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Author's Note: The characters in this story are real. Some events are real and part are fiction. The author has experienced being in bondage and diapered with no means of escape. The story's ending has not yet been accomplished in real life however.

Male pen pal wanted is the way the ad began. In the ad, she explained she was soon to be released from prison. She told nothing else except her age, height, weight, and measurements as well as drug and alcohol free. Those things all sounded good to me. I was a couple years older, a little taller and slim just as she was. Her measurements also showed her to have generous breasts, a slim waist, and not-too-big hips...all good.

I wrote explaining I was a widower with three grown children, owned my own home, had taken early retirement, liked to garden, hunt and fish, restore antiques and watch old movies.

Ellen wrote back saying her incarceration came because her boyfriend had been involved in an altercation ending in the death of a gang member in a street brawl. She did not participate but was there and in the car when he tried to run from police. She got 5 years which, with good behavior was about ended.

She continued her biography saying she had come from a broken home. Her father had molested her beginning when she was 5 and her step father had continued the molestation until she ran away at 16. She went on to say she was a paradox and was afraid of men but, at the same time, she liked making love. She also said, security to her was being in control of the relationship. "I don't want to scare you off," she had written, "but you need to know if we ever have a relationship, I will need to control it." Her saying need, she explained, was because of her insecurity with men and, to feel secure, she needed to know she was in control.

This part of her personality plus her openness appealed to me. My wife had been a controlling person as well and I enjoyed it. I was reluctant to tell her about some of my innermost desires because I was sure they would make me sound like a pervert and turn her off immediately. Still, I had read enough advice blogs from women in my desired relationship to be convinced-nothing ventured nothing gained.

"I have a need myself," I began. "I need to wear diapers."

There I had said it. I went on to say my need was not physiological but psychological and left it at that. I waited to see if she would ever reply. To my surprise and joy, a letter came back very quickly.

"I have no problem with a relationship that includes diapers. My only concern would be your keeping yourself clean."

This was the first part of her response but as the letter continued I became enthralled.

"My grandmother, whom I cared for several years, needed to wear diapers too. I usually took care of that, making sure, when she got confused, they were not taken off and were always clean and dry. Diapers are not a problem. If you need them, I'll see to it that you are cared for properly."

I responded, "When she would want to take them off, how did you handle that?"

"Sometimes I would put mittens on her hands...the hospital type. She couldn't use her hands that way. About half the time I dressed her in dresses because her changes were so much easier, but if I had her in pants, sometimes I would just put a locking belt on them so she couldn't pull them down. Lots of times she didn't even know they were there."

"Explain your diaper need," she had said.

Worried about how she might react, I responded honestly.

"Ever since I had seen my little brother getting all the attention with his diaper changes, I had wanted to be diapered too. I sneaked them at first, but I was too big. Finally I found a triangular piece of soft nylon in Mom's sewing scraps. I would pin it on at night and masturbate in it. Diapers had become a fetish I couldn't escape."

"I know you must wonder about my reaction to what you so openly told me about you diaper needs. I don't have a problem with any of that. I understand your need fully. I have a couple of questions however. Do you feel guilty about them when you wear them? Do you still get stimulated wearing them?"

She seemed to understand my situation pretty well.

"Yes, to both of your questions. I feel guilty and take them off because of that but not until after I come in them."

"I see," she replied. "I understand you wanting to be diapered when you were younger and you wouldn't have had any choice in the matter. Have you ever wanted to be made to wear them as an adult?"

"Yes," I responded. "The desire to be made to wear them has always been there."

"OK," she responded. "I can handle that in a similar manner to the way I handled my grandmother. You won't have to wish for someone to make you keep them on. I'll be happy to do that."

She was already assumptive. I liked that. Continuing in the letter, things got even more interesting.

"If I'm taking care of your needs, it's only fair for my needs to be met as well," she said. "Because of all the abuse I experienced, I feel frighteningly vulnerable in dresses and skirts. I only wear pants now, never dresses or skirts. That being said, since you will be in your diapers and I will be in charge of things, it seems only logical that you should be in skirts. You should also know I will want you to submit to being restrained at times. And, since I'm going to be in charge, you can expect to be punished if you disobey me."

I was surprised at how fast things were progressing and answered, "That's ok with me." I had seen a lot of men whose diaper wear also involved dresses and maid's uniforms and had gotten used to it. Many of them are also shown being restrained but, again, it seemed to go with the territory. Besides, she repeated, I needed to provide for her needs in return for her helping me with mine.

Finally her release came. She had sent me a list of things she wanted in place when she got out. One was that I was to begin wearing my diapers full time beginning then. She had also arranged for me to pay on line for an item which would be delivered to the house before she got out. She told me not to open it saying it was a surprise present for me.

"Honey," she ran through the gate and we embraced. "Are you wearing your diaper like I told you?"

I was surprised that the first thing out of the gate was to make sure I was diapered.

"Yes, Hon, I've got them on."

"Are you wet?" she asked with a smile.

"Just a little," I said. "I've used them only once."

As we walked to the car, she hugged me again and patted my padded butt with a big smile.

"I like the feel of that," she said, as she patted my front this time.

As we had planned, the first stop was a justice of the peace. We were married. After that, we went shopping for a new wardrobe for her. Sexy lingerie, blouses, and pants...only pants.

Then, while looking at bras, she called the sales lady over. She was younger and petite.

"I'm going to do a little dress up with my husband here. Can you help me with a couple of padded bras in his size and a smock or something similar?"

"Sure," said the girl, looking at me and smiling. Grabbing a tape she came over and quickly measured my chest.

Handing me the bras, the sales girl led us to some shorter loose dresses.

"Something like this?" she asked, holding out a short dress.

"Perfect," Ellen said as she picked out three more that all looked quite short.

Leaving the clothing store, Ellen said, "Hospital supply store next."

As we pulled up, she said, "Give me the card. I'll be just a few minutes."

I waited and soon she emerged with several large sacks.

"Boy do I have surprises for you," she said laughingly as she put them in the trunk.

We went out to lunch in a romantic Italian restaurant sitting together on the same side of the booth.

Ellen reached down to feel the front of my pants. "It's warm," she said in a half whisper. "Did you just wet again?"

"Yes, just before we sat down."

"Ok, from now on, whenever we are out like this, I want you to tell me when you use your diapers. At home it will be different, but in public let me know."

"All right Honey," I responded.

"When we're done with lunch, we'll need to find a place to change you," she said matter-of-factly.

"There's a family restroom at the grocery store," I said.

"Good, that'll be perfect since I need some things from there too."

"But, I didn't bring any extra diapers."

"No problem. That's part of what I bought you at the hospital supply store. Did you bring the little box I had you order?"

I handed the box to her as we drove.

"Good, you didn't open it. Now your surprise will be complete."

We walked in with Ellen carrying a fresh diaper in her hand for everyone in the store to see. Inside the restroom she removed my wet diaper but didn't close the new one before opening the little box.

"Close your eyes," she said.

I felt her fumbling with my dick and balls and then she stopped saying, "Ok, Honey, you can look now."

I saw a shiny stainless steel tube over my dick and she was smiling holding a key on a string.

"I decided to help you with your fetish. Now you can't cum without my permission. Now you won't want to take off your diapers after you cum because you can't cum in them now. Besides, I want that part of you all to myself...I'm not going to share it with your diapers. Now, let's get you snugged back up."

Pulling the diaper over the new chastity tube, she taped me tightly.

"All done," she said happily.

Our last stop was the hardware store. Again she wanted me to stay in the car and after a little she came out carrying another sack and sporting a big smile.

"You're going to be so happy with all your new things. Let's head home."

At home after checking out the rest of the first floor, we went up to the master bedroom. She bounced like a child on the king sized bed.

"I love soft...nothing like the thin foam ones I've had lately. Do I have a dresser?"

"Right here, Hon," I said, pointing at the long 9 drawer dresser. "It's all yours. I have the high boy."

After putting her new clothes away, humming as she did, she said, "Ok, that's done, now show me your clothes."

Walking over to the high boy, she began opening the drawers. Picking up the clothing store sack she had just emptied, she emptied all my underwear into it.

"You won't need these anymore," she said. "Please hand me the bags of diapers."

Soon my underwear draw had only diapers in it.

"Honey," she said, "Take off your pants and shirt please."

Holding out the shift dress and bra, I was soon redressed.

"You have no idea how much more comfortable I feel seeing you in your dress. It takes away all the old fears...amazing."

Next, she had me bring up the sack from the hardware store. She poured it out on the bed. There were several lengths of chain and several padlocks. She had me install four of the lengths on the four corners of the bed. Another was attached at the head of the bed and went under my pillow. Finally, a longer chain was attached to the bottom corner on my side.

There were padlocks for the ends of each piece. There were still two lengths left and also two pieces of pipe about a foot long and a dog collar.

"Here," she said, "Let's put the collar on."

Surprised, I stood obediently as she put the collar on me and put a small lock into the buckle.

"Lay back on the bed," she said.

Obeying, she looped the chain ends around my ankles and wrists, locking them.

Now locked, I was helpless. She laughed and kissed me passionately.

"Now, I feel totally safe," she said. "Let's have sex."

I was totally secure as she hiked up my skirt, opened my diaper and chastity. We had totally over-the-top sex.

"While we are together, I need to be able to see you cannot molest me....At least until I get comfortable with you."

Going downstairs was a bit challenging for me for she had put one of the other chains through the pipe and locked my ankles with it keeping them separated. Downstairs, she locked my wrists together with the other pipe separating them too. Supper was a bit awkward with my hands apart but I learned.

"When I was incarcerated, I learned people learn slowly. Punishments there don't last for days, they are given in months. I'm telling you this because I want you to understand those pipes you have separating your wrists and ankles. After you have had them on for a week, I'll take them off and just leave the chains in place. You will find things much more comfortable without those spreader pipes. From that point on, the spreaders will only be for punishment and they will go back on for a month the first time, and then two months, and...well you get the picture. Obedience will make things much more comfortable."

I was silent for a little.

"What are you thinking, if I might ask?" she queried.

"I was thinking how much different you are from those ladies who use restraints and such for a little play time. You mean business! On one hand it scares me a little and on the other hand, I am thankful things with us won't just be a game."

"No Honey," she replied with a smile. "This is all real...just like I learned in prison."

Being locked in wrist and ankle chains was not something I had considered in my dreams of being diapered. But, after the week in the spreader pipes, things were so much more comfortable.

We were watching TV a few nights later when I asked, "Honey, when do I get to be out of the ankle and wrist chains?"

Ellen had been lounging on the couch and bristled as she sat erect.

"Are you questioning my care of you?" she said gruffly.

"No, Ellen, I was just wondering how much longer I will be locked this way,"

I answered sheepishly.

"Well," she said in a huff, "I'm in charge of your care. You don't have any say in it. I'm doing it for your own good. Since you don't seem to like the way I do things, you obviously need to learn to be more obedient. Go get your pipes right now."

I sheepishly brought them and handed them to her. She soon had them back spreading my wrists and ankles.

"They won't come off for a month now. Remember, I warned you."

"But," I blurted out, "I was just asking."

"You must learn to never question the way I do things. You just now talked back. Now you'll be in them for two months. Any more questions?"

"No." I said dejectedly.

Two months later, the spreaders were removed and I was back to just chains.

"Thank you dear," I said. "I needed to learn to trust you more and you've taught me a valuable lesson."

Ellen kissed me passionately and we had wonderful sex that night.

"Do you feel full and then let yourself pee or is it becoming automatic?" she asked one day about three months into our marriage.

"Sometimes it just comes out automatically while other times I know it."

"I think it will be cool when you are always automatic in your wetting," she said.

I hadn't given much thought to being incontinent before, but now I could see it was pretty much inevitable.

"Does the thought of being incontinent frighten you?" she asked.

"Maybe, a little," I responded. "Wearing 24/7 had always been a dream of mine, but I guess I really never connected the two before."

"Just remember, when you are finally completely incontinent, I will love you just as much as I do right now."

"So," I said questioningly, "You aren't getting tired of diapering me?"

"Of course not...I think I'm getting just as much enjoyment out of it now as I did that first day. I've never had even a thought of ever wanting to quit. As far as I'm concerned, I entered into our marriage knowing full well I was marrying a man who needed to wear diapers. I came in eyes wide open. You did too because I told you I would be in charge if we got married. So, since I am in charge, there is never going to be a change. Honey, I won't ever let you change your mind. Whether you become incontinent or not, you're in those diapers forever."

The End
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