The New King
  • Author - Autumn Smithfield
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  • Post Date - 7/10/2021

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction. These actions should never be performed without consent. Some aspects of this story are not safe to preform.

Nothing stays the same. That is the one thing I am sure of. You see, I grew up in a normal, happy family. We lived out in the country in mid-America. It used to be called Missouri, but that's a name long since obsolete. I had a happy childhood, full of laughter and joy. I grew up, but my life was still full. I had my challenges, as anyone does, but overall life was wonderful. Then I turned twenty..

In a flash, the world as we knew it changed. Gone was the safety of home and country. A powerful young man had found something...unnatural. He had abilities, unlike any ever seen before. It sounded like something from the superhero comic books my brother loved so much. The only problem, this man was no hero. In fact, he couldn't be farther from one. His powers grew everyday. Nothing could hurt him. Nothing could stop him. He would win any fight. If he had been alone, he would have been a concern or a danger, but he wouldn't have been able to crush the governments of the world. Unfortunately, many people began to see him as a god or the next step of evolution. Soon, he had legions of devoted followers worshiping him, dying for him. They took out leaders, ransomed nations, and crushed any who rose against their regime.

First, the smaller nations fell, pledging their loyalty to the tyrant, or being forced into submission. If a country proved too hard to control, it was destroyed. No one survived. No one got away. No building, animal, or child survived the carnage. We only know, because the monster and his followers recorded their wicked deeds and broadcasted it around the world. Soon, America found Hayden Leon and his followers turning their sights towards home. The United States military fought hard, even won a battle or two, but they were no match for an unbeatable man. Leonites, as his followers called themselves, marched through state after state, city after city, subduing any resistance. They forced everyone into city limits. They burned down my home and forced my family and I to watch. We were transported to the nearby town of El Dorado. A wall was erected, keeping us in. They did this everywhere. My family was fortunate to have family in town. We stayed with them. Food became scarce. Sickness swept through the cities. Many died, my baby brother among them. The people cried out for help. They begged for intervention, but none came.

By the end of that year, Lord Leon, as he liked to be called, had conquered the world. We had hoped once he had gained power, he would stop his cruelty. We believed we would be allowed to have some freedom again. We were foolish. Like sheep we followed his rules, hoping that we could appease him. You cannot appease a sadist like Leon. He put people to work in his factories and farms. Soon moving people into larger "habitation zones" as they were labeled. My father was too weak to work. The Leonites beat him. My mother tried to intervene. They took them to the center of our hab. Soon they rounded up the rest of the inhabitants. Then they executed my parents. I remember screaming. Begging for them to stop. Hands in the crowd held me back. Voices in my ear warned me to be quiet or I would join my family. I cried. Finally, I had nothing left, the hands holding me back, suddenly were the only things holding me up. I was led away from my parents' bodies.

A few months later I was moved to the habitation zone in what used to be Washington DC. This was now the capital for Hayden Leon and his followers. No, Capital isn't the right word... It sounds too free. D.C. had become Leon's stronghold. He lived in the Whitehouse. I passed it on the way to the factory I was stationed at. We made fabrics. Every morning and evening I walked by what used to be a symbol of pride and freedom. I remembered being in awe of the building when I got to tour the Whitehouse as a high schooler. Now it housed a man I hated.

Life was not going great at this point, but I didn't know it was going to get worse. Much worse. I was walking home from work again, when I saw the Leonites rounding up people. This wasn't uncommon. Lord Leon would often order his subjects to appear before him. Just so he could watch them grovel. Most of the time he let them go, but sometimes he would torture or kill members of the crowd just for his amusement. Just look down. Don't draw attention to yourself. Keep going. You're almost home. I kept thinking over and over as I forced myself not to run and not to turn around. I was almost to the door, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned... and it was a leonite. My blood ran cold. I was dragged towards the others, huddled at the gate to the mansion. I was afraid, but I vowed not to grovel before such a horrible creature. I would not give him the satisfaction. Not after all he took from me.

Leon's POV

After I took over the world, there wasn't much to do. Frankly, I was bored as hell. I did enjoy having my men drag in the riff raff now and again. They amused me as they fell on the ground, offering me praise and begging to leave alive. If they begged enough, my gracious self would allow them to leave. Today didn't seem much different. The peasants filed in, all dirty and dressed in rags. One stood in the back. She didn't shake like the others. While she was filthy, you could tell she had made an effort to clean and patch her clothes. She had a heart shaped face with wide blue eyes. I could see the fear swirling in her eyes, but the firm set of her mouth showed a determination I had never seen in one so insignificant before. My eyes moved past her face. While her rags left much to the imagination, I saw the hints of a lovely figure underneath. Perhaps I will allow this girl the honor of joining me in my bed tonight, after a thorough bath, of course. I thought to myself, smiling.

I rose from my seat and addressed the shivering mass, my eyes still on the girl. "My people, I have freed you from the pressures of life, from having to conform to your societal roles. Instead, life is simple and easier for you now. And now, I, your great king and leader have made time to allow you all to express your gratitude." I smiled and waited for them to begin their sniveling. Soon they were all on the floor. Choruses of "Thank you's" and "your great majesty's" flooded the room. I soaked in the praise as I surveyed the room. Then, I saw her. She was standing tall. Her lips pressed together in a thin line. Her eyes narrowed when she caught my gaze. What a brave, but stupid stance. I was intrigued. It had been months since anyone dared to disrespect me. I decided to push her, see how quickly her resolve broke. Then I'd kill the little tramp for daring to disrespect me. My day wasn't looking so bad.

I made my way down to where she stood. The other riff raff scurried out of my way, muttering praises and pardons. I barely heard them. I only saw her. Finally, I reached her. She trembled slightly, but refused to look away or back down. "Do you seriously plan to show such irreverence in front of your great savior?" I was inches from her now; I towered over her, but she didn't seem to care. Then the girl spoke. Her voice did not shake, instead it was filled with a fire and anger I had never seen in such an insignificant waif.

"You are no savior. You're cruel and heartless. You say you saved the world, but you oppress it. You claim you deserve praise, but you only get adoration from the threat of violence. You have killed millions, and enslaved all who were left alive. I know you're going to kill me, but I will die, unbroken and with my pride. I will not grovel before the likes of you."

The room was silent. The peasants didn't dare look up, or even breathe. I could feel the tension rise as the girl and I stared each other down.

"Leave us," I growled. My minions hurried the others out of the room. Soon it was only the girl and I alone. "Do you think you're brave? That your death will change anything? Perhaps you thought your pleas would melt my heart of stone?"

The girl stiffened, but didn't back away. She raised an accusatory finger. "I may die, but I will go to my grave knowing that you didn't own me."

I had an idea, an evil and genius idea. She didn't want to be owned. I needed her broken, and I needed some entertainment. I could solve two problems at once. "I do own you, little girl. You belong to me. I plan to prove it."

I saw fear flicker through her eyes, then rage. "I do not belong to you!" Her voice rose as she took a step back.

"You're going to become my slave," I said, eying her body suggestively. Her eyes widened and she turned to run. I laughed, easily catching her. She tried to bring her leg around to kick me. I grabbed her by the ankle and pulled. She crumpled to the ground. I pulled her hair and drug her to her feet. She whimpered and struggled to get her legs under her. This is going to be fun. I smiled as I drug her down the hall. She stumbled behind me. Finally we reached a room in the basement. I want to crush all hope of escaping. I thought as I turned on the light.

I released her hair and held her in front of me. She looked around the room in horror. There were medival torture devices around the room. Shackles hanging from the ceiling. Ropes were stored on the wall. Next to them were whips. She paused longer at my collection of toys. Confusion and revulsion clouded her pretty face. "Curious are we? Don't worry, my pet, I will let you experience everything in here, and more.Shall we begin?" I hummed into her neck. I looked at her eyes. They were wide with terror. I can't wait till I break her, but first she needs to be cleaned up. I thought, surveying her dirty rags. I walked her to the corner of the room, where a shower stood. There were two cuffs hanging from the center of the shower. I locked her hands there.

"Time to get you out of those rags," I smiled as she attempted to pull away from me. Her body twisted and thrashed. I pulled out a knife, "Better hold still, otherwise you may get hurt." She calmed a little, but flinched away when she could. My hands steadied her as the garments fell to the ground in tatters. "I'll send someone to clean you up. I'll be back soon."

Carrisa's POV

I shivered in the cold room. I looked in dismay at the scraps of fabric that littered the ground. The tyrant surveyed me like one would look at cattle. I felt heat rush to my face, though I didn't know if it was from anger or embarrassment. Leon walked out the door. Soon a servant girl walked in. Her eyes were cast on the ground. She walked to the shower. "Help me please!" I begged. Her eyes looked haunted and empty. She didn't speak, instead turning on the water. I braced for the cold water. Instead, warm water hit my skin. I don't remember the last time I had a hot shower. There were no water heaters in the hab zones. The girl scrubbed my skin clean. When she was done, my pale skin had a pinkish glow. She then used a soft, luxurious towel to dry my body. She then brushed my hair and braided it down my back. Then she left.

My arms began to ache from being held above my body for so long. Eventually, the door to the room opened. I looked up to see Leon. He walked over to me, his eyes roaming. "Are you ready to explore my playroom?" His smirk was aggravating. I would have given anything to wipe it off his stupid face. He put a collar around my neck. I heard the click of a lock and my heart sank. My wrists were unlocked, but they quickly were pulled behind me. He walked me towards a padded table with stirrups on the side. I think I remember something like this at the gynecologist. Except, I don't remember it looking so ominous. He lifted me up, like I weighed nothing. Then he laid me on the table. He released my wrists, only to bind them above my head. I kicked and screamed. I fought him with everything I had. He easily wrestled my legs into the stirrups. He tightened a few straps, and my calves were held tight. I couldn't get out. He began to add more wide leather straps to hold me still. Across my lower stomach, below and above my breasts, and even one across my forehead. All I could do was wiggle my fingers and toes, and scream. He didn't let me scream for long. He shoved a large ball into my mouth and tightened it behind my head. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Now, now none of that. If you're not going to be good, I will simply take away more freedoms," he mocked, like he was scolding a child. He slipped a blindfold over my eyes and the world went dark.

Leon's POV

She looked so beautiful tied to the table. She was helpless. Even when she knew it was inevitable, she fought. I had to admit, I was impressed. I was going to have fun with her. I decided I wanted to start slow, and see what I was working with. She had lovely breasts. They were large compared to her slim figure. My hands slid up her stomach and began to give them a gentle massage. She flinched and whimpered. I could tell she was mad. Good. I thought. My fingers reached her nipples, and her whimpers changed to an almost moan. Good, she has sensitive nipples. Those will be fun to play with. I smiled, enjoying her struggle to keep herself from reacting. It didn't matter. The growing wetness between her legs was evidence enough. Once I was happy with the erectness of her nipples, I grabbed some nipple clamps and attached them. She screamed into her gag. Oh just wait... I'm going to make this hurt so much more. I thought as I attached some twine to the end. I then fed the twine over a bar above her. Finally I tied a weight on the other end. It wasn't terribly heavy, but it had the desired effect. Her breasts and nipples were pulled out and stretched in a most attractive way. The girl groaned and whimpered in pain.

Now that her breasts had been attended to, it was time to play with other areas of her body. I started with an inflatable buttplug. I made sure to lube it well, after all I'm not completely cruel. I slid it inside. I could tell this was the first time she had ever been impaled in her back hole. She bucked and squirmed. This made the weights swing and pulled her nipples more forcefully. Her struggles didn't stop the plug from settling snuggly into place. I began to pump the plug up slowly, letting her be stretched. It probably took twenty minutes till she was stretched as far as she would go. She panted and whimpered.

"Such a good girl. Don't worry the fun isn't over yet." I murmured. She let out a cry. I found a glass dildo that looked like it was a bit big for her, but I figured she could take it if I went slow. I eased it in and out, in and out. Slowly making its way farther inside of her. Finally I got it in. She was well stretched, for now. We would go bigger later. She was whimpering almost constantly now. I decided that in her pain, I should give her some pleasure. After all, I enjoyed mind games. If I made pain and pleasure synonymous, the girl would beg to be tortured. I smiled at the idea.

I went and found a vibrator. I pushed it against her clit and turned it on. She screamed in surprise, but soon began moaning loudly. Her body shook. I used my freehand to tug on the weights tied to her nipples and to swing them. It didn't seem to bother her though. Soon she was orgasming. I brought over a stand and positioned the vibrator so it would press against her clit. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Enjoy this, my pet, who knows when I will feel this generous again. I'll be back in a few hours."

I watched her for a few more orgasms. After the fourth, she seemed to spasm every few seconds. I decided to let her "enjoy" the attention of the vibrator for a few more hours, while I dealt with matters of state. I walked out and closed the door.

Eventually, I did go back and release her. She was barely coherent. I carried her over to her new home. A large metal cage with a padded floor. She couldn't quite stretch out, and she couldn't raise up to higher than on her hands and knees. I laid her down, and even gave her a blanket. Then I closed and locked the cage behind me.

The next day, I was going to be gone most of the day, but I didn't want my new plaything to be bored. I got up early and pulled her from the cage. She was still tired and weak from her ordeal the evening before. With the help from some servants, I wrapped her from the neck down in plastic wrap, then duct tape, then electrical tape. I had slipped an inflatable plug and dildo into her holes. All that was exposed were the pumps. I also left her breasts uncovered. Then I took a few wads of fabric and forced them into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and her whimpers were almost silenced. I put a few short pieces of tape over her lips, just to make sure the gag would stay put while I finished encasing her head. Then I blindfolded her. I wound the plastic wrap, then the duct tape, then the electrical tape over her face. I left her nostrils exposed so she could breathe. I had my men carry her up and lay her on the floor of the limo I was traveling in. I reached down and sat her up, so I could play with her breasts. Throughout the day I inflated and deflated her plugs. I also brought an extra roll of electrical tape. My favorite pastime was adding a piece of tape right over her nostrils. I kept it there till she started to thrash then I'd remove it. Sometimes I would set a timer and see how long she could hold it. I finally got her to a full minute. I also played with her breasts while she struggled to breathe.

I enjoyed this form of bondage, because I had complete control of every sense and function. We would be doing this more often.

Carrisa's POV

They covered my body in layers of plastic and tape. By the time they were done I couldn't move an inch. I felt like I was being crushed by the restricting layers. I couldn't imagine it could get worse... I was wrong. He filled my mouth with cloth. It was clean, but that was only a small comfort. My jaw was forced wide and my cheeks felt stretched. Then they sealed it in with duct tape. I hated the feeling. My jaw ached. I wanted to scream or ask them to stop, but I could barely make a sound. Then they covered my eyes. My situation became a lot more claustrophobic. Not content with the severity of my bondage, Leon began to add the layers around my face. I was so afraid he would cover my nose and kill me through suffocation. Luckily, he carefully avoided my nostrils. Soon I was covered. I could only feel the cold air on my bare breasts. I then was lifted and carried somewhere. I couldn't hear much, but it sounded like a car was nearby. I was laid on the floor. Eventually, hands set me up. I felt them travel slowly towards my vulnerable breasts. The fingers soon found my nipples. They were still sore from their abuse the night before. The fingers pinched, rolled, and massaged the nipples. I found myself starting to enjoy the mysterious hands' ministrations. Stop enjoying this, Carrisa. It's wrong. I chided myself. I still felt a pang of disappointment when the hands disappeared from my breasts.

The hands soon made an appearance much lower. I felt the weight of the pumps coming from the plugs inside me lift. Then I felt the plugs expand. They got so big I thought I might explode. Then the pressure was relieved. Then the plug inside of my vagina began to grow. Soon I felt stretched as far as I could go. Then it was released. The process was repeated with my back whole. This pattern was completed with multiple variations. And sometimes I was left very full, while the hands played with my breasts. Eventually, the hands pumped the plugs as full as they could go. Then the hands were on my head. I felt them smooth something over my nose. The precious air supply was gone. I thrashed. Eventually, the tape was removed and I filled my lungs again. I almost cried in relief. Suddenly the tape returned, longer this time. This continued for a while. My lungs would burn, hungry for air. The hands replaced the tape again. Then they began to play with my breasts. I found myself enjoying the treatment, even with the lack of oxygen making my head spin.

For a while the hands disappeared. I was left alone, filled, and scared. Eventually, the hands returned and the torture continued. My breasts were played with till they were sensitive to the lightest touch. The suffocation continued off and on, leaving me lightheaded. After what seemed like hours, I was lifted again and carried for a while. Eventually, I was laid down and the layers were removed. They left my head covered. I was tied spread eagle, standing up. I still had no real senses, and my body felt like it was covered in pins and needles. I felt hands exploring my body. The plugs were removed. Clamps were attached to my nipples. Then blows started to hit all across my body. The stings were painful, each worse than the last. Soon, I blacked out.

Leon's POV

The car ride was much more enjoyable with something to play with. Unwrapping my pet had been like Christmas. I had opted to keep her head covered. I didn't want her to know what was coming next. I knew she was uncomfortable, and I relished the groans that came from her gagged lips. I decided now would be a good time to introduce her to my favorite toy, the whip. I hung her by her wrists. Her toes barely on the ground. She struggled to keep her balance and take some of the weight off her wrists. Unfortunately for her, balancing was about to become a lot harder. I swung the whip through the air a few times to make sure I'd hit my mark without issue.

I consider myself to be a creative man, so I decided to make a pattern across the canvas in front of me. I cracked the whip on her back. She lurched forward and sagged in the chains supporting her. The blush colored welt stood out against the white skin. She regained her footing. I struck again and again, leaving a criss cross down her back and over her ass and thighs. I repeated the pattern on her front as well. I leveled a strike in between her legs. The heavy gag she was wearing barely muffled the scream. She sagged in her bonds again, but this time she didn't regain her footing.

Now that she was unconscious I decided to release her. I unlocked her arms and caught her as she dropped. I laid her on a padded table and gently removed the wrappings from her face. Her eyes were closed and she looked almost peaceful. I found myself staring at her. She really was beautiful. She was also strong. If I could bend her to my will, she would be lovely to show off. If I can get her to be obedient, I will take her with me and parade her as my wife in front of my leaders. She would also be available for me to play with at any time I wanted.

I carried her up to my bedroom and into the bath. I cleaned her up and wrapped her in a soft robe. I laid her in my bed and used a silk tie to bind her hands to the headboard.

Carrisa's POV

I woke up and my body ached. I expected to be in some horrendous bondage, but I was wrapped in a soft robe and my hands were tied simply above my head. I looked around and realized I was in a large bedroom. It was richly decorated. Leon was sitting at a desk, reading. He looked over at me. "Oh good you're awake," He smiled. "There's something we should discuss." He untied my hands and set a tray of food in front of me. I ate it greedily. "You've impressed me, which is not easy to do. I have decided that if you can behave, I will grant you more freedom. That does not mean you won't endure severe torture, but that when I am not abusing you, you will live in comfort. You will do whatever I say, when I say it, or the punishment will be severe."

He pulled out a shining metal collar. "If you agree to submit, you will put this on. It symbolizes my ownership of you. Once you put it on, it will never come off. If you refuse, I will drag you back to the playroom and find more ways to torture you until you agree. So, are you my slave?" He held the collar out to me. I looked at it, then at him. I reached a tentative hand out towards it and took it from him. He smirked triumphantly. I looked at it and saw there was no way to unlock the collar once it was in place. I would be trapped in it. I took a deep breath. Leon's smirk grew to a smile. I lifted the collar, and threw it as hard as I could at him.

His smile turned dark. "Big mistake, little girl," His voice came out in a low growl.

Leon's POV

How dare she tell me no. I will make her pay dearly for that. I grabbed her arm and began to pull her back to the basement. I wasted no time getting her to a device that looked like a stock from the medieval ages. The wooden frame locked around her wrist and neck. There was also a metal bar that sat under her hips and held her up.

I walked around and watched her struggle, fear swirling in her eyes. "You shouldn't have said no. Now you're going to suffer the consequences," I lifted her chin up so she would look at me. I grabbed some rope and used it to tie her hair back so she couldn't lower her head.

Then I pushed a ring gag in her mouth. Maybe this will teach her to use her mouth more wisely. Behind her, I set up a fucking machine. I lined it up and turned it on. She moaned. I took the remote and walked in front of her.I slid my dick inside her mouth and pushed slowly, in rhythm with the machine. I turned the machine up and thrusted to match it. She began to gag, but I didn't stop. Once she got herself under control I sped things up again. This time I added a second machine in her ass. She screamed at the intrusion and I smiled. I moved back to her mouth. She kept gagging and tears ran down her face. I kept going for about an hour before I finally finished in her mouth.

I took out her gag and told her to swallow. I held her mouth closed until she complied. Once she obeyed I asked if she was ready to put the collar on. Her eyes narrowed into a glare. I slapped her cheek and bent down to her eye level. "Fine," I growled, "I hope you enjoyed the fucking machines, because I'm adding one more and leaving you here all night. Oh, and they will be much faster than before. I hope you can handle it, my little slave."

She looked terrified, it was a good look on her. I added an alligator clamp to each nipple with a weight. Her nipples stretched and she groaned.

Every stroke of the machines made her breasts swing, which caused a painful tug on her tortured nipples. I pushed another machine in front of her. I put a dildo on it that was bigger than my dick. I wanted her to get better with her mouth afterall. I turned them all on as high as they would go. She thrashed and gagged. Finally she calmed down. She seemed in no danger of choking, so I moved behind her. I brought a hand down hard on her ass. That had to hurt, considering she was bruised all over. She screamed. "Have fun, slave."

I walked out of the room. We would see if her attitude had improved by morning.

Carrissa's POV

The feeling was overwhelming. All three machines moved in unison. I felt like I was being impaled. When he turned the speed up I almost screamed. I couldn't breathe and I was gagging. Finally, I got myself under control and relaxed. He can't seriously plan on leaving me all night. I felt an orgasm beginning to build. I heard the door to the playroom close and my body began to spasm.

Hours passed and everything ached. I couldn't keep track of how many orgasms I had. I was slumped in my bonds, without them I would have collapsed on the floor hours ago. I was still being fucked in all my holes.

Finally, the door creaked open. Leon entered and walked around me, examining me. His hands wandered over my skin, leaving goosebumps.

"Did you have a nice night, my dear?" He asked. I glared back. "Now, that's no way to look at your master. Care to fix it? Or should I leave you here for a few more hours?"

My eyes widened, and I looked at the ground. "Much better. Are you ready to be released?" I tried to answer, but the machine occupying my mouth prevented anything intelligent from passing my lips.

He turned off the machines and removed them. Finally, he unlocked the stocks and I fell to the ground. "Please, no more" The words came out in a hoarse whisper that I barely recognized as my own. He pulled out the collar and held it out to me.

"I'll give you a break if you put this on. Otherwise, I have some other ideas I would love to test out on you." He smiled down at me. I looked at the collar and the promise of rest, but was I willing to give up ownership of myself?

"I can't do that," I said softly.

"Very well, slave, you made your choice, now face the consequences." He pulled me to my feet. I had to lean against him for support.

Leon's POV

She was stubborn. Stupid, but stubborn. I half carried her to a set of chains. I chained her arms above her. Then I shackled her legs. The chains supported her weight. This was going to be hard on her. I began to use a winch to pull her legs apart and up. Soon she was doing the splits in midair. Her ankles and wrists were all that held her aloft.

"What are you going to do?" Her voice was trembling and her blue eyes were wide and full of fear. I let a hand slide in between her legs. It was wet.

"Is somebody excited for what I may do to her?" I let a finger slip inside her. Her cheeks flushed and she gasped. "I'm going to have fun with you."

I adjusted the chains so she was leaning backwards. I took a cord and bound each of her breasts tightly. She began to whimper. I told her to be quiet. I then attached nipple clamps. Her whines became louder. I placed electric pads on her thighs, the soles of her feet, her stomach, and finally on her ass. I held out a little box. "See this? When I turn this on, any sound it picks up will cause it to shock you. Maybe it will just be in one set of electrodes, maybe it will be all of them. It will be random. The louder the noise the higher the shock. So you're going to want to remain quiet. And I am going to want to give you reasons to scream." I hung the box in front of her mouth, just to make sure I didn't miss any sounds.

I began with a large buttplug. I held it to her mouth and told her to get it wet.Once she was done I pushed it inside of her. She grunted and then squealed, both earning her a shock. Next, I pushed a vibrating dildo inside her. She bit her lip. Then I got down on my knees and put my mouth on her clit. Her breathing picked up and soon she let a moan escape. I kept pleasuring her as her body flinched from the cascade of shocks hitting it. After she had a few orgasms that made her scream, I stopped. I turned my attention to her now very sensitive breasts and released them from their bondage. She let out a curse, and was greeted with a strong shock to her feet. Then I began to massage her breasts, paying attention to her nipples. I could tell she was fighting back making a sound.I twisted one, and she squealed again, this time receiving the shock to her ass. I kept playing with her body and relishing her reactions. I found biting sensitive areas elicited a decent amount of noise. Finally, I was bored.

I picked up the box and held it to my mouth. She looked at me, pleading with me not to do it. "Well, Slave, I think that's enough electricity for today. Are you ready to be done?" I said, slowly, so each word earned its own shock. I dropped the box in front of her mouth. "Answer me!" She flinched at the shock my demand caused. A soft "yes" came out of her.

"I can't hear you, speak up. Oh and don't forget to call me master, and to thank me, or we will have to start over." I grinned. If she wanted the pain to stop, she'd have to hurt herself.

She was still for a minute. Finally she said, "I am ready to be done, Master, thank you for spending time with me."Each word made her wince. I released her and pulled her into her cage, locking the door. I made sure there was a bowl with water and left a plate of food. I didn't want her to die or anything, she was too fun to play with. She lay on the floor, exhausted. She looked up at me. I could see it in her eyes. She was close to breaking.

I turned out the light and left her alone with her thoughts.

Carrisa's POV

I can't take much more of this... Maybe if I give in to him he won't be so brutal. If I obey, maybe I won't suffer as much. I found myself thinking as my body ached as I lay on the padded floor of the cage. I drifted off quickly.

The lights in the room flicked on and interrupted my sleep. I sat up and pulled the blanket up, hoping for protection. I looked up at Leon. His dark eyes looked at me hungrily. I felt a heat rush to my cheeks. I saw in his hand was the collar. He opened the cage and ordered me to kneel in front of him. I was too tired to resist.

"I'm going to ask you again, are you going to submit? Or do we get to have another fun day?" He asked as he gripped my chin and made me look up at him. I looked up at him, then glanced at the collar. "Well? I don't have all day, slave."

He held the collar out to me. With trembling hands, I reached out and took the collar. I felt like I couldn't breathe. He lifted my hair out of the way gently. I wrapped the collar around my neck and pushed the ends together. The click sounded ominous.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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