Cycle of Abuse
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Author's Note: You don't need trigger warnings. We both know why you're here. So just hate it or love it. The choice is yours, but feel free to comment. I'll take all feedback into consideration in possible future stories. And sure, English isn't my first or second language, so there might be some grammatical errors.

Maria and Hanna

It was a stylish apartment. There was a small entrance, a combined kitchen and living room and a large bedroom facing a quiet backyard. Everything looked modern with the exception of a few kitchy cups on the shelf, from which one could tell that the occupant was female.

It was already dark outside. Noises in the hallway grew stronger until keys were rattling and two women entered the flat. It was clear that they had had a drink or two and that they knew each other well. Their talk was only interrupted by their giggling.

-My bladder is about to burst, the slightly shorter woman laughed.

-Help yourself. You know where the bathroom is, the other replied.

Both women had dark hair and looked slightly Hispanic, although it was clear they were both American as they spoke English to each other. The flat owner, Maria, was maybe 5' 8" and her friend was a couple of inches shorter. They looked neither skinny or overweight. Both were probably in their early thirties or late twenties and wore typical dresses for a night out. Not exactly business style but nothing too trashy either. They looked just like some cute average Janes.

They gathered in the kitchen as Hanna came out from the bathroom.

-I bet you have a good bottle of wine hidden here somewhere, Hanna said with a smirk.

Maria shook her head with a disapproving smile and opened a kitchen cabinet door. She took out a bottle of red wine, an opener and two glasses. They sat down around the round white kitchen table.

Maria opened the bottle and served herself and her friend. She glanced at the bottle with a slightly cynical expression on her face.

-I got this from Rick. At least I got something good out of him.

Hanna looked at her with a compassionate faint smile. She knew the story all too well. Maria and Rick had been in an on-off relationship for many years, until Rick cheated on her and left her for another woman. Bad enough, Rick wasn't the first guy who'd done so to Maria. Some of Maria's exes had also been physically abusive. Hanna herself, as well, also had a long history of abusive relationships. In that sense, they had a lot in common.

Hanna broke the short silence by pointing out that Rick was a selfish prick and that Maria deserved much better. Maria looked up from her glass and their eyes met.

-I once thought I'd have a family by now. I always thought that I've been doing everything right, but still end up with the short stick. I've got a good career and I've always, well, at least mostly, been nice to people around me. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Hanna tried to console her friend.

-It's not you, Maria. Men are awful these days. I'm starting to think they're only good for one thing. In the end, we're always the ones who get hurt and that's unfair.

Maria nodded and tried to smile.

-I feel like I've invested so much but get nothing in return. I'm just so disappointed and tired of it all. I'm not sure I even want a relationship anymore. I just don't want to get used and hurt... I don't know...

She pondered her own words and continued.

-For once, I'd want to be the one in charge. The one who has the power to hurt and doesn't care about the consequences. Then I'd maybe get rid of the resentment I feel and could maybe make a fresh start. I sometimes fantasize about that.

A short silence followed. Hanna was clearly thinking about her friend's words. With a serious look on her face she weighed in.

-You mean you would take out some kind of personal revenge on someone who in your mind would represent a generalization of guys? I don't know about the ethical part, but it probably would feel good to vent out all anger like that. To just pour all your baggage onto someone. I have sometimes fantasized about it myself... but my fantasy quickly descends into murky territories.

Maria's face lit up as her sentiments were reflected.

-Now I'm intrigued, you cannot leave it at that.

An awkward silence followed and Maria filled up the glasses.

-It's... just a silly fantasy. I never know when to shut up, Hanna replied with a laugh.

-I'm not letting you off the hook, Hanna. We've known each other since we were girls and we've always shared everything. Nothing you say will shock me. Now, please continue, Maria added with a hint of impatience in her voice.

Hanna looked at Maria with an exploratory expression in her eyes and sighed as a sign of surrender.

-Since you're asking for it... I sometimes fantasize about seducing a young attractive guy and using him... physically... in such a way, that he's marked by me for life. I completely crush his ego and then just discard him.

Silence followed. Maria looked at her friend with amusement and burst out laughing hysterically.

-You twisted sociopath! I thought I was the one keeping up appearances. We have so much in common it's crazy.

The laugh was contagious and after a while both were shaking hysterically. After they finally gained composure again, they both looked seriously on each other. Maria broke the silence.

-Let's do it, Maria said in a completely serious voice.

Hanna looked at her friend with a questioning expression on her face.

-I'll put up a dating profile and go on a couple of dates with some good looking young guy. Then I invite him to hang out here and we fulfill the revenge fantasy.

Hanna looked at her friend in disbelief. She wasn't sure if Maria was being serious, but decided to play along.

-Fair enough, what should I do? Hanna asked.

-You could acquire some rope and light sedatives. You're good at knots, right? Some payoff for all those miserable years in the girl scouts. What else... Maria was thinking out loud and continued.

-We'd also need some erection enhancing drug. After all, we don't want him to go limp just because he isn't into this kind of stuff. It's also going to mind fuck him, since he will never be sure if he was in it or not. He'll probably feel guilty about it and will need therapy for life.

Hanna studied her friend carefully. She was looking for cues, to see if her quick-witted friend was joking or if it was the alcohol talking. The entire discussion was just too absurd.

-I'm not convinced. What guy would agree to be tied up by some stranger he'd just met? The chance that some random guy would be into that kind of stuff is really small. Also, technically, we could get in some serious trouble in the aftermath.

Hanna could barely finish her sentence, as Maria interrupted her.

-I'm pretty sure he'd remain silent about it. Imagine the ridicule he'd face if he'd bring it up with someone. We could also dispute the entire story. Burden of proof would be on the guy. In either case, we'd be safe. What comes to your first question, we have plenty of time to come up with a plan in order to trick him into it.

Hanna was a little stunned. She was shocked how far her friend had planned out what Hanna thought was just her own little revenge and power trip fantasy. She realized that Maria must have been harboring these sentiments for a long time. It could not have been just Rick, but there was definitely something deeper here. She thought that maybe something really bad had happened to Maria in her youth or childhood, something so dark, that she hadn't shared it even with her best friend.

Maybe it was Hanna's own growing resentment and disdain against men in general or maybe it was the alcohol, but the entire absurd scenario strangely started to make some sense to her. The entire discussion had escalated very fast.

-What if he's genuinely a lovely guy? Hanna continued. Could you live with yourself knowing that?

-Do you still believe in unicorns? Maria replied slightly irritated. Men are only interested in one thing, so let's give them just that. If he's not a douchebag yet, he will surely become one soon. As far as I know they're all trash and worthless scum anyways.

Hanna stared down on her glass. She nodded and smiled as a sign of acceptance.

-You really are something else. We're probably insane Maria, you know that, don't you? This is some next level depraved stuff.

-Maybe we are or maybe we've just been mistreated for too long. Either way, I don't care anymore, Maria said, as she filled up their glasses until the bottle was empty.


Mike was walking home from his shift at work. He was almost jumping from joy and excitement. He couldn't believe his luck, as he once again read the message over and over on his phone. His heart was racing. He'd already been invited to her place. They'd only met once on a date at the park. They had grabbed take away coffees. Just as he had been reaching for his wallet to pay for the coffees, she had cut in front of him and paid for both before he could protest. "Don't worry, I got his", she said with a captivating smile. The simple but surprising power move left him in awe. He had the traditional conservative upbringing and strongly believed that men should pay on dates. But still, her gesture felt really flattering. He thought that maybe this girl actually liked him and wanted to get to know him.

Everything about this woman seemed great. She was both beautiful and charming. She had already finished college and had a rising career in advertising. She was quick-witted and had a good sense of humor. Mike thought they had good chemistry. Despite just meeting her, he was already madly infatuated with her.

There were, however, a few things that seemed a little strange. She had told him she was 24, but he thought she looked slightly older than that. He also thought about her motives. Why did she take interest in him? Despite being quite good-looking at 5'11" with an athletic body and thick blondish hair, he still could not help to think that she was far out of his league. She was more mature, confident, already had her bachelor's degree and a good job. He, on the other hand, had just turned 21, still had a couple of years left to his engineering degree and had to take whatever jobs he could get in order to pay his share of a flat, which he rented together with two other students. He was also still a bit insecure and shy around women. He couldn't wrap his head around it. How was he so lucky this time? And why did she invite him over after just one date? Why did this gorgeous woman pay any interest to him...

His optimism made him push all doubts to the side. With adrenaline pumping through his body, he replied to the message. He tried to not seem too excited. "Sounds great! I don't have other plans for tomorrow evening. What time and where should I show up?" He got a reply fast, to which he replied "Deal! See you tomorrow! /Mike".

The "date"

He jumped off his bike and walked up to the building's entrance. She'd given him good instructions so the door was easy to find. His heart was racing fast as he rang the doorbell. In his mind he'd rehearsed the situation several times to come across as confident as possible, but as she opened the door with a broad welcoming smile, he froze. All he could get out of his mouth was a weak hi.

-I brought wine and some snacks, he continued.

-That's really sweet of you. Don't just stand there. Come on in, Mike.

He followed her and left his jacket on a chair. He looked curiously around him. The place looked very neat and fancy compared to the flat he shared with his friends. As they entered the kitchen he winced back a little by surprise. There was another girl sitting at the table.

-This is my good friend Hanna. I'm sorry I forgot to mention that she's here. I hope you're fine with that.

He had thought it would be just him and Maria. He tried to hide his disappointment the best he could.

-Hi, I'm Mike, nice to meet you.

Hanna and Maria had noticed his initial wince. Hanna answered jokingly.

-For a short while you thought it was a trap as you saw two Hispanic-looking women. You thought you were about to get mugged!

They laughed. He laughed too. Hanna wasn't completely wrong and he was a little ashamed of his initial reaction.

-I assure you that's not what I thought. He felt relief that the ice was broken. Hanna looked friendly.

-Here you go, a little welcoming drink. Maria handed him, Hanna and herself a glass.

-You're over 21, aren't you, because it looks like my friend is robbing the cradle here, Hanna chuckled.

He didn't appreciate the joke about his age but tried to be a good sport about it and smiled politely.

-Cheers and welcome! Maria said and lifted her glass up.

They sat there chatting and sipping their drinks. The conversation carried itself and he was having a really good time.

-So what have you been up to today? Maria asked him.

-Well, after my morning lectures I took my niece to the playground as my sister went shopping, he replied. With some pride he showed them pictures of her on his phone. One could tell he loved the kid.

-Aww, she's the cutest thing ever! Hanna said with a sigh. Where did you find such a sweet guy, Maria? He likes children and he's cute too. He'll be a great dad to your future kids. Both women giggled.

He blushed and tried to hide that he was a bit uncomfortable with the unexpected compliments and lack of boundaries. He would have been mostly flattered, but he sensed a subtle demeaning and belittling nuance in Hanna's voice. He continued the best he could.

-She's a wonderful kid. I'm lucky to be an uncle. After a short silence he asked cautiously:

-So, do we have a game plan for tonight, are we going to watch a film or something?

The women gave each other a short glance.

-There's something I need to ask you, Mike, Maria said. Have you ever performed on camera?

Mike looked at her. Thoughts ran through his head, but he couldn't grasp what she was asking. His heart sank a little. He sensed that maybe he'd been right when he had doubts. How could he be so na´ve to assume that she was interested in him... Of course there had to be another motive all the time.

-What exactly do you mean? He asked.

-Well... You see, Hanna and I make films and sell them on the internet. Sexually themed films, but definitely not porn. There is no full nudity. It's a form of kink, to be more specific. Maria looked at Mike with anticipation.

-No, I have definitely not "performed on camera". I thought I came over to hang out and maybe watch some Netflix with you, he said with clear disappointment in his voice.

-I thought that you actually liked me, silly me. I should probably get going, he said and stood up.

Both women immediately stood up and Maria quickly intervened.

-I'm sorry Mike, I didn't mean to scare you off. I DO like you a lot. You seem like a great guy. This is just a thing we do every now and then in order to earn a little extra. It pays off really well. You'd get a good share too. A lot more than at that grocery store I've seen you working at. Besides, it's fun too.

Mike felt belittled. He didn't know that she had observed him at his work. Had she been stalking him? He'd wanted to present himself as a successful guy. Instead his ego took a hit as he was exposed.

-I only work there a couple of days a week, he said with some hurt in his voice.

-Come on! There's nothing wrong with that, Maria responded quickly. You're like... 20 or something. We've all been there. We all have bills to pay. I'm just saying you'd get a lot more money by doing this shoot and you don't even have to take all your clothes off. Besides, we'd apply heavy makeup on you. Nobody would recognize you. Maria continued by laying down her offer.

-You'll get 500 bucks for the shoot. And there's a chance for a 500 bucks bonus if you do well. That's probably more than you make each month at the grocery store.

Mike stood still and observed them with an incredulous face. He despised himself for still being there and listening to them. His heart told him to leave immediately, but as a student, he felt he could really need those dollars. That was almost equivalent to 3 months' rent. He also didn't feel completely like himself. He noticed his head was dizzy and he felt his heart pumping fast. He took a deep frustrated breath.

-So what exactly would I have to do and who on earth would pay money for it? He said with a resigned voice.

-It's really simple. You'd strip down to your underwear. Hanna will tie you up and you will struggle to get free against a timer. To make it real, you will get the bonus only if you manage to free yourself. I'll film everything in one take. We'll also put up two other cameras in order to get different angles. Cameras, lights and everything else has already been prepared in the bedroom. Once we're finished filming, I'll cut the film down to 30 minutes length. It's a fetish genre, in which the audience picture themselves in your position. Our customers don't want to watch actors. They want to watch a real struggle.

Mike was lost for words. The proposal seemed really creepy. He wanted to run, but at the same time it seemed like an easy opportunity to make, on his modest scale, a lot of money. He also still fancied Maria and thought that if he'd turn away now his chances to see her again would be lost forever.

-I don't know, Maria. This sounds way too advanced for me. I have to be honest. I had been hoping for a regular date with you including some snacks and Netflix. We've just met. I was looking forward to getting to know you properly. I hate to say it, but I don't know if I trust you this much yet.

Maria seemed a bit impatient and frustrated at his hesitation.

-Come on Mike, look around you. This is my flat. I don't rent it, I own it. If we'd wanted to mug or blackmail you, why would we have chosen a broke-ass student instead of some older more established guy. I probably earn at least five times as much as you, but I don't care about that. Also, as I said, I really do like you and want to get to know you. We'll go on a regular date later, I promise. We'll go see a film, you can even pay for the movie tickets if you like to, she chuckled. It's just that Hanna is in town only today, so this is our chance to make the shoot. You can trust us, I promise.

Maria looked intensively at Mike and smiled cordially. She took out five hundred dollar bills and put them on the table. Mike followed her with his eyes.

-You're not forced into anything, but I need to know soon. This is a one time chance. How is it going to be? Are you in or are you going to chicken out?

Mike was thinking that he must have a really low self-esteem for even considering the offer. He felt he was completely off balance. He took a deep breath and sighed as a sign of resignation. He looked down at the floor and without lifting his eyes he said:

-Fine... I'll do it.

Hanna and Maria glanced at each other.

-Wonderful, let's get prepared.

The full experience

Mike looked in the mirror. The makeup was really well done. The surroundings of his eyes were covered in black mascara and his hair was all messy. He resembled an 80s rock star. He hardly recognized himself. They walked into the bedroom, which had a large bed and an open space with a large thick carpet in front of the bed. Two cameras were already set up and two lights were directed towards the open space. The setting looked quite professional to him. Curtains covered the window.

-You can put your clothes on the chair in the corner, Maria commanded. Let's get started. I'll start filming now. You can talk and be yourself. I'll cut away most talk in the editing.

Hanna put a bag on the bed and opened it. She took out several clews of white cotton rope. Mike carefully stripped down to his underwear. He felt slightly dizzy and also a bit embarrassed and confused. He could also feel blood pumping in his nether regions, which he thought was strange, since he didn't find anything arousing about the scenario. He adjusted his boxers to make sure that everything was well covered and that his manhood didn't show.

Hanna took a piece of rope and walked up behind him.

-Put your hands behind your back, she instructed. Mike put his hands behind him. Hanna adjusted his arms and pushed them upwards so his arms were horizontally parallel and each hand touched the opposite elbow. She quickly pulled the rope several times around his wrists, tightened the loops and made a tight knot in the middle. Then she took another rope and pulled it several times across his chest, on both sides of his neck and around his arms. The rope ends met in the middle of his back just below his neck, where she made the knot. The strange rope harness prevented him from pulling his arms outwards to his sides or downwards to his lower back.

-How does it feel, not too tight?

Mike tested the ropes. They allowed some movement and didn't hurt. Maria was circling around them with the handheld video recorder and zoomed in on the rope work, his body and his facial expressions.

-Your body is easy on the eyes, she said with a smile. Are you sure you haven't done modelling before?

Hanna took more rope and said "next we go for the legs and ankles. Try to keep your balance." She made several loops around his ankles and above his knees, until his legs were firmly pressed against each other. Then she gave him a small push, which made him panic as he couldn't move his legs to regain balance. Hanna, however, held a firm grip of him and carefully lowered him onto his stomach on the thick carpet. He was surprised that the relatively petite Hanna was able to support his weight, which was probably closer to 160 lbs.

-You didn't think I was going to let you fall on that pretty face of yours, she said with a laugh. Mike was relieved he was safely on the ground, but couldn't help noticing that he couldn't move around much anymore.

-A few things more, Hanna said as she picked up something from the bag. Just as Mike turned his head to look, Hanna's left hand took a hold of his nose, to which he reacted by opening his mouth.

-What are you doi... His sentence was interrupted as Hanna pushed something metallic in his mouth and pulled and fastened some straps behind his neck.

-It's called a spider gag. We mentioned talking, but we don't want too much of it. It spoils the mood. Nothing to worry about, honey. You can breathe and drool freely and make silly noises. It looks good on camera. Maria simultaneously put on some music from a laptop connected to speakers.

Mike was starting to feel uneasy. He wasn't sure where this was going. He couldn't form clear sentences anymore as the metal ring prevented him from closing his mouth and pronouncing consonants. He also didn't like Hanna calling him honey or giving him "compliments". It felt intrusive. He was hoping that the entire show would soon be over.

Hanna wasn't done, but added two more ropes around his wrists and arms. She then stroked his legs, touched his back and arm muscles and gave him a few degrading taps on his buttocks. She stood up and took a few steps away to observe her work. Maria gave the camera recorder to Hanna and walked up to the chair. She held the five hundreds in her hand and showed them to Mike. Without speaking, she made a roll of them and slipped the roll down in the pocket of Mike's jeans on the chair. She then held up five more hundred dollar bills and put them on the bed.

-This is your motivation, boy. You get 20 minutes to make these yours. Timer starts... Now.

Mike began to explore the ropes. He gave them a few tugs and noticed they'd stretch a little, but not enough to enable him to significantly increase his movement. His legs were wrapped together in a very firm grip. His hands could move in circles at each elbow, but they couldn't co-operate as they were facing different directions. His hands searched for knots or any ropes that he could pull and loosen up. His hands didn't find any knots. The rope loops he could reach didn't move much from their positions despite him pulling as hard as he could. He had initially thought that it would be relatively easy to free himself, but the ropework was surprisingly skillfully done.

After his initial and short lived optimism, he felt really helpless as the time ticked away. His bonus reward started to feel distant and unattainable. He'd never been tied up before. A claustrophobic panic slowly grew inside of him. His struggling in the grip of the ropes became stronger and more intense, as he desperately tried to increase his movement. His mind was forgetting it was all part of a game or a show for the camera. His dizzy and panicking mind was wondering why the girls weren't helping him. They surely must have noticed his considerable distress and agony. His muscles tightened and pulled as hard as he could in order to get any additional movement. He could feel sweat drops running down his back and his breathing became fast and heavy. There was also a constant humiliating stream of drool running down on the carpet from his mouth. His facial expressions looked worrying and desperate.

The women of course noticed all this, but only seemed amused by it. He heard Hanna taunt him.

-I'm not convinced that's a winning strategy babe, but keep tightening those muscles and keep those bulky buttocks moving! You're doing great, sweetheart.

He could feel her hand moving up his leg and stroking him. He felt a light squeeze on his buttock. Suddenly, the hand gently touched and caressed his private parts. He was angry at the crossing of agreed personal boundaries. Why did Maria allow this, he wondered.

-Cham aa, waa aa you hooin? He tried to say sternly with an angry expression. Lee mee ouh. Unhie hee hou!

-There's still five minutes to go. We want the full 20 minutes as we agreed. Keep fighting, you can do better than that, Maria said.

His despair was mixed with hopelessness and resignation. He also felt panic as he had never experienced that his limbs didn't obey him and that he didn't have any control of the situation. The experience was far more humiliating than he had anticipated. The taunts and belittling only added to the humiliation as did the physical touching, which could have been arousing in other circumstances, but now only added to the degradation. He didn't even care about the money anymore, he just wanted to get out of the situation. It was like a surreal out-of-body experience. His mind was already fleeing the scene, but at the same time he realized his physical body was laying immobile and helpless on the bedroom floor of someone he barely knew. As a result of the struggle the ropes were cutting into his skin and flesh and gave a burning sensation. He'd give anything to just stretch his limbs out. The few minutes felt like an exhausting eternity.

-I think we're about done, Maria said and gave Hanna a glance. Mike felt tremendous relief as he was lying in his own sweat and drool and breathing heavily. Maria took hold of his feet and Hanna of his armpits. They counted to three and surprisingly easily lifted his now limp exhausted body up in the air and onto the bed.

Mike was waiting for them to untie the ropes as he saw that Maria had scissors in her hand. He first winced back in horror until he realized that Maria was going to cut the ropes off instead of untying them. He tried to lay on his stomach as still as he could as he felt the cold metal of the scissors against his body. To his shock, the scissors didn't touch his body where the ropes were. Instead he felt Maria's other hand taking a grip and pulling on the cloth of his boxers. She made it through the cloth on both buttocks with a few quick cuts and pulled the severed peace of cloth away between his legs.

Mike completely froze in fear. This was not agreed upon at all. He lay there completely exposed and helpless. The realization he'd been betrayed crushed him. For a while he forgot his physical pain and humiliation. Now he was scared that they were going to hurt him badly. He lay completely still as his panicked mind ran through the possible alternatives, actions and outcomes. He now feared for his life. Thoughts and pictures started running through his head rapidly. In his mind he was rewinding time. He saw himself at the swings playing with his niece just some hours earlier. He also felt an overwhelming sadness for all the things in life he hadn't yet experienced and that he was going to miss out on, like a real loving relationship and having a family of his own. It all felt horribly unfair.

A couple of tears ran down his cheeks as he pleaded.

-Hleease, hon huuth me. Jush le he ho.

With some mild amusement, the girls let him continue producing unintelligible words as Hanna continued filming and zooming in on his face. The mascara ran down in black streams on his cheeks. Looking as a sobbing mess he tried to tell them they could keep the money and that he would pay them if they'd let him go.

-As I already told you, money isn't an issue here, Mike. I already know you've hardly got any, Maria explained with a calm voice. Mike tried to tell them that his sister had money and could pay them, but his words weren't understandable.

-Just try to relax, Mike, Maria said calmly and lifted her index finger to her mouth as a sign for him to be quiet. She gave Hanna a sign to increase the volume of the music in order to drown the unwanted noise from Mike. Maria then pulled her shirt off and unzipped her jeans.

Mike felt Maria's both hands on his side. With a rapid pull, she flipped him over to his back, so that his aching wrapped up arms sank into the mattress. He now saw Maria was fully undressed as she towered over him. She was carefully studying and measuring him with her eyes. Objectively speaking, she had a fantastic body, but that wasn't anything Mike could think about in his current situation. She pinned him tightly down by sitting on top of him with her legs spread on each side of him. She looked down in his eyes. Her entire weight was concentrated on his belly. He felt coarse thick pubic hair touch his navel and warm moist body heat just below it.

Her left hand stroked and pinched her right nipple and massaged her breast. Her right hand simultaneously slowly moved from his chest to her backside and to his private parts. She grabbed his testicles and started stroking his penis. He didn't understand his body's reaction, as he felt blood pumping down to his nether regions. The situation was like from a horror film and not at all arousing, but he still became fully erect as she kept on stroking him. She simultaneously rubbed her clitoris with her other hand. She bent forward and whispered "I can see you like this" in his ear.

Mike just laid there immobile on his back. He was not only worried about what was going to happen, but also for possible diseases. He knew that some STDs were life long, and that wasn't even the worst scenario here. He was scared they could slit his throat or stab him, since all his trust was shattered and he no longer expected them to have any moral boundaries. He tried to signal and tell Maria to get off him, but his words through the spider gag were just unintelligible noise. Not that she would have listened or cared anyways. She actually seemed irritated by his resistance and again lifted her index finger to her lips.

-Shhh. It's ok. Don't worry, boy, just relax. I know you'll enjoy it.

She took hold of his penis, raised herself up a little and directed his glans between her inner labia. She lowered herself down until he was fully inside her. He slipped in easily as there was hardly any friction. She gave out a small moan. It was clear she was all wet and very aroused by the complete power she had over him.

For a moment, there was no movement and the only sound came from the background music. She just sat on top of him with him fully inside her and looked down on him with a stern and contemptuous look on her face. He tried to avoid looking at her.

-Look at my eyes, she commanded. This time, there wasn't even a trace of warmth in her voice anymore. Her voice was cold and stern.

As he still looked away in shame, she gave him a hard slap on the cheek with the palm of her hand. It caused him to make a weeping sound and again forced out some tears from his eyes. He then gathered all his willpower and forced himself to focus on her eyes.

She slowly started rocking her hips back and forth, pressing her clitoris hard against his helpless body. She increased the speed and pressure and simultaneously rubbed herself in a quick circular motion with her hand. Her other hand fondled and squeezed her breasts and nipples and played with her hair. Her moans became unapologetically loud. He could feel the intense motion building up a pressure inside himself as well. His concentration momentarily slipped and his eyes wandered away to the surroundings, which earned him another hard painful slap. He again locked his eyes in hers. The pressure inside him was growing once again as she increased the aggressiveness of her riding. Suddenly she put her hands around his neck and choked him hard. As he was gasping for air in panic and thinking his last moments had come, his head rocked back violently, his eyes closed and his body arched and spasmed as he came inside her. Her body simultaneously became tense and stiff over him.

For a moment she rested herself on top of him with him still inside her. Then she quickly dismounted and moved her hips up on his face with her legs spread open.

-Clean me up, loser. Stick your tongue out!

Mike no longer had any willpower left to resist. He pushed his tongue out through the metal ring and started to lick Maria's swollen genitals, all covered in thick black pubic hair. She was oozing body heat, moisture and body fluids. She pushed her weight down on him so her outer labia engulfed his mouth and made it hard for him to breathe. She squeezed her legs together around his head so hard that Mike felt his skull was about to implode. After watching him squirm and gasp for air for quite some time, she finally climbed off and took the camera from Hanna.

-Your turn, she said in a dry voice.

Mike was in complete disbelief and thought he must have heard it wrong. Hanna, however, very quickly undressed and climbed on top of him. She stroked his hair and smilingly whispered in his ear.

-We're very close friends, we share everything. Hanna chuckled at her own joke. She positioned herself and started pushing herself down on his now extremely sensitive shaft. She was much tighter and her body didn't feel as prepared as Maria's. The pain was immense. Mike screamed in agony through the gag and a stream of tears. After several violent downward pushes he was finally completely inside Hanna's vagina.

His body was squirming in pain as Hanna started rocking herself back and forth on top of him and masturbating herself furiously with her hands.

Mike felt as if he ceased being a person. He was merely an object, a living dildo, who's suffering meant nothing. He couldn't understand their actions and reactions. Why did they want to hurt him? He couldn't imagine himself hurting anybody. Why did they do this to him? Hanna rocked herself back on his shaft so hard and violently that he thought he'd have a penile fracture, and there was no way for him to adjust his position. The immense pain blocked all escapist thoughts and kept his mind firmly locked in the moment. His vision was completely blurred from all tears.

Maria stood with the camera beside the bed, still without any clothes and zoomed in on his teary eyes. The makeup around Mike's eyes was now spread all over his face in long black rays originating from his wet eyes. All Mike could do was to take it and hope it would soon be over. After some time Hanna slowed down and looked at her friend.

-I wonder why it's called penetrative sex. Often it's actually more like engulfing sex, she said.

They both burst out laughing hysterically. Mike felt her breasts against his chest as she leaned forward and was shaking from laughter on top of his sore body. Then she climbed off Mike, who remained lying motionless on the bed. Maria put the camera away and the women started dressing themselves. Mike managed to turn away from them onto his side, in some kind of intuitive and semi-automatic attempt to protect himself. He pulled his knees up into the fetal position. His body was shaking rhythmically as he wept.

Once fully clothed, Maria sat down beside him on the bed and gently stroked his side with her hand.

-That wasn't all bad, was it?

She took the five hundred dollar bills.

-Listen up, Mike. We decided to give you the bonus anyways, for being such a good and cooperative boy. She folded the bills and put them in his jeans pockets at the chair.

-We will soon release you. I strongly recommend that you avoid any melodramatic outbursts or stupid moves. My friend is armed. Besides, you don't know us or what contacts we may have. We don't want anything happening to you or your loved ones, right? The video we filmed is for our internal use only. We don't actually have a smut-film business, but I guess you'd be mortified if we'd spread it to someone you know. So, to summarize, I suggest that you calmly gather your belongings, put your clothes on and get the fuck out of my apartment, ok? And as an intelligent young man, well, obviously not too smart but still, you've probably figured out by now that our future dates are cancelled. I don't date losers.

With that said, she finally untied the knots and loosened the ropes around him. He cautiously stretched his aching limbs and observed they still functioned normally, although they hurt a lot. He meekly put his clothes on in silence without looking up. He didn't even care about the way he looked with the black make-up spread around his face. He avoided giving any look at Maria and Hanna as he silently walked past them, took his jacket, opened the door, and disappeared into the night.

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