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Author's Note: She said she would just use me for her pleasure!

The following is based on an actual scene with Mistress T. It is not an exact reproduction, but pretty close. Like most of my real life stories, certain details have been embellished either for details or to make the story flow a bit better.

"Subby, I've been spending way to much time on you. Today you will service me and then I will be leaving." Her DM read.

"Yes Mistress, I am yours to use." I had mixed emotions. The thought of being nothing but a toy for her use was very hot. On the other hand, we had not seen each other for a week, and I had been forbidden any release during that whole time. I was desperate to see her, and even more desperate for relief.

I was not too worried. I knew Mistress and I very much doubted she could resist tying me up and torturing me. She enjoys it too much.

"Subby, you will lock yourself in your chastity right now. I will be there at 4. You will be waiting on your knees, in your bedroom, wearing nothing but the chastity. I expect the keys to be locked with that timer lock set for after I arrive."

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

I knew Mistress would be impatient to see her cock locked up, so I quickly squeezed myself into the chastity cage. I took a video of the lock going "click". She loves that. Then I took the key down to a locking toolbox I have in the garage. I took another video of the timer lock setting to 8 hours, and another "click". She replied with a fire emoji and that was the last I heard from her.

A few hours later:

"How is my locked-up cock, Subby?"

I replied, "It's like you've been gripping it all day, Mistress."

She sent a heart emoji and "I will be there at 4 sharp. Be ready."

It was a long afternoon, with my cock trying to burst its metal confinement and constantly leaking while I waited for 4. The thought of just being absolutely used as a sex toy was so hot, I could not stop thinking about it. But even so, I harbored hope that she would take pity on me and allow me release.

I was still sitting at my home office desk when I heard a door slam outside. I peeked out the window and saw Mistress walking down my driveway. I rushed to the bedroom, stripping quickly. I just made it to my knees beside the bed as I heard the front door open.

She walked in the bedroom, and I was a little shocked. She looked ridiculously hot, of course. She always does. But today it was not how I expected. Often, she will show up in dominatrix glory, in spike heels or leather boots. Today she was just breezy in a cute little sundress and some sexy open toed sandals.

"Hi Subby! Are you read serve your Mistress?" She said cheerily. She stuck her foot forward, between my knees and said, "You know what to do."

Instantly I was on my stomach, kissing her beautifully painted toes. She moved her foot around, showing me places she wanted kissed. Finally, she pushed her pushing her toes into my mouth. She then put her other foot forward and I kissed it from heel to toe. I kissed all around her sandaled foot, until her other toes were dutifully sucked as well.

She pointed me to the floor and said, "on your back, please Subby". I instantly obeyed. She sat on the bed and removed her shoes. Her right foot hovered over my mouth. I kissed and licked it lovingly. She bent it and stuffed all her toes in, moaning in pleasure as I sucked them. It was as if she was face fucking me with her toes.

I love worshipping her feet. Laying on my back in complete submission to her was making my cock swell in its metal tube. She noticed too! "Oh, Subby! I love when the little skin pokes out the holes! Oh, and look at the drips coming out. Here, let me help you taste it!"

With that she rubbed her foot all around the tip of the chastity. This sent fire through my body! The tube I have has a slit at the end. When my cock tries to get hard it in it, a little blob of cockhead pokes through and it is painfully sensitive.

She laughed delightedly as she stuffed her precum covered big toe into my mouth. She worked it in and out for me made me suck it clean. "Subby, I know you love to taste cum! Some day you will taste someone else!" She loves to tease me with that.

"Oh Subby, I'm in a hurry, so why don't you kiss your way up and take care of me?" She asked, pulling her panties down and her dress up.

I slowly, as slowly as I dared, kissed my way up her ankles, to her calves, around her knees, especially the sensitive part at the back. Meanwhile I was lightly scratching with my fingernails around all the areas I was kissing. All too soon, I got to the top of her thighs, paying very close attention to her sensitive inner thighs. I asked her to turn over. I moved my attentions to her bottom, kissing, nibbling, and using my hands on her cheeks and the tops of her thighs. I slowly got closer and closer to the middle, pulling her cheeks apart and kissing the inside of them. Briefly, I brushed my tongue over her rosebud until before going back. I lingered a bit longer each time. Finally, I stopped and kissed it, and started darting my tongue in. Mistress loved it as I tongue fucked her. Sher pushed her ass back in my face, while groaning "Yessss, Subby!"

Soon, though, she wanted more and rolled over. Grabbing my head with both hands, she pushed my it down between her legs. I knew I was pushing my luck, but I still wanted to tease her a bit. I spent some time kissing all around her pussy. Occasionally just brushing her engorged labia with my lips. Meanwhile, I raked my fingernails around her stomach, thighs and under her ass. She was breathing heavily. Finally, I heard her say "SUBBY!" and I knew I had probably pushed my luck enough.

I started darting my tongue, lightly, on the labia. Slowly at first, but gradually speeding up. Still, I kept it light, just how she has trained me. She has trained me to be patient before I take her clit in her mouth. But she was so wet and turned on that I pulled it between my lips and slowly sucked it in and out. She arched her back and moaned. Now my whole world was her wet pussy and especially her clitoris. I alternated between lightly licking sucking, with occasional forays around her labia, or inserting my tongue. I kept a slow, steady rhythm. There was no other place on earth I would rather be, so why hurry?

Even so, it did not take long before the I noticed the telltale signs. Her sharp intake of breath, her body starting to stiffen. I was feeling cheeky, so I stopped. She gave me a low growl but relaxed, and I gave here a few seconds to calm down and then started again. I brought her to the edge a few more times before she had had enough. "Subby, if you stop again, you will regret it. A lot!" she told me in a raspy voice.

I went back and this time keeping a light, even rhythm. I could feel it overtake her. She sucked in air, and her whole body stiffened as her first climax hit, and I kept going. I held her hips in my hands so I could keep working my tongue on her. Finally, she relaxed, and her body went limp. I kissed all around her soaked thighs for a minute. Then I started lightly flicking her clit again with my tongue. She groaned but pushed into me a bit. Soon enough I had her riding the crest a second time, and then a third.

Finally, through her rasping breath, she commanded to lay on her. She loves me to lay on top of her and cuddle after she orgasms like that. I dutifully gladly obeyed. I kissed her deeply with my pussy covered lips. I know that annoys her a bit, but well, I do get a bit cheeky sometimes.

"Well, Subby, that was excellent work!"

"Thank you, Mistress!"

"Where is the key to your chastity?" She asked coyly. This made my heart skip a beat. I was going to get unlocked and played with!"

"It's in the garage, where I locked it with the timer lock, Mistress."

"Go get the keys and the lock and bring them back up here."

When I returned, I was encouraged to see the leather cuffs laid out on the bed, and the chains pulled out from under the mattress. So, she had been just messing with me. I know her too well. She can't resist playing with her Subby.

"You know I was just going to leave and go meet my friends after you serviced me, but now I have a better idea! Lie on our back, spread eagle!"

My cock was doing everything it could to shove its way out of its metal tube as I assumed the position. I was so glad! I was going to get tied up, tortured and let out of the chastity! I need to cum so bad! My aching balls were roiling!

She blindfolded me. I could tell by the sound that my legs were cuffed and attached with carabiners to the chains attached to the bottom of the bed. My left arm was cuffed and she used a turnbuckle to attach it the top chain. But then I heard a beeping sound. It sounded like she was programming my timer lock. What? I felt her pull my right arm and then I heard the click and the "beep beep" that it makes when set.

I heard her walk into the bathroom and was left to mull my fate. Water ran and other random noises were made. After 10 minutes or so, I heard a zipper, a light switch and then her steps as she walked back in. My blindfold was ripped off.

There she stood, makeup and hair refreshed, shoes on, and purse in hand, looking absolutely fucking blond bombshell devastating in her cute sundress and high heeled sandals. "Subby, thank you for servicing me, but I have to go meet my friends! God, I don't know why I don't use you like this more often! Oh, look more drips!" and she took her finger to the end of my chastity and shook it until a huge glob of precum came out. "Here, so you can think of me." She said as she wiped it all over my lips like balm, and then made me suck the rest off her finger.

"Oh, you thought I was going to play with you?"

"Yes Mistress!" I said, getting rather desperate.

"Oh, silly Subby! I told you I was going to use you for my pleasure only today. If you are very lucky, I will come over tomorrow and torture you properly." She kissed my cum covered lips.

"Enjoy your evening, I'll let you guess how long I set the timer for, but you had better text me the second you are free! Oh my God! I'm going to be so hot sitting with my friends enjoying a drink while I know you are back here chained to the bed in chastity!" She laughed.

"Oh, speaking of that, I better take this with me!" She grabbed the chastity key. "Oh you look so sad! Will this help?" Will this help?" she asked as she gave my balls one very hard and painful flick.

I groaned as she laughed.

"I'll be back with this tomorrow" She waved the key at me. "Maybe" and stuck it in her purse.

"Bye Subby! Have fun!" she said as she walked out of the room.

I strained to see the readout on the time lock, but she had locked it facing the other direction. I had no idea how long I was stuck like this.

This whole time I had thought there was no way she would just use me like that. I guess she was not lying!

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