. She selected, Holly, the most frightened looking of her remaining students as Mistress XS led Serena and Alex out of the class and down to her own personal quarters.

"You girls are going to help me put on a special show for your Aunt Catherine once she finally joins us here in our little dungeon," she explained as they walked. "Won't that be exciting to see your dear aunt once again?"

Tuesday, 26th October 7:25pm

The twins' dear aunt Catherine had by now soaked her hood and collar enough that she could breath again, though the hood still crushed her head within its vice-like grip. The headache that it had caused her for the entirety of the past day was the least of her worries. She looked on in concern as Mistress Severity unpacked her things, then took stock of the items Group XS had left at her disposal in Catherine's apartment. She carefully picked up each item, giving some of the whips and paddles test swings like a tennis pro evaluating a new racket. Once she had looked over everything in the living room she disappeared into the kitchen.

Catherine wished she would hurry up and release her already. If she waited much longer then she'd have to re-wet her headgear once more. She glanced nervously at the picture Mistress XS had given her to display for her new mistress. It was a framed photo of Mistress Severity standing in front of a thoroughly beaten and abused slave with a signed and hand written note from the dominatrix which read, "Catherine, I'm going to do so much more when it's your turn."

When finally she felt the rough hands of her mistress grab her from behind she jumped in surprise. The woman's powerful arms lifted her up like she weighed nothing. She set Catherine up on her feet, then released the handcuffs holding her arms to the braided cable. Catherine sighed in relief as she was able to move her arms in front of her body for the first time in over a day. She shrugged her stiff shoulders as Mistress Severity bent her forward and tore free the leather sheath which held Catherine's legs together.

Catherine nearly wept with joy as the ballet boots were pried feet from her tortured feet. She looked down at her bruised and mangled toes and wondered if they'd ever be normal again. Next to go was the rubber catsuit which had fit her body like a second skin. The cool air was refreshing after having spent so long in the stifling rubber. She was afraid to look down and see what the cable nooses had done to her breasts. She pressed her chin down against her unyielding leather collar and gasped. The base of her tits had been rubbed raw by the coarse, biting cables. An angry red ring circled each breast, bleeding in some spots, severely bruised in others, and painful everywhere.

Mistress Severity, too, was drawn to the sight of Catherine's damaged mammaries. She grinned like a schoolboy seeing his first set of tits as she reached up and grabbed onto the painful lumps of flesh. Catherine screamed into her gag as her mistress roughly mauled at her tits, twisting and crushing them in her massive hands. Catherine tried to resist, she raised her hands to pull the woman away from her chest but she was weak as a kitten after her long ordeal and was easy rebuffed by the powerful sadist.

Once Mistress Severity had tired of exploring Catherine's aching bosom she resumed freeing Catherine from her bondage. She pinched off the tube running from Catherine's catheter to her gag, then pulled the tube free from the hood. For the first time in a day Catherine didn't feel the steady drip-drip of her own urine hitting the back of her throat. By now she had probably recycled the same piss through her body a dozen times, if not more.

Mistress Severity paused as she contemplated removing the tight leather hood and collar. She tried in vain to wedge her fingers beneath the straps, but they were drawn so tight that she failed to make any headway.

"My, my," she commented. "You do like your bondage tight, don't you? I'll have to remember that." She considered how best to remove the tight leather. "Maybe we just need to soften it up a little."

Before Catherine could realize what that meant, Mistress Severity had grabbed ahold of her head and thrust it into the bucket of piss on the floor before them. Catherine had only barely drawn in a breath before her head was dunked into the acrid, salty liquid. She futilely struggled against her mistress, placing her hands on the sides of the bucket and pushing herself up. But Mistress Severity was stronger. She held Catherine under for thirty seconds... forty seconds... a minute. Catherine's lungs burned. She blew tiny bubbles out her nose in distress. Just as she was about to fall limp Mistress Severity lifted her free of the liquid.

Catherine came up coughing and gagging. She felt like she had snorted half the bucket of piss through her sinuses. Her throat burned as Mistress Severity evaluated the effectiveness of her efforts. She gave a pensive grunt before suddenly thrusting Catherine's head once more into the bucket.

Catherine had hardly recovered from her first dunking before Mistress Severity rammed her back under. Once again she barely was able to draw a breath as she plunged beneath the surface. Again she resisted. She pushed ineffectively with her arms. She kicked and flailed her legs. After being held under at least as long as the last time she was dragged out once more.

Mistress Severity regarded the hood and shrugged. "I guess we'll have to cut it free. I hope Mistress XS doesn't mind," she said. "I'll tell her it was your idea."

She dumped Catherine to the floor and went to retrieve her knife. Catherine lay on the ground, helpless and miserable. Mistress Severity returned wielding a massive hunting knife. She first cut free the binding, then slid the blade beneath each of the straps, sawing through the rigid rawhide. When the collar fell free Catherine gasped. Her chest swelled as for the first time in a long time she was able to breath deeply. Then the hood came loose. The attached gag was pried free of her clenched jaws. Catherine felt woozy as the blood rushed back to her head. She stared down at the leather prison that she had been trapped in for the past day. The rawhide still held the shape of her face like some horrid mask that lay there staring back at her.

The panties from her lover, Lynne, her sister Georgina, and her nieces, Alex and Serena, which had been draped over her head beneath the hood had by now been practically embedded in her skin. Mistress Severity marvelled at this fact as she slowly peeled each pair free from Catherine and tossed the panties back into the bucket.

Catherine waited expectantly for Mistress Severity to remove what Mistress XS had called her 'piss pants', but the stern woman made no move to do so. Instead she quietly appraised the pathetic slave laying before her on the floor.

"Please," Catherine croaked as she rose to her knees to beg. "Remove my panties too."

From the instant scowl that appeared on Mistress Severity's face you'd have thought that Catherine had just insulted her mother, her religion, and her favorite sports team. She wound up and slapped Catherine so hard across the face that it sent her sprawling to the floor.

A bright red handmark began to color Catherine's cheek as Mistress Severity barked, "You do not make requests of me, slave! I am the one giving orders here and I will do whatever I damn well please. As far as I'm concerned you could wear the panties for the rest of my visit here with you. And you would if it wouldn't interfere with what I have planned." Her angry face grew as red as Catherine's stinging cheek. "And furthermore, I am to be addressed as Mistress and you will never speak unless spoken to. Is that clear?"

Catherine rubbed her sore cheek. "Yes, mistress," she replied.

"Good," now stay here while I go get a few things from the kitchen.

Catherine, too frightened to move, remained sprawled out on the floor, her face mere inches away from the framed picture of Mistress Severity and her miserable victim. This was not starting out the way she had hoped.

Tuesday, 26th October 7:45pm

While Catherine was getting acquainted with Mistress Severity, Mistress XS was just finishing up her needle play lesson with Serena and Alex.

When they arrived in Mistress XS's private apartment she had instructed Serena to remove the needles from her left tit and place them in the same position on her sister's left tit. Once this was accomplished it was Alex's turn to remove the needles and transfer them to her sister's right tit. Finally, as to be expected, the needles were again moved back to the final unmolested breast among the two of them.

The entire operation had taken longer than Mistress XS had liked, but part of that was her own fault. Whenever she felt that the girls were moving too slowly, or trying to show mercy, she would reach into her own kit of needles and add another to the mix. Unfortunately for Serena and Alex, Mistress XS's needles were much crueler than the ones from the classroom. They had little barbs running along them which grabbed and tore at the girls' flesh as they tried to remove them. By the time they had finished the number of needles they were transferring was double what they had started with.

Alex pulled the last of the barbed needles from her right breast, sobbing and bloodied. Mistress XS ordered the girls to stand at attention, hands behind their heads, as she explained their next task.

"You two will be performing a little self-guided punishment demonstration for your aunt to show her how you have become enthusiastic and willing pain sluts under our care and tutelage. I will give you a series of punishments and I expect you to perform them perfectly and without hesitation," she explained. "To make sure everything goes off without a hitch we are going to practice. We will practice again and again and again until I am certain that you will do everything right. It may take all night. It may take several days. But I think perfection is not too much to expect from a couple of eager, upstanding slaves such as yourselves."

Serena and Alex ignored the pain in their breasts as the prospect of spending several days under the close, personal gaze of Mistress XS sank in. That would be far, far worse.

Tuesday, 26th October 7:50pm

Mistress Severity returned from the kitchen carrying a tray of food and a bottle of water. "I see you're admiring the photo of one of my previous slaves," she said, her tone considerably calmer now as she looked at the signed photo of her on the floor. "That was taken after a particularly sound thrashing she received for putting me in a bad mood. Would you like to know what she did that made me so sour?" she asked.

"Yes, mistress," Catherine asked earnestly. She hoped to avoid whatever transgression that had led that other slave to ruin.

Mistress Severity leaned in close as if she was about to impart some great secret to Catherine. "She said 'no' to me," Mistress Severity calmly stated.

Catherine glanced at her mistress with a look of mixed dread and disbelief.

"I simply lose it when someone tells me 'no'," she explained further. "Especially a slave. I expect complete and total obedience and I deserve nothing less than that from my slaves. Wouldn't you agree?"

Catherine, catching on, nodded her head. "Yes, mistress. Thank you for letting me know."

"You are welcome," she replied. "Now what do you say we get started. As I understand it you haven't had anything to eat or drink for over twenty four hours, unless you count your own recycled piss. Is that right?"

"Yes, mistress," Catherine replied. Her dry mouth yearned for a sip of the bottled water Mistress Severity held and her stomach growled at the thought of solid food.

Rather than reach for the tray of food, Mistress Severity instead grabbed a long length of rope. Catherine stifled a groan as her mistress walked behind her and began to bind her wrists and elbows together. She then shoved her to the floor and used the rest of the rope to tie Catherine's ankles together, leaving a short length of rope between her ankles and wrists.

Now that Catherine was in a loose hogtie Mistress Severity grabbed the bottle of water, removed the cap, and proceeded to pour the contents all over the floor. Catherine could feel a few cold drops of water splash against her skin, she was so desperate she would readily drink the puddle right up. But Mistress Severity wasn't done yet. She produced an extra large box of little brass thumbtacks and dumped them all over the floor, primarily between Catherine and the tantalizing pool of water.

"If you're thirsty then go ahead and drink," she said. "But I expect you to slurp up every last drop."

The implication was clear. If Catherine wanted to drink then she would have to shimmy across the thumbtacks with nothing to shield her unprotected chest and abdomen. She slowly inched her way towards the puddle, taking care not to fall too hard onto any of the obstacles. But after watching Catherine move along for a few seconds Mistress Severity produced a riding crop and whacked it against Catherine's exposed backside. The crop emitted a sharp snap as it made contact with the piss pants, which did nothing to soften the blow. Catherine squealed in pain.

"Hurry up, slave," she ordered. "We haven't got all night. I want to see you move with some purpose." She emphasized her point with two more snaps of the crop.

Catherine scowled and quickened her pace. She wriggled right into the thick of the thumbtacks and gasped as the tiny sharpened pins dug into her soft and tender breasts. As soon as she reached the puddle she lowered her face to the floor and began slurping the cool refreshing liquid. Mistress Severity made liberal use of the crop to keep Catherine moving along as she slowly drank up all the water, and at the suggestion of her mistress Catherine licked the floor clean.

When she finished she rolled onto her back, revealing a dozen tacks that had embedded themselves in her fleshy breasts.

"Good," Mistress Severity said. "Now are you hungry?"

Catherine's mouth watered at the prospect of food. "Yes, mistress," she replied.

"Alright. Lucky for you, Mistress XS sent along a list of your favorite foods. Let's see," she said, raising a sheet of paper before her and reading. "Catherine likes to eat shit, human or animal, it doesn't matter. Dogfood. Dirt. Cum. Garbage. Hair. Spit," She lowered the list. "It goes on and on like this. Do you really like to eat all this?"

Catherine, of course, wanted to say 'no'. But the anguished eyes of Mistress Severity's previous slave stared back at her from the portrait nearby, warning her not to do anything foolish.

"Yes, mistress," Catherine gulped, already nauseous at the thought of eating anything on that list. "Those are my favorites."

"Well I was just going to give you this bowl of oatmeal, but if that's what you like then I'll see if I can scare up something more to your taste," Mistress Severity laughed. Catherine watched as she returned to the kitchen, reached into the trash and pulled out an old banana peel and threw it in the bowl of oatmeal. She mashed it up with a spoon before topping the mixture with a pile of used coffee grounds. She placed the bowl on the floor and then garnished the dish with a gob of phlegm that she snorted out of her throat. "Bon appetit," she said. "I expect you to eat the entire thing and lick the bowl clean."

Catherine squirmed toward the bowl, embedding further tacks into her tits along the way. She was so hungry that she was able to mostly ignore the extras that Mistress Severity had added. But by the time that she finished she felt like there was a brick sitting in her stomach.

"Alright," Mistress Severity remarked. "Now we can almost get started. You must be full to bursting after wearing those piss pants for so long. Why don't you go to the bathroom while I get some things ready?"

She loosened the knots at Catherine's wrists and then went about her task. Catherine shook loose the ropes binding her wrists and ankles and nearly sprinted to the bathroom. When she got there she closed the door and contemplated how best to remove her panties. She slowly peeled them down her legs, feeling the both dildos and her catheter slide out of her as she did so. Once she got them down to her thighs she nearly screamed in shock. Her pussy had been torn to shreds by the cable which she had drawn back and forth between her legs with every dunk of her head. She winced as she cleaned herself up and used the toilet, anxiously remembering that the device would not flush.

Tuesday, 26th October 8:35pm

"No, no, no," Mistress XS chided. "You're going far too easy on her." She snatched the whip out of Serena's hand and laid a stripe across Alex's back. Alex shrieked in pain.

"Let's start from the top," Mistress XS suggested over Alex's sobs. "We'll get this right if it takes a hundred tries."

Tuesday, 26th October 8:40pm

Upon returning from the bathroom Catherine was directed to kneel before her mistress. Mistress Severity leaned down and ran her fingers along the fading bruises on Catherine's back.

"These are lovely," she remarked. "Who made them?"

"I did, mistress," Catherine replied, remembering the night that seemed so long ago when Mistress XS had her flog herself with a braided leather whip before placing herself in the first of her humiliating and painful predicaments.

"Oh come now, you couldn't have done this," Mistress Severity said teasingly. "You must have some secret mistress that came to give you such a sound thrashing."

"I did do it myself mistress," Catherine admitted.

"So what? You think you're better at it than me?" Mistress Severity said, her expression growing darker.

"Mistress, n-," Catherine began before catching herself. She didn't want to contradict a woman with such a short fuse. "I'm sure that you're much more skilled with a whip than I am."

"Let's find out," Mistress Severity smiled with an evil grin. Catherine felt her heart drop. She had walked right into that one.

Mistress Severity hauled her to her feet and locked her left wrist into a cuff that was dangling from the rafters. She then locked her ankles into a wide spreader bar and thrust a whip into her free right hand. Catherine immediately recognized it as the same whip she had used before - nine leather strands with a thick knot at the end of each. She knew firsthand how much agony this whip could inflict.

"You go first," Mistress Severity said. "Twenty five strokes. Swing the whip around your front and under your left arm so that the braids land across your back. And no going easy. Any strokes that I don't think were hard enough will be added to the twenty five that I deliver."

Catherine felt sick. Mistress Severity watched intently as Catherine wound up and swung. The whip swished through the air, crashing against her flesh with a thud. Her back exploded in pain. Her knees buckled and she fell, held up only by her left wrist shackled to the ceiling. Catherine cried out in pain.

"Oh that wasn't nearly hard enough," Mistress Severity remarked. "You'll have to do better than that if you want to show that you're better than me."

As Catherine wound up for the next strike Mistress Severity stopped her. "Hold on," she said, "we'd better get a gag for you. We don't want to disturb the neighbors, do we?"

She looked around the room for a gag before her eyes settled on the nearly empty bucket of piss that Catherine had been dunking her head in all day. She held her nose and fished out three of the pairs of panties that were soaking in the bucket. Catherine recoiled at the sight of her loved ones' panties which had not too long ago been draped over head, but she dutifully opened wide as Mistress Severity packed her mouth with them. It was a struggle to get the final pair in place, but Mistress Severity was determined and no amount of gagging from Catherine would stop her. Once they were in she picked up a roll of duct tape and wound it around her head several times to hold everything in place. She then stepped back and gestured for Catherine to continue.

Tuesday, 26th October 9:00pm

"You stupid girls! Can't you do anything right?" Mistress XS's patience was wearing thin. The cane in Alex's hand clattered to the ground as the angry woman approached. "A cane is meant to strike a fleshy area, like this," she gave Alex two quick strikes across the back of the thighs with her own cane. Alex yelped, her hands reaching for her legs to massage her new welts.

Mistress XS sighed. "Let's start over at the top again."

Tuesday, 26th October 10:45pm

Catherine's head swayed drunkenly from side to side, her chin resting on her chest. After she had delivered twenty five of her own strikes to her back with the whip Mistress Severity had her turn. She had declared all but five of Catherine's blows as insufficient, so she added forty five of her own to the tally of Catherine's battered back. Though there was little doubt to begin with that Mistress Severity was more skilled with the whip, she set out to prove her point with vigor. By the time she had finished Catherine's back was one big bruise.

That was when Mistress Severity suggested that they test out their off hand. She chained Catherine's right wrist to the ceiling and pressed the whip into her left hand, but by this time Catherine was so weak she could hardly raise her arm. Mistress Severity stopped her short and decided to deliver all fifty of her left handed blows herself.

"There. I hope that settles who is more skilled with a whip," Mistress Severity remarked. She unhooked Catherine's wrist from the ceiling and watched as the poor woman crumpled to the floor.

"You look beat!" Mistress Severity chuckled. "Maybe it's time to get ready for bed. We've got a busy day tomorrow and we can't have you dragging."

She attached a set of manacles to Catherine's wrists then pulled them down to the middle of the spreader bar and locked them in place. Catherine lay with her face pressed into the floor and her ass held high in the air.

"I tell you what," Mistress Severity said. "You've been a good girl today, so I'll give you a little goodnight fucking as a reward. Let me introduce you to my favorite strap-on. This is Little Richard."

She pulled out a dildo that by no stretch of the imagination could be described as 'little'. She lubed it up and strapped it around her waist, then lined up behind Catherine.

Catherine stirred as she felt the tip of the enormous member enter her pussy. Mistress Severity tenderly rubbed Catherine's clit as she gently prodded in and out. Catherine was surprised by her mistress's gentleness after such cruelty and eventually began to respond. Just as she began to relax and lower her defenses Mistress Severity slammed the full length of the dildo hard into Catherine's unsuspecting cunt. She howled into her panty-stuffed mouth as Mistress Severity jack-hammered away at her insides.

After a few minutes Mistress Severity let the strap-on pop free. "Not doing it for you?" she asked. "You lesbians are always so hard to please. Maybe you're a backdoor girl?"

Catherine pleaded for mercy as she felt a dribble of lube fall onto her asshole. Mistress Severity probed her anus with one, then two, then three fingers, loosening her up to make room for the dildo. When Catherine felt the tip of the strap-on touch her asshole she tried to wriggle her hips away, but Mistress Severity grabbed onto her hips and held her firmly. She eased the monster into her ass as Catherine cried out. She slowly slid the dildo in and out, each time pressing a little deeper until finally she had buried the entire length inside. Catherine felt like she would burst, she was so full. After a few minutes more Mistress Severity finally pulled free, leaving Catherine's gaping asshole pointing up towards the ceiling.

"I give up," Mistress Severity said. "I'm giving you some of my best stuff here. Maybe you'd like me to use my other strap-on, Big Dick?" She gestured to an item on the coffee table that was somehow even bigger and more menacing than what Catherine had just experienced.

Catherine vehemently shook her head 'no'.

"Alright," Mistress Severity replied putting away her strap-ons. "There's just one last thing before we turn in. I like to get my breakfast ready the night before so that there's less work to do in the morning. Fortunately Mistress XS gave me a wonderful smoothie recipe that she said you would just love. Let's get that prepared, shall we?"

Catherine moaned in dismay as Mistress Severity retreated into the kitchen. She was in so much pain and discomfort. She just wanted this day to end.

Mistress Severity returned a few minutes later carrying a tray of food and holding a recipe card.

"Let's see," she said. "Start with a frozen banana." She picked up a peeled banana up from the tray. Catherine jumped as she felt a cold sensation against her anus. The smoothie was going in her ass! She cried out as Mistress Severity shoved the frozen fruit into her. It slid in easily as a result of the stretching caused by the dildo. "You know what? Let's do two. I bet all this fun is making you hungry!" She picked up a second frozen banana and rammed it in alongside the first.

Catherine shivered as Mistress Severity read the recipe again. "Next add some freshly chopped cayenne peppers, the spicier the better."

Catherine screamed as Mistress Severity's next touch felt like it had set her anus on fire. She shrieked and wriggled as the woman pressed the peppers into her ass as far as she could with her fingers. Catherine thrashed about as the burning sensation spread to her insides. Mistress Severity had to hold her still as she then pressed in a medley of frozen chopped strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple before finally completing the process by plugging Catherine's ass with a freshly cut knob of ginger.

"There. That should be all ready for you in the morning. Don't you go pushing any of that out before I tell you to. You don't want to anger me in the morning. I'm grumpy until I get my coffee," she warned.

Catherine shivered and sobbed as she felt her ass both freezing from the frozen fruit and burning from the spicy peppers. She watched as Mistress Severity sauntered into the bedroom and plopped down in Catherine's big, comfy bed then shut off the lights.

Tuesday, 26th October 11:35pm

Mistress XS latched shut the small wooden box she had packed Serena away in for the night, then slid it over to the matching box containing her sister. The girls were starting to slow down, their accumulated punishments wearing down their endurance. The two of them had yet to even complete the routine once successfully. Though part of that was due to Mistress XS. She kept coming up with new ideas for the girls to try out which usually resulted in some mistake that led Mistress XS to command that they start again from the beginning. But it was no matter. There was still plenty of time for the girls to get the routine down right.

Mistress XS stalked off to find someone to share her bed with her for the night.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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