Journey Into Slavery
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Author's Note: Parts of this story are quite violent with descriptions of torture. May be sensitive to some. You read at our own risk. This is my fantasy and shall remain a fantasy.

I relaxed in my garden drinking cocktails with my friend. I'd known her for a week. She was in her 40s but didn't at all look it. Her name was Olivia and we talked about general topics. Then one day she asked me: "how do you feel about bondage?"

"I'd love to try it. With me being the one tied up," I replied.

"Ok, how about tomorrow I bring some equipment and tie you up?"

"That would be fun," I said excitedly.

We drank a few more cocktails before Olivia left. Little did I know today was my last taste of freedom. Olivia arrived the next day with a duffel bag.

"Good morning Varee," she said.

"Morning," I said smiling.

We went to the living room and Olivia set the bag down. I stood there in excited anticipation. I put my hands behind my back ready to be tied up.

"No, no, no first you have to take your clothes off," Olivia said.


"Because slaves are always naked," she said.

"Slave? Oh I get it you're pretending to be my mistress," I said playfully.

I hesitantly undressed feeling very vulnerable.

"Now lie face down on the floor," said Olivia.

I did and Olivia crossed my wrists and tied them together tightly with nylon rope. She then tied my knees then my ankles before connecting them to my wrists hog-tying me. She then held a ball gag before my mouth.

"Open up."

I did and the large ball was placed in my mouth and strapped behind my head. Lastly, she placed a leather hood over my head. I hated being blindfolded and shook my head frantically.

"Calm down sweetie," Olivia soothed. "The slave collectors will be here to pick you up in about thirty minutes."

"Mmmppphhh!!!" I screamed into the gag.

"It was easy gaining your trust. Usually, the girls are very feisty and I have to chloroform them. Now just relax honey."

I screamed and struggled to no avail. I eventually stopped struggling and just lay there. I then heard the front door open. I heard a man's voice.

"Another good catch Olivia. We'll take things from here," he said.

I heard Olivia walk away. I was then picked up and later thrown into the back of a van. The doors were slammed and the van drove away. I felt every bump and was jerked painfully when the van turned a corner. The men stopped at a restaurant for lunch. I got nothing and was left in the stifling hot van. The journey lasted for around four hours and I'd peed myself. The van finally stopped and I was lifted out and carried for some time then laid on a floor. My limbs were released and I was stood up with my hands chained to the ceiling. My hood was removed. I was in a white tile room with various equipment almost like a doctor's office. There was a doctor and another man. I whimpered into my gag.

"This one is pretty. Those legs are beautiful. So long and slender," the doctor said.

"Whatever," the other man said. "You know I prefer black women and Asians."

The doctor groped my breasts and fondled my pussy. I cried.

"Right slave you are here to be prepared for your new life in Adrana. It is a newly discovered country where slavery is legal. Only the citizens are free."

I tried to protest but it was useless. The doctor first welded heavy leg irons on my ankles. Next was a steel collar. He then got a tattoo gun, held my head and tattooed on my forehead. It was agony and I sobbed. My hands were then released only to have heavy twelve-inch manacles welded on. The other man then led me away by a chain on my collar. I tried to pull back and screamed as I was shocked with a cattle prod. I was led out of the building outside where there was a large cargo plane. I didn't resist for fear of being shocked again as I was taken aboard. I was shocked by what I saw. About a hundred cages filled with women lined the walls. They had tattoos on their foreheads saying 'Slave Of Adrana' and guessed I had the same. They were screaming and crying. They were stacked in tiers of four. I was taken to an empty cage, my gag was removed and I was stuffed into the cage. I had to sit with my knees at my chest. The cage was locked and a few minutes later the cargo door closed leaving us in pitch darkness. My breasts were squished into my thighs and the front of the cage bars dug painfully into my shins. I then heard the engines start up and the plane eventually took off. The noise was deafening. I started to question my sanity. All I could hope for was a kind owner. After some time there was an announcement.

"Welcome ladies. Hope you are enjoying your accommodation. Now a little history lesson. Adrana was founded a year ago by a rich American billionaire. It is not shown on any world maps and is totally isolated. As you may have guessed slavery is legal. Citizens only do jobs they actually want to do. They pay a small amount of tax to keep the slaves fed. Boring jobs like cleaning are done by slaves. If you are lucky you will be sold to a brothel where all you have to do is lay in a bed for the rest of your life being fucked all day. Now enjoy the rest of your flight."

I sobbed and screamed until I was too tired. I was cold and then felt piss landing on me from above. Sleep was impossible.

Finally, after more than ten hours of flying, I felt the bump of the plane landing. I was hit by the intense heat. The plane stopped and the cargo door was opened and one by one we were led out of the cages by our leash chains. We were arranged in coffles with our leashes chained to each other in groups of ten. I was at the start of a coffle and walked out of the aircraft. The sun immediately hit me. The tarmac burned my feet. I saw a hangar and the small runway was surrounded by an electric fence. Adrana looked like any other city with skyscrapers and other buildings. We were led through a gate in the fence and along crowded streets. Slaves were easily spotted. They wore the tattoos, were naked and wore chains and chastity belts. I was terrified and stopped causing everyone else to crash into me.

"Stupid bitch!" a guard yelled at me.

I was lashed and forced to walk again. We got to a taxi rank and my leash was chained to the back of the car. The guards got in and before I could think what was happening I was pulled forward as the taxi drove off. We were forced to run and my feet hurt and my legs were on fire. My leg irons meant I could only take small quick steps. The nine women chained behind me almost pulled me off my feet. After what felt like an eternity the taxi stopped outside a hospital. The driver beeped the horn. I collapsed on the ground exhausted and sweating. Even if I wasn't chained to the car there would be no way I could escape. The girl behind me must have been no older than eighteen. She was plump with a blonde bob and looked utterly worn out. She was crying hysterically. I hugged her. We both needed that little gesture of comfort.

"I'm so scared", she sobbed.

"I am too", I said. "What's your name?"


"I'm Varee."

We continued to hug when a doctor came out of the building holding a needle. He walked up to me. Pauline was kicked by a guard while the doctor inserted the needle into my arm and I passed out. I woke later chained to a bed. I tried to talk and to my horror, I could no longer utter a single sound never mind talk. The nine others I'd been coffled to were brought in a while later. Pauline was put in a bed next to mine. I didn't bother struggling. My chains were padlocked to the bed and it would only result in a beating. The bed I was in stank of urine. Around half an hour later when everyone was awake a woman came and spoke to us. She had raven black hair in a tight bun and reminded me of Miss Trunchbull from 'Matilda'. I decided to call her Boombah and managed a small smile.

"Right bitches listen up. You may be wondering why you cannot talk. Our dedicated team of doctors and scientists developed a sort of drug that permanently disables your vocal cords. You cannot even whisper. The drug was inserted into your throats. Slaves don't need to talk. You will spend the day and night here. Tomorrow you will be sold at an auction. That is all."

I started crying. A few women struggled but were ignored. The room was quiet apart from chains rattling from women struggling. If I could talk I'd have told them to shut up. Eventually, they calmed down. I then had to pee and was forced to do it laying there. My legs stung and my urine joined other poor slaves urine who had been in this bed before me. I grew incredibly bored and more scared. That night a nurse came and fed us some kind of oatmeal. It was a very small amount and I was still hungry. Eventually, I fell asleep.

The next day we were given breakfast, unchained from the beds and arranged in a coffle. Boombah then spoke.

"You will be taken to be sold today. If you are not sold you will be sent to a farm or a salt mine."

A man led us out of the building. I had to take small, quick steps because of the leg irons and stones stabbed my feet. We got to a wooden stage in the town square. Our wrist chains were secured to a beam above us.

"We have some fine new slaves ladies and gentlemen. Let the auction begin", a man said.

I was first up.

"Feast your eyes on this beauty. Firm breasts, and long lean legs. Let's start the bidding at $50,000."

The bids rose and embarrassingly I had to shit. I'd been holding it and now couldn't hold on any longer and let it slip out. This earned me a hard slap from the auctioneer and a burst of laughter from the bidders. I hid my face in my arm utterly humiliated. Eventually, I was sold for an astonishing $500,000 to a young man. My hands were released and my new owner walked up to me. He had black hair and a goatee and was wearing an expensive suit. He examined my teeth and body like I was an animal.

"Yes, you'll do perfectly. Let's go slave."

With that, he led me by my chain leash to a truck with a cage in the back which I was locked into. I thought I was going to be a sex slave. We drove through the busy city into a suburban are. The houses were very large. We pulled up to an electronic gate and the man entered a code and the gate opened. The truck parked outside the house. I was led inside to a large sitting room. A woman walked up to us.

"Welcome home honey", she said and kissed my owner.

I guessed they were husband and wife. She looked me over.

"Now slave one question. Are you fertile?"

I nodded wondering why I was asked why.

"Perfect. You see I'm infertile and have always wanted a baby. You are going to have a baby for us. After that, you will be sold again. In the meantime, you will do the cooking and cleaning."

I was shocked and saddened. I was going to give birth but possibly not even see my child. I cried.

"I know it will be hard. But you are a slave. You have no rights. Now stop crying and start vacuuming."

I got to work vacuuming and later cooked and cleaned more. My owners seemed like decent people. They weren't overly nice to me but they were not sadistic either. If I made a mistake I got a smack on the bottom with a paddle. I was allowed leftovers from their meals. That night I was locked in a barren room except for a mattress. My chain leash was locked to a ring on the wall next to it. I lay and wondered how I'd be impregnated. I was very tired by now and slept. The next morning my owners walked in along with a doctor. He had a needle with what looked like sperm inside. I guessed he only had sex with his wife. The sperm was injected into me. The day then went much like the first with me cooking and cleaning. The next morning Mistress gave me a pregnancy test which turned out positive. The couple were delighted but I was not. The months passed and every month when taken for a scan I was blindfolded. I heard the baby's heartbeat and cried. The first time I felt a kick I fought to suppress these feelings. Although I wasn't allowed to see the baby the couple treated me fairly. I was saddened my baby would never hear the sound of my voice. The couples' joy was so contagious, that I could not help feeling happy for them. I think that it also helped me accept the fact that it was their baby, not mine.

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I began to lactate. Instead of giving me a bra to prevent leaking, I was milked several times each day. Normally, they did it with a breast pump, but sometimes Master or Mistress would suck me dry. Whether it was done by a pump or human sucking, it was always done the same way. I got down on all fours so my breasts hung down like a cow's teats. If they were sucking me, they would lie down on the floor with their heads under my breasts. Then I would lower each breast to their mouths. If it was done by a pump, they knelt beside me and reached underneath with the pump.

I wasn't sure where I was going to deliver, whether they would take me to a hospital or have me deliver at home. It turned out that I gave birth at their home, according to their plan. When I went into labour, they took me up to the bedroom and then they chained my wrists to the bedposts. They put pillows behind my back to prop me up and called the doctor. When he arrived, my contractions were still eight minutes apart and I had been in labour for only an hour. Several hours later, when the contractions were only five minutes apart, they put a hood on me. Because it was being delivered at home, by a sympathetic doctor, the birth certificate would show that Mistress was the natural mother of the child. Even later, when I was nursing the baby, I was always hooded first. The one room that I was forbidden to enter was the baby's room. I could not even clean it.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Altogether, labour lasted about ten hours, the last four of which I was hooded. It was a natural childbirth with no drugs of any kind used, not even an epidural. I screamed and pushed until the baby was born. I heard it crying and I wept under my hood.

"It's a boy", the doctor said.

He was not given to me to hold but to Mistress. After I delivered the afterbirth, I was allowed to rest, still bound to the bed, while Mistress took the baby to his room. I never found out his name.

Several hours later, after I had slept, I was forced up from the bed so the linens could be changed. At first, I thought they were going to have me do it, but they were kind and knew I needed more rest. I was still hooded, and as soon as I was back in bed and bound, they brought the baby in and I fed him for the first time.

The next day, I was back at work, with breaks every few hours to feed the baby. They let me start slowly, only working me for a few hours, but adding a little more each day until I was up to twelve hours per day by the end of the week. I nursed the baby for about eight months and when it was weaned from me, I was sold again. I had fulfilled the purpose for which they had purchased me and was no longer needed. It was better this way, better for me, better for them, and better for the baby so I was relieved that I was sold. I wasn't sure how I felt about my son growing up and learning that his mother was a slave so I was actually happy when they told me that I had been sold to a new owner.

I was kneeling in the hallway with Master when the doorbell rang. He answered it and I glanced up and saw a strong-looking man with slicked-back black hair. He looked at me and I looked down.

"Come in", Master said.

The man came in and never spoke. I was scared.

"Ok here is the agreed-upon amount", the man said and handed Master a wad of notes.

"Please don't mistreat her. She is very obedient and humble. Promise me you'll treat her kindly?" Master asked.

"I promise", my new master said. "Let's go slave".

I was led outside and put into the back of a black van. Master grabbed my face.

"If that weakling of a man thinks I'm going to treat you kindly he's got another thing coming. You are mine now and I can treat you how I see fit".

With that, he slammed the doors in my face. I sat and wept. The drive was uneventful. The van was windowless and I never saw the outside of the house. I was dragged out and taken inside to a basement stumbling on the stairs. My real hell began. I was first lashed with a cane several times. I was strapped to a table so that my ankles were attached next to my head and my ass was in the air and Master without hesitation penetrated my ass and pussy. I had my feet whipped. I was chained in a way I had to stand up all night. The worst was the wooden pony. I had to sit on it for hours as the jagged edge dug into my pussy. I only got an hour of rest in between tortures. I was completely worn out I wanted to die. I was force-fed so I couldn't starve myself. I was forced to eat rotten leftovers and the vomit I produced. Sometimes I was made to eat my own piss and shit. I was also used as Master's toilet for both his piss and shit. I was shaved bald. I had no idea how much time passed. My body was bruised and worn out. My hair started to grow back so it must have been months. Eventually, I was too worn out and he sold me to a brothel.

I was sold for only $25 due to my battered body. I was strapped to a bed with my hands above my head and also my feet so my ass and pussy were exposed at all times like before. A ring gag was also inserted into my mouth. A few minutes later I received my first 'customer'. The brothel gave us contraceptive pills. I was helpless as the man plunged his cock into my pussy. I tried to take my mind off it and drift away somewhere. It helped a little. The man came inside me and left me. The rest periods weren't long as I was raped again and again. My body cramped from being restrained like this and when I did the toilet the piss and shit was left until I was bathed and the sheets changed every morning. This was done by a slave. The only food I got was gruel with vitamins and nutrients mixed in. I soon lost count of days and I was miserable and depressed. Time passed and I noticed I stopped getting my period and I was sick in the morning. I knew the contraceptive pill could fail and with the many men I serviced daily it was hardly surprising. A doctor examined me and confirmed I was indeed pregnant. The brothel owner wasn't happy.

"You dare get pregnant! You have cost us money!" she yelled and slapped me like it was my fault. "You are going up for sale."

I felt no happiness about this pregnancy. I knew this baby too would be taken from me. I was released from the bed and found it hard to walk after months of immobility. I was led outside and my leash was chained to a pole and a 'for sale' sign was hung on my neck. After some time a woman walked up to us. She touched my body and examined me.

"How much", she asked.

"I want $500. The bitch got pregnant and cost us money."

"How about $350?".

"No. $500 or she goes to the salt mines."

"Fine", the woman said and handed over some cash.

I was released from the pole and led away. My new mistress lived close by in a luxury apartment. I just stood looking at the floor.

"It's ok slave. I bought you because I think you're so good looking. I know you are pregnant but I want you to know that I will keep you even after the baby is born."

I looked at her.

"I feel sorry that your child will never hear your voice but you will be allowed to see the baby and look after it."

And so began many happy years. My baby was a girl. Mistress asked me to write her name down and I wrote 'Katrina'. I breastfed her and as she got older Mistress explained that I was a slave and was constantly nude. Katrina understood and I cried when she called me 'mummy' for the first time. I played with her and mostly cleaned the house. I was very happy and hoped I wouldn't be sold again.

I wasn't sold until many years later. I had many happy years with my daughter until she turned thirteen. Mistress married a man, Kyle who absolutely despised me. He'd beat me all the time in front of Katrina and Mistress and if any of them tried to help me they got beaten too. I had always slept in my daughter's room on the floor. It was always warm and I was given a blanket. Since Kyle came into our lives I was forced to sleep outside with my collar chained to the wall in all sorts of weather. One morning Mistress came out and spoke to me. She and Katrina had suitcases. I was crying like I always did now.

"I'm sorry slave but Katrina and I can't stay here any longer. This is all my fault", Mistress said sobbing. "Kyle would only let us leave if I sold you to him. I'm so sorry."

She broke down and hugged me and so did Katrina. We hugged for around a minute and I never wanted to let go. I got up and tried to run after them but my chain pulled me taut. I watched them get into a taxi never to be seen again. I broke down in silent sobs. First I lost a son I'd never got to see and now my daughter. Kyle came out and loomed over me. He unlocked me from the wall. I was sure I was going to die soon.

"That bitch treated you like a fuckin' queen", he sneered. You are a slave. The lowest of the low. I'm gonna show you what hard work means."

With that, he dragged me to his car and locked my leash to the back of it. He got in and drove at around ten miles per hour. I had never exercised like this in a long time and I was quickly sweating and panting. I eventually stumbled and was dragged along the road. Kyle got out. I was bleeding.

"For fuck sake slave", he said.

With that, he shoved me into the back of the car. We eventually got to a quarry where several slaves were breaking rocks with sledgehammers. I was dragged from the car and shoved onto my knees in front of another man.

"New slave for you", Kyle said.

The man lifted my chin with the handle of his whip.

"I see she is tall but quite thin. She is quite good looking. How about $50?"

"I don't find her attractive at all", Kyle said and spat on me. "$50 is fine."

The man handed over the money and Kyle drove away. I still had tears in my eyes. I was taken to a pile of rocks and was handed a sledgehammer.

"Get moving bitch!" the man said whipping me.

I was working next to another woman. I then recognised her as Pauline who I last saw over a decade ago. She wasn't as plump now and was more muscular with whip marks covering her skin. Her hair was now long and matted. She looked at me, her piercing blue eyes misted. She recognized me too. We shared a quick hug but not quick enough and we were whipped. I got to work and was soon exhausted. As time passed I figured out how to use the sledgehammer properly. At last, we were allowed a break. We were given water which I badly needed. Pauline hugged me again and suddenly started licking my pussy. I was allowed to shower at my last owner's house so I was clean down there. I didn't resist and was soon moaning with pleasure. I had an orgasm and was about to return the favour when a guard walked up to us.

"You are here to work not enjoy yourselves you fuckin' whores! Come with me!"

The guard grabbed our leash chains and brought us to a smithy.

"These bitches were caught having sex. Fit them with permanent chastity belts", the guard said.

We were secured spread-eagled in a frame. We were fitted with steel belts. I cried as I felt the metal cover my pussy. It had several holes allowing for urination and menstruation but no sexual pleasure. It was locked in place with a bolt which was then welded making the belts permanent. I cried. We were taken back to work. I focused entirely on work and after many more hours, it was time to stop for the night. The other slaves were locked into a cage to sleep and given food but Pauline and I were chained to a tree with our hands above our heads and forced to stand on our tiptoes. We also got nothing to eat.

"You know why you're there. Goodnight whores", the guard said leaving.

I was exhausted but sleep was impossible. It was a long night and bugs landed on us and bit us. I was shaking them off all night. Finally, it was morning, and back to work. My arms were tired but my determination to get something to eat drove me on. I and Pauline never touched each other again. We gave each other sympathetic looks. That night we were allowed food which was cold oatmeal. I fell into an exhausted sleep then after only a few hours the brutal workday began again.

Months passed and my once slender body was now strong and muscular. My skin and hair were filthy. One day, as I was working a man, walked up to me.

"You don't recognize me, do you? You were the slave who gave my wife and me our first child."

I looked at him astonished.

"I still remember you. I thought about you a lot. You were our first slave and very humble and obedient. It saddens me to see you here. Did the man I sold you to treat you well?"

I shook my head and sobbed silently. My former master hugged me.

"I'm here to take you away from here. You are too good a slave to be here."

I looked at Pauline.

"I'm sorry but the overseer only allowed me to buy one slave."

I hugged Pauline one last time before following my former master. I was put into the back of the car and driven to his house I'd been in so many years ago. Master's wife came to us.

"Welcome home both of you", she said.

I heard the sound of children laughing and running around.

"We have seven children now", Mistress said proudly.

"They all came from slaves but you were the best slave we had. We had to have you back. Now you may go and take a shower."

I smiled and went and took a long shower. I managed to brush my tangled hair. After that, I was put to bed in my former room the mattress on the floor, and got my meal in a dog bowl. I was still treated like a slave but was never unnecessarily punished. I spent my days cleaning the house and playing with the children. I thought of my son who must have grown up and left home. I hoped he was happy. I was happy here. Sure I was still naked 24/7, mute, and unable to have sexual pleasure again but I was very happy and felt lucky to be here in a country with legalized slavery. I knew now I was staying put and would never be sold again.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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