Forty Thousand Or Bust
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  • Post Date - 2/11/2021

Author's Note: Apologies to anybody from the Indonesian island of Selaru, this is a fictional story written using feasible geographical correctness.

The London fashion industry proved to be incredibly competitive for Lucie when facing her equally attractive rival colleagues.

On the outside, a confident party girl from Essex England but on the inside, unnecessarily paranoid about her inferiority and lack of life experience.

Because of this she'd made the decision to take a year off and go traveling so as to broaden her mind in the hope to contend with her well travelled rivals when in conversation about the world outside and experiences abroad.

In the latter stages of her backpacking world tour, she had flown from Bali on to the Indonesian island of Yamdena for a three day stop off before moving on to Australia.

Day one on her new Indonesian island had an excursion via catamarans to a paradise beach on an uninhabited island between Yamdena and Selaru known locally as 'Pulau Nuyanat'.

Prior to the excursion, using the Wi-Fi and satellite images, she viewed this tiny island, just west of the inhabited island of 'Pulau Anggarmasa'.

She discovered that Nuyanat was less than a mile across and realised she would be able to cross the whole island alone in twenty minutes or even circumnavigate it in less than an hour.

In the shared bedroom of the dormitory she chose her clothes for the day and packed her valuables then left the rest of her luggage in a hotel recommended locker.

This locker wasn't an allocated one or part of the hotel, nor was she asked to leave any of her details but instead she just rented a key at a fixed price for a minimum of one week.

Guy's heads turned and one man whistled when he saw Lucie approaching the gathering crowd of people at the shore line waiting for the same day trip.

Confidently she put on a show for them as she'd been trained for working the cat walks, exhibiting her gift of body, chest, legs, waist and ass to the group, stopping before the water line and turning to give them a second pass.

Her smile shone with both the excitement of the day ahead and from the complimentary feedback she received from her current male judges.

Head, feet, hips and swagger. Head, feet, hips and swagger she kept saying to herself over and over in her mind. Her footwork in the sand produced perfect, if not over exaggerated strutting.

This earned her a gentle cheer and a round of applause from the on-looking guys, much to the disgust of a few other girls, who even if they had the looks, wouldn't be able to flaunt it like Lucie could.

Boarding the catamarans was supposed to be controlled by ticket but had no order as it became a free for all frenzy and Luci knew for a fact that there were people on board who hadn't even paid for the trip. This meant that the head count had already gone wrong before they even set sail but she didn't care because this would make it easier for her to slope off away from the now unaccountable crowd, unnoticed when they arrived on the island.

After a playful stampede where she simply parted the crowd of boys who were barging through each other to see where she chose to sit, she lapped up the attention and pretended not to be interested when her side of the catamaran embarrassingly listed to one side, due to the initial uneven balance of her adjacent seats filling up the quickest.

Wearing tiny black satin shorts with laces on each side over her bikini bottoms, a Yellow bikini top and white plimsoll training shoes, she turned her head away, allowing the boys free to ogle at her curves undetected.

Teasing boys was her forte' and tonight's beach party would be a bigger hit for her if she remained unattached to anyone, she thought.

Although it would be no use to her where she was going on the island of Nuyanat, for extra security she carried her phone, passport, cash and cards in a waterproof wallet bag which she had to reluctantly wear around her waist, destroying the curvaceous look of her hips.

By her side she also carried her water, sun cream and a sun bathing towel in a plastic zip seal beach bag.

Some of the passengers jumped off the other catamarans as they approached the shore and began dragging the vestals onto the sand so that the rest of the people could jump straight onto the beach, avoiding the water.

Without drawing anymore attention to herself she quickly and quietly slipped away from the crowd, heading straight for the hill in the middle of the island, leaving the rest behind distracted by greeting the other catamarans.

The hill proved to be steeper than expected but she assumed this to be her misjudgement after only studying the island from overhead satellite views on the internet.

She walked up the baron dusty hillside towards the trees at the summit of what she mistakenly thought would be just a sandy mound. None of this was a problem for her as she knew that she would soon reach her destination of the empty beach on the other side.

None of the tourists were to know that the excursion to the tiny island of Pulau Nuyanat had been diverted to Selaru, a different and much larger nearby island.

The trip had been changed as the excursion operators had done many times before, due to the convenience of the direction of the breeze that carried them across the water.

Nobody ever noticed because the islands all look similar, with a tree lined hill above a beach, therefore doing this diversion had become a bit of the norm.

Because the trampled path she followed began leading her around and around the hillside away from the summit, once she felt confident that nobody from the rest of the group would see her, she left the trail and went in a straight line as the crow flies, heading for the hill top.

She was apprehensive about being on her own but this was after all an uninhabited island so being robbed or raped wasn't really a threat.

The shrubbery became thicker and the grass under foot now reached ankle length but still she pressed on up the hill regardless to get as much time alone on the beach before having to head back to catch the catamarans to Yamdena.

Looking out for wildlife dangers, she headed towards the bushes in front of her.

Because of her heightened state of alert, the sights and sounds when being alone on an island like this were completely new.

Completely new that was except for one thing.

The familiar smell of Marijuana.

This is what the bushes were, right in front of her. Starting small they became bigger and thicker as they grew further into the middle.

Faced with this astonishing sight she couldn't resist picking a few buds to share around the group at the beach party later. A stunning single girl who can work a catwalk, giving out free weed she thought. Surely this would make her the ultimate centre of attention.

Storing her find in her waterproof beach bag she again deviated, this time walking around the crops and back on to the heading towards the top of the hill.

Now back in the long grass, walking around the perimeter of the drugs farm, looking up, she decided to turn right towards the summit.



It felt as though she had hit her ankle on something like a tree stump and tripped, landing face down in the grass.

Something wasn't quite right though. It felt like her leg was being pulled away from her.

"What the fuck?" she said out loud.

Looking at her lower leg she could see that it had been caught in a bear trap.

"AAHHH." She shouted. "FUCK!"

Sitting down, she dragged herself towards the metal contraption attached to her ankle for a look at what the hell it was.

This wasn't a bear trap at all. A bear trap is triggered by something pressing down in the middle causing the two sides of a toothed ring to fold up closed together under spring tension and cruelly dig in to the flesh of the animal.

This was different. It looked like a circular ring type of manacle, locked all the way around her ankle without any teeth digging in.

"What the fuck?" she expleated, examining the contraption around her leg which when looking at the locking mechanism became immediately obvious that it would require a key to remove it.

She looked for something to poke in the keyhole as she frantically tried everything to open the trap, pulling at the chain attached to a metal ring sticking out of the ground, only to find that nothing would give.

There were two other chains attached to the same ring in the ground and after her fingers brushed away the dirt, she discovered the metal ring to be anchored in concrete under the soil.

Pulling on one of the other chains, she found the same closed type of trap as she had locked around her.

The third chain had an open trap which had not yet been sprung so she cautiously inspected it without touching or disturbing it.

It was a large spring loaded bracelet, having its mechanism held open with a small wooden stick.

Further small thin wooden posts positioned perfectly in the ground raised it to the right height for capturing somebody's ankle if the stick holding it open was kicked out of position.

Now aware of what was under foot below the grass, she looked around and discovered another set of traps just out of arms reach.

The traps had been arranged in sets of three, all with their openings facing outwards and away from each other in a triangle formation so that they would catch a person or animal approaching from almost any direction.

'Oh my god' she thought. What if I can't get this thing off before the rest of the group set sail back to Yamdena? Would anybody notice a person missing from the random free for all boarding that was bound to happen on their drunken return trip.

Surely she would be noticed?

Now terrified, she stood up and began shouting at the top of her voice for help.

The fact that she could no longer hear the sea and hadn't been able to hear the party on the beach for a long time told her that nobody would be able to hear her distress calls.

She could only scream and cry as she pulled and pulled hopelessly at the locking mechanism of the trap around her ankle.

She watched the hours disappear as the sun moved overhead, knowing that if she wasn't alone on this uninhabited island now, she soon would be. She checked her phone to find exactly as she expected, no service, the only use it had now was the clock.

Time became her enemy as she sat there pulling at the manacle around her leg knowing that someone somewhere knew how to get this thing off. But who?

Five hours she spent captive, terrified and panicking until a ray of hope at last. To her surprise she could hear the sound of a dog barking in the distance. She hoped someone must have noticed her missing and this was a search party coming to rescue her. There are no wild dogs on an uninhabited paradise island she thought, so she stood up and began to shout.

"HELP!" "HELP!" she called out. "HELP ME!"

Soon the dog's barking became louder and louder so she continued to yell out for help.

After her five hour nightmare she was overjoyed to hear voices accompanying the barking.

Two local men approached with a large dog on a lead. They certainly didn't look like any professional search party, so who were these men, she thought? The island was supposed to be uninhabited. Although confused, it didn't matter as she was saved.

The men raised their voices towards each other in excitement when they saw the tall, slim blonde's ankle captured in one of their circular metal traps, held secure via a three foot chain to its concrete block, buried below the soil.

The man without the dog held a pistol in his hand.

'Oh fuck' she thought. Why is there a man celebrating, carrying a gun and approaching me?

'What's going on?' She thought

As the armed man reached her he bent down and tugged on the chain to check the security of the trap around her leg.

He then picked up her bag and looked inside it.

"You take?" he said, holding some of the drugs in his hand.

"You take?" he repeated.

"Yes. I found it over there." She replied pointing to the bushes. "Can you get this thing off my leg?"

"You come with us." He told her.

"I need help getting back to Yamdena." She explained.

"No Yamdena." He replied "You in trouble."

She was already scared of this man but even more so when he pulled a long, thin leather shoelace looking kind of strip from his back pocket and pointed the gun directly into her face.

"You come with us." He said again, grabbing hold of her shoulder and forcing her to turn around.

"It's only a little bit." She said, trying to excuse herself. "

He holstered his gun in the front of his trousers and took hold of both her wrists, pinning them behind her back.

She felt the strip of leather being bound once around each wrist individually then came a couple of figure of eight loops crossing between them before both wrists were encircled completely by being wrapped around outside.

Finally the free ends of the leather strip were passed around the middle of the bindings, in between her wrists and tied off tightly up and out of the reach of her fingers.

This final act of tying around the bindings had the most severe effect as it tightened everything rigid, pulling her wrists in closer together, holding them securely behind her back.

This sturdy arrangement quickly hit home when she attempted to twist one of her wrists and realised how immobilised her hands were.

Surely if these guys were the police they would carry handcuffs, not leather straps, she thought.

It didn't matter who they were though as they had taken control of her fate, giving her no choice other than do as they said.

"You in trouble lady." said the man with the dog. "You go to prison."

The armed man then took a set of keys from his pocket and unlocked the ring from around her ankle.

She watched him reset the traps on the ground before escorting her by the elbow in the direction they had both appeared from.

"You take. You in trouble." He repeated as he guided her down the hill, away from the plantation and away from the direction of the beach where she needed to be hours ago.

It wasn't long before she could see smoke from a village and smelt the aroma of civilisation.

"Is this Pulau Nuyanat?" she asked, confused as to why there was a village here.

"No." the gun man said. "Here is Selaru."

She now realised that she was on the wrong island and that if anybody was to come looking for her they would probably be looking in the wrong place.

The village ahead began to reveal itself just as the three of them stopped momentarily so that the armed man could make a phone call.

The track grew wider and wider as they continued along it. She expected that she was about to be paraded in front of the villagers, heading for what she assumed would be a police station.

Word had already spread amongst the locals and villagers came to their doors to observe this new prisoner, pointing and chatting, shaking their heads in disbelief that it was a girl who had attempted to steal from their cartel.

One woman touched her own waist and pointed to the two women next to her, clearly commenting on Lucie's slim figure.

Every one in the village knew the destiny of a woman who stole anything from their boss, Mr Taquan.

She noted that some of the buildings were brick and some were wooden shacks. There was plenty of smoke coming from chimneys where fires burned below, even though it wasn't cold.

A strong smell of leather filled the air when they walked past a man cutting animal hides over a large table.

They stopped at one of the brick buildings with smoke coming from its chimney, where a bald man, eyes fixed on Lucie's slim scantily dressed body, stood there smiling at her like a creep in his doorway.

A crowd began to gather behind her and the noise level became noticeable as people talked in their native tongue about the fate of this new prisoner.

The attractive captive was guided to the doorway where she stood in disgrace, dressed as a beach goer in her shorts and bikini with her hands tied behind her back. The gunman continued guiding her in through the door.

Looking inside the building and at its contents, it appeared to be a kind of workshop.

At first it looked as though the bald man had been making novelty keyrings using slightly smaller than normal, shiny airplane seatbelt buckles. That was until the bald man came in from the doorway and held one of these modified aeroplane lap strap buckles up in front of her face.

This one had a keyhole on top of it, exactly the same as the keyhole in the lock on the traps out in the plantation.

"Your seat belt is fastened." He said putting the buckle in to the latch and laughing in her face.

She wanted to turn away because of his breath smelling so putrid but she needed to know every detail of what was happening around her and so continued to watch what he was doing.

"Adjusted." He said rattling the buckle, smiling horribly at her, being proud of his English imitation of a flight attendant.

"And unfastened." He said, turning a key in the top of the modified airplane seat belt catch and opening the leaver allowing him to separate the two parts.

He put them down and picked up a heavy open ring attached to a trailing six foot chain.

To her horror he approached her with the ring which was unmistakably a metal collar and held the opening in front of her face.

Her lips turned white and she froze in shock, praying he was not going to put it on her.

"This one No Unfasten." He said, pointing to the release flap without a key hole, this time highlighting the weld marks around the modified seatbelt buckle, meaning that the buckle could not be released once inserted in to the catch, locking the ring permanently.

'Oh my god' she thought, now trembling all-over.

"Please don't." She said. "I'm sorry. I can pay you for any inconvenience." "Please. You really don't need to put that on me."

It was pointless pleading but being in such a compromising position, pleading seamed to be her only option.

The armed man lifted her long straight blond hair up and away from her neck with one hand at the same time as holding her upper arm in his other hand.

She winced in fear as the bald man hinged the heavy metal collar around her slender neck, closing it shut with a confirming click.

Now frightened, she began shaking uncontrollably and almost lost control of her bladder once she felt the weight of the cold locked collar around the warm soft skin of her neck.

'Oh my god.' She thought. 'Is this really happening'

"No unfasten ever." The bald man said, with a proud horrible look on his face.

The look in her beautiful blue eyes had changed from cute, wide open and begging, to a look of daggers, screaming out how much she hated him.

He then began to redeem himself slightly by going around the back of her and removing the leather bindings, releasing her hands from behind her back.

After discretely taking measurements of her wrists using the leather strap the two men spoke before the gunman took the strap and returned it in to his back pocket.

The armed man guided her back out into the village and towards the building where leather hides were hanging outside.

A fat man greeted them with a tape measure and told her to raise her arms up, insinuating that he wanted to take her measurements.

She obliged and watched as he thoroughly measured the contours of her buttocks, hips, waist, chest and bust, followed by measuring from in between her legs to her shoulders, both at her front and back.

"You have to be prepared as Mr Taquan wishes." He told her. "You steel from him. You now work for him."

This sounded worrying. These people weren't police, they were a drug cartel.

What were they going to do with her?

Back outside again, they continued through the village and on to a brick building standing out of the way of the village houses.

Through a wooden door they entered what reminded her of an empty car garage. It had a flat roof and one window to the side.

Inside the room terrified her. It was empty apart from a dirty mattress on a single sprung iron framed bed in the far corner.

A triple candle stand decorated the windowsill with three red candles all set at the same height, stewing in the sun as it glared through the glass. The facial carvings on the candle stand scared her because they looked as though they were there to ward off evil spirits or to be used in it some kind of religious cult celebration.

The man with the dog followed them but stayed outside whilst the gun man took her by the arm, over to the mattress and secured her chain with a padlock to a ring bolted through the wall at the side of the bed.

"You stay." He said to her.

Both men then left her alone in her cell standing against the top end of the bed and chained to the wall.

She ran her hands around the collar, pulling at the lock, seeing if there was any way she could open it.

The collar was very large, seven inches across to be precise but try as she did, she had to admit defeat when she found that she could not lift it up beyond her chin.

Some time later a local lady appeared with a plate of food and water for her.

The lady didn't speak a word of English, so didn't respond to Lucie's question of what would be happening to her next.

There was still sunlight coming in from outside when the fat man who had taken her measurements appeared carrying a blanket.

"Take off." He said, pulling her bikini strap down from over her shoulder.

She lifted the strap back up onto her shoulder and looked at him inquisitively.

"Take off!" he demanded, this time he pulled both straps down off her shoulders one at a time and pulled them over her arms, dragging the bikini top all the way down to her waist, exposing her tits which were at his eye level.

"Off." He said as she covered herself with her hands.

He then put his fingers down the front of her shorts and again told her to take them off.

He handed her the blanket, revealing what it concealed underneath.

It looked like something made from one of the leather hides.

He must be the village tailor she thought.

She felt scared of being alone with him and realised that she needed to raise her arms when he approached her to allow him to wrap this leather tailored thing around her waist.

It had two cups at the front that covered up to just beyond the middle of her tits, pushing them up slightly as he pulled it tight around her from behind. The leather then tapered in below the cups and continued to get thinner and thinner all the way down to her hips where an attached skirt flared out and followed her hip bones down for about six inches, just covering the top half of her arse cheeks.

After pulling tight to make a mark on the leather at the back, he removed it from around her and stepped back to stare at the beautiful naked project he had been sent to work on, standing there, chained to the wall right in front of him.

Before he exited he lit all three of the candles in the candelabra on the windowsill and walked out, leaving her standing alone, holding on to the blanket as the sunlight began to fade.

She dressed again, restricted slightly by the length of chain attaching her neck to the wall, then sat on the mattress, covering herself with the blanket.

Nobody came back to see her again that night or take her out to the toilet so she had to piss on the floor, as far away from the bed as possible.

Pondering her situation she listened to the noises from the village, watching the three flames of the candles slowly burn down, until they individually extinguished, long into the night as she lay crying herself to sleep.

The next morning she sat up on the bed when the door handle rattled. To her delight it was the same lady bringing her food and water again.

"You have to help me." Lucie pleaded, holding on to the catering girl's arm. "Please. Can you make a telephone call for me?"

The only word of English this woman understood was the word telephone.

"No telephone." She replied taking her own hand back.

She then took three new red candles from her pocket. After scraping the residual candle wax from each of the three candle stand positions, she twisted and pushed the replacements tightly into the cleaned out empty cups.

The lady cleared away the dirty cutlery and closed the door on her way out, leaving Lucie alone and empty hearted again.

Eventually the man with the gun appeared, released her chain and took her out to a hole in the ground for her to relieve herself away from her prison cell. She was amazed and grateful when he handed her a roll of soft toilet paper.

"You change your clothes today." He told her. His English was poor too but she understood him.

"What's going to happen to me?" she asked.

"You will be prepared."

"Prepared for what?" she asked.

"Prepared for Mr Taquan. The man you steal from."

"What do you mean prepared?" she asked again.

"Mr Taquan. Tomorrow." Was his only response.

The tall, slim want to be model was then guided back to the bed and her chain reattached to the wall.

It seemed like hours before the gunman returned, holding a new length of narrow rope in his hand and the same thin strip of leather he'd previously used to bind her wrists behind her back.

"Take off your clothes." He demanded.

"What?" she replied

"Your clothes. Take off." He repeated, pointing to her midriff up and down with his finger.

She stood fast for a moment looking at him in a kind of standoff but knew the eventual outcome wouldn't be in her favour so turned shyly away from him and removed her bikini top.

Bending down to remove her shorts and bikini bottoms, she covered herself as much as possible with one arm over her chest and her other hand between her legs, cowering where she refused to stand up straight again.

This position of slight dignity wasn't to last long as he reached both his arms out towards her, demonstrating how he wanted her to hold her hands out in front.

She fully understood what he meant and lifted both elbows up in front of her tits, trying to cover them as much as possible with her upper arms, before reluctantly reaching her hands out towards him.

He began tying her wrists with the leather binding and by tying the ends through the middle again he pulled her wrists in together as securely as before only this time her hands were bound in front instead of behind her back.

The fat tailor then appeared and entered her cell.

Using the thin rope, the gunman looped it through the leather bindings between her wrists then up over one of the roof beams and pulled her arms up high above her head.

Her being in this position hailed a sight to behold but these two men weren't here to touch or abuse her, they were on a mission to get her dressed in the clothes Mr Taquan had insisted.

Looking at what the tailor held in his hands this time, she could see that it had been changed somewhat from how she had seen it before.

It had an extra piece of strangely shaped leather, like a belt but not cut straight, hanging down from one side at the back.

The top of the belt had a metal 'D' ring manufactured vertically through it at the point where it joined onto the original design, just above where her arse would be.

She noticed a silver buckle on the front, acknowledging in her mind that it had to be a kind of crotch strap.

The tailor began by wrapping the light tan leather garment around from her front, holding the opening and the trailing crotch strap at her rear.

The crotch strap had already been half sewn on to one side at the back and the leather had pre punched holes so that both sides could be sewn together easier. Sewing this in such a way would hold it closed with the end of the crotch strap spanning over the join, in the middle of her back, covering the lower part of her spine.

Using a large, blunt curved needle and leather laces the tailor began sewing the rear opening closed.

After the two men spoke to each other the gunman wrapped his arm around her chest to assist the tailor by squeezing her body tightly, forcing the gap between the two sides of leather closed.

The gunman kept moving these arm compressions down her body with the tailor following him, securing the opening from top to bottom.

She pulled her waist in for comfort when she realised it was pointless resisting this two man team as they tightened the new leather corset around her lower torso.

Soon the two sides were fully closed together with the width of the crotch strap spanning across the joint in the middle behind her and the 'D' ring secured in a vertical orientation in the small of her back, just above her arse.

The gunman disappeared for a short time, leaving Lucie alone with the tailor tugging and pulling at the leather lacing until he was happy with the fitting before he tied the laces off at the bottom.

He raised the crotch strap and tested his design by folding the lower six inches of leather skirt up and over her hip bones, ensuring that it stayed up on its own and that it wouldn't fall back into place without being pulling down again.

The gunman returned with a tin pot and a brush, just in time to see the tailor folding the leather down which had covered her tits then lift each of her beautifully developed pert globes up over the folded leather crease, displaying their full beauty outside of her new fitted corset.

The two men talked as the tailor brushed a form of rubber glue over the join, working it all the way into the holes of the area where he had just sewn the laces, to seal them in place.

After returning her a little dignity by folding all the leather back over her arse and tits again, they stood for a while in the doorway discussing the piece of artwork they had just created, admiring the enhanced curves of her now twenty five inch waist before they exited her cell.

"Can you release my hands please?" she called out but they simply walked away without response or reply.

Unbeknown to Lucie she had been purposely left in that position with her hands tied above her head for the couple of hours it would take the solvent in the glue to dry out.

For the first time when the door handle rattled, she found herself glad to see someone and relieved when both the men returned to release the rope that held her wrists bindings over head.

Lucie's shoulders felt numb as her arms were allowed to rest in front of her. She accepted that the chain would not be released and didn't mind so much about her wrists still being bound by the leather as it was such a relief to have her arms back down from above her head.

"Thank you." She said.

It was now that she was able to feel the buckle attached to the leather at her front, near her naval area.

The two men checked the glue had cured and agreed it was safe to untie her hands and leave her collar chained to the wall.

The gunman tossed the narrow rope from over the roof beam into the far corner in a loose coil and began removing the leather bindings from her wrists.

Lucie felt the blood rush back and turn her wrists from white to red as the gunman coiled up the leather shoelace like strip and stuffed it in to the back pocket of his dirty jeans.

The tailor pulled the crotch strap from behind her, through her legs and tightened it in position using the buckle at her front.

They both stood back to admire the design of the constricting leather, complimenting the shape of her legs Just as Mr Taquan had requested.

Having the freedom of her hands meant that she was now able to feel her new bodysuit.

She firstly inspected quickly all over then began a more detailed search, beginning by feeling how much of her arse was on show, she followed the line all the way around in front of her to see how much of that was on show.

Ignoring the on looking perverts she unfastened the buckle and examined herself without the crotch strap.

The whole leather corset bodysuit only covered her as much as a one piece bikini would and so she decided it best to buckle the crotch strap back in place again to keep what little dignity she had on offer.

Whilst taking a few steps she adjusted her tits inside the half leather cups and felt up behind her back, stopping at the 'D' ring in the small of her back. It was securely attached, swinging only left and right as she tested it. She could feel her whole body move as she tried to lift it up and down. She assumed this would be used to tether her in some way and hoped that the collar would eventually be removed. But why was this ring so big? She thought.

"You belong to Mr Taquan." The gunman pronounced then both men exited the building, leaving her to get accustomed to her new outfit.

The lady with the food arrived soon after carrying a beautiful smelling Indonesian dish and a jug of clean drinking water. Lucie liked her and wondered how she could gain her trust to be able to obtain the key to the wall padlock holding her collar chain.

"Oh. Thank you." She said. "This smells lovely. Did you make this yourself?"

Her response was not in English but whatever she did say was with her head down as she scurried off out of the cell in a hurry.

Lucie struggled to sit and eat dressed in her corset and so found it best to lay on her side on the mattress, picking at the food with only one hand.

Later that evening the gunman returned and unlocked the padlock fixing her neck chain to the wall.

"Toilet." He said.

He allowed her to walk unaided in front of him, secretly fantasising about what he could do to her as he worshiped the tightly modified curves of her figure in front of him.

She removed the crotch strap and used the toilet, refastening the strap again to cover herself as much as she could.

She looked the gunman in the eye in an attempt to strike up some kind of relationship with him but he knew that she was out of bounds and the consequences of him not following Taquan's instructions would be severe, so he simply ordered her back to her cell.

Given the chance he would fuck her for ever and a day but she was off limits, being reserved for Mr Taquan, in preparation for being his latest sex worker.

The gunman followed behind her again dreaming about removing the crotch strap and sticking his cock between those two beautiful well formed arse cheeks of hers, feeling envious of any man who would get to fuck her in the future.

Back in her cell she purposely sat at the bottom corner of the bed in a place where she knew the chain wouldn't reach the securing ring bolted through the wall.

She gave him the seductive stare again, only this time taking it one step further by holding his hand in another attempt at winning this horrible little man over and possibly plan an escape before he made his next move of locking her up for the night.

She thought it had worked when he folded the leather cups down from over her tits then roughly pushed her backwards and straddled her chest, pressing her wrists down deep into the mattress on the iron framed bed.

By inching himself down a little he lay on top of her and stared into her eyes.

This wasn't quite going to plan so she turned her head away from him in disgust, leaving him with the opportunity to take advantage and perversely sniff the side of her neck.

This normally sensual act being performed by such a dirty little man proved to be a horrible invading experience for Lucie.

With the both of them laying down, her collar had landed closer to the top of the bed so he crawled up over her head and took the end of the collar chain with him in his hand.

Reaching for the open padlock hanging from the ring in the wall, he again attached the two together, imprisoning Lucie once more.

He then stood up and climbed off the bed.

Lucie frowned in confusion. "You're not allowed to touch me are you?" she asked, realising that he must be just another servant of this Mr Taquan. Whoever he was.

"You are not good lady." He said quietly, looking directly down into her face "You must learn." He said and pulled out the same length of thin leather strip he always seemed to carry in his back pocket.

Her heart sank. Deflated at the thought of having her wrists bound behind her back, she watched in shock as he folded the thin strip of leather in his right hand and quickly whipped the two trailing loose ends across her bare tits.

"AAHHH" she screamed.

"Wait." he said then turned and walked out of the cell.

Lucie had licked her fingers and was gently rubbing her saliva onto the red marks when he returned carrying a coil of the same thin rope used to hoist her bound wrists over the roof beam and immediately cut a length away from it with a knife.

"Stand." He ordered.

Alone and chained to the wall in a room with a man now wielding a knife, she had no choice but to stand up at the side of the bed.

Without saying a word he unfastened her crotch strap, threaded it through the 'D' ring behind her and lifted the leather skirt up over her hips, displaying her lower nakedness in the now diminishing light shining through the window.

Using his thin leather strap, he took hold of her right hand and tied the middle of the leather lace around her wrist with a comfortable textbook double knot, leaving two long and equal trailing ends.

She expected him to again tie her hands behind her back when he ordered her to lay down on her front but she remained alert and inquisitive when he calmly walked to the top end of the bed, pulling her wrist up with him.

Using another double knot, he tied her hand to the metal strut of the headboard. She noticed that her wrist had been tied to a metal bar which was slightly off to the right and one away from the middle bar.

Understanding his motive, she anticipated and complied when he reached around a different bed frame strut, this time slightly off to the left of the middle bar and gestured for her to volunteer her other wrist up to him for similar restraining.

Using the trailing ends of the narrow leather bootlace bindings, he tied her left wrist in the same way then double knotted the ends around the metal bed post, preventing her from being able to roll over onto her back.

Having calculated the positioning of her wrists correctly he had enough of the leather bindings to repeat a further tie once more around her right wrist followed by a final double knot around the bar adjacent to it.

'Surely there are quicker ways of tying someone to a bed.' She thought. Although he seemed to confidently know what he was doing, she wondered why he tied her right wrist twice and her left wrist only once.

Her question was answered when he pulled out an identical leather strip and began tying the middle of it around her left wrist then to the same bed head bar and over to her right wrist, repeating the process before finishing off as she expected, back over at her left wrist again.

Her hands were now tied symmetrically; three times each, about twelve inches apart, secured to two individual bars of the bed frame with a total of six double knots each.

By grabbing hold of her shoulders he bounced her body up the bed until her head almost touched the headboard in the middle of her bound hands.

Using rope, he tied both ankles together and then to the frame at the foot of the bed, ensuring enough slack for her head and body to be able to remain at the top where he had positioned her.

Retrieving more rope from the corner of the room, he tied her knees tightly together, securing the two remaining ends of the rope to the middle of the bed frame at each side so that she couldn't open her legs or move them left or right.

Confused, she watched as he took an interest in the candle stand on the windowsill, picking it up in his hands and inspecting it.

"I'm sorry." She said, thinking he was about to light the candles and depart. "Please. You can't leave me like this all night."

Without speaking he tied rope around the candle stand with some intricate knot work and placed it back in the window again, leaving the remainder of the rope hanging down from the very centre.

That was when things started getting weird. He made her demonstrate to him that she could use her teeth to untie the first leather knot from the bed frame next to her right hand.

By pulling her head over towards her right hand, she bit at part of the knot of her leather bindings and began loosening it, still unsure if showing him that she could do this was actually a good idea.

"Ok." He said and retightened the knot again.

"Too easy!" He said, picking up and pouring her jug of water slowly over all the bindings, to make it much harder for her to work them loose with her teeth.

He picked up the candle stand with the attached rope and by stepping on the bed he reached up and tied the rope to the roof beam in a position over the middle of the bed, above the top of her thighs and bottom of her corset.

His earlier rope work around the candle stand was such that it held the candles and the stand in a horizontal position where it swung down from the beam above.

With the small hem of the leather skirt still folded up, he could no longer resist. He gently caressed her curves then kissed the smooth skin of one of her exposed arse cheeks before lighting the three candles and setting them off swinging with a slight twist and gentle push in line with her body.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!" she shouted, twisting her head around to see the first few drops of hot wax drip down onto her bare flesh. "AAAHHHHH."

He exited the cell, slamming the door shut behind him, leaving her alone to undergo his punishment for what he believed was an attempt by her to seduce him.

The drips came down fast and random, landing on her flesh in spots from the top of her bare arse cheeks, down to the upper half of her thighs where the candles swung in their pendulum motion.

This caused her to scream and struggle wildly, trying to get her body out of the way but her knees were tied too strictly together and at equal distances from ether side of the bed in the middle.

Thrashing and pulling against her bonds wasn't allowing any movement side to side for her to avoid any of the hot wax shower from above.

Remembering how the gunman had told her to demonstrate the way to free herself, she quickly got to work with her teeth on the wet bindings.

Time was of the essence as she frantically picked away at the swollen soaking leather straps with her mouth whilst making as much noise as possible, not only in protest but also to take her mind off the pain of the hot wax raining down on her.

It had only taken a couple minutes to tie her wrists to the bedframe with the advantage of two hands but untying the gunman's lashings to free herself would take her almost an hour.

The hot wax continued to drip at a rate of three drops every second; that's one drop per second from each of the candles.

Being red wax meant that it melted at a higher temperature compared to normal clear paraffin candles making her punishment twice as bad.

Some of the drops landed on top of and in between hardened already cooled spots, eventually causing a layer of wax to build up almost completely covering that area of skin before the candles burned out.

Even though they had now extinguished she still began a continual verbal stream of swearing and cursing out loud as soon as her teeth had freed her left wrist and she could use her mouth for shouting again.

Having her first hand free meant that she could now use her fingers to quickly undo the final knot from the bedframe and release her right hand.

When she bent her upper body down the mattress to free the rope from the side of the middle of the bed frame holding her knees, the layer of cool wax remained rigid. It peeled away from her skin leaving a perfect mould of her curvature on the bed behind her. Under artistic circumstances, the wax impression of this beautiful model's rear end would be worth a fortune but not to Lucie.

She untied her knees then sat up on the bed and reached down with her hands where luckily the limit of the collar chain allowed her to release her ankles from the frame at the bottom.

Pissed off with knocking into the candle stand swinging horizontally from above, she untied the intricate rope work from around it and threw it across the room. In a further act of rebellious aggression she crumbled up the wax mould of her own rear end and threw that too, scattering the potential masterpiece into small chunks all over the floor.

Standing up, she rubbed the skin of her upper thighs and arse cheeks where the hot wax had landed. It didn't hurt as much as she'd expected. Surprisingly to her it felt like nothing more than a mild sunburn.

After an hour of calming down, she tied the rope hanging down from the ceiling out of the way above the mattress so that she could lay down and sleep.

The next morning the same woman brought her the usual welcome plate of food, picked up the candle stand, replaced the candles and stood them in the window, never questioning how the stand ended up on the floor.

Without uttering a word the lady collected the previous night's crockery and simply disappeared out through the door.

Shortly after eating the gunman and the fat tailor appeared and unlocked her chain from the wall. It was obvious what they were talking about as they walked around her, both looking for evidence of where the wax had landed and checking for any drips on the leather bodysuit.

"Come." The gunman said.

Having already dignified herself by folding down the leather skirt and fastening her crotch strap, she now carried the weight of the six foot chain in front of her, in her hands.

She walked in front of the two men who guided her in the direction away from the village and towards a clear running stream where the tailor presented Lucie with a bar of soap and told her to wash.

Slowly she entered the water with heavy breaths, getting her body accustomed to the cold temperature as she waded in up to her knees.

The two men spoke to her in their native language but she couldn't understand what they were saying so she simply washed her legs with the soap before looking back at them.

Not wanting to get themselves wet the tailor beckoned Lucie back onto the dry land, taking the soap from her when she stepped out of the water.

With her standing at the edge of the stream the tailor bent down and dipped the soap into the water then brought it back up and rubbed it on the leather of her bodysuit under her left arm.

"Here." He said, then rubbed the soap bar up and down all over the front of her body, leaving white soapy marks on the light tan leather as he did. "Here." He repeated.

After wetting the soap again he rubbed it over the bare skin of her arms, repeating "Here. Here." As he did. He finally wiped soap on her forehead and in her hair saying "Here." Again wherever he touched her.

The soap was then handed back to Lucie with a pointing gesture for her to return to the water where she now understood that she must wash herself and her leather corset bodysuit as well as her hair and face.

The water felt really cold each time she submerged herself being careful not to allow her collar chain to snag on anything on the bed of the stream as she rinsed herself clean.

Now dripping wet and without a towel, she emerged from the stream with one hand pulling the water from her hair and the other hand carrying the chain.

The water temperature wasn't a problem any more as the mid morning sun warmed the day and she was left to drip dry, rubbing the water from her legs before putting her footwear back on.

They headed back to the village but stopped near where the leather hides were being hung out to have a conversation with a man she had not yet met.

The fat tailor touched the damp curves of her corset then he forcefully lead her by the collar into a clearing in the centre of the village as if he had to prove a point to someone. There he locked her chain to a ring at the top of a sturdy looking wooden post that had been dug deep into the ground years earlier.

"You dry here." The tailor told her before walking away.

The sun now blazed above her, standing on show in the village centre.

This blond haired potential model turned thief, stood with her skinny long legs and tight corseted body suit on display, in disgrace, chained like an animal for all to judge.

What was this place? She thought, testing the extremities of her neck restraint by bending her legs down into a squat. It was impossible for her to hide herself from the prying eyes of the on looking villagers as individual groups stared and talked about what her future held for her.

Soon after, a woman she had never seen before approached her with a hair brush. "You must look right for Mr Taquan." She said in quite good English. "He see you this afternoon."

"What is Mr Taquan going to do to me?" Lucie asked.

"You his whore now." She replied.

Lucie was shocked and stood still holding the brush as the woman walked away, leaving her alone again in the now sun scorched village centre.

The fat tailor periodically approached her with drinking water and kept spraying the damp leather with some sort of alcohol.

"This will dry more." He explained, meaning the evaporating alcohol would assist the drying process of the leather.

What he failed to tell her was that at the same time as the leather dries in the sun it will shrink, constricting it tighter around her body.

Later in the afternoon when her skin was beginning to burn, the bald man who had fitted the collar around her neck approached her carrying a chain attached to what looked like a set of manacles in his hands.

He unlocked her collar chain from the post.

"Come." He told her. "We see Mr Taquan."

He let her carry the weight of the collar chain herself as they walked out of the village along an up hill track towards a prominent glass fronted building protruding from the hillside.

He stopped for a moment in front of her and held up the shiny metal manacles. Lucie was surprised at how thick they were but she had no doubts that the diameter inside the open clasps had been designed and sized exactly for encircling her wrists by this horrible bald man in his workshop.

She remained expressionless as he rubbed the familiar small, welded closed, release flap of the airplane seatbelt buckles like the one he'd demonstrated on her collar.

"Fastened." He said with the shitty smile on his face, making sure not to fully close the cuff he was holding.

"No adjusted." He reminded her. "And no unfastened." "Ha ha ha." He laughed just like the perverted ugly man that she thought he was.

This caused her to shiver but the fact that she wasn't wearing them already seemed a promising sign she thought. Maybe if she did as she was told then she would be able to avoid having to wear them.

Mr Taquan stood waiting at the open door as they arrived.

"Come in." He said, guiding them both through the hallway in to a brightly lit room with lots of glass windows overlooking the hillside.

The cartel leader couldn't hide his look of excitement but had to keep his cool.

"We have another one." He said.

Not understanding his comment, Lucie remained silent.

"Who are you working with?" he asked, standing in front of her.

"No one." She replied.

He immediately slapped her across her face, knocking her sideways and leaving a ringing in her ear.

Opening up his phone he showed her a picture of a man with a bullet hole in his forehead.

"Recognise him?" he asked.

This was now serious she thought.

He scrolled through his phone and showed her another picture of a dead man.

"Or him?" he asked.

"No." she replied, now crying.

Mr Taquan took hold of the cuffs and held them in front of her face.

He scrolled further and showed her a picture of an Indonesian woman who was alive and sitting on a bed wearing similar cuffs to the ones he was holding up and wearing a similar but slightly darker bodysuit to hers.

"No." she told him.

"You're lying." he said, handing the set of manacles over to her. "Put these on."

"You don't need to use those on me." She replied. "I'll do as you say."

He put his phone in his pocket.


He hit her around the head again, almost knocking her over this time.


Shaking, she held one of the cuffs in her hand, letting the other dangle down open on the other end of the chain.

"We don't need to do this." She pleaded, knowing that once it was on, it wasn't coming off.

He held up his hand, threatening to slap her again.

She cried and quickly pressed the metal cuff against her left wrist.

She paused and looked into Mr Taquan's eyes.

"Go on." He said. "Close it."

She reluctantly clicked the cuff shut around her wrist, slightly hoping that she would be able to talk him out of making her lock the other one on.

"The sooner you get used to it, the easier it will be for you." He said. "These cuffs are going to become part of you."

She twisted her wrist around, testing the limits of her new bracelet, realising immediately that there was no way of pulling her hand through the hole that the two metal curves had just locked onto her.

"Now. Who are you working with?" he asked, holding his phone in front of her face.

"I'm on holiday." She told him. "I'm not working with anybody."

As Mr Taquan reached out to grab hold of the free cuff swinging from her wrist at the end of the twelve inch chain, she snatched it away from him and stepped back.

It was at this point that the panic hit home and she lost all control of her mouth, allowing it to freely run away with itself.


Mr Taquan signalled to the bald man by nodding his head.

"You had the option of cuffing yourself with your hands in front. However since you threaten me and continue to lie to me, I don't trust you." Taquan said. "So now you will now have your hands cuffed behind your back as punishment."

The bald man and Mr Taquan both quickly grabbed hold of an arm each and twisted them behind her back as she screamed out.

"Please! No." she begged. "I'll do anything you want." "Please can I keep my hands in front?"

Taquan ignored her pleading and simply worked the two halves of the remaining open cuff through the 'D' ring embedded in the back of her bodysuit.

It was pointless fighting them but she kicked out at them anyway, continually begging and screaming as she did. Her noise and leg kicks did no good against the advantage these two captors had over her.

She felt the second cuff close around her right wrist.

"Just remember" Mr Taquan said. "If anybody ever asks what the last thing you did with your free hands was, you'll be able to tell them that you put one of these cuffs on yourself. They will like that and see you as a keen little whore, desperate to be used."

There was a quiet 'Click' from the second cuff which rang incredibly loud in her ears above all the noise of her pleading and protesting.

Her shouting changed to crying in despair when she was able to pull on her cuffs, confirming that her freedom had been further diminished as soon as the two men let go of her.

The twelve inches of chain between the cuffs allowed her to inspect the manacle around her right wrist first by pulling the chain through the 'D' ring to her side. She then turned her head, knowing exactly what to expect when she pulled the chain the other way, looking at her other hand that she had previously restrained herself.

Both men took position over by the only door out of the room and watched as she tried to find a place of safety against one of the walls.

"This is only the beginning of your nightmare." Taquan told her. "If you want to make things easy, then you'd better start talking." He said but was broken off as his phone began to ring.

He turned away when he saw who the caller was.

"Gooday Mr Doug." He said. "Are you here yet?"

The room remained in silence as he listened to the other end of the conversation.

"I'll send someone now." He said then hung up the phone.

Speaking in his local language he sent the bald man on his way, leaving Mr Taquan and Lucie alone in the room.

"ANYBODY!" he shouted. "ANYBODY WHO STEALS FROM ME DIES!" "Unless that is." "Unless I can make use of them."

She looked at him with full concentration.

"You now work for me." "Understand?"

Lucie nodded her head.

"I only stole a little from you. I was on a catamaran trip to the deserted island of Pulau Nuyanat and I only took a little for the after party back on Yamdena island." "I'm sorry." She told him.

"This is not Nuyanat." He told her. "You are on my island in Selaru." "Where are you from?"

"England." She replied.

The cash bells sounded in his head.

"Come here." He said, pulling on the chain attached to her collar.

She stood in the middle of the room scared of the whole situation, willing to do anything to avoid being hurt again.

First he unfastened the crotch strap from the buckle then flipped down the leather cups covering her tits. By lifting each breast over the folded down leather, he hung them out so that he could thoroughly inspect them, knowing that she wouldn't be able to reach up and do anything to stop him.

Walking behind her he lifted up the hem from around her hips, revealing all of her arse and everything below her waist, tucking the crotch strap through the 'D' ring out of the way.

Looking down he gently felt with both his hands over the curves of her soft arse cheeks. The hot wax had left no obvious evidence and so he had no idea of her punishment the night before.

"Of course I'll be the first one to fuck you after you have been trained." He said.

Lucie was shocked and scared stiff.

"You will earn me a lot of money." He bragged. "But not today. I have business to attend to."

He folded the leather hem back down, covering the top half of her arse then covered her tits back up again.

"Go and take a shit before I close this." He said, touching the trailing belt of the crotch strap hanging out of the 'D' ring.

This is exactly what I need she thought, it would also buy her a little more normal thinking time alone.

He guided her by her shoulders towards the bathroom where she nervously emptied herself, staying on the toilet for as long as possible and away from the despicable man on the other side of the door.

She could hear him on the telephone as she wiped herself clean and checked out any possible escape routes. There were none. The window was too high for her to climb out of with her hands cuffed behind her back and he would see her as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom door if she made a run for it.

She stayed in the bathroom for as long as she could, giving her some distance from the reality of her situation.

There was a new voice.

"Wanny." Boomed an Australian man, referring to Mr Taquan, as she heard the door open.

"Dougie." Taquan replied.

She could hear the two talking like old acquaintances as she happily sat on the edge of the bath listening, wondering how long before this little tranquillity would be taken from her.

Eventually their voices raised as they argued over something.

Lucie looked to her side checking her cuffs for any signs of being able to get them open. The welds on the locking mechanism were smooth and without any gaps at all. She sat on the floor and savoured every second of being alone, scared about the inevitable of being raped by Taquan or having a bullet through her head like the pictures he had shown her.

It had to have been half an hour before the bathroom door opened and in walked a tall brown haired thirty year old'ish man who was more shocked to see Lucie sitting on the floor than she was to see him.

"What the fack." He said with his strong Australian accent.

She stood up, knowing that her time in the bathroom had runout.

His jaw dropped when he saw the leather clad hourglass figure with a collar and chain around her neck, wearing handcuffs.

He was immediately transfixed by her beautiful eyes that stared back at him in fear of what was going to happen next.

Was he the man sent to train her? She wondered.

Dougie took a step back out of the bathroom and turned his head down the corridor.

"Who's the Sheela?" he called out to Mr Taquan.

"She is my whore." He shouted back.

Taquan appeared, took hold of her chain and lead her back into the room with the big windows.

Dougie followed them. "I didn't know you paid for shit like this." He said.

"She is a thieving, lying whore who works for me." Taquan explained as he fastened the crotch strap back in place.

"She and her thieving friends is exactly the reason I can't yet supply you with the full harvest." He continued. "People keep steeling my crops and this is the result."

"Not my problem." Dougie told him. "You promised me one hundred and twenty thousand and now you're only offering me eighty."

"I can get you the rest." Taquan explained. "I just need time.

"We have a deadline." Dougie reminded him. "How much does she earn?"

"She is worth hundreds of thousands." Taquan told him, pointing to the new sex slave before him.

"I'M NOT A WHORE!" she shouted.

Taquan slapped her hard across her face again, shocking Dougie who then prepared himself to intervene if Tauqan raised his hand to her again.

"That's the problem with you guys, you think we all look the same." Dougie said. "She's a facking monster mate."

Beaten and belittled, Lucie stood, handcuffed listening to the insulting argument between the two men as Dougie tried to convince Mr Taquan that she wasn't worth as much as he thought.

"You owe me forty thousand." Dougie told him. "And until I see it, I'll hold on to the girl as collateral assurance."

"She is worth more than forty thousand." Taquan said.

"I'll bring her back when you get me the merchandise." Dougie told him. "You know my word is my bond."

"I need time." Taquan said looking away from the couple as Dougie lifted the end of her chain.

"Take as long as you want." He replied. "She'll be safe with me."

Lucie, Mr Taquan and Dougie walked through the village where people bowed at them as they passed. Lucie recognised the man with the dog who had picked her up from the hillside when she'd been first captured by the trap. He held her clear plastic waterproof beach bag with all her possessions, including her clothes, passport and phone.

Dougie took the bag and spoke to the man in Indonesian, obvious to Lucie that his words were thanking him in a manor that they had met before.

Lucie had managed to swing the collar chain around behind her and now held it in her hands, following the direction of Taquan and Dougie as she walked along at the side of them, knowing that running would be pointless.

They walked to the shore where a gang plank bridged the gap across to a cabin cruiser boat moored in the harbour with the letters 'LITTLE BERTHA' written on the front at the side.

Taquan stayed on the shore as Lucie and Dougie climbed on board.

She sat next to the steering wheel as he untied the moorings and started the engine.

"She still belongs to me." Taquan shouted as Dougie waved his hand in the air, signalling goodbye.

"Forty thousand right?" Dougie shouted behind him as he revved the engines so that he wouldn't be able to hear Taquan complaining about the taking of his best ever female asset.

Lucie was still on edge but felt slightly relieved about being transported by Dougie rather than being in the clutches of the horrible Taquan cartel.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, watching him steer the boat passed the beach she had originally landed on for the fateful day trip, then turning them out towards the open ocean.

That's when she observed for the first time a shiny silver revolver tucked down the back of his pants.

"Wherever you want to go baby?" he joked.

They were two hundred and nine miles off the coast of Darwin and would have to travel overnight to reach the north Australian coast where Dougie planned to anchor the cruiser and travel the last mile in his small inflatable to avoid customs.

Nether of the two spoke for the first twenty minutes of the journey. Dougie set the navigation devices and checked some information on his sat phone. He set the heading, left the steering wheel and went below deck for a moment.

He came back up the steps soon after, with a beer in his hand.

"Want one?" he asked.

What the fuck? She thought.

"No thanks." She replied, knowing that she would need a clear head from now on.

"Suit yourself." He told her then took a swig from the bottle.

How could someone be so calm in a situation like this? She thought.

"So you're a hooker?" he asked.

"No. I'm a tourist from England." She told him.

"Nice cover story. I'll bet some people believe you when you tell them that." "What do like to be called?" he asked.

"My name is Lucie."

"Lucy from England. A prostitute and a drug thief." He said. "So how many fucks do I get for my forty thousand dollars?"

She stared at him, knowing that there would be little she could do to stop him if he wanted to take advantage of her with just the two of them out on the open sea.

"An attractive girl like you must charge at least three hundred a time." Taking another drink, he said "I reckon that's about a hundred and twenty fucks."

Lucie still didn't reply.

"That's at least three months with me before I send you back to work for Wanny."

"I'm not a prostitute."

"You sure look like one to me." He said. "A kinky one two." He reached out and flipped the leather of her cups down, revealing her tits. "Where the hell did you get this outfit?"

"From that fucking pervert Taquan." She told him. "I hate it. It's far too tight. I can hardly breathe." "Can you please help me get it off?"

"You could try working for your freedom. Then I might consider taking it off." He said with a chancing look in his eye and schoolboy smirk on his face.

"And these cuffs." She began pleading, ignoring his last comment. "There are no keys for them, they need cutting off. Can you get rid of them." "Please. I can't run anywhere out in the middle of the ocean."

"I don't have the tools on board to remove any of that." He told her. "It will be too risky to use a knife on that leather because it's so tight against your skin and I don't have any metal cutting equipment with me for those cuffs."

Standing in front of her he adjusted the position of her tits so that they were fully hanging out and over the folded down leather hem then he began to examine one of them with his hand.

"Do you kiss on the lips?" he asked, not looking up at her to see how much her eyes wanted to stab him to death.

She turned away in disgust, pulling her tit from his hand.

He grabbed her shoulders and spun her back round.

"Where are you going lady?" he said, pinching hold of one of her nipples so that she wouldn't pull away again.

"Get off me!" she shouted.

"Disobedience will only lead to trouble." He warned her. "Is that what you want?"

"AAGHH!" she shouted. "Get the fuck off me."

"I think you need to be reminded of your position around here." He said, letting go of her nipple and turning away from her. When he turned back, she was shocked to see that he had unzipped his shorts and had his semi erect cock hanging out of them. "You could start by warming this up."

He put his hand on the top of her head and began pushing her down towards the floor.

"NO!" she screamed out loud, backing away from him.

After only a couple of steps she had reached the side of the boat.

Dougie approached her again, knowing she now had nowhere to go.

It was then that she raised her knee and straightened her leg out, kicking him squarely in the balls with the bridge of her foot where the laces of her trainers were.

At first he was shocked but then backed away, knowing the pain was soon to follow.

"Bitch!" He said. "You fucking bitch."

He put his cock back in his shorts and bent over to relieve the aching feeling.

He grabbed her collar chain and dragged her below deck.

There was a sofa bed down there where he pushed her on to her front. He then bent her knees, bringing her feet up towards the exposed lower half of her arse cheeks.

By using the padlock from the hatch on the boat, he spun the chain and collar around to behind her then locked the free end around both of her ankles, hogtying her on the floor.

"You're going to pay for that." He told her then ran back up on deck to drive the boat.

She gave up struggling and accepted that she was in trouble.

Dougie checked on her once below deck where he fondled and gently patted her arse with his hand, commenting on what fun he intended to have with it later.

Roughly three hours further into their journey he appeared again.

"Have you had enough?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm sorry. I panicked." She told him. "Can I use the toilet?"

He unchained her ankles, stood her up and unfastened her leather crotch strap, stowing the trailing end with her cuff chain through the 'D' ring behind her.

He then folded up the hem of the narrow skirt from around her hips and allowed it to rest around her waist, exposing her body's naked lower half.

Standing in front of her, he placed his leg across her knees to stop her squashing his balls again and put both hands on her arse.

"I'd have payed a million dollars for you." He told her before letting her go again.

The bathroom cubicle was only a few steps away but as she walked past the sink she spotted the shiny pistol on the counter to the side of it.

If she turned around, she would be able to reach it with her hands behind her back.

How could he be so stupid? She thought. She just had to have it to make her escape and get to the police.

They sailed through the night until three o'clock in the morning when she felt the engines slow down and the boat began manoeuvring around.

"The anchor is down. We'll wait until it gets light." he told her.

He pointed to the floor in front of the sofa bed, "Lay down there and get some sleep."

He lay back on the sofa himself and nodded off.

It began to get light at five o'clock in the morning so Lucie quietly crept up stairs to have a look outside. She could see land and looked at the small rubber dingy, now in the water which had been carried at the back of the larger cruiser all the way.

She crept back down into the cabin and headed for the gun on the counter next to the sink.

Nervously she reached behind her and picked it up. She held it in her right hand and pulled the chain of her cuffs as far to the side as she could.

"YOU FUCKING LISTEN TO ME YOU ASS HOLE." She shouted, waking Dougie up immediately. "You give me that sat phone now or I'll shoot you."

Startled he shouted out "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

"I mean it. I'll shoot you!"

He stood up, put his hand in his pocket, checked that he still had possession of all six bullets, confirming that the gun wasn't loaded and calmly approached her.

"FUCKING STAY THERE!" she shouted.

He slowly moved towards her as she backed up the stairs out onto the deck.

He followed her all the way to the back of the boat where she could go no further.

"I MEAN IT!" she shouted, now panicking.

He heard the sound of the gun clicking as she dry fired two of the empty chambers.

"You fucking did as well." He said, taking the gun from her shaking hands. "You would have shot me wouldn't you?"

She began to scream and cry as her chance of escape had just gone horribly wrong, making the situation far worse for her.

"When Taquan slapped you back there I stepped in and rescued you." He told her. "I have saved you from the next ten years of being a sex slave for him. You would have been repeatedly tortured, raped and eventually shot if they couldn't sell you on to someone else, where if you were sold it would only start the process again." "And this is what I get?"

"Step over to the dingy." He ordered.

She stood on the edge at the very back of the boat facing Dougie.

Holding her collar chain in his left hand, he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back then kissed her lips as she tried to twist away from him, being careful not to loose her balance.

"You're so fucking beautiful." He said. "But I'm sorry. I have to do this."

As she stood on the edge of the boat, he took hold of the very end of the chain and pushed her with his foot into the water.

Before disappearing under the surface he heard her scream out, "I'M SORRY!"

He then gently tugged on the chain until her head was above the water again.

Through coughing and spluttering she pleaded with him telling him over and over again how sorry she was.

He pulled the dingy closer and stepped into it. Reaching down under the water behind her, he grabbed hold of the 'D' ring and hauled her up on to the side of the inflatable.

By kicking her legs, she managed to safely get the rest of her body in the dingy and lay there clearing the salt water from her nose and mouth.

"OK." She said. "What is it that you want from me?"

"For now I want you to stay where you are." He told her "If you jump in you'll drown."

Stepping out of the dingy and back onto the boat, he said "I need to get my things before we set off."

At least two hours passed by before he finally put his phone down and loaded a water tight box in to the dingy. She had managed to sit up on one of the seats and was warming up again in the sun, not realising that this drying process would again be shrinking the leather, further narrowing her constricted waist.

"There's been a change of plan." He told her.

"You mean you had a plan?"

"I did." He explained, "I planned to hold on to you at my house where you were going to behave, lay low and be taken care of until Wanny (Mr Taquan) back there could prove that he had the forty thousand shortfall for me."

"It looks like I have to go to Yamdena now to sort somebody out so I've asked my sister to house sit and look after you."

"Your sister?" she questioned.

"Yes. You'll like her." He smiled. "A bit more of a woman's woman if you know what I mean."

Lucie said nothing.

"She was a prison officer for twenty years and knows how to look after a female guest."

It took just under five minutes to travel the one mile journey by dingy to the shore, where a light blue pickup truck waited for them with a woman sitting in the driving seat.

"There she is."

Dougie helped Lucie onto the shore.

Her wet shoes squelched with each step as she walked up towards the pickup where he then helped her remove them.

"Gooday sis." He said to the driver "Sorry to spring this on you but needs must and all that. I'm sure you understand."

"Lucie this is my sister Yvonne. Yvonne this is Lucie."

"What a beauty Yvonne replied. "I'm going to enjoy looking after you."

He wrapped a cloth scarf around Lucie's neck to hide her collar and sat her in the front seat.

"Lucie was facing a life of prostitution and slavery under the Taquan cartel from Selaru until I rescued her." He explained to his sister. "She stole drugs, attacked me and shot at me so I was going to teach her a lesson and keep her like this for a while before I let her out of her cuffs and this tight leather shit." "I'm going to be looking after her for a while until Taquan and his men want her back.

She tried twisting out of his way when he demonstrated to his sister how to fold the leather cups down at the top of the corseted leather and reveal her breasts.

Yvonne nodded in approval.

"I guess I'll leave it up to you to give her back her freedom." He said, lifting the leather cups back up into place. "Don't listen to any of her stories about I'm just an innocent tourist shit ether, she only want's an excuse to get away."

"I think I'll be able to do a better job of taking care of her than you." Yvonne reassured her brother.

Dougie then returned to the dingy to deal with his urgent situation in Yamdena.

Lucie was slightly more relieved to be in the company of a woman, instead of a man and especially glad to be away from the Indonesian drugs and sex trade.

"Twenty years in the prison service taught me well." Yvonne said to Lucie. "The difference here with you being my prisoner is that I don't have to abide by any rules."

Lucie could only assume the worst about the meaning of Yvonne's comment. I must not get on the wrong side of her she thought.

As they drove off, Lucie asked "Where are we?"

"Ok." Yvonne replied "I don't want to hear any of your pleading innocence bullshit. OK?" "Every prisoner I have ever dealt with has been innocent if you ask them and I'm immune to sob stories. Do you hear me?" "So I don't want to hear another word from your mouth this whole journey. Understand?"

"Yes." she replied.


They drove without stopping for two hours, each time they turned off a road it was onto a more narrow, dustier road until eventually they travelled along a bumpy dirt track and pulled up outside a rather impressive single story house.

Yvonne walked around the truck and helped Lucie out and onto her bear feet.

Upon entering Dougie's home, Lucie looked around at the grand marble entrance hall.

"Ok. You may talk now but no fucking innocence bullshit ok?" she told her. "And if I don't answer you then don't ask me again. Got it?"

"Can I use the bathroom please?"

They both walked into the spacious tiled bathroom.

"What the fuck is that shit you're wearing? Yvonne asked. "A bit of a leather fetish prostitute are you? You've even had your own cuffs made to please your boss." "I'll tell you something lady; you certainly do it for me."

"I'm not a prostitute." Were the only words she managed to say before stopping when Yvonne stared directly into her face.


Shocked, Lucie stood in silence as Yvonne unfastened her crotch strap and left her alone in the bathroom.

When Yvonne returned she inspected Lucie's leather corset and realised the true potential of the crotch strap. She then lifted up the leather hem covering the top of her arse and discovered how it held itself up, showing off her perfect peachy arse cheeks from just above her hips.

"Come on let me show you to your room."

Because of the nature of his work Dougie had a panic room built under his house.

Yvonne led Lucie by her chain, through a door in the hallway which was disguised as a wall panel to fool anyone looking for it. They began to descend the stone staircase into the hiding room where the décor was noticeably a start contrast to the rest of the house, having plain brick walls on ether side.

Yvonne flicked the lights on and they entered the cool, musty, windowless underground room.

Lucie was guided over to the far wall opposite the staircase and made to stand under a narrow metal girder. This metal roof strut had numerous equally spaced, short metal pillars spanning its whole length, attached to the ceiling, holding up the floor above them.

Yvonne then took a padlock from the escape room tunnel exit, which was meant for locking the door behind a fleeing person, forcing any perusing intruders to go back out the way they came, buying the escapee precious seconds to get away.

Lucie's heart sank when Yvonne used it to lock the collar chain over the roof strut above her through one of the gaps between two of the metal pillars securing the floor up above.

"Tried to shoot my little brother did you?" Yvonne asked. "You thieving prostitute."

"No. It's not like that." Lucie pleaded. "Please. You have to help me. I was kidnapped in Indonesia."

Yvonne flipped down the cups covering Lucie's tits and pulled them towards her so that they hung out over the top of the corset.

"I'm not a prostitute." She continued. "I'm the victim of sex trafficking."

Yvonne squeezed Lucie's tits with her hands, kneading the flesh like a baker would with his dough to make his bread.

She rotated her thumbs around Lucie's nipples, causing them to harden, completely out of Lucie's control.

Yvonne's eyes were fixated on the sexual effect she was having over Lucie and her now shamefully erecting bullet nipples.

She knew that Lucie must be disgusted by her own body's reaction but yet there was little she could do to stop Yvonne causing this natural, blood rushing, runaway action as they became even harder and more sensitive.

"So if I call my little brother now." She asked without looking up or loosing concentration on what her hands were doing. "And ask him why he said that you stole drugs and shot at him. What do you think he'll tell me?"

Before Lucie could answer Yvonne lowered her head down and began to suck on one of Lucie's hardening nipples.

Powerless to stop her, Lucie tried to contest her case, hugely embarrassed about the rigidity of the nipple in Yvonne's mouth.

"I found a Marijuana bush. That much is true." She explained. "And as far as shooting your brother. The gun wasn't even loaded."

The slack in the collar chain allowed Yvonne to push Lucie back against the wall and press her own body hard against Lucie's. Letting go of her tits, she then held Lucie's head with both hands and forcefully kissed her on the lips.

"Save your breath." Yvonne told her, letting go of her head she rubbed her hands down from Lucie's waist, over the raised leather flap which exposed her lower half, stopping when she could hold each of her bare arse cheeks with both hands.

Yvonne then took hold of Lucie's cuffed wrists and pressed them against the wall. She kissed her captive's lips again to demonstrate the superiority and control she had over Lucie because of her predicament.

Yvonne then gently probed between Lucie's legs, parting her lips and finding her clitoris "I have a little something upstairs for you." she whispered, looking suggestively into her eyes.

"Please. Can't you just let me go." Lucie begged.

It clearly fell on deaf ears as Yvonne turned and exited up the stairs.

Lucie could see the blue vibrator Yvonne was carrying when she reappeared. It was a long blue silicone shaft with a small little sprout spurring off at a tangent near the base.

"Would you like to use your own lubrication?" Yvonne asked, holding it up in front of Lucie's mouth.

She pulled down hard on Lucie's hair at the back of her head. "Come on, open wide. Let's not make this unnecessarily painful."

"NO!" Lucie shouted.

Having no other options, Lucie twisted and tried pulling her head away but couldn't stop the rubber thing invading her mouth when she opened her jaw to cry out.

Next Yvonne worked the saliva soaked intruder into the clenched protesting lips between Lucie's legs, placing the small little silicone lump at the base, on her clit and turned it on to it's maximum setting before letting go.

After folding the leather skirt back down, she pulled and tugged at the buckle when she re-fastened the crotch strap much tighter than it was before, ensuring it held the vibrator firmly inside her.

"Don't go anywhere now will you?" Yvonne said as she exited the panic room via the stone steps.

It was a horrible situation to be in for Lucie. Knowing there was nothing she could do about the vibrations she began to think of anything disgusting so that she didn't become aroused.

It didn't work. Eventually her G spot became so sensitive that she had to succumb.

Submitting to the reality of her helplessness and the out of control predicament, she quietly took fast shallow breaths, allowing her orgasm take over for the next few carefree seconds.

The vibrations didn't stop. They continued to torment her for the next three hours.

Unable to sit or walk around, she remained at Yvonne's mercy awaiting her return but still trying again and again to gain access to the out of reach buckle in front of her by pulling the chain of her cuffs as far as possible to the left and right through the 'D' ring behind her.

She knew the vibrator would be staying inside her until Yvonne decided otherwise but with nothing else to do, why not keep trying herself to remove it? She thought.

Lucie felt relieved when she eventually heard Yvonne's footsteps coming down the stone stairs.

She stopped in front of Lucie, face to face with her and pulled her head back by grabbing hold of her hair behind her.

"How many orgasms have you had you little whore?" she asked.

"None." Lucie replied.

She tried turning away when Yvonne kissed her firmly on the lips and fondled one of her tits, checking the rigidity of her nipple as she did.

"Liar." She said.

Lucie stood still as Yvonne inspected the handcuffs locked through the 'D' ring behind her back.

"I see." Yvonne said.

She momentarily left Lucie alone and disappeared again, returning with a butter knife from the kitchen.

Yvonne tried to open the catch of one of Lucie's handcuffs by inserting it into the front where the buckle had entered.

"Nope." she said to herself. "I'm going to have to shim it."

Confused as to what this meant and still with the vibrations happening inside her, lucie found herself left alone again whilst Yvonne disappeared to get the said shim.

"Good old Coke cans." She said.

Yvonne had cut open an empty drink can and made a thin metal strip from part of it. This was what she referred to as a shim. She then pushed it into the front of the welded buckle, raising the catch inside, out of the way and allowing her to open the cuff from Lucie's right hand.

"A trick we all knew about in the prison service. It even works on standard police handcuffs." She said, passing the open cuff through the 'D' ring behind Lucie and allowing her arms to fall by her sides for the first time in twenty four hours.

It was such a relief to have her hands back so soon but it was to be short lived.

"Thank you." she said.

"Don't think for one minute that I'm going to be kind to you." Yvonne told her. "Get your hands up." She said then guided both Lucie's wrists up to the metal roof strut.

She didn't struggle because she expected what was about to happen as Yvonne put the chain of her cuffs through the same place as her collar chain and closed the open cuff back around the free wrist of Lucie's right hand.

Yvonne again then used the shim to unlock the collar and remove it from around Lucie's neck, allowing it to swing down from the roof on its six foot long chain.

"Let's have a look." She said then opened the crotch strap and much to Lucie's delight, she pulled out the vibrator.

Yvonne knelt down and gently bit her teeth into Lucie's soaking lips, tasting her juices as she did, confirming how wet she was and that she had indeed orgasmed.

Not knowing how hard Yvonne's bite was going to get Lucie instinctively jumped backwards and lifted one of her legs up to defend herself.

In doing so she accidently caught Yvonne's nose quite hard with her knee.

This stunned Yvonne. She stood up and held onto her nose as her eyes began to water.

"I'm sorry." Lucie said.

Yvonne rubbed the vibrator along Lucie's top lip, leaving Lucie's own scent of sex wetness under her nose.

"Oh dear." Yvonne said, then turned and slowly walked up the steps again taking the vibrator with her.

Lucie lost track of time standing alone, now even more helpless than before with her hands cuffed above her head, extending the feeling of time before Yvonne returned carrying something in her hands.

Yvonne casually rested a garden cane and a pair of scissors on the floor in front of Lucie and stood up to face her.

Using only one finger she began tracing Lucies narrow waist line where the leather held it tightly clad just at the point where the garment allowed her hips to flare out into the short hem of her, still raised, skirt.

She then took hold of both sides of the collar still swinging next to Lucie by its chain from overhead and looked again at the slim corseted waist.

"I wonder." She said.

"Don't you dare!" Lucie shouted as Yvonne offered the collar up to her waist at the narrowest part of her shrunken leather body suit.

But it wasn't to be. The gap in the opening of the collar around her waist proved to be too much of a contest for Yvonne to close in this position. Maybe if Lucie lay on the ground Yvonne would be able to kneel on the collar and put her weight into it. She tried wrapping one arm around Lucie and pulled the two halves together but it wouldn't quite close.

"AHHH!" Lucie shouted as the collar narrowed her waist down even further. "Fuck!"

"Do I hear you complaining?"

"That's too much." Lucie said.

Yvonne conceded by removing the collar from her waist and offering it to Lucie's left leg where she successfully clamped it around her thigh just above her knee, leaving it loosely hanging at the extent of the length of chain from above.

This wasn't Yvonne's plan anyway. She wanted to teach Lucie a lesson for hitting her in the face and so she began cutting the leather from the top of Lucie's back with the scissors. She cut all the way down to the bottom, through the crotch belt, exposing her and leaving her completely naked as the whole leather garment fell to the floor in a heavy heap.

"Thank you so much." She said, relieved to be able to breathe properly again.

Yvonne picked up the cane and looked Lucie in the eye. "This is for hitting my nose."

The first swing whipped through the air, landing across the top of both her arse cheeks with a fine slapping sound as it came to a stop on her bare flesh.

Dougie had returned early after his emergency had come to nothing and he decided he wasn't needed in Yamdena.

He knew somebody was home because his sister's light blue pickup remained outside but he could find no signs of anybody when he walked inside.

That's when he heard Lucie scream out from behind the concealed panic room door.

Yvonne Released the padlock suspending the collar from above to adjust it then pulled down hard on the free end of the chain to raise Lucie's leg in the air and take away her balance.

Dougie threw the door open and ran down the stone steps, just in time to see Yvonne take her second swing, landing the cane on Lucie's back, just above the reddening mark of her first hit.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" Dougie shouted as Lucie screamed out again. "I told you to release her from all this when she has learned her lesson."

"She hasn't learned her lesson yet." Yvonne replied.

"I meant for you to toy with her head for an hour or two!" he explained. "This is fucking torture."

Lucie watched as Dougie snatched the garden cane from Yvonne's hands and whipped it across his elder sister's bare thigh.

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" he shouted. "I'm supposed to be rescuing her for fuck sake."

Yvonne stormed up the stairs and out of the front door shouting back "Fuck you." As she slammed it shut.

"Oh my god I'm sorry." "I didn't realise my sister was such a bitch." "What the fuck has she done to you?" He asked, looking at her arms and feeling the collar which now held one of her knees up in the air.

For the first time Lucie felt glad to see him. I thought you were in Yamdena?" she asked.

"No it got cancelled so I turned around and came straight back." He explained whilst reaching up to the cuffs above her head.

"How did she do this?" he asked.

Lucie pointed out the piece of coke can on the floor and described what he needed to do to open them. After a short fumble with the shim he managed to work out how to open the wrist cuffs.

She didn't care about her arms as they fell down by her sides it was her leg that was making it difficult for her to balance.

"Can you get this thing off me as well please?" she asked, holding on to Dougie's shoulder.

He inserted the thin piece of metal into the buckle and tried to open the catch but it simply wasn't strong enough to lift the catch out of the way because of the pressure her thigh was exerting on it.

He had to keep straightening the metal shim after each failed attempt of opening it.

Finally by pulling the collar closed and inserting the metal slither, the catch released and the collar swung open freely.

Lucie immediately ran for the stairs where to her surprise Dougie didn't chase her as she headed to the bathroom.

Shortly after a little alone time locked away from the man who had rescued her twice now, she heard a gentle knock on the bathroom door.

"Hey Lucie. Look I'm sorry about all this." He told her "I have your things out here."

Curiosity took over as she wondered what he meant and opened the door to find him standing there holding her transparent waterproof beach bag with as well as her passport, phone and cash, it also held her shorts and bikini.

Without speaking she snatched the bag from him and locked the bathroom door again.

"Why don't you take a shower and then get dressed?" he said loudly through the closed door. "I'm sorry about what just happened." "You have my word that nobody will harm you again."

He listened in silence for a short time then walked away from the door when he heard the water from the shower begin to flow.

After getting dressed in the only clothes she now had she found him in the kitchen cooking.

"Hey." He said. "Hungry?"

She looked back at him and asked, "What's going on?"

"Look." He said digging in the back pocket for his wallet. "I have three hundred and sixty dollars on me." "I can get you another five hundred from the ATM in town and drop you at a bus station."

"Why would you want to do that?" she asked.

"Because I'm guessing that the rest of your belongings are back in Indonesia and I wouldn't advise going back there to get them." "The other option is that you stay here and we go shopping tomorrow but I'm. . ."

"I want to go home." She said cutting him off mid sentence. "I want to go back to England." "I need to get to the bus station"

"Come on." he said, gesturing for her to follow him into his bedroom. "You need some clothes."

All of his clothes were too big but she did manage to put an emergency bag of toiletries and two of his tightest fitting tops together which would see her through a night in a hotel during the course of her journey to the airport.

When Dougie pulled up at the ATM, she had the chance to run but instead she stayed in the passenger seat of his grey pickup truck and watched him withdraw money as promised then casually climb back into the driver's seat.

"Just remind me. How did you end up in this mess in the first place?" he asked.

"I stole a couple of buds from the plantation belonging to Mr Taquan so I would look cool at a party in Yamdena." She explained. "I had no idea it would lead to this."

"Could you describe to me where exactly his crop is growing?"

"Yes." She said then described the route from the beach, up the hill and what to look for before heading for the summit. She warned him about the traps and reminded him about the shim trick with the drinks can to open them if he planned to visit the area.

"If I give you this then we never met. Right?" he told her handing over the five hundred dollars. "And no police. Ok!"

Although she had an open flight ticket to get her home, she still needed all the charity she could take to get herself to the airport and on the earliest flight home, so she took the money.

They drove to the bus station in the city where Lucie would be able to catch a shuttle bus to the airport.

The traffic on their journey became stop start as they neared their destination due to cars picking up and dropping people off.

She had her bag in the foot well under her feet so decided to jump out and make a run for it whilst there were plenty of people around.

She removed her seatbelt, grabbed her bag, flung the door open and spun around as she jumped out of the truck.

"Don't mention it." He shouted just as the door slammed shut.

With sarcasm being the only option he could think of to quickly enough obtain a reaction from her before she ran too far away, he wound down the electric passenger window and shouted over to the fleeing woman, "What, not even a kiss?"

It worked. She stopped and turned back to him. "If I ever see you again it will be in a court room."

The general public continued about their business as normal.

Dougie managed to drive away without causing a scene, leaving the ungrateful damsel free to do as she pleased and with him now having the problem of explaining to Taquan how she got away.

A lot of trouble came about because of Lucie's disappearance over the next two months with Taquan which meant that Dougie had to watch his back so when a Jeep drove towards his house, stopped along the dirt track, did a 'U' turn and drove away again, he raised his alert state.

Three hours later he noticed the same Jeep coming back so he grabbed his revolver, checked all six bullets and holstered it down the back of his pants in preparation for confrontation.

Lucie stopped the rented Jeep outside Dougie's house and sat there for a moment in the driving seat nervously wondering if she should get out. Having driven there once already and turned back due to nerves, this would be her second attempt at seeing him.

She hadn't returned home to England after leaving Dougie at the bus station that day, instead she'd bounced back so much stronger after her lucky escape and felt indestructible like she could walk on water.

The smile on his face when he realised who it was and not somebody about to attack him, coupled with the overwhelming delight of seeing Lucie again, told her that it was ok to get out of the Jeep.

Now more confident, she approached Dougie with a huge 'pleased to see you' smile on her face whilst he remained standing at the front door smiling back at her.

"This is a lovely surprise." He said breaking the silence. "How come you're here?"

"I didn't go home. I faced up to what happened and finished my tour of Australia as planned." "But now my trip is close to the end I can't go back to England without seeing you first." She explained. "I've not been able to think of anything but you and what you did for me since the day I ran away from you at the bus station."

"Come in." he invited, laughing in disbelief, moving aside to let her passed out of the heat and into the air conditioned house.

She stood still and faced him in the hallway.

"Is me being here a bad idea?" she asked.

"No. Not at all." He stepped away from the front door and into the entrance of his lounge, putting Lucie between him and her exit so that she wouldn't feel threatened or trapped by him.

"How. Well. Erm. How are you? It's so good to see you." His shock and delight were both obvious to Lucie, making her feel just that little bit more relaxed as she had prepared herself for this moment for the past two months and was able to keep her cool even though she felt equally as apprehensive.

"I feel like I'm in the presence of an angel." He smiled. "I thought I'd never see you again." He then looked down and lowered his tone slightly. "Unless of course it was in a court room."

"Yes. Sorry about that." She said also looking down at her feet. "Those weren't the most appreciative or complimentary parting words I could have chosen, I must admit." "If you can remember your parting words to me then I've got something for you." She seductively looked back up at him. "If you want it that is."

He looked down at her left hand and then her right to see them both empty. "As long as it's not another kick in the balls." he joked looking back up again and smiling.

She stared at him seriously and then moved her head towards his. Dougie froze and allowed her soft, sticky gloss covered lips to press against his as she kissed him.

"Thank you." She said. "I at least owe you that." "I can't imagine what my fate would have been if you hadn't rescued me."

She felt the safety of his embrace when he pulled her in close to him, wrapping his arms around her shoulders creating a man shield around her.

Her arms were now around him too. She moved one hand down his back and paused for a moment when she felt the handle of his gun.

"I told you." He whispered. "I would have given up a million dollars for you that day."

She smiled.

Still touching the handle of his pistol.

She just had to do it.

She couldn't resist re-enacting the moment where she held him at gunpoint on the boat.

As a joke she quickly took the revolver from down behind his belt and ran five steps backwards, pointing it at him.

"Give me a million dollars then!" She said with a smile and the look of laughter in her eyes.

"You can have as much as you want." He laughed. "I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world."

His comment wiped the smile off her face. She couldn't quite comprehend what he'd just said. Wanting to return the complement she stood dumbfounded as he continued.

"I would love to be the one who provides for you." He went on. "I'll even throw in that gun if you want it." He calmly closed the outside door. "Be careful though it's loaded this time."

Her smile remained absent and she felt such a fool as the joke she had played became ever more inappropriate. She turned the gun around so that it was pointing to herself and handed it back to Dougie.

"You know I was only joking don't you?" she said as he took the pistol from her and placed it behind him on a small table against the wall in the hallway.

"I kind of hoped so." He told her, stroking her hair away from her neck. "I meant what I just said though."

She shyly tilted her head down towards her feet momentarily before looking back up to his face.

"Ok then." She said and put her arms around his shoulders. "I'm listening."

Lucie then pulled down, jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He caught hold under her arse with his arms and held her up against him. By turning them both around and pressing her back against the wall, he kissed her without any hesitation.

The kiss broke. "I'm sorry about kicking you in the balls by the way." She said. "How are they?"

"I think they're about to empty themselves." He replied.

He began to walk, carrying her with him along the hallway.

"Where are we going?" she asked, absolutely smitten in the arms of her saviour.

"You look tired." He said.

She laughed out loud.

"I'm sorry I ran away from you like I did." She told him. "You saved my life." "Thank you."

She noted with approval his crisp clean bed sheets and pillows, hoping for this to be her destination as he carried her into the large, modern designed bedroom.

"We need to make up for lost time?" she said.

She kept hold of his neck as he lay her on the bed, pulling him down on top of her just in case he had any other ideas about letting go of her.

"How could I have been so blind to not notice you before?" she said. "Am I forgiven?"

"I can't believe you're here." He told her. "I thought I'd lost you." "Are you staying over for the night?"

"I may be tempted." "But where on earth am I going to sleep?" she joked.

He lowered his head to meet hers where she lay on the bedding and initiated a kiss that twenty minutes ago he never dreamed of.

Her eyes were closed for most of the time but she opened them momentarily as they adjusted their position to move up further on the bed.

Breaking the kiss off suddenly she moved her head away and shouted out, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?"

Dougie didn't need much time to realise what she was talking about. He rolled off her so that she could stand up.

Displayed on his bedroom wall using three nails were the open restraints that Taquan's men had locked her in. The collar chain was padlocked to the centre of the cuff chain, using the lock his sister had used in the panic room.

"Those are mine!" she said in disgust. "What are you doing with them in here?"

"Shit." "I'm sorry." He explained backing himself into the corner away from her and the bedroom door. "The truth is that they remind me of you and an adventure where the outcome wasn't quite as I had hoped." She stared at him with her mouth open in disbelief. "Please don't be afraid."

She lifted the collar off the wall and held the two curved halves open in her hands. The memory of its original purpose sent a shiver down her spine.

Dougie walked over to her slowly and stroked her hair gently with one hand, testing the water as if asking permission to touch her again as he stood around the back of her.

He put his hands around her waist from behind and through her hair he kissed her on the neck .

"They will never harm you again." He whispered. "You beat them last time remember."

She took one of the cuffs from the wall too and held it open.

"I haven't felt traumatised by everything that happened until just now." She told him. "I consider myself very lucky to get away like I did." "You know you're the only person I can ever talk about this with don't you?"

"Give them to me." He said, taking the cuffs and collar from her. "We know that they don't even need keys don't we."

"I'll wear them if you want, to show you how harmless they are." He said.

"How do you mean?" she replied.

"If I put the cuffs on myself will it show you that they pose no threat to you?"

"Why would you do that?" she asked.

"I want to prove to you how safe you are here with me." He told her and placed the chain set on the floor.

"I promise I'll never hurt you." He then put his arms around her waist and pulled her in to him. "I have beaten myself up so much over the last two months for leaving you alone here with my sister and for how she treated you." He then kissed her forehead before looking into her eyes. "Can we try again?"

She smiled at him. "I'd love to." She said, taking hold of his arm and gently encouraging him back over to the bed. "And I promise not to shoot you again." She smiled.

They both laughed. With the chains and manacles on the floor they continued where they had left off by rolling around on the bed like children.

"Were you really going to wear those cuffs in front of me to ease my mind?" She asked.

Dougie knew full well that the cuffs were too small to close around his own wrists and had been bluffing when he said he would wear them but it quickly gave him an idea.

He stood up off the bed. "Yes of course I would." He said walking over to the chains and picking them up. "I'll show you." He said carrying them over to the bed where he sat down with the collection of shiny metal in his hands.

"I have a proposition for you." He said. "I'll wear these cuffs for the next twenty four hours and you wear the collar, chaining us together for one night and one day. Then if we are still talking to each other after twenty four hours of being chained together then we seriously need to start talking about us and the direction we take next."

"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked.

"Don't worry you'll be safe. It will be just like playing in a gameshow." He explained. "We'll eat, sleep, shower and be together for the next twenty four hours."

She looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

"If ether of us want's out at any time then that's what will happen." He told her. "It will be fun." "However, if one of us does back out then there's a forfeit to pay."

He stroked her hair back over her ear. "It will be like being married for a day but the difference is that we can back out at any time."

"Twenty four hours?" she asked.

'Oh my god this is working' He thought.

"Yes." He said. "Until this time tomorrow, or sooner if you don't like it."

She looked at him nervously and touched the metal of the collar, remembering the horror of it first being introduced to her on the Indonesian island of Selaru.

"I don't know." she sighed.

That wasn't a no so he took it as a maybe and picked up one of the cuffs from the bed.

"I'll wear the cuffs and you can wear the collar." He said then turned around, away from her, holding a cuff in one hand behind his back.

He wrapped the cuff around his other wrist, knowing that because of its size being specifically made for Lucie, it wouldn't close.

Lucie watched as he tried to squeeze the two sides of the cuff together without successfully closing them.

"Fuck." He said, trying to sound sincere. "It doesn't fit."

She sat on the bed and said nothing.

"Ok." he said, turning back to face her. "Not a problem. I'll wear the collar and you can have the cuffs, which I must say will be the more comfortable option." He said, trying to make it sound like the better scenario of his deviant little game.

"It'll be fun. I promise." He told her, gently taking hold of her open hand.

His gentle touch reassured her as he raised her palm slightly and offered the cuff up to her wrist without locking it on.

Because of his delay in closing the cuff, she thought he may be having second thoughts about going through with it and assumed it must be his nerves when he stood up from the bed.

Her mind worked overtime processing confused thoughts of trust and questioning if she should go through with this even though it is wrong and could potentially be dangerous for her.

Standing, bending over her with three of his fingers guiding her wrist and the other finger and thumb on the handcuff, not quite fully closed but still encircling her wrist, he slowly positioned her arm closer to behind her.

Because the cuff hadn't been locked around her and so technically still a free woman, she didn't feel any reason why she should prevent him from repositioning her arm. Instead, she went with the flow of his actions because she didn't feel threatened and simply let him carry on.

The sound of chain links rattled together when he picked up the second cuff and dragged all the rest of the manacle set around to behind her back, resting the metal on the mattress behind her.

A move she hadn't anticipated as she assumed the cuffs would be going in front of her but this didn't matter, it only opened up more inquisitive thoughts in her mind.

Needing the use of both his hands and all in one swift move, he took hold of her free wrist with his empty hand and finally closed the current cuff he was holding around her with his other.

The act of him taking control of her other wrist whilst locking the first cuff on at the same time caused her body to ignore and override any reasonable instructions of 'BAD IDEA' being screamed out to her from her brain.

The feeling inside reminded her of the weightlessness in her stomach as a child when traveling too fast in her dad's car over a humped back bridge.

His magical touch didn't stop at that. She only had time to gasp in half a breath before she felt the other cuff quickly lock closed around her other wrist as though he'd somehow managed to close both of them in one uninterrupted well practised move.

Now unable to speak because of the thrilling feedback her mind received from her body, she felt like a person heading vertically down the drop on a roller-coaster.

Momentarily paralysed by this unknown natural force, her arms began to tremble as she sat in silence.

When he told her that he would wear the cuffs and she would have the collar, this was not what she had expected, even after he'd announced their roll reversal.

Holding on to her silence a new sensation of numb tingling came from inside and between her middle when he touched the bottom of her thigh from where he now sat on the side of the bed.

Lifting her leg slightly he pulled the collar chain through to her front.

Quietly surprised about her own brain and body for screaming out in craving for an increase in this sensational endorphin, she found herself covertly pushing down into the mattress on to the chain in an attempt to feed the source of this addictive tingling feeling.

In real time her restraining had only taken three seconds but in her mind it seemed like years as her body opened a lifetime of childhood tie up closets she never knew existed.

To his liking, when he lifted the collar she lay backwards on to the bed with her arms ether side, regrettably she realised she'd rolled her hips back too quickly to keep full contact with the chain and her crotch.

He straddled one of her open thighs and raised the collar up to his own neck, putting pressure back on the chain between her legs.

Her head screamed out for more.

"That chain feels nice." She calmly announced.

"You like it?" he asked, pausing for a moment tugging the chain and collar up in front of her.

He began with his hand as far down in between her legs as he could where the chain could be first seen on the mattress and gently stroked her along the path of the smooth welded links following them up through her crotch.

He then lay on top of her, pulling the chain tighter into her and up towards his own neck.

The feeling of the chain tightening made her tilt her head up and take an intake of breath, loving the increased contact against her skin where it now touched against her chest.

He mistakenly took her open neck display as an act of her inviting him to put the collar on her instead.

By pushing his hands down into the mattress ether side of the back of her neck and moving her hair out of the way with his fingers, he quickly closed the collar around her.

"What are you doing?" She asked with her head still looking up and away from him.

Knowing what she had allowed him to do to her, she looked at him but before removing his hands he held her head fast and kissed her on the lips before she could say any more.

He further enhanced her feeling of being a submissive captive by whispering the words. "Got Ya!" into her ear.

"That's not what we agreed." She said, smiling and looking at him with her wide and seductive eyes.

"Sorry. I couldn't help myself." "Do you want me to take it off?" he asked.

"Yes." She replied. "The collar is supposed to be for you." "You can't just take advantage of me like that. It's not fair."

"You begged me to do it." he accused.

She smiled and raised a questioning eyebrow to him.

"Ok. I'll go and make a key." He said.

She secretly pulled back on the cuffs to tighten the collar chain between her legs and increase this newfound sensation she didn't know she had.

Dougie disappeared into the kitchen, leaving her alone to experiment.

He returned with a beer in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other.

"I'll make a key with this can." he told her. "Although you do look beautiful locked up like that." He said, pausing after his complement "But as you wish, when we finish this beer I'll be able to let you out." He took a large gulp from the can.

Helping her to sit up on the bed, he gave her a cheeky smile then held the beer to her lips. "I'm going to need a hand." He said.

She too took a large gulp before he did the same again and again, in turn until the can was empty.

By cutting open the can he made a shim, freeing both of her wrists in quick succession, allowing her to bring her arms back to her front.

"I'll get you for that." She promised him.

He lay her backwards and pulled the chain through her legs placing it in a pile on the bed at the side of her. The collar remained in place around her neck and as he crawled up the bed she thought he would be removing this next. Instead he threw the shim key to the side of the bed and lay on top of her.

"You can stay here seeking revenge for as long as you want." He said and kissed her as she pulled him tight against her.

Nature began to take over and she reached down to remove his shorts.

He lifted up her dress and removed her underwear.

"Do I need protection?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm sorry, we do." She told him.

As always this killed the moment but it gave her time to remove her dress properly and pull the cuffs and chains attached to her neck, all the way through so that she could throw the dress onto a chair in the corner of the room.

He returned, naked and placed the unopened condom on the bed. With his knees ether side of her hips, he picked the condom up again and stopped for a moment.

Looking up at the thick wooden headboard of the bed and then back into her eyes, this may be his once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Can I ask you to do something for me?" he said in a shy voice.

"Ask away." She replied.

"Will you put the cuffs back on before we make love?" He asked with a pleading puppy dog look in his eyes.

A little bit taken aback but strangely not too surprised by his request. She looked to her side at the cuffs and pondered for a second. She knew she could trust him to remove them and she did owe him her life after all.

"What's in it for me?" she asked.

"A baby if I don't get this thing right." He joked fumbling with the condom on his cock. "I want you to experience an orgasm that is out of your control." "You can name your price if you don't enjoy it."

"Ok then." She agreed. "You did rescue me from a life of captivity I suppose." "Do what ever you need to. I'm intrigued about this orgasm you're promising me." She smiled at him excitedly.

He took the chain from her collar and straightened it out up to the headboard, where he passed the cuffs up through the bottom of the wooden furniture and over the top, bringing the cuffs down towards her head again.

"Ok." She realised. "I didn't know you meant chaining me to the bed."

She raised her hands up for him to cuff them but he stopped and placed the open bracelets in her fingers.

"No." he said. "I want you to do it to yourself." "You have to submit to me and hand over control."

Not a problem she thought and simply closed the first cuff around her left wrist.

He couldn't hide the look of excitement on his face as he watched her take hold of the second cuff and immobilise her remaining free wrist.

He kissed her, not quite acknowledging that he had actually found someone willing to play out this fantasy of his.

"I must be going soft, letting you talk me into this." She smiled. "It had better be worth it."

"It will be but no opting out until it's happened. Agreed?" he told her.

"Hurry up." She replied.

"You have to agree first." He insisted. "No opting out until you've found heaven." "You won't be disappointed."

"Ok." She replied.

He continued pushing her. "Say it to me."

"I'm forgoing any opt out clauses until you make me cum." "How's that?" She asked, wide eyed and smiling up at him. "Until then I'm in your hands."

He smiled. He could feel himself pre-coming already.

The lubrication of the condom helped him to smoothly ease inside her.

He looked up at the cuffs securing her wrists to her neck via the wooden headboard.

Seconds later he looked into her eyes and thought about the helpless beauty he had below him.

No longer able to control himself, he ejaculated immediately.

"Shit." He said "I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter." She told him "Just keep going."

He tried his best but it proved pointless. The difference in his testosterone level was so great that he could only apologise as his cock went limp and let him down.

"Sorry." He said.

"Don't worry." "If I'm too hot for you to handle we can try again in half an hour." She joked.

"I don't know what happened." He explained "That was so quick."

"It's ok." She told him. "I'll take it as a compliment."

"This changes things though." She said.

"Changes what?" he asked.

"You'll have to unfasten the cuffs until we're ready to try again." She told him.

He looked down at her and said "NO!"

She looked at her wrists and let out a disappointing sigh, then relaxed her hands back on the bed above her.

He understood her body language to be a further act of submission. This, coupled with the look of disappointment on her face, caused a pulse of blood to rush back into his cock.

"Ask me again." He said "Ask me to release you."

"Could you un-cuff me please?" she said, a little puzzled by him requesting her to ask again.

"No. I'm keeping you like this until I decide." He told her.

Now a little concerned, not knowing what game he was playing, she looked up at her cuffs.

He pressed his now semi hard cock against her leg.

She felt it and realised what was happening. Her being chained up and at his mercy like this must do it for him, so she smiled.

"I can't escape." She said, teasing his obvious 'sexy girl in chains' fantasy. She then decided to go along with the roleplay and step her game up a level. "Are you going to keep me forever?" "I'll do anything you want if I'm going to be your captive."

Proud of her choice of words that had obviously worked like a charm and fucked with his mind, she felt his heart beating through his cock as it became fully hard again.

He's back she thought.

"Kinky fucker aren't you?" she said, smiling delightfully at him as he straightened the condom and worked his way inside her again.

She was pleased that she could have this effect on him and that she had so quickly discovered the weakness in him by acting out this fantasy that he clearly couldn't resist.

This time he meant business. She tilted her hips to ensure she kept him consistently on the right spot.

She further tested the water. "If you make me cum before you then I'll let you keep me like this for a week."

He forced himself to hold still and look away for a few moments after that comment otherwise he might have another accidental discharge.

"I have plans for you." He whispered into her ear.

She was nearing her climax anyway but the look on his face and apprehension of what he had planned for her, tipped her over the edge.

She moaned and continued playing along. "What are you going to do with me?"

He kissed her neck and held his rhythm causing her moaning to get louder.

The thought of her situation and not knowing what future lay ahead of her with this kinky sex driven, rich, bad man who she had fallen for, was enough to do it.

Then it happened.

"FUCK" she screamed "YES." Her hips now bucking up and down keeping his cock in the right place.

She pulled the chain on the bed at the bottom of the headboard, which in turn pulled back on her wrists. She then tilted her head up. "FUCK." "OH MY FUCKING GOD" "YES." she whispered as loud as she could.

He stood his ground and controlled himself.

Pulling down on the chain, she tensed up and held her breath.

That was the moment he let himself go. Although he couldn't deliver as much as last time, it was enough for her to feel him coming too.

She murmured then relaxed and began breathing again.

"Fucking hell." She said, breathing heavily. "You're right. I have to admit. That was something else."

He smiled and kissed her then slowly pulled himself out.

He threw the condom on the floor and reached for the slip of metal to un-cuff her wrists.

"Wait." She said, realising what he was about to do. "Unlock the collar instead."

Confused but pleased and without questioning, he used the slip of metal to open the collar.

She rattled the chain around the wooden headboard and sat on the side of the bed, holding the open collar out to him with one hand. "We still have a deal of twenty four hours chained together." She reminded him.

Disregarding her comment, he simply smiled and turned away.

"Come on." She said. "Play the game." now looking at him suggestively. "You said I could name my price." "It was your idea after all, so if you're backing out then there's a forfeit remember."

He looked at her and pondered for a few seconds before taking hold of the two open sides in his hands.

"Ether of us can back out at any time." She reiterated.

'Fuck it' he thought, what harm can she do?

"Ok. It's a deal." he acknowledged. "But first I want you to step over your cuff chain, one leg at a time so that your hands are behind your back."

He helped her keep her balance as she did then stood behind her with the collar chain still padlocked to the middle of her cuffs behind her back.

She turned herself far enough around to be able to see Dougie hesitating with the collar.

"Scared?" she teased.

He closed the two semicircles around his neck then immediately began touching her bare arse.

Lucie turned her head behind her to see if a kiss was available but found him looking down, too enthralled in the beauty of what he held in his hands.

"Shall we shower?" she asked.

They showered, ate dressed, undressed, visited the bathroom and slept together. All the time he took care of her needs, forgoing his own wants and luxuries, just to please her.

All morning they talked like lovers and by mid afternoon Dougie stood in front of Lucie having at some point crawled under her, bringing the chain up in front, between her legs.

"One hour to go." He said, running his fingers through her hair. "Do you want to back out?"

"No." she told him, walking backwards, pulling him with her towards the bed. "Why don't you get a condom and we can kill another thirty seconds."

"Very funny." He replied.

She took up the slack of the chain between her legs and sat down on the bed, pulling his neck down slightly as she sat on the mattress.

'Time to fuck with his head and see how much control I have over him'. She thought.

"What if I asked you to chain me to the bed again?" She whispered.

Absolutely shocked, he asked "What. Now?"

"Come on. Please?" she said, speaking and kissing him at the same time. "I want you to give me another helpless orgasm."

"But we still have an hour to go."

"I don't care. Just put the collar chain over the headboard again. Quickly while I'm still in the mood." She demanded.

"I'll chain you up for as long as you want in an hour but I'm not backing out and forfeiting." He told her.

Her plan wasn't working. Desperate to tempt him into taking his collar off before the hour was up, she gave him an ultimatum. "Ok. I'll back out if you chain me to this bed right now."

She climbed her legs over the handcuff chain and felt his cock as she brought her hands to her front.

"Well?" she asked, holding her cuffs up in front of his face.

"How can I refuse?" He said, reaching for the metal shim.

Trembling with both passion and excitement he removed the collar from around his neck.

Lucie took the collar and the metal shim from him and locked the two sides closed again in her hands.

"You loose!" she smiled. "I believe you owe me a forfeit."

"No." he insisted. "That doesn't count."

"I'm afraid it does." She overruled.

"That's not fair." He told her. "You can't do that."

"You men are so easy." She said throwing the shim under the bed then looking back up at him. "Forfeit time."

Admitting defeat he asked, "What do you have in mind?"

She didn't reply. Instead she put the chains behind his head and dropped her arms behind his back, pulling him in close to her and planting her lips on his.

After she'd studied his tongue with hers, she broke the kiss off.

"I want you to show me what else you can do with that tongue." She said.

Dougie smiled at her. "I like the way you think."

He began by gently parting her shaven lips and licking around her little button. She inhaled a long breath and lifted her hips up towards his head. It wasn't long before she wanted more.

"Fuck me." She ordered. "Fuck me right now."

He lifted her cuffed arms above her head on the bed and lay on top of her, guiding his unprotected cock home without hesitation.

This was her moment not his so being chained to the bed played no part in it. She put her arms around him and held him inside her, not caring at the time about the consequences.

"We shouldn't be doing this." He said.

"I don't care." She told him. "I'll deal with it tomorrow."

The rest of the evening they spent more vanilla without any chains, giving Lucie's wrists chance to recover whilst still acting like a couple of teenagers in love.

The next day's priority was a trip to the pharmacy in the city but first He stopped at a business unit on the outskirts of town.

The sun was blazing and although she wore cut off jean shorts and a high cut top, she preferred to wait alone in the pickup when he went inside. From what she could tell it was a window cleaning business but thought nothing of it as he could be doing a deal that she wasn't intending to get involved with.

Walking around the city she explained that she only had two weeks left on her VISA and would have to get the rental Jeep back and go home soon.

"You could work for me for a couple of months if you wanted a sponsor for a VISA extension." He told her.

"How would that be possible?" she asked. "I'm sure you're not a registered drug dealer are you?"

He laughed. "No. I own that window cleaning business we were at earlier. That's how I launder my money." "You could work for me if you wanted to stay a little longer." "Don't worry, nobody actually cleans windows, it's just a system of fiddling the books and paying the tax."

"Tempting." She said.

The look of happiness on his face excited her. 'This man likes me' she thought.

"Let me get my accountant on to it. He'll know who to contact to get your VISA sorted."

After a wonderful day together in the city they were glad to chill out in the air conditioned home of Dougie's where they sat next to each other on his sofa.

"You know." She said, moving her face towards his. "Would it be out of the question for me to legitimately work for you?" she asked, now touching his forehead with hers and staring deeply into his eyes.

He went quiet for a little then pulled his head away and stood up from the sofa.

Lucie wondered what she had said to disturb him when without warning he disappeared into the bedroom but realised she'd said nothing wrong when he returned with the cuffs and chains in his hands.

"What?" she asked, standing up as he entered the room.

"OK." He said. "I have another, better proposition for you."

"Better for you or for me?" she asked, knowing that this metal contraption was going to be inevitably involved somehow.

"Hang on, I'm being rude. Let me get you a drink first?" he said.

Back in the room, he passed her a large gin and tonic. "Here me out on this one." He said to her and passed her the open collar to hold in her hands.

"So when we first met, you had a forty thousand dollar retainer on your head remember?"

"Yes." She replied. "I remember. Why?"

"Well he didn't actually owe me the money, it was just that he'd promised me more of his harvest than he was going to be able to deliver." "Forty grand to be precise."

Lucie wondered where this was leading but sipped her drink quietly and listened as he explained.

"Before you left last time you described to me where his crop of Marijuana was. You also told me about the traps he had set and you taught me how to get these things open." He said touching the collar in her hands.

"Is Taquan going to come after me?" she asked.

"No. he told her. "Don't worry about him." "He'll be behind bars for the rest of his life."

Dougie stared at her. "Somebody in this room who stole drugs from him, also grassed on his whole operation and got him locked up."

She stared back at him in disbelief, "It wasn't me." She said.

"I know." He smiled back at her. "It was me."

Lucie couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"You see. When I saw him slap you across your face I instantly wanted kill him but we were on his territory and I couldn't so I extracted revenge by hitting him where it hurts."

"By getting him arrested?" she asked.

"Not immediately. First I helped myself to the rest of his crop." "About eighty thousand dollars worth.

"What?" She said.

He took a drink himself then held her attention whilst he explained.

"So here's my proposition."

Lucie felt nervous because what he'd just explained to her was some serious shit and she felt involved.

"I rescued you for 40 grand right?"

"Yes, that's how I understood it." She said.

"I'll offer you double or quits for forty thousand."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that if you take the challenge, and win then I'm eighty grand down and you're forty grand up." "Call it wages if you wish to."

"What's the challenge?"

"I'll give you one dollar for every minute that you wear the cuffs and collar, up to the value of forty thousand." He explained. "You can opt out at any time but if you accept the challenge and opt out before forty thousand minutes then you get no money but still have to stay with me un-restrained."

"How long is forty thousand minutes?" she asked.

"You have ten seconds to give me an answer."

"Don't be ridiculous. How long is it?"

"Nine." He said.

"Hang on a minute!"


"But I can't just give you an answer like that."


"I need to know if I'll come to any harm?"

"Nobody will lay a finger on you. I promise."

What about getting dressed or washing? What about eating?"

"Five." "I'll take care of you. You'll be treated like a princess."

"And I can opt out at any time?"

"Four." You have my word that I will release you the second that you opt out.

"And if I back out, I loose the money but will I be able to leave?"

"Three." You'll be free to go at your own leisure but that's not the deal. You can opt out of the restraints but I would love you to stay for the duration. I'm prepared to gamble with the money. Are you prepared to gamble with your time?"

"Forty thousand dollars for forty thousand minutes." She calculated out loud. "That's sixty dollars an hour, multiplied by twenty four." "We are counting this as twenty four hours a day aren't we?"

"Two." "Yes twenty four hours, seven days."

"Just the collar and cuffs. Nothing else?" She asked.

"One." "I promise you. No hidden catches. No forced sex, no pain, It will be a mild appreciation of what I rescued you from. Consider it if you will, a way of thanking me."

He looked up from his watch and smiled. "I'm going to need an answer."

Lucie looked away.

"Go on then." She said. "It's clearly going to turn you on and the cash prize is too tempting to refuse."

"Is that a yes?" he interrupted.

"Yes. That's a yes." She agreed, smiling back at him.

He stood up and began hugging her. He then kissed her. "You are amazing." He said. "Try not to back out too soon. Let me learn the things that you like and how I can improve on spoiling you rotten."

"I'm missing something here aren't I?" she asked.

"OK. No more questions. The clock starts now." He said writing down the exact time on his kitchen wall calendar.

He held the cuffs up in front of her.

"How long exactly am I going to be in those?"

"No more questions." He said. "Come on. Quickly. Let me see you put them on."

She took one of the cuffs from him, leaving him holding the other one along with the collar and chains then began inspecting it.

"Come on sweetie. The sooner they are on, the sooner they are off. You're only delaying the outcome by waiting." He told her. "Close the first one around your left hand."

She wrapped the all too familiar shiny cuff around her left wrist and clicked it shut.

He then passed her the other cuff.

She slowly held it to her right wrist.

"No no no." he said, shaking his head.

Taking hold of the open cuff, he stood her up and pulled the manacle behind her back along with her right arm and quickly snapped it closed once more around her free wrist.

He then passed the collar chain through her legs and pulled it up slightly into her tight denim clad crotch, encouraging her to take a few steps towards him as he continued to pull.

He kissed her and held the open collar close to her neck.

"Good luck." He said, then moved her hair and clicked it closed at the back of her neck.

"How long is forty thousand minutes?" she asked again.

He opened the calculator app on his phone and began punching in numbers.

"I don't actually know for sure myself, I intended to say seconds but decided to chance my arm and say minutes instead. I didn't imagine I would be able to convince you into saying yes." He said.

He spoke the sum out loud as he keyed it into his phone. "Forty thousand divided by sixty minutes equals six hundred and sixty six point seven hours. Dividing that by twenty four hours, gives us."

"Holy shit." He said. "That's nearly twenty eight days."

"WHAT!" she exclaimed. "Let me see!"

"That's four weeks of me looking after you." He said now wildly excited.

Before she spoke he tried to kiss her but she pulled away from him, still shocked at how long she had just agreed to.

"I want to see those figures." She told him.

He repeated the calculation as she looked at the screen with disbelief when it showed the result of just over twenty seven days.

"I can't do a month like this." She said.

"Imagine what life would have been like had we not met." He reminded her. "Come on princess. I'll look after you I promise. Besides, think about the money."

She sighed and thought about what he'd just said, then looked both ways behind her and checked her cuffs for no reason other than just to look at what she expected to see.

"This is clearly a master slave fantasy of yours so, I suppose, if it turns you on so much." She paused for a sigh. "Then I'll do it."

Seeing how impossible it was for him to hide his delight, she returned a smile back to him.

"But you had better learn quickly how to treat your captive princess properly." She insisted, continuing with her knock'em dead smile.

"I promise." He assured her.

Nether of the newly bonded couple slept much that night. Lucie had stepped over her handcuff chain and twisted the collar chain around to give her the luxury of her hands in front of her for the night.

In the morning they showered together and Dougie ran circles around her like a butler on his final warning.

Lucie dried her hair and tried to stay cool in the air conditioning as the early sun outside began to warm the day.

I have to go out this morning." He announced. "You're welcome to come along but I wouldn't recommend it dressed like that." He laughed.

Lucie didn't laugh and seemed puzzled as to why he needed to leave her.

She had put on her underwear and began fastening the buttons of her denim shorts.

"How long are you going to be?" she asked.

"Only a couple of hours." He told her.

"Are you really going to leave me here alone like this?" she asked.

"You'll be ok." He told her.

"Ok." She replied. "At least it'll give me the chance to remove these and give my wrists a rest." She said, finishing with the top button of her shorts and rattling the cuffs in front of him.

Still naked, he stood in front of her and steadily walked into her, slowly edging her backwards until she had no option other than to sit down on the bed.

"Let me just get the key." He told her, taking the padlock key out of his bedside drawer.

He unlocked the six foot chain from the middle link of the handcuff chain and told her to lay back on the bed.

This seemed a step in the right direction of freedom and so when he asked her to step over her handcuff chain to put her hands behind her back, she became confused but did so without questioning his request.

"What are you thinking?" she asked, sitting on the edge of the bed with her arms now behind her.

He swivelled the collar around so that the chain hung down behind her then wrapped the free end of the chain around her waist, forming the loop of a belly chain, joining it at the back.

Thinking he was playing around, she breathed in and giggled when the cold chain touched her skin.

He then threaded the hasp of the padlock through the first and last links of the chain going around her waist, then through the middle link of her handcuff chain, locking the setup together in the small of her back.

"Hang on a minute." She exclaimed, hearing the lock snap shut, straining to look behind her.

"I can't have you breaking the rules so soon." He told her.

"But I can't do anything at all with my hands like this." She pointed out, spinning the belly chain and her cuffs around to one side.

He stepped away with the key in his hand and looked towards his topless semi naked captive sitting on the edge of the bed pulling at her chains, exploring how severely restricted the use of her hands had now become.

"Come on." She said looking at his rising erection. "This isn't funny."

He grabbed his clothes and began dressing himself as she continued twisting the belly chain and cuffs around her from left to right.

"You're not seriously going to leave me like this are you?" she asked.

He stood over her and cupped the bottom of one of her naked tits with his hand. With his other hand he gently lay her backwards onto the chain running down her spine from the collar to the lock in the middle of her handcuffs.

Her hands now touched the mattress ether side of her waist but she had to lift up slightly to adjust the position of the padlock so that it lay flat between her back and the bed.

He rubbed his hand along the tanned skin of her leg from her knee to the start of her shorts and then massaged his fingers into her crotch, kissing her from the side of the bed where he lay next to her.

"I won't be long." He said. "Any sign of trouble and you know where the panic room is."

"You'd better bring me a nice surprise back to make up for this." She bargained.

Lucie stood up from the bed and walked around the bedroom at the same time as Dougie finished getting dressed.

Before leaving he kissed her passionately on the lips and pulled her arse towards him with both hands so that she could feel what she would be getting when he returned.

Lucie watched him drive away along the dusty track and sighed as she looked around her for the TV remote controller.

Wandering around the house she looked at the rest of her clothes and realised it would be impossible to dress herself any further, so decided to stay semi naked until he returned.

Dougie thought he only had a quick job to do at his window cleaning office but this wouldn't turn out to be the case.

As soon as he had sat down in his office chair the police turned up in three cars and began banging on the door demanding access to the premises.

Trying to keep his cool as though nothing illegal had ever happened in the history of his fake cover story company, he politely answered the door in the hope of a calm interaction with the police officers outside.

Not a chance.

Immediately after opening the door he found himself on the floor wearing handcuffs amongst a frenzy of shouting and pushing by the police.

Back at the station the most urgent matter on his mind was the girl in his house all chained up which if found by the police would earn him immediate jail time. He knew his rights but when it came to his phone call, he didn't have Lucie's telephone number and ringing his own house would guide the police straight to her.

He had an idea that just might work.

Yvonne looked at the unrecognised number trying to contact her. Considering letting it go to voicemail, she decided to answer it instead.

"Sis, it's me Doug." The voice said.

"Doug?" she replied.

"Yes. It's me." He told her in a hurried voice.

"So you're talking to me now are you?" she asked having not heard or seen anything from him since the day he found her in his panic room abusing Lucie.

"Listen sis, I'm in a bit of trouble. Nothing that I can't sort out but I've been arrested and it looks like their going to keep me here for questioning." He quickly explained, not giving any details over the phone as he knew it would be monitored and used against him if he said anything incriminating.

"Arrested?" she asked, knowing very well how corrupt he was. "What the hell for?"

"It's just a misunderstanding." He told her. "But I need you to do me a favour."

"Go on." She told him.

"This is my only phone call and I can't say too much." He continued, being very cautious about not to give away any information, he chose his words carefully. "I need you to continue with what you were doing when we last saw each other." "You can remember that can't you?"

"Well yes I remember but?" she tried asking but he cut her off.

"After that, if you can find kitty, I need you both to take Little Bertha out for a walk and then look after her. As soon as possible please, just until I get out of here." He explained, making it sound like he was asking his sister to look after his cat and dog for him.

She obviously knew what she was doing and where she was when she last saw Dougie. She knew that the name of his boat was Little Bertha and that he didn't own a dog or cat. Kitty had always been their family's description of a stash of money so she deduced that he wanted her to take the cash from his safe and hide Lucie out on his boat as soon as possible before the police storm his house and find her.

"I get what you're saying." She told him. "But why?"

"I have to go sis." He said brining the call to a close.

"Ok." She told him just before the line went dead.

Oh my god. She thought. This all happened two months ago, surely Lucie can't still be at his house after all this time.

Whatever the case, she needed to get there fast and do as he asked her to, knowing his business and how serious this situation must be for him to ring her and not one of his other heavy guys.

Oblivious to any of this, Lucie sat dressed only in shorts and chains, watching crap TV, thinking about her forty thousand dollar incentive to go through with this challenge and wondering what surprise Dougie would be bringing back for her.

Through the window in the distance after two and a half hours, she could see the dust trail behind his pickup.

Initially excited as she recognised the approaching blue truck in the distance, she stood and walked into the kitchen to make it look like she'd not been panting in the window, longing for Dougie to come home, like a puppy awaiting its owners return.

Casually she returned to the front window and glanced out, looking to greet Dougie as he climbed from his pickup truck.

Her heart stopped when she realised that she'd mistakenly recognised Yvonne's light blue pickup, instead of Dougie's similar grey truck and the dreaded evil sister had the driver's door open already.

Lucie ran as fast as she could without being able to hold onto walls or swing her arms for balance, firstly into the kitchen but then realised that the layout had nowhere for her to hide so she darted towards the bedroom.

Remembering Dougie's words about the panic room, she diverted and headed up the corridor towards the main front door, where the disguised wall panel would lead her down into safe hiding.

Yvonne's image could be made out through the front doors glass as Lucie frantically clawed at the wall behind her, pulling on the disguised door, trying to open it.

Lucie could hear the key turning in the outside lock, just in time for her to pull the panic room door closed quietly behind her, sending the stone staircase into complete darkness.

Slowly she felt her way down the steps but fumbled her way back up again to feel for the light switch as the task of navigating her route down by feedback from the soles of her bare feet alone would take too long.

In her panic-stricken hasty attempt to hide herself she'd made two catastrophic mistakes.

The first one was hiding in the panic room because this was the last place Yvonne had seen her and therefore an obvious place to look.

The second mistake was not locking the panic room door behind her!

As Lucie reached the top step again to begin feeling for a light switch, a horrifying widening crack of light appeared in the doorway with the frightening silhouetted image of the most dreaded woman right now in Lucie's world.

"Hello Sweet Cheeks." The Australian woman's voice bellowed. "Remember me?" she asked with a look of delightfulness on her face after finding Lucie.

The light flicked on to reveal Yvonne her wearing a pair of black, bum lifting yoga pants with a shapely stitching design which highlighted the muscles and curves from her calves up to the elastic belt band contracting nicely, high up on her waist. Her high cut tight fitting grey top showed off her tits beautifully. Her tight fitting clothing, coupled with her training shoes suggested that she had been working out prior to coming here.

She placed the keys to her truck from one hand on to the floor but the thing that looked out of place was the full face black motorcycle crash helmet she carried with her as she descended the top step without any hesitation.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!" Lucie shouted, now running away from Yvonne towards the bowls of the scary underground room which she had voluntarily entered, in doing so, luring her pursuer to follow and inevitably forcing herself into a corner. "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed, quickly running out of space to continue fleeing.

"Aren't you pleased to see me?" Yvonne asked sarcastically, slowly descending the stone steps, noticing Lucie's belly chain and cuffs behind her back, having the knowledge that she wouldn't be able to open the escape passage door, having her hands restrained in such a way.

"You won't be able to open that door." Yvonne warned her.

'What door?' Lucie thought, knowing nothing of the escape tunnel leading out from the room she now stood in.


Yvonne reached the bottom of the stairs and joined Lucie in the panic room, heading towards her as she walked away from Yvonne in a circular motion around the damp smelling walls.

Lucie made a dash towards the now unguarded staircase but didn't stand a chance against Yvonne's agility as she lunged towards Lucie and pinned her back against the wall.

The crash helmet had been strategically placed between both women's chests, pressing against both of their breast bones, with Yvonne pushing her weight against Lucie and her hands holding Lucie's shoulders back against the brickwork.

"Be careful darling." Yvonne said. "We don't want any scrapes or bruises blemishing this beautiful face of yours now do we?"

"DOUGIE HELP ME!" she shouted on the slightest off chance that he may have returned in the last two minutes and be available to respond to her cries for help.

"That's why I thought I'd bring this with me." Yvonne said, removing one hand from her shoulder and relieving the pressure against her chest. "I hope you like the colour." She continued, taking hold of the black crash helmet with her free hand and holding it up in front of Lucie's face.

"What?" Lucie asked, confused as she couldn't possibly be riding on a motor bike chained like this.

She looked as Yvonne lifted the opening of the crash helmet up to the top of Lucie's head and rested the sponge rim on her hair.

Lucie didn't fight at this point because thoughts of being released were entering her head if she would be expected to be traveling on a motorbike.

Her hopes were shattered and she wished she'd fought back sooner when she felt Yvonne push the helmet down over the top of her head and passed her ears.

At this point Lucie expected to be able to see through the hole in the front of the visor but this didn't happen. It still didn't happen when she felt the sponge moulding of the inside of the helmet resting comfortably around the whole of her head, but wrongly pressing against her nose.

Realising that Yvonne had deceitfully fitted the crash helmet on backwards, Lucie began to shout into the sponge at the back of the helmet and thrash around, spinning her body away from the wall.

Yvonne quickly grasped hold of the opening at the visor where the wearers chin should be and took control over Lucie with one hand.

Still screaming into the foam rubber in the back of the crash helmet, Lucie felt a foot being pressed against the backs of her knees and her head pushed down, forcing her to kneel down.

Yvonne then clicked the chinstrap of the helmet around the collar chain at the very top, preventing Lucie from being able to somehow pull or even shake it off.

Inside the helmet smelled musty and damp with the added mixture of various scents from its owners hair products coupled with Lucie's own warm, moist breath as she shouted into the spongy lining that squashed into her face.

The feeling of claustrophobia sent panic into every extremity of her body as she fought against the bonds from her forced kneeling position.


The muffled sounds were barely legible to Yvonne but having tried this backward helmet arrangement herself before subjecting Lucie to its sensory deprivation torture, she knew that calmly breathing through the sponge was actually quite easy.

Time being critical, she dragged her panicking, protesting abductee to her feet and guided her up the stone steps, picking up her keys from the floor at the top of the stairs, closing the panic room door behind them.

In her brother's garage, with Lucie still being controlled by one hand on the chin of the helmet at the back of Lucie's head, Yvonne knew exactly what she needed to do.

She picked a double tube of Epoxy resin glue complete with its mixing tube and compression grip handles.

When the lids were removed, she squeezed the handles, extruding equal amounts of adhesive and hardener into the mixing tube, forming the recommended quantities of the two substances to emerge from the nozzle at the other end of the mixing tube.

This whole assembly was handheld, simple and quick, bought by Dougie mainly for use on his boat but the solid setting resin mixture had endless other uses.

Yvonne pushed Lucie over to a part of the workbench running along the side of the garage and grabbed a roll of clear sticky tape.

Taking hold of one of Lucie's wrist cuffs she squeezed some of the thick liquid resin into the locking mechanism and wrapped a little of the clear tape around the outside of the buckle to prevent the resin from running out before hardening.

She repeated this process with the lock on the other cuff, followed by the identical locking buckle on the collar and just for good measure she squirted a little into the keyhole of the padlock in the small of Lucie's back. Each application required extra wrapping in tape to contain the viscous resin and temporarily prevent any leakage until the chemical reaction caused it to become solid.

If Lucie could understand the implications of Yvonne's actions, she would have fought her with all her strength but instead she allowed Yvonne to do whatever she wanted, in the hope that her chains were soon going to be removed or readjusted.

Lucie couldn't have been any more mistaken!

Yvonne located the false bottomed paint tin where her brother had advised her as his next of kin to locate in the event of his death. Looking inside she discovered the kitty of used notes, replaced them, screwed the bottom back on and held the paint tin in her hand.

Yvonne put her mouth next to Lucie and released the chin strap of the helmet from around the collar chain.

"If I remove this, are you going to be quiet?" she asked in a loud voice.

Lucie mumbled something illegible so Yvonne began to lift the black sponge lined shell up, removing it from around her head.

Lucie lifted her head up with the helmet and then pulled it quickly down to speed up the removal, all in one swift move.

No sooner had it cleared her mouth did Yvonne hear the loud screaming of abuse coming from Lucie's mouth.

With the strength of both her hands she slammed the claustrophobic cover back down over Lucie's head, immediately turning her shouts of abuse to muffled noises again.

"Do you want to wear this for the rest of the day?" Yvonne shouted, loud enough to be heard over the sounds of Lucie's protesting.

"I want silence from you. Understand?" she shouted.

There were only two more muffled noises before Lucie went quiet.

Yvonne tried raising the helmet again, this time being aware of Lucie's trick of raising her head up, then down to pull it out quicker.

"Please take it off. Please. I'm begging you. Please." Were the only words she managed to say as soon as her lips were free from the foam padding before it was slammed down into position around her head once more.

Her screaming and wailing into the padding sounded the loudest so far as she bent forward shaking the helmet, trying to spin her head around in it and throw it off.

Yvonne walked back into her brother's house leaving Lucie alone in the garage fighting to remove the enclosure around her head. The chin strap wasn't fastened around the collar chain so with calm and careful planning she would be able to remove it herself but her frenzied thrashing around wouldn't allow her that chance.

Yvonne returned carrying a large red chequered shirt belonging to her brother and the first pair of boots belonging to Lucie that she could lay her hands on.

After locking the house and walking towards the garage Yvonne wondered if she would find Lucie free of her sweaty round head box or if she would be still failing in her attempts at removing it.

Lucie lay on her side on the garage floor scraping the helmet across the concrete, trying to pull it off.

Yvonne kneeled down next to her and held Lucie's head still.

"Last chance." She shouted. "Not a sound. Do you understand?" "Not even a thankyou."

With Yvonne holding the helmet still, Lucie wriggled her body across the floor, inching her head out bit by bit until at last she felt the freshness of freedom from this simple but yet effective torture device.

"Not a sound." Yvonne said touching Lucie's lips with one finger.

Lucie lay still with a look of hatred across her face, catching her breath.

Yvonne then helped her to her feet.

"I think that's better for both of us, don't you?" Yvonne asked, staring at Lucie, holding her finger up to her own lips, as a reminder for Lucie to remain silent.

Yvonne then bent down and helped Lucie into her ankle boots. She then covered her naked upper half with Dougie's large shirt, gently brushing concrete dust from her tits before fastening the buttons.

With the top button of the shirt fastened, it sat above her metal collar on her neck, hiding any evidence of the locked circle from a casual onlooker. The rest of the shirt perfectly concealed her cuffs and belly chain, having enough girth to allow the buttons to be fastened at the front.

"Before we go, do you need the toilet?" Yvonne asked.

"Yes." Lucie replied, immediately realising that she had broken her silence.

To apologise she looked at Yvonne and rolled her lips into her own closed mouth as an act of acknowledging her mistake.

Lucie had enough slack in her cuff chain to wipe herself to the front and rear by spinning the belly chain around her waist. She had managed to pluck open the buttons of her shorts with one hand but couldn't re-fasten them without help.

Yvonne gladly assisted, fondling as much of Lucie's peachy arse cheeks as possible before loosely tucking the shirt into the top of her shorts, becoming more and more aroused as she sexually abused her helpless captive.

With the empty shirt sleeves swinging to the sides Yvonne fastened the buttons of her shorts, then took hold of Lucie's hips and spun her around so that the two women stood face to face.

"You are so beautiful." She said, staring at the terrified looking Lucie. Yvonne continued staring and smiled when she noticed Lucie shiver at whatever frightening thought had just gone through her mind.

"We need to get going." Yvonne said and guided Lucie out and into her pickup truck where she fastened her seatbelt.

With Dougie's boat keys in her hand, she picked up the paint tin of cash and the crash helmet then locked the property and climbed into the drivers seat of her pickup.

The act of placing the black helmet on the middle seat between the two of them, reminded Lucie of her need to remain silent for fear of being forced into wearing it again.

The journey to the shore had taken longer than normal because of Yvonne taking the back roads to avoid having to stop at any junctions where Lucie could shout out to passers by for help.

Lucie struggled with curiosity but refrained from asking where she was been taken when Yvonne guided her into Dougie's inflatable dingy, obviously with the intention of going out to Little Bertha, his cruiser boat.

Yvonne tied the dingy onto the cruiser and helped Lucie as they both carefully boarded the vessel, complete with helmet and the cash smuggling paint tin.

Lucie's heightened senses didn't miss a trick. She needed to be on top of everything happening around her.

Yvonne placed the helmet on a seat near the back of the boat, unlocked the padlock securing the hatch and took the cash pot below deck, leaving Lucie alone for a moment.

She sat down on the bench near the helmet and quickly picked it up with her booted feet, throwing the plastic iron mask overboard before Yvonne returned back on deck.

Proud of her achievement and sitting at the back of the boat in silence, her body rocked from side to side with the slow and calm footsteps of Yvonne returning.

There were two seats ether side of the hatch, the one to the right hand side being for the captain driving the boat and the seat to the left seemed to just be for a passenger. Without noticing the missing helmet, Yvonne guided Lucie up from the back of the boat, to the empty passenger seat on the left of the hatch where she sat her down on its white leather cushioned base.

Yvonne then took hold of the two empty shirt sleeves swinging freely from Lucie's shoulders and tied them around the back of the chair, removing Lucie's freedom to stand and walk around on the deck.

Yvonne started the engine and clunked the workings of the anchor into life until the point where it automatically stopped when fully retracted. She revved the engines slightly and they slowly began to move forward.

Satisfied that she could leave the boat on this heading without running into anything she walked down below deck for reasons Lucie couldn't see.

Lucie took this opportunity and lunged sharply forward in an attempt to pop the shirt buttons open to gain a little freedom back.

It worked. The top button proved the most difficult. The next two buttons were ripped off with each subsequent sharp thrusting jolting forward until the point where Yvonne returned to see what the noise was and caught her in the act.

"Well if you don't want to wear it my sweet pea then I'll just have to take it off you." Yvonne said and began unfastening the rest of the buttons. She pulled the shirt from Lucie's shorts and removed it from around her, exposing her naked upper half, dressed as she had found her at her brother's house.

One little tweak on Lucie's bare nipple caused her to yell out.

"Ohww!" "You fucking bitch! You know you'll go to hell for this!" she cried.

Yvonne immediately looked towards the back of the boat and saw that the helmet was missing.

"Cleaver." She said, smiling at Lucie. "I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on you aren't I."

Lucie could now stand and speak.

"Ok. So I can't go anywhere. How about you remove some of these chains so that I can eat or at least shit on my own?" she chanced.

Beginning at Lucie's neck Yvonne removed the clear tape from around the lock holding the collar closed then proceeded to do the same with her wrist manacle locks and the belly chain padlock.

She then pulled Lucie's hands to one side and showed her the solid resin inside one of the locks, proving that no one on board would be able to open them without cutting through metal.

This temporarily stunned Lucie.

"What the fuck have you done?" she shouted.

"Well I can't allow you the freedom to attack me while I sleep now can I." She replied. Those locks were too easy to open before so I've potted them full of resin, so until cut off, they are now part of you."

Lucie stared at Yvonne, wanting to kill her as she turned her back and checked the navigation screen to the side of the steering wheel.

"Where are you taking me?"

Yvonne looked at the screen and found that Dougie had left it set to guide the boat to Selaru.

Familiar with her brother's wrongdoings with Mr Taquan in Indonesia and in the knowledge that lucie had originally been Taquan's prostitute slave girl, she invited Lucie to join her to look at the destination on the navigation device.

The straight blue line leading to an island in the sea, identified with the letters SELARU, cleared Lucie's body of any strength, making her knees and guts go weak.

Every part of her, including her voice began to shake.

"Please." She said quietly. "I need to speak to your brother."

"That's not going to happen." She replied, pleased at how terrified Lucie looked after seeing their destination on the screen. "He's in jail." Lucie remained motionless and scared. Yvonne couldn't throw this opportunity away. "He told me to take you back to Selaru and leave you there."

Of course this wasn't true but Lucie would have no idea what was going on and could only listen to what Yvonne had to say.

"You have to be mistaken." "Dougie would never send me back there. He loves me and want's me to stay with him."

Yvonne laughed, having doubts in her mind that Lucie could be a call girl after all.

"He's in love with a prostitute who he's kept chained up at his house for the last two months is he?"

"No. You have it all wrong." Lucie explained. "I have been traveling around Australia for the past eight weeks and came back searching for Dougie to say thank you for saving me from Selaru. That's when we fell in love."

Yvonne listened but laughed, acting in a manor that she had just dismissed any such a suggestion but realising that what Lucie had just said was entirely plausible.

"So why are you still chained up?"

"It's not that I'm still chained up, I only had these put on yesterday. It's just a game we're playing that you've walked in on the middle of." "Your brother's into this shit and I let him do it to me."

Again this seemed feasible. Yvonne remembered back to when she had first started in the prison service, her little brother, fourteen at the time, had taken an over enthusiastic interest in her handcuffs when she brought them home one evening. He'd conned her into showing him how to wear them behind her back and snatched the keys from her, pushing her onto her own bed in her bedroom at their parents' house. She'd kicked him in his balls to stop him going any further and managed to take the keys back from him.

"Bullshit!" Yvonne said, not letting Lucie see that she'd realised that she might be wrong about her brother's new relationship. "You're trying to fool me into believing that you're not just the simple prostitute that you are." "How much is he paying you?"

Luci let out a sigh.

"As it happens." She said. "He's paying me forty thousand dollars. But. . ."

"You are so full of shit." Yvonne interrupted. "Let's see what Taquan has to say when I hand you over."

"Taquan is in jail." Lucie told her. "Please. You have to believe me. You can't take me back there. They'll keep me like this until Taquan finds a buyer for me, even from his prison cell."

"How do you know that?"

"Dougie told me. It was him who put Taquan away." "Please I'm begging you. I can't go back to Selaru."

She pulled the throttle back and stopped the boat, stranding them both miles out to sea.

"So what do I get out of this?" Yvonne asked.

"You can have the forty thousand if you want but please let me speak to Dougie." Lucie begged.

"No. I'm not doing this for money, I'm helping out my brother." Yvonne said, now standing face to face with the topless model out in the middle of the Timor Sea. "But I might be interested in something else." She told her, taking hold and gently twisting one of Lucie's nipples.

Lucie froze, knowing that there would be no way out of this and to make matters worse she would have to do everything Yvonne wanted if she was to stand any chance of not being taken back to Selaru.

Yvonne laid down the law. "Ok. So during the time that I'm looking after you, you're going to have to earn your keep. A cute little kinky prostitute like you should know how to pleasure a woman like me and satisfy my desires. If you succeed then I'll delay the journey by one day."

Lucie stared at her without responding.

Yvonne continued. "Then it will be my turn. And If I fail to return the favour and prove that me and you are women alike then we turn around and head back to Australia."

Lucie stood still and let the words calculate for a moment.

"So you have to satisfy me; and reject the temptation of me satisfying you." She confirmed. "Understand?"

"Why are you doing this?" Lucie asked.

"Because you turn me on and you have no choice! Other than the alternative which is a future life of sex slavery."

Knowing where they were heading, Lucie knew that Yvonne was right.

"Show me that tongue of yours."

Lucie reluctantly opened her mouth slightly and drooped her tongue out as Yvonne had requested.

"Close your eyes."

She refused but accepted the inevitable.

It seemed to take an age before Yvonne's face brushed up close against hers, repulsing the tickling feeling against Lucie's skin as Yvonne exhaled through her nose.

With Lucie's tongue now withdrawn and her jaw open enough to allow breathing, she froze with a shiver and held her breath as soon as she tasted Yvonne's aroma.

That's when the kiss began. Yvonne's lips came into contact with Lucie's.

Although unethically correct, it didn't hurt, nor did Lucie think she was breaking any laws, just the thought of kissing another woman had never appealed to her before.

The initial touch and taste happened flawlessly. Lucie felt ok about getting away without any pain so far and allowed Yvonne's tongue to freely explore inside her mouth.

Paranoid about her own breath, she strangely wanted to impress Yvonne and not show her that she couldn't kiss or that she was a prude.

It reminded her of her first ever kiss at school, or of kissing a teenager who couldn't yet grow facial hair so she decided to go for it, in an attempt to win Yvonne over.

The kiss became passionate when Yvonne felt Lucie's tongue breach across the threshold and enter her mouth.

Now committed by showing Yvonne how far she was willing to go when kissing, Lucie gave Yvonne all that she could by tilting her head and playing along.

This is easy she thought. If this is all it takes to please Yvonne then I might be able to get through this.

The thought of Yvonne having control over her fate made Lucie try harder to win her over by pushing forward against Yvonne's lips and pretending to like it.

Yvonne ran the fingers of both hands up into Lucie's hair at the back of her head to keep her from backing away and reducing the force against her.

The kiss eventually broke, allowing Lucie to look at the mouth of the woman who controlled her fate, wondering why she didn't feel at all disgusted by what had just happened.

"Would I normally have had to pay for that?" Yvonne asked.

Lucie didn't answer but instead she stood alone on the deck, wondering what Yvonne's next move would be.

"Come on." She said, taking hold of Lucie's arm and guiding her towards the steps going down into the cabin. "I want to feel you earn your freedom." "Inside me."

This frightened Lucie a little but the thought of being raped, abused and sex trafficked around for the rest of her life at the hands of the Taquan gang, soon encouraged her to go along with Yvonne.

"Now. I know you might not have done this before but I'm sure you know what to do." Yvonne said.

She removed her clothes and lay on the bed with her feet on the pillows and her knees bent up in the air.

"Just lie down on my chest, put that desperate camel-toe of yours in my face and make yourself comfortable."

Lucie put her knees ether side of Yvonne's face and turned her body sideways so she could lay herself down on Yvonne's chest and stomach, with her head in the correct position for what she dreaded having to do next.

Yvonne held Lucie's hips and tilted her head up temporarily out of the way of Lucie's crotch so that she could speak. "Now take your time and think about which life you want ahead of you."

Yvonne then helped lucie get started by using her hands to part her lips, to allow Lucie's tongue to probe inside her.

Lucie held her breath and began searching for Yvonne's clitoris, praying for this to all be over quickly.

"That's right." Yvonne whispered when Lucie eventually located the right spot. "If you use it correctly that is your 'Escape from Selaru button' right there."

"Take your time." She purred.

Not having the use of her hands, Lucie could only use her tongue and so stayed in the same spot whilst Yvonne assisted by holding her own lips open at the same time as touching herself with her fingers.

Yvonne's teeth were rubbing up and down the stitched denim seam on the front of Lucie's crotch, muffling her moaning whilst pushing against lucie's private parts.

Determined, Lucie breathed only through her mouth to avoid the taste, dribbling constantly all over Yvonne and the cushions of the sofa bed, knowing this to be her moment of one-upmanship in the battle of impressing her.

Eventually Yvonne began confidently calling out orders of "Don't you dare stop." And "That's right. Good girl."

Rather than feeling intimidated, she wanted to finish the job as soon as she could and so quickened her tongue work when the groaning and panting began.

Yvonne wrapped one arm around the back of Lucie's denim shorts, pulling her crotch into her face. The other hand put pressure on the back of Lucie's head as she tensed her quivering body and relied upon the cloth of Lucie's shorts to muffle her embarrassingly high pitched feeble girly orgasmic squealing.

From her position on top Lucie felt herself being rolled over onto her side when the satisfied Yvonne under her decided it was time to move. She spun her legs around and mirrored lucie as she now lay on her side.

"Let me take some of that taste away." She said planting her lips on Lucie's mouth and invading it with her tongue to extract some of her own flavouring.

Lucie allowed Yvonne to continue, relieved that she could at least breathe through her nose again after accepting Yvonne's offer of having the taste diluted from her mouth.

"Did you enjoy that?" Yvonne asked, breaking the kiss off.

Before Lucie could answer, the look on Yvonne's face changed dramatically and she squeezed her finger and thumb into both cheeks at ether side of Lucie's mouth, causing her lips to form a figure of eight shape.

"Think very hard about your answer before you speak." She warned then released her grip.

"If that's what you want from me, then, Yes." She reluctantly replied.

Yvonne smiled like she had just been proposed to.

"So now it's my turn." Yvonne announced. "I'm going to show you how to enjoy the touch of a woman, just the same as I like it."

Yvonne rolled Lucie over one of her cuffs and onto her back.

"But I'm going to give you a chance."

Lucie looked to her side at Yvonne and listened.

"If you can prove to me that you are straight by not having an orgasm when I play with you then I'll take this boat back to Australia and set you free."

"However, if I find that you are actually my likeminded soulmate who enjoys the pleasures of another woman then I'm going to keep you for myself." "Do you understand where I'm coming from?"

Yvonne then climbed off the bed, gave Lucie a drink of water and took the empty glass back to the sink.

She casually searched the cupboards for anything to eat, stopping and smiling when she found a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil where the small print read 'Infused with a Hint of Garlic and Chilli'.

This sent her mind off on a tangent as she began to search for any implement resembling a phallus shape that could be used as a dildo.

Knife handles didn't do it for her, nor did anything else she wouldn't like to use on herself. She stopped when she came across a smooth finished, wooden honey dipper in the drawer to the side of the cutlery tray.

'Perfect.' She thought.

The long thin wooden handle with its small but bulbous ribbed egg shaped end would allow her to explore the whole of Lucie's interior with one hand whilst her mouth and other hand toyed between her tits and her mouth.

"Do you need the toilet my sweet pea?" she asked.

Lucie frowned at being addressed in such a way as Sweet Pea but agreed anyway in an attempt to gain some escape time from the sofa bed nightmare she had just been subjected to.

Yvonne helped Lucie strip completely naked including her boots so that the chains were the only thing covering her bare flesh, allowing her no modesty whatsoever.

After using the toilet she found the way back up on deck to be blocked by Yvonne standing at the bottom of the steps, guiding her once again towards the cushions of the sofa bed.

"Ok, so I've stopped the boat, you've earned that but you're still only half way home." She said, looking towards the bed. "Now you're going to have to prove to me that you don't want to be my future submissive by not responding to my. Errmm. Let's just say, 'caring caress'."

Yvonne placed two pillows across the middle of the bed and spread a towel over the top of them. She then guided Lucie on to the bed and lay her with her bare arse on the pillows, so that her crotch was up in the air and the belly chain padlock wasn't digging into her back.

She began by licking the thin varnished wooden handle of the honey dipper and tickled it inside Lucie, as kind of an ice breaker to overcome the initial feeling of being invaded.

Yvonne then licked the ridges of the honey dipping stick's bulb and parted lucie's lips so that she could begin working it inside her.

She then pulled the honey dipper out again and poured a little 'Hint of Garlic and Chilli Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil' into the equally spaced circular grooves at the bulbous end of the stick and began to spin it around to stop the oil from drizzling off.

The lubrication allowed smooth access for the wooden bulb from both deep within Lucie's vulva to her clitoris at the front and then back in again similar to the action of a man's cock, except only having the bulbous tip for sensation.

The action began slowly enough to not be painful, picking up pace with each stroke.

Lucie didn't notice the added burning feeling caused by the hint of mild chilli added to the oil, she simply assumed the sole cause of this tingling feeling to be the result of having a piece of wood roughly prodded inside her.

Her clitoris began to heat up as tough it had been pinched a couple of times, adding to its sensitivity. This, coupled with the hot sensation inside her which encouraged blood flow, put her at a disadvantage if she wanted to avoid the humiliation and potentially catastrophic future consequences of having an orgasm.

She pushed down into the cushions where she lay, pulling her cuffs out to the sides as Yvonne began licking Lucie's nipples.

During her efforts to refuse any sexual stimulation, she asked, "Why are you doing this to me?"

The question came out of Lucie's mouth in conjunction with an accidental moan, confirming to Yvonne that things were going to plan.

"That's it sweet pea." Yvonne whispered. "Just relax and let your body give in to my way of life."

"NO!" Lucie moaned again, only this time slightly louder than before.

"Your submission to me will soon be beyond your control if you don't do something about it quickly." Yvonne warned her as she gently tickled her fingernails down over Lucie's stomach to join her other hand working the stick inside her.

"I'm not." Was all Lucie could manage with her current breath. "Like you." She continued with a second quick and shallow breath.

Yvonne smiled.

"One last try at rejecting me." She offered, pulling the honey dipper completely out of her, only to then torturously rub the smooth varnished oil soaked grooves up and down over her clitoris.

Lucie raised her hips, tilted her head back and with her eyes closed she took in a long hard breath through her nose.

"Oops darling." "You're too far gone I can tell."

Now holding her breath, she made a high pitched "Mmmm" sound with her mouth closed, trying to hide it from Yvonne.

"There's nothing you can do now to prevent it Sweet Pea, you may as well just enjoy the feeling of this transition into your new life."

Lucie tensed up, pushing herself against the honey stick which agitated her clitoris and let out an uncontrollable cry of anguish to the sound of "Agghhhh."

"There you go sweetie." Yvonne said, still expertly working on Lucie to prolong her shouting and screaming for as long as possible so there could be no onward attempt at denial of what had just happened.

Betrayed by her own body, Lucie flopped herself back down onto the pillows, followed by Yvonne's fingers.

"Stop it." She shouted. "I don't want this!"

"I'm afraid it's too late my little kitten." Yvonne said, removing the honey dipper.

She leaned over Lucie's head to speak.

"You've just sold your sole to me. The devil." "And I'm keeping you."

"You're all mine now sweetie."

Moments later Yvonne passed Lucie a packet of baby wipes so that she could reach down from behind her with one hand, between her legs and try to clean the tingling oil from inside her.

Yvonne left Lucie alone whilst she went back up on deck to start the engine and continue their trip around the northern coast of Australia.

Yvonne's intentions were never to take Lucie to Indonesia, it had all been a huge mind game after seeing Lucie's reaction to the navigation device being still set to its previous destination.

A satellite message had arrived and automatically displayed itself on the navigation screen.

It read,

'Hello this is Martin Fletcher, Dougie's lawyer. He has been kept in custody for twenty four hours and should be released in the morning. He has asked me to tell you to take extra special care of Lucie as she is very precious to him and to tell her that he'll make it up to her when he see's her tomorrow.'

'Oh shit.' Yvonne thought. She would have to head back to meet her brother first thing in the morning, meaning she only had one night with Lucie, her new play toy.

Back below deck Yvonne dressed lucie again in her jean shorts and boots. She put the shirt over her shoulders and tied the sleeves in a knot in front of her chest to keep it from falling off. She then took up the slack at the bottom of the shirt and tied both sides together in a double knot in front of her stomach, covering her belly chain but leaving a narrow line of bare flesh on display around her waist, below the tied off shirt.

It would soon be dark and Yvonne didn't want to go too far away from where they needed to be in the morning so she headed back towards Darwin and dropped the anchor as soon as she caught sight of land in the distance.

Back below deck again Yvonne began cooking for them both, all the time upholding her act of dominance over Lucie with the threat of a new life as her sex slave.

After feeding herself and Lucie, Yvonne tidied away and allowed Lucie to use the bathroom before laying her on the bed for the night.

"I'm going to give you another chance at freedom in the morning." Yvonne told her. "If you can resist me then I'll let you go but if you can't then I'm going to spread your legs and tie them to the corners of this bed for the whole day so that I can play with you whenever I want to." "Won't that be fun?"

Lucie said nothing but lay there in shock, thinking of how she would be able to control her body's reactions to her experienced tormentor.

Yvonne removed Lucie's boots but left her clothes on and covered the both of them to stay warm through the night.

The sea air had taken its toll on Yvonne and it didn't seem long before seagulls squawking outside awoke her from her sleep the next morning.

"Morning sweet pea." Yvonne said.

She undressed, used the toilet and cleaned herself with a wet wipe, then much to Lucie's disgust, she climbed back on the bed and knelt with her knees ether side of Lucie's face.

"You know what to do." She ordered then lowered herself down onto Lucie's face for some early morning gratification.

Again Lucie found this disgusting and Yvonne's orgasmic moaning couldn't come quick enough.

When it was all over, Yvonne helped Lucie wash her face and clean her teeth.

After eating, Yvonne took Lucie out on deck and fired up the boat's engines.

"Ahhhhhh." Yvonne sighed. "Good old Selaru. Only five miles to go." She teased, pointing to the Australian coastline in front of them.

"But you said that you were going to keep me for yourself?" Lucie queried.

"That depends on your." She stopped what she was saying when she noticed another sat message on the screen.

This time it read,

'I'm out. I'll meet you guys by the dock in the usual place. I hope you're looking after my baby. Tell her I'm sorry and that I'll see her soon.'

"I've got a message here from my brother." Yvonne said.

"What does it say?" Lucie asked with a look of delight on her face.

Yvonne couldn't help herself.

"It says that he's been jailed for five years and he want's me to take care of you until he gets out." She lied.

"WHAT! FIVE YEARS?" Lucie screeched and ran to look at the screen.

Standing next to her she desperately scanned the message for any of the words that Yvonne had just said.

Yvonne watched Lucie's face change when she read the truth and that Dougie was waiting for them in Australia. She looked up, allowing Yvonne the chance to plant what was to be her final a kiss on Lucie's lips, then smile at her.

"He's a very lucky man." She said.

"I don't understand?" Lucie asked.

"I've only been fucking with you. He's waiting for us over there." She confessed, pointing to the Australian coast in front of them.

Lucie felt relieved and elated that they were nowhere near Selaru, she wasn't going to spend the next five years being Dougie's lesbian sisters sex slave and that she would soon be back in the hands of the man she had become so attracted to.

"Look after him." Yvonne said.

"Look after who?" Lucie questioned.

"My little brother." She replied. "I've watched him grow up and I know how he works." Like all men, his brain is in his balls and a beautiful girl like you will be able to have him eating from the palm of your hand in no time."

Yvonne looked at lucie and touched one of her cuffs at her side.

"Especially if you let him put chains on you like this. He's really into all that shit you know." Yvonne continued. "I'm surprised he hasn't asked you to marry him yet."

Lucie stood in silence, listening again and again to Yvonne's wonderful melody of words ringing around the inside of her head, not believing what she had just heard.

"Married?" Lucie asked, hoping to draw more information about Dougie's preferences and wants.

"Well, you will know you've got him hooked when he asks you to move in with him."

'Shit.' Lucie though. 'That has already happened.'

Yvonne anchored the boat off shore and helped Lucie climb into the dingy, taking the cash filled 'kitty' paint tin with her to give back to her brother.

Lucie had no feelings whatsoever for Yvonne when she caught sight of her lover boy holding his arms open to greet her. He helped her out of the dingy and carried her onto the firm concrete surface where he kissed her and held her tight.

He then pulled out the padlock key and tried to release lucie's handcuffs and the belly chain from behind her back.

"You're wasting your time baby, she's put glue in the locks." Lucie told him.

Yvonne approached them both and Dougie turned his attention to her, not yet registering what Lucie had just said about the resin filled locks.

"Sis. I can't thank you enough for this." He told her. "You're an absolute life saver."

Lucie couldn't believe her ears.

"Are you fucking kidding?" Lucie said. "Get that evil bitch away from me!"

"What's going on here?" Dougie asked. "Has she hurt you again?"

"I wouldn't use the word hurt. Would you?" Yvonne replied directing her response to Lucie who stood at her brother's side. "I may have played a few mind games but we had fun. Didn't we?"

"Fuck you!" Lucie said.

"What's she done to you?" Dougie asked.

Lucie paused for a moment, considering the embarrassing consequences of admitting to her sexual encounters with his sister, especially if Yvonne told Dougie how Lucie's body had betrayed her and enjoyed the experience.

"Nothing." Lucie replied. "She never touched me." "I just don't like her."

"Come on." Dougie announced. "Let's get you home."

He gave his sister some of the money from the tin and parted company, taking Lucie in his truck and leaving Yvonne to drive herself home.

On the journey home Lucie quizzed Dougie all about the arrest and what would be happening next. He explained how he will have to close the fake window cleaning business and lay low for a year or two.

When they pulled up outside his house, he guided her towards the garage.

"Let's get these cuffs off you first." He said.

He then opened the garage door and beckoned Lucie inside.

This was music to Lucie's ears and she leapt at the chance of freedom after the treatment she had just endured at the hands of his sister.

Dougie picked up the saw and shuffled her backwards towards the workbench so he could rest the cuff on the wooden surface and cut the resin filled lock open.

"Are you forfeiting?" she asked.

"Yesterday scared the shit out of me." He told her. "I can't put you through anymore of this."

Lucie twisted her body out of the way and stood in front of him.

"Does this mean that I win the forty grand?" she said with a smile on her face.

"I suppose so." He replied. "Come on, let me cut you free."

By gesturing with his hand, he beckoned her back over to the workbench.

She stood her ground and refused to move towards him.

"Wait." She said. "If you have to close your business then I have no sponsor to keep me here in Australia right?"

"Don't worry baby, I'll find us a way of keeping you here."

She smiled at his lack of direction and uncertainty, confident that she had the answer to both their problems.

"You're a gambling man aren't you?" she asked. "Do you want a chance to double your money?"

He frowned in confusion and said nothing.

"I could help you." She explained. "You could come back to England with me or failing that I have contacts in the modelling industry in the Netherlands. That's a country where your trade is actually legal." "We could both go there."

Dougie simply shrugged the idea off, turning away, reacting only with the sound of 'ffffff' as he faced the garage wall.

The two of them remained silent for a few moments until Dougie eventually broke the standoff by laughing in a display of disbelief.

Lucie held on to his eye and approached him with a serious look on her face. She kissed him without speaking, pushing her chest against him, causing him to move back against the bench where he rested the saw and put his arms around her shoulders.

"I'm serious." She told him. "I can make this work."

"Why would I want to move to Europe?" he asked.

"I'll endure the rest of my time like this." She explained, spinning the belly chain and her cuffs to one side, emphasizing her offer. "If you consider it."

He removed his arms from around her and turned away, looking down at the concrete floor, deep in thought about the realistic solution to his dilemma.

"How does that double my money?" he asked, not really interested in the financial side but simply pointing out her obvious mistake.

"You would have me." She replied, taking a chance on him liking the idea. "I know what turns you on and I know that you won't be able to resist me whilst ever I'm chained up like this." "I have had nothing but extra special orgasms this week since you asked me to wear these cuffs and my body keeps proving to me that I like it."

In his mind it seemed like an offer he couldn't refuse. His masculine nature had taken over and his brain could now only think through his balls.

Lucie smiled to herself with a little joy of success when she noticed him adjusting his trousers, trying to hide his growing arousal. The thought of her offer of being chained like this with her hands behind her back for the next twenty six days had clearly hit him in his most vulnerable spot.

She approached him and stood face to face.

"If you want me that is." She said, now controlling all of his attention.

She knew that if she continued to play his game by wearing the chains and allowing him to think he was in charge of the situation, she would be able to easily manipulate Dougie without him realising. Lucie knew she held the upper hand, ironically by giving up the use of her hands.

"Tempting." Was all he replied, trying to keep his cool. "Europe is an option I suppose." "I'll still have to extend your VISA before closing the company."

She wanted so much for him to say yes and let her take this handsome classy guy back home with her, so she began to try harder.

"Let me tempt you another way." she said. "I like you. A lot." "And who knows, I might even..." She paused, unable to finish her sentence by saying the words 'Let you know that I'm in love with you'.

She looked down and then back up at him.

"You know. I might even let you..." She still couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence and use the 'love' word.

"Might even what? He asked. "You might even let me lock you in a cage. Were you going to say?"

The look on her face spoke volumes.

This was a special moment for her where she wanted to tell him that she loved him and he'd just ruined it. She turned and walked across the concrete floor away from him, shaking her head as she did.

He pushed himself away from the bench and chased her. "I'm sorry. "I don't know why I said that." "I thought you were just being too nervous about suggesting something and so I was only joking. I'm sorry."

He touched her shoulder, coaxing her to stop and turn around.

"It's all about your fantasy isn't it? Don't you like me for who I am?" She asked.

"Yes baby, I love you to pieces. I'm sorry. I don't know why I even said that. I'm sorry." He pleaded.

She casually stared at him, secretly overjoyed with the outcome of her actions and outburst.

"Let's go inside. Where you can prove it to me." She teased, smiling into his apologetic gaze.

He escorted Lucie into his bedroom where he apologised again. "I'm really sorry." "I like you a lot and I want this to work."

She felt the same but didn't want to show herself as being an easy catch so she decided to call the shots. "Lay on the bed and take your clothes off!" she demanded.

Still wanting to make it up to her he played the good boy and did exactly as she requested by stripping naked.

"Now lie back and put your hands behind your head." She told him.

Lucie then walked over to the bed and lay on her side in the middle of it.

"If me and you are going to be an item them I had better have a taste of the goods first don't you think." She said hovering her head over his groin area, looking up towards his un-expecting wide eyes.

"I have a challenge for you." She told him watching his cock grow in size. "You have to keep your hands behind your head and let me do all the work. Ok?" "No touching me. Got it?"

His cock now fully erect, Lucie leaned down and began by licking it.

"No problem." He replied not quite believing she would go through with this.

Even with her hands cuffed to the belly chain behind her back, she still managed to do him proud by taking the full length in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as he groaned with enjoyment.

He politely warned her of his approaching ejaculation but she'd already realised.

She held his warm cum in her mouth until he'd stopped heavy breathing and she could feel no more shots firing into her mouth. She then coughed and had to release his seed out onto his stomach so that she could catch her breath properly.

"Sorry." She told him "I didn't mean to do that."

"Baby don't worry, that was beautiful." Dougie replied. He reached for his shirt and held it at her mouth so that she could wipe her lips then wiped himself clean before throwing it on the floor to deal with later.

She lay back on her side again and watched his now redundant cock slowly reduce in size as the blood drained back into his body.

She looked up and smiled at him. "It looks like this little fella is out of action for a while."

Curious about the thoughts in his mind, in a semi-joking manner she questioned him about his earlier comment in the garage. "So Tell me. What kind of cage did you have in mind?"

"I don't want to put you in any cage. I don't know why I said that. I'm sorry."

Knowing she'd hit a nerve and that she had him on the ropes with this conversation, she continued. "Was it a bird cage hanging from the roof? With me singing to you so that you'll feed me through the bars?" she joked, playing on his embarrassment.

"Can we forget the cage thing please I didn't mean it."

She smiled and continued to revel in his regret, knowing that he felt guilty about ruining her thoughtful caring moment in the garage.

"Or was it a bedroom cage or even a basement cage where my arms are chained high up against the wall all day so that I can't touch myself and I have to spend all day waiting for you so that I can finally be relieved of my sexual frustration?" She smiled again trying to shame him further for ever suggesting such a thing.

As she spoke he let his mind drift away and wonder about the imaginary scenario. He had a picture building up in his head of Lucie chained up in a cell all day awaiting his release, desperate for sex. His heart pounded in his chest and the look on his face turned from a loving stare to one of amazement and lust.

She noticed the change in his eyes as she shifted on her shoulder for comfort, casually glancing down the bed at the same time.

"OH MY GOD. NO." she said out loud, seeing his huge erection pointing right at her then looking up to see a devilish grin appear on his face.

"What's Wrong Baby?" He asked, now smiling. "Don't be scared." "It's perfectly natural."

"What part of what I just said did this to you?" She asked in a serious tone. "Was it the bird cage or the other cage part?" she stared back at his cock in disbelief. "I didn't mean it. I was joking."

"It was the latter part of your ramblings where you said about being chained up and deprived of sex until I released you from your frustration."

His words shocked her but caused an immediate sexual twinge deep down inside.

He continued talking as her mind came to terms with this strange new feeling. "You've seen what it does to me."

"Yes." She cut him off.

Staring at his silenced lips, she whispered, "Take these shorts off and tell me exactly what you want from me."

She spoke up as he began to move his hands down towards the buttons at her waist. "Then you're going to have to make that dirty minded cock of yours somehow convince me to go through with whatever you want me to do and prove to me that it will be worth it." As she spoke the tingling feeling grew inside her.

"Oh God." she whispered, leaning her head back onto the bedding as he stripped her of her clothing and lay on top of her with his erection poised between her legs.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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