Camp Kidnap
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Part 1

It was a short while after midnight, and only a few people were still awake, at football training camp. Dylan, being one of them, decided to take a stroll, and explore the grounds. As he left the sleeping area, he did not notice a dark figure sneaking out after him. Craig followed Dylan at a safe distance, with a large heavy bag on his back, in which he kept his 'supplies'. Dylan walked around for a while, completely oblivious to the fact that he was being followed. He took a shortcut through a small dark forest, to get back to the camp. After a while, he came to a clearing, where he stopped, thinking he had heard footsteps behind him. Before he could turn to look, he was tackled to the ground from behind, and a pair of handcuffs snapped on his wrists, behind his back, and another on his ankles. He managed to roll over, and there was Craig, standing over him, leering unpleasantly. 'I've waited for so long to do that. Now you're mine' said Craig, before crouching down and punching Dylan several times through the face, and in the stomach. Suddenly, without warning, Dylan lifted both his feet, and kicked Craig in the groin with all the force he could muster. Craig collapsed on the ground, holding his crotch, and rolled over onto his back. Dylan tried to sit up, but was overcome by the pain from all the punches, and collapsed onto the ground. Once Craig had recovered himself, he got up, limping slightly, and rolled Dylan over onto his stomach. Dylan was conscious, but his eyes were blurred, and he couldn't muster the strength to move. This suited Craig perfectly, as he pulled several bundles of rope out of his bag, to restrain Dylan properly. To make sure that Dylan couldn't put up a fight, Craig started by tying his legs. After undoing the handcuffs, he pulled off Dylan's shoes, socks and jeans, leaving Dylan naked from the waist down, except for his boxers. He then tied ropes securely around Dylan's knees (above and below), around his thighs, and around his ankles, all of which he cinched tightly, to ensure that Dylan could not slip out of them. He then used a thin piece of rope to tie Dylan's big toes together, to so that Dylan could not move his feet apart. Finally satisfied that Dylan's legs were secure, he moved on to restraining his upper body. After removing the handcuffs, he pulled Dylan's t-shirt off, and removed the silver chain around Dylan's neck, leaving his chest and back completely bare. He then tied one end of a long piece of rope around Dylan's left wrist, and did the same with another piece of rope around his right wrist.

Dylan could barely struggle at this point. Craig then twisted Dylan's arms up his back, so that they were crossed upwards, and fastened his left wrist to his right upper arm with several loops of rope then tied it, making sure to leave a large portion of the rope behind. He then did the same thing, to secure Dylan's right wrist to his left upper arm. He then pulled the remaining lengths of rope to opposite sides of Dylan's torso, and started wrapping them around Dylan's torso, pulling them as tight as possible, effectively pinning Dylan's arms against his back. After 5 or so loops, he tied the two ropes in a knot together at the back. He then wrapped the remaining ends of the rope around Dylan's forearms, at the point where they crossed, just below the knot, further restricting movement, by pulling Dylan's shoulders back. Having Dylan completely restrained at this point, Craig decided it was a good time to provide a gag, to silence Dylan, and just then, Craig got another nasty idea. He started to remove his jeans and shoes, until he was standing there in only his briefs and shirt, his fairly large penis visible in his briefs. The briefs were crusted from use; Craig was into scat, so he had many a time taken a dump in his briefs then jerked off in it, so the front was crusted with yellow from cum, and the back brown from something even more sinister. He slid them off then balled them up and shoved them in Dylan's mouth, before pulling a thick roll of packing tape out of his bag, and wrapping it several times around Dylan's head, thoroughly sealing the briefs inside his mouth, and effectively silencing him.

This left only one part of Dylan's body that Craig wanted to restrain. He reached into his bag, and pulled out a bottle of ice water, and a chastity device. This particular device was of particularly high quality. It was a M.E.O NoPacha Ultimo deluxe; a small, close fitting metal cage with a built in locking mechanism, a urethral tube insert, as well as a clamp to go exclusively around the wearers balls, separating them from the cage and making it almost impossible to remove without the key. Craig then cut Dylan boxers off him, and after pausing briefly to admire Dylan's penis, he poured cold water on it, causing Dylan to gasp in the gag, and his penis to shrink rapidly. Craig then attached the cage, and clicked the locking mechanism into place, the key of which he hung on a chain around his own neck. Now having Dylan completely at his mercy, Craig pulled him to his feet, and pushed him up against a nearby tree, facing the tree, leaving his back and arse exposed. Craig then removed the final items from his bag. A clean pair of briefs, which he put on, and three thick nylon straps, with ratchet type clips on one end. How these work is that you wrap the strap around something, and pull the free end of the strap through the ratchet, and the strap tightens, and doesn't loosen until the clip is released. He then used these to pin Dylan to the tree, wrapping one each around his torso, waist and knees, pulling them as tight as possible, pinning Dylan right up against the tree. Craig let out a sigh of relief. Dylan was now ready for the part for which Craig had waited for so long.

He walked to the edge of the clearing and whistled softly. His accomplice, a tall dark haired guy named Kian, walked into the clearing, carrying a video camera and a tripod, which he set up, trained directly on Dylan. "Ready" he said to Craig. "Okay" Craig replied, "Do You want to go first, he kicked me down there while I was tying him up, and it's still kind've sore". "Absolutely, said Kian."Let's make him sorry he did that". They both pulled masks over their heads, then Kian then started the camera, and walked in front of it, where he made a slow and sensual show of undressing. He then found a small jar of Vaseline in the side pouch of Craig's bag, and rubbed some into his penis, and Dylan's back door. He then threw the jar and his clothes aside, and pressed his body up against Dylan's, making Dylan shudder slightly. After stopping to press a button on the camera, which he though was to start it recording, Kian ran his hands up and down Dylan's body a few times, in a rather sexual manner, then finally took his penis in his hand, and lined his 7" length up with Dylan's hole. In one swift, smooth thrust, he slid it in, feeling Dylan cringe slightly. He stayed still for a few seconds, to savor the feeling of Dylan's tight hole, wrapped around his dick with more warmth than any woman he'd ever been with, and definitely more than his right hand. After a few slow moves in and out to warm up, Kian started thrusting harder and harder into Dylan's ass, and it wasn't long before he came strongly into Dylan. He waited for a minute or so to allow the cum to settle, before pulling out, and wiping his penis clean with Dylan's discarded boxers. He then dressed slowly, and Craig stood up from where he had been sitting to watch, and was sporting such a raging erection that his briefs has slid below his hips. Kian laughed and said, looks like "it's" ready now. Craig nodded, and loosened the straps pinning Dylan against the tree. He then forced Dylan to turn around, so that he had his back to the tree, and forced him down onto his knees, where he tied a rope from his ankle tie, to the ropes around his chest, putting him in an effective kneeling hogtie, and preventing him from leaving the kneeling position. Craig then strapped him to the tree with straps around his chest and stomach. Craig then said to Dylan, "No trouble, or the video gets out, understood?" Dylan nodded and Craig ripped the tape off his mouth and pulled the soiled briefs out.

Dylan flexed his stiff jaw, as Craig removed his briefs, and slid his erection into Dylan's mouth. "Suck", he ordered. Dylan obeyed, and Craig thrusted into his mouth, in total ecstasy. It wasn't long before Craig came as well, shooting his load in Dylan's mouth. "Swallow" he commanded. Dylan did so, and Craig pulled out his throbbing penis. Craig then dressed, and Kian stopped the video camera. Craig and Kian then stood in front of Dylan, and Craig said, "You are our personal bitch now. You will obey us at all times, and come and go as we tell you to, and keep the chastity cage on." "We are going to untie you now. If you ever tell anyone about this, or refuse to do as we say, the video will go public by every means possible, do you understand?" Said Craig. "Yes" Said Dylan. "Okay, good" replied Kian and Craig. Then Kian left to secure the tape out of Dylan's reach, and Craig loosened the straps attaching Dylan to the tree, getting Dylan's hopes up that he was finally going to be set free. It was short lived hope though, as Craig had one final trick he wanted to play. He attached a thin clear tube to the urethral plug in Dylan's cage, then pulled an adult diaper out of his bag. He put this on Dylan and closed the tabs, with the pee tube pointed up through the top, so that if Dylan peed, it would go all over his stomach and chest. "No, wait, whaaa - mmmmmph" Dylan tried to protest as Craig shoved the vile pair of underwear that previously served as a gag, back into his mouth, securing it with more tape, this time wrapping the tape around the whole tree, so that Dylan's head was pinned to the tree as well, and re-tightened the straps to keep him from pulling away. "mmmmph .... MmMmMpHHH..... MMMMMPPHHHHH." Dylan tried desperately to reason with Craig, but Craig merely ignored him, packed up his bag, and with one last evil grin over his shoulder, walked away, leaving Dylan alone in the dark, tied up, gagged with dirty underwear and wearing a chastity cage and a diaper. "Just fucking brilliant. All you want is a quiet night walk by yourself and you end up at the mercy of the resident school bully hellbent on fulfilling his vendetta against you." thought Dylan irritably, as he strained to find some slack in the ropes that he could use to escape. But it was futile, Craig had done far too good a job in restraining him. With a growing pressure in both his bowels and his bladder, Dylan closed his eyes and let the darkness consume him, cringing in shame as he felt his dick attempt to harden in the confines of the metal cage, scarcely able to believe that after having been tied up against his will and raped for the pleasure of another man, he was actually getting aroused by the current situation".

Part 2

Meanwhile, Craig went to meet Kian in the boys bathroom. Kian had just finished sending the video to an external source, in order to be able to blackmail Dylan if necessary. Craig picked up the video camera and pressed play. He stared in horror at the picture in front of him. The video started with him standing in front of Dylan before he had put the mask on, so his face was clearly visible. He was also wearing nothing but a pair of red briefs, through which his erection was clearly visible. The picture then showed Kian undressing and pressing himself up against Dylan, then walking towards the camera, then after a few seconds the video then blacked out, and ended. "Did you watch this before you sent it off" He said, his voice trembling slightly. "No, why?" Asked Kian. "IT SHOWS OUR FACES AND MISSED THE PART WITH US FUCKING HIM, YOU ASSHOLE. YOU BLOODY WELL BLEW IT!" Yelled Craig, who had always had a short fuse. "Okay, it was just an accident, there's no need to..." Kian didnt get the chance to finish, as Craig dealt him a flying punch to the face. They both fell over with Craig on top and started wrestling. The fight was evenly matched, as Kian was bigger, but Craig was slightly stronger. Eventually, Craigs position on top served in his favour, as he was able to push himself up and straddle Kian, pinning his arms down with his knees. He grabbed his back, and pulled out a tazer which he had planned to use on Dylan if he needed to. He quickly tazed Kian in the chest before he could resist, and Kian's body went limp. Only his eyes remained open and focused. Craig then pulled climbed off Kian, and pulled off his clothes. Kian had an impressive penis, though not as big as Dylan's. His body was more olive skinned, and he was more toned, sporting the defined outline of a six pack. He shaved regularly, so his body, including his groin, was smooth and toned. After looking at him lying on helplessly on the floor, Craig pulled the ropes out of his back, and now started to tie up his former best friend. He started by wrapping 5 loops of rope around his torso, just above elbow height, tying them off at the back, allowing the two remaining ends to hang down his back, so that his arms were pinned to his sides. Craig then forced each of Kian's arms up to the rope and wrapped on of the remaining ends around it, tying it off, so that Kian was left in a reverse prayer tie of sorts. He put the handcuffs on his wrists as well, making the tie at his wrists even more inescapable than it already was. After that, Craig tied Kian's knees and ankles together. He pulled a butt plug out of his bag and inserting it into Kian's anus, and switched it on. (It was a vibrating one) He then tied a loop of rope to the handcuff chain, and pushed Kian onto the slatted bench in a sitting position, dropping the rope through the slats. He pulled it from underneath, and tied the end to Kian's ankle tie, so that Kian's ankles were pulled up beneath the bench, and he couldnt escape. Kian sat there groaning as the effect of the tazer wore off, but he couldn't have been in much pain, as his penis, which rested in the gap between his legs like a 7" light brown snake, was starting to lengthen and harden. Craig threw the keys to the handcuffs on the bathroom floor about half a metre in front of Kian, where he would be just unable to reach them. He then pulled the pair of ruined boxer briefs that Dylan had been wearing earlier (which Kian had used to clean his dick of cum and whatever else was on there after it had been up Dylans ass) out of his pocket, and shoved them into Kian's mouth, before wrapping several layers of duct tape around his head. Kian was now silenced effectively, and had little hope of escape, bound to the bathroom bench. "Now sit there and think about what you've done. Maybe I'll come back later." said Craig, as he left. Kian hoped he was right, as it was nearly 3 in the morning, and some of the juniors rose as early as 5 o'clock. Waking up early was a trick Kian had learned on the this same camp when he was in 8th grade, as there were only enough private shower stalls to accomodate the seniors, so once those were filled, the juniors were forced to use the communal showers, where everyone could literally see everything. The first time was enough for Kian, as he had a smaller penis than any of the others at the time, and was ridiculed endlessly for it, so to this day, the juniors made sure they were up well before the seniors, so that they could shower in privacy too.

Kian sighed. He was exhausted from having been up all night, and despite the butt plug and his unsubsiding erection, he eventually dozed off, right there on the bench, still sitting, tied as tight as ever. He slept like that for a short while, then woke up suddenly at the sound of the outer door slamming. He prayed that it was Craig coming to release him. He sat there unmoving, as two figures came around the corner. There was a stifled gasp. Kian groaned. It wasn't Craig. It was two of the younger boys, in 8th and 9th grade (Kian was in 12th) named Aaron and Austin. They both crept towards him with looks of astonishment on their faces. Seeing who it was, both of them looked up and down his body. "Jeez" said Aaron, in a high pitched, yet-to-break voice. "Will our things ever be that big". Kian blushed. Here he was, a senior in his final year and soccer captain for the whole school, tied to a bench and being checked out by two juniors who's voices hadnt even broken yet. "He's not that big. That Dylan guy is bigger" said Austin. Aaron snickered. "So thats what you're doing when you're always hanging around the senior showers, trying to catch a glimpse of the sausage", he teasingly said to his friend. Austin threw a friendly punch at his friend who ducked out of the way. Aaron then stepped forward and pulled off Kian's gag, and said "Who did this to you?". "Doesn't matter, just please untie me, before anyone else comes" Kian rasped, with a mouth as dry as the desert from being gagged. "Nah" said Aaron. Looks like you're enjoying this- look how hard this thing is". He took hold of Kian's dick and slowly stroked it, occasionally speeding up, then slowing down, then speeding up again. Kian closed his eye's in horror. He knew what was coming. Aaron knew what he was doing he could see Kian's pupils beginning to dilate; his muscles starting to stiffen... "Just a few more seconds, aaand... there!" Kian screamed at the top of his lungs. He had been just a fraction away from what felt like it could've been the best orgasm of his life, and it was at the hands of a teenager. He thrusted forwards a few times, hoping to keep the momentum going, but Aaron had stopped just in time to deny him. He looked around at his friend, grinning like a chesire cat, only to see Austin practically with his jaw on the floor. "Dude, whats the matter with you?" he said. "That was sooo hot! Where the hell did you learn how to do that?" said Austin. "My 16 year old cousin taught me" said Aaron. "Whoah, you mean Riaan? Really?" said Austin. "Yep." replied Aaron. "And if you thought that was hot, wait till you see what I do next" Aaron winked suggestively, as he started undressing in front of Kian. Both Austin and Kian watched (Kian in horror, Austin in awe) as Aaron slid his tight speedo down his legs, revealing his still 5", with just a hint of body hair starting to show around it. He stood in front of Kian for a few seconds, then pulled his head forward so that it was in line with his groin. Kian looked beseechingly up at Aaron. "Well go on. This thing isn't going to suck itself" said Aaron. He gently caressed Kian's jaw, then pressed down against his chin, slowly opening his mouth, and sliding in his dick. He gained confidence and started moving his dick in and out, fucking Kian's face. "ooh .. . aaaahh, Austin, you gotta try . . . this guy. It's so ... so good. . ." Aaron was so aroused and gasping for breath that he could barely get the words out. Austin couldn't resist any longer, he whipped off his shorts and tight skimpy underwear, sat down on the bench to the right of where Kian was tied, and started stroking his dick. This scene carried on for a few minutes like this; Aaron closed his eyes, relishing the sensations, until... "Aaron... Aa..Aaron!". Irritated at being interrupted, he opened his eyes and looked down at Austin, who was sitting there, rigid, with his hand still wrapped around his dick, which was shrinking rapidly. He was as white as a ghost, and was looking in terror at something in the doorway. Aaron turned around with his dick still halfway into Kian's mouth to see who it was. Then he realised that they had a big problem. It was the universally feared, ruthless school bully... It was Craig"...

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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