The Bitch Master
  • Author - Dark Soul
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  • Story Codes - M-f, Other-f, non-consensual, beastiality, humiliation, incest, kidnapping, slavery
  • Post Date - 7/11/2021

Author's Note: Synopsis:

A smart and successful lawyer is captured and trained by a sadistic master intent on making her into his submissive slave bitch. He will transform her and later her younger sister into his sister slaves.

Part 1

Like a hunter, he noticed his prey immediately. Jill was a blonde beauty with long straight hair, high cheekbones, pale skin and beautiful blue eyes. She looked every bit like the smart, opinionated professional lawyer bitch he imagined when he read her profile in her law firm's website. She was one of its rising stars. He had done his research into her. She was in her mid-twenties and based on what he had learnt, she was a proud, determined and capable young woman with the world at her feet. He looked at the picture he had of her on his phone, showing a beautiful young woman, dressed in black suit and skirt, smiling widely at the camera. The photo was taken a few weeks ago at one of her company lunches. In the photo, Jill looked confidently back at him with her icy blue eyes. He knew when he saw her that he was going to destroy her bright future and crush all the potential of this beautiful young lawyer. His cock hardened in his pants as he knew he was going to humiliate and transform her from a self-assured, assertive young woman into his depraved slave bitch.

She was five foot ten and weighed about 135 pounds. She looked strong with an athlete's body with curves that made any man curious what was underneath. Today, Jill wore a gorgeous dark navy blue suit with a skirt that was slightly below her knee. Her clothes matched her figure and he felt his cock get harder as he imagined Jill on her knees looking up submissively at him with her piercing blue eyes while she sucked his cock greedily. Her shoes looked expensive with two to three inch heels which made her look even taller. He admired her sexy walk as she came out of the law firm where she worked and into the pedestrian walkway.

Jill knew that she was sexy as hell, even though she dressed conservatively. She had made it. She was working at a prestigious law firm with a bright legal career ahead of her. He admired her beauty and strength. It would be a challenge for him to break her but he knew it would be just be a matter of time before he had her leashed, on her hands and knees licking his feet and worshipping him as her master.

Then he saw another girl come out and stand beside Jill. She was a younger version of Jill and wore tight jeans and a figure hugging white t-shirt and leather jacket. He stared intensely at her as he knew they were sisters. Based on his research, her name was Joanne and she went to one of the nearby universities and was in her final year of law nearing graduation. Joanne was one of the top students in her university with a bright future ahead of her. Joanne had wavy, shoulder length brown hair. She looked smart and confident, just like her sister. Fucking bitch whores, he muttered to himself. His cock was hard and pushed tightly against his pants as he imagined what he was going to do to Jill and her baby sister. His mind fantasised both sisters on their knees, fighting to suck his cock and make him cum. He trembled as he imagined them kissing each other's faces and sharing his precious cum after he had cum on both their faces. Both sisters, one a strong, professional lawyer and the other, an A-student with the world at her feet, humbled and humiliated as his slave bitches. Yes, they will love being his slaves after he was done teaching them their roles as his bitches. "Dirty fucking cunts," he hissed.

Both sisters walked down the pedestrian walkway holding hands. He knew the sisters were close. He followed them, excited as he anticipated the outcome of all his planning and plotting over the past few weeks. By now he knew Jill's daily schedule and it was time to put his plans for the corruption and degradation of both the sisters into place. The sisters parted ways near the parking bay where Jill had parked. He watched Jill kiss Joanne goodbye on her cheeks. He imagined that within a few weeks, after he had finished training them, he'd have them kiss, suck and fuck each other. Both sister bitches would be moaning and groaning in ecstasy and loving his cock fucking them. He would teach Jill her role in life. Once Jill's mind and will is broken, she would obediently and slavishly help him train her sister as his slave as well. He would teach both sisters that they live to serve his cock and drink his cum. They will learn that his cum is the most precious thing they have ever tasted and they would do anything to suck his big cock and feel his hot cum on their faces and sweet lips. In time they would fight each other for the honour to serve their master.

He admired the shape of Joanne's ass as she walked away towards a mall nearby. He quickly followed Jill as she walked towards her car, a black Lexus. He was glad he did his research and knew that the carpark was deserted at this time. When she was almost near her car, she realised, too late that he was following her too closely. He took out an electric shock prod and pressed it against her stomach. He caught her as she fell unconscious back into his arms. He quickly grabbed her keys and opened the trunk of her car. He threw her in unceremoniously then looked around nervously to ensure no one had seen anything. Then, he took out a syringe and administered carefully a shot of drugs that he knew would knock her out till they reached their destination. He shut the trunk, got in the car and drove. His cock was rock hard as he knew very soon he would beat, torture, rape and degrade this strong, beautiful, confident young woman. By the time he was done with her, Jill would be begging for his cock while licking his ass as her sister sucked him off. And she would love it.

He knew he needed to be careful. Jill was a strong, athletic woman. She was the type of woman who could always take care of herself. Physically and mentally, she was strong. He knew that to break her, he needed to teach her a lesson that she wasn't as strong as she thought she was and she would never be as strong as a man. She was a bitch and bitches belonged on their hands and knees.

He had brought her to his basement. When she started to come to, he positioned himself between her and the door. He had quickly undressed her earlier and she was now in her black bra and panties, a nice contrast against her pale, white skin. She looked so sexy with her long blonde hair. Groggily, she woke up and looked dazedly around trying to make sense of what had happened to her. Suddenly, she snapped up and focused her eyes on him as if she had just realised what had happened. He was a tall, muscular man, wearing only his trunks and a black ski-mask. He held the shock prod and a cane in his hand. She only looked slightly afraid, as if she thought that with her mental and physical strength she could still get out of this. Stupid bitch, he thought.

He smiled and said the following.

"By the time the next few days are done, I am going to turn you into my slave, Bitch! I am going to beat and torture you. After I'm done with that, I am going fuck your pussy and your ass. You will suck my cock and beg me to cum on your face. I will make you lick my precious cum from the floor. I will place my collar and leash on you and you will walk on all fours next to me as my slave bitch. I am your master and you have spent your entire life to become my slave. You will learn to love your master. To show your love to me, on your final day here, I will bring in my dog so he can be your master as well. You will suck his dog cock and beg him to fuck you in your cunt and ass to prove that you are truly my bitch. Once you are my bitch, you will help me to train your loving sister, Joanne to join you in slavery. Both of you will become my sister slaves"

Suddenly, he slapped her and proceeded to beat her hard. He smashed his fists into her belly, kicking her body violently as she fell to the hard ground. He wanted her to know how helpless she really was. She curled up in a foetal position, moaning and sobbing as he continued to kick and beat her. She could not believe this was happening to her. All of her confidence, skills and strength that had allowed her to graduate law school top of her class and working in the country's leading law firm was useless now. He kept beating her as he knew this was a lesson to her that despite all of her presumed strength, she was just a helpless woman and she could be reduced so easily to a whipped bitch. She needed to learn that she was a victim and all of her experiences her entire life was meant to prepare her to become his bitch.

He knocked her back down and struck her with the cane. She screamed sharply as a red mark was left across her beautiful, firm ass. He hit her again viciously, leaving a criss-cross of sexy welts across her flat, sexy stomach and round ass. He kept hitting her with the cane as she tried to use her hands to defend herself. He could see that her confidence was slowly disappearing as she realised that he was stronger than her.

"Take off your bra and panties, bitch. Let your master see you."

He could see her anger and stubbornness in her blue eyes even after the beating he had given her. Angrily, he hit her again with the cane and kept hitting her powerfully with violent strokes. Without mercy, he hit her on her beautiful, firm breasts. She screamed in pain as two red welts showed on each breast. He then slammed his foot into her face making her lips bleed.

"Take it all off, bitch before I beat you to death."

Finally, she started to remove her bra, pulling it over her head to reveal two beautiful breasts, firm and white creamy flesh with sweet pink nipples. She kept her head down and slid her panties off. Her blonde pussy was neatly trimmed and he could see her pink cunt. He admired her muscular thighs and long legs. She avoided eye contact with him and kept her gaze downward. He ran his eyes over her beautiful nude body. Her pretty face which could have belonged to a model, her sweet breasts, her lean flat stomach, the curve of her waist and her delicious thighs rubbing together. He stepped closer to her.

"You fucking cunt! That's right. I'm your master and you are my slave. I will beat you and you will love it."

He slammed the cane hard against her waist and thighs, making welts appear again on her smooth white flesh. She cried out again, begging him to stop.

"Listen to me, bitch! If you don't follow your master's orders, I will kill you. Hear me bitch!"

She looked up at him and he saw fear in her eyes. His cock hardened. Good, she was learning slowly that he was her master.

"Did you know that you're one beautiful bitch? I'm sure that every man that you've ever met had imagined fucking you hard and showing you who's boss. They would have fantasised you naked on your knees before them and doing whatever they told you. I've seen how men look at you. They wanted your sweet lips around their hard cock. They wanted their cocks fucking your cunt and reaming out your ass. All of them would give anything to see you now. Remember bitch, you're just a hole for men to fuck."

She was in shock from the beating. No man had ever treated her like this. Her mind wandered to all the times in university and work when men had been so nice to her, took her out for dinner, kissing her goodnight afterwards. They were always so respectful. She always felt that they wanted something more and she would have been willing to give it provided they were nice enough and sweet. She was smart and beautiful and she expected men to treat her with respect. Jill had always been the strong one, able to protect herself. Now this evil man was trying to tell her that she had always been a bitch in heat and he was her master in waiting. She felt confused and afraid but at the same time, she felt something different building in her loins. She was surprised and ashamed at herself. Even though she had always maintained the strong, confident facade, getting good grades and working as an assertive lawyer, all it took was a strong, dominant man to show her that it was all a show. Deep down, she was really just a submissive slave waiting for her master her entire life.

She saw him brandishing the cane again and he swung it down hard on her cunt. She screamed in pain as fire ripped in her pussy. She struggled with her hands to protect her cunt but he pinned her easily and struck her again and again on her ass.

"Know your place cunt! I am your master and you are a slave bitch."

Loud cracks echoed in the basement as he kept hitting her viciously. She fell to her knees on the ground as she tried desperately to escape his ferocious caning. He was relentless and kept hitting Jill with the cane as she sobbed, continuously raining blows on her breasts, stomach and ass. Finally, she just lay there, helpless and completely at his mercy.

"Fucking bitch. Now you know your place. At your master's feet."

He dropped the cane and put his hands between her legs, grabbing her pussy. She screamed as he squeezed, tearing at the cunt flesh. Jill cried out as she squirmed and twisted beneath him.

"What all cunts like you need is a master to shove a hard cock up all your holes. You need it desperately, you filthy cunt. All you smart, proud bitches need a cock to fuck you so badly that you'll be begging for it. You should be grateful that your master has found you to finally teach you your place." He held her pussy tight while his other hand grabbed her long blonde hair and twisted her head up and back. She screamed again in pain, begging him to stop.

"Admit that you want your master's cock. You want cock, don't you, slut!"

"Yes, I want it. Please stop," she screamed. "I'll do what you want."

"I know you will, bitch" he hissed.

He threw her down on the hard basement floor. She laid on the floor, moaning and clutching her pussy.

She wanted to scream at him. But she was too frightened and she hated herself for her weakness.

"Please don't hurt me, please" she moaned.

He stood up, came over to her and slapped her painfully on her face. She clutched her face in pain as he slapped her other cheek violently.

"Please, please" she whispered.

He ignored her and slapped her twice again ruthlessly hard, knocking her back to the floor.

Jill was in shock, her tears rolling down her face, her face still stinging from the blows. He slammed his fist into her belly showing her no mercy. She went back to the foetal position doubling over in fear and pain.

He stood up and removed his trunks. He grabbed her long hair, forcing her head up till she was staring straight at his rock hard cock. He pushed it forward to her face. His cockhead rubbed against her soft red lips.

"Time to do what you were born to do bitch. Suck my cock!"

Jill opened her mouth and his cock slid into her mouth. She gagged as she was surprised by its width and length. She closed her lips and desperately tried to work her tongue around it.

"That's it cunt. Suck it good."

She sucked as hard as she could to make him finish quickly. He grabbed her hair tightly as he slid his big cock back and forth across her choking mouth. He used both his hands, holding her head on both sides as he pumped her mouth like it was a cunt. He kept humping harder and felt his thick cockhead rubbing against the back of her throat. Jill struggled as she tried desperately to keep from choking.

He imagined how Jill would have used her sweet mouth to argue cases in court with the judge and opposing counsels, in her self-assured, confident manner. She would have moved her luscious lips to speak professionally to her manager, her professor, and so very lovingly to her parents and her sister. But now that same sweet mouth was filled with his hard cock and he was fucking it like a pussy. She sobbed pitifully as she struggled to accommodate his big cock down her tight throat. The thought of how this bitch had been subjugated just within a few hours after a lifetime of pretending to be a prim and proper bitch made him close to shooting his cum.

"Swallow my cock bitch. Worship it like the whore you know you've been pretending not to be your entire life. Look at me when you suck my cock, bitch!"

Terrified, she looked up at him with her beautiful icy blue eyes. He drove his hard cock into her mouth all the way to the balls. He kept pumping her mouth as she looked up at him, begging him wordlessly to stop. He ignored her and kept holding her hair tight as he fucked her mouth.

"You were born to suck my cock, cunt!"

Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and held his cock in front of her face. His hot cum shot out and hit her in her face. Then another and another as his thick, juicy sperm shot out against her forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth. He used his cock to smear his sperm across her face and into her mouth, forcing her to taste his delicious cum while holding her hair tightly and painfully. Then he slapped her and pulled back with a cruel laugh. She had never had a man cum on her face or tasted cum before. Jill was horrified and angry.

Oh my God! You bastard! You asshole!" she screamed.

He laughed and picked up the electric prod and pushed it against her cunt. When he pressed the button, the electricity hit her like a thunderbolt, knocking her onto her side. She fell screaming to the floor. He snickered and shoved the prod into her asshole hard. She screamed.

"No! Please, not there! Please!"

He took the prod out and wet it with saliva. Then he spit some saliva onto his fingers and start rubbing her asshole with his wet fingers. Slowly he started pushing the electric prod into her asshole. She kept writhing and twisting her body trying to shake off the unwanted intruder. He grabbed her long hair and pulled it back so she would arch her back and expose more of her ass to him. He slowly worked the prod into her ass, burying it about two to three inches deep. Her ass and thighs kept jerking as the prod slowly made its way into her tight ass. Her head was twisting around as he held her hair painfully tight as she struggled to see what he was doing.

"You were rude to your master bitch! You must always thank your master when he decides to honour you by shooting his precious come on your face" he scolded her as he twisted her hair harder.

"Please, don't. No! I'm begging you! she screamed out, crazily.

Mercilessly, he hit the button, sending a powerful voltage deep into her ass.

"Listen bitch! After today, you will be transformed into my slave. You will worship me as your master. I will give you pain and you will thank me for it, bitch and beg me for more." He pressed the button again with the prod deep up her ass and she fainted.

He knew that the beating, caning and electric shock treatment would transform her from a strong, confident woman into his helpless, submissive slave. There was something about the pain caused by caning and shock to a strong woman's systems that makes all her defences melt. All of her snootiness and pride is beaten away and she remembers that she was always meant to be the slave of a dominant master. A woman beaten hard enough will become a subservient woman willing to please. It didn't matter that Jill was a smart and self-assured lawyer. Once she passes the threshold of pain and pleasure, she will become his submissive slave. He knew this was just the first stage of her training. Before too long, she would be his obedient slave bitch and she would gladly suck his big hard cock, lick his precious cum off her beloved sister's face and kiss and share her master's cum with her beloved sister.

He watched her unconscious body for a few hours. Her breasts heaving up and down and breath drawing in sharply, as if she was having a nightmare. He imagined that she was dreaming about her new master torturing her soft, smooth body and he smiled. He had been stalking her for some time. He knew that she was a highly intelligent, beautiful woman. It would take a lot of his effort to break her will for good. She had good grades throughout school and university. A strong athlete, with her preference being swimming and track running. He remembered seeing a few pictures of her as a student and athlete, with her numerous medals and certificates. One picture of Jill stood out in his mind. She was younger then, maybe just before her graduation. She was in a beautiful blue formal dress that matched her eyes and she still had her long blonde hair then. She was with her friends but her beautiful blue eyes looked with confidence at the camera like she owned it. He imagined that she knew even then that she had the world at her feet and was looking forward to a promising future as a lawyer in a big firm. He smiled as he stood proudly before her. He rubbed his cock as he knew he was going to destroy all of her foolish dreams. This smart, confident woman who had everything going for her in the world will soon be transformed into his mindless slave and there was nothing this fucking bitch could do about it.

Every man that she ever knew would give anything to be him right now. She was a beautiful woman and any man would dream of having her naked before them on the floor. He imagined her on her knees with her sweet little mouth around his cock. He wanted her on her back with his hard cock filling up her tight cunt. He pictured her on her hands and knees with his big hard cock plunging into her little ass. Soon, she will become just something for him to fuck. Just some bitch that will give him pleasure. And she will beg him for the privilege of fucking him and drinking his tasty cum.

Eventually Jill started to gain her consciousness. He had lost track of the time spent down in the basement. She was on her back and started to turn onto her side away from him. She used her arm to cover her breasts. Her face was still moist from her tears as the frightened young woman turned her face away from him. She had her ass facing him and he admired the beautiful curve of her waist above her ass. He thought, my God, she was a sexy woman.

"Wake up slut. You've been out for some time. Your master has been very patient with you. It's time to show you your real place in the world, bitch. I'm going to rape, torture and hurt you like you have never imagined before. I'm going to show you your true self underneath that smart and confident fašade. You have been waiting your whole life for me, cunt! Soon, I'll make you my obedient, submissive slave bitch" he growled.

"Please, please. I'll do what you want. Please don't hurt me anymore. I'll do anything" she cried.

He knew that deep down she didn't mean what she said. She was just saying the words. She didn't really want to do anything he wanted. She was just saying anything she could think of to avoid further pain. She was still trying to be the smart bitch she had been all her life. It was the intelligent, logical thing to do to avoid him inflicting more pain on her sweet, suffering body and Jill was a smart woman. He smiled and stood before her shivering, naked body. His cock hardened as he knew that when her training was complete, she would want to submit to him completely as her one and true master. She would desire it at the core of her conscious and subconscious self. She wouldn't be choosing to submit to him. That would mean that she still retained some control over her actions. His training will ensure that she will be forced, like the bitch dog that she was, to submit to him, and he would control all of her actions.

He laughed and then slammed his fist violently against the back of her head. The blow hit her like an explosion of pain and she fell over onto her face. He used her long hair to pull her pretty face towards him and gave her a vicious slap to the cheek. She kept screaming as he rained down harder and more brutal slaps on both her cheeks until they were reddish pink. Her tears ran over them making her face look even prettier to him. He grabbed a belt from a nearby table, doubled it up and swung it down on her breasts. She screamed again, trying to get away, but she was tired and weak. He swung the belt down again and again, slamming against her firm stomach, hips and legs. When she tried to turn over to protect herself, he simply belted her ass and back savagely over and over. She kept screaming while using her hands as a shield. He snickered as he simply hit her hands away with the belt while continuing to cruelly hurt her with the repeated blows. The bitch tried to crawl away but he simply cracked the belt on her ass ferociously hard and kept using the belt on her as she screamed her lungs out.

He dropped to his knees and grabbed her thighs. He pulled her back towards him until her firm ass cheeks were firmly pressed against his flat belly. She tried to crawl away but he was too strong and held her tight. He grabbed her arms and pulled them back, forcing her to drop onto her face and shoulders on the floor. Her face was smashed into the ground as he spread her legs. He used his other hand to grab her long blonde hair and pulled back hard as he slid his big hard cock into her tight cunt. He was not surprised that her cunt was wet for him. He knew that all women love pain especially the proud, stuck up ones. And Jill was as proud as they come. He had sensed when he had targeted her that she was waiting for the right master to bring out her inner slut. All of her privileged life, Jill had been waiting for him to make her his slave bitch. The thought made his cock harder as he slammed powerfully into Jill. He kept pulling her hair painfully making her face jerk up and arching her back even further.

"You have waiting for this your whole life, haven't you, slut! You love it don't you, bitch! he sneered at her.

He fucked her like a madman, pulling her long hair harder and harder. He slapped her ass again and again while fucking and pulling her hair. He heard her moaning and felt that maybe the bitch was starting to get aroused from his powerfully hard fucking. He fucked her viciously for a few more minutes, then pulled his rock hard cock out and shoved it right up her tight, sore ass.

Jill screamed in pain and started to cry. She was disgusted by the thought of having his cock up her asshole. No one had ever fucked her up the ass. Now, this man was fucking his hard cock deep in her asshole. He buried his entire length of cock inside her, then kept fucking her asshole hard and fast. He kept reaming out her asshole, his hips slapping against her firm buttocks.

"Soon, you'll be begging for my cock in your ass, bitch. And you will fight to clean my dirty cock after I've given you asshole a good fucking. All of you smart, confident bitches need a hard cock up your ass to teach you some manners and discipline."

He fucked his cock up her asshole with renewed vigour, using both hands to hold her hips as he roughly jerked her to meet his hard thrusts.

"Fuck you bitch! I knew when I first saw you that I was going to dominate you and make you my bitch."

He grabbed her again by the hair hard and pulled her up against him. His hard cock rammed into her asshole.

"Bitch! Cunt! Whore! he shouted. His words echoing in the basement and shaking Jill's mind to her core. His words piercing her soul as his cock pumped into her ass tunnel.

He pulled her hair even harder as he furiously slammed his cock into the sobbing blonde's ass. He ignored her weeping pleas to take it out of her ass as he fucked her anus with fierce energy. He started using his fists to punch the back of her head to shut her up. Softly at first, and then harder and harder. Eventually he was roughly pulling her hair back and cruelly punching the back of her head brutally in sync with his hard fucking of her asshole.

"Fucking cunt whore!" He groaned as his thick cum spewed into Jill's rectum. Shot after shot of his white hot sperm sprayed her ass tunnel. He spurted his cum deep into her belly until he had spent all he had inside her. He left his cock buried inside her ass as he realised that she had passed out again from the pain. He was pleased. The training was going well and before long she would be his bitch. He felt that Jill was starting to like the fucking and humiliation. He sensed that subconsciously she loved being a filthy slut with his hard cock up her ass. Now, he just needed to break her rational, intelligent mind and make her his slave permanently. Yes, he would teach Jill her rightful place in the world. He imagined both Jill and her pretty sister collared and leashed, on their hands and knees begging for his cock. If all went according to his plan, soon, his greatest fantasies would come true.

When Jill came to after a few hours, he gave her some food and water. He glowered at her as he held a cane in his hand. He still had his black ski-mask on and watched her through the eye slits. Slowly, he became enraged as she gulped down the food and water greedily without even looking at him once. He thought this was not how his slave should thank her master.

"What do you say you ungrateful bitch?" he barked.

"Thank you" she said softly.

He knew she didn't mean it, Jill's tone and facial expression showed him that she was still in denial of being his slave. She was still telling him what he wanted to hear to avoid any further pain. He had to show her that she was his slave and giving her more pain than she could bear was the answer. Without another word, he kicked away the food and water and slashed down the cane on her head. He kept hitting her, on her breasts, her stomach, then on her ass and thigh. She rolled onto her stomach trying to avoid his blows. But he kept swinging the cane violently, raising angry, red welts on her soft white skin. She cried out helplessly as he brutally slashed again and again. Finally, he got tired and tossed the cane away. He dropped his pants and his cock was rock hard. He went to his knees between her legs and ripped her resisting thighs open. She was on her back, sobbing in horror as she knew he was going to fuck her cunt. He fitted his cock against her pussy and thrust hard and buried his entire length up her fucking cunt. Her cunt was wet as he anticipated and it sucked on his cock. He gripped her hips as he fucked the crying, shivering blonde. He fucked her as hard as he could. He wanted her to feel pain and pleasure at the same time, not knowing what her body was doing to her. He needed to hurt her to make her realise that it was not about her pleasure. Her role was to service his cock and make him cum. In time, the only way she would feel any sexual pleasure was if she was pleasing him, her master.

After that last caning, he felt that she was starting to realise the futility of denying him as her master. But Jill's training was still not complete yet. He still needed to fuck with her head more. He'd have her as his obedient slave bitch, willing to do whatever he commanded. She wouldn't even think of disobeying him, no matter what he asked her to do. She would give her little sister, Joanne willingly to him to become sister slaves together. She would offer her sisters cunt and ass to her master and suck him clean after he fucked her sister. She would kiss her sister as her master comes on both their beautiful faces. When he was done with her, she wouldn't even remember her previous professional life or care about her proud ambitions. She would just be his cunt whore.

He kept fucking Jill hard, pounding furiously down her tight cunt. He brutally slapped the weeping blonde's face repeatedly as he fucked her viciously. She sobbed as he kept fucking her violently. Suddenly he stopped and pulled his cock out. The trembling, shaking woman did not understand what he was doing.

"Beg for it, you cunt," he sneered. "If you ask me nicely, I'll fuck your cunt. Otherwise, I'll cane you so hard, you will never forget it. Then, I'll stick the electric prod up your ass again and shock you. This time I won't be so merciful, cunt."

She looked up at him in agony and humiliation. Her face showed anger and hatred.

"Okay, your choice, bitch" he said as he picked up the cane.

"No! Please."

"What did you say?"

"Don't hit me please."

"Do you want me to fuck your cunt?"

"Yes" she said softly.

"What did you say?"

"Yes!" she snapped.

"Beg me to fuck you."

"Fuck me."

"I said beg me, you stupid bitch!" He slapped her face.

"Please.......please fuck me."

"Where, you dumb bitch?" He slapped her face violently hard again.

"In the cunt. Please fuck me in the cunt," she said dejectedly while lowering her head.

"Say it like a good slave asking her master, bitch."

"Please master, please fuck your slave in the cunt," Jill said sobbing.

He took his hard cock and pressed the cockhead against the blonde's clit, rubbed it then slipped it into her cunt until it disappeared. He started thrusting hard into Jill, making her cry out in pain. He didn't care and kept slamming his hips against her. She thrashed violently while jerking her head from side to side. He grabbed her hair painfully and forced her to kiss him. He kept thrusting hard into her, feeling her moaning and groaning her pain into his lips as they kissed. He kept pumping back and forth, punishing the beautiful blonde with his long hard cock.

"You starting to like this, right cunt?"

"Fucking bastard," she groaned.

"Bitch, do you want me to cane you and shock you instead?"

"No please, not that."

"Then, beg me to fuck you."

"Please fuck me. Please fuck me harder. I love it," she cried.

"Fucking bitch," he grunted as he fucked her viciously. He pounded his hips into her violently, then groaned as his cock shot spurt after spurt of his hot sperm deep into her tunnel.

"Fucking cunt! Take your master's cum and suck it up you bitch. Your cunt is mine and I'll eventually fuck a baby into you."

"No, oh God!" she groaned.

He slowly let his cock slip out of her cunt and smiled at her.

"You piece of shit," she sobbed.

"You haven't learnt anything, cunt. Looks like bitches like you only understand pain and humiliation."

He picked up the cane again, raised it and swung it down savagely. He slashed it into her cunt and she screamed in horrifying agony. He lifted it and swung the cane down again. It slammed into her open wet pussy and she screamed again, jerking and shaking uncontrollably. Again he brought the cane down on her cunt as she shrieked in pain, thrashing her head from side to side. She tried to protect herself with her hands but he was too strong and simply kicked them away. He brutally slashed her cunt again and again as Jill screamed and cried out in torment. He kept hitting her cunt savagely with the cane until he saw that her screaming had given way to soft sobbing. She only gave soft grunts when he directed new hits of the cane on her cunt. Finally, he stopped. Jill lay in a miserable heap on the floor in and out of consciousness.

"Bitch! I'm your master and you need to talk to me with respect. Otherwise, I'm going to kill you." He then gave her one last swing of the cane as hard as he could directly on her heavily bruised cunt. The intense pain hotly flashed through her brain and she passed out.

This last session was another step in his plan to make this strong, smart, confident woman into his slave bitch. He knew from his stalking of her that Jill was a strong woman. A weak woman would bend and give in, learning to accept her weakness and his domination. However, a strong woman does not bend. She will break. When Jill finally admits her pain and weakness, she will know that she is no longer a strong, confident woman. She will realise that the strength she thought she had her entire life was a stupid lie she was telling herself. It will be revealed to her that he was stronger than her and therefore, he was her master. Jill had used her mouth to please him, allowed him to fuck her ass and finally her cunt, her body writhing beneath him while she kissed him deeply. He had shot his cum on her beautiful face, forcing her to taste his delicious cum against her will. In his mind, he knew that he was just a small step away from breaking her mind completely.

He watched her as she lay on the floor beaten and unconscious for a few hours. She slowly came to and tried to sit up. Her long blonde hair was damp but she still looked as beautiful as ever. He looked at the scared woman wordlessly, letting her worry about his next torture and humiliation for her. It was finally time to test her and see if she was truly broken.

He walked over to the basement door. She kept her eyes on him as she hoped for her release. Opening the door, he whistled for his dog. Max came running to door. He grabbed him by his collar and brought him down to the basement.

"Okay bitch. It's time for Max to fuck you and make you his bitch."

Jill whimpered as she remembered what he had told her earlier during her ordeal. Her blue eyes were wide in panic and her soft body jerked in horror as she saw Max and him coming down to the basement. Her mouth was open in terror but no sound came out. Finally, she started begging.

"Please, I'll suck your cock. I'll let you fuck my cunt and ass again. Please, don't let a dog fuck me."

Tears were running down her beautiful face as she kneeled and begged. With Max at his side, he looked down at his slave bitch, enjoying her humiliation and his domination of this smart, sexy woman. Mercilessly, he slapped her face hard. He grabbed her long hair and slapped her again. He kept slapping her face ruthlessly until he saw her hanging her head down in defeat while she wept.

"Get on your hands and knees, bitch. You're a bitch and bitches get fucked by dogs."

She turned her body and got on her elbows, arching her back beautifully to thrust her ass out. She displayed her bruised cunt and asshole with her breasts hanging down beneath her.

He gave Max the command to start licking. Max is a large black 90 pound Rottweiler and the sight of him scared Jill to death. Max padded up behind Jill and started licking her, running his long tongue across her cunt and clit. He let Max lick her cunt until she slowly started accepting what he was doing to her. Knowing that this independent, confident woman was on her hands and knees degrading herself by having a dog lick her made my cock rock hard. He knew that this degradation would finally let Jill know her place. She was his bitch and he will make her Max's bitch as well.

He watched Jill closely as Max continued to run his long tongue into her pussy. He saw her body relax with her eyes closed. He knew that soon her unwanted pleasure would start, the humiliating pleasure of being made to cum by a dog. He waited for her pleasure to build until she got close to her ultimate debasement as my bitch in heat. Cumming like a slave bitch for her master's dog. He gave Max the order to fuck her. Max wrapped his forelegs around her, his head stretching next to her face as he fucked his big red dog cock deep into her cunt. Jill grunted in humiliation as the dog started fucking her hard. Max used his tongue to lick her face as he fucked her from behind. Max kept thrusting his dog cock hard and deep and into Jill's eagerly awaiting cunt slapping his stomach against her firm ass. Suddenly he saw Jill slowly turn her head and stick her tongue out. Her eyes were closed as she shared a lustful, wet doggy kiss with Max. His cock immediately got rock hard.

Most interesting to him during his stalking of Jill was that she was an animal lover. Her apartment had contained some photos of her father's two large black male and female Rottweilers. There was one photo taken many years ago where she was kneeling as she hugged the big male dog, while the female dog sat nearby. Both the dogs wore black leather studded collars. She would have been in her late teens and looked so young, innocent and beautiful as she smiled widely for the camera. He had wondered if as a young woman, she had seen the male Rottweiler fucking the female and whether it had affected her sexually. Did she have her first young orgasm watching the two dogs fucking? He had decided to use this to his advantage by getting Max to participate in Jill's training. By allowing Max to lick and then fuck her, a dog from the same breed as her father's guard dogs, he was hoping that this fact would help in his domination of her mind. He hoped that being fucked by Max would bring back any repressed memory she had growing up. Looking at her deeply kissing Max, their tongues in each other's mouth, he realised that his suspicions were correct. Her mind was getting broken as she imagined herself as a female Rottweiler bitch getting fucked hard by Max.

He smiled smugly to himself as bringing Max into Jill's training was a stroke of genius. This measure would help to reinforce her situation and promote her transformation into his slave bitch.

Jill's mind was nearing its breaking point. The dog fucking her hard had brought back memories of long forgotten sexual feelings. As she hungrily kissed the dog, she remembered her long repressed desires. As a young woman, seeing her father's dog fucking his bitch had awakened a longing desire in her. Jill remembered hiding herself in her bedroom when she was younger, rubbing her pussy till she came, fantasising about being treated like a bitch. She had dreamed of herself on her hands and knees getting fucked by her father's dog. Maybe, she was ashamed of her dark desires. That's the reason she put all of her energy into her studies and later, her career. Becoming a smart, confident woman and doing her best to realise her full potential. All the while keeping this horrific burning desire buried deep within her subconscious. She never imagined that her nightmarish fantasies would finally come true, not like this. It had taken a man to kidnap, rape, abuse and torture her in a basement, before getting his dog to ravish and fuck her from behind like she was a bitch.

Her crumbling mind drifted to all the times when she had been called a bitch. By some of her friends and ex-boyfriends. Even opposing counsels after she had won an argument against them in court. Some of her colleagues at work.

"That fucking bitch," she could hear them saying behind her back.

She was angry and always hated them for calling her that word. If only they knew that deep inside her mind, she was hiding this forbidden desire. Buried within her inner thoughts and psyche, she had been waiting her entire life for a man, her master to show her what she was. This man had forcefully and painfully, against her will revealed that she was truly his slave and her proper place was on her hands and knees at his feet. Today, her master had showed his dominance over her, making her forever into his bitch. Oh my God, she thought, she was going to come. She felt her pussy quiver and tremble deliciously as her forbidden orgasm start to rise as Max's big dog cock kept thrusting hard strokes into her tight cunt.

He brought his big hard cock towards Jill's mouth. Her dog lover was still licking her beautiful face with his long tongue and she was returning his carnal kisses with her sensuously parted lips. He roughly pushed Max's head aside and his dog obeyed him docilely. He shoved his cock into her open mouth and started fucking her face brutally hard. He tried to match Max's vicious humping into her from behind. He saw Jill panting and trembling with lewd passion and knew she was going to come soon.

He grabbed the young blonde's hair painfully hard and roughly pulled her head back to face him. He saw her beautiful blue eyes looking up at him. But he saw something else. At last, he saw submission in Jill's eyes. For the first time, she looked up to him as her master. The subservience of this smart and confident young woman made his cock get even harder as he shoved its thick length deep into her warm eager mouth.

He felt her tense excitedly and as she came, a cry of despair came from her lips. A satisfying cum brought on from a dog fucking her. He saw Max spasm and finish shooting his dog cum deep into her cunt. Then Max pulled his cock out of her and lied on the ground. He harshly pulled her hair back even harder to keep her head bent upwards, forcing Jill to look up at her master as he kept fucking her willing mouth violently. He heard her moaning with pleasure just before he shot his white hot cum deep down her throat.

"Swallow it all bitch! Taste my delicious cum. Max there has just shot his dog sperm deep into your cunt, you bitch. After today, you will be my slave bitch forever."

Satisfied with himself, he cruelly slapped her face hard to reinforce his dominant position as her master. He felt her thighs give way and she fell to the floor weakly. He saw traces of dog cum still fresh on her pussy lips.

"Yes, master. I am your slave bitch."

"Thank your master for his cum," he said.

"Thank you master for your cum," she whispered softly.

"Your training is complete, bitch. Soon, I will visit you again and you will help me to train your loving sister, Joanne. You will both love me and love each other. You will love Max as your master too."

"Yes master, we will both be your sister slaves," she whispered as she imagined in horror the thought of kissing her beloved Joanne and sharing their master's and Max's delicious cum. She felt her pussy juices flow as she quivered and trembled with fear at her master's plans for her and her sister.

He laughed, brutally slapping her again in the face and kicked her in the stomach. She groaned weakly and crumpled in a heap on the floor.

He went and got a syringe and put her under sedation. He threw her roughly into the trunk of her Lexus and sent her back to her apartment.

A few weeks passed. He waited, wondering whether Jill had reported the crime. But he was certain she wouldn't. She would still be trying to maintain the strong, confident woman persona, at least externally. Internally, he was sure her mind was in turmoil. She had cum hard while being fucked by a dog. The hard fucking Max gave her had released long repressed sexual memories from her younger self. A sadistic stranger had sexually dominated her and abused her like no one had ever done before. He had beaten her mercilessly for his pleasure. He wondered if she had nightmares about him and his torture. He imagined her rubbing her cunt in ecstasy as she dreamed he was raping her cunt and ass and coming on her face. He came hard when he thought of her being collared and leashed, being led around her apartment like his bitch. Yes, he definitely would be visiting her with Max at her apartment soon. If his training was a success, he would have two sisters as his obedient slaves. He looked at the two black leather studded dog collars he had bought for the sisters and his cock hardened again.

He had selected Jill to become his slave bitch by pure chance. One day, as he was going home, he had seen this young, smart, beautiful blonde in her dark professional suit walking down the street confidently and deeply assured of her strength. He had decided then and there that he was going to humiliate and train this proud young woman as his slave bitch.

He knew he was an evil man. He was sure that most people would point to Jill and deplore his plans for her. She was a beautiful, smart, assertive young woman with bright prospects in the legal profession. Maybe even one day, meeting a man, settling down and raising a family. Society would also curse him for thinking of corrupting pretty, innocent Joanne. An intelligent, happy young girl growing into sweet womanhood. Looking forward to expanding her horizons after graduation and laying the foundation for a successful life and career in the future. Both sisters were very close and Joanne loved and looked up to her big sister. It was one of the reasons why she decided to study law in a university close to her sister's office. She loved being close to Jill so they could hang out anytime and she could learn first-hand about all the interesting cases Jill was working on, as Joanne ambitiously dreamed of becoming a lawyer just like her big sister.

No, he was going to rip away all of their bright plans for the future. These bitches were unaware of the cruel horrors that awaited both of them. Once he completed their harsh and brutal slave training, both of Jill and Joanne's proud ambitions and potential bright future ahead of them would be over forever. He wondered whether the sisters, even in their worst nightmares could ever imagine the evil depravities he had planned for them. During his stalking of Jill, he had seen both sisters closely holding hands, talking, laughing, hugging each other and dining together without a care in the world. Of course, he imagined that in addition to the deep love both sisters shared, there was sure to be some sibling rivalry and sisterly jealousy between them. He felt his cock twitch slightly as he liked the idea of using the sister's love for each other and rivalry between them when he starts training them.

Yes, he was a twisted monster that would condemn both sisters to a life of unimaginable cruelty and animal degradation. But he didn't care what others thought of him. He wanted the total debasement and animalisation of his slave bitches. He desired and craved the complete destruction of all of Jill and Joanne's future potential as he cruelly transformed them into his slave bitches forever. He rubbed his hard cock through his pants as he imagined both sisters naked on their knees before their master, wearing only their precious dog collars. Big sister with her long, straight blonde hair and younger sister with shoulder length wavy brown hair. Two beautiful sisters lovingly looking up at their master with total slavish obedience as they begged him to let his bitches suck his big cock and drink his delicious cum.

Jill took a couple of weeks leave to recover from her horrific trauma before returning to work at the law firm. No one at work noticed any changes in her behaviour and her physical bruises were well hidden under her professional suit and skirt. Her broken mind tried to suppress her mental agony by burying the awful memory of her rape and torture deep in her subconscious. At Jill's request, Joanne came to live with her elder sister during this period. Perhaps Jill needed her little sister by her side to comfort her after her horrible experience. Maybe she wanted Joanne close to her so she could take care of her and protect her from the evil that existed in the world.

Outwardly, Jill recalled her terrible ordeal in the basement with the man and his dog with loathing and hatred. But like so many other women who had been trained by him, she could not deny the dark, hidden desires that had been unleashed within her body against her will. Unconsciously, she found herself becoming extremely aroused by male domination, female submission and sexual slavery. Within weeks, Jill had bought some whips and paddles to use on herself. But something was still missing as the deep sexual craving within her was left unsatisfied. She had been introduced unwillingly to depravity and degradation and forced to suffer extreme pain and humiliation at the hands of the man. While ashamed at her own lewd desires, she realised that she could not deny the sexual longing that still burned deep within her loins. She intensely desired the dark, animal lust he had created within her sweet young body. The beaten young woman's mind gradually began to accept the hideous fact that the cruel man that had tortured and raped her so brutally was meant to become her master and she was being transformed into his slave bitch.

As the weeks passed, Jill began to deeply miss her master. She imagined her master visiting her at her apartment and forcing her to submit to him. As she lay on her bed, Jill helplessly fingered her pussy as she fantasised being fucked in her own apartment by her master and his dog, Max. She wished that her beloved sister could watch her be a total slut and slave bitch. Jill hoped that her master would also train her lovely sister so both of them could obediently serve him as his bitches. She furiously fingered her pussy as she imagined both her and her younger sister on their knees before her master, kissing each other and begging to suck his cock. She neared her release as she fantasised her master putting dog collars on both her and her sister and leashing them. She saw that they were personalised black leather studded collars. Just like what two of their father's dogs wore all those years ago. The words engraved on Jill's collar read "Master's bitch" while Joanne's read "Max's bitch". Even now, in her twisted mind their sisterly rivalry was at play. She imagined herself getting the dog collar showing the human as her master, because she deserved it as the big sister. While her younger sister belonged a step lower as the dog's slave. She writhed and fondled her luscious breasts as she slowly reached her sweet orgasm. She fantasised both her sister and her on their hands and knees getting fucked hard from behind. Max was fucking Joanne while Master fucked Jill. The sisters were facing each other as they looked lovingly and deeply into each other's piercing eyes.

"Oh, my love. I love you so much," they both moaned as they hugged and kissed passionately. Their tongues deep in each other's mouths. Master then pulled his hard cock out of Jill's pussy and started jerking off over the kissing sisters. Spurt after spurt of his hot delicious cum landed on both the sister's faces as they fought each other to lick their master's cum.

"Jill, please share masters cum with me. Please, I need it."

"Master gave his cum to me and it's all mine," Jill greedily said.

"No, please, I'm begging you," Joanne cried.

Master laughed with his hard cock over their faces. "Jill, share my cum with Joanne. You should be a good big sister. My bitches share everything."

"Yes master. I will share," said Jill reluctantly as she kissed and shared her master's delicious cum with her beloved slave sister.

Her master then bent down and gently stroked both the kissing sisters' heads, treating them like they were his bitches.

Jill stared ahead in horror on her bed as she realised that she had come so hard. She cried softly as she sat up on the bed in mind numbing terror. She realised that he had completely broken her mind for good. He was her master and she missed him. She wished he would still remember her and come visit her together with Max as soon as possible. As his slave, she would help him train and transform her younger sister into his slave bitch as well. There was some sadness and regret as her rational mind tried to fight back against her depraved thoughts. Jill had been a smart, intelligent, confident young lawyer with a bright future. Joanne was about to graduate top of her class with a hoped for start of a career in law.

But Jill then realised that after her horrific rape and torture, the future she wanted for herself and her little sister was irrelevant. Her true self had been revealed to her down in the basement as her master's dog fucked her. Her master had viciously dominated her and showed her that her only future was as her masters obedient slave bitch kneeling at his feet. Her master had also told her in the basement that he wanted her and her sister to become his sister slaves. As his docile slave, she would do whatever her master desired and subserviently help her master train her sister. In time, they would both become his submissive slave bitches. One devoted to his cock and the other devoted to Max's cock.

Later that night, Jill dreamed about the depraved future her master had planned for both the sisters. She imagined both Joanne and her, naked in the apartment on the mat hugging and kissing each other. Their matching black leather studded dog collars contrasting deeply against their soft white skin. Both their lips were parted as they explored each other's mouths with their sweet tongues. Jill was filled with warmth and joy as she showed her younger sister how much she loved her by kissing her deeply and passionately. Their hands and bodies rubbed longingly together as they exchanged soul touching kisses. Suddenly, the door to the apartment opened and both sisters got up to see who it was. Her master and Max stood at the door. A great happiness came over both sisters as they crawled over to them on their hands and knees as fast as they could. Both their hearts were racing in excitement and lust as they smiled and looked up lovingly at their beloved master. As he gently stroked both his bitches' heads, the sisters were consumed by intense satisfaction and pleasure.

Deep in her heart, Jill knew that her master would surely come for her. Very soon, she and her sister would become her master's submissive slave bitches. The sisters would love each other and devotedly worship both their human and dog master. Jill found that she loved the thought of that and started slowly rubbing her wet pussy again.

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