Castigating Alexis
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Author's Note: Original work, free use. Work of fiction.

Marcus was a college freshman. Like many his age, he couldn't wait to finish his studies and get on with his life. Unlike many his age, Marcus was the son of a wealthy criminal family. Growing rich on drug sales and money laundering, his family mainly operated in America and, to a lesser degree, in Russia.

Once he finished college, Marcus would likely spend a few years going his own way, before ultimately joining the family business. That was the plan anyway. More recently, Marcus has been anxious to start his real ascent into manhood sooner rather than later, and thought about leaving college prematurely, though he would miss playing in the college's orchestra.

As the weeks went by, our dear Marcus was preparing for his final concert. He had hatched a plan he was going to put into effect tonight. For years, his friend Henry's beautiful girlfriend, Alexis, had caught his eye, teasing everyone with her hot body, and drawing in everyone with her captivating, pretty face. He had befriended Henry just to get closer to Alexis... and today the cock-teasing slut was going to reap the results.

Alexis was a brunette, short but not terribly so, with blue eyes and a cute face. She was not overweight and not too skinny, but curvy in all the right places. But her real assets were her tits. Perfectly shaped, they were D cups, not too big and definitely not too small, and they flaunted their youth with their firmness and suppleness. They were made to be hurt.

With the concert in 30 minutes, Marcus, Henry, and Alexis were all in the practice room with the other student performers, warming up for the concert. Occasionally glancing at Alexis, Marcus could feel his cock threaten to swell watching her chest rise and fall, her full, cock-sucking lips wrapped around her clarinet. Soon.

Setting his cello down, Marcus made his way over to Henry, piping away on his flute. What a beta.

"Hey man," Marcus began, "they need our help setting up on the stage. Let's go." Smiling dumbly, Henry rose from his seat and accompanied Marcus. Spending 1 minute setting up chairs, Marcus suddenly dropped one of them, faking pulling a muscle in his shoulder. Leaving Henry behind with the other students setting up and telling everyone he couldn't perform, he loaded his cello into his van but then returned to the practice room.

After entering the practice room again, Marcus walked straight to Alexis and said "Hey your boyfriend asked me to come get you, he's warming up in the choir room down the hall. Says he needs your help with something."

"Oh, ok" she said, smiling and blinking once, then taking her clarinet with her walked with Marcus down the hall to the choir room.

You're mine now, you stupid bitch. Marcus led the way to the choir room, mentally grinning and psyching himself up for what he was about to do. His cousin Leo really helped him out this time, and he couldn't wait to set it all in motion. Opening the door, he ushered her in ahead of him like a gentleman, locking the door with a flick of his wrist as the door shut.

"Henry?" she called out nervously. "Are you here? Hey, he's not he- ahhhh!" Alexis cried out suddenly, dropping her clarinet and clutching at her chest. Marcus had suddenly reached around from behind her and grabbed two fistfuls of her generous knockers in a crushing grip, leaning back and lifting her feet from the floor in the process. As her brain processed the pounding pain of her weight being supported by her girl globes, a half second later Marcus threw her with all his might into the rough brick wall to their left. Bashing her head, Alexis half crumpled over in a daze.

Wasting no time, Marcus quickly pulled the syringe out of his pocket and stabbed it into her arm, emptying the contents. As she started to fight him, weariness was rapidly sapping her strength.

"Wha, what are you doing? Why?" She started to slur as she turned around.

Marcus' first tit-slap made contact with her right boob with full force, nearly knocking the wind out of her. Moaning, she was totally unprepared for the second, then the third, then the fourth full-palmed alternating slaps...

"Haven't" SLAP "You" SLAP "Figured" SLAP "This" Slap "Out Yet?" SLAP SLAP SLAP.

Her bawling was music to his ears. Beneath her bra, her proud-nippled globes were taking on a rosy hue, as he pummeled her oh-so-beatable mammaries, her unstable hands flimsily trying to stop his assault.

Smiling evilly, he reached out and wrestled her weakened arms behind her back.


Holding her tightly, he rammed her tits-first into the wall, flattening her udders painfully as she moaned. Pulling her back 2 feet and ramming her full force again and again, her beautiful, shapely breasts were soon two throbbing fatsacks of ache. Taking his left hand he reached around down the front of her jeans, and grabbed the band of her panties. Pulling up with all his might, her panties pulled up tightly into a cleft-splitting frontal wedgie.

"Ugh! sto...stop..."

As he pushed her against the wall, his palm between her shoulder blades rolling her in small circles, Alexis felt her consciousness finally fading away. The last sensation her brain registered was the cruel grinding of her flattened tits.

Feeling her go limp, Marcus sets her on the floor. Ripping the front of her white blouse open, buttons flying everywhere, her gorgeous mammaries, cradled by a lacey bra, came into view. Flicking the front clasp open, he whistled as he saw her glorious melons bounce free, just begging for attention, a slight red blush on them from their earlier mistreatment. Her panties could still be seen pulled up high over her hips.

This is a much better look for her, he thought.

Flipping her over on her front, he grabs her ankles and starts dragging her towards a large, wheeled steel crate in the corner. Her breasts rolled up underneath her towards her chin as she slid, the tender undersides squeaking under the friction as they dragged on the floor, her own body weight crushing her bosom.

Opening the crate, he quickly takes out 3 sets of handcuffs, binding her wrists behind her back, and her ankles. Smiling, he fastens the third pair around her elbows, cinching them together tightly, pushing her chest out. He definitely has plans for these. *SLAP! He gives the left boob a hefty smack for the hell of it.

Making a few phone calls over the last week, Marcus had gotten his family's blessing to leave college behind and start his criminal career in earnest. Making a request, Marcus' cousin Leo had set him up with this crate, which came with some special cargo his victim would soon be intimately familiar with.

The first thing to be done was to make sure the bitch stayed quiet. Grabbing the front of her panties again, Marcus yanked and tugged hard, until they finally game free with a rip, a small, satisfying hitching of her breath coming from the unconscious girl as the fabric abraded her womanly petals. Stuffing them into her mouth, he wrapped the duct tape in the crate around her mouth 3 times, securing her makeshift gag.

Reaching into the crate, he pulls out the most important of its contents; a specially made breast harness. Really it looked more like a sadistic joke of a bra. Made of soft brown leather, the harness had two circular rings for cups, which would lay around the circumference of the breasts. Four small holes were made in these rings, each 90 degrees apart, framing the top, bottom, and sides of each breast. A single horizontal strap crossed the center of each cup, with another small hole centered right over where the nipple would be.

"You have a long trip ahead of you bitch. I thought it would only be fair to provide you with some entertainment for the journey." He quickly cut away the remains of her upper clothing with a knife, tossing them into the crate, leaving her without blouse, bra, or dignity. All she wore now were her light tan concert pants and black pumps. Quickly harnessing her into her new travel bra, he tightly pulled all the strap adjustments to make sure she had a snug fit.

Throwing her into the padded crate, face up, Alexis barely fits in its small confines. Using the straps laying in the crate, he secures her feet, thighs, and torso above and below her harnessed breasts. The lid of the crate has a small compartment, which when opened reveals 10 gleaming stainless steel needles. Eight of them are 2 inches in length, the other two are 3 inches. All of them have wires leading from them, plugged into the crate itself.

"Let's see, four positive leads around the perimeter here..." Marcus mumbles, lining up a 2 inch needle with each of the four holes in each cup strap. As he inserts them slowly, one at a time, Alexis' face twitches slightly as her mammaries are skewered, especially at the needles entering straight up through her tender underboobs.

"And the best part, the negative lead..." Smiling sadistically, Marcus pushes a needle straight through the center of her right nipple, down into the breast meat. One, then two, and finally three inches of cold unyielding steel sinks sharply into sensitive mammal flesh, Alexis' mouth opens slightly as she voices a quiet, delectable "ohh"

He smiles as he stands and evaluates his work. The breast harness is brilliantly designed, the negative current would enter straight down through her nipples into the center of her boobs, then branch out in all directions towards the four positive lead needles circling her tits. The crate was programmed to begin randomly timed light to severe electric shocks in 1 hour, and he had only given her enough sedative to knock her out an hour and a half at most. When she awoke in the darkness of the crate, he imagined her boobs would already be in the throes of her 'entertaining diversion.'

Walking back towards the door he picks up her clarinet and tosses it in the crate. No reason to leave any evidence she was here.

Latching the lid closed, Marcus rolls his new property out the door and towards the back parking lot, where he has a van parked. It was time to get out of the country.


"uh, what? Ow ow, why does my chest hu- ahhHH!"

When Alexis woke up, she was in a world of hurt. The crate was currently sending high voltage directly into her sore nipples, and from the deep ache she felt in her breasts, this had been going on for some time already. Her boobs shuddered and jiggled, both from her exertions, and from the electricity. After 30 seconds, it finally subsided.

With her mouth crammed full of something and breathing heavily through her nose, she tried to get a sense of where she was.

It felt like five hot white spikes were driven straight into each of her girl globes. She couldn't see or touch them, but she wasn't far from the truth. The total darkness confused her, and her panic and fear only continued to mount when she discovered she couldn't move an inch.

She could feel a light bouncing. Was she being driven down a road? Her memories came rushing back, how Marcus had attacked her and injected her with something. Where was he taking her?

She didn't have much time to think about it, as after 5 minutes she heard a loud click and her world lit up in fiery breast pain once again...

Marcus drove his van in silence, amused at how easy it was to get into Canada. Well, it is the world's longest undefended border. It's not hard to slip by and avoid a checkpoint.

He was now heading west towards the coast, to Alaska. His cousin Leo had a boat waiting to take him across to Siberia, where he and his new bitch would be spending time at Leo's home. Marcus was eager to start his new life in the family business with his cousin, whom he always got along well with.

He wondered how Alexis was faring back there. He would check on her in a few hours, make sure she had something to drink. They had a long way to go.

Well, he intended to enjoy the drive, he hadn't seen the Canadian landscape before.

One week later, Alexis was in a sorry state.

Tied face-up to a forward tilting bench, she was only allowed her pumps for clothing. Well, and steel bands restraining her wrists and elbows behind her back, if you consider that clothing.

Her legs were spread thigh-achingly wide, the inner tendons visible, a path leading to the holy grail at her private juncture. Her prim little pussy opened up slightly under the strain, the cool air of the dark room sending shivers to her very core. Her manacled ankles had two chains running to eyebolts in the stone walls, preventing her from hiding her treasures.

The worst pain by far, though, was her breasts. The full, heavy knockers still throbbed from her introduction to Marcus' sadism the past week, and now two heavy-set alligator clamps bit fiercely into her nipples.

Her mind was foggy from lack of sleep. The trip here, wherever she was, had been hell. It had taken 3 days for Marcus to get to the boat, and another 2 to cross into Siberia. Add another day to get to Leo's manor, and here we are.

6 days. 6 days of horrible breast pain and electrocution. 6 days of pissing and shitting herself, of hunger. The only time she wasn't suffering in darkness was when Marcus would open her crate, and force her to drink water before closing her in again. It felt to her she had been locked away for a month, the throbbing, incessant pain in her poor mammaries the only thing real to her. She had truly started to doubt her sanity.

Then, the lid opened once again. Expecting more water, she was instead treated to a syringe pushed straight into her left breast, knocking her unconscious.

And now here she was. Spread eagled and fettered in a strange, dark room. It felt like a dungeon. At least she was clean and wasn't hungry, she wondered if they fed her through a tube.

Suddenly the heavy-set wooden door crashed open, and a small-faced pale man with a widows peak scurried into the room, grinning.

"I'll be damned. He wasn't kidding, you are one fine piece of ass." He looked at her as if appraising a piece of meat. He seemed to visibly feast on the fear in her eyes. "Sorry about those," he gestured towards her clamped nipples, "just tenderizing you a bit for later. Here, allow me." He quickly opened the alligator clamps, removing them, and she started breathing noisily through her nose, coping with the sudden waves of pain.

"Oh stop the drama, these are the light clamps. I'm Leo, Marcus' cousin. Welcome to my home; you will be staying here for quite a while." At that her eyes opened wider, and then Marcus strode into the room.

"I see the princess is awake. Morning sugar tits, you were out for a while. I thought about waking you up with a fist up your cunt but I decided we'd have plenty of time for that later!" Marcus grinned.

How could this have happened to her? Nothing made any sense! "What the hell Marcus, why are you doing this to me?! You fucking crazy asshole, let me go right -"

THUD! "ooooh! Ahhh ahhhhhh..."

Marcus slammed a fist deeply into each of her boobs at the same time, grinding his knuckles all the way to her chest wall, her nipples flattening into the meat of her globes. Slowly, sadistically, he ground his knuckles in a twisting motion, over her gasping cries of pain.

He loved this. He loved the look of anguish on her face. He loved the way her breast meat bubbled up around his knuckles, seemingly as if to swallow up his fist. She was a D cup, and while large and firm, they weren't enormous breasts, but they had that bubbling effect simply by the force he applied. She was feeling this, her perfect globes were hurting. And he loved it.

"I don't allow my property to speak unless spoken to. But, as this is your introduction to your new station in life, I will answer your question." He never stopped his grinding. Hopefully she was paying attention through her red haze.

"I come from an important family. What we do doesn't concern you, just know we are powerful and above the law. I'm tired of that mundane life I was living, and am getting started in the family business effectively immediately. But I just couldn't bring myself to leave these behind." He stopped grinding his fists into her tits, and gave each a quick, hard slap. Pinching her nipples, he pulled them out into cones, and continued talking.

"So I decided to bring you here, to Russia, to my cousin Leo. We will both be staying here for a while, and are indebted to him. You will learn your purpose in life here, while I will be the man I was destined to be."

"You will never see your family again, indeed anyone from your previous life. Today we begin your lessons, and we begin simply. You will begin to learn your purpose as a woman today; to provide pleasure and sport to men, in whatever form they desire."

"You're fucking crazy! I'll get out of here eventually, and you'll be put away forever you piece of shit!"

"We shall see. And do you watch your language sweetheart, you're only making your punishment that much worse."

"I'll leave you two alone then" said Leo. "Try to leave her in one piece." Marcus winked, and waited for Leo to close the door on his way out.

"Well then, cunt" drawled Marcus "shall we?"

In the dimly lit room, Alexis, with wide eyes, could make out Marcus walking towards a cabinet along the wall. Next to the cabinet was a small round table with a large bowl. Opening the top drawer of the cabinet, he returned with two heavy-springed alligator clamps, joined together by a thin chain.

"I believe you are already familiar with the light clamps. These, unfortunately for you, are of a different caliber." Approaching Alexis, he deftly clipped each clamp to her nipples, his cock getting hard at her moaning. To make sure they would stay put, he took a small screwdriver out of his pocket and tightened the small set screw on each, the teeth threatening to bite through the nearly translucent nipple flesh.

"Stop stop stop! oh, you bastard" she groans.

Standing between her still spread thighs, Marcus reaches up and lowers a chain hook from a block and tackle anchored to the ceiling. Hooking it to the chain running between her new nipple adornments, he grins evilly as she shakes her head no, pleading with her eyes.

*Click *Click *Click *Click the ratcheting of the chain from the ceiling begins to raise her tits by the nipples, the heavy undersides jiggling enticingly as her teats begin to stretch. "We need proper access, you see" Marcus states nonchalantly, as her nipples rise, one, two, three inches up.

When the slack is finally taken out, the real fun begins. *Click "Ohhh" *Click "Unghh!!!" *Click "UHHH!!!!"

He nipples are now pulled nearly an inch away from her taught breast meat. As if checking the tautness of a clothesline, Marcus flicks each titty, looking thoughtful. *Click "Ahh ahhh! You're KILLING ME!!"



Her eyes are bulging, her mouth slightly agape, unable to voice the pain in her nipples, wheezing piteously. Her back arched off the bench as much as her restraint allowed, arcing prettily. Another notch and he's sure her nipples might tear. That will do.

Walking to the small round table by the cabinet, Marcus reaches into the bowl. Returning clutching something in his hand, water is dripping down his arm and onto the floor.

They were thin cords of wet leather, no more than an eighth of an inch in width each. Marvelously supple and soft, their texture belied their sinister purpose. Also in his hand was a third equally wet thick leather strap, this one two inches wide and heavy in his hand.

Having found her voice and setting it to the task of groaning her displeasure, Alexis' head was thrown back and she didn't see Marcus reapproach. Standing to her side, he took the thick 2 inch strap and laid into her sensitive undertits with such a strong sidearm swing the water from the strap sprayed in every direction.


Settling into a rhythm, the cadence of her breast strapping was like the invigorating beat of a war drum. Except no war drum could compete with the superior instrument that is a woman's stretched taut breasts, her nipples threatening to rip at any moment with each strike.

*WHOP! *WHOP! *WHOP! *WHOP! Her crying and bawling did nothing to deter him, his aim was true and his strikes hard. "Don't ever" *WHOP! "back talk" *WHOP! "me" *WHOP! "AGAIN!" *WHOP!!! Alexis' voice cracked, and her mouth remained open in a silent breathless scream, eyes tightly shut.

*WHOP! *WHOP! *WHOP! 'Sigh, if only a woman's education didn't have to be so hands on' thought Marcus. 'Well, I guess it's not so bad.'

After five minutes of beating only her sensitive underboobs, Marcus stopped to roll his neck and shoulders. Alexis was a mess, her head thrown backwards over the edge of the bench, her long brunette hair disheveled, glistening with the tears that had run down her forehead. Her reddened and welted mammal flesh burned to the touch, two fiery cones of liquid ache and pain. Even now her nipples continued to shoot lightening bolts of agony through her tit-tips to her mind.

*SPLAT Walking around in front of her again, he laid a single strike of the strap wetly across her exposed pussy, marveling at how she twitched and writhed. Setting the thick strap down, he stood between her thighs and leaned up towards her breasts again.

Taking the first of the thinner eighth inch cords, he looped it around the base of her right boob, loosely tying it. Then, looking into her petrified eyes, he suddenly jerked it tight, drawing the thin leather around her globe in a tight knot as hard as he could. Her head jerked up and down, the tears flowing again. Still pulling tight, never relenting, he looped the same cord again around her breast, and once again, jerked it with all his might in a second loop around the base of her globe. The veins in his arms showing with exertion, he finally tied it off, leaving her strangled, reddening tit in the wet leather's loving embrace.

Once again, moving to her left breast, he garroted her man-pleasing painglobe, repeating the process and pulling a piteous wail from her throat. The leather cords were so tight, you could see the blueish veins in her tits, almost visibly throbbing under the pressure. They would throb even more, as when the wet leather began to dry out, it would shrink, tightening the cords past the degree possible with human hands.

"Well then" said Marcus " these seem to be set up nicely. Oh, allow me to free you from those clamps my dear." Taking his wet fingers and lubricating the nipples around the teeth of the alligator clamps, Marcus once again put his hand on the ratcheting lever. Worried her breasts would tear, Alexis could do nothing to stop him, as *CLICK - a moment of suspense, then the nipples began slowly sliding agonizingly down, the clamps losing their purchase. As soon as first one, then the other miserable nipple popped free with a moan, restoring her wobbling udders to their natural shape, Marcus quickly reached over and *SPLAT* brought the leather strap down flat across both nipples, charitably pounding the blood back into her abused lust nuggets. Two or three more blows for good measure, and he declared her titties were in order.

"I'll be back in half an hour or so, don't worry, I won't let your tits die. Take this time to contemplate the best way you could minimize your pain in the future."

Shutting off the light, Marcus ascended the stairs to join his cousin, pleased that his new acquisition was so much fun to play with. He silently congratulated himself on deciding to take her along.

Alexis couldn't believe the hell she was in. What kind of psycho was this guy. She couldn't believe she knew him, went to college with him, for so long and had no idea. Would she really never get to go home again? And her breasts! Oh my God how they hurt! The leather cords that bastard had tied her with were drying and constricting her tighter and tighter, she wouldn't be surprised if her breasts just fell right off. Why did he have to hurt her so much?! What did she do to him?! He keeps saying this is part of her education and punishment... she had to find a way out of here. But she could barely wiggle in her bondage, and her inner thigh muscles hurt from being spread so long, she wasn't even sure her legs could run anyway.

When she heard footsteps descending the stairs, she nearly had a panic attack. She was suddenly blinded as the overhead lights kicked on, and Marcus stood in the doorway.

"Your tits are looking a bit off-color sweetness. Do they hurt?"

"Fuck you!" screamed Alexis, her voice hoarse and not as strong as it should have been.

"Don't worry, you will be soon. You know, I think it's these knockers of yours that drew me first towards you. Don't get me wrong, you are a pretty girl, but these..." he said, tracing a nipple, "are exquisite." Taking both hands, he suddenly plunged his thumbs straight into the centers of her nipples, driving them straight for the core of the strangled, mushroomed flesh below. His other fingers wrapped around the roundness of her breasts, squeezing around the leathers cords, as his thumbs bored their way into the depths of her compressed bosom.

For Alexis, whose chest was already the incarnation of fiery misery, this was too much. Crying piteously, she shuddered and moaned, unable to do anything except feel.

Satisfied with this response, Marcus was ready to fuck his little fox. He tied the loose ends of her strangling breast cords to one another, joining them together between her breasts. Her cock-teasing body was his now. Dropping the overhead hook once again, he latched it to her joined tit cords, and began to pull. Pulling her entire bosom straight up, the breasts nearly 5 inches away from her chest wall, he locked it in place, the viciously tight grip not letting slip an inch of suffering breastflesh.

He released the chains that bound her cuffed wrists and elbows to the bench, and her torso shot up desperately, relieving some of the strain on her aching boobs. She glared at him with hateful, defiant eyes, arms and wrists still manacled together. He then released the chains from her ankles, and began to raise her, once again, by her breasts.

*Click *Click *Click *Click *Click *Click *Click *Click

As more and more of her body weight was transferred to her breasts, Alexis' feet began to rise from the floor. Unable to move her legs much from the over-strain of being splayed out so long, first her heels began to rise up, then the arch of her foot.

*Click - the ball of her foot

*Click - tiptoe

....It's the finer things in life one lives for mused Marcus.

*Click. Alexis gasps as her toes leave the floor, her entire weight hanging tortuously from her wretched, castigated painglobes. Raising her to the appropriate level, Marcus walks towards her, freeing his cock from the tight confines of his pants, eager to finally partake in this treat.

Without preamble, still standing, he shoves his entire 7 inch cock to the hilt in her pussy, suddenly stretching her sex open. Grasping her hips and ass with his hands, he starts bouncing her on his cock, pleasurably grinding in a circle in her hot confines every few bounces. For Alexis, there is no pleasure, the fucking causing her to bounce and pull on her strangled boobs, the ultra-tight leather cords never loosening their grip.

Looking straight into her face, watching her tears fall, Marcus laughs. "This could have been easier on you, you know" he lied "if you hadn't been such a bitch when you opened your mouth."

She starts to answer, but he merely slaps her, her face snapping to the left, and laughs again. "Best you don't talk right now." Cowed and humiliated, tortured and despairing, she silently took his cock. Reveling in her tightness, he couldn't believe her old faggot boyfriend had been the one to enjoy this hot cunt. Oh well, it was his now.

*Gag *cough*

"Ugh, fuck yeah"

Alexis is on her back, choking as Leo, Marcus' cousin, is ramming his thick meat down her gullet. Her head is thrown backwards over the edge of the bench, and you can see the bulge of his cock in her throat.

It had been some time since Marcus' abducted Alexis. 9 months, to be more specific. After those first early lessons, Marcus had released her tits and left her suspended upside down by her ankles, in order that none of his seed would go to waste. He wanted that slutty womb bathed in his cum as long as possible. He wanted her milk to flow.

Pulling out for a brief moment to let her gasp in a breath, Leo slaps her across the face then plunges back into her hot fuck mouth. The bitch liked to talk too much anyway.

This sub-level had been her home the entire time. A shower and toilet in the corner saw to her basic needs, and a nearby cage served as her dormitory. She had spent the last 9 months in agony, undergoing daily fuckings, tortures, and, when her pregnancy started to mature and she began to lactate, daily milkings.

They were not pleasant milkings. Usually they involved forcibly beating as much of her motherly cream out of her tender fuckbags as possible, then sucking out the final drops, most often by machine pump. They enjoyed the supply of milk, after all they owned the cow. Never again did they need to buy coffee creamer, and ice cream was so much tastier.

Right now Alexis would actually prefer the feeling of being milked dry. For it had been 5 days since she had been milked, Marcus manifesting a new perversity on her breasts. Taking small round black rubber band ligatures that were so tight they have to be applied by ligator forceps, Marcus pinched off her nipples, stopping the flow of her milk. Having been used to being regularly drained, her breasts quickly built up an unbearable back-pressure. Blue veins were visible through her alabaster skin, as her milk ducts swelled to near bursting. Still, not a drop leaked out.

Smiling cruelly, Marcus gripped her breast tightly and squeezed hard, listening to her scream into the cock ramming down her throat. She was beginning to be tamed, after all. She would never dare to bite the cock of one of them, but her attitude was still frustratingly defiant. At least she feared the lash, and she knew, deep and engraved in her soul, that however bad it was now they could make it so much worse.

Marcus had no intention of allowing this whore to keep his child, though she didn't know that yet. When the time came, he would send the child away to his Uncle, who promised to see to its raising for him while he occasionally visited. Or maybe not, maybe the child would be better off not knowing who his father was. Marcus didn't much care about being a father. No, he merely saw Alexis' pregnancy as an easy way to start her milk production, and a great opportunity. After all, a woman with child presents many unique options to those who would avail themselves.

As Leo started to cum down her throat, gripping her tits in his hands as her face was turning blue from the lack of air, Marcus prepared the gyno chair for her. She had started going into labor this morning, feeling her first contractions, so they had quickly started their fun early today. Fucking a woman in labor is a rare event.



Leo pulls his cock from her tight throat, and gives her breast a hard smack. "Get up bitch, it's time to check on your progress." Walking her on shakey legs to the gyno chair, she climbs in place as her legs and arms are strapped down, her thighs spread wide. Leo had a specially made 'pregnancy belt' made for her, which she is currently wearing. Missing her more girlish figure, he made her a ratcheting steel band that fit under her ribs, just above her swelling womb. At nine months pregnant, the belt was agonizing, but he didn't want her body to forget the shape it would return to later.

The belt is a segmented steel band designed to squeeze her enough to make her uncomfortable but not hurt the child. As it ratchets tighter and tighter, her baby bump is pushed downward, toward her pelvic floor, putting pressure on her cervix. He stops after a few clicks, letting her absorb the feelings inside her womb, and then leaves it on her throughout the day.

Right now it's agonizing, as her contractions, coming more frequently now, also push against the infernal belt. "Please" she begs "I hate this thing. It hurts so much...please take it off!" Marcus looks at her like she's lost her mind. "I've decided you should wear it. Are you questioning that?" She just glares at him with hateful eyes and says nothing.

Leo leaves the sub-level and returns with an ice bucket, filled to the brim with ice. "I can't imagine this hot cunt is a healthy environment for a fragile newborn. We really should cool it down before the birth." Alexis simply shakes her head is dismay.

The first cube that touches her pussy feels like lightening, making her jump in her restraint. Sliding it slowly up her fucktube with his middle finger, Leo makes sure to push it all the way up. Reaching into the bucket, he grabs another, and it begins its frigid ascent to her core. Not wanting to rush the process, Leo spends a good 20 minutes slowly packing her cunt with ice, all the while Alexis is shivering harder and harder, her nipples fighting to erect as they are crushed by the rubber bands.

"I bet you thought I forgot about these" taunted Marcus, leering at her stopped, near-bursting mammaries. "Let me distract you from my cousin's....ministrations." He retrieves one of his favorite toys from the storage cabinet, a hard teak wood breast press. This one has smooth, variously sized river rock stones adhered to the inner surfaces.

"Please, take off these rubber bands first at least. I can't take anymore pressure!"

"And deprive my child his first nutritious meal? Oh no, we're not squeezing an ounce out of these useless fatsacks of yours until later." Fitting the press around her breasts, he begins to tighten the wingnuts on either side of the 2 boards, slowly bringing them together onto her milk-engorged titties. As they start to meet resistance, she begins to moan deeply.

*Twist "ugh god" *Twist "ngggh" *Twist "Sto-" *Twist *Twist "ahh! Ahhh UNGH"

As the boobs flatten more and more, the smooth rocks dig into her sore breastflesh. Her motherly cream, having nowhere to go, increases the pressure in her breasts exponentially with each twist. Alexis is biting her lip hard, desperately willing herself not to scream, knowing if she makes too much noise Marcus might tighten the press twice as much. She legitimately fears her breasts bursting, as Marcus puts the final twist on the wingnuts, the strain of turning the tight wingnut showing on his face.

By this time Leo is struggling to get the final piece of ice into her well-chilled fuckbox. Looking upward at her teak-compressed bosom, he uses three fingers to put maximum pressure on the cube, it slowly entering her cunt millimeter by millimeter. It displaces the cubes already up her birthing tube, their edges biting into the soft lining of her cunt as they push out sideways.


"I think she's full man." They both begin to laugh, as Alexis closes her eyes and shivers. Pushing on her stomach, they don't feel any contractions. They will come back in a bit and check on her.

They go upstairs and leave her to herself, but not before giving her a few good-natured face slaps to keep her awake.

When they come back down, the ice in Alexis' cunt has melted, a large puddle of water visible on the floor beneath her spread thighs. She's moaning constantly now, the birth imminent, and they fear they've waited too long. Rushing to the freezer, Marcus pulls out a gleaming, frosted, extra large steel speculum in his hand, while Leo is rummaging in the cabinet for something Alexis can't quite make out.

Alexis squeals as Marcus unceremoniously shoves the freezing speculum up her still chilly cunt, and starts cranking it open as fast as possible. She groans as he keeps stretching her more and more, her labia slowly losing color as they are stretched thinner and thinner, until he hits maximum spread. Her pussy lips look like a thin band wrapped around the steel monster, and visible way down in her depths, her cervix winks up at them, already dilating for the baby's exit. Marcus is surprised how fast she progressed, maybe her pregnancy belt is accelerating her delivery.

Quickly Leo leans in between her legs holding a small aluminum ring, a relatively soft metal. Only 3 centimeters in diameter, this ring has thin, dull points running along its inner circumference. With a pair of needle nose pliers, Leo guides the ring down the speculum, and fits its snugly around the ring of her partially dilated cervix.

When she feels this, Alexis' eyes go wide. "What are you - ahh! Ahh!"

Suddenly the ring shrinks down tightly on her cervix, Leo having started crimping the ring closed vertically with the pliers. The aluminum band pinches tighter, and tighter still, forcing the opening to her baby factory to close down, the small spikes digging painfully into her cervix as it elongates up and down, but shrinks left to right.

"Let's get her into her birthing position!" exclaims Marcus. Leaving the speculum open, Leo pulls it out with a pop! and the two men start undoing her restraints.

"I can't have a baby with this thing in me!!!!" cries Alexis, but they ignore her. Removing the heavy tit press last, Marcus grabs her by the hair and drags her to the corner, near her sleeping cage, where Leo has set up a large rubber sheet on the floor.

Setting her on her knees, they lean her forward and handcuff her wrists to the side of her cage, her heavy, sore, milk-laden breasts hanging down, still not a drop showing on her banded nipples. Her knees are cuffed spaced apart to the floor to iron rings rising up through cut-outs in the rubber sheet, as well as her ankles. Her upper inner thighs are similarly cuffed, with metal rods running from those cuffs straight down, anchored to the floor. The result is she can't slide forward or backwards, but is forced to remain in this position.

"Don't worry bitch. We'll eventually allow you to give birth. After we're sure you've experienced labor long enough. This is a precious event for you after all, I want you to have plenty of memories!"

Alexis starts to cry, but it is cut off with a squeal as another contraction hits her. Her pregnancy belt is pushing her baby downward, putting pressure on her cervix, but the infernal toothed ring around her womb won't allow her to open up! Taking pity on her, Marcus reaches down and tightens her belt another notch, just to help her out.

*SPLAT! Her breath hitches in her throat, as a wet slap rings throughout the room. Leo has retrieved a heavy, oiled leather strap, and is whipping it up between her legs, straight into her defenseless, spasming cunt. "You're going to need to try harder bitch," *SPLAT! "if you want to push that baby out!" he jeers.

"You keep motivating her man!" says Marcus. *SPLAT! "ugh!"* "I'm going to get these titties" *SPLAT! "ohhh"* "ready for milking!"

Standing to her side, Marcus tightly grips the heavy duty, black rubber hose he keeps around for special occasions. Tears running down her face, eyes squinted shut, Alexis doesn't even see it coming. *THWACK The rubber hose is swung underhand up into her pendulous boobs, crushing her nipples straight back to her chest wall, the hose briefly disappearing into the bubbly meat of her suffering titflesh. "AhhHHHHH AHHH!!!!" *SPLAT! "ahhhhh"

*THWACK! "Ohhhhhh!"

*SPLAT! "Ungh! Nono..."


They double team her, working her most private, womanly parts with a relish and force that barely lets her breathe. Her cunt could do nothing but suffer, the strap covering the entire surface of her labia, leaving a fiery kiss that she felt straight to her very womb. Her milk-filled udders jiggled and danced under the onslaught, repeatedly compressing to a paper thin thickness wherever the hose struck her, leaving welt and agonizing pain behind. All the while contractions wracked her body, trying to give birth to a baby that couldn't hope to leave her womb.

The whipping went on for what felt like hours. Alexis thought she might actually go mad. Leo figured she'd been in labor for about 11 hours now, considering she had her first contractions this morning. Her cunt, having swelled up from the brutal strapping, was now being 'iced down' by him, as he once against packed her delicate love nook with rigid, freezing ice.

Marcus had taken a bead on her nipples with his rubber hose, but alas he was not able to whip off the tight rubber bands holding her milk at bay. Kneeling down, he kneaded her sore, overfilled flesh with his hands, forming a circle with his index fingers and thumbs at the base of her mammaries and pulling down, like milking a cow. It did help trigger her let-down response, but unfortunately for Alexis the bands were still on her. She simply moaned, grateful that at least he had stopped beating her for now. Then another contraction wave hit, and she shrieked in agony.

"Well bitch, these titties are now ready. Let me go get your pail and we'll get your milking done." Grabbing her milk pail from the corner, he set it under her dangling teats. Gripping her nipple bands, he forcefully pulled them down off her tits all at once, and a slow, steady drip drip drip of milk began to come forth. She must really be full.

Rolling up his sleeves, Marcus gripped a tender mammary in each hand and gave a few light flexes of his hands. He did enjoy milking his bitch.

With fingers of steel, he flexed his fingers as hard as he could, shooting a stream of mother's milk straight into the pail from each breast, the muscles in his forearms as unyielding as iron. Roughly yanking his hands down and up, he started to fill the pail a little at a time. Alexis simply cried, on the one hand in agony at the rough treatment, on the other glad the horrible pressure in her tits would finally disappear. She shivered as her chilled cunt tightened on a particularly jagged ice cube.

10 minutes later, having squeezed every drop he could out of her boobs by hand, Marcus picked up the tit press he discarded earlier to finish the job. Rapidly tightening it over her red and very bruised mammaries, he went and got a pair of pliers to get the required tightness.

*Twist *Twist *Twist *Twist

"Ahhh that's all of it! That's all! *Twist aHH!" *Twist *Twist

Eyeing her teat-tips closely, Marcus leaned in looking for any sign of the precious, nurturing cream. Finally satisfied that not a drop remained, he left her tits in the press for a few moments while talking with Leo.

"You know, I think you're going to have to dose her soon. Her labor could end and we'd have a real medical problem then."

"Yeah, just a sec." Reaching down into his pocket, Leo pulled out a bottle of pills. He shoved five of them into her mouth and covered it with his palm. Marcus quickly took aim and swung the leather strap into her cunt with a vicious upward stroke.

*"...! Gugh ahh! *cough*" Unable to stop from crying out, Alexis swallowed all the pills in her mouth at once as the leather fully stimulated her naughty little box.

"There. That overdose of hormones should keep her contractions going for at least another 20 hours."

"Good job man," said Marcus, pulling her head back by the hair and prying her mouth open to make sure she swallowed them all. Satisfied, he spits into her open mouth. "Let's grab lunch and we'll finish things up later."

Alexis couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was going to be pushing against this ring around her cervix for 20 more hours?! Removing the tit press and each giving her ice-stuffed pussy a parting spank, they left her to suffer alone.

The next day, right after lunch, they returned to the sub-level, to find Alexis right where they left her, still moaning, sweaty and exhausted in a puddle on her rubber sheet. She was finishing up hour 32 of her labor now, and still was forced to maintain her birthing position. Rinsing her and her sheet down with the hose on the wall, Marcus addressed her as the cold water circled the room's center drain.

"Hello there darling. I figure it's about time to wrap up this pregnancy business, don't you?"

Groaning, not knowing what that would mean, Alexis closed her eyes. "Haven't you done enough to me?"

Leo went to the cabinet and took out various dildos, the last a massive, ribbed, vibrating behemoth. "We'd better stretch you out a bit, then we'll take that ring off and get this birth done with. This is all business now sweetheart." Returning behind her, he inserted the narrowest dildo, 3 inches, and started working it into her tender fuckbox. Making sure to twist it and change the angle of entry on each stroke, her pussy was already straining under the assault. And this was the first of 3!

As her breath hitched from the pussy reaming, Marcus reached underneath her and slapped her heavily swinging breasts. He couldn't help himself. If this girl's breasts weren't hurting, then something just wasn't right with the world.

They decided to alternate, as Leo's arm soon tired from the strenuous work. Marcus took up position behind her with the next up-sized dildo (4 inches in width), and rammed it in all at once with both hands.

"Ungh!!" The pussy-splitter bottomed out against her sore, cruelly pinched cervix, still uselessly spasming in her labor. Leo knelt down and took a pair of steel handcuffs from his jacket pocket. As her pussy squelched its protest at the smooth monster invading it, her mouth cried out as Leo closed each handcuff around the base of her tits. Squeezing them closed as tight as he could, her well-abused orbs once more returned to their proper suffering state. Taking out a package of sterile sewing needles of varying lengths, he contemplated how he wanted to begin his pincushion artwork.

*Squelch *Squelch *Squelch Alexis was no stranger to having needles in her bosom. The pair would actually do it quite often. *Squelch *Squelch What made it so much worse for her now was that it was coming after hours and hours of breast torture, crushing, squeezing, and milking. She cried, trying not to scream. Shut up, it could be so much worse. It could be worse. It could be worse. It could be worse.

Her pussy seemed to be taking the dildo with less needed force now, so it was time to up-size. Switching positions again, Leo handed his needles to Marcus and picked up the 4.25 inch vibrating monster. Rough ridges encircled the entire length of the thing, and when activated it would flex left and right in addition to its powerful vibrations. This would definitely open the bitch up.

Ahh ahhh ahhhh! Alexis started softly screaming as Marcus started pushing a 3 inch needle straight up through her underboob. Seeing the opportunity, Leo set the dildo against her protesting love canal, and started pushing with both hands, leaning into the dildo with his weight. Her delicate lips stretched white, then deformed into an unnatural shape to slide wetly over the first, and narrowest, of the rough ridges.

With about an inch inside her, Leo looked up at Marcus, who was holding a 2 inch needle 90 degrees to the first, near the base of her right boob. Nodding, they acted in unison.



Leo had stood up and kicked the base of the monster dildo straight up her fucktube, and Marcus, grabbing her nipple to stabilize her titty, drove the needle in with the palm of his hand. Searing white hot agony coursed through Alexis' womanhood, as both her vagina and her breast lit up in unadulterated agony at once.

"AAHHHH!!! You bastards! I hate you I HATE YOU!"

She had somehow found her voice. She would pay for the outburst.

Leo scornfully switched on the dildo, and it immediately began flexing left and right, as what felt like a concrete vibrator sent sensations up Alexis' birth canal. Marcus switched to her left breast, slowly driving a 2.5 inch needle straight through her nipple into the tender breast meat within, rotating it back and forth in anger at her outburst. Alexis was really making a lot of noise now, but the men knew they had to soldier on, to let her know what she did was not okay.

Gripping the massive dildo, Leo starting pumping it in and out, her inner lips gripping the massive girth tightly and being pulled out and in with it. He tried to stir it around a bit, wiggle it side to side, anything he could to help loosen up her too-tight pink insides. He had to help that poor baby make its way out. Shoving it in hard, he twisted the dildo back and forth, the rough ridges abrading her poor pussy meat like a drill bore. She wailed, and Leo pulled back to start the fucking again, this time pushing at an upward angle, knocking the wind out of her as it punched into her cervix.

Marcus went to town on the shaking woman's titties, pushing a nice artistic circular pattern around the base of each sweat-slick breast, his cock swelling when he heard her gasp as two particularly long needles touched tips within her. He of course put a few in her nipples, and some odd angled ones. She seemed to particularly be vocal about the needles piercing her soft underboobs, so naturally he concentrated on that for a while as well, seeing if he could get a needle to poke out down through her nipple. Alas none were long enough.

After 10 minutes of working her over, Leo couldn't hang on to the vibrating monster anymore, so he pulled the dildo from her sore, well-fucked twat with a wet sucking noise. Coming around, Marcus put three fingers of both hands in her tired cunt, and pulled apart. He couldn't quite get it wide enough, so instead he took one hand and started to push all his fingers in. Tucking in his thumb, Leo helped by pushing on his elbow until his whole hand slowly slid into her pussy.

Alexis by this point was near comatose, breathing heavily and noisily, her eyes rolled back in her head. She whimpered pathetically with each breath. Reaching deeper, Marcus finally got his fingertips on the deformed punishment ring, and, gripping the crushed metal as hard as he could, started to pull straight back with it. Her vertically crushed cervix tried to follow it out, pulling outwards, as the teeth of the ring refused to let go of her womb, the flesh mushroomed out beyond the metal.





Alexis' breath hitches and she gasps, the pain revitalizing her. The unnatural stretching sensation feels like Marcus wants to pull her entire womb out of her body. Leo grabs Marcus' elbow to help, and together the two wrench and yank on the infernal device until it starts, millimeter by agonizing millimeter, to slide forwards, right as another contraction slams into her stuffed birthing chamber.


"UGHHH aaah!*GASP* Ohhh why...why NNNNGH!!!"

Finally Marcus flies backwards onto his ass, his fist popping out of her abused cunt, with what is left of the crushed metal ring laying in his hand.

Slapping her face a few times to calm her, the pair sat down. After about an hour and much screaming later, a baby's head began to emerge from her manually loosened, tired box. Letting it crown, Marcus put his palm on the child's head, telling her to contemplate these precious feelings in her womb right now. Pushing back slightly, Alexis moaned as the baby traveled the wrong direction a few inches. Back and forth he went, toying with her. Finally allowing it forward, Marcus pulled on it as she pushed, and the disgusting thing was in his hands. He handed it off to Leo, who promptly walked out of the room, to hand it off to the Russian mafia. Marcus had decided he did not want the child at all. Better to let the mafia decide what they wanted to do with it.

*SPLAT! "Ughhh whhhyyyyy"

Turning back to his bitch, Marcus pulled back with his arm and walloped her with a full force pussy spank, setting off a new round of sobbing. "Good job cunt, you managed to have my baby. Too bad you will never see it again. In the meantime, seeing as how you won't be needing to feed the little bastard, let's get you cleaned out. Maybe we'll see to taking those needles out of your funbags if you behave."

He grabbed a douche bag and a rough bristled pipe brush, filling the bag with her mother's milk he extracted earlier. That done, he pushed in the little nozzle and started washing out her filthy cunt.

"Don't worry. I've got a lot of special exercise equipment I'm going to set up for you, we'll get you back into your former shape in no time!" he merrily chatted away, as Alexis silently sobbed. She couldn't believe what she had just gone through. "We'll keep up your daily milkings though, don't want to have put in all that work for nothing!"

Six weeks later, Alexis exhaled sharply as she jogged along on her treadmill. After a brief but strict cum-only diet and much hard work, she had finally gotten all her pregnancy fat off. Her perfectly shaped tits flopped heavily in agreement, the milk they produced the only remaining clue that she was ever pregnant.

Unfortunately those heavy flopping milkbags were landing on tack paper taped underneath them. Her sensitive underboobs showed a myriad of tiny perforations, as they repeatedly slammed their full weight down onto the tacks with each bounding step she took.

He was always like this. True to his word, he had furnished a small room of the manor with special exercise equipment of his choosing, and every 2 days she was dragged up the stairs to follow a routine.

She looked rather cute. Her hair was pulled back into a long ponytail that danced merrily behind her, and her little pink socks poked out above her white sneakers. Of course, other than that she was completely naked. How can one train the body if the body is not even accessible?

A loud, obnoxious buzzer went off, signaling the end of this exercise. Gingerly lifting her aching boobs, she pulled the tack paper off, and presented herself before Marcus, who always watched her and required her report.

*SLAP. *SLAP. He wallops her tits straight up, watching her wincing face as they nearly hit her chin. "Ok slut, what were your times?"

"5 minutes Sir. I ran the mile in 5 minutes."

"You ran the first mile in 5 minutes. What was your second mile time?"

"....six." she mutters quietly.


"Six minutes fifteen seconds Sir - ahh!" Marcus grabs both her nipples and lifts straight up, nearly lifting her from the floor.

"Yes, I saw you jogging there at the end. You know you must be within 5 minutes on every mile you run. To make up for it, you will set the weight on the next exercise to 150 pounds. 5 reps, as always."

Her face blanches as he speaks. That will kill her.

Knowing better than to argue, she dejectedly walks to the Lat Tower.

Her lat tower was like other machines in that one raised the weighted plates by pulling down on the bar with their arms, almost like doing pull-up while sitting. Her machine differed from the others in that her weight plates came crashing down on top of her tits.

Setting the pin to 150 pounds, she adjusted her seat height to the right level. She started to reach for the bar.

"Hold bitch. Don't forget these. No point spraying down the gym and wasting your milk."

Handing her pink rubber bands, she quickly bands her nipples. She would be milked later, and Marcus hated seeing her motherly cream wasted.

Grasping the pull down bar, she tugs but it doesn't move. He knows he will have to help her, he has no intention of transforming the woman into a meathead bodybuilder. Her muscles must stay toned but small.

Standing behind her he pushes down on the bar with one hand while she pulls, until the bar is behind her head just above her shoulders. As the 150 pounds of plates raise past her head, she scoots forward in her seat and positions her tits on top of the plate stack. He pulls back on her pony tail with the other hand, to make sure her head stays clear.

"One" announces Marcus, and they both let go of the bar.

*CRASH "Aieee gawd!" 150 pounds of rubber-encased cast iron plate comes crashing down onto the tops of her tits, instantly crushing her milk ducts flat. "ohh, ohhh, ohh"

Impatient with her, Marcus pushes down on the bar. Taking the hint, she again pulls the bar down, raising the plates above her head.


*CRASH "ahhh!" Her bright red throbbing breasts absorb the impact, sending hundreds of pounds of kinetic energy into her sensitive womanly chest.

Despite the nipple bands, he notes the tiny drop of milk on the end of her teats. He's not surprised, he really is putting his cow through the ringer. Still, he makes a note to point out her error to her later.

Raising the plates again, Alexis wheezing, the pair drop the punishing weights.


*CRASH "ugh!"


*CRASH "AHH nooo no no no" Tears run down her beautiful face.


"...I said five."

Alexis refuses to release the bar, her arms shaking precariously. Raising an eyebrow, Marcus retrieves the hard wooden cane he keeps in the corner for such defiance. Standing to her side, he swings the cane hard straight into her nipples.

*Whack! The unforgiving wood wallops into her shuddering milkbags, as her fingers holding onto the bar open slightly. *Whack! The deep ache continuing to grow more and more as he tenderizes her titties one blow after another. Her little pink rubber bands get smacked off, but he pays no heed to this additional demerit. A pretty little welt takes their place.

*Whack! "ugh!"

*Whack! "ungh!"

*Whack! "ah!"

Her breath is coming in ragged gasps, she knows she has no choice. This is only bringing her more pain. God, why why why I can't take a caning! Doesn't he understand, I'm already so sore...

*Whack! *sob


Releasing the bar, the plates come hurtling down to her throbbing girl globes, waiting patiently to fulfill their purpose.

*CRASH "ohhhhhhhh!" She can't contain her moan of agony, as milk forcefully squirts from her nipples onto the floor in front of her.

Furious with her, Marcus drags her by the hair off the machine to the flat bench, her painsacks sliding backwards from between the pulverizing plates. Throwing her onto the bench face up, her tear-stained face hanging off the back edge, he frees his cock with one hand and quickly shoves it into her fuckmouth.

Not waiting for her to take a breath, his cock impales her throat in one thrust. She tries to cough and gag, but can't as her gullet is filled with cock, a bulge clearly visible in her neck. With Alexis spasming on the bench, Marcus pulls his belt from his opened pants and brings it down hard between her legs.

*Slap! "*guhhh grg" She chokes around his cock, her legs snapping shut. Punching a fist down into her already abused left breast, she gets the message and opens her legs again.

"I don't know what is with you today, but this is what happens when you don't follow your instructions to the letter." *Slap! His belt bites into her devastated pussy, and he starts rutting into her stretched throat. Pre-cum is already starting to leak out of his cock, running straight to her stomach.

*Slap! He again punishes her sensitive juncture, smacking her fuckbox so hard he catches a glimpse of the delicate pink insides. Her tears are running down her forehead into her hair, her throat bulging and contracting in time with his movements.

*Slap! *Slap! *cough "gkkk!! ghh" A double whammy from the belt. She coughs and splutters on his meat, her lungs burning, demanding air. She tries her best to suckle on the cock as it saws back and forth, never quite leaving her throat. If she can make him cum, it will end sooner.

*Slap! A stud from his belt finds her clit, nicking the little bud and causing her hips to jump. Spinning the belt around, he brings the buckle down hard instead.

*SPLAT! *! choke "gkk!" Eyes rolling back in her head, Alexis feels the extent of Marcus' ire, the buckle delivering a snapping, punishing blow to her blushing, quivering girl-cleft.

He fucks her for at least 15 minutes, whipping his belt into her pussy to motivate her. Every three minutes he pulls his cock out, letting her suck in one much needed half-breath. Before she can finish inhaling, *Slap! he once again belts her between the thighs while simultaneously punching his swelling cock down her convulsing throat.

Finally tossing the belt aside, Marcus grabs her throat with both hands, squeezing and increasing the friction on his cock. Watching her blue-tinged lips and red face, he releases her neck and alternately punches down onto a flattening funbag, first the right, then the left. "Get ready for your protein shake bitch, straight from the tap today!"

As he grunts and hunches over, he redoubles his grip on both of Alexis' sore titties and with powerful hands squeezes hard, rapidly increasing the pace of his face fucking.

Tensing up and holding himself as deep as possible, her nose pressed into his ballsack, a torrent of cum floods down Alexis' desecrated throat. Going on and on, his balls twitch as load after load of thick protein-rich cum is pumped down her fuckmouth, her stomach gurgling at the unwelcome snack.

All she can do is swallow with her tired throat and hope he lets her breathe soon. Her caned painsacks, now being brutally twisted left and right, pulse and throb in his iron grip, her hands weakly and futilely clawing at his fingers.


He finally pulls his cock free from her cock-sucking lips, a string of cum and saliva stretching from her lower lip to his cockhead. Releasing her, she rolls to her side and falls off the flat bench with a crash. She gasps and coughs heavily, wetly sucking air into her heaving lungs.

Walking over to his discarded belt, Marcus picks it up and inspects the leather. A small amount of wetness can be seen smeared on it. Sniffing it, he addresses the bewildered blinking girl on the floor. "Your pussy always smells a little strong after a workout. Come. You're due for a proper cleaning."

The poor scared girl is struggling to get to her feet, so he decides to help her. Reaching down and ripping her hair tie out of her ponytail, he re-grips her now loose tresses and hauls her upright. Marching her back down to her sub-level home, Alexis sniffles and cries, her throat too raw and sore to say anything.

"Ohhhh... mmm ooooohhhh"

Quietly moaning nearly constantly, Alexis gently swayed back and forth, her voice hoarse and weak. She was like a slowed down grandfather clock keeping time.

'What a beautiful sight,' Marcus thought, giving her back another gentle shove. 'She really is quite lovely.'

Alexis had been brought down here after this morning's workout, Marcus claiming that she needed a good internal cleaning. He liked to keep his bitch healthy downstairs, so to speak, so about once a week he would truss her up like she is now, and help her scour her slutty womb of any ailments or filth.

She was hanging suspended over the room's central drain by her recently caned and crushed boobs. Fine, thin wire, wrapped excruciatingly tight dozens of times around the base of her left breast, looped through a chain which ran up to an eyebolt on her left. Identically bound with thin wire, the chain leading to her right breast ran up to an eyebolt on her right. Thus, her mammaries were pulled diagonally in opposite directions.

The thinness of the wire bit deeply. It allowed for many tight wraps in as small a space as possible, causing her generous bosom to swell even further in gratitude. Her fingers were balled into cute little fists behind her back, her wrists and elbows being cuffed together, arching her chest out to the maximum.

Two large steel bands kept her dangling legs doubled up beneath her, the ankles resting on her shapely ass cheeks. A steel spreader bar mounted just above her knees spread her thighs achingly wide, providing maintenance personnel complete accessibility to her internal plumbing.

Even more distressing to Alexis were the two thin, soft ropes running through the juncture of her knees, between her calf and ass. Hanging at the other end of these ropes off the floor were two large, cast iron kettlebells, each 125 pounds. Alexis herself only weighed 105 pounds, so you can imagine the stress being put on her balled-up, throttled funbags. When Marcus set her swinging with another gentle push on her back, her red-hazed mind wondered if they would actually rip off her chest.

Walking around in front of her swinging form, Marcus began to speak. "Well bitch, I'm a bit disappointed in you today. Because of your bad behavior this morning during your gym routine, we are running behind schedule. I have an appointment I need to keep in an hour, you know. To try to catch up, I'm going to get your daily milking done while I clean you out. Sound fair?"

Nothing was ever fair to Alexis. She looked at him hatefully, her miserable eyes half closed in agony as her heavy milkbags swelled and stretched under their dreadful load.

He laughed. "Don't look at me like that slut. I'm being quite generous. Well, Rome wasn't conquered in a day, we'll work on your attitude together."

He wheeled over her stainless steel milking cart, which housed a large high-capacity pump, originally designed for dairy cattle. The converted pump supplied via hose a steel 10 gallon milk can, which kept itself refrigerated. It was already half full from her previous milkings these past two weeks. Marcus and Leo did make use of her milk, but in general she produced more than they required.

With butter made from her own dairy, Marcus greased up the seal around the two cups, and switched the pump on. As it whirred to life, pulsing on and off each half second, he positioned the clear cups over her swelling teats and let the suction take.

"ungh!" Sucking on first the left, then right, then left cup, each hard little nipple instantly stretched a good inch and a half from her succulent breast meat. Yielding her motherly cream in white jets, the machine relentlessly swallowed all her throbbing milkbags had to give.

Those streams of milk seem particularly strong today, thought Marcus. It must be all that extra pressure on her udders. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Turning his attention to the other matter at hand, he retrieved her cleaning supplies from her maintenance chest near her sleeping cage. First, he pushed the nozzle of the hose mounted on the wall into her dry cunt, and wet her insides.

Pouring dish detergent onto the large boar bristle pipe brush, Marcus worked it into her resisting pussy with a steady pressure, twisting the brush with his wrist as the lather began to foam. "Ungh! God! That hurts. Ahh! Ahhh!" Ignoring her whining and groans of pain, he put some muscle into the task, abrading away the outer lining of her tender pink insides. He changed angles, her softly squeaking fucktube stretching and chafing, and Alexis' thigh tendons desperately shook with the effort to snap shut. Her spreader bar at her knees would not allow it.

Whistling merrily as he worked, Marcus rinsed her out again with the hose, and lathered up his brush again. He liked to scrub her out twice, just to make sure no filth was hiding in the nooks and crannies.

*Swish Swish

*Swish Swish

*Swish Swish

"Ahh! I'm clean! I'm clean!"

*Swish Swish

*Swish Swish

Tears ran in rivers down her face, and she begged him stop, despite knowing what was to come after. This was hardly her first cleaning, although the addition of the punishment kettlebells and the milking definitely made it the worst yet.

Satisfied that her inner pink was immaculate, at least to the eye, he rinsed her out and picked up the flat beard brush. Also made with boar bristle, Leo had donated this brush to him from his personal stash.

Soaping it up and jamming it between her legs, he started scrubbing her outer labia hard and fast.

*Swish *Swish *Swish

The stiff bristles wormed their way between her tender crevice, surrounding her labia and inner lips as they roughly scrubbed her clean. It kind of reminded Marcus of scrubbing down a shower. Her little clit hood was repeatedly pulled back, its safeguarded charge violently scraped and scoured, then slammed back down in an instant. This went on for a full thirty seconds, the little nub darkening angrily under the assault. Alexis wiggled her hips as she cried out, setting the kettlebells to swaying, as she felt the hundreds of tiny micro-lacerations etch into her girlflesh.

Rinsing her off, he brushed her down a second time, her tears, gasps, and the blushing rosy hue between her legs a sign to him that he had done a good job.

*SLAP "Ungh! ahh!"

As was his custom, he poured aftershave into his palm and gave her freshened quim a quick hard slap when he was done. Putting away his brushes and soap, he brought over the douche bag.

"No, please, I'm clean enough I swear, you did a great job, there's no need for that, please!" Alexis started begging, knowing full well she risked greater pain. She just couldn't bear this part.

Using both hands to lift a kettlebell 2 feet upwards, she watched in horror as Marcus dropped it straight down, the force of it's weight multiplied by gravity and savagely pulling down on her spread titbags. She started wailing, and he pulled what looked like a small folding paper matchbook from his left pocket. Taking out two gleaming 1 inch sewing needles, he drove each straight up behind the thin wire encircling her breasts, lancing her garroted breast roots through her sensitive underboobs.

Eyes bulging, mouth agape, she couldn't find the air to make a sound anymore.

"You know why that happened. Now be quiet."

Her red eyes running, she simply hung her head forwards in defeat, enduring the unremitting stretching pain in her pierced sacks of liquid ache.

Glancing at her distended tit-tips, he saw the milk streams were beginning to decrease in volume. A little longer and she would be dry.

Returning his attention to the douching, he inserted a large speculum into her freshened pinkness, and opened her up for his full view. Eyeing her cervix, he began filling the large bag with the first of her solutions. Always giving his thorough attention to his bitch, he had specially ordered this quart sized bag. He particularly liked its unique, womb sealing nozzle, and the little electric pump.

A thin rubber hose with two hollow rubber stoppers on the end protruded 4.5 inches from a clear plastic cup. Feeding the thin hose up through the speculum, he forcefully pushed it with forceps until the first rubber stopper popped through the tiny hole of her cervix. The second stopper nestled against the other side, ensuring the sealing of her inner womb. Smiling, he pulled the speculum, still open, from her straining pussy and *Pop! watched it snap shut around the hose. Snugging the clear gasketed cup up against her labia, small little inner flanges slightly spread her lips, as he buckled the cup's leg straps along her inner thighs, up and over her hips. He pulled tightly with his strong arms, not wanting the seal to break.

Switching on the pump, both her womb and sex tunnel began to slowly fill with the douching agent. A potent mixture of rubbing alcohol, concentrated salty brine, and jalapeno juice, he uses this homemade astringent to sterilize any germs and bacteria she might be harboring in her slutty baby factory, as well as sperm that would otherwise impregnate her.

"Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" As soon as the fluid enters her abraded, scoured fuckbox, she immediately begins shaking, every nerve in her tender pink tissues crying out in abject misery. Fearing his anger, she bites her lower lip so hard it starts to bleed, valiantly somehow managing to only continually moan.

More and more fluid is slowly pumped into her expanding insides, anguish etched on her pretty face. Half the bag, no, now three quarters, is inside her, her forehead breaking out into a sweat. Not even her fallopian tubes are spared, the little passages to her ovaries inflating and bulging like sausages. As the last of the douche is forced into her sealed, now-brimming fuckbox, Marcus smiles at the small bump visible in her stomach. It reminds him of her early pregnancy.

He sees that her milk flow has stopped, the pump having finally sucked her dry. Now the pump was merely sucking on empty milk ducts, internally pulling her milk glands slightly out of shape as they succumbed to the vacuuming pressure. Switching off the pump, he detaches the cups from her and, to make sure she isn't hiding any more cream, punches his fists together from the sides of each milkbag, one after the other, 5 times each. The resilient, beatable breastflesh, suffering marvelously through its martyrdom, doesn't yield a drop, and so he returns his attention towards her ablutions.

Hoping to hear her cry out, wanting a reason to punish her further, he suddenly grabs her above her hips and digs his thumbs into her ovaries, pressing down with crushing force on the little oval egg vaults. Shooting, stabbing pain races through her, but the only response she makes is to moan slightly louder than before. Disappointed, he eventually relents.

Unbuckling her leg straps, he abruptly rips the douche bag straight down away from her, the rubber stopper squeaking out through her tight little womb-hole, all the pressurized douching solution flowing out of her into the drain below.

Rinsing out the bag, he fills it with her second and final douching agent - her own milk. Pouring some of the contents of the milk can into the bag, this will actually help to soothe her irritated caverns and passages. He must rinse out the last caustic solution, lest she suffer long term burns and damage, and her nurturing mother's cream puts a healthy sheen to her inner pink tissues that's absolutely delightful.

Once again sealing her womb drum-tight, the little electric pump starts its thankless labors. Though not as hurtful as her first solution, her sore tender box is still reeling from the merciless abuse, and the stretching of her sex equipment once again sends aching waves of pain through her.

Checking the time, Marcus has to hurry. He has spent too much time on his toy today, he needed to leave and handle real business. Unlocking her spreader bar from her knees and removing the bands binding ankle to thigh, her legs drop down, causing the kettlebells to crash with a clang to the floor. He quickly duct tapes the douche bag to her outer thigh, the little tube still running up into her core.

Taking a pair of dykes, he carefully snips the fine wire constricting one mauled and mistreated boob, then the other, intentionally leaving the two needles stabbing straight up into her breastflesh, at that sensitive line where crease meets chest. As he frees her left breast, she briefly dangles solely from her right until he snips it free as well, never bothering to unbind her arms.

"Ungh!" *sobbing

She crashes tits-first to the unforgiving floor, a farewell, brutal pounding to her deserving globes. Stepping on her upper back, he takes a moment to grind her bust back and forth on the concrete. That's what they are for, after all. After she made sufficient noise, he grabbed her by the hair and threw her into her cage, locking it. She rolls over onto her back, eyes tightly shut as the tears leak out of the corners of her eyes. It will be good for her to let her milk soothe her plumbing for a few hours, he thinks to himself.

He looks back at her as he makes his way to the door. Her womb chock-full, her pliable tubes almost exploding, she rubs her thighs together, desperately trying to get some kind of relief. He'll ask Leo to feed her while he's away.

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