How To Be A Human Toilet Cleaner
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Author's Note: This is an extreme, filthy story written in the real world where, I hope, nothing even close to the scenario could happen to a person. It involves a life changing scenario with an unwitting participant - Sara - Who is studied to see how much control she could be subject to over a long period if time, while preforming a disgusting and repetitive task.

It's my first story on this site but I've been published elsewhere... with less over the top themes. This story was inspired by 'toilet trained' by an author called archaic ragnarok and I honestly thought it would never see the light of day until I recently had an surge of motivation to finish it after over 4 years in the making.

Depending on if it's received well, I have a few more extreme stories outside my usual writing tastes drafted that I might submit. Any feedback is also welcome

Sara woke up with a start. The Last few days, she'd been having trouble waking up on time. The last thing she could remember doing yesterday is quitting her job and moving out of her house. She couldn't remember why. She felt immense foreboding at her future now, but couldn't help feeling like she had an impulse driving her to an unknown destination.

Her therapist popped in to her mind. Sara thought back to the time she'd started seeing Dr Waters, who was a slender, stern woman with extremely cold albeit attractive features. Sara couldn't remember why she had been seeing a therapist in the first place. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she knew that it was suspicious that she had no memory of what went on in her sessions.

Sara was already dressed. She wore a blazer over her tight white top, with a sensible pencil skirt on and black high heels. Sara left her apartment and spoke to the crew downstairs, who had come to collect all her belongings. Confused as to why she would do such a thing, Sara directed them to keep anything they wanted and destroy the rest. This included everything in her flat - her passport, bank cards, all of it. She took nothing else with her save for a sealed envelope from Dr Waters and several letters addressed to friends and family. These contained details of a new life Sara had planned for herself in Africa. Funny that she couldn't remember planning any of it.

Sara travelled for about 16 hours. She felt dazed, almost guided through the whole ordeal. She spoke to no-one, and only managed to focus once she had gotten to a large, ambiguous looking building. Sara couldn't tell why, but she felt the urge to go in. The doors buzzed open when she approached and she stepped in to a plain office building. A small busty woman was already approaching her, looking rather stern. "Sara, welcome. Go straight up to floor 15, Madam is wating for you".

Sara wanted to ask questions, but impulsively walked instead to the elevator, pushed the button and waited, staring at the door. once it arrived, she calmly stepped in to the elevator, pressed for floor 15 and again waited to reach her destination. She hardly moved until she got there. When the door opened, she stood still, confused, until a Spanish looking lady came to get her. she was taken to a large office and sat down in front of an overweight woman. "pass me your envelope, I'd like to take a look at your contract type." she said, without introduction. Sara quietly passed it over.

An uncomfortable amount of time passed. The large woman mused over the written paper, clicking her tongue slightly. "Fine. So you're here to test the extremes of our behaviour change therapy. you've also agreed to permanent residence and modifications at our discretion. Perfect. You'll be making minimum wage during this time period, paid in to your new bank account. Your contract lasts minimum five years, but can be extended if need be. Thank you for joining our team and I look forward to seeing your progression."

Sara's mind exploded with questions. She still couldn't seem to get any words out! worse still, she couldn't seem to muster the energy to move at all.The Large woman looked up at her for the first time. "I see. Waters has been working with you for a while has she. Go downstairs to the reception, ask to be taken to processing." with that, Sara got up. "Oh, and take the stairs".

After a long walk down and slight wait, Sara arrived at the processing department. The sign was extremely mundane. Opening the door, Sara looked straight in to the eyes of a nerdy looking lady. "Ah, you must be the new cleaner!"

Sara had been a manager at a large law firm, she would never agree to be a cleaner! She still couldn't get any words out, and just stared right at the woman. "yes, my name is Cheryl, I'll be doing your physio work and noting any adjustments that are needed. Go stand in front of the camera there and we'll begin. Take off all of your outer layers."

Sara did so. Immediately, Cheryl began to make notes. She took out a marker pen and began to draw on Sara skin. "Look up dear. Good. These notes are for me, not you! They're just a few guides on what we'd like to do with you. You've got a lovely figure, but We're all about making it to our liking, understand? Now bend over."

Sara bent over, feeling the pen making notes on her Butt. Suddenly, her panties where pulled down. Cheryl made a few notes directly on her asshole, then pulled them back up again. This continued all over Sara body, being posed, written on, then asked to repose. Her breasts where examined multiple times. They where G cups naturally and where her proudest asset. But Cheryl laughed and said they could be improved. Sara Still couldn't resist instructions or ask any of her thousands of questions - what was wrong with her!?

Cheryl Finished and instructed Sara to sit on the chair next to a recording device and another camera. She sat opposite, off screen, and was joined by 4 different people, one of them being the large woman from upstairs. "Sara, you are here because you have been chosen to be here specifically by one of our scouts. You have been subject to advanced behaviour modifications, as part of a study to see how much control we can ascertain over an individual. You've given up all of your property, money, your livelihood and are thought to be unreachable but safe by your loved ones and peers. You are now number 14, but you will reply to any other name given to you. you may only speak when given expressed permission. however, you are not a prisoner. You may leave any time you like if you can break the control, with a large reward, but we have forbidden you from leaving or denying a direct order. reply with a simple yes if you understand so far."

Sara had welled up. She felt flush. She wanted to scream at these people, to reject their claims and leave. But she still couldn't move! all she could muster is a slight pause, before replying, simply "Yes."

"Good. The I am about to give you your orders. You will follow these commands to the smallest details. You are now a resident at this building. You will march to the female toilet on the first floor as soon as I am finished talking. From this point on, you will never leave that place without expressed permission and instructions from one of the people you see before you now. You will enter the stall on the far left. It is currently empty. The stall is completely secure, sound proof and completely isolated from the outside so long as the door is shut.

You will notice the many monitors inside the stall. you will watch them closely to best preform your duty. Each monitor is hooked up to a different camera inside this toilet, including the cubicles. Your new job is to watch for members using the toilets and to clean up after each one. You will also be responsible for cleaning the floors, the sinks and the urinals. I will remind you at this point, before going in to the more... extreme details... that no one will force you to do this, you have only been instructed to do this job. "

Sara's eyes where completely teared up. She still couldn't stop listening. A toilet cleaner? how demeaning! let alone being an in house cleaner. She desperately tried to overcome whatever was stopping her movement, but she couldn't. By the looks of things, the ladies in front of her knew she wouldn't be able to either.

Another of the woman began to speak. "Now, you will be attending to a toilet that has several distinctions from the usual restroom. For starters, some of our previous subjects do their duties in them too. Several of the old 'sexually trained' subjects frequent the gloryholes and preform sex acts on whoever comes in to the stalls. You will avoid the stalls while they are preforming. One of your primary goals is to remain completely detached from other people who enter the toilet. You will wait for them to finish before resuming your duties, and clean up after each of them. People may know you are there, but will never come in to contact with you. understand? Doors will lock automatically to help you achieve this"

A meek "Yes" escaped Sara's Lips.

"Good. Now, your specific duties and uniform. Once you have been dismissed from here, you will proceed to strip naked. You will put on a armbinder securely and never attempt to take it off. This will ensure your hands stay firmly behind your back. Sara, every last bit of cleaning, The toilets, the gloryholes, the floors, you will do with your mouth. You WILL consume every drop of piss, Shit, semen, drool or any other substance that comes in to your new domain. You will never complain. You will do it as efficiently as possible."

Sara's eyes had widened. She Couldn't believe what she was hearing!

"you Will have access to a single dildo in your stall that you will only ever insert in to your anus whenever you are not working. You will ride it to orgasm as much as possible during these times, taking breaks as your body needs. You may sleep between the hours of roughly 2am and 6am, making yourself as comfortable as possible as you see fit but without removing your bindings. You will keep your own cubicle and the dildo clean using the same method as the outside - your mouth. whenever you cum, whenever you urinate or defecate, you will make sure to clean it up as soon as possible. To this end, the decision to go to the toilet is up to you. To ascertain that you understand your predicament, we order you to go begin your new role as of right now. Your duties begin as soon as you have your first bowel motion. If you can resist for 48 hours we will know your programming hasn't worked and you will be released."

Sara was in shock. She needed the toilet rather badly. She was already removing her top, her skirt and the rest, had put on the arm-binder and was walking naked down the halls to the toilet door. She entered. Walked to her new home. Squatted on to her new fuck toy. And begun to wait. She desperately tried to hold it in. She Knew it was a sick thing happening to her, but so far she couldn't resist instructions. Her stomach was cramping and she was sure she could feel something in the pits of her bowels. But she had to hold. If not, She'd be forced to do her new 'job'. There were no clocks in her home, only TV monitors. Most where fixed on to different cubicles, some showed the toilet floor. Six where blank. She wondered what they were for.

Suddenly, accidently, she felt a push, and a plop. She had lost focus and pushed out a turd on to the dildo in her ass. The remaining 6 monitors turned on. 3 showed her, at different angles. One Showed a delayed recording of her. The other said 'live feed' in large writing, with a viewer number in the bottom corner. Worse still, it had caused her to jump, and she released her bowels completely on to the dildo.

Sara Watched herself on the screen. She could see the huge load beneath her on one of the screens. On the delayed screen, she still looked like a panicked woman. Now she looked like a dumb bitch who had resigned to her fate. The urge was slow at first. She could feel it growing. With a slight 'pop', she pulled herself off the dildo. Slowly She turned around. She could feel what was coming. The cameras watching her. The viewer number was at 12 now. The feed must be live - she was being watched! She tried to resist, but she could feel herself pulling down. Over her shit. Her mouth was wide open and she knew she was about to do the unthinkable.

The first Chunk was almost unbearable. The smell alone would normally make her gag, but the thought of her own shit in her mouth was so humiliating she wanted to weep. More so she wanted to spit it out. But her body scooped up a massive portion of the load, and begun to chew. The taste swept all over her tongue. Her own dung covered her teeth and slowly was sucked down her gullet. The next mouthful was just as bad, as was the next. She slowly worked on the pile, eating each disgusting section in a calm, robotic manner. Her dildo was filthy. She began to lick at it, and eventually took the entire shaft in her mouth in her body's insane quest to clean it. She took the full length of the dildo several times, making sure to scoop out every particle of turd in each of the rivets.

Eventually, her body decided her room was clean again. Propping herself up, she re-inserted the dildo into her anus, and sat. She noted the disgusted expression on her shit stained face. She licked around impulsively, her programming must want to clean everywhere she can possibly reach. Worse still, on the delayed camera, she watched herself shit all over the dildo and begin to clean it all up again. The profound sense of embarrassment was completely in Sara's mind. But her programming had started doing another duty - suddenly, she begun fucking her ass on the dildo, watching the monitors for any activity. With no idea of the time, how many people to expect or how to escape her predicament, Sara was trapped watching what she was doing, feeling every humiliating thrust as she debased herself more and more.

Day 1.

Nobody used the facility After her session. She concluded that it was late at night. Eventually, she had stopped fucking herself, cleaned off the dildo again and fallen asleep. When She awoke, she remounted. A speaker System crackled in to life. "Good morning. From this point on, you will respond to the name 'toilet brush'. Welcome to your First day on the job. Remember, no-one is forcing you to work here. Any further instructions from management will be applied through this speaker system."

With that, it went dead. Sara squatted, still tried to resist her bodies temptations but found she was still effectively on autopilot. She could only wait for people to come in to her new place of business. She Didn't have to wait long. A frumpy looking woman entered the stall in the middle. Sara watched intently the screen that showed her. The woman only peed, and left. Sara didn't feel any impulse to clean that lavatory - maybe she was getting control? The next woman did the same, and sara still didn't react. She was still fucking her ass, but no urge to enter the other stall. Progress?

The next woman was a largeish lady who could be seen straining. She pushed out a fairly large dump, used the bidet, and took several moments to wash her hands in the sink. She took time checking her reflection, before finally heading to the door. Sara felt no urge to go 'clean'. But as soon as the woman left and the door closed behind her... Suddenly Saras body woke up. She roughly dismounted her Dildo and headed to the door, sliding on her knees. Locking the stall behind her, she peered in to the bowl to a disgusting mix of logs. Sara wanted to weep, but she could feel the similar sensation of pulling as her head sunk in to the bowl. Her mouth grabbed a huge dollop of the womans filth and begun the process of forcing it down. Sara was sure her gag reflex no longer worked as she swallowed again. her huge tits slapped against the porcelain as she bent back in, grabbing more turn in her maw as the previous load slid down her throat. She repeated this process, chewing through the main bulk until she herd another person enter the restroom and begin to have a bowel movement. Sara's body sped up, lapping up any smears in the bowl as quickly as possible and waiting for the new supplier to leave. She then changed stalls, and started on this new dump. This one was more liquid than the last, and was almost sucked up in less than two minutes. She lapped the sides. Noone else had entered in the mean time, so once finished she went back to her personal stall and remounted her loverboy. The delayed camera showed her previous jobs to her again, and she watched in disgust at herself.

A woman had come in to the toilet. She was dressed in janitorial clothing, and was looking straight at the camera with a sly grin on her face. After about 20 seconds, she spat right on the floor. and again. and blew out her nose on to the tiles. She then winked at the camera and left! Sara was filled with anger, but her body was already moving over to the spot. She bent down, and started to lap up the spit and snot from the woman. It was salty, and very different from her other 'meals' here. After cleaning the spot, Sara noticed that the woman had left muddy foot prints all over the place. Her programming decided they had to go too, and Sara lunged towards the spot. She hesitated to think what the janitor woman had walked through, but it tasted awful. Once complete, Sara returned to her squat and begun to mercilessly fuck herself, watching her previous actions.

Surprisingly, after what seemed like hours, Sara came and squirted all over the room. She dutifully popped herself up, and cleaned any surface her cum had got on. She was beginning to feel as if she was accepting her fate - She couldn't just give up, could she!?

The day went on. Sara came several times, and cleaned the toilets a good 20 more times. She was extremely full, and her dildo was becoming stained with each use, requiring a cleaning every time she got back from a job. Shit was becoming a normal taste to her. She lamented her position, but couldn't help remounting every time for a proper butt fucking. Eventually, she attended a job when a huge load of shit slipped out of her. She grimaced, as she was in a cubicle and in the middle of a job, but she couldn't help but empty herself there and then. She must have been quite a sight, shitting herself while in the middle of eating someone else's shit, but at is point she didn't care. Sara turned around, unfazed by what she was about to do, and began to eat her own crap again from round the dirty toilet. She knew this was disgusting, but as she buried her face in the muck she almost switch off, accepting it in to her mouth. She still felt disgusted, but helpless. more shit escaped her asshole, splattering the door. She dutifully followed the trail, making sure no one would be able to tell she had even been there once she was finished. Her legs where covered in shit, and she licked at every part she could reach, before returning to her cubicle to clean and re-mount the dildo again. At this point the routine was obvious to her. She was little more that her name sake. A toilet brush. That made her want to die, to cry out, but still she couldn't. It was awful, but her body just carried on, unaffected by her minds wants.

3 weeks later

Sara was a complete mess. Unable to accept her life but also unable to change it, she had continued to clean the toilets routinely since starting her new role. She only slept when her body automatically shut down. The rest of the time, she would fuck her sore ass and eat anything that her mental programming deemed appropriate. She hated what she had become, but couldn't change it. She had resorted to trying to control how much she would chew, but had little success. Her body decided when it would go down he throat. With no human contact, she could feel her tired mind becoming more and more exhausted.

She spent most of her time watching the cameras, trying to identify regulars. There where glory hole girls who came on once every several days for a session. Sara always had to lick up the spit, drool and spilt cum from the walls after they where finished. A weird part of her mind looked forward to those days, since it gave her a small bit of entertainment away from watching people shit.

Sara was fucking herself when suddenly, the monitors turned off and the cubicle door opened! Sara was in disbelief! She still couldn't stop her ass fucking, but she looked up, shocked as the large woman, Cheryl and 3 women in uniform stood before her. Sara was extremely aware of the shit smear on her face as she did nothing but continue to pound her butt. The large woman began to speak. "Hello toilet brush. This will be one of few irregular visits. I am here to merely view your progress, Cheryl has some changes to make to you and your cubicle and these ladies are her to assist me and therefore, you. Please stand up, walk out of the cubicle and stand in the centre of the toilet."

Sara did as instructed, with a audible wet 'bloop' the dildo fell out of her poor anus and fell limp. Luckily it wasn't dirty, she'd cleaned it shortly before. She was used to crawling along the floor on her knees, so standing at full height was a strange change indeed.

"My, lucky all the weight has gone to your tits and ass so far" Cheryl quipped, almost amused. "Toilet brush, I am going to inject you now with a series of concoctions, to keep you healthy and to regulate where all that matter you're eating goes. wouldn't want you getting sick would we? Please Bend over slightly. I will also be administering something to stop all your body hair from growing Since we'd like to avoid... ahem, matting."

Sara bent. Felt a prick. Then another. Then several more. Cheryl walked in front of Sara, and gestured to the three women to enter her stall. Sara could hear drilling. These ladies are your janitor crew, they're making sure you'll be fully functional. They're installing a new Dildo for you, isn't that nice? this one will have access to automatically pumped lubricant, as well as other things. It'll make your ass easier to fuck, even if it is a bit bigger than your old one. So you're less likely to hurt yourself. They can, from now on, give you orders that you will follow so long as it doesn't break your current duties, but this will only be in case of emergency. And Lily here is a trained dentist who will look after your teeth during your term here" She pointed at the nervous, squat woman who looked unsure weather she should wave or introduce herself or not.

Sara recognised one of the women. It was the busty dark haired bitch who had made her lick up spit and boot prints on the first day. This was awful. Cheryl continued "now as stated in your contract, I may add to your body as the company needs. since we have many people coming in to use the bathroom, we've decided to take precaution and add a few deterrents form thieving hands. Therefore, we will be adding several tattoos to your person to make it easier to identify you as our property. You will proceed to the chair in the far cubicle while the janitors work to receive your modifications.

Sara could only think one word - 'Fuck'. Sara sat down and her body shut off, lying still as the grave. Cheryl Looked her right in the eyes, for the first time since meeting. "These tattoos are to be applied with a skin dye. They are not painful but are going to last as long as you work here. No rubbing off, no accidental removal. First, we'll need to clean your skin and apply a cream to get rid of any hair you may have grown since joining us. Stay as still as possible. If you please."

Cheryl gestured at the mean janitor woman who, with another cruel smile on her face, showed Sara the huge hose that now was connected to a pipe in Sara's cubicle. she flipped the switch and allowed a heavy torrent of freezing cold water to assault Sara. She couldn't even react to the spray, remaining as still as possible as the highly pressurised jet hit her hard, all over, finally removing the last few weeks filth from her. The janitor made sure to painfully go over every inch of Sara's body, before finally stopping. Sara knew her skin was probably red raw, but couldn't look down to see the extent. Cheryl stepped back in to the frame.

"good. I'll dry you and apply cream as we go. Please stand up, I am going to remove your arm binder. Hold your arms out to your sides and remain still until i give permission to move again."

Sara did as she was told. She could see in the corner of her eyes her new tattoo stencils. She couldn't make out what they said, but knew it would be the next step in her dehumanisation. She felt a stencil being applied to her butt cheek. Then the other. Her back was next. Cheryl then came round to her front, and applied stencils to her breasts, her stomach, both of her upper thighs and one of her ankles. Finally, she came to her face. She applied a tattoo to both of Sara's cheeks and one across the forehead. Sara felt like she was going to die of embarrassment. She had no idea what any of the tattoos said, but she knew it wouldn't be something she wished for. The process took about two hours and the smell of the hair removal cream filled the air quite heavily while this madwoman worked.

Cheryl finally finished, nodded to the janitors, and left without paying Sara any more mind. The more petite janitor spoke first. "Okay Toilet brush. Resume your normal duties once we've finished the next step. I am going to apply a more permanent fixture to your arms to restrict their movements." With that, she attached a pair of shackles to Sara's wrists and secured them firmly behind her back.

Sara felt her body kick back in. She walked past the three remaining women and plodded herself heavily on to her new dildo. It was bigger, and went in with more effort than normal. the rest of her room had changed too. It was all water sealed now, with a sprinkler system installed. A new doorway was on the left, leading in to god knows where. It was also mirrored everywhere apart from the monitors, including the floor and ceiling. She knew why. It was so she could see herself at all times. Her tattoos where about as demeaning as she thought they would be. Her ankle had a barcode on it. Her left butt cheek had a 'property of' sign on it, along with a company logo. This was also on her left breast. Her right breast had 'Human septic tank: D.N.F.' written on it. her thighs also carried similar signs, 'shit eater: D.N.F.' on the right and A list of Websites on the left. Her back seemed to have a Rules list. As far as she could see it stated "Hi, I am a toilet brush. My livelihood rules are: 1. I Must eat all shit that comes in to my toilet. 2. I must drink all Piss that comes in to my toilet. 3. I must clean all dirt that gets on my toilets floors, urinals and sinks. 4. I will be available for all jobs in my domain, no matter how long it takes or how big a mess. D.N.F.

Sara Felt truly like a tool now. Branded. She even bore a set of instructions. But the worst was no her face. In large bold letters, toilet brush was written on her forehead. It wasn't even a name, it was an item description. On her left cheek, Shit eater D.N.F. was written and on her right, a company advertisement.

"D.N.F? what does that mean?" one of the janitors asked. "Do not fuck." replied the Mean janitor woman. "She's essentially a piece of shit, they don't want someone stumbling across it by accident and sticking their dick in. It'll probably rot off!. you two follow me. We're going to have a bit of fun with the cleaner. Toilet brush, squat as far down on your mount as possible."

The mean janitor had a glint in her eyes. The other two looked unsure, but followed suit. There was a distinct feeling of foreboding filling Sara's insides to go along with her gargantuan new dildo prop stand but she followed orders and was almost sat on the floor, she squatted so low.

"The Cameras wont come back on for another 45 minutes. What say we spend a little time showing her the new features of that toilet brush holder she calls a dildo? Toilet brush, open your mouth as wide as you can and keep it that way until you resume duties. Katie, get me the remote."

The third janitor, a slightly overweight but pretty woman, left the room and re entered with a controller of sorts. The mean janitor took it, and pressed a button. A woosh of liquid shot up Sara's ass. "That's the lube setting. Set to go off every now and then if its not done manually, meant to clean her out and make sure she doesnt tear something down there. Next, vibrate!"

the dildo began vibrating wildly, shocking Sara. The janitor Grinned, then hocked a loogie right in Sara's face! She pressed another button, and an electric pulse raced through Sara's anus.

"Its got a shock setting too!! Ha, well it is a modified sybian device used in the training rooms upstairs." She spoke to the two women as if Sara wasn't in the room and she was showcasing a new toy. "Spit on the bitch, lets give her a good glazing!"

With that, she spat again, landing it right in Saras mouth. The others looked intimidated by the mean janitor, and soon joined in, with a slight look of unease. Sara squatted still, feeling the cruel vibrations in her ass and occasional shocks, while being pummelled by three ladies spit. each time a wad splashed on to her skin she died a little more in side. Two minutes later her face was dripping and her mouth was full. Still the tirade continued. "I hate these Stupid contract staff, they obviously want to be treated badly. Why else would they sign? Dumb brainwashed whore. Toilet brush, begin fucking your ass as hard as you can, make yourself squirt while we spit on you. and swallow that load in your mouth! I want to fill it again."

Sara swallowed, shuddered, and felt her body begin to move again. She was trying to hit her sweet spot this time, the weeks of constant anal abuse had taught her autopilot well. This bigger vibrating dildo made it easier to grind on. The girls begun to fill Sara's mouth with another wad, and she could feel her chest getting covered with whatever couldn't fit on or missed her face. After about two more minutes of this, she felt a similar sensation, and finally came. Her orgasm sent out a wave of humiliating pleasure, and sprayed all over the floor in front of her. Her training overriding the janitors orders, She plopped off her huge dildo again and begun to lick it up - she almost thanked her body for making her move.

"games over. Ladies, leave. and make sure to turn the heaters on, I want to make this bitch as sweaty as possible from now on. I have one more last thing to do."

The others left Saras body reangled and coincidentally looked up just enough for her to see them exchange worried looks and shoot the mean janitor an angry glare from behind her back . Sara lapped up her cum, but knew something was going on in front of her. The janitor woman was stripping. She squatted, and begun to shit on the floor. She then placed a pill in to the shit and walked away. "that's a laxative. I know you have to eat it. The bosses will never know I'm doing my own little experiments, and you'll be having a wonderful few hours in your own mess. I'll be bringing you several of these a week from now on. I think you people are disgusting and I'm going to make you regret coming here."

With that, she left. Sara's mind was ablaze. What was she talking about, Sara didn't even know why she was here! This woman was targeting her for no possible reason she could think of. Unfortunately, before long her wandering mind couldn't stop her body and eventually she worked herself up to the janitors turd and dove right in. The pill vanished in the sludge, but she noted that, once she'd licked the floor clean it wasn't there anymore. Re mounting her dildo, she could only wait as her stomach churned, and the cameras Turned back on. As her stomach growled and she felt a bubbling sensation the the depth of her asshole, she could only think one thing. 'That fucking bitch....'

A random amount of time later between 1 day and 1 year on

Sara the toilet brush dipped her head in to the filthy toilet, hoping it was one of the final jobs of the night. Her hair was soaked with toilet water and faecal matter, urine and whatever else had been deposited by her last few customers. It didn't matter. Sara felt it and didn't care.

This is all she did. She was used to it. She was only a toilet brush, and being covered in filth was her job. But she wanted to get back in to her hole and use her stand to masturbate.

It was the only good feeling she got in her life and she was becoming very accustomed to it. Due to the robotic nature her body now ran on, she had little choice in the where and the when, but at least her trapped mind could look forward to something. She chewed the greasy shit in her mouth and fantasised about her next session. Disappointment loomed its head once more, however, when the restroom door opened and she audibly heard someone in the stall next to her, making an awful mess. Sara lapped at the water and a few floaters as the unaware lady continued to struggle with her bowel movement - unfortunately, this wasn't the first time Sara had the privilege of listening to her next meal being served.

The woman had been defecating for about 10 minutes, more than enough time for Sara to finish her current job and still hadn't gotten up to leave. This was a first. Sara had nowhere to go - she couldn't leave the stall for fear of being seen and had to wait. The sounds this woman was producing were not pleasant, and Sara felt she'd never get used to the noise of passing gas. She crouched there, frozen over a clean toilet. waiting.

Sara had only recently gone to the toilet herself. The Cubicle she was in was clean. The toilet didn't need any more attention, Sara finished the load with relative ease since it wasn't a big one. It seemed like a fault in her programming, to have nothing to do while in a stall. If she'd have gotten any longer maybe she would have thought of someway to take advantage of the free time but unfortunately, soon enough, the woman left without even washing her hands. Sara entered her stall, locked it behind her, and went flush. The woman had a fairly explosive bowel movement and there was lumps of crap all over the bowl, behind the seat and even on the floor.

Without so much as a moment hesitation, her body started by licking a wet brown spot off the bowl. Sara mentally sighed - apart from the obvious messy nature, it wasn't anything special. She lapped at the parts outside the bowl and listened as two new women came in to her toilet. At this rate she wasn't going to be able to cum until close she thought to herself, with a hint of annoyance. Even then she had her chores to do first.

As Sara entered the next, somehow messier cubicle, she again lamented her position. She was craving time away from the toilet so that she could cum, but it was part of her horror story. She was now conditioned to her situation. If she could let out a tear, she would have done so then. Dipping her head in to the fresh bowl and feeling globules of shit soak in to her hair, she didn't wish for her freedom for the first time. She just wished her next customer would wait for her to pleasure herself.

12 months later.

Sara was no more. She couldn't resist. She had tried so hard at first, coming up with plans to break the control. It was fruitless. She Was now officially just a toilet brush. She Had no human contact. The last time, when she had her tattoos put on, everything had become even more automated. There was no need to be in contact with her. She was a well oiled machine. Worse still, she knew she was constantly being watched. The 'viewer' number had slowly creeped up, and now stayed at around the 15,000 mark during its lowest points of the day.

Her dentist didn't actually check her teeth. Instead, Sara estimated once every month or so, she'd find a toilet bowl at the end of day filled with a very strong smelling disinfectant that made her feel slightly drunk and a minty, chewy mass that she assumed helped clean her teeth. It was bizarre how much she appreciated this.

Her ass was broken. The dildo kept itself nicely lubed, but constant pounding made it hard for Sara to even clench anymore. She had begun to think of it as nothing more than a stand, to keep her in place until the time for her real purpose. Her legs were powerful, and the muscle cramps she used to get were a thing of the past. Presumably she'd been conditioning them during the time she'd been there.

Shit had become less of a disgusting food and more of a matter of quality, some of Sara's regulars gave off better meals than others. She couldn't believe that now she had favourite customers.

The mean janitor didn't help her predicament. She was true to her word, and until recently had come in about three times a week. She always used the centre toilet, and her shit was always packed with laxatives. She must have shoved them up her ass before each visit. Sara hated it, but she was the only person that even acknowledged her any more. The laxatives would force Sara to shit openly during jobs or while on the toilet floor, and the clean up would take time. She had almost been caught a few times by customers, so now their was an auto lock on the front door to prevent accidental walk ins.

Her body had suffered. She had put on weight, and had a belly. Her tits and ass were huge now, and swayed uncomfortably when she lost balance. Sara estimated she was well over 200 pounds, more than triple her original weight. By that logic, her mass was made from over 50% shit. Watching herself on camera most evenings, she appeared a jiggly, sweaty mess. She would have been much bigger if it wasn't for the constant exercise. Her programming allowed her to empty her bowels into a grate once every week or so - most likely a prevention to poisoning herself. constantly eating her own shit must be extremely hard on her immune system, even with the drug concoctions in her.

She was also sprayed down once a fortnight with the sprinkler system, which always left a slightly acidic lemony smell. She looked forward to this time most of all, it gave her a sense of being cared for. She knew she was considered a valuable item by the company at least. She was extremely efficient. The floors practically sparkled. They where the main source of variety, because people step in or drop random things that give Sara a temporary glance in to a world outside the toilet.

She Had come to empathise most with the glory hole girls. They where always dolled up, bus she could tell they where machines too. Forced to gag for hours on cock, they moved with a similar purpose to Sara herself. Automated. Controlled. When she cleaned up after them, she would seldom find anything other than drool and semen left over. They never once used her toilet, because they where only their to blow. Still, if they had ever seen Sara they would know it could be much worse.

Over time, her routine became repetitive but not without the odd bit of variety. She'd seen some very strange things - office hook-ups, deals going down, even a fight that resulted in one woman having a black eye. But the simple fact was that it didn't concern Sara. She was a secret, disgusting accessory to the toilet. Unless it was shit on a bowl or dirt on a floor, these stories and random happenings were completely inconsequential. Sara's only thing left was her imagination but with so little stimulation and her new 'bottom of the heap' outlook, even that was waning. Her mind was almost completely focused on the job and she didn't even think of herself as a human - as Sara - anymore.

???? time later

A day in the life...

5am...ish. Toilet Brush woke up. She hadn't seen natural light in so long, she had no real idea what time it was but she knew it was early. every day, she woke up a few hours at least before her first customers arrived. Her first job was already waiting for her - she'd released her bladder in the night and needed to lick up the cold piss. Compared to her usual, it was delicious.

05.25am Toilet Brush mounted her holder and gave herself her first fucking of the day. Nothing special - she came and her body thankfully allowed her to go at a slow pace. Eventually, she squat fairly still and watched her monitors, waiting for start of day employees to use the facilities.

06.30. Someone in a dark uniform comes in. It looks like a janitor but Toilet Brush had begun to only think of people as custodial or office workers - there were rarely people in casual clothing. Toilet Brush watched eagerly as they had their Moring movement. They must have been in the stall 15 minutes, probably playing on their phone. Once they got off, Toilet Brush had her first meal of the day. Gulping down a very large and lukewarm turd, she was quick to finish her job thanks to its.. 'Full body'. Toilet Brush remounted herself and was surprised how full she felt.

0810-0910. Her busiest time started. Toilet Brush's cubicles were used by about 17 people in the hour and of those, 7 took a dump. Toilet Brush gobbled down her unpleasant breakfast one bowl after another, her body working fast to keep up with demand. luckily there were no complications and each job was quick, very little splashback or surrounding mess. Toilet Brush's mouth and lower face was caked in excrement that she tried to lick at. The bits that she couldn't get to would wash off eventually with all the dunking her head did in to toilet water, for now she'd just have to put up with the smell.

1230. Mid day. Traffic slowed down normally till this point where the lunchtime poopers would arrive, however, today a mildly pregnant looking woman had come in to the restroom at about 1130am. She was still there almost an hour later and prevented Toilet Brush coming out to clean till she left. By that time, several toilets had been used more than once. Toilet Brush knew what that meant - she would have to clean toilet water. She'd noticed 2 cubicles were being avoided by patrons and knew why, they were dirty. By the time she got to them, the contents were cold and the 'cleaner' toilets were full of concentrated piss water. Not pleasant, but something she was disgusted by the fact she knew what to expect, it wouldn't be a new experience. She got to work, but it soured her mood somewhat and she couldn't cum during the next down period. Her trapped brain hated the idea that she now pouted when she couldn't get to toilets on time, but that was her life now. The thought stuck with her for several hours.

1400. During some of the clean up operations, Toilet Brush crapped herself. Worse, she had a customer before she could finish cleaning her mess and accidentally slid through it on her knees while she went for the next job. Fortunately she managed to prevent the skid mark going too far out of her doorway and after cleaning the job, didn't have to spend too much time on the toilet floor cleaning, so nobody was at risk of seeing her. It took 45 minutes and required her to carefully position herself to scrape up all the muck, but she got her cubicle spotless again before remounting her dildo and continuing her duty. She was looking forward to the next time she could go in the grate and finally get rid of the excrement she'd eaten several times over, this was by her count the 5th recycled shit.

1930. People were leaving the building and a familiar noise happened - the toilet door locked. Toilet Brush was able to leave her cubicle and clean, a task she actually looked forward too. The evening customers were slightly scarce today, so she'd had little to do. Crawling out of her hole, she begun cleaning the floor with her tongue in the usual spot - next to the now locked exit door - and worked her way inward. This was a nice time of the day, she was able to wipe most of the foul taste away while cleaning the tiled flooring.

Occasionally, she'd get bits of mud or other general muck in her mouth. She suspected some of the service staff that used the toilet last were instructed to remove things that looked out of place, since in all her time there she'd never come across loose change or metallic objects. Originally, she greatly feared seeing something like that - she had no idea if her body would try to eat it or not. As time went on she relaxed, sometimes even hoped for something like that to happen. But it never did, the most she found was a used cigarette, the odd used condom and on a semi regular basis dropped food - most bizarrely toast but usually cereal bars and on the go type items - and did indeed swallow everything she could. Her programming was that forceful with her duties she decided it would clean anything that was out of place in her domain, even a semen filled rubber Jonny. Tonight, like the average night, there was none of these foreign objects and she spent about 3 hours going tile to tile, cubicle to cubicle, cleaning the ground.

2200. Toilet Brush fucked her ass, hard. Too hard, she'd actually slipped and the dildo had gone further up than usual. it hurt, but she carried on. There was no blood or anything, but it felt a little bruised and although she couldn't stop, she did feel her body was accommodating for the damage and taking it a bit easier. It wasn't the first time, it wouldn't be the last, she was just relieved she had a failsafe in the case that she did injure herself.

1230 - Toilet Brush dismounted her dildo and cleaned it in the usual fashion. She'd gone to the toilet herself and it was very dirty - so took longer than usual.

0145 Toilet Brush finally shut down and slept. A dreamless sleep, waking up at what she could only assume was about 5am...

New toilet

Toilet Brush was in the middle of her dildo shit clean when the monitors shut off again. Her door locked, and she was in blackness. Her body carried on eating her shit from her dildo, but her mind raced. What the fuck was going on? Her room was sound proof, and once she finished her meal she struggled to get back on to the holder, but eventually succeeded and begun to fuck her ass hard, as was the norm. What felt like hours passed, until suddenly the cameras flickered back on and Toilet Brush was bought back online. A text note was displayed on the screen. It read:

Toilet Brush,

Please be aware that you're now allowed to defecate in the new cubicle once a week, instead of in to your grate. This is for sanitary reasons. You will begin this from today on wards. Give the new installation 5 minutes time to act before cleaning the bowl.


Head office

And then the screen went blank. Toilet Brush was stunned that she had been addressed for the first time in so long. Her body seemed to react to the note, and started crawling to the new cubicle. A poster was on the door. This one read:

I interfered with company policy. Now I serve as the next step in technological advancement as a fully bio recycling Module. Please ask for details at front desk.

Someone seems to be being punished? Worse still, the punishment was basically toilet Brush's life. She nudged open the door, noticing the mirrored ceiling and the see through glass toilet bowl, and looked straight in to the eyes of the mean janitor! Her mouth was wedged open by a see through pipe leading straight from the bowl. On her forehead was the world 'toilet', along with many of the same tattoos Toilet Brush had across the rest of her body. Toilet Brush, amusingly, was already standing and turning around. Was she her first customer? For the first time since getting in to this mess, Toilet Brush felt a wave of glee run through her. Her body Pushed out her shit from the week. All of it. A huge pile fell in to the waiting mouth of the bitch. She heard a slight gurgle. Standing up, her body was fortunate enough to turn around and View the Bitch trying to swallow all the shit. She must be conditioned too, Sara the Toilet Brush mused in her head. The sight filled her with a satisfied Joy, and for the first time in months she thought of herself as not just a tool for cleaning toilets, but an employee being looked after. Pathetic, she knew, but with her esteem in this life it was a huge boost.

Eventually, Her body forced Sara to clean the bowl. For the whole time, she maintained eye contact with the toilet bitch. What a turn of events. At least these people took care of their property. She understood her goal here - keep the bowl clean, allow the bitch to look at herself. Sara noticed a pipe leading out from the toilets body back in to the bowl. She knew what it was for. Eventually, this bitch would be shitting in to her own mouth. Sara almost felt a grin through her robotic licking. What a fucking result. Sara went back to her cubicle, popped her ass down, and fucked herself again. Cumming seemed easier now.

2 Years later

Sara's life was forfeit. She Knew it. Her job hadn't changed at all. She still ate her own shit. Still ate others. Still cleaned the floors. She still fucked herself as much as possible. Her face was covered in shit most of the time, her body stank. Her only colleague was a toilet, and she was its brush. Sara had, at some point, begun thinking of herself as Sara the toilet brush. That's her name and that's her title. What a way to live. She was currently busy chewing through some BBW business woman's turd, when she had crapped herself. again. She heard a giggle. Her body couldn't react, but someone was in the room. Could they see her? The obese toilet brush, covered in filth, about to chew her own poop after finishing another woman's? "There she is! That's fucking disgusting! Oh my, I cant believe we're watching live!"

Sara was in for a shock. People where watching her. She had been made public. In the cubicle next to her, several, she guessed, fans had gathered. Sara still couldn't look over, her behaviour control wouldn't allow it but she could hear them using the facilities. One after another. There where at least five of them in the room, giggling and shushing each other. Still others Filled the toilet floor, and they where all laughing and making horrible comments. "Ewwwwww, shes even more disgusing than I imagined!"

"She stinks, I can smell her from here."

"What a dumb whore! I bet her breath is rancid. I cant wait to watch her eat this, do you have the camera? We're going to show it at the dorm!"

Sara knew what was coming. She could hear the plop. She knew these toilet noises, too well unfortunately, and she knew that it was filled to the brim. "I cant believe we got the bucket past security!"

Oh crap.

Eventually the girls left, still laughing loudly and throwing insults. Sara wanted to take her time with this toilet, so that she wouldn't have to face the next. But her body begun to diligently move on, turning to the door and waddling out into the next cubicle. They'd been in the janitors toilet and Sara knew they had done something unspeakable. Skimming over to the lavatory on her knees slowly. She gazed into the bowl and saw that it was practically filled to the brim. Unfortunately, it was not a choice she could influence at all - shoving her face in to the pile, she begun eating.

It was so high up it covered Sara's whole face. She grabbed as much as she could in the first bite but it barely dented the mass in front of her. It stunk and it tasted worse than the usual load, but she chewed it down as per usual and took another bite. And another. And another. It was foul, but she knew she wouldn't stop. She carried on shovelling shit down her maw until she begun to feel full. Her stomach groaning, she shit all over the floor - A sight more common than it used to be these days. Her face buried in the bowl, she begun to lick the sides, her body biding time until she had to start eating again. Half an hour passed, and she was still shovelling the waste. Her belly was even more distended than usual. Her bladder was full. she pee'd all over the floor, on to her last pile of shit. Still she continued, until, finally, she almost passed out and her strength went, dropping her full head in to the disgusting mass. Her body had reached full capacity and was beginning to shut down. Her full face splatted in to the muck, and her body, for the first time in almost 3 years, had to pull itself out shock. Her brain was almost activated again. But then...

Sara felt it coming up. It was the first time this had ever happened. She felt the bubble. Suddenly, She vomited all over the place, completely coating the bowl with brown shit vomit. She heard the front toilet door lock. They must be paying attention and know I cant take any more customers, Sara's mind allowed her to wonder. almost 10 seconds after finishing vomiting, Sara's body was lapping it up again. This process repeated 4 times, until finally Sara and her colleague emptied the bowl.

Finally able to peer down, she made eye contact with her workmate, who's eyes were wide with panic. She was clearly sucking down as much as she could and Sara could see the disgust in her face. She continued cleaning the bowl, feeling her body reject even more of the rancid concoction in her belly, before throwing up again, watching it clearly flow down the pipe to her disgraced company, who quickly sucked it up too. Sara cleaned up her mess, working round the bowl and the floor in the cubicle and slowly travelled back to her stand, her stomach groaning with pressure. Mounting herself and beginning her extremely full, heavy ass fucking, she puked all down her front and all over her tits, and had to lap it up yet again. Her ass was leaking shit all over the dildo, so she had to clean that too. This was the messiest it had ever been, and Sara was trapped in every moment. She pissed all over the floor again, and when she bent to lick it up, she vomited again. And again. If this was her future, she wished even more that it would end soon. Things had gone from bad to worse. She was a celebrity now and a target for sick people to ruin. She knew it far too well.


Toilet Brush looked at the monitors. They where all showing the same thing. Empty toilets. It had been like that for a good few hours. Something wasn't right. The last few years had never had down time during the day. People flocked in from everywhere. The toilets were practically constantly used. Toilet Brush had been very busy, she'd been treated to all kinds of abuse since becoming known to the masses as well. She assumed there were some kind of rules, since in rows of 5 days she would be doing her normal duties, but for two days, weekends she presumed, all hell broke loose.

People would bring in alcohol primarily or weed on occasion, and mix it with their waste. Sara the Toilet Brush had begun to like that. She thought it might help her break the control, but she soon discovered that it was nothing more than further torment. She would become uncoordinated, clumsy, and end up with shit all over her. Never mind when she puked. She'd have to clean it of course, re consuming all the alcohol or drugs. She had passed out a few times in a pile of shit and vomit. Waking up to her body trying its best to eat a cold old turd was the worst experience of her life. Toilet Brush had also been fed narcotics. These where another level. It had only happened a few times, but each time the come down was so intense. Her stupid body would continue, but she'd have to spend so much longer to finish her meals.

Publicity was still high. People watched her live now, through the glory 'peep' holes. She'd been spit and pissed on during jobs more times than she could count.

Toilet was still there, as ever. She had a cold dead look in her eyes, one of utter defeat. Sara realised before long that the Janitor's tomb was a complex device, and she was being fucked almost 24/7, Orgasming whenever someone used her stall. In a strange way it pleased Sara, knowing someone was lower than her - but moreso, it filled her with pity.

Her ass fucking's had become better with time, and she now knew that she could cum whenever not working, so she focused all her willpower on that. Bouncing her wobbly bulk as much as possible on her pole was a joy now that she'd accepted the truth - she was exactly as they said, nothing more than a cleaning utensil. But now...


Not a sound. Toilet Brush desperately wanted something to do. Her massive body was getting tired and she wanted a break. She finally shit herself again, and was able to dismount and clean it up. It struck her as comical how it was almost a good thing, to be allowed to bury her face back in her own stool.

While toilet brush was cleaning her handle, the large woman an several others entered the toilet. They waited patiently for toilet brush to finish. In the middle of her dildo clean, they opened her cubicle. For the first time in years, toilet brush's body let out an involuntary jump. "Toilet Brush. Time to go."

This was a strange development.

"you've become too popular here. You're to be relocated to our private sector. Get up and follow us, you are to be repurposed in the upper offices.

15 months later - Epilogue

"Ok Miss... Err... Sara Toylette-brusque? Thank you for doing this interview. We'll be posting an article in our weekly column, no need to worry, you'll be anonymous as we've agreed. Just read the statement you've written."

"Ok, now?"

"Yes now. Don't worry, its just a real life magazine so it doesn't need to be Shakespeare! People are interested in your story post control and we'll be paying you and your bosses handsomely."

"Ok, I'll just start from when I was freed shall I? I was taken upstairs, to a new facility. a large office building where I expected to be put in another toilet to continue my... debasement. Strangely, this wasn't the case.

I got my own apartment. It was about 30 stories up in the same building and I wasn't allowed off my floor most of the time but I had an apartment again, with a bed and everything! After years as a toilet brush this was a completely foreign concept to me.

My body was cleaned. My tattoos were removed, a painless job that used an acidic smelling rub, and my shackles were taken off. I looked... well, like a free woman again. I remember the first time staring in to my mirror, astounded by the feeling of freedom. More than this, I was instructed that I would effectively go back to a normal life, even allowed contact with my old family and friends as long as I never revealed what happened to me, using a cover story to explain away the years. I'd be able to meet them even, once id sorted through the fairly strict timetables of the company.

It turned out I'd become too famous to keep. I was a source of controversy in the industry and there were multiple security concerns during my time there, especially since people begun to work substances in to the feed for laughs. People lobbied for my freedom. I was assured this was not a public affair so acquaintances from my old life were unlikely to know, but due to several leaked recordings they couldn't be sure and couldn't ethically keep me there. Footage of my job was on the internet. I mentally snorted at their 'ethical' conundrum.

Mentally only because there was an elephant in the room - I was still under their mind control.

They instructed me on several new rules. Suicide prevention, to always protect the company, things against speaking out and returning to my room once every 72 hours etc. But in essence, I was free again and even given a job as a typist in their office as amendment, as well as access to the internet and hobbies. If id been told this is where is be a year ago I wouldn't have believed them.

The worst part for me was that I was told my service 'experiment' was a complete success since I couldn't stop doing my duty... for over half a decade.

I spent my first night in a bed in 5 years that night. I slept for about 15 hours before waking up and - finally - brushing my teeth. They were still in good condition thanks to the dentist and I used toothpaste for the first time in years. But... something was bugging me. An awful feeling, something that they hadn't really addressed during my debrief. I looked at my bathroom and winced with the realisation of what I was about to do.

In reality, I was still completely addicted to my own shit. Before I even started I knew I was about to eat it once it came out of my body and a feeling of dread washed over me. This was almost worse than before, I was no longer required to clean toilets - I was supposed to be a normal woman again!

I squatted down over the toilet and squeezed out my latest load. It was a big one, and as I sat I felt the familiar urge creeping up. Rising off my seat, I turned and placed my hands on the rim, lowering my head in to the bowl and scooping up a chunk and chewing, before doing my ultimate duty. I swallowed, and quickly shoved another piece in to my mouth. Before long, I was licking at the bowl, cleaning it thoroughly. I was surprised to catch myself playing with my pussy while doing it - I was actually wet. Years of conditioning made me not only still mind controlled, not only impulsively devouring my own poo, but my body enjoyed the act. As I stood and looked at my shit smeared face in the mirror, I realised the joke that was my freedom. I was still just a toilet cleaner and would be for the rest of my life.

Over the 15 months I'd been free, I realised multiple things. I couldn't go near public toilets -not even those in pubs or shops - I felt an urge to clean them and several times got stuck in a cleaning cycle, locking myself in a cubicle and licking the toilet and floors clean before breaking out of it and quickly walking home, shit covering my face and body. One night after my body shut itself in a cubicle it wanted to clean, I was locked in a filthy restroom by a careless custodial worker and spent the night thoroughly spit shining all the disgusting, dilapidated surfaces of a public restroom. When I ran past him to get home the next morning I couldn't help but memorise the horrified look on his face when he twigged on to what I'd done all night.

I also had little control of my bowels and had publicly shit myself more than once, being filmed doing so on one occasion. The humiliating act of pooping myself and trying to both run home while scooping my shit out of my trousers and eating it was one of the worst days of my life. It was even uploaded to the internet and I was a meme for a while, luckily the quality wasn't very good so I wasn't recognised. During one of my skype calls a friend showed me the footage, and I cringed at the pixelated memory."

"I see. How about your personal life - taken any lovers since getting free?"

"Sigh... No. I don't think I will. I'm... well, I pleasure myself a lot, but I don't think I like the idea of having sex with anyone. not now."

Have you been back to your former workplace? How about the other attendant, I think you called her toilet, what's happened to her?

"I haven't been back, I don't think they'd let me. I do have access to the camera feed, the last thing I know of that place is that they paved over toilet and made her-sorry, it a permanent fixture. No more mirrors, no more being able to see her, I think it was because of the attention we were getting bringing in too many locals. She was lowered and several toilets were connected to her pipeline I think, last I heard. I only really know because Cheryl sends me cheery updates every once and a while..."

"Ok wonderful. One last question then, do you miss your duties? Would you ever try to make money off your infamy? Only, I know a couple of people who would be very interested in seeing your.. performance... With a few adjustments to make it fresh and more secluded..."

Sara sat there, a little stunned. She was surprised she didn't shit her panties, a very real threat to surprises like this. The proposition was unexpected, she thought this was a normal interview for a lifestyle magazine where she'd discuss her role and the aftermath. This was unexpected and unwelcome. Sara met eyes with her interviewer, but only managed to get one quick sentence out before finishing the interview. The truth was, she hated her habit. She hated the mind control placed on her. But she hadn't adjusted to normal life very well and the day to day humiliations of scat addiction were taking her toll.

Truth is, she was broken mentally. Could she 'preform' for people? She wouldn't like it, but definitely could. No, she was already humiliated enough for one lifetime. Walking back to her apartment, she placed the interviewers card on the front desk and went straight to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet and having a fairly large dump, she took it in her hands and sloppily bit in to a large, chunk out of it. Chewing slowly, thinking, she wondered.

What would convince me to subject myself to that kind of torture again?

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