The Foundation Chronicles: The Convention
  • Author - Panzer Exhibits
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  • Post Date - 5/16/2021

Author's Note: The Foundation holds it's yearly convention for it's clients. What follows is a week of sadism and debauchery.

Chapter 1

Evan barely managed to suppress a moan as the object slave's moist lips slid over his hard cock. Her tongue caressing his frenulum as his cock passed through her warm mouth. He tilted his head back as she made the return trip back to his tip and then down again.

"I assume you signed up for the scene demonstration contest, again, this year," Beverly said. Evan grunted as her voice threatened to break his blow job induced euphoria.

"What? Oh, yes of course, one of these years I intend to actually win," he said, laboring through his distraction. He should have waited until he was alone with the slave before making use of her, but he could not help himself, he and Bev had not been very physical lately. Besides, it was understood among Foundation members sex with a slave held no more meaning than sex with a couch cushion.

"Yes well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Now that my father is gone, and I have taken full control of his company, things are going to have to change," Bev said, tilting her cheek upward so the worker slave applying her face paint could do her job.

Evan took a moment before responding as he reached his climax. His cum filled the slave's mouth and she swallowed without hesitation as her training demanded. Once his ecstasy abated, he pointed to the corner wordlessly. The slave, known as Object Jenna, placed herself at attention in the corner of the room until needed again. "What do you mean by change?" He turned his attention to Bev who by now had nearly completed her face paint. Female members of the Foundation always wore elaborate face paint to obscure their real-world identities. Male members would wear masks for the same reason. As such paint, or masks, were required in any common area of the facility. Slaves didn't count, of course, no one cared what they saw.

"This is the last one of these Foundation conventions we can attend. After this year I will be resigning both of us from our memberships."

"Why would you do that? You know how hard, and how expensive it is, to become a member of this exclusive organization. How long it took."

"Belcom Technologies is too exposed having it's CEO and COO connected with a group that traffics in women from all around the world. Something like this, can never last forever, you know that."

"You were never bothered by it before. Don't tell me you are growing a heart suddenly."

"I'm not concerned about the morality of it. Some are lucky in life, and others less so, these girls are just the unlucky ones, that is all. What bothers me is the legal ramifications when this operation is exposed someday. Before I took over the company my father had plausible deniability."

Evan looked at Bev shocked by what he was hearing. She looked back at him waiting for him to speak. Her face paint gave her the look of a Fox with a blue, black, and white color scheme. Her blonde hair, still wet from a shower, hung to her shoulder blades, and would be done up into a complex braid before the night's events. "The Foundation takes every precaution to protect its members. You know that."

Bev sighed, and crossed her legs. Protruding from a silk robe, her legs appeared long and smooth, toned, but not overly muscular either. It had been far too long since he had the pleasure of getting between those exquisite appendages. "I didn't make this decision lightly. And my informing you is a curtesy not a debate." She crossed her arms in front of her, "Now, I suggest you visit one of the orgy dens, or torture pits, while I get ready for tonight. Because this weekend will be the last time The Foundation will get to see Bluefox and Tartarus in action."

He stared of Bev for a long time wanting to argue but he knew her well enough she wasn't going to get any more reasonable. Finally, he punched the bed and headed for the door. "Object Jenna, follow," he ordered, as he stormed out.

Chapter 2

Evan stepped into the hallway almost forgetting to slip his mask down. His mask was black with a red burning skull. When he wore it, he went by the name Tartarus. He picked a direction and started walking. He heard Object Jenna's bare feet scampering over the tile flooring to keep up with his gait.

He didn't know where he was headed, he just needed to think. Bev's announcement caught him off guard. She always enjoyed their Foundation membership, it was one of the only things they enjoyed together, most of the time. Apparently, he misjudged her enthusiasm for what The Foundation had to offer them, or else, she would not be able to give it up so easily.

What could he do, now that she inherited her dads fortune and company, she had all the money? He was only the Chief Operating Officer, an employee with a fancy title. He knew Belcom technology better than anyone, and with Bev's money, it made for a convenient partnership until now. Without her, he could never afford to remain a member of The Foundation. The first membership fee is a million dollars and another quarter million per year to renew. That doesn't include the normal fees of buying time with the objects for regular visits which could cost thousands each session.

There was the scene contest, the reward for winning that was a year of free membership and half off all services during that time. Winning was a major long shot, though, five years he competed and every time he lost. Viperella won the past three years and was expected to win again. Although, he had come in second last year, so maybe, if he could come up with the perfect idea. Even if he did win, his money problems would return but he might be able to raise the funds if he had a year.

He punched the wall, the frustration boiling out of him as he thought about the position Bev had put him in. He could not believe that bitch would lord her money over him and keep him from his passions. He stopped short, his emotions rumbling, he needed to think. He heard a squeak behind him, as Object Jenna barely managed to stop before colliding with him.

Evan looked at her, really, for the first time since she was assigned to him. During convention weekends all members can have an object assigned to them that would cater to their every whim during their stay. He had been given Object Jenna shortly after he and Bev arrived. She was five feet six inches tall, blonde hair reaching the middle of her back. She had a pair of beautiful, bell-shaped breasts, that jiggled ever so slightly with the objects every breath. A heart shaped face, and close-set brown eyes when looked at closely, revealed a deep sadness. The Foundation could do amazing things with its slaves, but the humanity could never be conditioned out of the eyes entirely. Something always remained in the eyes.

Taking a step back, to look at her fully, it occurred to him for the first time how much Object Jenna looked like Bev. He supposed that made sense. The Foundation had all the member taste profiles on record it's not strange that they would find him an object that so closely resembled his own girlfriend.

Now, though, anything that reminded him of Bev only filled him with resentment. His fists closed into tight balls and he wanted to smash them into Object Jenna's jaw. He came close to doing exactly that, but the urge faded as quickly as it came. It would have been pointless, and The Foundation frowned on gratuitous damage to its property. If you wanted to inflict pain, you had to pay for it first. And without Bev's approval he wouldn't be able to pay for a broken jaw.

There was one thing he could do. Without another thought he slammed Object Jenna against the wall, harder than he intended, but if she was hurt, she did not complain. Foundation objects were made to take a beating. His cock was exposed, in an instant, and he hooked an arm under the back of Object Jenna's knee, bent it upward. His cock rammed into her with a ferocity that surprised even him. Jenna was lifted off the floor with each thrust. Objects were conditioned to moisten at a moment's notice when called for service, but his assault came to fast for even this high-quality slave. Jenna grunted in discomfort as he rammed it home dry. His hand went over her mouth pinning her head to the wall as he continued. After bouncing the girl on his cock for several minutes he exploded inside the object's pussy. He throbbed repeatedly as his cum pumped into the vessel.

He withdrew, letting Jenna down on unsteady legs. Her face was red, sweat glistened, and winced in pain for just a moment before her training kicked in and erased the expression. She quickly wiped away tears with the back of her hand and looked up at him. "Did this object satisfy master?" Object Jenna said, in a small pitiable voice.

Evan leaned against the opposite wall, panting, and looked left and right down the hall. It was empty, but it would not have mattered anyway. Fucking often took place out in the open during conventions. Jenna stood at attention waiting for affirmation. Her legs tremored, and he could see his cum dripping down the inside of her thighs. Damn, she looked so much like Bev, only fucking Bev had not felt that good in a long time. He looked at the object in front of him and smiled, "Yes, Object Jenna, it did satisfy master."

Chapter 3

After wondering the halls for a bit Evan ended up at the torture pit. He dismissed Object Jenna, temporarily, but he planned to call for her again later. Object slaves assigned to a member were given more freedom during convention weeks so that they could better serve. He sent her to get cleaned up and wait for him in the slave quarters.

Two worker slaves bowed their heads to him, as he approached, and opened the large double doors into the torture pit. The term was coined by the members and was a fitting name. He entered the circular arena that was surrounded by ten-foot brick walls on all sides. Above the walls were stadium seating that, for now, only had a smattering of spectators. In the center it felt like standing at the bottom of a pit hence the name.

It cost over a hundred thousand dollars per member to attend the week long convention. That fee went to fund things like the pit, orgy dens and all the other services. This meant during the four days any member could make use of the available objects provided in the pits to practice their skills.

Two dozen objects stood chained to iron loops in the wall. Metal shackles held their wrists high above their heads forcing them to stand on toe tip to relieve some of the weight. A few of the shorter slaves could not reach the floor at all and simply dangled limply from the chains. He scanned the nude bodies of what were once women with individual personalities and dreams. Now they were merely objects available for his pleasure. The thought alone, made his cock twitch. As he inspected each of his options, a diverse grouping of flesh ranging from pale white to black complexions gathered from all around the world. As he gazed at the human buffet before him he could not stop thinking about how this was all going to be taken from him. The power he got from being a member of the most exclusive of clubs was just an illusion. Power given, was not real power at all, if it could be taken back at any time. Bev had the power because she held the purse strings.

"Hey, Tartarus is that you over there?"

He looked toward the voice and saw Dogor waving to him from across the arena. Dogor was another Foundation member Evan saw every year at the convention. A muscular, meat head sort of a man, that wore full BDSM gear as part of his persona that made him resemble a medieval executioner. Some members, mostly the women, did wear elaborate revealing costumes during convention events but he never saw Dogor out of his.

Once Dogor got Evan's attention he turned back to the object he had been working on. An object, Evan guessed to be in her early twenties. An easy assumption since eighteen to twenty-five was the most common age cohort of the object slaves. The object was suspended with her thighs tied to her torso and neck. Her arms were held in a box-tie and a ball-gag stuffed her mouth muffling kitten like whimpers. Her ankles were bound at a right angle to her thighs with each big toe bound to the floor to keep her from swaying too much. This position left the objects ass and pussy exposed from the bottom and Dogor was taking advantage of this with a cattle prod. Evan heard the electrical pop and crackle of the prod as it arced across sensitive flesh. The object jerked in response pulling against her toes inspiring fresh sounds from behind the gag. From the look on the objects face he must have been at this for a while because tears already dripped steadily from her cheeks and her eyes were tired and desperate.

"Back for another year I see," Dogor said, placing the cattle prod onto a rolling tool station that held an assortment of torture items.

"And I see your getting started already," Evan said, glancing at the shivering object that hung in front to them.

"Ha, this is just some practice for my scene in the contest. You sign up again this year?"

"Of course."

"Good, you came pretty close last year, didn't you? Maybe this will be your year."

"Is Viperella involved this year?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"You know she never misses it."

"Yeah, she won't be easy to beat." He often thought she cheated somehow but so far; he couldn't figure out how. The only possibility he could think of was she had friends on the judging panel. Judges were chosen, by lottery just before the contest began, making it unlikely she could pack it with allies though.

"Well, maybe you'll get lucky and she won't enter because she's too busy beating on that little girlfriend of hers." Dogor held a butt plug the size of a tennis ball, at its widest point, to the object's anus. He grunted, dissatisfied with his choice, returned it grabbing another. The second plug was larger, with a diameter of three to four inches at its widest point.

"What do you mean by that?" Evan asked, suddenly interested in the gossip. He already knew that Viperella and Mantessa were a couple, but he had not heard anything else beyond that.

The object groaned and jiggled in her suspension as Dogor rammed the butt plug home, her sphincter laboring to accommodate the massive object. "Those two started out in a healthy master/slave relationship with a vanilla day life and everything. Word is Viperella has been pushing Mantessa's limits more, and more, becoming borderline abusive. Anyway, I don't know much else and I must focus on my own scene. I doubt I'll win, but I have a few new ideas for this year to show off."

Evan did not know how to take this knowledge about Viperella and Mantessa's relationship. He hated Viperella, she was known as the heinous bitch of the entire membership and hearing she was abusing her girlfriend did not come as a surprise. On the other hand, Mantessa did not talk much. When she did speak she was always kind and pleasant to him. At least thinking about it took his mind off his own troubles. "I'd better let you get back to your work then," Evan said, to a half listening Dogor as he applied the cattle prod again.

Evan returned to the objects chained to the wall. There were fewer of them now as several other members had come in and were busily applying treatments. The din in the pit grew as screams and sobs emanated from all directions. Evan chose an object for himself and spent the next two hours torturing the slave while he tried to think of a way out of his troubles.

Chapter 4

Evan adjusted his tux in the mirror until everything hung off him exactly right and he was satisfied. Like most formal events men's outfits were boring compared to the women. Except, of course, for the masks which he placed over his face and adjusted it until comfortable.

He looked at the time, dammit, she always took so long getting ready. He spent the last few hours mulling his options and settled on at least the beginnings of a plan. He decided trying to beat Viperella fair and square was too much of a risk. He was confident he could beat the other members on his own especially if he could find a way to bribe one of the judges. That would not be easy because once the years judges were chosen, at random, they were sequestered for the week. If he could learn where the judge suites were, he was sure he could come to some agreement with one of them. After all, everyone had something they wanted.

As for Viperella, she was a force of nature when she went to work in a scene. Last year she won after putting on a whole production that featured male and female slaves dressed in costume and acting out roles in a melodrama, she herself wrote. The whole performance ended with several objects being hanged by the neck into unconsciousness. Killing a slave during a performance was considered cheating, otherwise, he had no doubt she would have went all the way. The challenge was to be as cruel as possible without killing the victim.

Scenes that played out elaborate scenarios, even ones depicting historical figures, were not uncommon. The shows Viperella put on were epic, with high production value that she funded with her own money. He didn't have the funds to compete with her on that level. He would have to find a way to remove her somehow. What Dogor told him about Viperella and Mantessa's relationship might be something he could exploit.

"I'm ready," Bev said, emerging from the bedroom of the suite. Bev's hair was tied in a braid and coiled into a hive shape on the crown of her head with a blue flower stuck through the braid. Her Bluefox make-up, meticulously applied, obscured her identity and gave her an exotic look. She wore a blue dress that covered the outside of her tits to the nipple, leaving her chest and cleavage exposed, then came together to form a V at her pubic area. A long, see through, lace skirt reached to her ankles but was slit along the sides all the way to her hips revealing two exquisite legs and blue lace panties. The ensemble was completed with a pair of high heeled strap shoes that wrapped around her foot, encircling toes, each nail painted blue to match the rest of the look. "Well, how do I look?" She said, resting her hands on her sides and jutting out one hip. When she did this, it creased the area just below one buttock displaying the firmness of her ass cheeks which he would likely not get his hands on tonight.

"You look gorgeous, baby," he said, honestly. He was still mad at her, but her beauty he could not deny.

She smiled, "After tonight's events I am going with some of the girls to the orgy dens. I won't be back at the room tonight. I know you're mad about having to resign your membership, but I hope you will try to enjoy yourself this week." She touched his collar and ran her hand down his arm straitening the fabric. "You also look good." She leaned in and kissed him, "I promise I'll make it up to you."

He and Bev walked, arm in arm, to the banquet hall where the nights main events were going to take place. The room could hold hundreds of people, easily, and allowed for the members to mingle and socialize. In each corner, cages were built out from the wall that held a dozen slaves. The cages opened and closed, regularly, as members pulled selected objects for use or returned others. Along the back and sides were several banquet tables decorated with an impressive spread of foods and delicacies. A small army of worker slaves scurried about catering to every whim.

One of those worker slaves approached them with a tray of drinks. "Drinks, masters?" She said, offering the options on the tray. They each took a glass of milk-rum and then the slave moved to offer her tray to other arriving members.

He swished the liquid around and held it to the light, a solid opaque white, he sipped some into his mouth, fresh with a perfect texture. He hummed in approval, the first time he was here, he could not believe they served milk to the guests even milk mixed with rum. Once he learned where it came from he had a change of heart. He surveyed the room until he found the source of the milk. A line of slaves strapped to chairs along one wall. Each slave sported a pair of massive balloon tits. Attached to each breast was a pumping machine, like ones used to milk cows, that filled a tank with fresh human milk. According to The Foundation these special slaves were given prolactin to stimulate lactation without a pregnancy. The milk was then mixed with rum, bottled, and served to members at a premium. It was one of his favorite parts of being a Foundation member and given his current dilemma made him a little sad. He had to figure out a way to keep all of this.

"I'm going to mingle a bit I'll meet you at the table in a little while," he said, freeing his arm from Bev.

"Ok, have fun." He heard her say but he was already moving away.

He needed to find Mantessa and talk with her. He did a few rounds through the hall making small talk when he had to. Finally, Viperella arrived with Mantessa on her arm. Viperella had the body of a comic book heroine, massive tits, narrow waist, wide hips, and a runway models height. A copse of long, green hair quaffed outward to resemble the hood of a cobra head. She was mixing up her snakes if anyone asked him, none the less, the look was effective. A green dress stretched from the waist, covered just the nipples of each mound, went over the shoulders, and crossed the center of a bare back. From the waist, hung a lace skirt, like the one Bev wore, only this did not reach passed the middle of Viperella's thighs. It was also slit up the side, so the flank of each ass cheek was bare. Knee high Stiletto boots completed the look.

He moved quickly to the couple and greeted them with the broadest smile he could muster. "Hello ladies, you both look ravishing tonight."

"Hello Tartarus. You look, well, like you tonight. Where is Bluefox, not in the room packing your bags, I hope. I heard she was cutting you off. It would be about time she is too good for you."

Evan grit his teeth at the jibe. Was Bev airing our dirty laundry to other members. He tried to remove any irritation from his voice, "No, she's around here somewhere, socializing. She says she will be attending the orgy dens, later tonight, will you ladies be joining her?"

"We might. I haven't decided yet. After all, I must rest before beating you in the scene contest."

"I wish you luck," he said, with feigned honesty.

He could see Viperella's jaw tighten at her inability to get a reaction from him. Good, that's what he wanted. He stole a look at Mantessa who stood silent clinging to Viperella's arm eyes downcast. "How are you tonight Mantessa?"

The shorter woman looked up and began to mouth a response, "Don't speak to her," Viperella spoke before Mantessa could get a word out. Mantessa's gaze drooped back to the floor her moment to speak past. "Come on, we have nothing else to say to him," Viperella said, and pulled Mantessa away. Evan watched as the two women moved away. Yes, something was wrong, in that relationship. What did he know about them? Viperella was in her late twenties, twenty-eight or nine, Mantessa a few years younger twenty-four, or five he thought. That was about all he knew and the face paint obscuring their identities made finding out any more difficult. No matter, all he had to do was get Mantessa alone for even a short time.

Chapter 5

The members began migrating to the center of the banquet hall and take seats at the round tables provided. He met Bev and they took seats beside one another. The remaining four seats filled up quickly with: Dogor, Red Owl, Aristotle, and Augustine joining them. Dogor, always one of the more Epicurean members, balanced a chestnut skinned slave on one knee while she dropped grapes into his grinning mouth.

He and Bev knew these members well from previous events and they greeted each other cordially before turning their attentions to the stage. Slaves brought a round of milk-rum to every table and the lights dimmed. After a suspenseful moment, the Prime Dom Dominique glided across the stage, her erotic gait, sending the last murmurs from the audience into extinction.

"Greetings Foundation family I am glad to see you all here again for this annual event. I invite you all to enjoy the many pleasures The Foundation has to offer over the next several days. Tonight, we choose the judges for this year's contests of torture and debauchery. As always, I remind the members that it is not simply about inflicting the most pain. But to create the most original symphony of suffering that best combines; pain, humiliation, and mental torture, but avoids actual death of the victim. It is always a delicate balance, but you will be judged on how you best juggle those features."

A worker slave came on stage and held out a bucket. "We must choose four members to join me on the judging panel. Anyone chosen will be required to withdraw from the contest but will be rewarded with twenty-five thousand dollars in Foundation credit for your service."

Prime Dom pulled four chips from the bucket each chip would have a member's name. Evan tensed, the chances of him being chosen were small, and he could opt out, but that was usually seen as bad form amongst the members. As for the twenty-five thousand in credit, that wouldn't last more than a week at normal Foundation prices. "The four members joining me on the panel will be Daedalus, Zelmire, Hercules, and Augustine." He relaxed knowing he would not have to deal with the prospects of being called himself, or worse, Bev being called and having to rely on her to opt out for his sake. He joined in the applause that went up for the four chosen. Augustine sat across from him smiled at the attention.

He liked Augustine well enough. She was a newer member, and young, he figured her to be twenty-one or two. He could not be sure yet, but he might be able to work with her somehow. If he could find her later. Augustine stood, along with the other judges, and were guided away by slaves. From now on, those four would not get to socialize much with the other members to prevent them from being influenced. His mind was already working on a way to communicate with her somehow, but he forced the thoughts away for now. Viperella had to be the priority now.

"I invite you all to enjoy tonight's entertainment the first scenes of the contest will be viewed tomorrow night. A slave will bring the schedule to each of you shortly." The Prime Dom then sauntered off the stage as alluringly as she had arrived.

A moment later three wood structures were wheeled onto the stage. The base of the structure was rectangular and spaced out evenly. On top was a row of metal poles bent into a T shape. On each T an object slave was draped forward each arm and leg shackled to the base. The slaves were fitted with ring harness gags. Handles were built into harness gags allowing easy manipulation of the slave's head. This allowed access to all the object's holes. There were two of the male type with a dozen slaves lined up on each of them. The third structure was similar in design except a dozen slaves sat with their legs folded under them, each elbow, bound together and bent over a lower T stand. The slave's wrists were then tied to the T stand at the small of the back. Straps held their legs in place. They wore a harness, like the others, except these did not have the ring gag portion. Instead, each slave's head were tied back so they were forced to look at the ceiling. This allowed female members to straddle the objects mouths and be pleasured to their hearts content.

The lights went back up and the members began to mingle again. A group moved straight to the stage to make use of the objects on the stage. "I'm going to get online for a spot. What about you?" Bev said.

"Maybe later, I'm going to take it slow."

"Suit yourself," Bev said, and hurried toward the stage.

Any member could use a slave, at any time, but there was something intoxicating about having an object bound and in position unable to resist even if one were inclined to. He was tempted to follow Bev to the stage, but this was going to be his best chance to catch Mantessa alone.

He searched the room and caught sight of Viperella intercepting Bev on her way to the line. The two greeted each other with affectionate smiles and got in line together. How Bev managed to be friends with Viperella he did not understand. Where was Mantessa, finally, he saw her just as she slipped through the curtain that led to the bathrooms. He moved that way before Mantessa had time to rejoin Viperella.

Chapter 6

Evan pushed through the curtain just as Mantessa was entering a stall. He went into the stall adjacent to hers. Bathrooms were co-ed at The Foundation each object toilet separated by a plastic divider like a typical stall. He could hear faint whimpers coming from the next stall, was she crying, was it that bad between them? He figured he might as well piss while he waited. It was best to give Mantessa some time to collect herself.

Naturally, The Foundation toilets were of a special design. An object slave was bound in a position like the slaves bound for the female members on the stage. Their mouths pointing upward, held open with a ring gag and at the perfect height for a man to piss in. The women would have to straddle the slave, but the process worked either way. Slaves were usually used for toilets as a punishment for some transgression. This one was for pissing, but they had facilities for shitting as well. He shuddered to think what those slaves had done to be used for that purpose.

He relieved himself in the slave's mouth. Her brow furrowing and nostrils flaring as his piss bounced off her face and she struggled to swallow before she choked. God, he almost couldn't finish as his cock began to stiffen at the image. Stay focused, he had a job to do and it sounded like Mantessa was finishing up.

He zipped up and met her at the sink. "Hello, is everything ok," he said, gently.

Mantessa was the physical opposite of Viperella. She was about five feet tall, had a pair of tiny tits and a narrow curve less figure. She had short, dyed red hair, and if you looked at her in regular street clothes you might mistake her for a boy. Despite her boyish figure her Foundation outfit was no less revealing than any of the other women. She wore a garment made up almost entirely of leather straps. They wrapped around the girl's lithe bony form, crisscrossing her back and chest with two small triangles of leather covering each nipple. The straps then connected to a belt and another tiny triangle hung down in front barely covering her pussy. The triangle narrowed into a string and disappeared between her ass cheeks and connected to the belt in the rear. He had to admit she did have a tight little cute ass to make up for some of what she lacked.

Mantessa took a long time to answer but eventually turned to look up at him while drying her hands on a towel. "It's nothing really, Viperella just gets this way when she competes in the contest."

"You mean there is a time when she isn't so bitchy," he said, giving her a soft smile. His mask did not cover his mouth by design.

Mantessa laughed, "Well, she used to be nicer. When we first met, she was sweet to me at least."

Even under the face paint he could see that Mantessa had a round face with soft attractive features. If one did not mind small tits, and a frail frame, she was cute. "What happened that sent you in here crying?"

"Oh, she didn't like that I tried to speak out of turn. You know before when you spoke to me."

"It was my fault then, I'm sorry."

"No, it wasn't. She wasn't always this strict with me."

It was now, or never, he thought, "You know, she treats you like a common object slave. You are a free woman she has to respect you as such."

"I don't think it's that bad," she said, quickly and turned away from him. She crossed one arm over her chest and dropped her gaze to the floor. Her back to him, he could see clear signs of old bruising. Several days, or maybe weeks old, but they must have been severe when they were new. Still, it was hard to know if they were the result of consensual rough play or actual abuse.

"Only you can know for sure. But, if you need help, now would be your best chance, while surrounded by friends." He punctuated his words by gently placing a hand on her shoulder. He didn't want to push too hard and drive her away he also did not have a lot of time.

"I appreciate that. But it's fine, really, we will work things out we always do. I better get back to her before she asks too many questions." She scampered away before he could say anything else. He would just have to hope the seed was planted and he might make use of her later. Next, he had to consider what his own scene will be. He headed toward the stage to clear his head and his balls.

Chapter 7

Evan did not know what he was going to do if Mantessa did not seek his help in dealing with Viperella he could only hope that he read the situation well enough. In the meantime, he could try to reach out to Augustine, offer her something in exchange for her vote on the panel. Now that she was a judge, she would not be allowed to co-mingle with other members. He couldn't simply knock on her suite door because the judges had special quarters sequestered from the others. If he knew where those suites were, he might be able to get to them.

He caught one break at least, he was not scheduled to do his scene until the final day of the convention that gave him some breathing room. He reached his suite door and stepped inside. Stretched out tantalizingly on his bed was Object Jenna. He had forgotten he told her to meet him here and ever the obedient slave here she was. He squeezed his, still buzzing cock, he already blew his load three times inside the slaves at the banquet and was a bit spent.

"How can Object Jenna please you master?" she said.

She wore nothing but her silver collar that every slave had to wear. Bev's company worked on similar technology. The collar was like a RFID chip and had all the slave's information on it. They could track a slave's location and would know the second a collar went offline.

As he approached the bed, she moved to sit on folded legs her hands daintily clasped together in her lap. He noticed she wore a touch of eye shadow and some blush on her cheeks that gave them a subtle pinkish glow. "They let you have make-up?" he asked, sitting on the bed next to her.

"Objects are given what they need to please their masters."

"I see. Well, I'm a bit-tired right now so I won't need your body."

"Does master want Jenna to leave?"

"No, stay." He kicked off his shoes and propped his shoulders on the pillows and headboard. Opening his arms, he beckoned for Jenna to come to him. "Come here." She complied immediately, resting her head on his chest while he encircled her shoulders with one arm. They sat in a cuddle position as though they were a typical vanilla couple living out in the real world. It occurred to him he never had an actual conversation with an object slave. They were trained to please him in anyway but maybe she could help him in ways he could not predict. "Do you remember your old life?"

"Jenna has always been an object for pleasure."

"So, you don't remember any part of your old life, your family, friends, a job, your real name?"

Her expression twisted, and her gaze stared off blankly, as if searching the recesses of her mind for long lost memories. Maybe, it was his imagination because the moment, whatever it was, faded in an instant. "Jenna does not understand master's questions. Jenna has always been Object Jenna."

He sighed, "They really do a number on you girls."


"Nevermind." He stroked the pinna of Jenna's ear with his middle finger the same way he once did with Bev. A few superficial changes and Jenna could be Bev's twin so long as one did not care to look too closely, and people seldom did. "Do you know where the judge's quarters are?" He asked, not expecting her to know.

"Yes, master."

That was a surprise, but maybe it shouldn't be, slaves are the very definition of the phrase fly on the wall. "It would please me for you to tell me."

"Of course, master, they are located on the third sub-floor. Suites one through four."

That was simple enough, he would need to find time to get down there as soon as he could. He couldn't believe his luck that this slave would just give him the key information he needed to reach Augustine. That was one flaw in training these slaves to serve the members above all else. They could be asked to do things The Foundation would prefer they didn't. He was so happy at this good fortune he decided Object Jenna deserved to be rewarded. "When was the last time you felt any pleasure?"

"Jenna feels pleasure through pain and by pleasing her master."

"Well today, Jenna's pleasure is also my pleasure." He slid out from under her head and moved to the center of the bed. "Lie back and spread your legs. And this time you're allowed to make all the noise you want." He went down on her, his tongue caressing her tender sensitive flesh, finding its way inside, finding her clit. Her back arched and she let escape a moan of ecstasy as many years of pent up frustration unleashed itself and cascaded in rippling waves across her entire body. Finally, the waves crested and washed over her being in a crippling orgasm. He felt her insides spasm and tasted her juices as they drenched his mouth. He wasn't done with her yet, though, even as she recovered, her moans becoming pants, and her body dripping in sweat he went deeper. Before long, another orgasm took her, and soon after that a third. Moans grew into animated shrieks, her hips pivoted, inviting him to go deeper. As if willing him to go all the way to her very soul. Maybe even, to the girl she used to be, the one The Foundation stole from her.

After many devastating orgasms Object Jenna fell into a deep sleep her head resting on his chest. He did nothing to prevent it and let her sleep. He doubted she ever got a good night's sleep as a slave. He remained awake trying to decide what to do next. He still did not know what to do for his scene. He did not have the money, or time, for anything elaborate so he would have to rely on clever, shocking, and surprising. None of it would matter if he couldn't get rid of Viperella.

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Jenna did not stir at the sound and he slipped off the bed without waking her. He donned his mask as he made his way to the door. When he opened it, he was shocked to see Mantessa standing before him. He wasn't shocked that it was her so much as the fact she was not wearing her face paint. She still wore her Foundation get-up and he recognized her more from that then by her face.

She looked up at him her eyes red from fresh tears. One eye was swollen and already turning a purplish hue. "Mantessa, your face paint," was the first thing he managed to say.

She touched her face as if realizing she had left her room without her paint, a major faux pas, for the first time. "Were you telling the truth when you said that you would help me?" She said, ignoring her naked face.


"Good, then I need your help."

Chapter 8

Evan fought a war with his face to keep it from twisting into a wide goofy smile. He had read Mantessa right after all, that she was near a breaking point with Viperella, all she needed was a push. Smiling like a fool would seriously undercut his credibility with her.

"What happened?" he said, careful to keep a serious tone.

"It doesn't matter she just pushed me too far this time. She went to meet the other girls at the orgy den she will be gone for a while. Just come to my room and I'll fill you in on what I want to do." Mantessa marched off without another word.

He went back inside and woke Object Jenna. She roused, slowly rubbing her eyes, sleep stubbornly resisting her efforts to shoo it away. After a moment, though, she realized her mistake and sprang off the bed to her feet. "Sorry, master, Jenna should not have slept so soundly. How might this object please you?"

"It's fine, but I need you to come with me. We might need your help."

"Yes, master."

He left the room and headed toward Mantessa's suite Jenna following close behind. It was strange, he was starting to like this Object Jenna. I mean, she was certainly easier to deal with then Bev, or frankly, any woman in the regular world. He would have to talk to The Foundation about having her registered as his personal favorite assuming he could solve his money issues and keep his membership. As a member, he could pay a portion of a slave's upkeep and dictate how she was used by The Foundation when he was not around. If he paid her full value, he could have her put on reserve, just for him, permanently. First, he had to save his membership before he started thinking about reserving slaves.

Evan waited in the walk-in closet of Mantessa's suite with Object Jenna. Once they got to Mantessa's room she seemed to have everything figured out and he decided it was best to go along with it before she changed her mind. Now, they waited as Viperella was expected to return soon. In his hand he held a cloth soaked in the same sedative collectors used to capture new slaves. The Foundation would provide a small amount, upon request, as it was often used during scene performances. The fact Mantessa had already made that request was telling about her intentions. "I bet not many clients ask you to do what were about to do," he said.

"No, master. But Object Jenna is here to please you."

"Yes, I know. And you have been doing a good job so far. Keep it up and I will ask The Foundation to reward you for your good service."

"Thank you, this object will continue to serve."

He heard the door to the suite open, "Cheryl, I'm home. We need to finish our discussion from before."

Hmm, so Mantessa's real name is Cheryl that's good to know.

"Didn't you already make your point clear when you slapped me?"

Evan creped to the closet door and peeked between the slats. He could see both women Viperella still wore her banquet outfit and faced her de minimis partner. "Don't get that tone with me again girl."

"I never agreed to become your slave, you know, you just started taking more and more without regard for my limits."

"Where is this coming from all of a sudden?"

"It's not sudden, you couldn't even see how unhappy I was. Everyone else here could see."

"That's enough out of you." Evan flinched as Viperella buried her fist into Mantessa's abdomen.

Mantessa doubled over, gasping for air, and falling to her knees. Viperella grabbed a handful of Mantessa's hair and pulled her to her feet again. "Let me do something about that uppity mouth of yours," she said, and landed a fist across Mantessa's jaw. Mantessa hit the floor in a heap.

Evan almost emerged from the closet at that moment but Mantessa's instructions were clear. Do not come out until he saw the sign. One thing was sure, though, Viperella deserved her comeuppance.

"Now, if you are done giving me lip, it's been a long day, and my feet need rubbing." Viperella sat in a lounge chair propping her feet on the ottoman.

This was just what Mantessa said she would do. I guess this was a ritual for them. Mantessa slipped off Viperella's boots and began messaging her feet. That was the sign, "Jenna you know what to do follow close behind me," he whispered, as he nudged open the door.

He emerged from the closet, moving slowly, until he was just behind where Viperella sat. Acting quickly, before she could sense his presence, he looped one arm under Viperella's chin and closed the damp rag over her mouth and nose with the other.

Viperella let out a muffled cry of surprise and reached toward his eyes with her sharp nails. Before Viperella could gouge at his face Object Jenna captured one of her wrists in each hand and pinned them to her lap. As this was happening, Mantessa tried to hug both of Viperella's feet but the flailing woman was too fast and caught Mantessa in the face with a heel.

Evan struggled to keep the rag in place as Viperella bucked and twisted with frantic gyrations to break free. Goddamn this woman was stronger than she looked, he thought, "Mantessa get control of her feet."

Not needing to be told, Mantessa recovered from the kick to the face, dove on Viperella's feet again. This time she put all her weight into pinning her partners lower legs to the ottoman. Viperella tried admirably to free them almost lifting Mantessa completely off the floor but the effort proved to be in vain. She also struggled to free her arms from Jenna's grip, but the slave had all the leverage and it just wasn't Viperella's day. Viperella's struggles slowed, and weakened, as the paralytic took effect. After about a minute Viperella went limp in his arms. He let her head droop lazily against her chest.

Mantessa breathed heavily and gazed at Viperella her expression one of shock and disbelief. "I can't believe we just did that."

"Well, you can't turn back now. The paralytic won't last long, it's not as strong when breathed in through a rag. So, what's the next step of your plan?"

"The next step is a little fucking payback," Mantessa said. Mantessa pulled a duffle bag from under the bed and started to rifle through it. "Slave get that outfit off her. She won't be needing it anymore."

Jenna looked at him for permission to act on another's orders. He nodded for her to proceed, and Jenna went to work removing Viperella's outfit until the woman lay helpless and naked on the lounge chair. Viperella purred deep in her throat reminding them she was still conscious, her eyes darting around the room, terrified, and as round as a full moon.

Chapter 9

"Move her to the bed please," Mantessa said, her more polite tone indicating she was talking to him. He carried Viperella's limp body and plopped her unceremoniously onto the bed. Seeing his rival in this helpless state gave him more pleasure then he expected. Viperella was a bitch who needed to be taken down a peg.

His cock only grew harder as he watched Mantessa go to work on her girlfriend. She twisted Viperella's arms into a reverse prayer, so tight, that her elbows touched, and her thumbs were nestled in her nape. She expertly tied Viperella's substantial tits in a harness of rope that wrapped mercilessly tight around their base. This caused her tits to squeeze out the top like two grapefruit. Moving down Viperella's body Mantessa bound her girlfriend's legs together, at three points, above and below the knees. Next, she anchored Viperella to the bed frame at several points, the breast harness, waist, at each bind point of the legs. An anchor cord tied her ankles to the foot of the bed and another bound her long hair to the head board. Last, and most importantly, Mantessa jammed a massive ball gag into Viperella's mouth.

"That'll shut her up," Mantessa sneered. "You know, she made me wear a gag all weekend once. I wasn't even allowed water or food for forty-eight hours."

"What are you going to do to her now?" He asked, genuinely interested, this whole situation was hot as hell, just another example of the wonderful things that can happen at The Foundation. That thought brought him back to his overall mission but how to broach the subject?

"I have a few ideas. I might need your help if you're willing."

"I kind of thought you would want me to leave."

"No, quite the opposite, I can't think of a better way to humiliate Viperella than to have you here to witness her downfall." She really hated you for some reason."

"Ha, well the feeling is mutual."

They waited until Viperella became mobile again. It started slowly at first, with a twitch of a toe, a pull at a rope, an attempt to sit up. Before long, Viperella's full muscle control returned, and she bucked and twisted against her bonds. The gag barely managed to muffle her screams of rage and frustration. The bed creaked and banged against the wall as Viperella spent several minutes going mad against her bonds. She looked to him like a worm caught between someone's fingers.

Mantessa sat on the bed next to her lover and stroked the other woman's forehead. "Please calm down dear. The next few days are going to be hard for you." Mantessa looked at the paint smeared on her palm and frowned. "I don't think you need this anymore. Slave, fetch me a wet rag from the bathroom."

Again, Jenna looked to him for approval, "It's ok, you can do as she asks for now." Once permitted, Object Jenna hurried to the bathroom and returned with the requested washcloth. Viperella did all she could to avoid it, like a child not wanting her mother to wipe her mouth, but she could do nothing to stop it as Mantessa removed the face paint.

"You're being awfully blasť with your identities in front of me tonight."

Mantessa shrugged, "I don't think you're going to come after me in the vanilla world. Especially, after I helped you win the scene contest this year," she said, a slight smirk forming on the corner of her lips.


"You think I was so naive to believe you were helping me out of the kindness of your heart. I know you want Viperella out of your way. And I don't give a shit about the contest that was Viperella's thing. Viperella, or I should say Kristine McPhee, will be forfeiting the contest this year."

Viperella went mad, yanking violently at the ropes holding her. Evan could not tell if it was Mantessa using her vanilla name or being removed from the contest that sent her into such a rage. Maybe, it was both, he did not care because he had successfully eliminated his primary competition.

Mantessa pulled from her duffle bag a leather object about a foot in length. He thought it might be a whip but on second look he saw it was more of a heavy sap like weapon. Viperella seemed to know what it was, because her eyes exploded, she shook her head side to side trying to verbalize a protest despite the gag. Mantessa brought the sap down on Viperella's belly and it made a hideous thumping sound. Viperella contorted in agony at the sudden impact. Mantessa struck again, and again, up, and down her victims' body. Everywhere the sap hit it left a bar of red which quickly turned into a dark purple bruise and swelled into little dunes.

Mantessa saved Viperella's already purpling breasts from the tight harness bondage for last. Viperella screamed so loud and with such a tortured din that Evan almost worried she might scream the gag right out of her mouth. Mantessa did not hold back pounding Viparella's tit's with vicious abandon. When she finally finished Mantessa's chest heaved from exertion. She stood over Viperella who by this point was a bruised sobbing mess. Drool and tears mixed and flooded down her face soaking the pillow beneath. "Here you deserve a taste of this," Mantessa said, handing him the sap. "Use it on her feet and don't hold back."

Evan did not have to be convinced. He moved to the foot of the bed and stood over Viperella's feet. Her ankles yanked against the rope holding them, knowing what was coming, he waited a long time with the sap ready to fall building anticipation and fear from his victim. When the heavy solid leather club struck the soles of Viperella's feet she came alive again. She kicked with all her might against the foot of the bed trying in vain to break free. All she could really do is point her soles toward the mattress, but she soon learned that was worse. Evan simply beat the tops of her feet instead. She could only stand a hit or two before she was forced to expose her soles again.

He stopped only after becoming dizzy from his efforts and had to take a seat to catch his breath. Viperella was reduced to sob filled moans that sounded barely human and her body was painted in purple bruises that swelled hideously as if attacked by a thousand bees.

"Don't get tired on me yet. I need you for this next part, I can't do it myself," Mantessa said. She untied Viperella's legs and bent them at the hip until her knees almost touched her shoulders. She quickly tied Viperella's knees and ankles to the headboard. This position left Viperella's ass and pussy pointing upward for all to admire. "So, Viperella is a full-blown lesbian. I don't think she has ever had a man inside her, until now, if you're willing."

Evan almost gyrated with excitement. He could think of few things better than some nice hate fucking. It had been a few hours since his last climax so he felt he could go again. Hearing what was about to happen Viperella's cries became more animated, but it was about all she could do. "It's been a busy day, but I think I've got a bit more left in me." He looked Viperella in the eyes, blood-shot and wet with tears. "Looks like you are the one being cut-off by your girlfriend and me doing the beating," he said, laughing genuinely at the irony of the situation. Viperella's brow pinched together her eyes narrowing, like dagger tips. He thought he made out some very salty language trying to escape from behind the gag. "ohh, she still has spunk left in her."

He stripped off his clothes from the waist down, "Jenna, fix me a glass of milk-rum I'm going to need a recharge after this." He climbed onto the bed and gazed rapturously at the sight. A gorgeous pussy and twitching anus stared back at him his cock already hard as stone. He went for the pussy first ramming his, nine-inch cock deep, paying no mind to Viperella's pained complaints. Her dry, resistant vaginal cavity stretched, even as it fought his intrusion. He continued to pound, in and out, his balls slapping against her taint only stimulating him more. He resisted the urge to cum with all his might, though, and after working on the pussy for a while he withdrew only to return for her puckering ass.

Her ass was tight, but his cock was still wet from her vaginal juices which eventually began to flow out of sheer self-preservation. Now, slime from her colon mixed with her other juices her anal muscles seemed to suck him inside and resist him as he withdrew. He wanted to explode, but he held on heroically alternating between ass and pussy. He wondered which hole he would finally release into. Vaguely, he was aware of Mantessa standing nearby. She used a bamboo cane on the back of Viperella's thighs and calves adding more bright red welts to the once strong and confident woman's wrecked body.

As it turned out, he did not cum in either of Viperella's orifices. Instead, he blew his massive load all over the woman's ass and belly. Evan moaned, long and loud, as his orgasm washed over him in several leg weakening waves. In exhaustion he rested his weight against Viperella's legs panting.

"Wait, don't clean up yet we're not done," Mantessa said.

Evan groaned, "I'm going to need a bit of recovery time."

"Don't worry about that just step aside." Mantessa untied Viperella's legs and let them flop back to the mattress. "You, hold her legs down." She barked to Jenna who responded by climbing on the bed and taking a seat on top of Viperella's knees. Next, she removed Viperella's gag. "Alright dear, be a good girl and clean his cock for him."

Mantessa held Viperella's head to the pillow by the hair. Evan aimed his cock toward Viperella's mouth, but she clamped down tight. "Get the fuck away from me. Cheryl please, this is enough I've learned my lesson." Viperella managed to slip out the words through clenched teeth.

Mantessa pinched the base of Viperella's jaw, between thumb and middle finger, before long the pain forced Viperella's teeth to separate. Which was all Mantessa needed to slide a butter knife inside and pry her teeth apart. "Get in there, I want her to clean the pussy and ass off your cock."

Given the circumstances, he was a bit worried about this bitch biting his dick off. He would have to be firm with her. He captured Viperella's head between his palms and pressed his thumbs into her eyes. "Bite me and I will pop out your eyes and feed them to you, understand?"

Her eyes went wide as he hoped she noticed the seriousness in his own. Assuming she got the point, he fed his softening tool between her lips until it was buried to the base. He held it there, filling her throat, choking her. He felt her throat wretch at the taste of his shit stained cock in her mouth. Finally, he withdrew slowly, allowing Viperella to squeegee his shaft with her puckered lips. She fought the urge to dry heave and desperately used her lips and tongue to get the job done fast.

Once he was, nice and clean, he fell into the lounge chair exhausted. He was more satisfied then he had ever been in his life at that moment. "Now you can see why I needed you. I didn't have the parts to humiliate her in that way."

"Cheryl please, I am begging you, please let me go. Things will be different, from now on, I was wrong I'm going to treat you with nothing but respect. Please, I hurt so much," Viperella said, each word more a sob then an actual language.

"You are right about that. Things are going to be different. And you will treat me with respect but not in the way you mean it," Mantessa said, and squeezed one of Viperella's nipples for effect.

"You want to know another thing about my dear girlfriend that you probably did not know? She is seriously, and clinically claustrophobic." Mantessa held up a sensory deprivation hood so all could see.

Whatever composure Viperella still had she lost it at that point. "No please, you can't. Please, Cheryl don't do this to me. I'm sorry, oh god, I'm so sorry for how I treated you." Viperella, was coming fully undone now. He felt sorry for her a little bit. Just a bit.

If Mantessa was fazed at all by her lover's pleas she did not let on about it. She fit the hood over Viperella's frantic cries for forgiveness without hesitation. She plugged Viperella's ears and snapped shut the eye holes. "Please! Please! No, stop, Oh god no!," Viperella was screaming now, all composure lost.

Mantessa zipped shut the mouth hole and Viperella's protests diminished into muffled whines. He has used the hoods designed by The Foundation on slaves and when the hoods are zipped shut, they do so tight. Compressing both the jaw, so it can't open, and pressing the lips against the teeth making speech impossible.

Viperella went into a full-on panic. Object Jenna was nearly tossed to the floor as Viperella kicked with renewed force. Mantessa, with Jenna's help quickly re-tied the terrified woman's legs. The three of them watched for several minutes as Viperella seemed to descend into madness. Pulling at her bonds in violent, jerking movements, and animal like sounds came from under the hood. Eventually, Viperella, or was she just Kristine now, slowed from fatigue. She settled into a state of inhuman murmurs and pitiful, unintelligible cries. Her chest grew and shrunk rapidly as her lungs sought air to sustain them.

"God damn. You better watch her close to make sure she doesn't end up dying on you. That hood isn't agreeing with her."

"Eh, she's breathing. I don't care much what happens to her mind."

Evan whistled, "I never knew you were so cold... Cheryl," he said, pausing for just a moment before adding her vanilla name.

Mantessa smiled, "Neither did I."

Chapter 10

After leaving Mantessa to enjoy her revenge and sending Jenna back to the room Evan headed toward the sub-floors. Hopefully, he could catch Augustine alone. He couldn't risk any of the other judges hearing them talking, or worse, a trustee.

His mind raced through ideas newly inspired by his time with Mantessa and Viperella. He did not have any definitive idea yet, but he had growing confidence that he would soon. He wanted to hedge his bets and securing Augustine's vote would go a long way toward that end. Augustine would support him if he could offer her something that she wanted. What that something was he did not know yet. He set that pesky detail aside deciding to worry about it later. He had to find Augustine first.

The elevator dinged, and he stepped into the hall which was thankfully empty. Following Object Jenna's directions, he turned left until he reached the end of the hall and a door. On the door it said dormitories just as she had said. He opened the door and stepped inside.

He was in a reception area with four additional doors on the opposite side of the room each labeled one through four. Those must be the judge dormitories. "What are you doing down here?" oh, shit. He turned toward the sound and a, petite red-haired, woman in her early twenties stood with her arms crossed over her chest. She wore the grey overalls of the trustees. A Trustee were slaves but in practice acted more like employee's trading complicity for an easier life at the Foundation. They helped the Prime Dom run the Foundation and were essential to its operations.

"I was just exploring the facility and got a little lost."

"I know what you were doing. You're a contestant and you just conveniently got lost and ended up right outside where the judges are sequestered. You're not the first to try something like this over the years."

Dammit, this girl was too smart for her own good. He palmed his pocket remembering the rag still damp with paralytic from earlier. He really did not want to knock her out and be left with a limp body to deal with. He would have to hide her somewhere and someone would miss her.

"I'm going to have to inform the Prime Dom that you were down here. You will likely be disqualified." She turned and headed for a small corner desk where her communicator was.

Well, this wasn't what he wanted but he had to improvise now. If the Prime Dom got involved, it was all over. He came up fast on the girl and gave her a bear hug from behind. He lifted the girl off her feet and slammed her face down on the floor. Before she could mouth a word of protest, he had her arms twisted behind her back and a knee in her spine. He had the paralytic ready, but he needed to know something first. "Which room belongs to member Augustine."

"Fuck you!"

He grabbed a clump of scarlet hair and tore it back hard. He kept the pressure up until she relented. "They aren't in any of these rooms," she finally blurted out through pained gasps.

"Lying bitch." He pulled her hair, harder this time.

"No please, I'm not lying. They were supposed to be staying here but at the last minute the prime Dom had them moved to better facilities."

"Where are they now?"

"I don't know, please, I was told to come down here and make sure none of the judges left anything behind."

"Mother fuck," he said, releasing her hair. "Now that you have seen me down here, I am going to need you out of the way for a while." He held the soaked rag over her mouth and nose until he was sure she was not going to be moving for a while. He did a quick search of the area and found a utility room that would serve his purpose.

Evan picked up the girl, she was slight, and he guessed might weigh barely a hundred pounds. In the utility room he found some duct tape and a large toolbox. He wrapped the tape around the girl's arms from wrist to elbow. Bound her thighs and calves, then joined her ankles to her wrists for a nice hog-tie. He removed her lace less shoes, that resembled what they would issue inmates at a mental institution and pulled off her socks. He folded the socks together, jammed them into the girl's mouth and sealed it with many layers of tape. He then took the sedative soaked cloth draped it over the girl's nostrils and taped it in place. It was a thin cloth, and she would be able to breathe through it, well enough, but continuously inhaling the noxious fumes would keep her paralyzed for hours.

He thought about leaving her just like that but decided against it. Once the sedative wore off, she would be able to make quite a racket until someone heard her. He emptied the toolbox, hiding the tools under a tarp, and put the girl inside. He had to do a bit of stuffing to get her to fit but he eventually managed. He doubted she was comfortable, but she had enough room to breathe and he didn't think the box was airtight. He did not want to kill her that would be a waste and hard to explain if her body was found. The Foundation would make him reimburse them for their loss and he had enough money problems as it is. "Sorry I never got your name. This isn't personal you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time," he said, to the immobile girl as he shut and locked the toolbox.

He sat in the utility closet trying to decide what to do next. He couldn't just wander the compound looking for the judges he was bound to get caught again. He doubted Object Jenna would know where they moved the judges she would have told him. This change seemed to be a last-minute decision.

He spent some time pacing the small room until something caught his eye. In a box that had not been properly closed he could see stacks of silver objects. Not believing his first thought as to what they could be he pulled the box out from its corner and peered inside. To his amazement he found stacks of the silver slave collars worn by all the objects and trustees at The Foundation. He pulled one out and studied it. Why would they just be left here, but then again, why wouldn't they. Afterall, unless the collars were programmed and assigned to a specific slave, they were just glorified jewelry. Unless someone knew how to program the collar they would not be of much use to anyone.

He did not put the collar back into the box. He did not know why, or what he even planned on using it for, but he slipped the metal ring under his shirt and left the utility room heading back to his suite as fast as he could.

Chapter 11

Evan woke to someone poking him in the ribs. Through bleary eyes he saw Bev standing over the bed her face still painted from the previous night. "What are you doing cuddling with that slave as if she were your girlfriend?" Bev said.

He glanced down at Object Jenna, who was just beginning to wake herself, his arms still encircling her. He yawned and wiped sleep from his eyes remembering last night. After his failed attempt to find Augustine he had found Object Jenna waiting for him in the room. The two of them had another pleasure filled night together. A night he was confident Jenna enjoyed as much as he had. "You are welcome to take her place. I can do for you what I did for Jenna last night." His hand went to Jenna's crotch giving it a good squeeze for emphasis.

Bev rolled her eyes, "Please, to a girl dying of thirst even piss would make her salivate. I am not so easy to please," Bev said, moving to the bathroom.

Evan pointed and Object Jenna silently relocated herself to her perch in the corner of the room. He followed Bev into the bathroom and leaned against the door frame. She had already slipped off her dress and stood naked except for her lace panties. "Don't think I haven't noticed how much that slave looks like me. The Foundation really knows your type," she said, burying her face in a hot washcloth.

"Why Bevvy are you jealous of a lowly slave?"

She glowered up at him from the wet towel she used to wipe down her face. "haha, fat chance. I just don't think you should get too attached to any of this."

"Well, that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. How can you still want to leave this place?" He surrounded her in his arms from behind and they looked at each other in the bathroom mirror. "There is nothing in the vanilla world that comes close to what we have here. The power, the privilege, the sadistic gluttony it affords us. How can you give all that up?"

Bev sighed, and wrapped her arms around his as they crossed her belly. "I don't want to give it all up. I have waited my entire life for the chance to run my fathers' company and can't screw it up. I and my employees and boyfriend cannot be associated with a place like this when it all comes crashing down."

He pulled his arms free, abruptly, and stood in the doorway again his back facing her, "Why do you assume it will come crashing down in the first place?" He said, his frustration obvious in his voice and did not care.

"Because they always do eventually."

"Even if it does, we will still be listed as former members we're already in too deep."

"If we get out now, we can claim plausible deniability and with my money and lawyers we can avoid any real damage. If we remain active members it will be impossible to avoid going down with the ship."

"It could be years before anything like that happens."

"I don't know. Tell that to Senator Markus and her task force. They're moving forward with that you know."

He waived her concerns off, "The Feds can't do shit and I am sure the Prime Dom has it under control."

"Maybe, but I can't take that chance. Now let me get cleaned up I would like to get some sleep before tonight's events," Bev said, stripping off her skimpy lace panties and stepping into the shower. The sound of the water cascading from the faucet ended the conversation definitively.

Evan shut the bathroom door and stood in the bedroom. Another conversation with Bev and more frustration. What did he expect, really? Bev had other priorities. Priorities that superseded what they had here. Well, now all bets were off because she was not going to take this away from him.

He looked at Object Jenna, still standing at attention in the corner, waiting for his command. He smiled at her. "You wouldn't give me so much trouble, would you?"

"Object Jenna exists only to serve you master."

His smile grew wider. Yes, that was more like it. "If only you and Bev could be as similar in your submissiveness as you are in appearance."

Chapter 12

"I'm surprised that slave, of yours, isn't joining us tonight," Bev said, as they walked toward the banquet hall.

"I sent her away for tonight. I was hoping we could be alone later, after the show."

"Not if you're going to try and change my mind again."

"No, I'm done with that. I think you may be right; it is too risky. I want to make it up to you."

"I am glad to hear you say that. It's a date then."

As they approached the doors into the banquet hall a worker slave handed them each a cattle prod.

"What are these for," Bev asked.

"You will see soon mistress."

They nodded with a glance to one another and entered the hall. The slave had not been lying, because as they entered the hall it became clear what the prods were for. Suspended from the ceiling, about six feet above the floor, object slaves hung naked, bound, and gagged in a variety of positions. "Shit, this is new," he said, gazing in wonder at the spectacle. One slave hung, face down and parallel to the floor, strapped to a pole. Metal straps crossed her body at sixteen different points plastering her arms to her sides and legs together.

The slaves hung just low enough that one could reach up with the cattle prod and have a bit of fun with the defenseless flesh. Something Bev caught onto even before he did. An object jerked and whimpered pitifully as Bev ran her prod across her exposed skin. "This is truly inspired this year," she said, a gleeful smile across her painted face.

In addition to the objects dangling above there were others who hung at waist height. These objects swung face up with limbs hogtied above them. Platters of Hors d'oeuvre balanced on their midriffs. Their faces contorted in pain as members slapped and prodded their asses forcing them to work extremely hard not to drop the Hors d'oeuvre they held. Evan was sure severe punishment would be doled out to any slave who dropped even a crumb. Evan did a cursory count and decided there must be at least three dozen object slaves decorating the hall in all sorts of strict bondage. He took a few minutes walking the room and having some fun with his cattle prod while taking in the spectacle. This, if nothing else, justified the lengths he was willing to go to not lose this place.

He and Bev eventually made their way to a table. An object was suspended directly above, hogtied and ball gagged, a pair of pendulous tits swinging as if keeping time. The object jerked suddenly as a prod pressed into one of her nipples. He followed the prod down and saw that Mantessa held it. Her outfit was different from last nights but no less revealing. She smiled at him, "Hello, Tartarus."

"Where is Viperella tonight?" Bev asked, her eyes darting around in search of the woman.

"Viperella isn't feeling well and won't be joining us."

"I hope it isn't anything serious," he said, suppressing his smirking lips only slightly.

"I am sure it's nothing that won't pass," Mantessa said, taking a seat on his left.

Bev quickly turned her attention toward Lionessa who joined the table and engaged her in conversation. This gave him a chance to talk to Mantessa. "So, how is Viperella really doing tonight?"

"She's resting a bit after a hard night. By resting I mean held in brutally tight bondage, hopefully, ruminating on the error of her ways."

He chuckled, "Good, she has a lot to think about then."

"Do you know what you are going to do for your scene?"

"Not yet, but Bluefox and I have been trying to work out our differences. Maybe, my winning is not going to be as essential as I thought," Evan said. Those words would only be true if he had the balls to do what he was planning and he was not at all sure he could pull it off.

Attention in the room turned toward the stage as the judges entered and took their seats. He watched as Augustine took her place beside the others and sighed at thoughts of what might have been had he been able to talk to her.

Chapter 13

With the judges now in place the dining lights dimmed, and the stage lights brightened. Chatter in the audience silenced and all attention turned toward the stage. He knew from the schedule that Dogor's performance would be first. He was a brute, he never won, but whatever he did it should be entertaining.

Dogor entered stage left holding a chain leash in each hand. Each leash attached to a slave's collar who hobbled along behind him. The two slaves looked young, eighteen or nineteen tops, one had shoulder length black hair and large teardrop tits that bounced with each step. The other had blonde hair cut in a pixy style and a pair of, medium sized, but well-shaped tits with perfectly aligned nipples.

Both objects had their arms tied in front of them in the prayer position. Their arms were attached to their nipples by a chain and piercing. Surprisingly, both were un-gagged for the moment.

He tugged each of them to the edge of the stage, "Introduce yourselves," Dogor said, standing between his victims. The pixy haired girl spoke first, "Object Hannah here to please you," she said, her voice tremulous and halting.

"Object Tiffany here to please you," the other girl squeaked out, her voice barely audible. Both objects were terrified, and they should be, judging by Dogor's passed performances. Evan wondered how long these girls had been at The Foundation. The Foundation did not traffic in underage girls, so it could not have been long.

Now that the objects had introduced themselves, they no longer had a need for speaking and Dogor gagged both with a harness ball-gag the size of a softball. The objects whimpered softly as their jaws stretched to accommodate the intrusions. "First, let's tenderize these meat sacks to get us warmed up," Dogor said. He produced a heavy metal paddle off the rolling tool rack. "Bend over."

The objects did as they were told, careful not to jerk their tits too much as they moved. That was going to become difficult momentarily. "Let's see which of these objects can withstand the paddle longer. This will decide which one gets to enjoy my cock later." The paddle Dogor chose was made of solid steel with considerable mass and, in a strong hand, would pack a serious punch. Dogor brought the paddle down on Object Tiffany's ass and the sound of its impact echoed throughout the hall. Tiffany's face turned a bright red shade and screams ripped from her throat. Dogor turned and gave Object Hannah the pleasure of his second hit. He then began alternating between them.

With each successive hit, the objects bodies became more soaked in sweat and tears. Drool dribbled out from the edges of their gags. The objects flinched and jumped with every impact and could not help pulling at their pierced nipples. Dogor kept up his work until it became too much for Object Hannah. Her piercings ripped through her nipples as she collapsed to her knees. Blood dripped from her torn breasts and she wept wet snotty cries. "It looks like Object Hannah has lost the opportunity to have my cock fill her insides."

He re-tied the objects arms in a box-tie, their four-arms cinched just below their shoulder blades. Dogor returned the paddle and retrieved a flaccid rubber device connected to a hand pump. The objects watched in abject terror anticipating what would come next. Dogor pumped the rubber ball to its capacity for the audience to see. Once inflated, the devices full nature became clear. The inflated ball was about the size of a cantaloupe and was decorated with tiny hooks like a puffer fish.

He deflated the ball to its original flaccid state and turned to Hannah. "Object Hannah this is your punishment for failing to withstand the paddle longer than your counterpart." He forced the still blubbering slave to stand and bend forward. Dogor fed the limp rubber into Object Hannah's asshole. By now it was clear to everyone what was about to happen, and the room was silent as everyone expected what would happen next.

Dogor began inflating the ball inside Hannah's ass. Hannah became gradually more panicked, as the ball expanded to fill her colon, the hooks sinking into the tender membrane of her insides. Hannah's face clenched, she whined, trying her best to endure the growing ordeal. Once Dogor was finished pumping the ball to size he attached the chain, that now hung from Hannah's asshole, to a winch that dangled from the ceiling. "Stand up straight," he ordered.

Object Hannah looked at him with pleading eyes despite knowing her fate was inevitable. She let out another groan, as she straightened, compressing her colon driving the hooks deeper. Object Hannah's ass cheeks and pubis region bulged to accommodate the massive invader. Evan heard gasps from some in the audience.

Dogor wasn't done with poor Object Hannah yet though. He held up a strap-on vibrator. A vibrator that could be inserted and strapped around the victim's upper thigh and could not be removed by the victim. Dogor inserted the device into Hannah's pussy, with some difficulty, as the ball deformed her insides.

Dogor flipped on the vibrator and it buzzed to life. The sound of the powerful device was irritatingly loud, but it got the desired result from Object Hannah. She moaned and cricketed her legs together as her clit responded to the barrage. "This device will detect each orgasm that our slave succumbs to and will send a signal to that winch. With each orgasm it will move upward a little more," Dogor said. More gasps and some groans from the audience as they realized what would eventually happen. "Object Hannah, I suggest you start thinking about sports." There was a smattering of laughs from the audience.

As if choreographed, Hannah gave in to her first crushing orgasm, and even before her throes of ecstasy were complete the winch came to life. The winch moved upward about six inches forcing Object Hannah to shamble backward to give it slack.

Evan felt Mantessa cringe beside him and cross her legs tightly. "Something wrong?" he asked.

"Viperella used one of those on me once. Not the winch part but the strap on vibrator. And I don't care who you are that thing is impossible to resist."

"Well, at least that object will enjoy some of her night then."

"I doubt it. Only the first few orgasms are pleasurable then they start to hurt from over stimulation. And I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to have an orgasm with that thing in her ass. Maybe I'll try something like that on Viperella. She deserves it."

As if to confirm Mantessa's comments Hannah rounded another orgasm and the winch responded in turn. For now, the chain still had some slack in it, but eventually, things were going to get interesting. "Now my dear, as a reward for lasting longer than your friend, you get to enjoy my company for a while," Dogor said, turning to Tiffany and leaving Hannah to her growing misery. He removed Tiffany's gag. "I want to hear you scream for this next part."

Object Tiffany's shoulders drooped almost imperceptibly, revealing in a moment of weakness, that she was not overly excited at the prospect of her reward. Her training kicked in and she seemed to steel herself for what was next. "I am here to please you Master," she forced out.

Dogor smiled a wide mischievous smirk, "That's a good girl." He popped off a leather cod piece and allowed a thick, flaccid cock, roll out of its confines.

Picking up an already loaded needle from the tool rack he stuck it into the shaft of his cock. "Viperella was right, he does use enhancement serum," Mantessa said.

Enhancement serum was provided by The Foundation to male members upon request. The serum allowed men to stay harder for longer and helped erections reach their full potential. Evan himself, had never used it, but perhaps he would in the future.

Within seconds Dogor's cock grew to a massive twelve inches in length along with the corresponding girth. "Object Tiffany is ready for your member, sir," she said, but her halting tone betrayed far less confidence.

Dogor laughed, "That's good, but I have more for you." Dogor slipped a leather sleeve over his ballooned cock shaft. It fit like a tight sock, leaving the head protruding from the end. What was of most interest about this sleeve were the rows of metal spikes that ringed the garment.

Object Tiffany had not missed the significance of those spikes, and her eyes squinted with tears, her trained resolve failing her. Dogor advanced on her and she flinched backward, "Come on now sweetheart, you earned this, come here and let Dogor give you what's coming to you."

"Please sir, Object Tiffany can't, it's too much," the slaves training was all but gone at this point. Evan was not surprised it sometimes happened with recent arrivals. These two were young and probably only just finished their initial training. They may not even be seeing clients yet. A veteran like Object Jenna would never wilt so easily. Not that he would allow Dogor to get his hands on her to test the assumption.

"You will refuse me nothing, worthless meat sack. If you will not please then you are nothing but a waste of flesh and should be fed to the dogs to make yourself useful." Dogor said, his voice booming loud and deep. Dogor was being over dramatic, but none the less, it was no idle threat. If he purchased Object Tiffany's value, then he very well could have her fed to dogs if he so chose. He advanced on Tiffany again and this time she did not pull away knowing the futility of it.

Dogor plowed into Tiffany, his spiked cock slamming her pussy but not quite fitting inside. Instead, the slave was lifted clear off the floor. He withdrew, and came at her again, and again, like a battering ram to a castle gate.

The spikes of the cock sleeve were not that long and were rounded on the tips. That should not be interpreted as a mercy, however. They were designed so the victim could endure more pain before receiving life threatening injury. Everything at The Foundation was designed to maximize the length and depth of a slaves suffering.

Tiffany's pussy lips finally gave way and opened to accommodate Dogor's engorged manhood. The beast slipped inside, Tiffany gasped, as its utter mass overwhelmed her. The gasp quickly turned to screams as the spikes entered her orifice and ripped at the walls of her birth canal. Dogor continued to pound and the impact lifted Tiffany off the floor only for the cock to withdraw and return repeatedly. Soon her insides became lubricated with blood as the spikes did their nasty work. Tiffany's face contorted in agony as tears soaked her cheeks. Full unmuffled wails filled the hall for several minutes, until Dogor released his load inside of the stricken slave. He withdrew, and Tiffany crumpled to the stage floor, the inside of her thighs painted with blood, cum, and sweat.

Screams came from Hannah as she continued to deal with her own plight. Unable to resist the non-stop orgasms the winch now pulled painfully upward on her ass. She was forced to stand on the balls of her feet to relieve the pressure. Her facial muscles were tight with pain and concentration as she did all she could to avoid another orgasm from washing over her.

"Don't get too comfortable, you still have two holes for me to ravage," Dogor said, staying focused on Object Tiffany.

"Please, stop. I can't take anymore," Object Tiffany whined, through sob induced gasps. Object Tiffany just referred to herself as "I". Tiffany's training really was coming apart. Slaves never referred to themselves with pronouns. Slaves were supposed to be nothing but objects without any personal identity. They were issued names for convenience, and because the members preferred it, but those names were merely a designation having nothing to do with identity.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, and it only drove Dogor mad with sadistic desire and he was on her again in an instant. He wrenched her around and bent her over. Dogor's cock did not look any softer for having blown his load, and he looked like he could go all day. That was what the enhancing serum could do.

Dogor drilled his appendage into Tiffany's helpless anus. It resisted him, but he grabbed her thighs and pulled her toward him ripping her sphincter and cheeks apart. Tiffany went mad with pain, and tried to pull away, but Dogor only pulled her back again. Ironically, her struggles ended up having the effect of helping him drive deeper into her. As he fell into his rhythm, blood again, lubricated his assaults. After a few minutes' Tiffany went limp from pain and exhaustion to the point that Dogor was supporting most of her weight.

Encouraged by this, Dogor hooked his hands above the thin girls' hips and reared her up. Dogor now bucked her into the air with each penetration. He did not stop until a second load, somehow even bigger than the first, overflowed into the girl's ass. Cum squirted from Tiffany's sphincter and dripped down Dogor's cock. The mess created yet another cocktail of cum, blood, and shit that pooled on the stage floor. He dropped Object Tiffany, she fell like a dead body and made no attempt to get back up or move. Only tormented moans told the crowd she was still alive.

The scene was interrupted by a barely muffled cry of misery as Hannah, succumbing to yet another orgasm, was lifted free from the floor entirely. The tips of her toes slipping away from their last vestige of support which caused the forsaken girl to swing, helplessly, from the winch. All of Hannah's weight supported by the inflated ball and its hooks. Hannah flailed in anguish until it sunk in to her that moving only made it worse.

"That can't possibly hold her weight for long, right?" Bev asked no one in particular, her eyes glued to the spectacle.

"It seems to be," he said.

"It worked out just as I had hoped," Dogor said, giddy that his little contraption had worked out so well. "I just have one more order of business tonight." Dogor fetched a jaw spreader from the tool-rack and dragged Object Tiffany to her knees by her hair.

Tiffany did not appear to be fully conscious. Her eyes were open but only as narrow slits, and she did nothing to take the weight off her hair as Dogor hoisted her. He inserted the jaw spreader and began twisting the screw that widened the metal clamp. There was no way his colossal cock was going to fit in Tiffany's mouth even open as far as humanly possible. It soon became clear what Dogor intended, though, as he opened Tiffany's to its limit and continued to twist.

Tiffany just dangled from her hair, twitching occasionally, and emitting a ghostly moan. Dogor twisted the clamp until a very audible popping sound bounced off the walls of the hall. Everyone knew what happened from just the sound alone. Object Tiffany's jaw had popped out of its joint. Dogor twisted the screw several more times until he was satisfied his cock would fit. Tiffany's muscles stiffened, limbs jerking nonsensically. Her moans became deafening, almost supernatural, like what you might hear in an old ghost movie.

Dogor, beginning his work again gripped Tiffany's hair in both hands and skull fucked her. Each time he yanked her forward, and back again, it looked as though her head moved independently from her body. She did nothing to resist him she just dangled lifeless from her hair.

His spiked cock slammed in and out filling the girls throat, choking her, and drawing more blood. Dogor worked on her for a long time. His orgasm taking longer on his third go around. Eventually, he managed to reach climax and hosed his seed down Tiffany's throat and over her face like water from a shower faucet. When he was empty, he let Tiffany fall to the stage floor. She did not move, except for her chest which heaved with each labored breath. She was drenched in sweat, blood, tears, and cum.

Hannah too, hung limp from her packed anus. Evan did not know if she passed out or if the pain was too great for her to risk moving much. By now, blood had made it out of her rectum and painted several crimson lines down her ass cheeks and the small of her back.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes my demonstration for tonight. Medical might want to come cleanup this mess," Dogor, said, downing a glass of rum-milk he poured himself.

The audience stood in a spontaneous ovation and Evan joined them. The response was better than he expected. Dogor's performance had succeeded in making him rock hard and made him long for Object Jenna, surprisingly, he never longed for a slave before. He would see her soon, and it was almost time for him to decide what he was willing to do. How far he would go to keep The Foundation a part of his life.

Chapter 14

After the performance Bev said she would meet him back at the suite. She wanted to socialize a bit with her friends. Evan nodded, reluctantly, and returned to the suite to find Object Jenna waiting for him.

He was more pleased to see her then he would have expected. In all his time at The Foundation he never spent as much time with any of the slaves as he spent with Jenna. Usually, objects were used and discarded without a thought. This year, though, he had found in Jenna an ally and companion both physically and mentally. It was true Jenna wasn't much of a talker, but Bev talked too much, so, he would consider it an improvement.

He had always assumed The Foundation broke the intelligence of its slaves to make them more obedient, but What they did was more devious. Mindless slaves would not be as effective responding to all their master's needs. Jenna, for instance was sharp and a quick learner. What made her training so under handed was she did not seem to possess the ability to use that intelligence for herself in anyway. Everything she learned, and any bit of knowledge, The Foundation allowed her to keep from her old life was only for the purpose of serving. Which suited his needs fine because service was what he needed right now.

"How long have you been waiting here?"

"Not long, but Object Jenna waits to please."

He smiled and wondered why he was expecting her to say anything else. "I bet they don't let you slaves drink alcohol." He fixed two glasses of rum-milk and handed one to her. She took it tentatively, not sure if he was really giving her permission or a test of some sort. He heard The Foundation did such things to the slaves as part of their training. "It's okay, it will please me to see you drink it." That reassured her and she sipped the white fluid down. "What do you think? Do you like it?"

Jenna licked her lips and her brow furrowed, "Which would please you more master, for Jenna to like it or not?"

He rolled his eyes, and took the glass back from her, "Never mind, kind of defeats the purpose if I have to tell you what to think." Jenna looked confused, almost hurt, as if she failed to please him somehow. "It's fine. It's not your fault." He pulled down his pants and sat on the bed exposing his already stiffening cock. "I'm horny, you can suck me dry instead."

Her face loosened and her lips bent into a smile. She seemed relieved to be in more familiar territory and knelt between his legs. He tilted his head back, and bit his lip bracing himself, as her warm moist mouth and tongue did its expert work.

Chapter 15

Evan sat at the desk in the corner of the suite bedroom. After enjoying Object Jenna, more than once, he left her asleep in the bed. He poured himself some rum-milk and began to consider what he was about to do. If he did not lose his nerve. Bev had a lot of money and if given the opportunity could wield considerable power in the vanilla world. Which is why he had to tread carefully because any screw up could ruin him.

The door to the suite swung open, the doorknob hitting the wall, causing him to startle. Bev marched into the room a look of hate on her face. "You son-of-a-bitch, I can't believe what you did," Bev said, pointing a finger at him.

"What is your problem?"

I just went to check on Viperella.

Fuck, he thought, this was a complication, but he tried to keep his face neutral.

"It took some insisting, but eventually, I got Mantessa to tell me everything. Including the part, you played."

Evan knew he should deny his involvement, or dissemble, but he decided he was caught and there was no point. "Fine, so what if I did help Mantessa. Viperella is a bitch and is getting what she deserves. I hope you didn't make Mantessa release her because that would be the real shame here."

"I considered her a friend. I wanted to release her the instant I saw her but Mantessa threatened to release my real identity to the public. I can't believe you told her my real name. Unfortunately, that means Viperella is on her own."

He had not told Mantessa his, or Bev's, real name. In fact, he was the one who learned the true identities of the women. Mantessa must have thought quick and told Bev the only thing that would give her pause in coming to Viperella's aid.

"But you, you won't be so lucky. I am going right to the Prime Dom to tell her you are cheating to win the contest."

Evan felt sick, "You would not dare," he said, standing up.

"I do dare. And another thing, I am sick and tired of this look-a-like slave meat hanging around all the time." Object Jenna, roused awake when the door slammed open, had repositioned herself in her corner. Bev stormed across the room grabbing a fist of Jenna's hair and dragged her toward the door.

"What makes you think the Prime Dom will even care about what I did? This whole place is based on a love for the sadistic she might even approve of what I did."

Bev shoved Jenna against the wall, the girl yelped, as tears welled in her eyes. She gave no other form of protest as her training demanded. "Maybe you're right, maybe not, I intend to find out. And while I'm at it I will also be resigning our membership to The Foundation forever." She spun on her heel and stalked toward the door. "And when I get back, I want that meat bag sent back to her cage. Her time playing at being your girlfriend is over."

Evan stood paralyzed; he was not at all sure how the Prime Dom would react to his cheating, but it would not matter if Bev resigned their memberships. They would have to leave The Foundation immediately. He needed to do something, but he could not move. She was almost to the door, and once she was in the hall where others could see and hear them, his window will have closed. Bev was not just some Foundation slave; other members might care to get involved if they witnessed them fighting in the halls.

At that moment, something unexpected happened, that took the moment of decision away from Evan. Just as Bev's fingers closed around the doorknob Jenna sprinted across the room and tackled her. Both women bounced off the wall and then fell to the floor. Bev got the worst of the collision, as she fell to her back her face wrenched by shock and pain. Jenna acted fast, mounting Bev, and pinning her wrists to the floor immediately. Bev screamed and twisted beneath the other woman. "You fucking stupid, worthless, fuck sack. Get the hell off me now." Bev bucked; her hips animated by pure rage at this point. Jenna maintained the advantage, though, riding the storm while keeping Bev fixed to the floor.

"Master, the paralytic."

Jenna's voice pulled him out of his shock induced immobility, and he remembered he still had the paralytic he got from Mantessa to use on Viperella.

"Evan, fucking help me. Get this thing off me," Bev pleaded, her voice sounding less defiant then before.

He ignored her and fetched the bottle of paralytic. He knelt beside Bev's writhing form. "Bev, I am sorry it came to this. But you have forced my hand I can't let you take this place away from me."

"What are you going to do? You can't afford this place alone. You're fucking nothing without me."

"You're right, I'm not, but I will be soon," he said, and sprayed the bottle over Bev's nose and mouth.

"No," she squirmed to avoid the spray, but it was hopeless, "You will pay for this Evan. I don't know what you are planning but it won't work. I am the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company I will be missed, and you will be dead." She continued to fight against Jenna, but her movements became slower and clumsier and her curses slurred.

"You know Bev, Object Jenna, really does look a lot like you. With a slight make-over she can be made to look even more like you."

Bev's eyes went wide, and her mouth opened to form words but only drool dribbled out as the paralytic stole her last bit of muscle control.

Jenna stood slowly, her face red from exertion, her bare breasts raising and lowering with each labored breath. They both stood over Bev's inanimate body. Her eyes darting from side to side in abject panic. "Object Jenna will be punished severely for this," she said, the reality of what she had just done setting in.

"Why did you do this? I gave you no command to do so."

"She was going to ruin everything for you. Object Jenna acted independently but with your needs in mind. As is Object Jenna's purpose. An Object is never to raise a hand to a member, though, and so Jenna must be punished."

He looked at Jenna, and then down at Bev, and his gaze returned to Jenna. As it did, he came to a decision. "No, you're not going to be punished for anything. I know what we have to do now."

Chapter 16

Evan laid Bev flat on the bed. He wasn't sure where the idea came from, originally, and dismissed it as ridiculous. When it became clear that he could not cheat his way through the contest the idea returned, but he assumed he would not have the balls to pull it off. As it turns out, he did not have the balls, Object Jenna did.

Object Jenna, risked torture, and mutilation, to help him. Now, this wasn't just about maintaining his membership it was about preventing Jenna from facing severe punishment for her actions. He could not figure out what possessed Object Jenna to do what she had done. Was her training slipping, or was it so good that she had taken service to a whole new level? Either way, he would reward her if this all worked out.

He stripped off Bev's dress and scrubbed the paint from her face. As he did her eyes followed his every move both pleading with him and scorning him at the same time. Once he was done, he sat on the bed beside her and fondled her tits. "We had a good run you and me, but you should never have tried to take The Foundation from me." He heard a faint hiss come from Bev's throat but that was all she could manage.

"There is a bondage bag in the closet get it." Object Jenna fetched the bag and placed it on the foot of the bed. He pulled out of the bag many loops of rope and several different types of gags.

"Bev's company works on technology similar to the tech used in those slave collars you wear." He pulled out the unprogrammed collar he found the other day while he was unsuccessfully trying to find Augustine. "I know a little bit about how it works. If we disconnect your collar from the network the Foundation will receive an immediate alarm. I believe there is a way to trick the system. Use the rope and tie Bev up good and tight while I do some work."

"As you wish master," she said, and Evan thought he detected just a hint of excitement in her voice. Was she enjoying this?

He opened his laptop and got to work. It took time and some trial and error, but he eventually managed to gain access to The Foundations slave files. Once inside, it did not take long to find Object Jenna's information. She was twenty-five and working on a master's degree in political science before her collection. She has been here for eighteen months and her old life name had been Cassie Baker.

He was not surprised that she had been well educated. Her intelligence was evident even through all the conditioning. The information was irrelevant, Cassie Baker was dead, she was only Jenna now. It was nice to know, but it was not his main objective. He searched the screen until he found the eight-digit code that would unlock the collar. Yes, that was what he needed. "Jenna come here."

Bev was now thoroughly trussed up and Jenna left her where she was. "Yes master." He typed the code and heard a satisfying click come from Jenna's collar. He pulled open the silver ring and removed it from Jenna's neck. He knew this was the first time since her capture that the collar had been removed. "How does that feel?"

"Master, Jenna needs to be collared. A slave must always be collared," she said. her voice quivering her eyes filling with tears.

He placed his hands on her shoulders, "Jenna, I need you to pretend for me, just for now, that you are not a slave. This is what will please me."

"Y...Yes, Master." She could not hide the skepticism in her voice. Having her collar tampered with was clearly disconcerting to her.

"Trust me, your Master knows what's best." He went to the bed and stood over Bev's bound form. Jenna had done her work well. Bev's arms were tied together from elbow to wrist with vice tight rope. Her legs were bound at three points above and below the knees. Her ankles were pulled until her toes reached her elbows and then anchored in place. This position painfully arched Bev's back forcing her ample breasts outward.

He held the collar so Bev could see it. "You know what this is I assume?" Bev's eyes bulged and tears began to flow freely again. That reaction tells me that you know exactly what this is and what it means for you. The instant I removed Object Jenna's collar her information was transferred to this new collar. The Foundation system should not notice a thing." Bev seemed to vibrate with fear as her mind processed what he had in mind. He locked the collar around Bev's neck. "Welcome to The Foundation Object Jenna," he said, to his terrified, helpless, ex-girlfriend.

Chapter 17

Over the next day and a half of the convention the rest of Evans scheme fell into place. With Object Jenna's help they fitted Bev with a vicious gagging device. The device was made of steel and the victim was forced to bite down on the contraption. The gags metal teeth would snap shut like a bear trap. The teeth would dig into the victim's gums at the jaw line clamping her teeth together tight.

That was not the end of it, however, just behind the victim's lips were another row of razor-sharp teeth. Using a special key, inserted between the lips, the metal teeth could be rotated outward until they punctured the victim's upper and lower lips. This effectively stapled them together and rendered speech impossible.

Applying some coagulating anti-septic ointment to the puncture holes would stop bleeding and prevent infection. The most important feature was that without the key the gag could not be removed except with surgery. This would prevent Bev from explaining she was not Object Jenna, as her collar identification claimed, at-least until it was too late, and no one would care what she had to say.

With Bev secured they left her to stew in Object Jenna's corner still in the brutal hogtie Jenna had put her in. Meanwhile, he and Jenna continued to enjoy one another. When they were not fucking, he coached Jenna on how to match Bev's signature and practiced applying her Bluefox make-up. And finally, he helped Jenna fix her hair so it would more closely match Bev's style.

The convention came to an end, and with Viperella and himself out of the competition Dogor ended up winning the contest. Evan and Jenna got up early on the day the members would all be leaving. Jenna applied the Bluefox make-up and put on one of Bev's dresses. He stood back and looked her over, "Perfect, no one will know you are not Bev. Just try not to talk much."

"Yes master. But where are we going today. The convention is over, this object should be returning to her cage to begin serving others again."

Evan stood in front of Jenna who now looked so much more like Bev. "You're going to be coming to live with me. You will still be a slave, but you will be my slave and only mine. From now on, you will only have to please me. I will not mistreat you, and I will even allow you to wear clothing from time to time. And I'll take you out in the world, sometimes, but remember in public you are Bev from now on."

Jenna seemed to consider all of this, "Will Jenna have to sleep in a cage?"

"No, you will share my bed from now on. All I need from you is to fake Bev's signature when I ask and pretend to be her in public."

"Object Jenna would like this very much."

"Good, then follow my lead."

They undid Bev's hogtie, keeping her arms bound, and affixed an eighteen-inch hobble to her ankles. Evan looked Bev in the eyes as he clipped the leash to her collar, they were watery, bloodshot, and ringed with dark circles. Snot poured from her nostrils her tear ducts not able to drain fast enough. She had just spent the last twenty-four hours in a back breaking hogtie with steel teeth penetrating her gums, and lips, and she was not looking well. Unfortunately, with the type of gag they were using on Bev the only way to administer food and water was through an IV.

"Don't worry Bevy dear, The Foundation will take care of all your needs soon." She moaned about as much as she dared without causing great pain from the gag. "I found a solution to all my money problems too. It was staring me in the face the whole time. Object Jenna, known as Bev to everyone else, will sign all the papers I need her to sign giving me full control over your company and all your personal assets. She is already mastering your signature and I already know your social security number. Your now deceased father was your only remaining family member. No one will ask many questions." Bev moaned louder and began pulling against her leash. He laughed at her, "You know what, maybe I will take you for one last ride before we say our goodbyes."

He ignored Bev's complaints and bent her over the bed and began ramming his hard cock into her ass. Bev was reduced to pathetic misery filled cries as he screwed her ass harder than he ever had before. Bev never liked anal sex, and very rarely let him enjoy her tight ass. What she did, or did not want, meant nothing to him anymore. Her needs would never mean anything to anyone ever again. He filled Bev's ass with cum.

He and Jenna led Bev out of the suite hobbled, leashed, and humiliated, already a shadow of her former self. They took Bev to the slave return center. "I am here to return this slave her designation is Object Jenna," Evan said, to the trustee who gave him only half attention. Bev began making noises, pulling at her leash, and twisting her shoulders. Her eyes were wide, and she seemed to be trying to get the trustees attention.

The trustee looked up at Bev her face quizzical. It was very on usual for a trained object slave to act out the way Bev was. "I would also like to report that this slave seems to be defective. My girlfriend and I had to put this special gag on after she bit me."

The trustee's face turned serious instantly. "That is highly unusual, but the Foundation takes these matters very seriously." Bev went mad, twisting her torso, and shaking her head in protest. She even stamped her feet like a mule, but it was all in vain. The trustee had no reason to doubt his story and she had an incentive to correct the problem or else be blamed for the wayward slave herself. "I will have Object Jenna put through a full round of training. We will correct any deficiencies I promise." The trustee waved to some worker slaves. The slaves took Bev's leash from him and led her away kicking and moaning the best she could manage in her bound state. He turned to the real Object Jenna, "Looks like it's just you and me now. Bev are you ready to leave," he said, offering Jenna his arm.

"Yes, I am ready to go home," Jenna said, and her use of the pronoun was not lost on him. He briefly wondered if the change was just part of her act as Bev, or if Object Jenna retained more of her individuality then she let on. He pushed the thought away, deciding it did not matter, she was his and would be forever. And he was rid of Bev and her inconvenient want for independence.


Evan and Jenna walked to their suite holding hands. A year had passed since the last convention when he made the best decision of his life to trade Bev for a, well, better Bev. He looked at Jenna, walking beside him, her face painted in Bev's Bluefox make-up but wearing a new dress he had bought for her.

She had blossomed over the past year. She no longer referred to herself as Object Jenna and used the I pronoun. She still served his every whim enthusiastically, and he rewarded her for her service regularly. Their relationship had changed in some important ways. Last year her devotion to him came from a place of fear. She, rightly, feared the power he had over her as a member of the Foundation. Over the past year that fear morphed into appreciation for taking her away from that place. And now, it had turned into something he could only describe as love.

As they rounded the last corner toward their suite they saw Mantessa approaching from the opposite direction. What interested him more was the state of the one who followed behind her. Viperella made a desperate attempt to keep up with her partner while being led like a dog. Viperella's arms and legs were folded, and cinched tight, in a leather sleeve. Her mouth was held agape by a huge bit gag and Mantessa pulled Viperella along by a leash and collar.

When Mantessa saw them, she smiled pleasantly. "Hello friends, another year and another week of debauchery," she said.

"I see you and Viperella have worked things out."

"Oh yeah, it's been a year of Viperella learning out to treat me right."

"Aren't you afraid to parade her around in front of other members?"

"Nah, everyone hated her. The other members all pretty much agree that this new Viperella is a lot easier to deal with," Mantessa said, while patting Viperella on the head as if she were her pet dog. Mantessa glanced at Jenna but did not say anything to her. Jenna remained silent, as he instructed, except when speaking was unavoidable. Bev would have been the only one to object to this new Viperella and Mantessa seemed to realize that. He hoped she would assume Bev's new attitude came from the fact she thought Mantessa knew her identity.

Evan laughed, "You keep her like that, and you will have to start calling her Dogerella."

Mantessa responded with a laugh of her own. "We will see you around, but we need to get settled in," she said, continuing past them with a wave.

He and Jenna made it to their room and entered. The two of them stopped short as they saw standing in the corner the slave they had requested for the week. Object Jenna, formerly known as Bev, stood in the corner at attention like any Object slave.

Her body bore no permanent marks from her year at the Foundation, but they rarely did. The Foundation knew how to inflict maximum pain and could repair most injury and fade most scars. It was in the eyes that one could see the true nature of an Object slaves training. He stood in front of Bev and looked deep into her eyes. He saw pain, fatigue, and sorrow, but no recognition of him at all. "Hello Bev."

"This Object is known as Jenna. Jenna is here to please master."

He let out a hysterical laugh. Concerned, the real Jenna grabbed his arm. "I'm alright, I was just thinking about something Bev said to me once about the women who end up at the Foundation. Bev, it looks like you are one of the unlucky ones now."

He led Jenna to the bed and the two fucked passionately. Bev stood frozen by command and training. She would not move, and could not move, from her spot in the corner. Without a command she had no will of her own. Object Jenna would wait for orders from her master, forever if need be.

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