Empty Nest
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Author's Note: This story is an elaboration of the trainer chastity in Josh's story

Part 1

Standing at the gate watching our youngest daughter fly off to Europe for, what would be at least 4 years, I wiped away a tear. Looking down at my wife, I could see tears there too.

Smiling through her tears, Barbara said, "I think we've done a really good job raising our three...one married to a diplomat in Japan, our son teaching physics to the elite students in South Korea, and now Lisa going off to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. That's a family to be proud of."

"I just wish they weren't so far away," I said with a bit of a choke.

"Me too," she replied. "Oh well, we can now be a little selfish and concentrate on fulfilling our own wishes."

"I guess," I replied as we turned and headed to the car.

We were both lost in thought for several minutes as we drove home.

Passing by a hospital supply store, Barbara came to life and said, "Honey, this store just jogged my memory. Would you like me to diaper you when we get home? I haven't done it for quite a while."

"Sure," I responded.

"How is your diaper supply?" she asked. "Should we turn around and stock up?"

"I have about half a package left," I said. "We should be good for three or four days."

"If that's all we have, I think we need to get some more. You know we will use them eventually."

"Probably wouldn't hurt," I said as I turned to go around the block.

Barbara volunteered to go in as I waited in the car. She brought out several bags.

"There," she said as she got back in. "Now we won't run out for a while."

"You got me a lot. Are you planning more than our usual couple of days?"

"You'll find out," she said with a smile. "Get ready for some fun."

We had played bondage games since college and with us it was give and take. Sometimes she would be the one restrained and sometimes it would be me. The first time we included any diapers was the time she restrained me for a weekend. They were used for a practical matter and used, they were. Barbara enjoyed diapering me and I found it very erotic too.

Remembering all this, I was lost in thought when she said, "I know you've been diapering yourself when I've been gone."

I felt myself blushing as I said, "That's right but how did you know?"

"I found a used one in the trash a couple of weeks ago. It's OK. I know you have a thing for them. I don't mind, but there is something I do have a problem with. Why do you hide it? I enjoy seeing you in them."

"I guess I just felt guilty to be wearing them when you're gone."

"Honey, you always get really stimulated and hard when I diaper you. Do you cum in them when I'm gone?"

I was caught and felt ashamed. "Sometimes," replied quietly.

"And is that when you take them off? When you've cum?"

"Yes, usually," I said.

"Ok, now I understand. Don't worry. I'm not mad, but from now on you're going to make love ONLY with me. No more doing it with your diaper."

I was silent the last few blocks to the house.

Inside, I carried my new supply of diapers to our bedroom.

"Honey, please put them in Lisa's closet. In the sack you'll find a waterproof changing pad. Please put it on the bed. Go ahead and take your things off. I'll be in as soon as I change."

She came in wearing a house dress and carrying the open package of diapers and a small box.

"Hop up on the pad and we'll get you diapered," she said as she pulled one out and opened it out.

I felt myself getting hard as I laid on it.

"Boy, that didn't take long," she said as she fondled me. Then climbing on she said, "We can't waste this," as she lowered herself onto me.

We were both exhausted as she climbed off, folded the diaper loosely over me and picked up the small box.

"Do you remember the story you wrote about the guy who was wearing a chastity which trained him to wet?"

"Sure," I said, "It gave him pleasure when he wet, and shocked him if he didn't wet often enough."

"Well, I found a sex toy designer who wants to sell them. They've made a sample and need to have it tested. Here it is."

She opened the box and showed me the chastity. It was a standard ball-trap type with a raised compartment on top. It looked similar to the one which has the wifi locking system.

"Let's see if it fits," she said as she put the ring behind my testicles. The tube slid easily over my now shrunken tool. Inserting the integrated lock, she paused before turning the key to lock it.

"When I lock it, it will turn on automatically," she said. "Any last words?"

With a big smile, she turned the key and removed it. Suddenly I felt a shock.

"Ow!" I shouted, "Its shocking me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. Let some pee out and it'll stop."

I was able to pee a little, and, just as she said, the pain stopped and instead, I received a pleasant stimulating sensation.

"Honey," she said, "I'm sorry. They told me the program starts with punishment and only peeing will stop it. Forgive me for not warning you."

"Ok," I said, "I forgive you. So tell me about this thing. I felt really good after I peed, but I sure hate the first part."

"Yes, the way they told me the program works is you will get the pleasant reward every time you pee. However, if you don't pee every two hours, you'll receive the punishment until you do."

"That sounds simple enough. I just need to train myself to pee just before two hours is up. I'll set my phone timer and that'll be easy."

"Oh, and I forgot, you have to re-charge the unit daily. There is a small wire with a USB plug. You plug it into a wall charger or your computer each day."

"But, I could just let the battery run down and the whole thing would stop," I said in a cocky manner.

"Well, they told me they thought of that. If the battery gets too low, the punishment goes on full time until you plug in."

"But, that means I'm going to be tethered to the computer or wall plug every day...like a prisoner," I said in an irritated tone.

"'fraid so, Honey," she said with a smile, "That's what comes with being in diaper training."

"So," I said, "you bought me a lot of diapers. How long will this thing stay on?"

"Oh yes, the program is set for 15 day increments. I need to turn on the wifi on my phone to access it."

She brought her phone out and accessed it. "How many units do you think we should start with?" she asked as she pulled up the screen.

"Fifteen day increments, you say," I said, "Let's just do one to start with."

"Oh," she said, "the keyboard is so small, I just hit the two and it logged me off. They're going to have to fix that."

"Does that mean I'll be in it for 30 days?" I asked.

"'fraid so," she replied. "They have a block built into the lock to stop tampering before the time is up. I can't unlock it early."

"What about the wifi? Can't you just log back in and change things?"

"No Hon, they have what they call a failsafe so the wearer can't change what the owner puts in. It also blocks hackers because the wifi won't even turn back on until 30 days is up."

She continued, "Now, I'm the only one you can make love too. The trainer will keep you from cumming. That was my main reason for it when the whole thing first started. Anyway, you'll get some nice pleasure every time you pee so just enjoy that."

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