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Be Careful What You Wish For by: new_schism
Tags: F-m, consensual, non-consensual, bondage, kidnapping, medical, tricked
Go With the Flow by: switchbent
Tags: F-m, reluctant, analplay, bondage, enema, extreme, humiliation, latex, medical, torture, watersports
The Family Estate by: Neglected 2 Much
Tags: Other-f, non-consensual, bodymod, bondage, chastity, medical
Slaves Retirement Facility by: Andrea
Tags: F-f, Other-f, non-consensual, armbinder, bondage, chastity, drugs, electricity, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, latex, loving, machine, medical, mind-control, sensorydep, slavery, torture
Hell in a Padded Cell by: GT STOKES
Tags: F-f, f-self, M-f, consensual, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, caught, chastity, games, humiliation, loving, medical, ponyplay, spanking, tickling, torture
The Doctors' Office by: Anthony Villiers
Tags: F-m, consensual, analplay, bondage, chastity, humiliation, medical
Alex The Milk Machine by: Alex
Tags: Other-f, non-consensual, bondage, drugs, extreme, kidnapping, machine, medical, sci-fi, slavery, suspension, torture
Hard Medicine by: ST99
Tags: F-m, reluctant, analplay, bondage, breathplay, cbt, chastity, electricity, extreme, humiliation, medical, pegging, spanking, torture, toys, watersports
Stress Retreat Clinic by: Luna Rain
Tags: M-f, MF-f, non-consensual, analplay, medical, toys
Experiment In Exquisite Excess by: Preston Pinkly
Tags: F-m, non-consensual, analplay, cbt, drugs, enema, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, machine, medical
The Locking Jumpsuit Story by: Jackie Fox
Tags: F-m, consensual, non-consensual, medical, predicament, public
The School Project by: One Strange Guy
Tags: F-m, consensual, bondage, electricity, enema, extreme, humiliation, medical, mummification, tricked
Only a Safe Cosmetic Procedure by: hotbox
Tags: Other-f, bodymod, medical, mind-control, sci-fi, slavery, tricked
Call Her Bimbo by: S. T. Clemmons
Tags: M-f, consensual, bodymod, bondage, loving, medical, public
For the Love of Grace by: Jackie Fox
Tags: F-m, consensual, non-consensual, reluctant, bondage, caught, humiliation, medical, tricked
Janelle by: samm
Tags: F-m, bondage, breathplay, buried, cbt, electricity, enema, kidnapping, machine, medical
Patient 2301 by: mrhungry
Tags: M-f, consensual, bondage, breathplay, medical, sensorydep, spanking, suspension, toys
The Highwayman by: thepinkbishop
Tags: F-f, M-f, consensual, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, drugs, electricity, extreme, fantasy, humiliation, loving, medical, sci-fi, spanking, torture, violent
Through the Cracks by: Darkwolf
Tags: F-f, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, enema, humiliation, kidnapping, medical, mummification, slavery, toys
Marie's Committment by: Mystified_Switch
Tags: F-f, Other-f, non-consensual, medical, mummification, toys
Terran Farms - Best Milk In The Galaxy! by: Hidden Darkness
Tags: F-f, M-f, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, electricity, enema, extreme, medical, sci-fi, slavery, torture
PDs Profession by: Sunflower
Tags: M-f, non-consensual, analplay, armbinder, drugs, extreme, kidnapping, medical, packaging, ponyplay, slavery
Warm Storage by: LFW
Tags: Other-f, non-consensual, bondage, electricity, enema, extreme, fantasy, machine, medical, sci-fi
Secretly I Slave by: pantyhoseslaver
Tags: F-f, non-consensual, bondage, drugs, enema, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, medical, mummification, packaging, slavery, spanking, tickling
The Pod by: LFW
Tags: Other-f, reluctant, electricity, enema, extreme, fantasy, machine, medical, sci-fi
My Visit to Mistress Catherine by: Caligula
Tags: consensual, reluctant, analplay, armbinder, bondage, cbt, chastity, enema, extreme, games, humiliation, latex, loving, medical, packaging, pegging, predicament, sensorydep, suspension, toys
Repository for Reprobated Husbands by: Preston Pinkly
Tags: MF-m, non-consensual, analplay, cbt, drugs, enema, humiliation, kidnapping, medical, slavery
Hogtied For Circumcision Two by: Burning Silk
Tags: F-m, reluctant, bondage, medical, packaging
Hogtied For Circumcision by: Burning Silk
Tags: F-m, non-consensual, bodymod, kidnapping, medical
Cuddles by: slothargy
Tags: M-f, reluctant, bodymod, kidnapping, loving, medical, mind-control, sci-fi, slavery
Taken to XS - A Group XS Story by: Hidden Darkness
Tags: F-f, non-consensual, bondage, electricity, extreme, humiliation, medical, mind-control, predicament, slavery, torture, watersports
Pferman by: Varg the Wanderer
Tags: MF-m, bodymod, bondage, drugs, enema, humiliation, latex, medical, public, sci-fi, slavery

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