Exposure Therapy
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'This is a nightmare' Lorelei thought to herself as fear crept its way across every nerve in her body in the dead of night of her family's house. She was a calm and objective girl of 18 years, blessed with a slim figure, a modest D-cup, fair skin, and shiny brown hair, but the latter two descriptors would be difficult to tell now. This was no thanks to the skin-tight latex black bodysuit and Gwen hood that left everything but the bridge over her eyes covered and constrained, complimented by a black leather armbinder that kept her arms pinned behind her between her body and bed. The ebon attire was not something she donned willingly or even consciously given that earlier in the night she had the misfortune of having a damp sickly sweet rag shoved in her face by a large unknown man in what appeared to a black morph suit that obscured his face and body tone. Unconsciousness fell over her quickly before she had the chance to fight him off, and by the time she came to, she had already been laid on her bed as well as stripped and redressed into the fetish gear, just in time to be jolted awake by the sharp pain of his penis piercing through her virgin hymen via the discreet holes in both of their suits.

"MMMPPHH! MMMFF!" Lorelei screamed through the leather hood as well as a strip of duct tape beneath that, unable to do a thing as the unknown assailant began hollowing out her pussy using his thick cock with each thrust he took. She flailed about repeatedly as he raped her, but between his body weight against her legs and her restraints she objectively knew it was futile to resist. Even still, she could not help but naively struggle in the vain hope that something would change. "MMMFF! HMMFF!" she continued to moan as she stared at her shadowed attacker. She kept expecting him to threaten her to keep quiet or he would kill her, but the scariest thing about the suited assailant was not his obscured face or strong physique, but that fact that he was dead silent during the entire ordeal with not so much as a grunt even after repeated thrusts and gyrations. No face, no voice, no character, no indication of what he was feeling, or what his intentions would be at the end of this carnal binge of his. He was a shadow in appearance and soul, and that terrified her more than anything.

"MMMMNNFF! MMMM..." Lorelei cried, praying for an intervention to end the assault on her purity. Her thoughts tuned to her late mother who died a year prior in an unforeseen traffic accident, hoping her spirit would keep her strong through the pain, and then to her father Karl who was likely fast asleep in the room across the hall no thanks to his insomnia meds. She hoped her father would hear her gagged pleas in spite of that so he could save her, but she then quickly retracted the thought. 'If Dad tried to be the hero there was a good chance the encounter would end with either him or her dead at the hands of a panicked attacker who still hasn't shown the extent of his hostile capabilities.' Lorelei mused as she struggled to keep her thoughts clear and objective despite the repeated strokes of the pecker violating her pussy and senses. 'Just bare it and hope for the best. That is all I can do as I am now, and I can't risk anyone else getting hurt.'

Lorelei strengthened her resolve against the waves of pain and pleasure as the shadowed rapist picked up the pace with her, but it was all she could do to keep herself above water against the feelings of fear and shame that washed over her. And with one last rapid series of thrusts, the attacker tensed up and Lorelei braced herself for the liquid white troops that would soon follow, but ultimately never came. 'Is he shooting blanks? Using a condom?' Lorelei questioned. The latter proved to be true as he pulled his member out and stood up, revealing that it too was covered and obscured like the rest of his body. The assailant then turned his head down to the black suited pimp girl that was Lorelei, and she looked back in fear of what would come next.

The shadow veiled attacker then reached down and flipped Lorelei on her side away from him, prompting a fearful response from her, "MMPHH! MMFFF! MMN! MMFF!" 'No, not my butt!' Lorelei moaned, fearing her anal virginity was next of the popping block. But instead he turned his attention more upwards and seemed to fiddle with her armbinder. 'Is he tightening the laces? Adding something lewd to it?' she thought as her mind raced and her body stiffened up with fear, too tense to even test the restraints to find out. The rapist then went around her bed to the side Lorelei was facing and got down to eye level with her. He raised his index finger and moved his hand slightly towards her in a quick gesture before standing straight up. "Mmphh?" 'Wait? He wants me to wait? For what?' Lorelei thought still unsure of what was coming next. But no answer came as the attacker silently left her bedroom and closed the door behind him, not even leaving sounds of his footsteps as he walked away from the room without a trace.

Lorelei waited patiently, trying to think of a way to reverse the misfortune she had just been the victim of once her rapist made his return. But even after an hour passed, there was no sign of him coming back. 'I can't just stay put like this. I have to try to at least get out of this.' Lorelei mused to herself as she turned her attention to her armbinder. She forced her arms apart after hours of stillness and tension. "Mmmff?" To her surprise the armbinder had loosened significantly since she first found herself in its grasp. She then thought back to when her attacker fiddled with it before he left. 'Did he free once he was done?' she hypothesized now feeling stupid for not testing the strength of the restraints an hour ago. With a little bit of effort she managed to slip her limbs out of the armbinder and proceed to stretch all her limbs now that they were free, albeit still covered in shiny latex. The suit and hood would take more considerable and creative effort to remove in comparison, but right now their removal was not her top priority in her mind. 'I need to be sure he really has left' she thought, realizing her safety and her home's security took precedence before she could try doing anything else.

Lorelei opened her bedroom door just a crack and saw nothing amiss in the upstairs hallway. Not letting her guard down, she slowly opened the door and quietly made her way through the second floor corridor careful not to make a sound with each step she took. A glance downstairs showed no signs of human presence aside from herself, but her caution remained as she sneaked down the steps looking like a latex-clad ninja complete with mask but sans the knives. Upon reaching ground floor, keeping her ears perked up, she realized 'He must have left a while ago' Lorelei thought, feeling a sense of relief but also a tinge of disappointment for some unknown reason. She then motioned herself to the front door of the house and took a long hard look at the unlocked deadbolt that came with the door. 'We never felt the need to use this, until now I suppose...' she thought in dismay as she turned the lock shut, ensuring her attacker wouldn't try to come back for an encore performance. She then began moving back towards the stairs, intending to head back to her room, but then in the corner of her eye she saw a black-clad figure right beside her...

"MMMFFF!?" Lorelei mewed in panic thinking she was wrong in her assessment that her attacker had left, only to quickly realize it was in fact her own latex reflection in a mirror. 'Damn it, I'm even scaring myself now' she mused as she scanned her entire figure in the 18+ attire. If it were anyone else wearing the hood and bodysuit, she would have complimented on the slender physique and curvature of the feminine figure before her, even putting aside the kinky nature of the wardrobe. But in Lorelei's eyes this suit represented a physical reflection of her damaged soul. Tainted black, restricted, and rendered silent. She reached her fingers across the material, one on her breast and the other on her jaw, all in an attempt to process the physical manifestation of her traumatic event.

'I should wake Dad up and let him know what happened' Lorelei thought, trying to piece together back the calm and objective self she thought she embodied, but she quickly relented on that thought. 'No, Dad wouldn't know how to process something like that, and I don't want to burden him or myself any more than I am already carrying'. Lorelei took a deep breath in an effort to stabilize her mind, but it was easier said than done between the pain suffocating her emotionally and the latex hood over her mouth and nose nearly suffocating her physically. 'You can overcome this on your own Lorelei. You are not the first person this sort of thing has happened to and you will not be the last. You are strong enough to put this in your rearview mirror and move on.' Lorelei thought trying to motivate herself and bury the incident in her mind. She continued her deep breathes, in and out, even as she trudged back up the stairs, reentered her room, and proceeded to begin the removal of her black stain. All the while unaware that that her father was already wide awake and dealing with his own maelstrom of emotions.

"I can't believe that actually happened" Karl panted to himself. "I...I finally went through with it" he muttered as he stared down at the black morph at his feet as he laid sitting on his bed stark naked, his pecker clearly satisfied with the performance it had just worked through. "After years of fantasizing, I finally got to experience my grown daughter, bound, helpless, and submissive to my power" Karl mused as he reflected upon the past few years of Lorelei coming into her womanhood and his difficulty keeping his sexual impulses reigned in as she matured. But his wife's passing a year ago made them more difficult to regulate now that he had no one to be his keeper, even in spite of the fact his late spouse never helped him indulge his S&M interests or was even aware of them to begin with. He had bought the suits and bondage gear out of pocket simply so he could fantasize with no intention to actually carry out the act, but it seemed his impulses had gotten the better of him tonight, and they dined on the alluring enchantress that was Lorelei. Karl recomposed himself. "This was a one-time thing" Karl justified to himself. "I just let out years worth of pent-up libido that had grown out of control. I have no intention of putting Lorelei through that sort of experience again, and I have a duty to help her cope with the fallout even if she'll never know I was the one responsible for the damage." Karl said with guilt even in spite of the bodily satisfaction of the night's events. He was going to help his daughter with whatever she needed going forward out of both obligation as a father, and absolution as the perpetrator.

(2 weeks later)

Karl stared at his nubile daughter across the table during one of the rare times that they ate together during dinner given their mutually busy schedules. Half a month had passed but Lorelei never mentioned what had happened to her two weeks prior which greatly surprised him. 'I half expected her to break down crying the next morning with an account of what I, or rather her rapist, had put her through, but she's been dead silent on the matter and has just been going about her routine like nothing had happened.' Karl wondered to himself. 'Was that night just one giant lucid wet dream I had, and I haven't realized it wasn't reality yet? No, wait...' Karl thought now thinking back that Lorelei had actually been a little more on edge and vigilant the past two weeks since the assault and was now making a habit to lock any doors that could be locked even when not warranted. He recalled asking Lorelei about this new behavior about a week ago, but she just said that break-ins were becoming more common and that they were both better off safe than sorry. Anyone else in Karl's position would have breathed a sigh of relief that they had effectively gotten away with rape with no consequences or suspicion, but his paternal side felt concerned for his daughter's mental state all the same and could not help but poke at the bee's nest.

"Did something happen Lorelei? You've been acting tense for the past half month and I can't figure out why that is." Karl questioned with neutral curiosity. Lorelei looked up from her plate with her typical calm and composed face and responded "I don't think I'm acting any differently. Though I appreciate that you are showing concern for me all the same. I really am okay." Lorelei said closing out the discussion promptly. "Alright, maybe I'm just reading too much into things. Sorry for asking something weird." Karl retorted back in apology. 'Maybe I really am worried about nothing.' he thought. 'A lot of girls would break down crying, but Lorelei isn't like most girls and has always been an objective intellectual at heart for as long as I have known her. Maybe she already properly processed what happened and has chosen to move on without issue?' A long silence passed as the two of them ate their meals, but it was Lorelei who ultimately broke the quiet. "...I was raped..." Lorelei stated bluntly and without warning.

"Wait...what?" Karl said in genuine surprise, more that she suddenly opened up about the rape rather than the rape itself. "Please...just...let me talk." Lorelei said stopping further words from her father. "I was trying to overcome this psychological hurdle on my own for the past two weeks so I wouldn't have to burden you with this knowledge, but it has become obvious I can't handle this alone anymore. So will you...let me tell you what happened?" Lorelei concluded awaiting her father's response. Though thrown back a spell, Karl put himself back in full Dad mode and replied respectfully. "Yes, I will listen. Please take your time okay." Lorelei proceeded to go into great detail about the night she attacked, drugged, trussed up like a latex turkey, and violated with a level of vivid description that could write an erotic novel had the context not been different. Karl listened intently, all while trying to keep himself from raising a tent at the recount of his exploits from the object of his lust.

Once Lorelei finished her tale of forced black latex amore, Karl chimed in as any father would "Is there anything I can do to help? Maybe call the police?" Karl said, regretting saying the last sentence almost immediately after saying it. "I appreciate your concern Dad, but if there was an DNA left from that night it's probably gone or degraded by now, and besides, I really want to keep what happened to me just between the two of us and to overcome what happened with my own methods." Lorelei stated, oblivious to the small sigh of relief that overcome Karl in that moment. "Actually, if you do want to help" Lorelei started as she got up from her chair "Maybe you can assist me with a new approach I want to try. Can you follow me up to my room?" she said already headed towards the stairs. "Sure, anything for my favorite girl" Karl responded back supportively, quick to get up himself in an effort to keep pace with his daughter and to redirect any blood flow in his crotch back into his legs as he followed Lorelei to her bedroom.

"Can you wait here for a moment?" Lorelei instructed her father as she walked into her sizable bedroom closet before she continued, "I need some time to prepare, and just...keep an open mind okay for what I'm about to ask you to help with okay?" "Alright, just come out when you are ready for...what you have in mind?" Karl asked inquisitively, unsure of exactly what his daughter was planning to do to overcome her traumatic experience. After about fifteen minutes of waiting and the occasional frustrated groan from Lorelei behind her closet door, she emerged wearing the last thing Karl was expecting her to don, and it shocked him to his core. It was the same black latex bodysuit she wore during her assault, with the Gwen hood in one hand, the armbinder and a roll of duct tape in the other. Karl's member began pumping up again much to his lack of control.

"You kept that!?" Karl exclaimed, accidently letting his thoughts escape his mouth. "Yes, I kept it Dad" Lorelei explained a little frustrated with his tone. "I vowed I would only dispose of the symbols of my mental and physical restraints only after I have gotten over my assault" she said somewhat proudly, unaware of the extent of her father's shock, given that he himself had already discreetly disposed of his own black suit weeks before. Karl tried to recollect himself, "Okay, so how does wearing that getup help you overcome your attack? I would think it would only serve to retraumatize you." Karl said making a valid case. "You aren't wrong Dad, and I do feel uneasy wearing this thing again, but it is important that I wear it if I am going to try doing exposure therapy on myself." Lorelei retorted back. "Exposure therapy?" Karl questioned in a confused tone. "Yeah, basically the idea is I purposely expose myself to the source of my fear and anxiety, recreate the situation, and then overcome the fear in a controlled setting." Lorelei explained "In this case if I wear the suit I was attacked in, restrain myself just as helpless I was before, and then face my fears head on in a safe environment, then I will be able to reflect back on what happened to me that night without tensing up at the thought of it." Lorelei concluded as Karl tried to keep his eyes from wandering back to his nubile daughter's latex-clad form.

"So...you need me specifically to tie you up to begin with?" Karl guessed while trying to keep a straight face. "It's not like I can tie myself up to the degree I am aiming to recreate, so yes I will need you to apply the bindings" Lorelei affirmed. Karl took a moment to breathe and refocus himself. He was being given a golden opportunity to relive the thrilling experience of trussing up his daughter again, this time while conscious, but he knew he could not risk incriminating himself even this long into the game, and that he had to distance himself even if his Johnson wanted different. "Alright, if you think it will help, then I would be willing to tie you up for this therapy thing and then leave you to do...whatever it is you plan to do on your own." Karl responded back in cautious compliance. "No, I need you to be in the actual room with me while I'm struggling." Lorelei countered back in opposition. "For safety reasons I need you to be physically present for this in case anything goes wrong. And besides, having a male figure who is the same frame as my attacker will do loads for recreating the event". Karl froze in fear. "I was the same size as your attacker?" he nervously questioned; afraid his discretion was about to be exposed in that moment. "The same frame, but he was a little bigger and much more intimidating than you" Lorelei corrected, putting Karl a little more at ease, strangely thankful for how fear and stress can exaggerate memories at times.

Slowly becoming more comfortable with the idea, Karl began again. "How long do you want me to keep you tied up for?" he asked. "Half an hour should suffice. Now are you ready to proceed?" Lorelei said back somewhat impatiently. "You can start with the armbinder and go from there" she instructed as she kneeled herself onto her bed, her shiny black latex covered arms behind her back ready to receive her restraints. "Okay but give your old man some leeway since I've obviously never fastened something like this before in my life" Karl lied as he feigned fumbling with the straps for a bit before making sure his daughter's arms were thoroughly restrained in the back leather bodice as an erotic chill worked its way through his spine and his member rose to attention. "Damn it!" Lorelei muttered suddenly. "Wait what!?" Karl stuttered nervously in response. "I could have applied the gag and hood myself before we started on my arms" Lorelei observed regretting not thinking about that sooner. "Do you want to start over?" Karl asked still on edge. "No, it's fine. You can do the rest." Lorelei said defeated "It's not like I applied any of my bindings the first time, so being tied up exclusively by my stand-in attacker would be par for the course for recreating the situation I guess...".

Karl hesitated as he grabbed the roll of duct tape and tore off a strip ready to cover his daughter's mouth. "Any other details you want to go over before I manually switch your default language to gag talk with a Mmmff-ese dialect?" Karl asked trying to use humor to diffuse the tension in his body and the growing tightness in his pants. "No, you can apply the tape and hood now Dad. I trust you enough to leave things as I laid out." Lorelei reassured him, not realizing the severe level of vulnerability she was about to put herself in. Swallowing his saliva, Karl lifted the strip of tape up and forward, proceeding to smooth the tape over his daughter's supple lips, robbing her of her speech, and granting him a spark of excitement. "Next the hood, right?" Karl asked looking for confirmation. "Mmmff" Lorelei mumbled with a nod to affirm. Karl then grabbed the Gwen hood and went about covering his daughter's face and head in the black, leathery baklava, slowly but carefully lacing up the back so it was nice and tight, much like his own pecker in his trousers. It was a thrill for him to be able to redo the fettering again from two weeks ago, even more so now that his nubile daughter was willingly cooperating with him. "Alright, will that do it?" Karl asked after discreetly basking in his work of turning his own daughter into a custom S&M doll. Once again Lorelei nodded in content. "Mmph, mmff, mmmnn" Lorelei mouthed unintelligibly. "Umm...should I just take that as the cue to start? You said half an hour right?" Karl questioned nervously as his testosterone began kicking into overdrive and he turned his attention to the digital clock on Lorelei nightstand. "6:47pm, so 7:17pm?" Karl asked trying to keep his eyes off Lorelei's sultry bound form. "Mmm" Lorelei mewed through the tape and leather in affirmation, though Karl's hept his eyes to the floor and missed that specific gesture. "7:17pm it is then".

Lorelei began to struggle on the bed, testing her restraints. The armbinder was uncompromising in its efforts to keeps her limbs locked in place behind her back. "Mmmph, mmfff!" As were the hood and strip of tape than rendered her pleas for attention heavily muted and incomprehensible. She was as helpless as she was when she was first attacked, flailing vulnerably on her bed in a futile struggle, which was exactly what she was going for as a part of her exposure therapy. She had kept her composure through most of the application of the bonds since it was her father who had applied them this time, but now she was beginning to break into a cold sweat as her body remembered the sensation of her powerlessness. Sharp anxiety and a potential loss of rational self-control was creeping its way through latex-clad skin like a swarm of insects, and that feeling was not something she alone was experiencing in this moment...

Across the room, sitting at her desk chair, her father Karl was quietly shaking his legs from severe tension that had spread through his own body, but most notably his penis. 'Keep it together Karl. Have self-control!' Karl shouted in his head having realized the double-edged sword this "exposure therapy" was having on him. As much as he was enjoying getting to see Lorelei struggle erotically against her bindings and moan helplessly through her gag again, the experience was like dangling water in front of a man dying of thirst. He could look on and stare, passing himself off as keeping a watchful eye on his daughter's progress in therapy, but he knew damn well he would not be able have his way with her this time. There was no suit to mask his identity this time, and Lorelei's increased vigilance against future break-ins and other people in general would not permit the possibly of a masked "stranger" interrupting them in session. It was equal parts heaven and hell for him, all while fighting to keep his paternal instincts stronger than his venereal ones. He darted his eyes back and forth between his seductive daughter and the digital clock, feeling as though the clock was ticking too slow, and at the same time far too fast. He found himself counting down each minute with anticipation and dread that he would not be able to hold out until all time was up. 7:01, 7:04, 7:06, 'Just a little longer',7:09 'Nearly there', 7:13 'God this is hell!' Karl perseverated with each second, nearly at his limits, and ready to pounce on Lorelei at even a moment's notice should he lose self-control. But then salvation came...7:17.

"Alright! The time has passed" Karl said the moment the clock hit the destined time as he stood up from the chair. "Mmmff!?" Lorelei exclaimed a little taken back by the volume in her father's voice, but she too stopped her struggling and managed to sit herself upright and face her father on her bed while still in her bondage gear. "So...did you find this helped you at all with overcoming your trauma?" Karl asked out of genuine curiosity while hiding his lingering libido as it cooled down slightly with the shift in tone. Lorelei however did not give the response he was hoping for, given that Lorelei did not nod or shake her head at the question, instead only giving an uncertain head tilt. Having been subjected to her unintentional teasing, Karl's sex drive gave way to his frustration. "I really don't know what you were expecting from this Lorelei." Karl said irritated. "I get you were trying to reproduce the situation, but this really isn't the same when you think about it. Getting bound and gagged is one thing but getting sexually assaulted is an entirely separate matter. Me being a surrogate for your rapist doesn't really replicate the incident if I only sit on my ass looking at you rather than attack you. In short, this exposure therapy approach was flawed right from the start. Unless you want me to perform that role physically on you too." Karl said rather arrogantly...until he realized he made a serious Freudian slip with his last sentence...

"Mmphh?" Lorelei mouthed with confusion in her eyes. 'Shit! You kept it together all throughout her erotic bondage show but you fuck up now of all times!?' Karl thought beating himself up for letting his libido out of his mouth in that split moment. "Sorry! That was incredibly insensitive and uncalled for!" Karl said panicked and bowing his head, trying to do damage control. "You went through something terrible, and I should be supporting your recovery in any way I can, and not by suggesting something so extreme. Please forgive me." Having said his piece, he looked up and scanned his latex encased daughter for any sign, any gesture or bit of body language that would convey his of absolution. The look on Lorelei's bound face was bashful and unclear, but the response she did give back with her body language sent a message Karl never expected, and it made his pecker go from rock hard to diamond hard. Lorelei had spread her legs before him.

'Holy motherfuck! She's giving me the green light to...no, no wait, stop thinking with your penis!' Karl thought to himself as he began his debate between his horny id and paternal superego. 'There's no way that she would sign off on this. I'm just reading what I want to read'. Karl recollected himself and spoke objectively and without libido. "Lorelei, you really need to be careful with your body language. It doesn't take much for a guy to get the wrong idea, and when you put your legs apart like that it makes it seem like you want to..." "MMMPPHHH! HMMMFFF!" Lorelei shouted, interrupting her father mid-speech, but her affect was not one of shock and disgust, but rather of irritation and impatience. "Mmmph" Lorelei pointed her head towards her father's crotch, "Mmmff!" and then again at her own crotch. A motion she repeated several times to express her intentions. Karl could hardly believe what he was seeing. "So...you really wanted me to reenact the assault itself as a surrogate for the rapist for the full exposure experience?" Karl asked still in doubt. "Mmm" Lorelei mewed and nodded somewhat apprehensively at the outrageous request she was asking him to perform. "And you are okay with that the fact that your Dad is the one who will be...inside you?" Karl asked assessing any doubts. Once again, a single nod gave the green light to go.

"Alright, if you really think it will help you overcome what happened, I am more than willing to do this for you" Karl said reassuringly, but inside his head there was a celebration Aphrodite would be proud of. 'An encore performance!' he thought excitedly 'I was more than prepared to have the one night be our only moment of erotic intimacy, but it seems he would indeed get one last time with Lorelei, and in full S&M gear bound and gagged to boot!' he thought eagerly while keeping his composure on the outside. "Just give me a moment to "rise" to the occasion." Karl said as he reached for Lorelei's bedroom door, lying about the fact he had been ready for the half hour and more, but he didn't want to raise any further suspicion when things were going so perfectly for him. He closed the door behind him, leaving his still bound and helpless daughter to mentally prepare on her end as well. 'How long should I wait?' He thought to himself, now on a completely different time restriction. 'If I go in too soon it could send red flags, but if I wait too long I...' but then a great fear came over him upon realizing a serious risk should he perform an encore performance. 'What if she realizes it was me the first time from how I did her before? Would she pick up on the individual motions? She did remember in graphic detail when she told me the story...' Karl thought as fear and anxiety began to weigh in. But then Karl realized he had countermeasure he could use specifically because Lorelei's memory and retelling was so accurate. Now regaining his composure and maintaining his boner, he walked back into Lorelei's bedroom with renewed confidence after five minutes of deliberation and mental planning.

"Okay I'm ready, are you?" Karl asked his bound daughter. "Mmphh!" Lorelei responded with a hearty moan and a nod having clearly mentally steeled herself for the taboo act that was about to be committed, still oblivious that the incestuous dance had already been done with her two weeks before. "Alright, since the objective is to recreate the attack, I am going to be precise for this task." Karl said confidently as he disrobed, shirt first, pants, and then underwear, revealing a larger than average member. A fact that made it easier for Lorelei to accept what was about to happen, and with a tinge of anticipation at that. Karl then climbed onto the bed, laid Lorelei down and pinned her under his weight. "Since you described what happened to you that night so clearly, I am going to try and match your attacker's style and form down to the individual motions to best replicate the experience. Is that okay?" Karl asked as he laid down his perfect cover for how he will act so much like her rapist in the sack. Lorelei was noticeably flustered and anxious despite her ferocity displayed before. Something that Karl noticed. "Are you scared?" Karl inquired. "Mmmff" Lorelei mewed in a frightened tone. "That's good. You are supposed to face your fear head on with this exposure therapy thing, right? And I won't hold back tonight just because you are my daughter. So stay strong. You know what to expect this time." Karl said laying down the rules and showing his faith in her. "Mmmff!" she moaned and nodded back with renewed vigor, but the vigor was short lived, as shortly thereafter and without warning, Karl thrust his cock into the opening through her suit and assailed his daughter's senses once more.

"MMMPPHHH! HMMFF! MMMFF!" Lorelei repeatedly cried as her father wasted no time driving in and out his pecker without regard for his blood ties to her. But the incest was not the focus of her pain and discomfort in this moment, because instead her mind was reliving the past instead of assessing the present. Once again she found herself in that some position she was in two weeks ago. Practically mummified in latex, arms bound behind her in an armbinder unable to fight back, and double layer gagged with duct tape and the Gwen hood knowing full well her muffled pleas would reach no one's ears. She unconsciously fought back against the forced penetration but failed, moaned and pleaded but failed, wished and prayed for the whole thing to just end, but again, failure. No salvation was coming for her. "Mmm mmmf..." Lorelei cried as she clenched her eyes shut trying to put herself anywhere in her mind but here, however she could not escape the reality of what was happening to her. Unable to do little else, she gradually opened her eyes to glimpse at her attacker and surprised herself by what she saw.

Mentally she envisioned herself being raped by her black suited and emotionless rapist again, but her eyes painted a different picture. This was not the same man who attacked her before. Unlike the heartless, unfeeling, and unknown shadow from before, the man who laid on top of her this time was someone who was considerate, caring, someone who would abide by her wishes if she asked, someone who loved her. She was not being raped against her will by a monster, but being consensually pleasured by her father and his warm, hard member. Upon realizing what was happening from this angle, Lorelei felt her anxiety gradually metamorphose into sensual anticipation, and her trembling fear into a pulsating euphoria. More than that, having been liberated slightly from her tension, the sensation of being restrained by the armbinder and enveloped in latex that had plagued her fears before had now morphed into an almost comforting feeling of security, coupled with an erotic response from her body she didn't realize she had. Even her own gagged and muffled voice which had heightened her feeling of helplessness now sounded like ASMR to her. An autonomous sensory meridian response produced by her own gagged moans. These sensual butterflies in her stomach brought on by this newly awakened fetish had transformed the session from being traumatic to flat out erotic, allowing her to fully give herself over to the new sensations and pleasure as the experience reached its peak.

Meanwhile, Karl was having an absolute blast on his end of the exchange. He was reserved at first trying to hide his excitement and enthusiasm at the prospects of being able to have sex with Lorelei in full bondage gear, but as he felt more comfortable his inhibitions gradually gave way and he gave his daughter the full intimate experience without any regard for their blood ties or his fear of being exposed as her initial rapist. His attention was so fixed on his own carnal pleasure that he didn't even realize that Lorelei herself was quickly warming up to the experience herself and opening the aphrodisiac locks to doors she didn't even know she had. As Karl got into the full heat of things, he recognized the usual sensation. "I'm going to cum! Brace yourself!" Karl shouted suddenly as he picked up the pace with more rapid-fire thrusts not realizing that Lorelei herself was reaching her limit as well. "Mmmpphh! Mmmff! Mmmm! MMMMMPPPHHH!" Lorelei moaned erotically as she came in unison with her father and he released a full load inside of her. The two bathed in an afterglow of euphoria as their libidos leveled off and they both gradually returned to reality and where they were before everything became shrouded in a cloud of lust.

Having released his pent of libido once more, Karl pulled himself out and began to realize the extent of what he had just committed. "Shit...I think I went a little too far with playing the role. I'm so sorry..." Karl said panicking somewhat at the damage he had just done. Karl then swiftly began to untether the armbinder and then the hood, quick to converse with the daughter whom he had effectively just raped a second time in an effort to explain away his actions and cover his ass. But just as he reached to pull the tape off Lorelei's mouth, she held up her hand and motioned him to stop, to which he abided. Lorelei then proceeded to slowly peel the tape off herself, Karl fearfully awaiting the words that would come out once unsealed. Lorelei then straightened herself up and spoke "You don't have to apologize for something that I myself instructed you to do Dad. Incestuous implications aside, that whole experience really did help me process what happened better than I expected." Lorelei then continued as her father stood in disbelief "It was scary at first, and I did feel like I was being assaulted all over again. But then I realized the person who had me bound and muzzled beneath him was not some horny psycho, but someone who loved and cared about me. And that allowed me to just lay back and enjoy the experience without fear for my safety." Karl felt a wave of relief come over him as he dodged the final bullet of this encore performance, and somehow even managed to help his daughter overcome her trauma in the process. "I'm just glad I could help in whatever way I could" Karl said reaffirming as he shifted back into Dad mode.

Still, Karl could not help but stare at his seductive daughter, still clad in the latex bodysuit that she now felt completely comfortable wearing. His lust for Lorelei had only gotten stronger since his repeat performance, but he knew this was the final time he would ever get a chance to do this, and his heart sank somewhat at the realization. Even so, he steeled himself and quickly turned his gaze away from her and began redressing himself. "Now that you're cured, maybe it's best we never talk about this ever again?" Karl proposed, preparing to but this whole ordeal behind him.

"Well...I actually wouldn't say that I'm cured. Far from it actually." Lorelei chimed in, unexpectedly shooting down the efforts Karl had made in plowing her like garden with a latex tarp. "Then what was the point of all this!?" Karl retorted back, genuinely annoyed that they had effectively broken a taboo for nothing, even in spite of the fact he was a more than eager participant in the act. "No, no, don't misunderstand! This really did help me a lot compared to what I have trying up until now." Lorelei countered back, beginning to act a little fidgety and nervous. "It's just that...it's not like therapy is a one and done thing. It takes several...sessions before progress can be made and maintained so..." Lorelei continued on, becoming increasingly redder with each word she spoke. Karl noticed this himself, and was quick to realize that the face his daughter had now in this moment was the same one he had himself in the mirror every time he fantasized seeing his daughter fettered up like an S&M doll. "So Dad...if you're willing...do you think you would be able to do something like this again with me? At least until I'm better of course!" Lorelei said quick to pointlessly conceal her other less than pure motives and newly awakened bondage fetish. Karl mentally pinched himself upon hearing this, making sure his fantasies were not being projected into reality, but upon assessing this was indeed happening, Karl responded back with a warm smile and a pat on the head. "Anything to help my special girl." A statement that reflected a similar smile in kind from Lorelei. Upholding his empathetic tone, Karl continued on "Same time next week?" he said awaiting an answer. "Maybe...something sooner?" Lorelei answered back somewhat nervously. At which point Karl opened the bedroom door and began to leave, responding back before closing the door behind him, "Just let me know when you need 'therapy" and I will make the time."

(6 months later)

It was early morning, the sun having not quite yet reached over the horizon outside, and Karl was enjoying a morning cup of coffee that was being served to him by his daughter Lorelei. A sight that would not be out of place in any other home, had it not been for attire Lorelei was wearing. A full body latex bodysuit, different from the one she first wore as she now owned several variations. A tight Gwen hood that covered and cinched her mouth shut. And all accented by a white rubber apron that wrapped around her waist and shoulders, as well as a pair white rubber bridal gauntlets on each arm that were kept bound together in front of her by black leather straps, forcing Lorelei to serve the caffeinated brew with care, though she already had a lot of practice doing just this. To top it all off, she was wearing a white rubber variant of the classic maid headdress upon her head, completing the erotic twist on the French maid uniform. But this was not abnormal to them anymore. In fact it had become a regular part of their daily lives with each other at this point, and it felt completely natural to them. In the eyes of onlookers, and Karl himself, this was clearly S&M roleplay, but ask Lorelei and she would say this was all just a logical extension of her "exposure therapy".

More specifically, this erotic setup was exploring a "what if" scenario if Lorelei's rapist had instead decided to kidnap her, turn her into his erotic plaything, and force her to serve him against her will. As was per usual, her father Karl was acting as her kidnapper, and was more than enjoying "playing" the role. "Mmmpphh, mmmff..." Lorelei squeaked through her muzzle. "How sad. It has been nearly half a year and the police are no closer to finding you than they were when they first started. I bet your loving father's spirit is completely broken by now." Karl commented sadistically as he enjoyed his cup of coffee with one hand and dug his fingers into Lorelei's crotch with the other. "Mmmm..." Lorelei purred as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. There actually was no police investigation or disappearance, given that Lorelei had continued going to school until she graduated with the rest of her class, but no one was any the wiser as to what she was doing with her father behind closed doors at their house. The kidnapping thing was all just an act in her mind to make the scenario more realistic. She was merely acting out the role of a girl who had been kidnapped by her rapist, brainwashed into being his slave, and slowly turned into his ideal sex object via S&M play with ever increasing intensity by the day...never realizing the "act" had already become reality. That her father, her original rapist, had done just that to her, and was drinking coffee right beside her now, living out his fantasy.

"Even sadder, the deadline has passed for your rescue my dear." Karl said as he stood up and grabbed Lorelei by the chin. "MMMFF!?" Lorelei moaned feeling both a tinge of fear and excitement run down her spine in response to his words and manhandling. He was referring to his plans and timeline in preparing to move them out to a remote cabin in the woods, complete with a soundproofed basement where he promised no one would ever find her. In reality, as far as the community was concerned, it was simply Karl deciding to take an early and financially scaled down retirement to spend the rest of his days with nature and his daughter who would support him in his older years. "The car is already packed for travel. All it needs is my most prized possession." Karl said eying his seductive daughter with a predatory gaze. He then proceeded to grab several rolls of black electrical tape in the adjacent junk drawer, his intentions very clear to Lorelei for how he planned on using it. "Now then, you have been valiant in keeping your hope alive all this time for a potential rescue, but it's game over for you now. All that's left to do now is to gracefully accept defeat and submit to me." Karl postured to Lorelei, and she in turn responded with a despondent nod and bow to denote her submission. 'Damn it this is hot' Karl thought to himself, wanting to mount her right here and now, but he knew they were on a time schedule and that "packing" Lorelei took precedence for now.

Karl proceeded to undo the straps binding her rubber and latex clad arms and then proceeded to strip Lorelei of her white rubber apron, gloves, and maid tiara until she was in just her default black latex bodysuit. Taking the tape, he began wrapping her legs together, slowly working his way upwards and leaving no space in between, all while Lorelei did nothing to resist. After being mummified up to her kneecaps, Lorelei lowered her arms to rest at her hips, and Karl knew well what to do next. As he ascended he pinned her arms to her sides with the tape and continued to wrap up her thighs, torso, and chest in multiple layers, even taking some time to wrap the bottom of her feet to ensure a uniform wrap. Eventually Karl stopped after wrapping her neck and then resumed with more precise work on his daughter's head. Securing and locking her jaw closed further, wrapping her mouth to ensure not even a mumble escaped, crafting a helmet of tape around her head, and finally wrapping over her eyes so even light was denied to her. The only piece of freedom she was afforded was a discreet opening around her nose to ensure air flow. The end result was a beautiful ebon black mummy, ready to be shipped not to the afterlife, but to an entirely new life.

"Heh, you look brilliant. A shame your father will never get to see you as beautiful as you are now, bound and broken." "Mmmmm..." Lorelei weakly mewed through the thick mat of tape smothering her face, writhing slightly in the wrap upon hearing the sadistic taunt. Karl then wasted no time and slung the mummified Lorelei over his shoulder and headed to the garage where their car was waiting. The passenger and back seats were packed to the brim with various bare necessity possessions for the move, but Karl made it a point to leave enough space for his special girl. He popped the car's back truck up revealing plenty of space to deposit his precious slave and daughter, and then proceeded to carefully lay her down into what would be her makeshift sarcophagus for the long trip. "This is goodbye. You will never see your caring and loving father again. The only future you have is with me, but as I'm sure you've learned by now, I am a much more intimate "lover" than your father ever was to you! Heh heh!" Karl laughed gleefully as he motioned to close the trunk. "MMMPPHH! MMMFF! MMMMPHH!" Lorelei screamed as she put on her last bit of acting, playing the desperate and fearful victim about to be swallowed permanently by despair. Then the trunk came down, and her cries went silent.

With the fun part having ended, Karl proceeded to the driver's seat of his car and turned on the ignition. The garage door opened and then closed behind him as he drove out, but he stopped at the end of the driveway to reflect on his time in the neighborhood one last time, and then his thoughts drifted to the person that he was and the person he had become. When he first started having feelings for Lorelei he believed he was still a good, kind, and responsible father. That these perverse desires towards his daughter were not a part of who he was and that he needed to exorcise the malignant lust that did not reflect his true self. But looking at how things have turned out, he now realized it was actually the opposite. His "good father" personality was the false one, and that the sadistic pervert in the driver's seat was who he truly was deep down. He was a manipulator, a sadistic bondage freak, a perverted predator, and a damn good one at that if the latex doll he once called his daughter writhing in the trunk of his car was any indication. Sure Lorelei's compliance due to her closeted bondage fetish, of which she was still in denial of, played a role in the equation, it was his still his suggestions and manipulations during their "exposure therapy" sessions over the past few months that allowed him to shape Lorelei into the slave he had always dreamed of turning her into. When he told Lorelei that she would never see her caring and loving father again, that was not a rehearsed lie for roleplay purposes, but the unvarnished truth. The fatherly Karl was gone, and a sadistic Karl had taken his place. He saw no reason to continue the "good father" act upon starting his new retired life with Lorelei, and he knew she would take to the new him relatively quickly once she learns to fully embrace her perversions just as he did. With that, Karl and his mummified princess drove off into the sunrise for the long trip ahead. And true to his promises, no one ever heard from Lorelei ever again.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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