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Author's Note: I was inspired to write this after reading news story about the wifi controlled chastity device that was taken over by a hacker leaving the wearer trapped in it. I changed the gender or the wearer and created this fantasy around a woman fascinated by the idea of chastity becoming enslaved by the vulnerability of modern technology. This is my first story here, so any feedback is welcome. If people like it, I will likely add to it in the near future.

Part 1

Brooke Thompson is a real estate agent in small town, just outside of Atlanta. A true southern belle with her long, flowing blonde hair and thin, yet curvy figure. The guys would say she had curves in all the right places. Brooke, however, was dedicated to her real estate business and had little time for dating. Though she is a beauty, and had dated several men over the years, it just never worked out for her with the men becoming jealous of her work and her refusal to step back, it always ended in disaster. Despite her relationship failures, Brooke had a keen eye for fashion and always dressed in a way that would accent her body and catch every man's eye. Brooke's dedication to her business had paid off over the years, she had been highly successful over the last decade and has become quite wealthy, although she would be the first to admit that economic issues over the past few years had cut into her profits significantly. Never-the-less, she had been responsible and saved money and was able to live quite comfortably even during the economic downturn.

One thing Brooke never let out is that she did have a little bit of a kinky side. One day while browsing for some clothes to wear on Amazon, she stumbled upon a Chastity Belt. Looking at the product immediately perked her interest. One thing she did miss about her past relationship was that the guy liked to tease her in the bedroom, and it drove her wild. Brooke looked at this belt, but decided it wasn't for her. She knew she wouldn't be able to resist her urges and would quickly unlock herself, ruining the whole point of the belt. She did some research online and found a company that specializes in BDSM gear that connects to the internet. No stranger to the "internet of things", Brooke had sold many houses where appliances, lights and AC units were all controlled over the internet. She had actually began to incorporate this into her own home with her new refrigerator and stove, as well as her security system. She saw the price tag as a bit steep at $3,500 but decided to go for it. The website recommended the Chastity Bra, Collar, Wrist and Ankle Restraints but she decided to go with just the Chastity Belt for now. Once she placed her order, she was disappointed to see that it would take 6 weeks for the belt to arrive. Disappointed, but now incredibly horny, Brooke began to masturbate and decided to watch a little porn on her laptop. Once she reached her orgasm, Brooke closed the laptop and went to bed. The next few weeks felt like an eternity to Brooke, she would often check her phone in between appointments with clients just to see if the shipping status had changed.

On March the 19th, Brooke received a message saying that her order had been delivered and was waiting for her on her doorstep. Brooke was ecstatic, her belt had arrived a week and a half early. So overjoyed, she cancelled an appointment with a client for that afternoon so she could get home and check out her new toy. Brooke pulled up to her house at about 3:15pm, rushed inside the house with her delivery in hand and locked the door behind her. She quickly began unboxing her chastity belt. Brooke decided it would be best to read over all instructions given with the belt. This included the following:

•Please download our App from Google Play Store or the Apple Store

•You may be the keyholder for your belt or you can give control to another user

•You may set up time duration locks for yourself ranging from 2 minutes to 5 years

•The app will warn you multiple times before locking the belt to be sure you are ready.

•This device includes a dildo that extends the battery life and has vibration and shocking functionality

•This device is designed with marine grade products and is completely waterproof.

•This device comes with an included charger and if the keyholder sets it, charging can be enforced with shocks. (Estimated battery life can be tracked on the app)

•Our products are tested before shipping but we do recommend you test the locking/unlocking mechanism on the belt before locking onto your body.

Brooke downloaded the app and began pairing the belt to her iPhone. She decided that testing the belt first with the lowest locking setting would be a good idea, never can be too careful with the way shipping companies treat packages nowadays and the last thing Brooke wanted was to make headlines for getting stuck in the belt. What would people think? Brooke connected her belt and locked it with the app for two minutes. It felt like hours, she was ready to try it on for herself. Finally, the two minutes passed as the red light on the belt turned green and she was able to unlock the belt, no problem. For the first time, Brooke stepped into the belt. She was soaking wet at this point, so the dildo slid in with no problem. Brooke decided to lock the belt for 2 minutes, confirmed the settings on her phone and hit the button to lock the belt. As she heard it click, she nearly passed out from the euphoria she felt. For the first time, she was not in control of her sex. She played with her nipples for the two minutes, biting her bottom lip. She needed an orgasm now more than ever, but the perfectly fitted belt prevented any contact. Once she was able to remove the belt, she rubbed herself to a massive orgasm.

Over the next few months, Brooke gradually worked to wearing the belt more often. For the first few months, she would come home from work, kick off her clothes and lock her belt on for a teasing session that would last 1-4 hours. She would open her laptop, find something to watch and tease her nipples for hours. She began also using the vibrating function on the dildo to tease her during this time. Recently, Brooke has been craving more from the belt. She has started wearing the belt to work under her clothes. Surprisingly, the belt was designed to be discreet under clothing and was hardly noticeable under any of her dresses or skirts. She would lock the belt at 7:00am with a duration of 12 hours. She also programed the belt through the app to randomly deliver vibrations. She tried the shock feature one time and decided the pain wasn't for her and disabled that function from then on. Of course, every night when she got home, she anticipated when the clock would roll over to 7:00PM and she would be able to take care of herself. She had even began experimenting with long term wear. Once a week or so, she would keep the belt locked for 24-48 hours. The anticipation would build up and there was nothing quite like the orgasms she felt afterwards. At this point, Brooke was truly happy.

On December 11th, Brooke came home from work excited. She was now locking herself for 4-5 days at a time and her belt was set to release at 7:00pm. It had been a long day with an indecisive client, and she needed to release her frustrations. At 6:48pm, Brooke received an email saying, "Urgent Business Matter - Please Respond". Brooke didn't recognize this as one of her clients or coworkers, so she ignored the message. She was too eager for her release to deal with work right now. At 6:53pm, she received a shock from her belt, she was stunned, she was sure that setting was disabled months ago. A few seconds later, her laptop notified her of another email titled "Urgent Business Matter - Please Respond". At this point, Brooke was simultaneously annoyed that the belt was acting up and that she keeps getting emails from an unknown person. Brooke decided to open the email and find out what was so urgent.

Dear Brooke,

My name is Jamie Collins and you don't know me, but be assured, I do know you. In January of this year, you downloaded a video infected with malware. From that, I gained access to your entire network. I have been watching you for almost a year. I have access to your webcam, I can see you right now. In case you're wondering, I also have access to your security system and can view the feed of your cameras, both in and outdoors. If you're wondering why your belt shocked you, I'll let you know that I have access to it as well and it will only unlock for me now. Please do not attempt to contact the police or the belt's manufacturer. I have been recording your screen and webcam since January and any attempt to go around me will result in those videos being sent to your friends, family, coworkers and clients. Do understand that I have been watching you and know what lengths you go to to keep your kinks private. I'm sure you're wondering how you will get your belt off by now. As you're reading this, I believe it would be right about the time you were supposed to be released but as you see, the belt is still locked. You have two options. You have 72 hours to present me with $500,000 or you can agree to be enslaved to me until I have deemed you worthy of release. These are your options. Failure to respond will result in your videos being released and the permanently locking of your belt. It took me a while but I found a way to disable the wifi function of your belt meaning that outside of a surgery, your belt would never come off. To prove to you that I'm not bluffing, I've attached a document listing every username and password you have used on your network since the beginning of this year. Consider your options and respond to me.


Brooke was panicking at this point. If the housing market were still up, she could probably get that kind of money and just pay for this to go away. But as it stands, she has a little over $100,000 in the bank. The problem is her house. It's a quite large house and was easily worth $500k a few years ago but with the housing market being so poor, it would be hard to get over $350k for it and it would take weeks to close on it. She needs the money now. A loan was out of the question, banks aren't exactly handing out $500k to people in this economy, no matter how good Brooke's credit was. There was nobody she could borrow this amount of money from without owing them a detailed explanation, and that's exactly what she wanted to avoid. She weighed her options, but it became abundantly clear, she wouldn't be able to get the money. All that was left was to either become a slave to a stranger, blackmailing her through the internet or become permanently imprisoned in her belt and be exposed to all of her friends and family. When the time came to give an answer, Brooke opened her laptop and wrote...


I wasn't able to get the $500,000. I will become your slave.


Unexpectedly, there was a little tingle beyond her belt when she agreed to become a slave. She understood that it had become a fantasy, to be controlled by someone but she never thought she would be turned on in the slightest by some crude, faceless hacker that was blackmailing her. Brooke stayed glued to her computer dreading what was to come.

Dear Slave,

I'm glad to hear your decision. Rest assured, we will be having plenty of fun together. First thing is first. I have accessed your Amazon account and have ordered some upgraded security cameras for you. I will attach a document of where to place these in your house. In addition to providing higher quality video, we will set these up so there are no blind spots inside your house. I have also gone to the website where you got your chastity belt and ordered you the matching collar, chastity bra, anal plug, wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs. Also, they now offer a gag and virtual reality enabled "blindfold" attachment for your collar, so I got that as well! This set you back about $11,000 but it's money well spent; I promise. You will install the cuffs on your bed and sleep in them every night. You can count on being locked in at least two of the Chastity Belt, Bra and Collar 24/7. It will take about 6 weeks for all of this to arrive so you will be locked in your belt continuously until then.

Have a wonderful day!


Brooke felt like she was going to be sick. First off, no orgasms for six weeks? The longest she had been without one was about a week at this point. She was already craving one and knew she would be crazy in six weeks. Next was all the other gear she is apparently funding. "The belt is more than enough, why do I have to wear all of this other stuff?" She was upset but at this point, she could use an orgasm to help relieve her stress and if it meant wearing some other pieces of bondage gear. Five weeks later, she received an email saying there is a shipping delay, and her package would arrive in 2-3 weeks. Brooke was visibly irritated by this; she was counting on that orgasm that she had been looking forward to.

Three weeks later, Brooke received her package with all of her new restraints in it. She followed the instructions given by Jamie and set up the wrist and ankle cuffs at the 4 corners of her bed. She eagerly locked the collar and bra to her body and paired them up to the app for this so Jamie could control them. A robotic voice could be heard over her laptop speakers telling her to lay down in bed, put her gag and blindfold on and get her wrists and ankles into position to lock. Brooke did as she was told. When she locked the gag and the blindfold, she was surprised that the blindfold had a tiny camera displaying what was in front of her. There is a tiny camera showing her what's her eyes would usually see. She attached her earbuds as well and laid in the bed. As the clock hit 8:00pm, the cuffs locked around her wrists and ankles. She heard the gag and "blindfold" lock in place as well, connecting to her collar for additional security. Suddenly, the VR screen went black, and the robotic voice started up again.

"Good evening slave! As you can see, I can turn off your VR blindfold leaving you completely in the darkness. I hope you've had as good of an eight weeks as I have. Since you've been good, I've decided to reward you. I have set the dildo in your belt to edge you for the next eight hours and I have a surprise for you as well."

Brooke moaned into her gag as she felt the vibrator come to life. For the first time in two months, it did more than just tease her, it was quickly bringing her closer and closer to the orgasm she craved. Suddenly, the vibrator cut off. Brooke screamed into her gag. She was so close only to be denied so cruelly. The screen for her VR blindfold came on and Brooke opened her eyes only to see the recordings from her webcam playing back to her. Brooke then realized that she was going to be teased all night long while being forced to watch her pleasure herself from a time when she was able to do so. Brooke kicked and tried to scream to be released but soon realize there would be no escape, at least until the next morning when the locks would open. The vibrator kicked back to life and Brooke groaned. Though it felt amazing, she was smart enough to know that it was temporary, and she would not be getting the relief that she craved, at least, not tonight.

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