The Nature of Things...
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Author's Note: A much different story than typically found here but touches on relationships between the sexes!

This is not your average story found on this site, deals more with relations than an actual sexual encounter. Hope you enjoy!

Some women think that the only thing a guy thinks about is sex. Well, if you were a man that woke up every day with morning wood, you might understand us a little bit better. How would you like to wake up daily with a boner, and the thing might as well be like a nagging woman, relentlessly in the pursuit of a happy ending?

If it could talk it would be like; come on you know you want it, just one little squeeze is all I need, please, just reach down here and give me a couple of strokes, be like Nike and just "DO IT!" On and on, all day long, at every turn, the fucking thing will just not stop, ever!

It is like having a blood hound attached to your body, always in search of a beautiful woman. If it had its way it would just walk up to every woman it met and slap her in the face with it, like a puppy that just wants to play. We have all seen it, that dog that is dragging its owner down the street pulling as hard as possible against its leash, that is the nature of the cock, always aggressively pulling against the leash.

The debate between the big head and the little head plays out, on a near daily basis, it is no wonder most men act and think like a walking hard-on. Of course, Women are keenly aware of this fact and use their bodies and minds to dominate in relationships with most men.

I actually think that women think more about sex than men do if you take into consideration the amount of time and money, they spend in regards to beauty and maintaining their physical appearance. The way they dress and flaunt their assets in front of men even after marriage seems a dead giveaway. What woman right now, if things were right, would not want to be somewhere getting some great attention from a big stiff cock? Right?

It really sucks for me, I would love to find a beautiful woman who just wants to get together and have some hard driving naked fun, but it has not worked out that way for me, and I get it. Women have a lot more at stake in sexual relationships. It's not like it was when growing up, a curious two would just jump each other's bones like it was nothing and have a great time, and then just do it again. I want that back, give me a woman that's looks at it as a good time and not an opportunity to take advantage.

I mean really, it seems all a woman has to do is just show up, cast a glance and smile at the stud in the room and you can be off to the races 99.9% of the time. It is not that men do not have standards, it is rather that, we have a cock.

But that leaves me walking around like a big giant hard-on, passing any female in the grocery isle and it is like they can see it, I am a huge walking throbbing dick with tiny feet, that's it, that is all they can see and it is all I can envision myself looking like. Not a face, just the head of a cock with a desperate and deep need to just cum, everywhere, on anything, at any time, all of the time.

It really does not matter the time or place, a pretty woman passes by on the street and I just explode all over, and it is like she sees it and moves along in confusion and disgust. I am left standing on the street, with no face, just the head of a dick that just creamed all over myself and it is like everyone can see me there, wiping the cum off of my face and trying to compose myself and move on until the next woman walks by and this cycle just repeats again.

I am just stuck standing there, I cannot really speak to them about the elephant in the room, they already know about it anyway and encounter us men all day long, every swinging dick, constantly, without warning, all over town. Oh, it's like BREAKING NEWS! Another guy just exploded all over isle 3, this guy in produce, another guy out in the parking lot, they are everywhere and are always exploding. Men just try and act normal, while we stand there again wiping the obvious lust and sexual hunger away while we coolly pretend that it really did not just happen again. Yes, once again, Dammit! Please just stop already.

If I was a woman, a hot woman, I would just stay in shape and make my millions and millions by just jerking off every man I ...meat..., maybe charge a hundred bucks each, there would be no shortage. I would just advertise a little. They would be lined up down the street, around the corner and when they finally made it to my door, they would walk in, drop their pants and cum almost before I got my mouth or my hand around it, exploding from an erect penis, shooting their load all over me. I would wipe the slimy goo away again, empty the overflowing trash can, collect the money and welcome the next guy. I am famous, rich and much in demand! A never-ending line of big walking cocks ringing my door bell day after day just so they can get that burden off of their head, poor things.

What a life goal, right? What a business plan! The banker would ask what your startup cost are and you could tell him, about $15.00, I need lube, tissues and a trash can, but I already have a trash can and the business plan would work. Cash only though and tips are encouraged. Maybe I could just do that as a guy but I do not have the balls or the looks for that.

What does "morning wood" tell us about nature? I have to assume that God has somewhat made the sexes equal in a sense. If my cock wakes up before me, gets hard as a rock and then wakes me up demanding attention on a daily basis and I am left to fight off the temptation to just jack that sucker off every morning, I mean how old would that get? How special would sex be if that was my reality?

And what of women, what do they get? They are obviously not waking up with morning wood but they must be waking up with something, what is it? This leaves me to conclude that women must be just as horny as we men are. Are they just better at dealing with the urge? Women can experience endless orgasms if things are right, while men experience only one, maybe two in a row at best on a very rare occasion.

We know women are better with the tradeoffs as we men will beg, borrow, steal, court and spend our time and money before getting to first base in most cases. If Dick and Vagina were having a conversation regarding intercourse, I would imagine it would be something like this; Dick wakes up in the morning hard and ready and moves to snuggle within Vagina. But Vagina says;

"Whoa buddy, not so fast. I am not in the mood and it does not feel like the time is right."

Dick says, "What do you mean the time isn't right? I do not get much harder that this! I mean come on, Plllleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee, I am ready and able, let's do this thing!"

Vagina says; "NO! You will have to court me first."

So, Dick goes out and buys flowers and candy. Takes Vagina out to the best restaurants, wines and dines endlessly, out to the clubs and theaters, goes out of its way to be polite and serves her hand and foot only to find when it tries to get cozy again with Vagina, Vagina is still not interested, it has a headache, it is that time of the month, etc., etc. Dick is desperate and starting to get a little pissed at the lack of attention it gets from Vagina, to the point of really not wanting to put up with the bullshit any longer.

But Dick is in need, so it bides its time, continues with the courtship but he has lost respect for Vagina and feels she is being unfair about the whole matter. The real kicker for Dick is, he thinks she really wants it. WTF Dick thinks! Dick is now resentful and really does not even like Vagina anymore but he hangs in there in the hope that the now desperate and hard state he is in will somehow find its way into Vagina.

But Vagina wants more, Vagina wants Dick on his knees for her. Vagina manipulates Dick into a subservient position in the relationship and still holds out. Dick is on the floor, hard, throbbing, tears of pre-cum it cries begging and pleading with Vagina to just let nature take its course.

Vagina sees what Dick has been willing to do just to get inside Vagina and even though Vagina is extremely horny she decides to hold out just a little longer to see how far Dick can be pushed, so to speak.

Vagina begins to hint at long term plans, you know, marriage, kids, a house. She starts to get Dick to buy in and before you know it, Dick and Vagina are walking down the aisle. The party ends, everyone goes home and what happens on the honeymoon night? Not a damn thing! Dick is a little on the drunk side and Vagina is worn out with all the events of the day. As Vagina lays her head on the pillow and thinks about things, she comes to the realization that she really does not respect Dick.

How can she respect someone who she has been able to push around and manipulate so easily? How weak and spineless is this man she just married?

Dick, on the other hand realizes tonight would not be the best night for sex even though he has been throbbing and in great need for months, he has never waited so long for it. He lays his head on his pillow after kissing Vagina good night and telling her that, "I love you," (and even though he is a little hurt, he really means it.) Men are just like little puppy dogs, ever loyal to a relationship even though he may get treated poorly at times. He is a little resentful of Vagina, all this time and "Dick" has yet to be relieved. No worries he thinks, there is always tomorrow.


So, women are able to use their sex appeal and beauty to navigate the complicated and sometime dangerous waters that we call relationships. I guess in the end it is just human nature to be selfish, to want to get our own way. And we men, walking around with our "dumb sticks" are an easy mark. We think with our walking hard on while women are overthinking and use the possibility of sex with them to come out on top and dominate most men in their lives.

If this is the case, it is no wonder most relationships end up being bashed and battered against the rocks with all members of a family left to fend for themselves, grasping onto anything that will get them out of the waves and somewhere safe. The trail of destruction left behind by divorce is quite clear to see for all involved, especially if you are the man after the court and your ex finally give you some, (right up the ass.)

I have been unable to find a woman that is not willing to play the same old game with her sex and I refuse to have a relationship with anyone that is going to try and manipulate me into whatever they want. (Seduce and Destroy seems to be the game plan for most women playing the field these days.) Surprising to me that they want to continue on a path that they know will end badly. I do not know the answer to this dilemma.

Maybe prostitution should be legal, at least then maybe I could find an honest woman for a change and hell, maybe I could even whore myself out to a lonely or homely woman and get a win-win.

It would be really cool if women could have a penis for a week or more and realize what the hell, we men go through with this thing attached to our bodies that never seems to shut the hell up.

(Great, just got a boner over that thought!)

I could see it now, women wake up one morning and feel strangely different, they feel like they are in a dream almost, except this morning they have a very large throbbing cock attached to their bodies and the feeling that is starting to build as they are stroking this thing is impossible to resist. (Hey guys, remember the very first time we discovered this? The feeling was insanely satisfying and we just wanted more, all of the time.)

I could just see it now, a woman in a dress or a skirt in public standing there with an un controllable stiff cock refusing to go away, they would have to start wearing pants in an attempt to hide the erection that they will be forced to deal with daily. Would they finally get it then? Let them deal with that for a week or two, they would probably miss work and be entertaining the new found toy attached to their body and be frustrated at the lack of control they have over the penis.

It just gets hard all by itself because the wind blew a little bit or something and now, she is stuck with this erection, what will she do to control it? She tries to reason with the thing but that is hopeless. So, she looks for relieve from others only to find NO ONE is interested in satisfying her need. Au contraire, they only make it worse and tempt them somehow, sexually, with no intention of satisfying the desire aroused. Talk about frustrating, she cannot seem to get the relieve she is craving!

So, what now? Well let me tell you. They are doing all sorts of things with the newfound member stuck to their bodies. A brand-new jar of peanut butter of course, it was a little messy but WOW, did that feel good. She wakes up in the morning with wood and the next thing you know she is stroking that thing off to orgasm. She is horny all of the time and just figures she can jack the cock off anytime is gets erect, why is she always in the bathroom now?

Another woman slipped her flaccid cock into an empty toilet paper roll and now she cannot get her own cock out of the now impossible tight situation she finds herself in. Nothing is working, she cannot cut the tube off because her cock is way too hard and she fears a hospital visit. In a panic she jumps into a warm bath, the water softens the tube and then she used the shower head on her cock and has another explosion. Damn this thing she thinks as it comes around with another erection! She has no control of this thing, at all.

Sales of flesh lights go through the roof. Women are always locked away somewhere now, what the hell are they doing all of the time? No matter what they try, the cock is always getting rock hard and demanding attention.

She is also frustrated that no matter how hard she tries, she just cannot get the thing in her own mouth, oh, it is so close, just another inch or two and she could suck herself off. Suddenly, the yoga classes all have new stretches that allow them to eventually get that thing into their own mouth and now women are not seen in public any longer. What the hell is going on in the world today we wonder?

Men are unaware of what is going on as they did not get a vagina and marvel at all of the job opportunities available now. We men have been dealing with the cock all of our lives and are better able to ignore the thing most days. But not the women, how long will they be endowed with a cock, how long will the madness go on as they wonder, how in the hell did I get this cock and when will it ever stop getting erect?

Some women fight the urge and end up with a case of blue balls. Damn she thinks, this feels worse than any period I have ever had and she is also unaware that the only cure for her current state is the wrap her hand around her shaft and stroke that little beast until she cum's and at last finds a brief relieve.

Me, being the only one who knows what is happening and the one in control of when things change back to normal see an opportunity. I find a very rich woman, filthy rich and single. I approached her in the grocery store and tell her I know her little secret and ask her if she would like some help with her situation.

She looks at me astonished that I knew and immediately took me up on the offer. We leave at once in her car with her driving. I am really getting her worked up as she drives, a squeeze and rub of her cock through her pants and she can barely keep her attention on the road so I have to stop playing with her penis.

We arrive at her gated mansion and as we enter the door, she is ripping her clothes off as fast as possible revealing a rock-hard penis and wow, is she hung! I begin to toy with her member leading her up the stairs and into her bedroom. I request material that I can tie her to the bed with. She looks at me puzzled and a little concerned. I explained that if I did not restrain her, she would be forced to take matters into her own hands and she immediately understood.

She comes out of her closet with a handful of nylons, chucks them at me and hops up onto the bed and assumes a spread-eagle position. She has a perfect female body with nice titties and an hourglass figure with a huge boner that is not letting up. This is confusing to say the least but I am already hard. I secure her to the bed loosely at all four corners and then go down on her penis. My mouth is not big enough to get her in so I am slowly licking her head like an ice cream cone.

She is already begging me to let her cum but that is not going to happen so quickly. She is squirming in her bonds trying to reach her member to no avail and continues to beg for sexual release. I have both hands on her cock, one at the base keeping the blood flow from escaping her hard on and the other working around her head being careful not to allow her past the point of no return.

Her cock is rock solid hard and is becoming a bright shade of red and purple and I am loving how I am driving it/her crazy.

I vary my attack and after thirty minutes or so she is nonstop begging me to let her cum. She is out of sorts and it is obvious there is only one thing on her mind and that is to cum. So, I make my move and ask her if she would like to cum now?

We all know the answer to that question. "What would you be willing to give me to allow you sexual release?"

"Oh please, anything, anything at all, just name it, please give me release!"

She is trying to reach her cock again as she struggles against the bondage but there is no hope of her getting her hand around it, my bondage is too good and her level of desperation and frustration is clear in her entire being. I wait a brief moment as I let her erection cool off a little and suggest that I would be able to help her out of this little jam for a million bucks.

"YES, DAMMIT JUST LET ME CUM!!!" she screams, I will pay you, I will pay you today!

That was easier than I thought, hopefully after she cums she does not forget her promise.

You can see how weak a hard penis can make a person.

I again take her cock into my hands and the sigh of relieve and ease that washed over her totally changed her mood and attitude. She knew she was going to be able to cum and was now going to enjoy the ride toward the orgasm. I had other plans, I wanted her to experience the best possible climax and that would take a little time.

One hand at her base and the other hand working around her head and glands and pulling down below her head is making her cock impossibly hard and erect. She is moaning and her body is beginning to shake uncontrollably and she struggles against the bondage, sometimes trying to reach out for her cock but appearing to be in a state of longing bliss.

Continuing the slow tease my hands are more and more tugging down on her now at the base making the head of her cock a bright and shiny red, and when I say hard on, this chick is hard as a rock, and she is just going crazy with desire. As I just continue to hold that pressure I can see and feel the inevitable approaching.

I have always kind of wanted to suck a dick but never wanted to have a guy's cock in my mouth. I (like every man on the planet) have tried to suck my own cock but I am not that well-endowed and or flexible. Her cock is too big to fit in my mouth so I just laid down, held my grip at her base and started licking and sucking on the glans of her penis, very slowly around her head just working the entire area of the head of her cock.

She is unable to remain still or silent and is pulling at her bonds and moaning like a caged animal. Her heavy breathing is building and building until at last, here it cums. I pulled my mouth away just in time and she had an explosive first squirt as she was literally screaming with delight. Mind you, I am still just holding pressure at the base of her rock had dick. She squirted a second and a third time as I am aiming for her face and she is getting covered with it.

I started jacking off the entire length of her cock and she is moaning and screaming with delight as her cock releases two more large loads launching it at least four feet into the air and she is cumming like mad. My continued assault slows as she is giving a little negative feedback as the head of her cock is extremely sensitive so I adjust my grip below it and squeezing on and off and toying with her balls.

She looks like she just went through WWIII as she lets her head fall back into the bed and releasing a huge sigh of relieve. I just kept toying with her sex, lightly caressing her balls and an occasional tug on the head of her penis. She is just lying there enjoying the afterglow and to my surprise she is getting hard again, how is that possible after that massive orgasm?

I climbed off of the bed and asked if she would like a drink of water as I headed to her bathroom. I returned, placed my hand under her head lifting slightly as I gave her a drink. Once that was done, I untied her and climbed onto the bed and started snuggling with her as I lightly caressed and fondled her nipples and tits and also her now again erect penis.

"I want it again." She spoke

"I want you this time, will you let me fuck you?" I will give you another million and I am not even joking!" "I want to know what if feels like to fuck somebody with this thing, will you let me fuck you in the ass?"

"Two million dollars?"

I looked down at her penis, then back up at her and asked, "Two million dollars, really?"

She leapt off of the bed with her boner bouncing around in front of her, pulled something out of a desk drawer, scribbled something quickly and returned to the bed side and offered me a signed check for two million dollars. "Holy shit" I said.

"Is that a yes then?"

It all happened to fast, what was I to do. Her cock was going to rip me a new asshole and I was not sure I could handle it. She saw the hesitation, snatched the check from my hands dropping it on the nightstand and instructed me to get undressed and bend over the side of the bed as she went into the bathroom.

Well Shit, what have I got myself into I ask as I got naked. She came out of the bathroom and said; "Not there, I want you at the end of the bed." I started to comply when she reached out and grabbed my cock, got on her knees and started giving me an amazing blow job. She was taking her time and when I got close, she stopped, smiled and said that; "I have such a different view of that now."

She pointed to the end of her bed. It was the perfect height, I bent over dreading what was about to happen when she took the panty hose and restrained my wrist to something under the bed, bedframe I was assuming. She snugged the nylons a little and then went behind me. I could feel the coolness of the lube and kind of leapt a little but with the bondage there was no turning back now.

She laid over my back and flicked my ear with her tongue a little and whispered softly that, "I am going to fuck the shit out of you."

Oh, great I think, I am about to be ass fucked and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Hopefully she will not last long. I really had no idea how strong nylons were before that day, they held me securely at her mercy and I had a feeling her very large cock would have none.

She went to the head of the bed and removed all of the pillows and there I was looking back at my reflection in the mirror, oh great I thought! She was back behind me now, she caressed my balls a couple of times, pulled my cock out from under me and let it drop against the mattress. She lightly caressed my back a couple of times with her hands resting on my hips. She let out a little excited sigh as she did so. I can hear her lubing up her shaft and she again slathered more lube on my virgin asshole. It feels really gross as it works its way down my balls and my own shaft.

"This is going to feel so good, thanks for helping me out." As she stroked the full length of her hard cock, I could hear her moaning and then I felt her swirling the head of her cock around my asshole smearing the lube around.

Oh, Shit I am thinking, what have I done. The bondage has pulled my arms toward the headboard and with her behind me there is no escape. This chick is about to fuck me in the ass, what was I thinking when I agreed? I just buried my face into the bed and waited.

I did not have to wait long...

She swirled her cock around the entrance a few more times and then centered in on the target and just started lightly pushing intermittently a little at a time. The pressure was tremendous for me and she is not even in yet. She was talking the whole time, a narrative of sorts I suppose. "I've got you now, you aren't going anywhere. A little at a time, a little push here and a little push there, we need to let you get used to it first. There we go, there we go..."

She was getting a little more forceful when suddenly her head popped open my sphincter muscles and I screamed into the mattress, this hurt like hell.

"A little more lube for you." As she squirted more into the crack of my ass.

She started working more and more of her giant cock into my ass a little at a time, nothing was really changing for me, the pain was horrible and it felt like there was an invader inside me, well there was an invader inside of me and it was stretching me horribly. She kept working more and more of herself inside of me and she got to a point that something inside of me felt...good? Through the pain and pressure, something was beginning to excite me.

She has me by the hips now and starts making fuller and fuller strokes until suddenly I can feel her hips starting to slap my ass cheeks and I cannot believe her full length is almost inside of me. "Damn, this feels so good!" As her speed and length pick up, I am now screaming into the mattress. I look up to get a breath and see her behind me forcefully thrusting in and out, in and out.

I can hear her orgasm approaching, she is now really pounding me, through all of the painful distractions and violence my body is shuttering inside, my asshole is involuntary shuttering against the invader inside and I feel like I am coming, my muscles inside are contracting and releasing uncontrollably and I think I just came although I did not feel my load get shot out. She is screaming now and pounding me harder than ever and I can hear her finally shoot her load, I can feel her cock explode inside of me and I have another assgasim?

All I can really think about at this moment is how bad I want her alien out of my body and I am a little confused about what just happened. Did I just have an orgasm from being fucked in the ass?

She is laying on top of me recovering, all of her weight and all of her cock remain on top and inside of me. The pain caused when she finally pulled out was shocking. All I wanted was to be untied and that is what happened. We both headed for the shower and the mess was just gross. We washed the mess off and cleaned up the bedroom and aired the room out.

She was fully aware of my complete embarrassment and as she said she wanted to do it again, shock waves shot through me and I wanted to shout HELL NO but I did not. This was all too much at the moment and seeing her beautiful naked form and the fact that she was wanting to come at me again with that monster cock of hers told me all I needed to know.

It was time to end this madness with women and cocks, it just wasn't normal. Also, the fact that I took some pleasure through the violent act that had just occurred, it scared me a little as I had to admit a part of me liked it. I had to do it; the fate of the Country and that of humanity itself was at stake.

So, the next morning women all over the Country woke up as in a haze. Had all of those memories been just a bad dream and where did my cock go, they think too themselves, somewhat confused. Even though it was driving them insane they somehow miss it already. It was clear that women can handle a cock no problem as long as it is not attached to their bodies, who knows, maybe it would have worked out once they got use to it, once they got over the initial surprise of what it was like to have a male orgasm. The thrill and the feeling were so different from what they experienced as a woman. Women all over are missing the cock that would wake them in the morning, they are now reaching for something that is no longer there.

Unfortunately for me, nothing changed regarding women and their outlook on anyone that actually has a real cock. Even though all of the profiles state; "No games" on all of the dating websites it seems that is the only thing they want to do when it comes to sex with a man.

I guess the thing I have been trying to say is this; The relationship between men and women are wholly unfair and balanced in favor of women. With their ability to say no so often and "never give it for free" they have it figured; men have been played on the whole with no ability to advance sexually with a woman without being dominated. It seems as simple as that.

Why would women surrender the high ground anyway? They box men in with the power over the cock, just the chance that they might concede a little entices a man to continue the courtship, to stay in pursuit, to keep trying to please her just in the hope that she might just reach out and take the cock into her hand and give us a little needed relieve.

My short stint of dating after my wife left reveled a couple of things. I found that most women my age that had already been married were not honest, I highly value that in any friendship. They also acted entitled, like the world itself owed them something along with everyone else on the planet. They did not seem to understand that the word love is actually a verb, not a feeling... Think about that for a moment.

The other thing that really irks me is the "bitch stamp on the faces of most good-looking women", It totally warns me away from them, how will things progress in a relationship if we men accept at the start that she is currently un-happy and the forecast for her every being anything other than disgusted at everyone and everything in her life... who and what could possibly please her, impossible!

I also found that even though we had no real official commitment yet they felt it was completely okay for them to pursue other men and even sleep with them while she was trying to hold out with me sexually to gain an advantage. I know this is not true of all women but the few I attempted to date where just, hostile, rude, and just out of touch, like they have been removed from the norm of society and do not know how to act toward anyone.

Get in a little disagreement and the next thing you know it is like you are on the stand being questioned by Perry Mason with your words and motives being twisted and challenged, with the only person that was there having the conversation with you in the first place.

Really, who are you kidding, I was there, you do not have to go down this road.

I found these few women had a deep-seated anger for some reason and could not be happy even with themselves. They would not talk about it, admit it or try to find something to maybe find a little joy. I do not know, maybe they never really gave anything an honest shot.

I was able to finally hook up with a woman my age and we agreed to a FWB thing but let me tell you, every time we had sex, (and it was really, really good) I felt like I was falling in love, just like a little puppy so I got scared and ran away. She had too much baggage, kids and no job. Call me what you will, but I could not afford it at the time, I was still paying child support and had college cost just a few years away, so I ran.

I found that the only way to win with women these days is too just not play their game, So I no longer do, fuck it, who needs the bullshit? I am very happy single and older so the cock is not quite the horndog it used to be, no that is not right, the cock is still a horndog, I have just weighed the cost benefit and find no benefit with the average Woman today. I feel there is someone out there, possibly...

It is odd to me that we can logically understand that 2+2=4 or understand how an internal combustion engine operates or any other complex operation but so far, (it seems) we do not understand ourselves when it comes to our own sexuality. We have this nature programmed into us that can come out of nowhere and can cause us to make all kinds of fucked up choices, and for what? The short-term joy and fulfillment of sexual desire and release?

Jeez, I can do that myself and avoid the traps and pitfalls that seem to come along with a relationship with a woman these days. I would love to find a "normal" woman who is willing to just be herself and not play all of the games that women seem to have to play these days, just because they have a pussy? I guess normal is just a setting on my dryer and not something associated with most women. It seems to me that men are just stepping stones to be walked on and over while women search for their knight in shining armor, yea, thanks for that as you leave a six-inch stiletto imprint on my ass.

Who is at fault for the current relationship woes between men and a woman? Is the man at fault because most cannot seem to keep the penis inside his pants and is not faithful to his woman? Or is the woman at fault because she uses her beauty, figure and sex to dominate most men?

After much thought I have come to the conclusion that the guilty party here is the cock itself. It is at fault for all of these woes! After all we find that it cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be trusted, it will never hold back and has only one goal in life and will never, ever stop until it achieves it's one mission, anytime, anywhere and with almost any one! It is the cock's fault!

Thoughts and comments? I am all ears!

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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