I Guess I'll Just Wait in Here...
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  • Post Date - 5/6/2021

My wife and I, since we met, have very much enjoyed bondage. We tend to switch a lot on who is tied up, and this afternoon it was my turn. I had a long day of work and was looking forward to some secure time to relax.

We had planned this earlier, so when I got home, my wife had everything waiting in neat piles. I was going to be tied to the office chair this evening, so she could roll me into the kitchen while she made dinner, or into the corner if I was bad😉

Once I stripped, I lubed up and slid in the remote prostate massager (she held the keys), I then slipped on a leather body harness (with attachment rings), and finished it off by buckling a harness gag, effectively silencing me. When I came downstairs to the hallway, she was waiting there.

"Good," she said, "you are already gagged, I would hate for you to try to beg your way out of this." (as if I ever would!). "Sit here now!" she commanded, and I willingly and quietly complied. She started with my arms, putting leather mitts on my hands (which were then useless), using a large number of leather straps, bound my arms from wrist-elbow to the armrest. She then bound my feet together with straps, and using another, cinched the gap between them, and pulled them under the seat, and hooked them to the middle bar. She bound my knees together next and using straps through the o-rings of the harness bound my torso from waist to shoulders, snug to the chair with no wiggle room.

"That should keep you secure and safe," she said proudly, "have fun baby". I made mumbled noises at her, as she kissed me on the forehead, and with that, she pulled a blindfold over my eyes, and I felt the vibrator turn on low.

I was enjoying myself immensely, hearing her do some chores around the house with her hand occasionally brush me, sending shivers through my body. Oh how I wanted her to do things to me, the vibrator keeping me constantly teased and excited. After what was maybe thirty minutes, I heard the doorbell ring...and I wondered who that could be.

I heard my wife walk towards the door and then "oh shit!" she blurted out, "I had forgotten I invited the girls over to wine and to chat, I planned it last week and it completely slipped my mind." I struggled and mmphed a lot, with no luck at freeing myself. "I will be there shortly" she yelled at the door as the doorbell rang again. She came over to me and pulled up my blindfold, "we don't have time to get you undone" she said, "I am going to have to push you in the closet and let you be bound in there while they are here." I struggled to try to tell her to let me out quickly instead, but it did not come through in any coherent way. Sure I wanted to be tied up for hours, but this would be cutting it too close to being discovered. She then rolled the chair quickly into the back of the coat closet, kissed me on the gag, and pulled my blindfold down. "This should be exciting, knowing you are helpless here the whole time! I bet you secretly love this" she said. I felt fabric brush my legs, guessing she put a large coat in front of me, to block me from being seen if the door is opened.

I heard what sounded like two of her best friends being let in, friendly greetings, and discussions of wine. One of them asked where I was, and my lovely wife just joked that I was a bit tied up today with things and would not be present (which was completely true technically). The door to the closet opened, and I did not move or even breathe, for fear I would be noticed and could hear my wife mention hanging their coats up for them. Once the door shut I allowed myself to breathe again. The evening went pleasantly, not much happening besides overhearing a friendly social conversation. I struggled, and sank into a wonderful headspace, feeling helpless, under another's control, and so very close to being discovered helpless. As it wound to a close I heard footsteps going upstairs, probably to the bathroom, then heard one of her friends ask about a small remote she found, the friend didn't know, and their curiosity must have gotten the best of them, as I felt the vibrator roar to a much higher setting. I nearly screamed out, as the sensation was soo strong, and felt so amazing. My body was shaking with pleasure and I was just sitting on the edge, but not going over. Nothing more happened, it just stayed on high, driving me insane.

I heard footsteps come back down, my wife I presume, and no mention was made of a controller, so she had no idea I was in pleasurable agony.

I felt the door open, taking all my concentration to not make movement or noise. I heard the door shut again and soon, after long goodbyes, I heard the front door close.

My wife rushed in, pulling the coat aside and wheeling me out. The blindfold came off and I must have looked intense because she must have been able to tell that I was on edge. "I left the plug on low, how are you so close?" she asked. She left me and found the vibrator, realizing it was now turned almost all the way up. "Oh wow, that must have happened when I went upstairs," she said with a smile, "you must be going insane. I screamed through the gag, wanting so much to have her hands on me, to have released. "well you are going to have to wait," she said with a smirk, "I need to clean up from the girls." She then stripped down to her bra and underwear, all for me to see, and slowly picked things up. If I was hard before, I was straining before, being wonderfully and teasingly going mad. After what seemed like forever, the vibrator continuing to tease me, she declared herself done, and slipping off her underwear, came over to provide me release.

The End
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