The Tea Ceremony
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Author's Note: Story inspired by enema artwork from the artist Augustine and stories by the same. Primarily focuses on enemas and pipelining, forced fluid recycling and such, so if that's not your thing I'd suggest skipping this.
Also my first ever story and I am not that confident in my writing, so I appreciate any advice and tips to improve

Chapter 1 - The Interlude

It was December 2020, and the festive season was upon us, but due to the pandemic, many people would be spending this festive season alone, and not with friends and family. Michael however, would not be alone, but would instead be spending the holiday season in the cruel sadistic clutches of women who would subject him to cruel and deviant sexual torments.

Michael, a 29-year-old Brit, with dark brown hair and a height of just under 6 ft with an average build, a nerdy personality, and a rather passive attitude. Currently visiting the US for work purposes Michael was staying at a hotel in Atlanta in the state of Georgia. He had been sent to the US as part of a work exchange and was spending most of his nights stuck in his hotel due to the whole Covid19 pandemic, which actually suited him just fine, given his lazy personality.

Michael was dreaming, reliving the events of the previous night, where he had met a very beautiful lady by the name of Lucy, who happened to sit beside him and strike up a conversation with him at the bar in his hotel. They had gotten on very well but for some odd reason, his brain just couldn't seem to remember much of what transpired between them that night.

He woke up to an unusual thing, he was sitting upright, this from a man who was unable to fall asleep unless in a bed. His mouth was obstructed by what felt like some kind of balloon in his mouth which seemed to have an airway, which let out a slight wheezing sound as he breathed through it. As his eyes came into focus he saw what seemed to be a large dining table stretched out before him. The room seemed to be very opulent and regal, almost as if in a mansion of some kind. Michael assumed he was at the foot of the table as the chair at the other end seemed very grand in design. That was when Michael tried to sit up, only to realise that he couldn't budge and as he looked down noticed he was in fact naked and had straps cinching his arms and legs to the limbs of the chair.

The chair seemed unique in design and had what looked like mechanical cogs and electrical outlets attached to the sides, just under the arms of the chair and around the seat itself. Michael thought they were used to recline and reposition the seat but also noticed that some of the cogs might also be used to shift the chair's arms and legs into different positions. The realisation of his situation started to hit him and as he was about to panic he heard a familiar voice...

"Finally awake sleepyhead? I'm glad... wouldn't want you to miss out on what's to come, it's going to be so much fun!"

It was Lucy, she appeared from just out of Michael's view and had been watching him slowly waking up and adjusting to his situation.

Michael tried to speak from behind the gag.

"Waaaaah isssss aaaaaalll thiiiiiiiiiiissssh"

Lucy started to approach the chair which Michael was securely strapped to and came fully into view beside him.

Michael's eyes were drawn to her and he was once again studying the woman who had lured him into this...

Lucy was around Michael's age, had long brunette hair, and was pretty average in most respects, average height, average figure but it was the way she carried herself which made Michael find her so attractive. She wore glasses, despite most people her age opting for things like laser surgery or contact lenses, this gave her a somewhat smart and also confident aura and she was definitely smart. She was wearing a rather revealing outfit at this time, this was much more different to the smart business suit she had on when they met at the bar, this outfit also allowed Michael to see a lot more of her and he did, he definitely did, noticing just how much a women's attire can sometimes completely transform them.
he was snapped back to her gaze as she spoke...

"You seemed rather relaxed in the chair, we do try to make it accommodating but believe me, that's probably the last bit of relaxation you are going to have for quite a long time," Lucy said, stretching the last few lines of that statement to emphasise the 'long' part.
"You see... I am hosting a party, a tea ceremony... and let's just say that you are the guest of honour... or the entertainment... I'm still am having trouble deciding"
After saying this Lucy reached behind the chair and pressed a small button, there was a hum from the chair and it slowly rotated to the left. It wasn't until the chair had finished rotating about 90 degrees that Michael realised how exposed and vulnerable he was with the table no longer in front of him.

Another button was pressed and Michael felt his backside sinking into the chair, realising that the chair's seat was opening up like a door beneath him and as it did gravity was causing his backside to slowly sink into the gap that was now opening. Once the 'door' beneath his backside was fully opened his backside sagged into the newly formed hole beneath him.

Michael groaned and grunted into the gag.

"Nooooo... Stop!"

A final button was pressed and the chair's legs slowly began to move and stretch Michael's legs open wider, this exposed more of him to her and caused him to panic and struggle against the chair he was firmly planted in, although planted may be the wrong choice of words given his ass was no longer feeling anything but the cold air against it.

Lucy now looked the helpless Michael up and down, admiring her new 'project'. Michael's eyes were also glued to hers, still admiring her beauty and at the same time wondering what she planned to do with him next.

"Now let's get you set up and give you a small taste of what you will soon be enduring for the next three days... possibly more... who can really say"

Lucy reached back behind the chair and hit a switch, the chair began to hum and then it slowly rotated, this time on a different axis which was now rotating the chair backward, lowering Michael's head and raising his legs, kind of similar to a gynaecologist chair.

As the chair was slowly reclining, Michael found himself thinking what this was all about and actually started fantasising that Lucy was just into really heavy bondage and that he was in for some really kinky sex. As his mind wandered he found himself getting aroused and realised he had gotten semi-erect.

While Michael was fantasising Lucy had walked over to a cabinet and had taken out what appeared to be a covered tray, she returned to Michael and placed the tray on the floor just out of his line of sight.

Lucy took notice of Michael's growing arousal and simply said "My, my what have we here?" mockingly... As she said this she revealed a pair of gloves which must have come from the tray, she snapped them onto her hands in front of him, as some nurses do. After putting the gloves on she ran one of her fingers up Michael's thigh towards his balls and then continued under them over his taint saying "I love a man that shaves his body hair" giving him a sadistic smile coupled with a wink that made his cock twitch "Aww... such a cute response" she said mockingly and then went back to the trey beneath him.

Without saying a word Lucy suddenly applied something cold to Michael's rear opening and he squirmed and tensed up a little in response, wondering if it was the coldness of the liquid or the finger trying to breach such a sensitive area that made him react like that, either way, it also caused him to moan and roll his head back, staring at the ornate ceiling of the room, in a somewhat confused state.

"Tsk, Tsk" Lucy responded "I can't tell if you are trying to be considerate or rebellious by tensing up but either way, I will be getting this finger and more in your backside..." she started to apply more pressure with her finger and Michael squirmed again "If you are worried about making a mess, don't be, my maids already gave you a cleansing enema while you were still sleeping, they were a little disappointed you didn't wake up, to be honest, they really wanted to play with you."

Michael somewhat reluctantly loosened up and gave in as her finger slipped into him "good boy" Lucy replied in response to his compliance. It was then that Michael noticed that his cock was now standing at full attention and had even started to leak pre-cum. Lucy, still busy with his backside hadn't taken the time to notice but had moved on to two fingers and then rather hastily a third, not really taking much of an interest in Michael anymore.

After the third finger Lucy took a speculum from the tray which Michael had no view of but could feel it as she pressed it again on his rear and slowly eased it in, he had no clue what it was other than the fact it felt cold and metallic, Lucy turned the notches and it started to open him up, Michael once again squirming and this time flailing his feet about but still not getting any reaction from Lucy who was still turning the notches and stretching him further.
Michael started to think that this was getting serious and even started to feel threatened, but there was nothing he could do. Here he was bound in a chair which had been so well designed and engineered that clearly a lot of planning and money had gone into it. The chair had spread him open and exposed all of his intimate parts to a woman he had met what he assumed was one night ago, and this woman was now exploring his backside and also had told him that his backside had already been given a "cleansing enema". This all started to seem like a lot more than just some kinky fun like he initially thought.

Lucy had finished what she was doing and Michael could feel the metal invader had spread him rather wide "There! That should do it!" Lucy declared, sounding somewhat pleased with herself as she got up and looked him over "looks like you enjoyed my attention too" she said, taking note of his erect and leaking cock.

She reached down and recovered what looked like two small rubber loops, doubling them over she then fed them down his shaft and over his balls placing them tightly at the base of his cock.

Stepping back and looking at the boy before her, bound, helpless, gagged, cock tied, ass opened up, and completely oblivious to her plans which made him much more compliant "perfect!" she said.

Lucy walked over to a small desk and picked up a small bell which to Michael looked similar to one he had seen used in movies to summon house servants in wealthy households. After ringing it once she asked "You do like Tea, don't you Michael?" puzzled by this question he merely responded with...

"whaaaaaaaa oooooooo yoooooooou meeeeeeeeea......."

As if timed to perfection a maid entered the room wheeling in a trolley with many items... one of which caught Michael's immediate attention, it was what appeared to be a large stainless steel can with a temperature gauge that was steaming and hissing like a tea kettle. The trolley also had plates which contained tea leaves, Michael had no idea what they were, as he had only ever used "tea bags" in his cups of tea. There were also multiple lengths of plastic tubing, an inflatable buttplug which Michael could not identify, a series of rubber enema bags, and a series of connectors and metal timers but that was all that he could make out.

There wasn't much to tell about the maid, although very cute and innocent looking, behind this look seemed to be something dark and sinister. Her hair, a dark brown, similar to Michael's below which was a petite, yet well filled out figure. Her attire was that of a traditional maids outfit, black and white but the material seemed to be PVC or latex which once again steered Michael's sexual thoughts.

As the maid approached Michael, she gave him a cheeky smile and licked her lips before stopping the trolley just next to the chair that he was in.

"I guess it's time I told you your purpose," Lucy said as she walked over to him, looking more serious now "I prefer to have my boys compliant while I set them up but eventually there is only so far I can go before the boy starts to realise that this isn't all fun and games... well for them that is." she stood before him crossing her arms "You see YOU are here merely as an entertainment piece for this weekend's Tea ceremony, where I and the other ladies will have you get well acquainted with our 'tea' recipes... You see that lovely steaming can beside you, well once I get to stuffing your, currently opened up, backside with some of these tea leaves right here..." she gestured to the leaves on the plates "Your ass will be sealed with this inflatable plug.." as she picked up the plug and showed it to Michael who was now panicking  "The contents of this can, which is about a gallon of boiling hot water will be fed into your ass, basically turning your ass into a nice snug teapot, where the leaves and water will brew inside you..." Lucy then went and picked up a thin length of tubing "most people from the UK like to enjoy a nice cup of tea with milk if I remember right..." Michael's perverse mind remembered the term milked from some porn movies he had watched where women would 'milk' men and he thought he may get some satisfaction when he was snapped back as Lucy continued "So we will feed this tube down your cock and fill your bladder with a few litres of milk"

Michael was now going frantic in the chair, head shaking, backside shifting, feet flailing, sweat starting to form on his forehead and chest but the straps held him tight and eventually he slumped back down into the chair, his backside sagging back into its vulnerable and exposed position.

"Like I was saying, not all fun and games anymore...." Lucy remarked, smiling somewhat sinisterly. "Back to the subject at hand" Lucy continued "You could say, Michael, that if your ass is the teapot your cock will be the secondary for whatever recipe we are filling you with at the time, there are many combinations out there and many new ones some of my lovely guests will introduce you to."

Lucy then grabbed a thicker tube which had a 'Y' splitter at its end feeding into two further tubes and stated "Now what would brewing all these lovely tea recipes be without someone to taste them..." Michael's head went back and forth while he mumbled out "NOOOOO" Lucy continued "that's where these tubes come in... They will be connected to the gag in your mouth, the tube in your bladder, and the plug in your ass... then with some specialised timers we can feed you a nice warm cuppa" she said in a mocking English accent.

Michael renewed his attempts as he squirmed ever so futilely against the chair, however, his backside did seem to have a lot more wiggle room than Lucy wanted. Lucy gave a hand signal to the maid who was present and she pulled a strap which literally looked like it came from out of nowhere and connected it to the lowest part of the chair's backrest, fed it across his flailing waist, and pulled it tight, pinning his waist to the backrest and effectively giving his backside no room to wiggle. Lucy came in close wiping his tears "cheer up sweetie, after all, I thought you Brits love tea."

Chapter 2 - The Setup

Michael was frantically squealing and mumbling beneath the gag stuffed in his mouth, trying to protest the fate that Lucy had just outlined for him. He thought it all had to be some kind of prank, that no woman could be so cruel while he gave Lucy a frown of pathetic defiance from behind his gagged face. "Awww poor boy, what's with that expression? You should be grateful, after all, you will be meeting some incredible ladies tonight and will more than likely get the pleasure of their intimate...... yet torturous company..." Lucy taunted while walking away from Michael towards the table.

Wasting no time Lucy went and took two of the plates filled with the tea leaves and brought them over to Michael's exposed front "Let's get you all set up now" she placed the two plates at the edge of the large dining table to his right. Picking up a handful and showing them to Michael she stated "these are black tea leaves, pretty similar to the ones you Brits have in tea bags so the taste should be a somewhat familiar taste" then she motioned to the maid, finally calling her by her name "Misty dear, would you lower Michael's chair back, so I have easier access to his backside" "Yes, of course, Miss Lucy!" Misty replied, seeming somewhat happy to have been given a task. Misty pressed and held one of the buttons and the chair reclined further back raising Michael's legs and ass high up, when Misty finally released the button his head was nearly touching the floor.

Now with Michael's backside at about waist height to Lucy and the speculum still holding his asshole open she took the leaves once again and began slowly sifting them out of her hands and into his backside. "You should be thankful I am being so gentle, I could have just fisted these straight into you...." once the first lot of leaves began to build up, Lucy retrieved a thin plastic tool which she used to plunge the leaves further into him before retrieving more leaves and repeating the process. Michael thought to himself that the ratio seemed very off with the amount of leaves she was using, but he really didn't have time to think too much about it.

As Lucy was continuing to add more leaves Misty had knelt down behind Michael's head and began to look him directly in the face, she then placed her hands on his shoulders very softly, and then her gaze started to drift up his body almost as if studying him. Michael was focused entirely on Misty as she looked him over, he was sure that she was looking at his cock and licking her lips with what appeared to be lust in her eyes which for some odd reason was causing Michael to become aroused. One woman using his ass for her amusement and another studying his exposed and naked body, it could have almost been perfect...

He was snapped back to reality when the speculum was pulled from his backside and Lucy called for Misty "Misty the plug please dear and would you also fix Michael's head properly to the chair now" "Right away Miss Lucy" Misty's gaze returned to Michael's face and she grinned before getting up and retrieving the plug for Lucy and then returned in front of Michael with two leather straps, the first strap was attached to the headrest behind his head and she fed it across Michael's chin and back around behind his head before buckling it tight, then taking the second strap she also attached this one to the headrest but further up it and fed the strap across Michael's forehead before buckling it tightly behind his head.

"His head is secure Miss Lucy" Misty affirmed as Lucy got started with the plug. The plug was a unique design which had an airway flowing through it a lot bigger than the more common enema plugs, the diameter of the airway was about 2cm wide, which allowed for a faster and better flow. The plug also had a special port system for in and out flows. "Pucker up little boy, Lucy's come to play" The plug was fed rather easily into Michael's backside with some lube and a bit of pressure on Lucy's end but once it was nice and snug she leaned over Michael's body, looking down at him, her breasts almost rubbing against his hard cock. Then as Lucy looked him in the eyes he felt it, the plug inflated as she squeezed the bulb connected to his anal plug, Lucy smiled at him and continued to squeeze. Lucy must have squeezed it over 20 times before stopping when Michael was squealing through the gag  "Good boy... one hole plugged and sealed and one to go" she stood back and flicked his cock causing him to flinch ever so slightly.

Lucy looked toward Misty "could I get the rest of the tubing and his bladder tube please Misty" Misty was already a step ahead standing right beside Lucy with all of the necessary tubing "already here Miss Lucy" "Thank you dear" Lucy wasted no time as she took the bladder tube and smeared lube over it, she looked to Misty grinning a little and simply gestured with her fingers for Misty to hold open his cock head which she more than happily did.

"Ready or not, here I come..." Michael cried out as Lucy plunged the tube down his cock feeling her waste no time feeding it directly into his bladder. The tube had a bulb attachment which Lucy squeezed causing the tip of the tube inside his bladder to inflate making sure it could not slip out "that makes hole number two!"

Misty was once again acting preemptively and had pressed a button on the wall which lowered two hooks from the ceiling connected to what looked like thick steel cabling, the hooks stopped just above Michael on both sides of his chair. Misty went and placed the large steel can onto one of the hooks, flicking a button on the can, the can started to bubble and hiss, this caused Michael to sink, however little into the chair in a pointless attempt at retreating from the inevitable. Misty simply looked down at Michael and gave him a wink. Misty then went back to her trolley retrieving an enema bag which she took and hung on the opposite hook, leaving it for now.

Lucy and Misty both took the task of rigging all the plumbing to his now plugged and sealed orifices, Michael taking note of how they went about this task with such focus and professionalism, feeling that this was clearly not the first time they had set someone up in such a way.

After about 5 minutes the ladies both confirmed the completion of their tasks...

"All done on this end" Lucy stated, raising her head from behind Michael's raised backside "This ends all connected too, Miss Lucy" a chipper Misty responded before she went to the trolley to retrieve a jug of milk to which she filled the empty enema bag that was now connected to his hard cock and soon to be taxed bladder "Would you like milk with your 'tea' sir?" she said mockingly as she filled the bag.

The ladies stepped back to survey the finished piping...

Michael's cock and ass were now hooked up to the two filling apparatus hanging from the hooks on either side of him, a second set of tubes from those same orifices were then linked via the "Y" splitter directly to his gagged and sealed mouth.

Lucy said something to Misty and Misty went about raising the chair back up so Michael was now in a seated upright position once again. "There, he looks perfect!" Lucy said sounding pleased with her project being all set up, Misty chimed in saying "He is going to have such fun tonight" Lucy came closer to Michael "Oh I am sure he will be a nice entertainment piece for our guests tonight, it's not like he has a choice in the matter... and just look at his cock..." Lucy ran her fingers from the base of his cock to the tip "we didn't even use any stimulants and he is proudly at attention, I am sure he secretly wants this"

The steel can above Michael started to peak and steam came from a vent on top of it "It seems like the kettle is starting to boil, I guess it's time for a lovely cup of 'tea'" Lucy said stepping back from the chair Michael was once again going nuts, Misty replied, "That does sound delightful Miss Lucy, wouldn't you agree Michael... or should we call you Teapot now?" Both of the ladies laughed looking down at his futile struggles.


Lucy leaned in close and smiled at Michael "You should save that energy... This is just a warmup honey, albeit a boiling hot warm-up, but a warmup nonetheless, my guests and I have plans for you later that will make your cute little butthole quiver in pain, your poor cock throb and pulse in twisted torment, and your face well up with even more tears" as she said this she squeezed down hard on the bulb attached to his anal plug causing it to inflate even more in his already stretched ass, then traced her hand up and gave his balls a playful squeeze before finally reaching for the bulb hanging from his inflated mouth gag and giving that a few heavy squeezes.

"There we go, all snug and secure" Lucy quipped "You have a few hours till my guests will start to arrive, during that time I will have my maids attend to you, my good little teapot" walking towards the main door with her back to him she gave him a wave and Michael could hear her mocking voice singing "I'm a little teapot short and stout here's my handle here's my spout....." before the door closed behind her.

Michael could hear the maid Misty humming somewhere behind him her voice slowly getting closer before he felt her breath hot against his ear "you are sooooooooooo fucked" she whispered and then gave his ear a playful lick, her personality completely different with her Mistress no longer in the room.

Michael couldn't help but agree, he knew he was fucked as he heard the first beep from the timer and the searing hot water came flooding into him and his body shook against the restraints more vibrating then shaking because of how unrelenting the restraints were, tears now forming in his eyes once again he screamed out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" from behind his completely sealed mouth.

Michael's night had only just begun...

Chapter 3 - The Maids

Misty's eyes were fixed on Michael's straining and trembling body as he tried his best to cope with the boiling hot liquid flowing into his helpless backside and making its way through him. His breathing which had started off rapid from the initial enema flow had now slowed suggesting to Misty that he was now calming down.

"There there sweety" Misty cooed, looking into Michael's painfully wide eyes, her own eyes aglow with what seemed to be lust and arousal "You handled that like a champ" tapping on the steel can that contained the boiling water.

Michael's bowels were now cramping and demanding the release of the hot brewing water that was now dissolving the tea leaves within him. He tried to mumble something through his gagged mouth, with little success as Misty simply walked around behind him and started gently massaging his shoulders.

"I am so happy that Lucy found someone like you, you are actually pretty cute... You see Lucy started hosting these tea ceremonies about 3 years ago for herself and ladies of a similar outlook towards men." she stroked his hair playfully and resumed massaging his shoulders before continuing "back when she first hosted them, this chair was only used for ballbusting, hence the opening doors on the seat... the men that were used by the ladies were what they call "professional Submissives" who were paid to attend the parties..." she paused briefly and stopped massaging his shoulders before moving out in front of him "The men came willingly and had some idea of what they would be in for, although all of them ended up breaking and begging to be released before the ladies really got started" Misty reached down to tease one of Michael's nipples "It wasn't until Lucy was approached by a lady named Veronica last year who, lets just say had some rather weird and unique ways to torment men, and with that Lucy learned some new...." Misty squeezed and pulled at Michael's nipple before finishing her sentence ".....methods."

Michael writhed and Misty relished his response.

A sudden beep came from the valve connected to his bladder tube, cutting their little conversation short, and announced the beginning of his bladder filling. Michael seemed more relaxed at this one since it wasn't a boiling hot liquid but just regular milk, although still a foreign sensation to him, having something drained into his bladder. His relaxation however was short-lived as he suddenly felt just how heavy and full his bladder was with only half the bag drained into him. This only caused Michael to suddenly focus on the cramping of his bowels, which he had forgotten while Misty was talking to him.

"We were cut short there... No matter, I will let your bladder fill and then continue" Michael was now tensing up again as new waves of cramping wreaked havoc on his insides and the milk finished its flow into him.

"As I was saying... Lucy has spent the last year working with a lady named Veronica who has been teaching her the ways of tormenting men via internal anguish, much like what you are going through right now but much more extreme in nature... I hear she may even be attending tonight's ceremony."

Michael tried to protest with some muffled grunts and groans while trying to shift his body as a way to cope with the increasing need to empty his bladder.

"This wasn't extreme enough???" Michael thought to himself almost frantic that his pain and discomfort could be raised to even more extremes.

Michael was then snapped back into the room as he heard a set of unfamiliar voices approaching one of the smaller doors into the dining area.

"Is Lucy's boy toy awake now?"

"We will see in a sec Cassie, just be patient, we all wanted to play with him..."

"Aww Nat you can't fool me, you were positively beaming with excitement when Lucy said she had a man on the way to the house"

"I believe Lucy used the term 'boy' Lucy never refers to men as 'men'..."

"What's the matter Sam, you haven't said much for most of the day..."

The door opened and three maids walked into the dining room, as they entered they saw Michael and couldn't contain their excitement as they started to approach him with broad smiles and grins upon their faces.

"Sisters!" Misty cheered, seeming rather happy to see the three of them.

"Awwww no fair, how come Misty got to play with him before us?" Moaned one of the maids who looked very similar to Misty in figure but had fiery crimson hair which looked dyed.

"You always fret on the little things cassie... He's here now and we have him all to ourselves" remarked another maid, taller than the three, her hair the same colour as Misty, she was toned and looked like she attended the gym often.

The other maid remained silent, she had black hair and was a little smaller than the others, her maid's outfit was all black and was styled differently to the others. she seemed somewhat shy about seeing Michael like this and kept looking at him and then down to the floor, but under the circumstances, Michael was the one who was really shy as he was blushing red at the sight of these three new arrivals, alongside Misty looking him over, like he was nothing more than an object, which in truth, he was.

"Oh! How rude of me..." Misty declared "Michael, these are my sisters... the fiery redhead is Cassie, the tall one is Natalie and the little goth girl is Samantha..."

Misty continued "We are actually all sexual deviants and are very perverted. Growing up we were very close and happened to share a lot of the men we encountered, I guess it would be a dream come true for many men, to have four women use them sexually and sure when we were younger it probably would have been, but as we grew up sharing men together we each developed our own sexual niches, because well there is only so much of a single male to go around we each had certain ways we indulged are sexual urges which ended up making us the sadistic sisters we are today."

"I happen to be the voyeur..." Misty declared "I love to watch my sisters and other ladies having their way with men, especially their facial expressions and body language, eventually my sadistic needs grew and, I started being more turned on by seeing pain and frustration on the faces of men"

"Cassie here loves cock..." Misty remarked as she leaned into Cassie, hugging her playfully "She has ways to tease and torment your organ that will have you on the verge of tears... from both ends."

Cassie gave Michael a playful wave and blew him a kiss.

Misty gestured to the taller maid "Nat here has a thing for enemas, receiving and giving them, she has some wild concoctions, she favors solutions that fizz and tingle, but probably wouldn't subject herself to the same kinds of volumes you are likely to take.

Natalie seemed a little embarrassed and blushed but still looked at Michael and gave a simple hand wave.

Misty had now walked behind the short woman and put her hands on her shoulders"...and lastly Sam here loves anal, she was always shy when we played with men and didn't really interact with them, although I guess she didn't really have much of an opportunity when Cassie was tormenting their cocks, I was glaring into their tear-filled faces and Nat was preparing the weirdest enema mix at the bedside for them. She may be shy but she is amazing when it comes to anal play and who knows, she may open up to you when you are opening up for her."Misty winked at Michael as Samantha simply looked down at the floor blushing a little.

"Our family has been in service to Lucy's family for some time now and we actually spent most of our youth growing up alongside Lucy, which is actually why we may seem more casual with her at times.

"Lucy has asked that we look after you while you stay here... you would have met all of us earlier had you been more manly and not had every inch of your body hair shaved baby smooth already... " Misty declared as if blaming him somehow.

Michael looked toward Misty, with a somewhat defiant look as another cramp ripped through his backside "How was that my fault" he thought to himself.

Natalie interrupted "What makes you so sure he would have met us? he was sleeping like a baby when he was brought to us, even when I administered the enema to cleanse him, he didn't wake."

Misty replied "You forget about Lucys 'special' hair removal cream? The one that had that one guy literally in tears because of the itching sensation... and if that didn't wake him up, I am sure Cassie would have done something obscene with his cock if she had to remove hair in that area..."

"Sorry I just can't help it, cocks are my thing..." Cassie's low voice responded, Cassie had already taken the time to kneel down and get close to Michael's pride and joy while the other maids were talking, Cassie was now eyeing up his cock with an almost animalistic aura as it throbbed and twitched, demanding a release that currently was unavailable.

"Cas while you're down there would you stick this in him?" Misty asked as she handed her a syringe containing a pinkish fluid.

Cassie enquired "Is this that sensitising concoction Lucy uses to keep men hard for days? I assumed he had already been given it... judging from this hard throbbing thing staring at me" Misty responded, "Actually that hard-on, despite being bound with those bands is actually of Michael's own making but Lucy said she wouldn't want him going soft on her guests, so it has to be done."

Cassie obliged saying "Hope you don't mind needles sweetie" as she pressed the needle into the base of Michael's shaft.

Michael tensed as much as he could, suddenly feeling a rush of heat around his cock and balls which also started to throb even more than before.

The short maid Samantha was still silent and had gone over to the trolley containing the implements of anal torment, Michael had noticed that she was playing with one of the speculums, opening it out fully and then ratcheting it closed.

A sudden beep from the anal plug in Michael's backside caught all of the sister's attention as they all looked on as his 'tea' enema was now flowing from his ass to his gagged, stuffed, and helpless mouth, the flow slowly traveling up towards his panicked and mortified face. Despite the disgust he was feeling, he felt a small bit of relief that his backside was now emptying the gallon of hot 'tea' which had been held there for what felt like an eternity but had in truth only been about 10 minutes.

"Ah it looks like his 'tea' is ready... drink up dear" Misty gleamed, once again focusing more on Michael's painfully conflicted face and then on the liquid which was flowing along the tubing while uttering "I do hope it's still somewhat hot".

There was another beep and his bladder was now also emptying into his mouth, a combination of the two liquids meeting and mixing as they got to the 'Y' splitter in the tubing.
"So I guess this is the milk for your 'tea'?" Cassie giggled while grasping his helpless balls possessively in her hand while taunting "I think I would have preferred a different kind of milk, if you get what I mean" looking up and winking at Michael who was actually, in this moment, feeling great relief, now that his bladder could finally drain.

Despite the fact the liquid from both Michael's bladder and rectum was now flowing into his mouth he felt a great amount of relief which almost came as a pleasant break from the painful agony of being filled to bursting in his bowels and bladder. He almost didn't care as he was now being forced to take big gulps of the 'tea' as it flowed into the gag, and filled his mouth. The liquid didn't actually taste as bad as he had thought it would, but was still pretty warm and had a strong flavor to it.

The maids all took note of Michael as he frantically swallowed down the 'tea' at a rather rapid pace in order to keep from being overwhelmed by the continuous flow when suddenly Misty came close and said something that snapped his attention to her and nearly caused him to lose control. "You look like you're enjoying the taste of Lucy's 'tea', would you like another pot?"

Michael swallowed hard, clearing his mouth, and tried to scream out "Nooooo!!!" through the gag but was silenced rather quickly as another stream of 'tea' filled his mouth once again.
Cassie chirped in whilst grasping his cock in a death grip "That sounds like a great idea Misty, can I give him a top-up of milk too!" followed by Natalie who added "I think its a good idea but could we adjust the timer on his plugs so he has to hold the liquids for a few hours just before the guests start to arrive? The 'tea' will be cold when he drinks it but at least he will get to test his endurance"

Misty responded to Natalie whilst grinning at Michael as she ran her fingers through his hair "sounds good Nat, I actually felt like he handled the fillings rather easily in all honesty, I think he would relish the challenge"

The only person left to respond was Samantha who looked towards Michael and then to Misty and simply nodded her head in approval.

"Great! Sam's in too" Misty confirmed "Nat would you like to get some water and refill the can, make sure you reset the internal boiler too"

"Sure thing!" Nat replied

Misty looked over at Samantha "Sam, would you like to unplug his backside and stuff him with a fresh batch of tea leaves?" Samantha looked toward Misty and enthusiastically began nodding her head"

Cassie was now already refilling the bag connected to his cock and bladder as she enquired "Do you think Lucy will be OK with this?"

Misty replied "I am sure she won't mind but either way what Lucy doesn't know won't hurt her..." leaning close to Michael's ear she whispered "...But will certainly hurt you." as she pressed one of the buttons on the chair and Michael was once again slowly being tilted backward.

As Michael was once again reclined with his head almost touching the floor he swallowed what seemed to be the last of the 'tea' coming from his cock and rear end when he noticed Natalie had returned with a few jugs of water, placing them on the trolley she then approached Michael's raised rear end, bending down a little she noticed that the enema runoff had stopped flowing.

"Perfect timing" Natalie noted as she looked towards the plug in his backside and adjusted a few notches on the valves "There, now Sam should have no problems when she removes the plug from you."

Samantha was now wheeling the trolley over toward Michael and Misty just leaned against a desk smiling at Michael who was now mumbling somewhat pathetically through the gag hoping that they would stop this but as he looked at each of these women, all smiling happily as they prepared him for a longer and more agonizing filling he realised nothing would stop them.

Michael was snapped back into his dire situation as he felt Samantha easing the plug from his rear, the plug was deflated and slowly drawn out from him but before his puckering hole could even close up Samantha had already speared 3 of her fingers inside him. Moaning into the gag Michael could feel her fingers moving about inside him, he felt her push her finger against something and was suddenly hit with a wave of pleasure, she saw his reaction to her anal violation and actually smiled at him. The pleasure was short-lived however as Samantha worked in another finger and then her whole hand, Michael was actually grateful that she was such a small woman with small hands. Samantha then pulled out and began grabbing at the tea leaves and, wasting no time she plunged in about half a dozen handfuls of the leaves as Michael grunted and groaned against the relentless assault.

Samantha turned away retrieving the plug and pushing it back inside him before inflating it to a more uncomfortable size than before, he already felt full in his rear with all the tea leaves and the plug that he was dreading another steaming hot enema.

"All done Sam?" Natalie asked looking down at her as she was adding the jugs of water to the steel can.

Samantha nodded and silently spoke "Yes, all done"

Natalie informed, "good... let's just get this water to boiling and we can begin..." Noticing the helpless look from Michael who was now staring up at Natalie she knelt down and looked him in the eyes before looking at the chair, she then looked towards Misty and asked "Would it be ok to leave the chair in this position for his filling? I think it will allow for a deeper and more fulfilling experience" smiling and then looking back at Michael who tried to shake his head.

Misty acknowledged, "Sounds like fun, but only for his fillings, we need to have him back and upright in case Lucy decides to pop in before the guests arrive."

As the water began to boil once again misty chimed in "May I be the one to fill the human teapot? I know it's kind of your thing Nat but I really want to look down into his eyes as the water floods into him again, it was pure bliss the first time it happened"

Nat approved "Sure Misty, after all, I do think I will get other opportunities to fill him during his stay"

Michael watched as Misty slowly walked over to the steel can before looking down, smiling at him, and pressing the button to open the valve.

Michael could do nothing but scream out from behind the gag in agony as these 4 ladies watched his body as it started to sweat and contort from the heat and pain now flooding into him...

He tried to tell himself the heat would die down just like it did before and then it would become easier to cope with, but then he remembered, that he would be forced to hold onto it this time for a few hours, which he knew would be torture.

Just as Michael was contemplating this Misty leaned down near to his ear and whispered "By the way sweetie, that first batch of 'tea' you so eagerly swallowed... the water was laced with a rather potent diuretic and the milk... well that actually had a rather power laxative mixed in with it..." she then kissed his forehead strap...
"Good luck sweetie, you are going to need it"

Chapter 4 - Guests Gathering

Left alone in excruciating agony, Michael was in dire need of relief...

The laxatives and diuretics had kept Michael in a constant state of discomfort, both his bladder and bowels were cramping like crazy as he endured his horrid retention period. When relief did finally come the built-up liquid in his bladder from his first 'Pot of tea' shot through the tube at an intense rate, coupled with his 'fresh' rectal filling which was also flowing violently towards to his mouth, he was madly gulping it down, trying to keep from drowning in the constantly building flow of liquid 'tea' that was rushing down his gullet.

During this process the maids took the time to mock him, laughing at him as he was gulping away saying stuff like "He's really loving that lovely brew of tea!" and "Such a greedy boy, you should savour the flavour and sip your tea" Misty even went about prodding his cheeks as she savoured the helpless look on his tear-filled face.

After Michael had swallowed all the liquid, not drowning in the process, he felt like a great load was lifted, in truth it had been, however, this was short-lived when he realised just where all that liquid would be building up soon enough. He was now completely drained of energy and all his remaining strength and focus was aimed at his bladder which he knew would soon be rapidly filling with an excessive amount of liquid that would tax his bladder so severely he thought he may actually rupture.

As Michael was awaiting the inevitable he noticed an older looking maid glancing in and directly at him from the main door, she was giving him a rather stern look that did not show any emotion.

"That's Judith" Cassie uttered from behind the chair "she is the head maid of the house and the personal made of Lucy's mother"

Misty then chimed in "Lucy's mother tends to spend this time of year with her husband, away from the mansion, teaching him all manner of delightful things..."

Cassie interrupted "Away from the mansion? she's literally in her villa like half a mile away, still on the grounds Misty... Just be honest with the boy, Lucy's mother, like her daughter and like us... is a cruel, manipulative and sadistic woman, who, during this festive time takes her husband to their villa, which is basically her private dungeon and plays 'Mrs Claus and the boy on her naughty list'"

Samantha interrupted them both "Shhhh you two, Lucy might hear you..."

"I was only trying to say that Judith seems lost when her mistress doesn't require her services and leaves the mansion without her."

The older maid was no longer by the door and had gone back to the tasks she was assigned.

The maids had now gone about the task of setting the dining area for their guests' arrival and had now stopped their teasing and ridiculing of the poor and helpless Michael.
They were now setting the table, which looked to have been prepared for around twenty people. Samantha and Cassie went about dusting and cleaning some of the furniture and every now and then Cassie would casually tickle Michael under one of his exposed armpits with her duster, adding to his dilemma and making him squirm even more to the maid's delight.

Michael started to feel that his bladder was once again filling to breaking point and with the plugs sealing off his release he was once again squirming more aggressively in his bonds, suddenly he heard footsteps coming towards the main door and then Lucy came walking in with the first of the evening's guests.

"Very nice girls!" Lucy declared as she came into the dining room "The room looks very well prepared and you have all done a perfect job setting the table along with looking after our guest here" Lucy and her guest were now walking over to Michael as she continued "A little fly on the wall told me that you girls gave our little 'teapot' here a refill..." The maids giggled a little, snickering as they continued to work "I am so happy that you are so committed to your duties and made sure he never went without a drink" Both Lucy and her guest were now glancing down at Michael's helpless form as he glanced back and forth between the two wondering what torment they had planned for him.

As lucy still stared down at Michael she stated "Girls, the guests will be arriving shortly, would you please go to the main lobby and greet them..." the maids acknowledged her command and slowly exited the dining room.

Michael's grunts went up a notch as his bladder was once again demanding release and yet still filling with more fluid. The two women before him simply ignored him and went into a conversation with one another...

"So what do you think Veronica? Is he not a good plaything?" Lucy enquired

"I agree, you have done very well Lucy... he has no tattoos, birthmarks or scars, nothing that could be used to identify him, and he is also a tourist too, you couldn't have picked a more suitable subject... He would have made a fine collection to my facility but I am busying myself with a rather naughty boy who is currently in need of a lot of my guidance for his behaviour towards me and my friends, and therefore I have focused myself entirely on correcting his corrupt and deceitful ways." Veronica responded to Lucy as she ran a finger across Michael's chest who was watching her intently "Your ceremony is the first time I have been away from my charge since he came into my possession."

"No need to worry Veronica... I am sure one of my lovely guests will be sure to take a fancy to him"

"If You have invited the usual guests you will most certainly have some eager Ladies..."
Veronica Moved her finger toward Michael's nipple and then pressed her nail into it, digging into him and causing him to strain in his bonds and then she turned to Lucy "I have a few things to attend to before the ceremony starts, please excuse me."

They embraced and kissed each other's cheeks and then Veronica was gone...

Lucy, now alone with Michael, sat up on the table and looked down at his squirming form "It's nearly time for the ceremony sweetie, but first I think we need you better prepared for the torment that's yet to come."

Pressing a button Misty came walking into the room as if summoned "Misty dear... I loved that you took the time to look after our lovely teapot and, as much as I love seeing him in total distress and agony, I have to be realistic and ask you to drain his bladder for me before the guests make their way in, this evening is going to be somewhat taxing for him and I'd rather not have him burst on the first night..."

Michael felt a little relief after hearing Lucy's order but suddenly thought to himself, fear setting in "the first night? what about the second!!!"

Misty nodded her agreement to Lucy and then knelt down at the chair and went about adjusting some of the tubing and then feeding it into a small port that was situated just under the chair, pressing a button the fluid in Michael's overtaxed bladder was drained and he felt great relief.

As Misty was draining him Lucy got up and started to walk out of the room "Time to see if all the guests are finally here..."

Michael watched Lucy as she walked out, completely forgetting about Misty. The relief was clear on his face as his bladder drained and then suddenly he felt nails, they were Misty's, one set was clawing their way up his shaft and the other was tickling one of his feet "I didn't want you to find it too pleasurable..." she cooed.

Michael's cock went hot at the touch almost as if the blood down there was rushing to the areas that her nails were scratching, the effects of the sensitising solution now becoming evident as his cock was violently throbbing, oozing even more pre-cum from the tube-sealed head...

"Cassie may be an expert at cock torment but I do have a fair bit of experience..." Misty asserted as she once again looked up into Michael's eyes as he glanced down at her, squealing to her delight and causing her to get excited, her eyes aglow with arousal.
Michael hadn't realised it but he was involuntarily trying to thrust his hard cock against her nails, despite the pain and the fact his bladder was still draining, it was as if his cock wanted some sexual relief and had a mind of its own, Misty noticed this and grinned, herself now becoming wet between her legs.

"What do we have here?" Misty enquired, as she stopped her onslaught with her nails and withdrew her hands... Michael now saw himself thrusting, as little as he could into the air. "I guess it can't be helped... that solution Cassie injected you with is very potent and along with keeping you rock hard it has also caused men to violently jerk at their cocks for hours, going on days, until they are red and raw... in a way you should be grateful for the tight restraints that you are currently in"

Now that she had mentioned it Michael did notice a peculiar itching sensation along with the burning around his genitals. Moaning and grunting, Michael's body started to calm and his thrusting motion began to subside until his cock was just jutting up and down a throbbing and denied mess.

Misty now stood up and leaned her face in close to Michael and then waved her finger mockingly in front of his face...

"Ah ah ahh... No orgasm for you sweetie... Pain, Frustration and denial... that's what I wanted to see, not pleasure and relief, so let's just stop right here shall we."

Michael groaned weakly whimpering at her words as Misty went back and checked his bladder tube.

"Finally all empty... All ready to be filled up all over again in due time..." Misty now placed the bladder tube back into his feeding gag and set him back up, before standing up.

Misty was looking down at Michael's helpless and denied form, her mind processing ways in which she would use him right this second if the ceremony wasn't about to begin... How she'd yank his catheter out of his engorged cock and ride him senseless or how she could sit on the table and rotate his chair to face her while she spread her legs wide apart and revealed her excitement to him before playing with herself and slapping his face.
Misty's attention was suddenly brought back into the room when she heard Lucy and the other maids ushering in the guests, some of which were very excited as they saw Michael, but others were more composed and did not show much of an interest in him but, deep down were also just as happy to see him.

Misty composing herself quickly turned to the dining room door before pressing a button which turned Michael's chair towards the table which also faced the dining room entrance to which the Ladies were entering through.

"Welcome ladies... please take a seat" Lucy beamed, seeming very happy to finally begin the night of relentless torture of her poor and helpless toy.

Misty now attended to the guests pulling out the chairs on the left side of the table closest to Michael and greeting them as they took their seats.

Michael was somewhat thankful that the table was once again providing him with some cover from the views of the Ladies as they each took their seats, he was still embarrassed by his situation as well as the events to come.

Michael got uncomfortable as the two chairs closest to him on either side ended up being occupied by two rather young looking girls who seemed to be in the early 20s and were very interested in him as they kept leaning around the table to stare at his lower form, which was still rock hard and pulsing. The two young girls started snickering quietly as the maids withdrew and went to each corner of the room and the seats were finally all taken.

Lucy announced "Thank you all for attending tonight's tea ceremony, I hope you all enjoy the entertainment I have provided for the weekend" gesturing to Michael and smiling.

Many of the ladies applauded, some catching Michael's eye and winking at him or blowing him kisses as he helplessly trembled in his bonds.

"Oh... and do forgive the manners of my entertainment, he is somewhat shy and can't really communicate his joy to all of you just now, but..." Lucy cut herself off as she pressed a button that seemed to be under the table on her side of the room and without warning the platform to which Michael's chair was attached began to rise and slowly his whole body was raised up about three foot off the floor, then the legs of the chair began to tilt slightly, leaning his body forward until his body hung just above the edge of the table with his straining cock pointing straight out and in view for all the Ladies as he panicked and squirmed in his restraints. "...judging by that engorged and throbbing thing between his legs it seems pretty clear that he is just as happy to see you all"

The Ladies were now giving wolf whistles and cheering as Michael frantically looked over the crowd of women, moaning and trembling when he saw just how exposed he was to them...

"Oh my..." one of the women gasped.

This was followed by "What a naughty dripping mess he is..."

"He seems to have sprung a leak..." another woman exclaimed as she pointed towards Michael's cock.

All of the ladies were mocking his helpless and vulnerable form and Michael tried to close his eyes and look away fear creeping in as he realised, the women before him would see him doing those horrible acts that he had been forced to do earlier and more.

"Now then... it's 6 pm and I believe it's time we got this party started!" Lucy cheered before looking towards each of her maids and smiling, the maids understood her glance and proceeded to leave the dining room through a side door.

Lucy addressed one of the Ladies in the room "I believe your recipe was to be first this evening Sandra dear..." The women she addressed stood up, she was a blonde and rather mature looking women wearing a green evening dress who then looked to Lucy and replied "Why Thank You Lucy..." this Lady now looked towards the other guests and started to address them "My recipe is a peppermint and menthol mix, I drink a cup most days before a meal as I find it helps with digestion... I think you Ladies will really enjoy the taste and sensation it has, however, I would only recommend one cup though, as it can cause gas if too much is consumed"

Michael was already feeling his stomach turn as he saw the maids returning, Natalie and Misty were wheeling in trolleys with regular cups and teapots and started to serve tea to ladies, whereas Cassie and Samantha were wheeling in trolleys with ingredients clearly intended for him, the maids were also now all wearing what appeared to be white medical gloves.

Lucy chimed in "Now then... Sandra would you like to get hands-on with our human 'teapot' or would you be happy with my maids attending to him?"

Sandra responded "As tempting as that would be, I am more than happy to just watch tonight" as she smiled politely at Lucy and then turned to look at Michael.

Michael looked towards Sandra and then his gaze went to Samantha who was smiling at Sandra's response clearly excited at the opportunity to have some more fun. Samantha was now standing with her trolley at Michael's side and was playfully grabbing handfuls of the peppermint leaves in her hands and crushing them in her small fist before letting them fall back onto the plate as if preparing herself for the anal violation she was about to inflict on Michael's backside once again...

The Ladies at the table were all very interested in the maids as they set him up, following everything that they were doing and taking it all in whilst they also discussed among themselves.

Michael was drawn to Cassie as she returned into view at his side and was now pouring an odd mix into the bag connected to his bladder before he suddenly felt Samantha at his backside, once again deflating the plug and playfully toying with his ass, causing his cock to once again throb and ooze, his precum was now trailing down from his cock and was about to land on the table when one of the young girls closest to him placed her freshly served cup under it "Cream for my tea" she said before smiling at him and waiting for the trail of precum to finally break before sipping it rather playfully in front of him.

Michael blushed as he watched her drinking and almost felt like he would spontaneously cum just from her seductive and playful display coupled with the anal onslaught going on beneath him.

After the anal foreplay that Samantha seemed to relish, she got back to the business at hand and began stuffing his rear with the peppermint leaves. Michael groaned as he felt the tingling sensation of the leaves around his stretched open hole and then started to feel that same sensation within his backside.

"Windy roads ahead for our sweet teapot... More than one cup has the potential to cause gas, yet Michael here will be holding an amount that will clearly have him reach new levels of internal anguish... " The Ladies all laughed.

As the maids were preparing Michael, Lucy continued "The teapots cock will be filled with a lovely menthol mix and once his backside is filled with peppermint leaves, he will be filled with a gallon of boiling water, which he is already no stranger to, then it will brew inside him and while it is still hot after about 5 minutes he will get to drink the lovely mix which has been brewing in him and then my lovely guests'... You will be free to torment him to your heart's content while he retains the mix for the next two hours."

With that, Natalie and Misty retrieved two trays from the lower shelves of the trolleys and placed them into the centre of the table. The trays contained all manner of torturous implements, metal nipple clamps, feathers, brushes, small metal torture wheels, ointments and itching powders.

The ladies looked on at the implements, some were reaching for them to study which one they would find favourable as Lucy asserted "And please Ladies, as tempting as I know it may be, do try and avoid his cock, that thing is on a hair-trigger, and will be even more so in just a moment"

Lucy then nodded toward Cassie...

Michael as well as all the seated Ladies watched Cassie as she squirted a tube of thick paste onto her hand and began rubbing it all over his cock and balls. The paste felt nice at first and Michael was grunting and once again trying to thrust away at her hand before the tingling began, starting at his balls and then up his shaft, till he felt it all over his genitals...

The sensation of the menthol paste combined with the sensitising agent that Michael was injected with was intense to say the least as he felt both cold and hot sensations coupled with a burning and tingling which seemed to spread from one end of his cock to the other as well as his balls which were feeling the same thing.

"A special menthol paste..." Lucy stated rather proudly "designed to last about an hour, the results are a severe tingling and cooling effect which will definitely be keeping him 'on edge' in one part of his body... while his peppermint tea will be keeping him on edge in the other areas''

Michael didn't care about his audience anymore as he frantically started thrusting into the air, as best he could, given his situation, feeling a strong urge to cum.

The Ladies all watched his pathetic display as a beep announced the start of the ceremony... and the flooding of his bowels...

And so, the ceremony began as the ladies rose out of their chairs and raised their cups in a mocking salute to Michael.

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