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Girlfriend Meets My Ponyboy! by: NickHC
Tags: MF-m, non-consensual, bondage, ponyplay, spanking, torture
The Sissy Trap by: Slavemalcom
Tags: F-m, M-m, MF-m, analplay, armbinder, bondage, chastity, cross-dressing, enema
Interrogated by Dr. Schmidt by: Granitethunder
Tags: F-m, M-m, MF-m, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, cbt, torture, toys, watersports
Times Have Changed by: Finja
Tags: M-f, MF-m, non-consensual, armbinder, bondage, kidnapping, ponyplay, sensorydep, torture
Harry and The Humbler by: kinkracer
Tags: F-m, M-m, MF-m, reluctant, bondage, humiliation
Legally Binding by: SUBtext
Tags: MF-m, consensual, reluctant, bondage, cbt, drugs, torture
Bad Divorce by: Steve L
Tags: F-f, MF-m, blackmail, analplay, bondage, cbt, chastity, cross-dressing, humiliation, slavery, torture, toys
Blackmail by: Gagman
Tags: MF-m, blackmail, reluctant, bondage, cross-dressing, humiliation, tricked
Gentleman's Special Facial by: CunningLinguist
Tags: F-m, MF-m, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, chastity, extreme, pegging, toys, tricked
The White Rabbit by: The Romantic Roper
Tags: F-f, M-f, MF-f, MF-m, consensual, non-consensual, analplay, armbinder, bondage, incest, kidnapping, loving, ponyplay, spanking, suspension, teen, tickling, torture, toys
Read Directions by: Captain Howdy
Tags: m-self, MF-m, consensual, reluctant, analplay, cross-dressing, latex, toys, watersports
The Dinner Party by: Lone_revenant
Tags: F-m, MF-m, consensual, bondage, chastity, cross-dressing, humiliation, pegging
The Party by: FictitiousSlave
Tags: F-mf, MF-m, Other-m, consensual, public, toys
My Horrible Fate by: Steve L
Tags: MF-m, blackmail, non-consensual, bondage, humiliation, incest, slavery, torture
8 p.m. - Midnight by: FenderBender18
Tags: F-m, MF-m, consensual, reluctant, chastity, packaging
Repository for Reprobated Husbands by: Preston Pinkly
Tags: MF-m, non-consensual, analplay, cbt, drugs, enema, humiliation, kidnapping, medical, slavery
But It Was Only Photos... by: Silvertape
Tags: F-m, MF-m, consensual, reluctant, bondage
Caught In The Hot Sun by: Colton Lowery
Tags: m-self, MF-m, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, caught, electricity, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, self-bondage, slavery, suspension, torture, violent
Five Points by: OspreyXVIII
Tags: F-m, MF-m, consensual, cbt, chastity, games, humiliation, loving, pegging, torture, watersports
Dom the Dom Dommed by: Mr Phibb
Tags: MF-m, non-consensual, analplay, armbinder, bodymod, bondage, chastity, drugs, kidnapping, latex, slavery, torture, toys, tricked
Mind Games by: Gingerxxx
Tags: M-f, MF-f, MF-m, non-consensual, analplay, bodymod, bondage, chastity, drugs, electricity, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, latex, machine, mind-control, public, sci-fi, slavery, torture, toys, violent
Welted Royals and Sweet Revenge by: Preston Pinkly
Tags: MF-m, analplay, humiliation
The Service Period by: AmberToy
Tags: M-m, MF-m, consensual, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, chastity, cross-dressing, slavery, spanking, torture, toys
At The Mercy Of Sadists by: V. Speer
Tags: F-m, M-m, MF-m, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, mind-control, torture
A Cold Day In Hell by: Ross Bernheim
Tags: MF-m, non-consensual, bondage, kidnapping, snuff
Pferman by: Varg the Wanderer
Tags: MF-m, bodymod, bondage, drugs, enema, humiliation, latex, medical, public, sci-fi, slavery
With the Help of a Friend by: Ironpete
Tags: MF-m, consensual, humiliation, spanking

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