The Dare
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Author's Note: There was a problem with the first envoy. I hope this time it will be readable

Chapter One

This story happens in a world where slavery is accepted in some states. Our two main characters come from a non-slave state but they are visiting such a state where slavery and prostitution are legal. They came last year to celebrate their 18th birthday with alcohol, sex and drugs were all available, so they had a blast for a whole weekend and this year they came back to repeat the experience. Brad and Michael don't come from rich families so they had to work all year part-time while studying to be able to finance their stay. They were planning to make the most of it. They arrived as early as they could on Friday and went directly to a brothel to find young cute girls to fuck and take booze and drugs.

Around midnight, the two friends were sitting comfortably together smoking some weeds and telling each other their recent adventures. - You won't believe Brad how good this girl looked and the things she could do! - I believe you, Michael. The one I picked was also stunning, I don't know where they find them. The perfect body, firm boobs, and an ass you could die for. - Yeah. Same here, never thought somebody could give a blowjob like that, she could use her mouth and tongue like a vacuum, she made me cum three times, - Yes man! They are such sluts, they surely know how to please a man.

As they were discussing, a server came in. He was almost naked except for a tiny pouch and a bow tie. He knelt down in front of them and asked them if they needed something to eat or drink with a large smile. Brad told him that they didn't need anything now and the server left. - You know Michael that is a really good-looking guy. Too bad I'm not gay. And so submissive, eager to please! - But you have to understand they are slaves and they don't have much choice. - Probably not, but I'm sure they are already that way, they must like to please and serve, - I heard they have very though training in order to behave in such a way. - Nonsense, nobody could accept to do such demeaning things without natural tendencies. I wouldn't accept to obey and serve as this server did. - I don't agree with you.

With the proper training and discipline, anybody would be changed into a proper slave. Michael and Brad always liked to argue about all kinds of subjects i.e. sports, politics. Now both of them are drunk and wasted after an evening of sex, drugs, and booze. As usual, they don't want to admit they are wrong and want to win the argument for the sake of it. - Brad you are all talk and no action. I'm sure you would not resist severe training. - How can you say that Michael? I'm a tough guy and nobody could break me. - I'm sure with the right training, you would become just a pussy. - Never in a hundred years!! - Prove it! I dare you. Michael and Brad are used to these little contests. Who would jump from a cliff? Who would fuck a girl first? Who would go faster in a car? - Nobody can turn me into a slave. I'm sure of that - Well! Let's see. I saw an ad in the lobby for a company willing to train a personal slave for the weekend. Take a look at one of the flyers on the table over there. SLAVE OWNER Did you just buy a slave or need to retrain one, the slave center is offering a weekend training for the cheap price of $150. We guarantee that in two days, your slave will be transformed into an obedient one. Satisfaction or money back.

- I'm sure you wouldn't be able to resist long to this training. You would quit after a few hours - I thought you knew me! I went through football training this year. It was hell. - True! But here it looks more serious. Anyway, you are not a slave and I don't think you could have this training. - I could always say that I'm your slave and you could apply for me. - Not sure about that. But it's only for two days. Not much harm could be done. - Let go there and give it a try. - Well, alright but you could just back up once we are there.

Brad and Michael got dressed and called a taxi. They were still inebriated and laughing all the way to the place. The taxi arrived in front of an imposing building and they were impressed by its size. But in their state of mind, they were still giggling like two good buddies. - Now Brad you have to look serious. You're supposed to be my slave. You have to behave like one. - Your right. I will walk behind you. My head lowered.

Once they entered they were welcomed by a nice girl. Michael showed the flyer and ask if he could have his slave trained for the weekend. The girl looked at them suspiciously, especially at Brad. He didn't look like a slave since he was wearing a free man's clothes. - You are late for the offer, Sir, it's almost 1 o'clock. It's for a complete weekend, 2 days training. As you know we guarantee the results, so we need enough time. - Can't you make an exception? - Let me check if I can have somebody to take care of you at this late time.

While the girl was checking on the phone, Brad was trying to play his role, biting his tongue , looking at the floor. - You are lucky, we have somebody still available to help you. He was leaving when I called him. Just go to the door over there and he will take care of it.

In the office, a very friendly man welcomed them, offered them a seat and some drinks. - So I was told that you wanted to profit from our offer for the weekend training. Its rather late but we could accommodate you since our staff is already taking care of some slaves. - You are very kind, said Michael, to take the time to help me; I was told you were leaving. - No problem, here at the Center, the client is first. So you want to have your slave trained. Where is it? Did you leave him outside? - No, no. It's him here. - Really, he doesn't look or act like a slave. I understand why you want him trained. STAND UP! BOY!! TAKE A PROPER POSITION! That's it. Now that's a proper attitude. Do you have the papers so that we can check its status? - In fact no, I'm not from here and he is officially a free man. Could you make an exception? He is very eager to learn, he wants to serve and please me. ( Michael winked at Brad ) - Sir, we are a very serious organization here and we deal only with slaves. - But if he volunteers for the program, would that do? - No the only way would be for him to become a real slave, to renounce his rights for the time he is here. - And how is that possible? - He just gives you complete power of attorney and signs over his life until you see fit to give it back. - Well, l I'm not sure about that. Can I have a private talk with him? - Sure. I'll come back in a few minutes.

- What do you think, said Michael? We just should cancel the whole thing, it's getting too much. Did you see how he made you stand? Its tone changed suddenly. Just admit that you were wrong and let's go back. - No way! I can do it. I'm strong enough for that.

- But I will become your owner officially, you would have no more say. - It's only for the weekend, not even two complete days, after that I'll be a free man again. I trust you, Michael. - Well if you insist. You are so stubborn. You would do anything not to lose an argument. You won't be able to say I didn't warn you. After that it went fast, Brad signed the papers to give power of attorney to Michael who signed the contract with the center to have his slave trained for the rest of the Weekend. Then he had to fill a form to decide the particular of the training. Yes for a first-class treatment ( whatever that meant ). Yes to discipline ( Brad was used to that in sports ). No permanent changes. No marks or scars. No to sexual acts ( Brad was not gay ), He gave everything filled and left. Still, he felt guilty to leave his friend just like that. But what the heck, what could go wrong and it was Brad's choice after all.

Chapter Two (added: 2021/04/27)

The weekend went so fast, and it was already late afternoon Sunday. It was time for Michael to leave and get his friend at the Center. He felt guilty after he left his friend, but it was Brad's choice; if he hadn't be so stubborn, he would have enjoyed the rest of the week-end like him. That's what they had planned at the beginning. Brad had foolishly accepted the dare and who knows what he had to go through. Michael knew that his friend was tough. So now was the time to go to the Center and meet his friend. They could go back home and laugh about the whole thing.

When he arrived at the Center, Michael was again overwhelmed by the size of the building and its eerie atmosphere. He felt a pang in his stomach, but he did not know why. He was sure he would feel much better once he had left. He showed his paper to a friendly secretary who called a trainer. It was Paul, the same one who was nice enough to take care of them. He shook hands with Michael like they were old pals and invited him into a private lounge.

-Glad to meet you again. I hope you had a good weekend. You will be satisfied with the progress your slave made. You asked for a first-class training and you will see by yourself the excellent work we performed. I was personally involved in the process, and I'm proud of the results we got in such a short time. Here enjoy some refreshments while I fetch the slave.

Paul came back shortly after followed by Brad with downcast eyes, naked except for a strange looking collar. Michael was so surprised that his friend didn't even look at him.


Brad stood straight instantly looking ahead, hands behind neck, chest out, stomach in. But what astonished Michael most was the look of his friend. His hair had been trimmed from a fashionable style to an inch long length. His beard and moustache were completely shaven. He remembered how much Brad had spent recently to have a trendy look: he was so proud of his jet- black hair! Brad also worn a funny looking collar with a brown box at the back. All his body hair below his neck had been shaven, armpits, pubes and balls. Michael remembered that he had said yes to permanent modifications, he never thought they would shave Brad like that. What he could not understand was why Brad was sporting a hard-on. The shaving made his cock look bigger. Because of his Italian background, he was hairy but now he was smooth as a baby.

-You see, he looks like a real slave now. No clothes, cleanly shaven. I'll show you how he also acts like one.


Immediately, Brad knelt keeping his hands behind his head. Michael wondered how his former proud friend could obey without hesitation.


As fast as before, Brad complied in front of the two men, taking the humiliating position, looking straight ahead and showing his ass, his balls hanging between his legs

Paul patted his head as if he was stroking a dog. But Brad didn't move an inch; just waiting for orders.


The once-proud ex-footballer lowered his head on the ground, spread his legs, hands on his ass cheeks, showing his hole for all to see it. How he can accept to do such a faggy thing, wondered Michael. This was not the Brad he knew.

-Up boy, PRESENT !!!

Brad moved fast to take the requested stance. As rigid as he was the first time. Michael couldn't believe his eyes. What had they done to him to have this result? He could not see any marks from beatings. His skin was unblemished. He was not tied with anything. Could it be the collar? Nevertheless, it appeared to be inoffensive. He was surprised that his buddy never acknowledged his presence. Surely he should be happy to see him and leave this place with him.

-You can take proud in owning your slave now; so obedient and eager to please. Too bad we didn't have your permission to use it sexually.

Paul started to touch Brad all over: face, pecs , stomach, ass, balls and then his cock. Michael was amazed to see some precum oozing from it. Could it be that his friend had some hidden preferences? He couldn't see any reactions coming from him, he just stood as stoic as before.

-Sit down and enjoy your drink Michael, Paul said with a very friendly tone, quite different with the harsh one he used with Brad. I will have your slave prepared while we complete our transaction.


So the trainer and Brad left, leaving Michael overwhelmed by what he had seen. He drank the glass in one shoot to regain his senses. He realized that this place was dangerous, they were real slavers. It was imperative to get his friend out of here. Gratefully, the ordeal was over. Brad must have learned his lesson by now. Once the papers are signed, they will leave together and try to forget what happened here. Michael hoped that his friend would have learned from this and would be the wiser. He should be wary of people he didn't know. So different from the people he knew at his place. Here you couldn't trust anybody. Like this Paul. He was such a friendly guy with its clients, turning into a harsh and demanding trainer. He must have used some crazy shit to transform his friend into an obedient and subservient slave. He was sure Brad would explained precisely what means were used to reduce him to the status of a slave, eager to obey rapidly to the voice of his trainer. It was time to leave the Center with Brad and forget this terrible place.

Paul brought Brad to another room in the care of another trainer who ordered him to stand in the present position. Brad complied immediately. But he knew it was the end of that long ordeal. He had seen Michael and he was relieved that it would be the end of that stupid dare. He was exhausted after so many hours without sleep, from Friday to Sunday late afternoon. They trained him all the time with many trainers (that was the first- class training program Michael had asked for), there was no respite: hours after hours of commands. He soon learned the purpose of the collar they put on his neck. It was a shock collar.

-You obey fast or you will feel the collar. On level 1, it's a mild shock, on 2 you will feel some pain and on 3, it's excruciating, let me show you.

The trainer pushed on number 3. Brad tried in vain to remove the collar and moaned loudly, jerking around

-You can't take it off. Only a special key can open it. So you got to get that in your head, you obey orders and FAST, if you don't want to feel pain, this is only number 3, it goes all the way to 10, you don't want to test that. So the first rule is to obey, the second one is no talking, the third one you are not allowed to touch yourself, even for pissing. We decide everything for you, when you piss, when you shit, when you drink. Any rules get broken and you feel the collar.

After that, Brad just went along without challenging the trainers, he just followed the orders, and he never wanted to experience that pain again. The worst trainer was Paul, who was so nice when they first met him. He pushed and pushed him again and again. He was never satisfied with his trainee, asking for greater speed and efficiency. He explained all the positions a slave should take standing, kneeling, on all fours, walking. He asked for perfections. When in the perfect stance, the slave was not allowed to move, not even an inch. And that was the most challenging part: keeping the eyes fixated at a point. Paul didn't miss anything. A tiny shift of the eye and that is when Brad endured the number 4 shock. He writhed on the floor, crying like a baby. He would do anything not to experience this pain again. From then on, he just obeyed without hesitation.

When he had recovered enough, he was taken to another room where his hair was cut short and his beard shaved. He couldn't do anything. His eyes filled with tears as he felt so hopeless. But the worst part was when they shaved his body from the neck down: his arms and legs, his chest and back, his crotch and balls and his ass crack. He was as smooth as a baby. He had been so happy a few weeks before when he groomed his masculine looking black hair. He spent good money to pay for the latest style in order to impress the girls. He was now reduced to that bare looking slave. He felt so humiliated and powerless. On his way back he heard loud noises coming from close doors, sounds of whips, cries of anguish. He was so terrified, just wanting to have this nightmare finished at last.

Finally, after hours of interminable instructions: without sleep, without food, without speaking. He was brought in the room where Michael was sitting. He was so relieved, he could, at last, see the light at the end of the tunnel, his friend was here, to put an end to that foolish dare. Brad didn't show any signs that he had seen his friend. All those hours of continuous training had turned him into an obedient slave. He was deprived of sleep and food for almost two days now. His mind was so weak, he could not resist anymore, and he continued to act as he was told. Despite that, for the first time in these two days, he realized that he was the only one naked in front of clothed men, worst he was sporting a hard-on. What was wrong with him? He felt so ashamed and humiliated. (He didn't know that the water he was allowed to drink was spooked with a strong dose of Viagra) He knew that Paul was holding the remote ready to push the button and make him endure more pain than before. So he did whatever he was asked. All those demeaning positions he was taught. At the back of his head, it was clear that the end was near.

He was waiting for Michael, in the proper stance, like a good slave. He would be freed from those terrible people. He had learned his lesson, and he understood why the slaves he misjudged formerly were so compliant. That was a hard way to learn. He just hoped Michael would hurry up and sign the papers which would make him a free man again.

Chapter 3 (added: 2021/07/07)

Paul came back to talk with Michael who was impatiently waiting for him. He was eager to sign the papers and leave with his friend after this bad experience that lasted long enough. Paul sat down and looked at Michael with an amicable smile.

-I hope you are happy with our training and its result. You know that we advertised for money back if you are not fully satisfied.

-I'm really contented. There is no need for reimbursement; I was not expecting such changes in such a short time. Now can we please finish our business, we have to leave as soon as possible to catch our bus.

-Good, I have to tell you something about the contract you signed. The Center has decided to continue the training of your slave.

-WHAT!!! CONTINUE!!! I signed for two days only. You can't do that

-It's in the contract. There is a special clause that allows for further training if one of the parties wishes to do so. Didn't you read the text before signing?

-THAT CAN'T BE! IT'S OUTRAGEOUS! It said only that I could ask for more training if I wanted.

-Not exactly. The complete sentence is: The owner OR the Center can ask to continue the training in order to profit at the next auction from the added value of the slave. The OR is important here. So the Center has decided to take advantage of that clause.

-NO. NO, I CANT BELIEVE THAT IS TRUE. You tricked me. It can't be legal.

-Calm down, no need to get upset.

Michael was overwhelmed. He was out of his mind. How could they trick him like that? And more so how they could do this to Brad, his best friend? He went through so much already. And now they would keep him, he could not allow that. He stood up, shouting at the top of his voice.

-FUCKING NO, I WON'T CALM DOWN. And what is that thing about an auction?

-Sit down or I will have to call security. There is no need to be worried. I can explain the situation to you.

Michael realized he did not have the upper hand. He could not say that Brad and he were not serious about the training; that it was just a dare between two friends. Still shaken, he sat down. His head was spinning, he tried to calm himself. Maybe, there was a way to get out of this situation and save his buddy.

-Good, listen, Michael, there is no need to panic. We don't intend to take your slave from you. In fact quite the opposite, we are a slave center and we deal with the training and selling of slaves. We don't want to keep them. We have a deal for you.

-I don't want a deal. Just give me back my slave. ( it was strange for Michael to use that term for his friend but these people were genuine slavers, he had to be careful )

-Just listen and I'm sure we can all profit from the situation. The training had a very good result and we can both profit from that. It is very quiet these days commercially and we need to have some slaves to show at our next auction in three months. That way we can hold on to our staff and keep them busy. We can offer you as a favor to split fifty-fifty the gains. If you want to keep your slave, you could pay only half the amount of the highest bidder. As a result, you would have a fully trained slave with an added value.

Michael didn't know what to do. How could he explain the situation to Brad's family? And more so, how could he face his friend? He would surely feel betrayed and abandoned. He couldn't leave him like that but what choice did he have?

-If I accept what's going to happen to my slave?

-We will keep him for three months and train him to become a prime specimen for sale.

- Will you respect the restrictions I demanded in our contract?

-We can agree on the main ones like no permanent modifications or scars, no non-necessary discipline.

-There were also no sex acts.

-A slave has to be able to satisfy its master or mistress's needs. I'm sure you know that. But we could take out bestiality or scat if you wish.

Michael had never heard of those things so he was relieved. As for satisfying women or men, he was sure Brad was straight and they would quickly realize that he could not do anything to satisfy a man. Perhaps he would enjoy pleasuring some women if got the chance.

-So you agree? Let's finish the documents while we prepare the slave.


-We have already started, as we speak, to make the final adjustments. This slave will be in our care for three months, so first we will install a tracking device, that way we won't lose him. Also, your slave needs to be identified with a tattoo.

-I thought you said no permanent marks.

-The tracking device is very small and is inserted inside the shoulders. Once healed, it leaves a tiny mark. As for the tattoo, it's inside the lower lip, you would have to pull it to see it.

-Nothing else?

-Just the regular shaving, normal restraints, and chastity ring. Nothing very special. Once we are finished with the legal stuff, your slave will be ready. You can have a last look at him. Rest assured I will take special care of your slave; I will personally take charge of his training.

The Center brought more papers so that Michael could sign them. This time he was sober and he carefully read all the pages, even the small prints. He just hoped that his friend would not be harmed during his stay. It would be hard for him but he was a strong person and he knew he could get through it. But the worst was to face him and tell him now what had happened. Not knowing how he will tell Brad's family the terrible news, they will be appalled and probably blame him. When everything was finished, they took him inside the building where they kept the slaves. Inside a cell, his buddy was waiting for him.

What Michael saw was an awesome sight. He could hardly recognize his best friend. His head was totally shaven, he was bald as a newborn, even his eyebrows and eyelashes were removed, like an albino. Heavy metal shackles on his neck, wrist, and legs: all joined by chains with big links. His cock was hidden inside a chastity cage leaving his balls hanging from it.

At first, he was speechless. So overcome by this sight. On his part, Brad was still in a state of shock, unable to react or utter a single word.

-My God!!! What have they done to you! Oh, I'm so sorry. It's my entire fault. I didn't read the contract well. They tricked me. I couldn't do anything. And now you have to pay for that. Why did we do that? It was a silly game. I'm so ashamed Brad. I'll never forget myself.

Brad suddenly looked at his friend. His eyes filled with tears. A strange noise rase from his throat like a wounded animal: unable to utter a single word. And then he started to cry, first softly, afterward with more intensity, and at the end, tears flowing without restraints. Michael had never seen his buddy crying like. Both of them were strong and proud young men, they would never allow themselves to express such total helplessness. It broke Michael's heart to realize what a dire situation Brad was and he couldn't do anything about it. So they embraced each other for some time, without saying a word. It was awkward for Michael to hold him, hindered by all those restraints. He tried to soothe him, talking softly in his ear.

-I'm really sorry Brad. Don't cry. That's it. Let me dry your tears. You have to be strong. I know you can do it. I always admired you. You are so much better than me. You will go through it and in the end, you will overcome. I tried my best to lessen your plight. I know it looks bad now. But in three months' time, it will be all finished.

When he heard three months, Brad gasped and started to cry again.

-I know. I know. It seems long but I promise you, I will come back to get you out of here.

-Don't leave me, Mike. I can't stay here any longer. Please, Mike.

-I don't have any choice. I can't stay. I will come for the auction and free you then.

-Auction? They are going to sell me.

-Don't worry. I will get the money and pay for you. Then free you. I would never leave you. I made arrangements and you will not be treated badly. They just want another man for their auction.

Brad did feel better and was reassured. He knew in his heart that Michael would do anything to save him. Furthermore, his family could not just stay idle and it would do whatever was needed to get him back. Three months seemed an eternity, especially at his age.

Paul, the trainer, came back to get Michael.

-You told me you had to leave early and it's getting late. Let me direct you to the door.

Michael left Brad reluctantly. There was no other option. He looked at his friend for the last time, holding back his tears. As they reached the door, Paul said to Michael.

-Did you see how well we prepared your slave for the next phase of his training?

-Did you have to do so many changes?

-In fact, it's for his good. He will now realize that he is a slave and needs to adapt. The radical new look will make a break in his life. You can rest assure that your slave is in good hands. He will be well trained when you come back. As you saw, we do an excellent job. He will be in peak condition. I can guarantee you that I will take special care of him. I hope you have a safe journey back home and that we can see you at our next auction. We will send you all the necessary papers so that you can prepare for it. Your stay at the hotel will free of charge, compliment of the Center. We are always happy to please our customers.

So Michael left the Center with a heavy heart. Now he would have to face Brad's family and tell them what happened. He would have given everything to save his best friend from this terrible ordeal, even take his place. He will do every effort necessary to secure Brad's release and bring him back in three months' time.

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