Paula's New Home
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Author's Note: Its a dark story, with no happy ending

Paul had been an TV escort for a couple of years, he had regular clients, lived in a nice flat and earned a lot of money. He could pick and choose, opting only for the men he fancied, most just wanted to give him a blowjob. He always dressed up for them, 5" heels, stockings, basque and a tight dress, he looked very feminine and passable, with stick on fake boobs, growing his hair long and styling it in a feminine way. A trim 5' 8" tall without the heels he could play any role his clients wanted.

Truth was he wasn't actually gay, he just did it for the money, even had a girlfriend, but found the money he could earn was to good to turn down, later this would prove to be his downfall.

A new client telephoned, having seen his photos, a discussion was had as to what the client wanted - to lick Paul's (Or Paula as he was once dressed) at to give him a blowjob. The client booked to come to Paul's flat at 10pm that night, an easy 150.

Paul was already dressed as he had a client 6pm, a regular, in and out in half an hour. in 5" black heels with a strap at the ankle, black seamed stockings, black lacy panties, black basque, with suspenders, his fake boobs, and over the top a red dress short but just covering the stocking tops, bright red lipstick false eyelashes, clip on diamond earrings (a present from a client). He checked himself in the full length mirror in the bedroom, he looked hot, once dressed he thought himself as Paula as a female, it helped make the experience better for his clients.

At 10pm the intercom sounded from downstairs and client announced his arrival so Paula buzzed him up. Paula was waiting behind the door and opened it when he heard the lift doors open.

A man, 6 ft, 40s, slim, in a grey business suit stepped out, and came towards the flat, Paula opened the door wide and welcomed him inside. As the man stepped in the door, Paula saw him stab outwards with something that was concealed in his hand into Paula's stomach, the pain was tremendous and he collapsed to the floor, his limbs turning to rubber, every cell in his body seemed to be on fire.

The man, stepped over Paula's limp body and closed the door, he bent down and turned her onto his front pulling Paula's arms behind her and fastening them with a cable tie produced from his pocket. She felt him fastening another around her ankles and a further one around her knees, her limbs not moving. Something else was pulled from the man's pocket and one hand forced open her jaw and pushed a large ball gag in, the strap quickly tighten behind her head, Paula could put up no resistance.

The man stood back, as if to admire his handiwork, then produced a further cable tie and used it to link Paula's ankles to her wrists in a tight hogtie.

Feeling was returning to Paula's limbs the cable ties cutting into her wrists and ankles, the strap of the ball gag hurting the corner of her mouth, she rolled onto her side She had been tied up before, but it was more fluffy handcuffs and loose rope, this was serious and there was no escape.

Paula heard the man go off into the other rooms, opening cupboards and drawers, she tried to pull hard on the cable ties but they would not break or loosen they just cut viciously into her wrists and ankles.

After a few minutes the man returned and said the first words since he had entered the flat. "Stop struggling, you will only hurt yourself, those cable ties are for industrial use and they need to be cut off. We are going to wait here for a couple of hours, so lie still.

Paula complained into the ball gag, but just a mumble went past the large ball, it was very effective at keeping her quite, some drool was dripping from the corner of her mouth onto the hall carpet.

The man left her again and went into the kitchen and Paula heard him put the kettle on and open cupboards, he then went past her again and went into the bedroom, she could hear him pulling things out of the wardrobe, then what she assumed was a suitcase being unzipped,after a while the man came back with the suitcase which he put at the front door, he then went and made himself a coffee and took it into the living room. More drawers were opened, he had probably found the cash she kept there, nearly 2000. After what seem like ages to Paula the man returned stepped over her opened the door and left with the suitcase.

Paula was in some ways relieved, he was just robbing her then, It looked like Paula would have to wait until tomorrow evening when his girlfriend (Sindy) came round, to get released but as least Paula was safe, she would just have to put up with the discomfort for the night

Ten minutes later there was a key in the door (thank god Sindy had come around tonight Paula thought. But staring down at him was the man, he had Paula's keys in his hand which he must have picked up from the table. The man stepped over Paula and went into the bedroom again, finding nothing further of interest he went through into the living room and Paula heard the television being turned on, and an old movie being played. Struggling against the ties was futile but Paula did it all the same, the strict hogtie was hurting her lower back and the ties were cutting circulation to her hands, any movement hurt adding fresh misery.

After sometime the tv went off and the man went into the bedroom returning a minute later with the white sheet of Paula's bed. He laid it down flat on the floor next to Paula, then taking some clippers from his pocket snipped the tie holding her in the hogtie, instand relief as the pressure on her wrists, legs and back were released. The man pushed her over onto the sheet, then picking up one side started to roll her in the sheet, covering her head and legs like she was a mummy. Paula struggled against being wrapped up in the sheet, but the bondage prevented much resistance, then Paula heard and felt some tape be wrapped around the sheet at chest legs and then around the head, there was a real fear of suffocating, as panic was rising in her chest, she counted to 10 trying to slow her rapid breathing. After a minute she realised that she could still draw breath, but couldn't see, the panic slowly subsided.

Paula felt the man lift her onto his shoulders, it took some effort to get her balanced so he could stand up fully, she was wriggling in the sheet but it was tightly wrapped and had only added to the restraint. "Stop wriggling and don't try and make a noise" the man commanded. "otherwise I will give you another shock"

Remembering the pain she had felt at the being of all this she stopped struggling, she heard the door open and close behind her as she was carried into the corridor, the lift doors opened immediately, Paula's only hope was that someone might get on the lift. Rolled up in a sheet even to the cctv cameras it might not be possible to recognise that it was a body. The lift descended down the 3 floors, Paula heard the doors open, silence, there was no-one about, there never way at this time of night (it must be well past midnight on a weekday now she thought) the man proceeded down the corridor, opened the front door and went out into the carpark. It took only seconds for them to arrive at a vehicle, there was a click and she heard a boot opening, then without ceremony she was dumped into the boot and it was slammed shut.

Paula could hear the car door being opened and shut, she struggled against the sheet and the ties but had little movement, perhaps there was something sharp in the boot she could use to free herself? The engine started and the car drove away.

Paula, tried to find the limits of her confinement, she found the back and side walls of the boot, it was a large car, but there seemed to be nothing in there that might aid her escape all she could hear was the noise of the car on the road, it appeared to be going straight, which means they were on the motorway, maybe the police would stop them, someone might have seen the man putting her in the boot, maybe he might stop and release her.

It was sometime later that she felt the car turn off the motorway, had they gone North or South, she had no idea where she was or was headed, or how far they had come, there was no way to mark time had it been one hour or 2 hours?The car made a few turns, Paula was bounced around as the roads became rougher. Finally the car slowed and made slow turn into a gravel driveway, went a couple of hundred yards and stopped.

Paula heard the car door open and shut and footsteps on gravel going further away, she had made no headway with bondage, hadn't even been able to loosen the sheet, her hands seemed to be numb. After a while she heard the footsteps on the gravel returning and the boot opening, she was dragged out feet first, so her feet were resting on the gravel, as her body was fully pulled out of the boot she was again lifted over the man's shoulders and they marched away.

The surface changed from gravel to something solid, Paula heard what she thought was a gate opening then she felt them descending down some stairs and into some kind of structure. The man dropped her down onto a hard floor, the sheet not doing much to blunt the impact, she felt the tape being cut, and she was rolled out of the sheet onto a smooth concrete floor. She looked around, the walls were stone, the room was about 10ft by 10ft there were no windows the ceiling was low and the room was lit by a single bulb, it would appear to be a cellar. The man left her on her side and she could see him positioning a cushion on the floor in the centre of the room, he returned to her and lifted her carrying her over to the cushion where he placed her on her knees.

"stay there and don't move" was what she heard. With the cable ties still attached she wasn't going anywhere, maybe he would release her a bit so she would have a chance to escape. She heard him behind her as he round in front with a large canvas back which he dropped on the floor with a heavy clunk and rattle of metal.

He unzipped the bag, and produced a tangle of straps.

"Now I am going to remove you gag, you could scream or shout for help but no-one can hear you and its will only make things worse for you, so co-operate, if you become too rowdy I will shock you and do it anyway, its your choice"

Paula resigned herself in her present position there was little she could do, hopefully it would be something she could live with and he would release her when he had finished.

The strap from the gag was unfastened, the man had to tug the ball out of Paula's mouth as her jaw had locked around it after it had been in for so long. Paula moved her jaw, the ache of having it kept open for hours was like nothing she had felt before, she attempted to speak but words were difficult to form. "what are you going to do to me?" she asked, although the words didn't come out very clearly. "I will explain in a minute the man replied, bringing the tangle of straps towards her face. Whatever this was Paula did not want the straps fitted and pulled back.

The man grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him, with her hands fastened and balancing on the cushion she was off balance, he held her head against him as he started to put the straps around her, then something was pushed into her mouth, she could feel a metal ring against her teeth, something pushing her tongue down to the floor or her mouth, a strap was tightened behind her head and any chance of expelling it was gone. The man fastened further straps around her forehead, under her chain, adjusting them several time to make sure they were tight. Paula was in a head harness which was fitted with a ring gag keeping her mouth open, things had gone from bad to worse.

Paula shook her head, trying to dislodge the harness but the straps were tight it was as if it was part of her now. The man took some stainless steel chains with locking manacles from the bag, 3 sets and moved behind her. Now she thought if he released her hands she could strike him and get away. But it didn't happen like that. She felt something cold being fitted to her left elbow and locked into place, her right arm was pulled inward and she felt the cold embrace of yet more steel being fitted, pulling her arms together. Only then did he clip the cable tie holding her wrists, relief but shortlived as she could only flap her arms behind her the heavy manacles on her upper arms rendering her almost helpless. She tried to protest through the ring gag, but without use of her tongue the words were just a mumble, she tried to scream but only limited sound seem to come out. The man ignored her protests, catching one wrist he quickly encircled it with another manacle locking it in place then grabbed the other, although she tried to struggle and made it difficult for him he succeeded in locking the other manacle in place, her wrists were connected together with only 3" of heavy chain.

She explored the manacles with her fingers, they were heavy and smooth and she only found a small hole which she assumed must be the key hole, without keys there was no way to remove them.

The man cut the cable tie at her ankles and quickly set about enclosing these in a further pair of manacles, locked in place, she was not imprisoned in steel. The man fiddle behind her and she felt something being attached to one of the manacles on her left leg, and a click, she tried to look around but couldn't turn her body enough to see. Her right leg was then pulled outwards so the chain linking the manacles was tight, probably about 12" or so another click and she found that her legs were fixed, attached to something at the side of her in the floor and stopped from moving outwards with the chain between the manacles.

The man moved in front of her and selected a length of chain from the bag, Paula struggled against the chains, unable to get up off the cushion with her ankles chained to the floor her arms useless behind her. A chain was attached to a ring at the top of the head harness, it was pulled taut as it was attached to the ceiling adjusted so it pulled on her head and kept her fixed totally upright. Now she was full immobilised, but he hadn't finished yet. Another length of chain was produced from the bag and he went behind her and she felt it being attached to the wrist cuffs, then pull tight as the other end was attached to the ankle cuffs, her hands were now fixed at 30 degrees behind her, unable to lift them, there was no give in the chain, not at her hands or anywhere, she could partly turn her body but that was it.

The man went back to the bag and produced a large stainless steel collar, this was probably 4" deep it hinged open and was presented too her neck, its impossible to get that on me Paula screamed to herself, but the man did. Manoeuvring it around then with a click it was locked in place, Paula tried to turn her head but the collar was tight, the edge was under her chin preventing further movement, her mobility was almost completely gone.

Tears ran down Paula's face as she realised how hopelessly her situation was, there was no chance of escape, she could only wait to see what fate the man had for her.

The man reached in the bag for something else, what else could he do she thought, I can't move hardly an inch, then he pushed a rubber plug into the mouth hole. She could taste the rubber in her mouth it was large and without the use of her tongue it was not going to be pushed out.

"Now that we are all secure I will tell you what's in store for you." Paula shuddered, her fate in the hands of this man " I like to keep people chained up on their knees, I will come and use your mouth as often as I like, you will have no choice but to swallow my cum. I have put the rubber bung in your mouth so you don't start making a noise whilst I explain. You will remain here for the rest of your life, I have a feeding tube that I will put down your throat, full of proteins, minerals etc, this will feed and water you and if you are ill I can give you antibiotics, you see I am a vet by trade and have access to plenty of wonderful drugs to keep you alive for long period of time." Paula protested the rubber bung totally silencing her, tears streaming down her face.

"You are not the first down here" he continued, " you are in fact the fifth to undergo this. The first only lasted 4 months, the second 18 months, the third nearly 3 years and the fourth over 4, so you see I am getting better at this. I look forward to a lengthy time with you. I have a camera in the ceiling so I can watch you from upstairs, your muscles will atrophy over time, your mind may well give up long before you body, but the thrill of having you here beneath my feet is almost overwhelming."

The man moved behind her and she thought he was leaving. He spoke again, "You are probably wondering what happened to the others? Well if you look the wall facing you is made of breeze block, once they were of no use to me I put them in there, you will find a home there one day"

Tears of misery, a scream inside her head, rage, self pity thoughts pulsing through her brain, then she heard the shutting of the door behind her and the lock being engaged, she was truly in her new home now.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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