Tiny Event
  • Author - Jilian Everproud
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  • Story Codes - Other-f, consensual, bondage, kidnapping, sensorydep
  • Post Date - 5/11/2021

Author's Note: A little story about an experience I had.

Act 1: Plans we make.

She looked herself up and down in the mirror, admiring her handwork, and could not resist a smile spread her lips as she saw herself an image of perfection. Tight black dress, barely covering her breasts and legs, held in place by a leather corset. An hourglass shape from the wildest dreams formed by the tight, breath-stopping, lacing. Her long legs covered in dark satin, held just an inch below her skirt with garters and ending in shiny, black stilettos, boosting her height beyond two meters.

Below the dress, black lace hid the makeshift chastity belt along with her starving sex. A silvery collar locked around her neck was a measly distraction from the face of a Kitsune Princess. Her strong features brought out by well-crafted make-up, dark colours contrasting the emerald eyes surrounded by s forest of autumn curls that fall to her shoulders untamed. She was ready for the night of seduction and games, of building desires and broken hearts.

Act 2: Fate we meet.

All the necessary things gathered and ready, she starts heading out, checking time as she passes through the kitchen. It has just turned midnight, clock resetting to zeroes as the new cycle began. Darkness replaces light as her eyes get blindfolded suddenly. Strong hands push her onto the kitchen island, planting her face down against the wooden counter. Before her wits gather, or even panics begins to kick in, her wrists are guided behind and steel cuffers spin around as they bite hungrily, trapping her hands with a satisfying sound. Her struggles come only far too late; she tries to scream for help against her captor only to find a hard sphere waiting for her lips to part. Gag fills up her mouth, trapping tongue and replacing all her words with mumbles. Ankles follow suit of her wrists as more steel provides her with s restraining embrace.

Her senses get deprived, and motion limited even further as ropes begin to weave around her body. Above her breasts, then below then around arms, forming a box tie, next set loops around elbows, pulling them closer together, securing arms in s rigid position with little room to wiggle left.

Bondage assault against her end for a while as the culprit changes focus to her hair. Wild mane gets split into three even streams before the braiding. A moment of respite gives Jilian a chance to test her restraints, searching for a possible weakness to exploit or loose bind to slip out of, finding none. With her forest of hair tamed into a long braid, she realizes that four streams were used, entangling rope into her hair, as her head arches backwards, being pulled by the painful leash.

In attempt to avoid unnecessary pain, she follows the tugging, standing upright before getting dragged away by her captor. Any amount of distance would be long in her restraints. Small, unsure steps with a chain holding her high-heeled feet closely together, eyes blindfolded and no hands to assist in keeping balance. Walk in the darkness soon ends as she is suddenly pushed down to her knees and then further, face down on the ground. Chain between her feet is suddenly pulled on, forcing calves against thighs and with quick knot they remain secured to her hair, always pulling, a predicament of pain and struggle. Walls rise around her as she gets encased in a box and a sound of tape confirms her fear. She is trapped like a captured beast.

Act 3: Path of darkness

Last audible sound was a thunder of doors shutting behind her captor, which was hours ago. Or at least it felt that way; nothing changed for eternity and it has been long past she gave up on counting seconds. All the options were expended in the first few minutes of solitude, but her situation reduced those to wiggling and humming, trying to remove at least some of the restraints and work from there.

The only victory, however, was sliding the blindfold off her eyes. Pitch-black darkness was replaced by another pitch-black darkness, giving no more information or help to the struggling kitsune.

Soon enough, she was longing for her captor to return, if only to end the stalemate and break the deafening silence. Her mind begins to slip in and out of consciousness, brought by the boredom but always broken by discomfort and pain. There was no relief from it in her situation, no way to ease the constant pull of bondage and strain of muscles, it was always one pain or another. Slumbering periods were getting longer though, as her vitality drained, and pain numbed down.

Another straw appeared on the heap of inconveniences as her body suddenly announced that things do still need to go in and out. She could last without drinking for longer for sure but hoped for some freedom to relieve herself with dignity. Plastic sheet underneath her body suddenly made sense, no such vanity for this chained animal. Holding on for as long as she could, even kitsune have their limits and hers passed a long while ago.

Inner discomfort was replaced by an outer one, as her clothes soaked up the liquid and began dispersing heat quickly. Will chipped, Jilian did not care for any of that, there was just slumber on her mind now, trying to regain some strength in attempt to outlast and survive.

And so, she held on, make-up smeared, dress filthy, body sore. Princess taken from her pedestal and thrown into the muddy gutter.

Act 4: Redemption of light

Few rays of light manage to find their way into her trap as soon as doors swung open. It was only moments later that Jilian realized what happened. It was over, she has managed what she set out to do and she will now be freed. Twelve hours of delightful suffering have passed and now her partner is here to release her. With all her muscles tired far beyond their limits, she did not move as the box around her got cut open. Nor as the pressure begin to disappear with each restraint leaving the warmth of her body. They all protested it, wanting to stay with the delicate-warm skin for much longer but it was over.

Soon, she was free. Gentle caress guided her through the following minutes as she gathered up her strength. Slowly, inch by inch her body realized started adapting to the returned freedom and she begin to rise. Strong hands guided her up and supported the frail kitsune. Their gaze met, as she looked up to her beloved, finding a face filled with love that tried to cover-up worries with a smile. Long kiss in the arms of her soulmate was the solace for her spirits, bringing her psyche back to reality.

A bath, meal and bed, all in company of a loved one. Those are the things that are often forgotten to be heaven on earth. It was time to rest now, her hand began to crawl down, towards her hungry sex. Despite being brought to the end of her strength, desire to end the experience with a bang was still burning. Smile spread on her lips as fingers closed the distance and pounced on their prey only to be met with steel belt.


The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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