The Punishment
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  • Post Date - 4/30/2021

Synopsis: Sub paul answers an online request for a slave boy addition to a Dominant Couple and agrees to the terms that the Sadistic Mistress Katie set up for him during the initial meet and subsequent weekend play scene with her Dominant husband Sir. He learns the hard way what it means to be a NO limit slave to his two new Dominants.

It was Monday night and I was attending to Sir in his home office. He had bound me in a service position to him, kneeling with my arms pulled back behind me so my wrist cuffs were secured to my ankle cuffs, and my head tilted back in front of him. Sir was face fucking me again through a long hard oral session, giving me lots of deep throat practice as he repeatedly held my head tight to his groin forcing his hard cock down my throat! His orgasm was slow in coming but I was soon rewarded for my efforts when he groaned and his cum erupted into my mouth! Sir cautioned me to swallow it all and to not spill a drop, even in the drool as he pulled out of my abused mouth. I quickly swallowed two or three times, all the while trying to tongue the dripping wetness from his withdrawing cock.

I am still in training and learning from my Dominants so it didn’t surprise me when Sir took exception to my performance again. This time he said I left his cock still oozing and dripping when he pulled it out of my mouth, emphasizing his point when he wiped it off on my face as he batted his thick flesh against my mouth and cheeks. Sir reached down and unclipped my wrist cuffs from my ankle cuffs and ordered me to bend over the chair.

Always with a cane or leather strap nearby, Sir demanded quick discipline whenever I failed him. There was a straight back chair positioned in the middle of the room right in front of his desk that would improvise for one of the more elaborate bondage stations he had downstairs which are much more appropriate for delivering a sound correction to his newbie slave.

Sir’s discipline differed from Mistress Katie’s, Sir made me contemplate my actions and he often allowed me to choose my own punishment, with a catch of course. Like now, as he stood over me chastising me for my oral performance. He told me I would be punished now, but asked me what I thought I deserved for my error in allowing his cock to drip cum out of my mouth?

In my position as their slave boy, I am not allowed the privilege to speak unless I am spoken to and asked a question directly, or if they give me permission to speak. I am only allowed to give short apologies, and appreciations, when warranted.

“Ten strokes Sir?” I replied, unsure of myself as I questioned him.

One of the consequences of being allowed to choose my own punishments is when my choice is of a lesser or inadequate punishment. Then Sir will chastise me for my incorrect decision, implying I was trying to reduce my discipline. So he will tell me what the proper punishment should have been, and for my error in judgement, Sir will then double that punishment I am to receive! And, in the rare event I ever over stated a punishment, Sir was more than delighted to point that out too by doubling that exaggerated punishment to me then!

Draped over the back of the chair in Sir’s office, my hands tightly gripped the front chair legs for support as I nervously anticipated Sir’s answer. He then told me the proper punishment would be a dozen of his best! 12-strokes of the cane, but since I tried to reduce my punishment he said he would now discipline my ass with double the swats, 24-strokes of the cane!

“Thank you Sir” I said meekly, as it was the only appropriate reply.

Sir’s caning was not as brutal as some I have received. It was effective and he did stripe and mark my ass 24 times as he said he would. I am not allowed to stop any punishments my Dominants are delivering to me. I am usually put into bondage and secured during a discipline session, but in those rare situations where I am told to assume the position, I am expected to not move out of position, or reach back to deflect the punishment. After Sir completed my caning discipline and excused me from the chair, I was standing rubbing my burning striped ass cheeks and catching my breath. As I was regaining my composure, Mistress Katie came into the room and saw that Sir was finished with me for now. She told me to come with her. I followed her downstairs and back into the dungeon play space where I have spent most of my time with them during this seven day extended trail period. We bonded very well over the weekend and it was clear that I would be a good fit in their Lifestyle and I accepted the position as their slave boy on Saturday. I am a total submissive through and through but in this new position I agreed to be a slave to them with NO limits. I was comfortable with this agreement as they were a safe, sane, BDSM Lifestyle couple who liked to play hard and they did not want a slave with a list of conditions to hinder their personal enjoyment. It was not a full 24/7 live-in slave position where I had to surrender my life to them. Although, when I am called upon in my role as their slave, it is for 24/7 during the days and weekends they require of me.

I have always been a servant orientated submissive and as their slave I would be serving each of their individual wants, needs, and desires. Before I met Mistress Katie and Sir, I have always considered myself a masochist and I still love to receive pain and torments through any erotic activity or punishment, but after meeting Mistress Katie I am learning that her Sadistic desires are on a whole other level! I can only hope to try and keep up with her and to be able to measure up, if I want to continue to be their slave boy!

After entering the dungeon play space, Mistress Katie proceeded to tell me that as her slave I would also be expected to attend to the domestic chores around the house when I wasn’t being ‘used’ for other tasks. As she walked through the play space, Katie said I should start in this room, that it would be a good opportunity for me to show her how well I can perform my domestic duties for her.

She then gave me my orders to tidy up and clean the dungeon play space room including cleaning all of the equipment, picking up and washing all of the toys and returning them to their proper places. Mistress detailed everything she wanted me to do, including wiping down all of the surfaces and bondage stations in the dungeon. Mistress Katie gave me a specific time constraint and said she would come back in fifteen minutes to check on my work.

I was very sore all over and stiff from being in bondage for most of the day, but I managed to walk around and pick up everything as I was told. I then cleaned all the furniture, wiped down all of the surfaces, picked up all of the dildos and plugs and even found one under the bed that had been there from a previous time. I placed all of them into the sink for cleaning. I even found a vacuum cleaner and had vacuumed all of the floor and carpeted areas. It was obvious the area had not been done in quite a while. I washed all of the dildos and butt plugs with the disinfecting soap that was there, and towel dried them before putting them in their proper cabinets. I was feeling pretty confident with my work and gave the room one final scan. It was really clean and tidy looking to me, like the room had never been used before. Just then, Mistress Katie had walked into the room and I was holding the dish towel and placed it on the counter. It was an awkward moment, like a game show where the announcer says “Stop, time is up!” She was scanning the room then started to walk around inspecting each play area as she asked me if I had finished all of my chores. I felt very proud of myself but dared not to gloat so I answered her appropriately, “Yes Mistress”.

Mistress Katie then stopped near the St. Andrews Cross and just said, “I see.” but then she told me to come over there. When I was standing near her, she pointed out a double ended spring clip that was still attached to one of the screw eyes at the bottom of the St. Andrews Cross. Mistress Katie told me to remove it and place it in the basket with the other spring clips at each bondage station. She said that this error was totally unacceptable! And that I had disobeyed her commands. Because of this infraction of overlooking the spring clip, Mistress sternly said that I would now pay dearly for my disobedience with a severe punishment!

Her tone and her words caused a flood of fear and worry to come crashing over me! My uncontrolled whimper conveyed my innocent childlike response as my body trembled terrified. I told Mistress that I was sorry and did not me to disobey her. I promised to be more observant and obedient to her. But Katie being the true Disciplinarian showed no mercy to me. She said that my actions had displeased her and now I would be punished severely for my obvious disobedience to her!

Mistress ordered me over to the ‘Pillory’. It was a waist high stand up bondage station with a small downward angled top which kind of resembled a backwards facing podium, but much shorter in height. I stood facing the structure spreading my legs widely apart matching the Pillory’s rear two supports. Mistress Katie quickly attached my ankle cuffs to the screw eyes at the base of the angled legs. Each one also leather straps which Katie buckled around my calves and thighs. She ordered me to bend over the rolled padded leather top edge that I noticed was cut away generously in the middle to allow complete access to my genital area. I lowered my chest and head down the angled slope of the small padded leather top. It was as wide as my hips but then narrowed to just a few inches where it supported my torso at my chest and branched out on either side to my shoulders. Mistress Katie connected the D-ring on my collar to the screw eye on the Pillory supporting my chest. My arms rested alongside the front legs which also angled out to the base at the floor. After my wrist cuffs were secured, Mistress Katie buckled a wide leather belt around my midsection, cinching it up tight at the small of my back. The welded tubular steel construction was very strong and sturdy and the flat steel plates at the base of the legs were bolted to the floor. Mistress Katie said she loved this bondage station the most as the sub’s butt and crotch are completely exposed making them the primary focus and when she wanted to really punish her sub’s even more, she reached under me and pinching my nipples tightly as I hissed in pain, she attached the weighted chains to the alligator clips she fitted tightly to my exposed sensitive nipples! The burning intense pain in my nipples shot through me as I hissed and moaned, but when Mistress dropped the weighted chains from her hands my pain was amplified tremendously as I cried out from the nipple torture! The odd shape of the Pillory’s top was now crystal clear as it allowed for the breasts to be exposed to Mistress Katie’s deviant Sadistic intentions! With my genitals exposed I cringed with the thoughts of what she would do to them back there!
Mistress Katie said again how much she loved this bondage station as it guaranteed I could not move one inch and I could not stop her as she punishes my butt severely for my disobedience to her! Katie leaned over me and I could see her holding a butt plug as she told me to open my mouth. I smelled the warm butt plug as she moved it to my mouth, then whispering in my ear she said that was her gift to me, as she fastened it in place. Leaning back away She told me that she did not want to hear me as she punished me good! I could see now the huge black nub covered dildo hanging from her waist like an elephant trunk! I could only whimper in fear as I responded to her.

Mistress Katie described what a severe punishment would consist of as she glided her hand over my smooth bare taught ass cheeks. She said that my butt would pay dearly with a good hard Corporal Punishment whipping, and caning until my bound spread open ass was red striped and welted! Then as her fingers slide into my ass crack and circled my quivering tight puckered hole, Katie went on to describe she would then strapon one of her largest dildos and savagely fuck my little asshole for hours while she forced her monster cocks into my tightly bound body! She said that this punishment would be a severe anal rape punishment and my body would remain rock solid and still for her brutal and relentless ass fucking she was going to give it now for my disobedience to her! She told me she only wanted to hear my muffled moans and cries from the torments and pains as my apology to her for my disobedience. She explained that when my tortured asshole was hot, pulsating, and gaping open for her, then she would know that I was truly sorry for disobeying her, and that is when she will stop and change dildos to an even larger, more punishing cock from her collection of huge tortuous toys, and continue fucking and raping my poor defenseless asshole until she decides I have learned my lesson from overlooking the single spring clip hanging from the screw eye!

That is just what Mistress Katie did to me right then! Starting first where Sir had left off, only Mistress Katie’s caning was truly severe and much more intense! She brought me to tears as she redecorated my upturned ass cheeks that quivered after each searing lash! I did not know the count, nor could I keep up the count even if she had ordered me to! The gag prevented that, but also because each of her blistering firey impacts would cause me to scream out in a yelp that soon turned to sobs! When she finished the Corporal Punishment caning she rubbed her hand over my Hot welted and striped bottom a few times before sliding her hand into my ass crack as she touched my tight asshole. She chastised me again for my error as she coated my asshole and surrounding sides of my ass cheeks with her slippery lubricant. Telling me she was now going to really punish my asshole good with a severe anal fuck punishment!

She was sawing her huge nubby dildo in and out of my poor defenseless asshole and there was nothing I could do to stop it or to keep Katie from satisfying her Sadistic desires! Punishing me was just the accepted cover for any Female Dominant. But what makes Katie different is that she actually enjoys it! She literally craves it and has to hear those certain sounds of pain and torment emanating from my gagged submissive bound body that brings her excitement! And she was getting my body to make that sweet music to her ears right now! The nubby dildo is not a novelty toy but it is a large 12-inch thickly proportioned black dildo that is covered in pencil eraser sized, hard little nubs completely covering the shaft from the penis head crown all the way down to the two big hard balls at the base! It is a stretch for any hole but then add the irregular rough bumpy textured surface and you have a toy on Katie’s top ten list! She was fucking me good and hard with it right now! Her butt plug gag couldn’t hold back my uncontrolled muffled moans as they turned to whimpered cries when she really got to sawing that wicked thick toy in and out of my stretched asshole!

The ‘Pillory’s’ wide leather bondage belt not only added yet another restraint to ensure my body remained as immobile and still for her and her toys to enjoy any and all of her Sadistic lustful passions without the slightest bit of resistance from me! But the bondage belt also had two metal handles riveted to the leather on either side near my hips. Katie’s hands gripped each hand hold tightly as she aggressively rocked her body back and forth slamming the length of her best raping dildo in and out of my asshole faster and faster! It was a brutal anal fuck and I was forced to take it and take it all from her! I could not stop it at all as Mistress Katie fucked my ass wildly with abandon! My moans and cries were howling into the butt plug gag, and the new muffled sound that I was making when she raped me harder still got her most excited! Katie was telling me how she loved hearing my sounds as it told her how sorry I was for disobeying her and that it sounded to her like I was begging her to punish me more and harder still! Katie chastised me like this repeatedly while she punished me like no other!

Mistress Katie had already stopped twice to catch her breath before continuing on with another round of hard and fast fifteen minute fuckings on my open asshole! I could only cry out from my torment, my asshole felt like it was being ripped open! It burned like it was on fire! My butt felt like it was stuffed full! But the fucking, the relentless ass pounding was indescribable!

Katie loved changing up the punishment fuck, from fast and furious, to long and slow. Deliberate, forced, full penetrating fucks, balls deep with that big fat 13-inch dildo! Never stopping, just full deep penetrating ‘take your breath away’ fucks, all the way in and all the way out, like a machine, forcing me to take it all, until She turns it off! I continued to moan and cry out into her freshly worn butt plug gag! I now gladly wished and hoped for her ass in my face and my tongue dutifully licking her hole than this hard rape punishment! But I was tightly and securely bound, forced to accept the pain and torture she was giving my butt! I could not even plead with her to stop or give me an alternative punishment, nothing!

When Katie did decide to stop again for her quick break, this time she changed out the dildo too. And she let her fingers reach into her panties as they found her creamy wet slit and she generously coated her throbbing clit as she rubbed it hard and fast stealing a quick but strong orgasm! While she was catching her breath, Katie asked me if I wanted a little breather too. Answering her in muffled sounds, as I was responding, her hand reached to my mouth when her wet fingers smeared her pussy juices on my nose and in my nostrils! Katie told me to enjoy my little breather then as she worked her wet fingers back and forth into my nostrils until they were no longer wet or glistening!

She encouraged me to continue breathing in deeply as I flooded my senses with her rich womanly scent with every breath I took! Mistress Katie made it a point to walk over in front of me as she taunted me, grabbing a thick handful of my hair she lifted the back of my head up and back, until I was straining to look up due to the restraint holding my collar to the Pillory. But what I was able to see was the new strapon dildo she was wearing. It was massively thick! It was thicker than her arm as she proudly held it out in front of me! Mistress Katie told me it was her “Big Brown Cock”, a 3-inch wide beast she said was really going to punish my asshole now! The toy was massive, at three inches thick it was a stretch for even the most experienced well fisted holes! And my poor little hole was not nearly that wide open yet! Katie knew that this toy would bring the pain she wanted me to experience right now! The true painful stretch of a good long hard anal rape punishment which she was now ready to continue giving me! Katie told me that this dildo was going to rape my hole even harder than the ‘Nubby’ just did! Again, her words and taunting brought yet another uncontrollable whimper from my butt plug gagged mouth.

When that big fat rounded head pushed its way into my hole, Katie loved not only watching my tight anus ring stretch even wider as it kissed and sealed itself tightly around the glistening brown shaft! But she equally loved hearing my fearful muffled whimpers turn to moans and cries as my body felt the painful stretch and torment she was giving my poor little asshole!

Katie couldn’t help herself, the more paul cried out the wetter she became and her intensity increased as she plowed and fucked him harder and faster and longer! Each time she stopped the fifteen minute workout, she would change her technique, and she loved hard contrasts. Immediately following a brutally hard fast and furious in and out anal rape, she would stop pull all the way out and then just push the dildo head to paul’s quivering hole, teasing it after it had just been raped hard! She would purposely just touch the dildo to his sensitive anus ring then back it out, over and over teasing his hole until paul was calmed down and not expecting her next move. Then with no warning, her hands tightly locked onto the handles, Katie rams that big fat brown dildo all the way into paul’s hot hole! His muffled scream is priceless as Katie furiously fucks his asshole raw! She was challenging herself now with this workout, could she keep up this pace longer than fifteen minutes? A brutally hard deep fast fucking with her big brown cock? Even with her body weight momentum and using her arm muscles to pull herself balls deep into him, paul’s hole was a tight fit for her big cock, and this was a strenuous workout for her! But Katie is very competitive and loves to exercise, paul’s asshole did not stand a chance!

Katie finally did stop and abruptly just pulled her toy all the way out and stood back panting as she watched paul’s abused hole quivering again! paul was breathing really hard and Katie smiled knowing every breath he was taking filled his senses with the essence of her pussy! Katie removed the Big Brown Cock dildo from her harness and found another even more wicked toy from her large collection. This one was uniquely special and Mistress Katie loved when she could put it to use! The big dildo was custom made for her, it was part steel and part Lexan plastic. Overall it was a big hard unforgiving steel dildo that would really give a hard ass pounding fuck! But, it was built to be used with an electro torture, TENS unit system. It had four alternating positive and negative polarity metal sections which were sandwiched together with the Lexan plastic insulators. The insertible length of the toy was right at 11-inches and it was a very thick two and half inch velvety smooth polished straight dildo! Katie hooked it up and turned the TENS unit on to the highest setting! She was now setup to provide paul a very hard anal ‘stimulating’ fuck! She hoped paul would feel the same enthusiasm as she did right now! If not, she was prepared to shock his poor little asshole repeatedly until he appreciated it for her! She just kept the setting on high and turned the power switch on and off at random as she fucked his asshole hard! Mistress Katie made this severe punishment fucking last the longest, she made sure the steel toy was lubed completely so there would be good electrical contact to paul’s tight anus ring and inside his snug little hole! She started out with a slow deliberate full penetrating first fuck to check the stretch and fit as it invaded paul’s open hole and disappeared into his ass. Then she repeated the same full deep fuck while she randomly flicked the power switch On and Off shocking his sphincter to his colon! paul reacted obediently with uncontrolled audible outbursts that she controlled with the flick of a switch! Katie’s Sadistic snicker was followed by her comments mocking paul just then when she asked, “How did that feel slave?” as she kept shocking him with the dildo in different positions inside his ass! But that gradually gave way to a slow methodical deep anal punishment fuck, keeping the TENS unit set to its highest setting and just randomly flicking On and Off the power switch when she decided to shock his hole! Katie fucked paul like that for a good fifteen minutes or so before deciding she wanted to try something different now. Katie pulled out of paul’s tortured hole as he was trembling and breathing hard again.

Katie now asked him, I need to remove your gag now slave, but I will only remove it if you promise to obey me by not begging me to stop any part of your punishment. Is that clear? You can speak, but no foul language, no swearing, and under No circumstances will you tell me to stop, or beg me to stop, is that clear paul? Can you promise me that slave?

I wanted some relief, any relief and removing the butt plug gag was something so I raised my head up and down in an affirmative manner as I moaned an inaudible reply.

Mistress Katie removed my gag and I did feel relieved as my jaws ached from being held open for so long. I immediately said “Thank You, Thank you Mistress Katie” as I relished my limited reprieve.

Mistress Katie was gently caressing my red ass cheeks as she informed me that she was not quite finished with me yet. She said she wanted me to understand that I was disobedient to her and that I needed to be punished severely for my error! So, she wanted to hear me say the words, to ask her to please punish my asshole hard, to beg her for a severe anal rape punishment. That way she will know that I am truly repentive and sorry for my actions. Katie was fondling my caged cock and balls now and I was a little nervous at her touch. She continued to explain what was going to happen next. She again cautioned me NOT to say the Stop word, and NOT to say NO MORE, but she gave me an alternative. Mistress Katie said that she was going to knead and squeeze my balls good as the final part of my punishment. And she wanted me to take it and to take it ALL! She wanted me to endure her CBT ball punishment in its entirety. She assured me that she was going to punish my balls good and hard, but that it would not be any different than what she would do to them if I was gagged. So she said, if at any time I could not endure the ball pain punishment, I could NOT ask her to stop, or beg her to stop! I could only say dildo, and she would immediately stop the ball torture punishment. BUT, saying the word DILDO would mean you are begging for a severe anal rape punishment as a substitute for the CBT ball pain torture. Be sure you understand this paul, she said to me. Because the strapon dildo I have on now is the biggest one, and it will be especially painful compared to the ones I have already used on you. But when you use the word DILDO, I will immediately stop the ball torture punishment. After I stop your Ball torture, I want you to say exactly, “Mistress please rape and punish my asshole severely”. I will gag you again, and this anal rape punishment will continue until I say it’s over. Is that clear paul? She asked me.

I was very nervous now and did not want to disappoint her. I really did not think I could endure Mistress Katie’s CBT torture, but my asshole hurts so bad right now, I don’t think I can take any more anal from her right now!

Katie asked me to make a decision. Her hands were still manipulating my ball sac as she gently squeezed when she demanded an answer, “So what is it going to be slave?” she asked me with a little squeeze!

“Okay! “Yes Mistress Katie”, I will follow your instructions during my CBT.” I said to her.

Katie responded very excitedly, She was like a kid at Christmas!

She warned me again, NO VULGAR LANGUAGE, NO SWEARING, and NO BEGGING ME TO STOP! You may only use the word DILDO if you can’t take the ball torture, okay paul? She asked me one more time.

Again I agreed to her terms, “Yes Mistress” “I will obey” I told her.

Mistress Katie pulled up a stool as she began kneading and fondling paul’s ball sac. She liked rolling the firm ball around in the sac and wanted paul to get accustomed to some heavy fondling before she started to give him any real torture.

Katie was alternately squeezing each of his balls now, still she considered this was mild compared to what she was planning to do to him. Paul was responding with some soft groans and a moan here and there. So, Katie took it up a notch again, this time she would capture the little wandering ball and then between her fingers she just squeezed a little harder but this time she did not let up and kept the gentle squeeze for a couple of seconds. This caused paul a lot of discomfort as his vocal sounds amplified. Katie was still experimenting with him, testing the waters to see how much could he really take. So once again she squeezed even harder but let up right away. His groan was loader but he seemed to tolerate that one. Then she did it again, and yet again, each time squeezing his balls harder than the last time. paul was breathing heavier now, so Katie decided to change it up yet again and she squeezed both of his balls really hard just then. paul howled and screamed out in pain and started to say “DID….” when she stopped!

Katie let go of his balls altogether just then and she asked him, “Were you trying to say something paul?” “Do you really want me to stop this and do something else?” “What do you want paul?”

I really didn’t want the alternative just then, but I could not tolerate that kind of CBT ball torture either. All I could say was, “I’m sorry, Mistress”, then I thought I might gain some favor with her if I asked her for the CBT then. So I said, “Please Mistress, CBT, please continue with the CBT”

Katie stood up behind me and picking up her cane she said to me, Okay slave, first of all, that is not what I instructed you to say. And, from now on, I do not want to hear any loud outbursts from you, No crying out loudly, No shouting out any words! You may moan, and whimper, and groan, and hiss, but NO Words except for Dildo, and you will say it, not shout it! For making me stop just now, your butt will be striped with my cane Ten times! Hold your outbursts paul. Do not disappoint me. She said.

Then she cocked her arm up high and the first swat was like a lightning shot t my ass cheeks! I moaned loudly fighting back the impulsive scream in pain as the stroke seared my ass cheeks. But before I could regain my composure, another swat just as hard! Then Mistress Katie let loose with one after another after another and she was counting them out! Only she didn’t stop at eight and kept going until she reached 12!

I was making a load sound of discomfort, not a moan or a groan but definitely not a scream or any words. My ass burned and I wanted to rub it or move it away from her so badly right now but I couldn’t. I was her captive slave that she could do anything she wanted to because I had agreed to that with her and Sir. I had agreed to be her NO limit slave toy and here I am, wishing to take back those words!

I didn’t dare try and ask Mistress why she gave me four extra swats of the cane, and she wasn’t saying why. I forced myself to get through this pain for her now. I couldn’t even shake or wiggle my butt to make the cane stroke fade away. Mistress Katie loved to restrain me tightly so her touch, her punishments, her manipulations of me were so much more intense.

Okay paul, shall we continue? I moan my affirmative response to her. Katie took hold of my ball sac just then and started right where she left off. Her squeezing was slow and deliberate. Now she squeezed a little harder and she said to me, “slave, I want you to take this next squeeze. Take it all until I let go” “Do it slave!” she commanded me sternly! Then she squeezed hard and my body trembled as I moaned loudly! Then she let go and said, “Again slave!” Take it all again now!” and once more but on the other ball she squeezed hard! And again my only outlet was to moan louder as I shook and trembled! She released again and I was panting but before I could get back to normal, more commands! “Take it slave!” I moaned loader as the pain increased! She squeezed my ball harder than before! Three more times she pushed me to take it harder and longer! I was groaning now and loudly! Mistress Katie ordered me again, “Take slave!” and this time she squeezed both balls hard and long squeezing tighter as she kept up, my loud groan wasn’t helping me at all and I loudly said the word “DILDO” and Mistress instantly let go of my balls! Before I could even catch my breath, Mistress Katie then asked, “What else slave?” What do you want instead of your balls flattened?” she asked me.

I tried to remember her words and through short gasps of breath I asked her, “Mistress, please punish me severely, please rape my asshole severely”. I begged her while trying to catch my breath.

Okay slave, you asked for it, but I am going to gag you for this again she said as she leaned over me and stuffed the butt plug back into my mouth! Katie added that I cried out the word DILDO too loudly in spite of being warned not to do that! She said that my butt would get have to pay with another dozen hard stripes! I whimpered my protest through my butt plug gag. Katie was gently rubbing my butt now and said she didn’t think I could really handle another dozen punishment cane strokes. So she said she would not use the cane this time but would give the equivalent punishment another way then. But Katie didn’t ask me to choose this time, or tell me what she implied. The next thing I knew, Mistress Katie had grabbed my ball sac again and then she said what my new punishment would be! As she put pressure on my balls with a gentle squeeze, she explained that instead of a dozen cane strokes, she would give both of my balls a dozen hard squeezes in place of the cane strokes for my outburst and saying the word Dildo too loudly! Mistress Katie then added, she would give my balls another dozen harder squeezes for incorrectly begging her for the severe anal rape punishment!

I whimpered again when I heard Mistress’s new arrangement! The fear flooded over me as I couldn’t imagine enduring two dozen hard squeezes to my balls! How could anyone I thought! But realizing I was tightly bound and gagged and in Katie’s home basement dungeon, so there was literally nothing I could do to stop it! My thoughts and worries were shattered just now as Mistress Katie had grabbed my balls and was fondling them now, kneading them and then she squeezed harder applying more pressure! Her squeezing my balls was directly increasing the volume of my muffled cries! She suddenly stopped and I was breathing hard trying to endure this deep dull ache and nerve torment Mistress Katie was so expertly controlling! Then again harder and lasting a few seconds! Katie told me I need to endure more! She said that she would not start counting the ball squeezes until I could endure each hard squeeze for five seconds! If I could endure that torture she said that would count as #1.

Suddenly Mistress Katie just let go of my poor tortured balls! I felt such a sense of relief, but my breathing was still labor sum and strained as I tried to calm myself down! There was still that deep dull ache in the pit of my stomach like you get when you are kicked in the balls, and my whole groin felt kind of numb as the sensations radiated though me. But then I felt the unmistakable wet rounded intruder and pressure against my sore asshole when Mistress Katie said She hadn’t forgot about my special request. The fear and recent memory of her brutal ass pounding punishment she gave me minutes before flooded over me making me whimper in distress! Katie said that my sounds are reviving her and she forcefully drove that big black monster cock deep into my very sore asshole! I literally cried out through my gag as she withdrew that giant dildo and lined it up for another assault! Then without mercy Mistress drove that big thick dildo all the way in deeper and harder than before! My cries were very loud despite my gag but Mistress loved to hear them just as much as she loved forcing them out of my body the way she does! I could feel her when she tightens her grip and pulls hard on the bondage belt hand holds. That’s when she commands me to open my butthole for her and take her big hard cock! Take it all she orders me! As she forces that brute of a dildo into my tight little hole! My amplified cries tell her my hole is just not ready for her monster toys yet, but that’s Mistress Katie’s passion, to break in a new slave boy like me that’s still plenty tight, and can endure her hard play! And when I get too vocal about it, she will not hesitate to take her cane to my butt and redecorate again with fresh new stripes until I quiet my loud outbursts, cries and moans! Take it all slave, she commands me again! This is your severe anal rape punishment you begged me for!

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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